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-   Rita's planetoid was between the Earth and the moon when a space shuttle flew toward it.
-   Two astronauts from an unknown space program emerged from the space shuttle after it had landed on Rita's planetoid; the astronauts' motives were unknown.
-   The two astronauts discovered Rita's space dumpster and, without knowing what it was, opened it, and Squatt, Baboo, Finster, and Goldar flew out as streaks of energy.
-   Squatt called into the open dumpster for Rita, mentioning her name in the astronauts' presence.
-   The astronauts were frightened, especially as Rita, now out of the space dumpster, blasted her former prison with energy from her wand, and the astronauts apparently fled afterward.
-   In Angel Grove, the five teens Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, Kimberly Hart, and Billy (last name assumed to be "Cranston") were all friends who currently (as well as at all later points unless otherwise noted, and, presumably, prior to this day also) wore red, black, yellow, pink, and blue, respectively.
-   Some time after Rita's release, Rita and her villains took up residence in a pre-existing palace on the surface of the moon; surrounding the main balcony of the palace were numerous gear shapes, and on the balcony was a telescope with which Rita would frequently watch Angel Grove.
-   Later that day was an earthquake with an unknown cause; Billy didn't think it was a normal earthquake.
-   In the mountains to the north of Angel Grove, a secret Command Center lay at the top of a distinctive double-peaked mountain; this Command Center was the home of Zordon and Alpha Five, and soon the headquarters of the Power Rangers.
-   The five teens, staying in the Youth Center after everyone else had left from the earthquake, were teleported away with energy streaks which matched their wardrobe and future Ranger colors; these streaks, later revealed to be clearly visible at all points in their flight, flew north through the mountains and into the Command Center.
-   The Viewing Globe in the Command Center showed Rita, riding a flying bicycle, and Goldar, using his wings, flying over a city (presumably Angel Grove, in the present) and Putty Patrollers in a park (presumably Angel Grove Park, also in the present).
-   Soon, the five teens walked away from the Command Center with Power Morphers on belts around their waists and began trekking through the desert; during their journey, an explosion near them heralded the arrival of Putty Patrollers which attacked them.
-   Soon after being attacked and overwhelmed, the teens held out their Power Morphers and, by calling out their respective Dinozord names, morphed into their respective Power Ranger forms: Zack became the Black Ranger, Kimberly became the Pink Ranger, Billy became the Blue Ranger, Trini became the Yellow Ranger, and Jason became the Red Ranger.
-   Jason's morphing process consisted of a fiery red grid appearing over his face, and the grid would then split vertically to reveal his morphed form; presumably an observer watching the morphs would have seen the same effect for all teens, though whether the others' grids were red or Ranger-colored is unknown. (See also: "Power Morphers morphing")
-   Red Ranger almost always stood in the center of the group and served as the leader; although the Pink and Yellow Rangers were both female, only the Pink Ranger had a skirt and a distinctly feminine physique; some may have confused Yellow Ranger for a male.
-   As soon as the Power Rangers posed in preparation for battle with the Putties, they were teleported to the rooftop of a skyscraper in downtown Angel Grove, where Goldar, with his wings no longer extended, then leapt down from a higher level and summoned the Putties.
-   The Rangers fought the Putties with super-strength and enhanced agility.
-   Soon, Rita hurled her wand from the moon palace's balcony, and it flew to Earth, landing in a rocky area of ground, presumably somewhere remotely nearby; it then caused the ground to split open, and Goldar grew to giant size downtown; this was the standard sequence by which Rita would enlarge a villain or monster.
-   In reaction to giant Goldar walking through downtown Angel Grove, the Rangers posed in the following sequence:

Red Ranger: "Back off, fangface!"
Black Ranger: "The goodguys are here!"
Blue Ranger: "Get off our planet!"
Yellow Ranger: "Cause we're the Power Rangers!"
Pink Ranger: "And we're not backing down!"

-   The Red Ranger called for Dinozord power, and the five Dinozords, giant robots designed after ancient creatures, came from their respective locations: Red Ranger's Tyrannosaurus came from a magma fault in the ground, Black Ranger's Mastodon came from an area resembling Antarctica, Blue Ranger's Triceratops came from the desert, Yellow Ranger's Sabertoothed Tiger came from the forest, and Pink Ranger's Pterodactyl came from a volcano.
-   From the desert, the Rangers leapt onto their Dinozords (a tremendous height to leap) and sank down into the robots.
-   In the Dinozords, the Rangers used some sort of communications system to speak to each other; if someone had been able to monitor (and possibly unscramble, depending on any encryption) these transmissions, he or she would have quickly learned the first names of the Rangers' civilian identities, and soon, after a bit more observation, which name corresponded to which Zord and thus which Ranger color.
-   After the Rangers had gotten inside the Dinozords, Zack, Billy, and Trini called out their own first names while logging on; this would happen often during the Rangers' logons; Kimberly, the last to logon, would say her name only on rare occasions.
-   The Zords then assembled into the Megazord tank mode.
-   Now in the desert with the tank mode, giant Goldar shot flaming energy from his sword at the tank, then told the Rangers, "You and your weapons are no match for me."
-   The tank mode shot its cannons, then its eyebolts, knocking Goldar over; it then stopped and transformed into battle mode, a giant humanoid robot.
-   The Mastodon's prominent M symbols were on the shoulders of the Megazord.
-   The Megazord fought Goldar, not doing well, and Goldar told them, "You fools are finished!"
-   Suddenly, the Megazord's Power Sword flew down from the sky, and when the Megazord wielded it, Goldar vanished, saying he'd be back.
-   Soon after the battle, the teens were back in the Command Center; they must have teleported back to Angel Grove some time later.

-   In the Youth Center's western locker hallway, Billy gave the four other teens communicators which used microwaves for communication; unless these microwave transmissions were securely encrypted, any listening parties would have quickly known the first names of the Rangers' civilian identities, as well as a great deal of information about Zordon, Alpha, the Command Center, and the Rangers' civilian and superhero lives; regardless of whether the signals were encrypted, the locations from which these microwave transmissions were being made could have been pinpointed; fortunately for the Rangers, Alpha Five would soon make some unknown modifications to the communicators prior to their first use for audio communication.
-   Each communicator's wristbands had stripes which matched the Ranger color of its owner; the teens would apparently wear the conspicuous silver bracelets at all times.
-   While still standing in the Youth Center's locker hallway, quite visible by people in the Youth Center, four of the teens suddenly teleported away in plain sight of an aerobics instructor who was facing in their direction during the teleportation; Billy, confused, then teleported seconds later, and the five teens then materialized in the Command Center, their communicators having accidentally tapped into the Command Center's teleportation system.
-   Alpha took Billy's communicator to make adjustments to the way all of them operated; he may have given them an encryption system, given them a special undetectable form of faster-than-light communication (used frequently by the forces of good and evil alike, probably used in the Zords), or merely modified them so that they communicated according to Billy's intention rather than tapping into the teleportation system.
-   From the moon palace balcony, Squatt and Baboo launched a model space shuttle which flew to Earth and then rolled down the streets of Angel Grove, frightening people who were on the streets and who watched it on TV's on live broadcasts in store windows.
-   The model space shuttle eventually stopped in a pile of gravel, and its front opened, generating with a beam a huge multicolored time warp above downtown Angel Grove.
-   The teens were teleported from the Command Center to an area near some caves in the desert in the outskirts of town; there, they soon began fighting Putties which had been in the area.
-   Billy fled from one Putty up a mountain, where Trini had to follow him.
-   Billy pulled out his Morpher but dropped it from nervousness.
-   With some exceptions, the standard method of pulling out the Power Morphers was for the teens to summon them behind their backs, presumably through some sort of teleportation.
-   Standing at the edge of a cliff, Trini and Billy dodged the Putty's rushing attack, sending it flying over the edge.
-   After Trini and Billy had joined the others once Billy had retrieved his Morpher, the five teens made the Putties retreat.
-   Zordon then spoke with the teens, apparently through a projection of some sort rather than the communicators.
-   Bones, a skeleton monster, was attacking the amusement park in Angel Grove, which appeared to be abandoned even though the rides were still going.
-   After gathering from a pile of bones in the amusement park, Bones was shown firing energy bolts from his eyes, leaping, and riding a merry-go-round.
-   The teens morphed and teleported to the amusement park.
-   Confronting Bones, the Rangers posed with a battle cry of, "Power Rangers!"
-   Bones threw his head, which spun in midair, sending the Rangers into what he called the time warp, and he soon joined them there.
-   Minutes afterward, dark clouds and lightning appeared in the sky, and the moon palace then materialized atop a skyscraper downtown as the Giant, a giant-sized knight fully clad in armor, appeared beside it.
-   In the desert, the Giant then reached into the other-dimensional time warp through a wall of some sort, pulling Red Ranger out, and the other Rangers were then blown out of the time warp and into the desert by an explosion.
-   Red Ranger shot the Giant's eye with his Blade Blaster, freeing himself.
-   Red Ranger called out to Zordon for Dinozord power, and the Tyrannosaurus emerged; Red Ranger then, of course, piloted the Zord against the Giant.
-   In the middle of the battle, Red Ranger shouted down to the others as they watched, "How'm I doing, Zack?", and Black Ranger replied, "Morphinomenal!"
-   The Tyrannosaurus's ground blast ultimately dissolved the Giant, and Red Ranger then stood victorious atop the Zord's head.
-   Some time later, the teens were in the Youth Center.
-   Ernie told a teenaged girl, "I'm telling ya, I heard it on the radio! Five superheroes saved the park from this zombie guy. And they call themselves (amused, as is the girl) the 'Power Rangers.'"
-   By this point, the communicators had been fixed by Zordon and Alpha.

-   Kim and Trini had a petition at Angel Grove High to shut down an awful dump site which Rita called her own, perhaps having created it.
-   Some time earlier, Alpha had asked Zack over the communicator to come to the Command Center, to talk about something super-important, Zack said.
-   After school, Kim and Trini were disgusted by the Angel Grove Industrial Waste Site as they went to give the petitions to someone; as they looked around, they were attacked by Putties, and the girls did a fair job of fighting back.
-   At this time, Zack had already teleported to the Command Center.
-   Minutes later, Zordon called Jason and Billy, telling them to come to the Command Center, and almost immediately, the two guys teleported in together, Jason having come from a karate class in the Youth Center and Billy from the first meeting of a science fair committee of which he was the president.
-   The Minotaur monster was teleported by Rita to a mountainous area, where he was shown blowing fire from his mouth.
-   Jason, Zack, and Billy morphed and teleported to the Minotaur's location; Goldar then arrived in an arid field nearby.
-   The Minotaur reflected Red Ranger's Blade Blaster laser with his shield.
-   Alpha called Kimberly and Trini to meet up with the others, and they morphed and teleported to Goldar's location; they were then attacked by more Putties.
-   Fighting Goldar, Yellow Ranger sent Pink Ranger to get help, but Goldar struck Pink Ranger as she was leaving.
-   As the Minotaur was beating the Red, Black, and Blue Rangers, Squatt and Baboo threw and kicked boulders down onto the three Rangers.
-   Rita threw her wand to Earth, enlarging the Minotaur.
?   The Pink and Yellow Rangers appeared to be protecting a child from the Putties as they saw the giant Minotaur in the distance.
-   Using his communicator, Red Ranger called Kimberly and Trini, addressing the girls by name and telling them to help by calling their Zords; Yellow Ranger gave a brief affirmative reply.
-   The Rangers summoned their Zords.
-   Once the Rangers were in the Dinozords, the Pterodactyl blasted Goldar and Putties in the field below, making Goldar retreat; the Triceratops, Sabertoothed Tiger, Mastodon, and Tyrannosaurus then attacked the Minotaur individually.
-   The Megazord tank mode shot its eyebolts at the Minotaur.
-   Zordon called the Rangers and had them return to the Command Center for new instructions; the Rangers then teleported from the Megazord cockpit, flew over a city as streaks of light, and then materialized in the Command Center.
-   The Zords had soon returned to their hiding places.
-   Soon afterward, the Rangers teleported into a mountain field where Minotaur was, now back to his normal size.
-   The Rangers powered up normal weapons (Red Ranger wielding a sword, Black Ranger an axe, Blue Ranger a lance, Yellow Ranger two daggers, and Pink Ranger an archer's bow) into the Power Weapons and fought the Minotaur with them.
-   Soon, Zordon spoke from the Power Sword, telling the Rangers the time was right to bring the weapons together; the Rangers then combined the Power Weapons into the Power Blaster.
-   The Power Blaster destroyed the Minotaur with an energy beam, and the Rangers then took back their individual weapons.
-   Later, the teens were back at Angel Grove High, in the empty hallway, when Zordon called them with a static-filled transmission.
-   Zordon congratulated the teens and told them Alpha had been so busy practicing his dance steps that he kept short-circuiting the control console; Zack told Alpha to forget about the hip-hop, to get back to being a robot and keep the control console working.

-   As Jason, Kim, and Zack sat at a table in the Juice Bar, one of their communicators beeped their traditional tune (later heard on national TV in 233-LiCa), and Jason and Zack quickly covered the device from Ernie's sight.
-   The three teens rushed off, with Zack saying it was a new watch; Ernie was confused as to where the teens were going.
-   In the Juice Bar's western hallway, visible to anyone in the Juice Bar, Jason answered his communicator, speaking Zordon's name.
-   Zordon told the three that Rita Repulsa, saying her full name, had sent down an unknown monster and Putties to the children's theater in the park in an attempt to gain control of the park; he then told them, "Be careful, and let the Power protect you."
-   Still standing in the highly visible western Juice Bar hallway, the three morphed and teleported to the children's theater.
-   At the abandoned theater which was also covered with graffiti, the three Rangers fought Putties (two of them having a dark, hardened outer surface); Squatt and Baboo soon arrived to cheer from the stands.
-   Demorphed by the flapping wings of King Sphinx, standing nearby, Kim was teleported onto the balance beam in the middle of the Youth Center, right behind an aerobics class in which the class was facing toward the left and could have seen her out of their peripheral vision.
-   Black Ranger punched Squatt when they wouldn't tell him where Kim had gone.
-   Then, demorphed as well, Zack was teleported onto the balance beam right next to Kim as the aerobics class was turning from side to side and the instructor was facing the balance beam; seconds after Zack had materialized, two girls walked by the beam from either side.
-   Red Ranger used his Power Sword against King Sphinx, who soon teleported himself and Red Ranger into the desert or the rock quarry.
-   Goldar soon arrived to team up with King Sphinx.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging both Goldar and King Sphinx.
-   Red Ranger cowered, helpless, from the two giants, for some time.
-   Outside Billy's garage with the others, Trini tried calling Jason on the communicator but didn't get a response, so the four teens teleported to the Command Center.
-   Soon, a sack of Power Crystals shot out from the Power Sword in a white energy bolt, causing a massive landslide in a rock wall nearby.
-   Red Ranger unearthed the sack and threw four of the five Power Crystals into the air, causing the other four Rangers to appear, running nearby in morphed form.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and, as always unless otherwise noted, the Rangers got in the Zords.
-   The Megazord tank mode was blasted by Goldar but shot its cannons and eyebolts in return.
-   Goldar and King Sphinx blasted at the tank together, and the Megazord then turned into battle mode and fought both monsters.
-   During the fight, the Megazord suddenly reverted to tank mode to dodge an attack and then ram Goldar, then transformed back to battle mode.
-   After the Megazord Power Sword had flown down, the Megazord powered it up and sliced it through King Sphinx, causing him to fall over and explode, the reaction experienced by most monsters when hit with a finishing move.
-   Goldar then retreated, saying they'd meet again.
-   Later, the teens were back in the Youth Center.

-   One day after Kim's dance lessons to a class which included a girl named Melissa, Gnarly Gnome, a troll monster with an accordian, appeared in the bushes outside the Youth Center's doors.
-   Melissa and her new friends walked out of the Youth Center to go to one girl's home and then the mall, but Gnarly Gnome hypnotized the girls with his accordian music as soon as they'd left the Youth Center; Melissa, being deaf, was immune to the music but, at the time, didn't appear to see Gnarly Gnome behind the bushes nearby.
-   Gnarly Gnome led the girls to his cave in the mountainous hills, with Melissa secretly following.
-   A net dropped down after Gnarly Gnome and the girls had gone in, keeping Melissa out; Melissa then went to Ernie and Jason at the Juice Bar, mostly getting Jason's help.
-   Gnarly Gnome had the hypnotized girls dance, saying they'd soon be dancing for their empress Rita and the Power Rangers.
-   Squatt and Baboo prepared food for Gnarly Gnome.
-   Gnarly Gnome had the Putties dance with the girls, then took a nap, with the girls standing hypnotized; Rita, from a distance, soon shouted at them to get up, and the villains scrambled to get ready for the Rangers' arrival.
-   Melissa led the five teens to the cave.
-   The teens morphed immediately after Melissa had ducked behind some bushes nearby; even if she didn't see their morph, it's likely she would have seen the Rangers in place of the five teens.
-   After the Rangers had posed with their Power Weapons, Gnarly Gnome fought the Rangers outside the cave, and they soon destroyed him with the Power Blaster, reducing his body to tiny bits of rock.
-   Rita threw her wand, reassembling and enlarging Gnarly Gnome.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords.
-   In the mountains, the Megazord fought Gnarly Gnome, first in tank mode and then in battle mode.
-   With his accordian, Gnarly Gnome made the Rangers hallucinate being downtown, disorienting them.
-   The Megazord soon caught the Power Sword as it flew down, and it then used the sword to destroy Gnarly Gnome.
-   Soon afterward, the teens, rather than the Rangers, were with Melissa to escort the captured girls out of the cave now that the spell over the girls had been broken.
?   Melissa, in a very clear voice (the only time she was heard speaking), told Kim she should've seen the Power Rangers and that they'd been great.
-   Kim told the girls Melissa had run for help, and she explained to the girls that a monster had trapped them in the cave.
-   The teens, girls, and Melissa went to the Juice Bar together for drinks.

-   Angel Grove High had a Cultural Food Festival at the Youth Center, with the five teens helping.
-   While a girl was standing directly behind him preparing food, Jason remarked to the other teens that he hoped Rita wasn't hungry for trouble today.
-   During a food fight started by Bulk and Skull, Pudgy Pig, a ravenous pig monster wearing an enormous Roman helmet, teleported into a parking lot and ate food from a trash can.
-   Pudgy Pig then teleported to a park and raided the food of a group of terrified picnickers.
-   After Mr. Caplan had put the teens in charge of the cleanup after the food fight, Jason's communicator beeped as the crowd of people was dispersing.
-   The teens went into the Youth Center's locker hallway, where Jason answered his communicator (speaking Zordon's name), but at the time, the crowd was leaving the Youth Center through the western Juice Bar hall, which was connected with the locker hall, giving the crowd a direct view of the teens.
-   Zordon told the teens he needed them at the Command Center immediately, and they teleported there.
-   Pudgy Pig ate the food in the Urkupina food market; Zordon calculated he would consume the Earth's food supply in 48 hours.
-   The teens morphed and teleported downtown, confronting Pudgy Pig on a rooftop.
-   During the fight, Pudgy Pig ate the Rangers' Power Weapons.
-   Pudgy Pig blew a wind which warped the Rangers in a spinning multicolored effect, and the teens then found themselves unmorphed in the park.
-   Zordon called the teens and told them Pudgy Pig had found his way into their food festival.
-   Pudgy Pig raided the food festival, which was now full of people and somewhat neater; the people fled in terror from the monster.
-   Bulk and Skull made fun of Pudgy Pig and weren't scared of him until he roared at them, making them run away.
-   Ernie, afraid, wondered where the Power Rangers were when you needed them.
-   Pudgy Pig teleported away to the MGR Food Packing Plant downtown.
-   As the last of the people ran out of the Youth Center, the teens ran in.
-   Later in the Youth Center, the teens held platters of tasty food and called Zordon to find out where Pudgy Pig was.
-   The teens morphed and teleported to the packing plant, where they summoned their food platters and tossed down the items to Pudgy Pig, then finally Yellow Ranger threw down a spicy sub which made him spit up the food food and the Power Weapons, which the Rangers used against him.
-   The Power Blaster destroyed Pudgy Pig, and the Rangers then took their individual weapons back.
-   The teens returned to the empty Youth Center, and Zordon called to congratulate them; Jason said they'd sent Pudgy Pig to the fat farm.
-   Alpha, having found a solution too late, then said he'd found a way to defeat the pig and teleported new platters of food to the teens, and immediately after Zack had thanked Alpha, Mr. Caplan walked in and saw their food platters, one of which was an extremely hot submarine sandwich, just like the one the Rangers had used against Pudgy Pig.

-   Trini called young Willy's VR system "morphinomenal" in the presence of Willy.
-   As the teens and Willy walked through the park to the Youth Center, they were attacked by Putties, which Billy called by name.
-   Willy watched as the teens assumed a "circle formation" and fought the Putties off.
-   By the pond after he'd been disqualified from the junior science fair, Willy was captured by Eye Guy's eye, which told him his genius would be appreciated where he was taking him; Willy was then confused in a gyroscope in Eye Guy's Internal Vortex.
-   The teens searched for Willy in the park, shouting and making a commotion; Zordon then beeped them, and they teleported to the Command Center from the pond shortly after two couples had been shown walking nearby.
-   The teens morphed and teleported to a mountainous field where Eye Guy and Baboo were, though Baboo soon retreated.
-   The Power Blaster blew Eye Guy apart, but the monster reassembled.
-   Eye Guy blasted the Rangers down a hillside, and Zordon then told Billy go after Eye Guy's main eye, which was in a forested area in the park just south of his location.
?   Confronting Eye Guy's main eye, Blue Ranger briefly protected a little girl who'd been shown being captured during Finster's flashback to how well Eye Guy had worked on Regda 2.
-   Blue Ranger stabbed the eye with his lance, but Rita threw her wand, enlarging him with his eye back in.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords.
-   The Megazord tank mode shot its cannons at Eye Guy.
-   The Megazord Battle Mode caught the Power Sword and broke Eye Guy apart, but he reassembled; another slice destroyed him.
-   After Willy was free in the park, the Rangers went up to him and had the following dialogue:

Blue Ranger: "Willy!"
Yellow Ranger: "You're free."
Black Ranger: "Hey, kid, are you all right?"
Willy: "Wow! The Power Rangers!"
Pink Ranger: "That's right!"
Yellow Ranger: "I guess you've had a pretty big day, huh?"
Black Ranger: "Yeah, I'll say!"

-   With some exceptions stated later, it seemed that a Ranger's identity could not be determined by the sound of the Ranger's voice; Willy would have heard, however, that Yellow Ranger was female and perhaps that Black Ranger sounded African-American.
-   Later, the teens walked into the Youth Center with Willy, who was quite impressed that the Power Rangers had saved his life; Billy agreed that the Rangers were incredible.
-   Billy had found Willy's cap and now returned it to him.

-   As the teens played volleyball in the park near a mountain, they were attacked by Putties; during the fight, Baboo flew overhead on Rita's bike and dropped punk potion droplets into their drinks from above.
-   After the Putties had retreated, Billy and Kim suddenly developed punk attitudes by drinking from the enchanted water, but Billy then knocked all the drinks over.
-   At school the next day, Billy and Kim were dressed as punks and acting like bullies, with Billy intimidating Bulk and Kim asking Skull out Saturday night.
-   Soon, Alpha teleported the teens, apparently from school without warning, into the Command Center, with Kim and Billy going into a forcefield chamber.
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack then morphed and teleported to the park to fight Terror Toad.
-   Terror Toad swallowed Yellow Ranger as a yellow ball of light, then reflected the Blade Blaster lasers of the other two Rangers with a yellow energy shield from his stomach.
-   Terror Toad soon swallowed Black Ranger as well.
-   After Red Ranger had fought Terror Toad alone poorly, Kim and Billy, no longer under the spell, morphed and teleported to join the fight.
-   With his horn cut off by Pink and Blue Rangers' Blade Blasters, Terror Toad physically swallowed Red Ranger, then Blue Ranger as well, with his tongue.
-   Baboo shoved Pink Ranger over as she aimed her Power Bow.
-   Pink Ranger leapt up and shot arrows into Terror Toad's neck, freeing the others.
-   After the Rangers had fought Terror Toad for a bit, an arrow from the Power Bow, shot right into Terror Toad's mouth, destroyed him, making Baboo run away.
-   On Saturday in the Youth Center, Skull showed up with Bulk for his date with Kim, but she would have nothing to do with him.
-   Billy, no longer a punk, told Bulk and Skull the girls didn't date neanderthals; Bulk and Skull attempted to prove themselves against the guys with a game of volleyball.

-   As Billy talked with Marge at a table in the Juice Bar, the teens called Billy to the bar, with Jason pointing to his communicator and saying it was kind of an emergency; meanwhile, Ernie was directly nearby.
-   Billy was upset that the teens had made up an emergency to tell him to ask Marge to the dance.
-   Madame Woe was at a rocky beach at a fire shrine when Rita called her; she then went to the moon palace.
-   As Marge waited at the pond for Billy, Madame Woe appeared, calling her a Power Ranger and then taking her into her dimension.
-   Soon afterward, Billy was attacked by Putties at the pond.
-   Billy called Jason for help, and with the other three teens around him, Jason answered the call in the corner of the Youth Center.
-   The four teens soon ran up and fought the Putties.
-   After Billy had picked up Marge's necklace, Zordon called the teens to the Command Center, and they teleported there.
-   Moments later, the teens morphed and teleported to the beach where Madame Woe was; she then teleported them to her dimension.
-   After doing a double-take in which he saw Marge nearby, then exclaimed her name and ran over to her, Blue Ranger had the following dialogue with Marge:

Blue Ranger: "Are you okay?"
Marge: "Yes. You-- you're the Power Rangers, aren't you?"
Blue Ranger: "Yes, don't be afraid. We'll get you out of here, I promise."

-   Marge heard Madame Woe's name.
-   Marge watched the Rangers fight Madame Woe; during the fight, she heard the names of the Blade Blasters.
-   Marge also heard as Blue Ranger used a large word ("alacrity") and Yellow Ranger translated for the others.
-   Blue Ranger fought Woe and then reminded the others of combining their Power Coins (which he called by name in Marge's presence) to escape.
-   Marge watched as the Rangers called out their dinosaur names while pulling out their coins, then shouted, "Morph to the power of one! Power Rangers!" sending Blue Ranger flying out as blue energy; Madame Woe then followed him to the mountains or quarry.
-   Blue Ranger fought Madame Woe with great difficulty.
-   Blue Ranger eventually took her crown jewel off and crumbled it, soon causing the Rangers and Marge to return to Earth after they'd told her to hang to the side once they returned.
-   In the mountains or quarry, Marge watched the Rangers fight Woe, with Blue Ranger almost appearing to assume a leader role.
-   The Rangers soon called forth their Power Weapons to form the Power Blaster; Marge would have heard the individual weapon names, but not their collective name or the name of the Power Blaster.
-   The Power Blaster destroyed Madame Woe.
-   After the Rangers had rushed over to Marge, they had the following dialogue:
Marge: "Wow, you guys were... I think the phrase is--"
Blue Ranger: "Totally awesome?"
Marge: "Exactly!"

-   At the party, Billy told Marge that he'd been disappointed, or worried, rather, when she hadn't shown up at the designated time; after telling him that was sweet, Marge said she'd been worried too until the Power Rangers had shown up; their conversation continued:
Billy (proudly): "So they, uh, rather saved the day, huh?"
Marge: "Oh, especially the one in blue. I'm partial to blue. He was so gallant, so heroic..."
Billy (proudly): "Yes. Oh, I mean, he was?"

-   At this point, Billy remembered to give Marge back the necklace she'd dropped at the pond, and she kissed him in return.

-   At the airport, Squatt teleported in, poured sleeping potion into Steve's soda on his plane while no one was nearby, and then teleported out.
-   Flying in the plane with her uncle Steve and Bulk and Skull, Kim looked fondly at the mountains in which they'd first fought Putties; she told Steve she'd flown by there before.
-   Steve went unconscious, and Bulk and Skull soon fainted from panic.
-   Shouting into her communicator, Kim told Zordon or anybody else who was listening that she needed help.
-   Kim told Alpha she was flying a plane, and Alpha told her to morph out of there if her life were in danger, but she told him she had other people in there.
-   Alpha alerted the other teens to Snizard's attack in the park.
-   Alpha gave Kim prolonged instructions over her communicator on how to fly the plane.
-   The four teens teleported into the Command Center, then shortly morphed and teleported to fight Snizard in Angel Grove Park, by a group of Easter Island heads.
-   Snizard reflected back the Rangers' Blade Blaster lasers.
-   Jason called Alpha because they needed Kim.
-   Alpha told Kim they'd sent a message to Angel Grove Airport and there would be an ambulance waiting for them when they landed; just what Alpha and/or Zordon had told the airport is unknown.
-   The other Rangers had serious trouble against Snizard.
-   Bulk and Skull woke up to see Kim flying the plane, making them faint again.
-   Kim landed the plane without having clearance; after she'd landed, Steve woke up and stopped the plane.
-   The tower wanted to talk about the landing with whomever was in the plane.
-   Kim immediately rushed off and ducked behind a row of bushes outside the airport; there, she called Alpha, who told her about the others, and she then morphed and teleported to the park.
-   Pink Ranger used her Power Bow on the Putties Snizard summoned, then cut the Rangers free from Snizard's tonsil snakes; finally, she shot an arrow into the apple on Snizard's head, destroying the monster.
-   Steve and a doctor woke Bulk and Skull up with smelling salts, and then ran off, happy they'd made it.
-   Later in the Youth Center, a guy named Matt hit on Kim, impressed she'd landed a plane by herself.

-   After talking about Zack's surprise party with the other four teens, Ernie had the following conversation with them:

Ernie: "And speaking of surprises, you guys will never believe what I heard about the Power Rangers!"
Billy: "The, uh, Power who?"
Ernie: "You know, the superheroes with the large Dinozords?"
Jason: "The ones with the colored costumes."
Ernie: "That's them! You know, they'll do for Angel Grove what Batman has done for Gotham City."
Jason: "I think I've seen on TV. What've you heard?"
Ernie: "I've heard they're regular humans, just like you and me."
Jason: "Well, you know, I heard that they were space aliens from a distant planet."
Ernie: "Aliens?!"
Jason: "But you know, we should keep this space alien thing under our hats. I mean, we wouldn't wanna panic anybody."
Ernie: "Aliens.... Whoa, this is big. Aliens!"

-   That night, in a forest area with Rita nearby, Finster, Squatt, and Baboo hammered out Nasty Knight's sword, and Rita, causing dark clouds to gather overhead, then summoned the Nasty Knight from a tree.
-   The next day after school, Zack, bummed, went into the mountains area, where Rita and Goldar were soon on a mountainside; Squatt and Baboo were filming with a camera, and Nasty Knight was nearby.
-   Zack morphed and fought Nasty Knight in a losing battle; Goldar eventually joined in the fight.
?   Squatt's camera suddenly went out of control, releasing four Ranger-colored balls of light.
-   Zordon called the four teens, who were outside somewhere, and told them of Zack's situation; the teens morphed and were teleported to Zack's location.
-   The Power Weapons were ruined in the fight with Nasty Knight.
-   The Rangers used the Blade Blasters' Tower Formation blast, but Nasty Knight reflected it back at them.
-   Rita, still in the mountains, threw her wand, enlarging Nasty Knight.
-   The Rangers summoned their Dinozords, and the Megazord fought Nasty Knight in the mountains.
-   The Megazord caught Power Sword as it flew down, but it was soon ruined in the fight with Nasty Knight.
-   From below, Rita coached Nasty Knight on how to finish the Megazord.
-   The Megazord soon charged up, broke Nasty Knight's sword, and destroyed him with the Power Sword; Rita then vanished angrily, returning to the moon palace.

-   Many people, including the teens, Sylvia, Bulk, and Skull, went to Rita's fake amusement park, in which some or all clowns were Putties in disguise, and the monster Pineoctopus was disguised in a human form as Pineapple the Clown.
-   Trini introduced all of the teens to Sylvia.
-   While the teens were doing a gymnastics pyramid, Pineapple led Sylvia away.
-   With many people around, Trini was prepared to fight Pineapple when he wouldn't stay away from Sylvia.
-   Pineapple sprinkled dust on Sylvia, turning her into a cardboard cutout; no one on the rides nearby appeared to notice.
-   Jason took a megaphone from an announcer and shouted to the people in the amusement park, "Attention, everyone! Get out! Rita's attacking the park! It's a trap!" and everyone then ran screaming in terror, and the four teens helped the people evacuate.
-   The four teens fought Putties after they'd revealed themselves.
-   Pineapple lured Billy away and accidentally turned a Putty into a cutout, which was probably left there.
-   Jason trapped a Putty in a rocking ride, and started the ride with another holding onto the outside.
-   At the children's theater, Pineapple melted and turned into Pineoctopus; confronting the monster there, the four teens morphed and fought Putties while Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo watched.
-   Alpha was in Billy's garage with Trini and the two-dimensional Sylvia.
-   Pineoctopus left the children's theater, headed for the park, where the Rangers then fought Goldar.
-   Sylvia turned human after Alpha's rehydration treatment; as she was waking up, Alpha said, "More water!" and splashed a bucket of water on her, not realizing she was already human; as she was rubbing her eyes, Alpha hid in the corner, saying, "Detection alert, hiding, hiding..."
-   With Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar nearby, Pineoctopus confronted the Rangers in the park, and the villains, sneezing, then left the monster to fight alone.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Pineoctopus in the mountains.
-   Yellow Ranger joined the others as they regrouped.
-   Giant Pineoctopus told the Rangers "she" had just been the bait and now he had them.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and once inside, all four of the other Rangers used their names in their logons; this was the first time Kim said her own name in her logon.
-   The Dinozords attacked Pineoctopus individually.
-   After Pineoctopus was frozen by the Mastodon's freeze spray, the Megazord tank mode shot at him with its cannons, then finally the Megazord Battle Mode dissolved him with its cranial laser.
?   Everyone was later back in the amusement park, with employees and all.
-   Trini apologized to Sylvia for what had happened to her, and Sylvia admitted she shouldn't have wandered off, then told Trini she was a good babysitter.

-   Trini's uncle Howard, the famous karate scientist, came into the Youth Center with a jar of invisibility formula but accidentally left it on the Juice Bar.
-   Dark Warrior, Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo walked through the woods and searched Howard's lab but didn't find the formula.
-   In the woods later, Howard was giving Billy martial arts lessons when Putties (which Billy called by name) attacked.
-   Howard and Billy fought the Putties, but Howard was soon carried away and teleported to a cave, where he was tied to crates of TNT.
-   Dark Warrior wanted the formula, and the monster suggested his neice Trini might know where it was; he gave Howard one hour to remember where it was.
-   Billy ran to the Youth Center to tell the other teens what had happened.
-   Ernie brought Trini a bunch of black balloons that had come for her, and they then popped, revealing a note telling Trini to deliver the formula to him, Dark Warrior, in Angel Grove Park if she wanted to see her uncle again; the teens then hurried out and teleported to the Command Center.
-   The teens soon teleported to outside Howard's cave and fought the Putties guarding it.
-   After the Putties had vanished, the teens rushed in and freed Howard, saying they'd gotten a message from the Dark Warrior.
-   Billy used his karate training to focus his mental energy and disarm the bomb.
-   After Howard had walked out, Jason called Zordon, and the teens then morphed and teleported into the park where Dark Warrior was waiting.
-   After the Rangers and Dark Warrior had fought a while, Rita threw her wand, enlarging Dark Warrior.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and once the Rangers were inside, the Zords were in individual form in the mountains against Dark Warrior but didn't attack.
-   Then, the Megazord tank mode blasted Dark Warrior with its cannons, and the Megazord Battle Mode, soon after being formed, destroyed the monster with the Power Sword.
-   Later, with many people and a class of fellow students watching, Billy earned a yellow belt.
-   Howard, after finding his formula at the Juice Bar, saw Bulk and Skull bullying Billy, so he drank some formula and attacked Bulk and Skull while invisible; Billy reminded them to keep their mental energy tightly centered, like the nucleus of an atom.
-   Howard reappeared after Bulk and Skull had run off.

-   At night, Squatt sneaked into Billy's garage and switched wires on his invention.
-   The RADBUG was in Billy's garage the next day as Billy had Kim try out his thought transfer apparatus.
-   Bulk and Skull spied on the experiment from behind the RADBUG.
-   Bulk was awed that Billy had invented a machine that could read people's minds, and he imagined the possibilities.
-   Kim used the word "morphinomenal" while Bulk and Skull were listening.
-   After Bulk and Skull had been chased away by a dog, Kim's and Billy's brains were switched by the invention.
-   Billy, in Kim's body, took his glasses and wore them the entire time he was in Kim's body.
-   Some time after the two mind-swapped teens had left, Bulk and Skull sneaked into the lab and switched their brains accidentally.
-   Later, perhaps another day, Kim (in Billy's body) cluelessly gave a kid computer lessons in Billy's garage and eventually blew up the computer; meanwhile, Billy (in Kim's body, with awful makeup), made a disastrous exploding souffle at school.
-   Later at school, Kim-Billy and Billy-Kim were uncharacteristically furious at each other, yelling at each other in the hallway: "Billy" (Kim's brain speaking) was upset that "she" was making "him" look awful, and "Kim" (Billy's brain speaking) was upset that "he" had destroyed the computer.
-   Squatt and Baboo went to the park near the mountains and accidentally dropped a magic lamp while trying to release the Genie monster inside.
-   Alpha called the teens, and they soon teleported from somewhere at school to the park to retrieve the lamp, where Squatt and Baboo no longer were.
-   The teens teleported to the Command Center with the lamp.
-   Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and the Putties then attacked downtown.
-   The teens morphed and teleported downtown to confront the villains, but they were soon teleported into the mountains where the Genie was.
-   After being quickly trounced by the monster, the Rangers were teleported to the Command Center.
-   Moments later, the Rangers were teleported back to the mountains to face the Genie again.
-   Rita appeared on a hillside; there, she shot a red energy bolt at the Rangers from her wand, shaking the ground briefly, then used red energy to enlarge Genie while still holding her wand.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and once inside, the four Rangers logged on using their names, but with Blue Ranger's logon saying, "Kimberly. I mean, like Billy... I mean..."
-   The Megazord fought the Genie in the mountains just outside the city, which was in the background.
-   The Megazord did poorly against the Genie, but the monster suddenly vanished in white energy in the middle of the fight.
-   Rita growled in frustration and teleported away.
-   As Billy and Kim later set up in Billy's lab, Alpha talked with Zack over the communicator about how the Genie had been destroyed.
-   The invention switched Kim's and Billy's brains back, then Bulk and Skull's when they came in.

-   The ancient chest containing the Power eggs was inside the cave of the Morphing Masters, a cave near Angel Grove with a white angel statue at its entrance; torches lined the tunnel walls.
-   Suspended in the entrance to the Power eggs' cavern was what resembled the silhouette of an angel or very large bird.
-   The Power eggs' chest was on a round altar, surrounded by five objects which looked like glass rods with ball tips, standing inside cylindrical glass bases, connected with a star pattern, which zapped anyone but a child who tried to open the chest.
-   Putties attacked during Kim and Trini's picnic in the park with young Maria, for whom they were "big sisters" for the day.
-   Maria wasn't familiar with the Putties.
-   Kim referred to the Putty Patrollers by name.
-   Maria watched Kim and Trini fight Putties but was then teleported away to the Power eggs' cave by several Putties.
-   Kim and Trini ran up to the guys in the Juice Bar and told them what had happened.
-   At the bar, Jason and then the others tried to call Zordon but got offline tones from their communicators.
-   Sitting at the bar, Jason said teleportation was down too.
-   Billy took the teens to his garage, where the RADBUG was parked.
-   The teens got in, and the RADBUG drove off and then flew to the Command Center, landing inside.
-   Communication and teleportation had been down for hours.
-   Maria had been forced to open the Power eggs' chest.
-   The teens soon drove to the cave of the Morphing Masters in the RADBUG.
-   Chunky Chicken, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar ran from the cave through the desert with the chest, then Chunky Chicken left with Maria.
-   As they drove up, the teens morphed from inside the RADBUG and were then outside.
-   The Blade Blasters' Tower Formation blast knocked the chest from the villains' hands into the sea nearby.
-   Goldar and Chunky Chicken fought the Rangers.
-   Rita flew in on her bike, trying to go after the floating chest, but she couldn't get to it.
-   Chunky Chicken then had Maria suspended from a rope at the old factory near the mountains, and Rita, Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo were on a balcony using Maria as ransom for the Rangers to bring her the Power eggs.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and once assembled, the Megazord approached the factory.
-   Rita made the Rangers a deal that she'd release Maria if they brought her the Power eggs.
-   Rita had Chunky Chicken cut the rope when the Rangers told her she'd lost the Power eggs herself.
-   Maria heard Chunky Chicken's name.
-   The Megazord caught Maria in its giant hand as she fell.
-   Maria heard Rita use the term "Zords."
-   From the factory's fire escape balcony, Rita threw her wand, enlarging Chunky Chicken.
-   The RADBUG drove up on its own, and as the Megazord set Maria down beside it, Red Ranger, from the Megazord cockpit, called her by name to get into the car and that it would get her to safety; she did as told, and the RADBUG drove her away.
-   Chunky Chicken fought the Megazord in the mountains near an industrial area.
-   With his scissors, Chunky Chicken cut a warp in space and vanished into it, then reappeared.
-   The Power Sword soon destroyed Chunky Chicken.
-   The villains had returned to the palace.
-   Later, as the teens were in the Juice Bar, a TV reporter interrupted the news to report, "We've just gotten word that once again the amazing Power Rangers have saved our fair city and the world from one of Rita Repulsa's lethal monsters. Eyewitnesses report that after a lengthy battle, the Power Rangers [...] And now Wendy Walters, with the latest Power Rangers update."
-   The TV station's field reporter, Wendy Walters, spoke with Maria, the girl the Rangers had saved in their battle.
-   Maria told Wendy Walters that she was now the most popular kid in her class.
-   Wendy signed off saying, "As always, we'll continue to bring you the latest Power Rangers news as it happens."

-   Jason and the new kid, Tommy, were equals at the martial arts expo in the Youth Center.
-   Tommy's primary wardrobe color was green.
-   After school another day, Rita used her altar and candles on her balcony during Tommy's walk home, and as he was in an alley, Putties attacked him.
-   After Tommy had beaten the Putties, the winds picked up, and Rita appeared on the roof of a building overhead.
-   Rita declared, "Tommy, I have chosen you!" and Tommy shouted back, "Noooooo!"
-   Rita laughed and teleported Tommy to the moon palace with a green cloud effect, the effect with which Green Ranger would always teleport while evil; this cloud teleportation was far more subtle and, presumably, less detectable, than the Rangers' standard site-to-site energy streaks.
-   Some time later, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were in the mountains when Rita threw her wand from the palace, enlarging Goldar.
-   The guys were polishing the RADBUG at Billy's garage when Kim and Trini joined them.
-   Alpha called the teens with a garbled message.
-   The teens flew the RADBUG to the Command Center, as teleportation was down.
-   Shortly, the teens morphed and teleported to the mountains near Squatt and Baboo, where Putties (two of them dark) attacked.
-   During the fight, Green Ranger watched from a cliff nearby, and giant Goldar watched from overhead.
-   When Goldar soon began knocking rocks down onto the Rangers, Jason called the Dinozords.
-   The Megazord fought Goldar in the mountains.
-   Goldar told the Rangers to prepare to feel the wrath of Rita Repulsa.
-   Suddenly during the fight, the Rangers looked down and noticed Green Ranger, and he leapt up into the Megazord, knocking the Rangers out near some old stone steps, and he leapt down after them and proceeded to beat them up.
-   Red Ranger and Green Ranger briefly fought one-on-one.
-   Green Ranger shot an energy ball at the Rangers, and the Rangers soon retreated to the Command Center.

-   Some time later, Tommy reappeared in the alley from which he'd disappeared, and Rita, on the building, told him he'd remain on Earth until further notice; he replied affirmatively, calling her his empress, and she told him to keep his identity as the Green Ranger a secret.
-   Then, after Rita had left, Bulk and Skull walked in to make Tommy, the new kid, apologize for insulting Bulk earlier, but as he stared at them, his eyes flashed green, and as they backed off, still looking at Tommy, green energy bolts from his eyes took control of their feet and launched them into a dumpster behind them.
-   As Tommy walked off, Skull wondered, "What is with that guy?!" and Bulk remarked that he (Tommy) should have his eyes checked.
-   In the Youth Center, Jason was furiously punching the punching bag with Zack.
-   Jason, Zack, and Kim had taken the RADBUG back to Angel Grove to go to school and the Youth Center.
-   At school, Tommy was curt and rude with Kim.
-   Rita and her villains all walked down a field to the beach, where Tommy met them.
-   Rita teleported Tommy from the cliff onto the beach below, where he was attacked by Putties.
-   After his victory, the Sword of Darkness appeared in Tommy's hands, and it soon made a large burst of green energy bolts into the sky.
-   At Billy's garage, Zack and Kim noted the communicators were still down.
-   After asking around for Tommy at school, Jason found Tommy and told him an emergency had come up, so he couldn't join him for their workout; as Jason walked away through the empty hallway, a beam from Tommy's Power Coin, which he held in his palm, teleported Jason into the Dark Dimension.
-   Zack and Kim soon took the RADBUG to the Command Center.
-   Trini and Billy had apparently spent the night in the Command Center.
-   Minutes later, the four teens morphed and teleported to Green Ranger's location, at the bluff overlooking the shore.
-   The four Rangers did poorly against Green Ranger, who wielded the Sword of Darkness.
-   When Green Ranger mentioned finishing the Rangers, Black Ranger began the individual Dinozord summonings.
-   The Rangers formed the Megazord without Red Ranger present.
-   The Megazord used the Mammoth Shield to reflect Green Ranger's energy blast back at him, causing Green Ranger to retreat.
-   The four teens had soon returned to the Command Center.

?   Later, from a cave in a forest with giant mushrooms around it, a boulder rolled out of the cave, then up a courtyard's steps at night; Scorpina was then present somewhere in daylight.
-   Later still, Kim had gone to the Juice Bar and told Ernie, Bulk, and Skull about Jason's being missing.
-   Kim bumped into Tommy on the way out of the Juice Bar, and he was still rude to her.
-   When Zack knew that Jason had showed up to meet Tommy, the two chased Tommy into the park, but they were attacked by Putties, and Tommy watched from the distance.
-   Kim and Zack left to go to the Command Center.
-   Green Ranger soon teleported into the Dark Dimension to destroy Jason personally.
-   Still in the Command Center, Billy finally fixed the communicators.
-   Scorpina was now in the moon palace.
-   Billy soon locked on to Jason's communicator and teleported him to the Command Center; for his communicator's homing signal to have traveled across dimensions to be detected in the Command Center, it had to have used some sort of communication other than standard electromagnetic radiation for its homing signal; the nature of the communications transmissions, however, was still uncertain.
-   Minutes later, Scorpina attacked the warehouse district downtown.
-   The teens morphed and teleported downtown to fight Scorpina.
-   Scorpina summoned the Putty Patrol and soon fought Red Ranger.
-   Shortly afterward, Goldar took Scorpina out of battle, back to the palace, where she complained.
-   Goldar then returned to the mountains, and Rita threw her wand, enlarging him; by this time, the teens were back in the Command Center.
-   Goldar struck his sword into the ground, making a noise near the Command Center, then went into the city and began blasting in various directions into the city with eye blasts.

-   For some time, giant Goldar rampaged through downtown Angel Grove destroying at least two buildings and stomping through a great deal of property.
-   Eventually, the teens finally morphed and teleported to near the harbor, where they were attacked by Putties.
-   A boulder nearby transformed into Scorpina, and she attacked the Rangers, beating them; Squatt and Baboo were behind her.
-   Giant Goldar nearly stomped the Rangers; he then continued attacking the city, causing explosions throughout, and rumbling in the Youth Center caused everyone to evacuate.
-   With the "gold guy" heading this way, as Skull said, Bulk and Skull drove off in the Youth Center's bus.
-   Downtown, Rita flew over the Rangers on her bicycle, and they had the following exchange:

Rita: "So, you stupid Power Geeks ready to give up?"
Red Ranger: "Never!"
Rita: "Jason, you are a fool!"
Red Ranger: "You're the fool if you think we'll ever surrender to you."
Goldar (stabbing downward): "Silence!"
Red Ranger: "You can't win, Rita!"

-   Rita said it was time to complete her evil plan, and she had Goldar proceed, at which point he picked up the Youth Center bus as it drove on a road by the shore.
-   Bulk and Skull only referred to Goldar as a monster.
-   Red Ranger and giant Goldar had the following dialogue while Goldar held the bus containing Bulk and Skull:
Red Ranger: "Nooo! They're civilians!"
Goldar: "Yes, I know. Actually, they're friends of yours. I believe you call them 'Bulk and Skull.'"
Red Ranger: "No more! Put 'em down!"
Goldar: "Not until you surrender."

-   Rita had Goldar take the bus to the beach; the Rangers then teleported to the beach, where Rita and Scorpina watched from a cliff; on another cliff, Putties, Squatt, and Baboo were trying to push the bus over a cliff it had been set on.
-   After some discussion, the Rangers rushed forward, but giant Goldar stabbed his sword near them.
-   The Rangers called the Dinozords, and the Megazord caught the falling bus right after it had gone over the edge, and it set them back on the cliff.
-   Goldar fought the Megazord in the mountains; during the fight, an eclipse began.
-   From nearby, Rita threw her wand, enlarging Scorpina into a monstrous non-human form.
-   Once the eclipse was complete, the Megazord did poorly and couldn't get up, but the Power Sword recharged the Megazord as soon as the robot had caught it.
-   Giant Goldar told Rita to use her spell to release Green Ranger, and Green Ranger was then teleported into the desert, where Rita threw her wand a second time, enlarging him.
-   The Megazord did very poorly against giant Goldar, giant Scorpina, and giant Green Ranger during the eclipse.
-   After the Megazord was blasted by Goldar and Green Ranger's combined energy blast, a fissure opened in the ground, and as the Megazord fell into it, the Rangers were ejected, and they demorphed while lying on the ground nearby.
-   From the edge of the fissure, the teens watched the individual Zords sink into the flaming lava pit; at this point, Rita left.
-   The teens had soon teleported to the Command Center.

-   The villains toasted on the balcony of the moon palace.
-   The teens teleported to various locations to look for Tommy.
-   On TV was a picture of Rita on her balcony with flashing light around her, as if during an incantation, then giant Goldar was shown downtown blasting everything with eye blasts.
-   Kim came to the Juice Bar looking for Tommy.
-   Distraught, Ernie remarked, "I can't believe this is happening. Thank goodness for the Power Rangers."
-   Bulk and Skull claimed to have helped the Rangers scare off the gold guy.
-   Kim asked Ernie if he'd seen Tommy, and he was working out in the Youth Center.
-   Tommy privately threatened Kim and walked out.
-   Rita used a red energy bolt from her hand while on her balcony to cause Dragonzord to rise from the sea near a shipping area, its tail causing damage and generating a large wave.
-   The Dragonzord bore a number of Z symbols.
-   Dragonzord stomped property, making explosions, and it destroyed a wall with its tail drill.
-   From downtown, Green Ranger leapt onto Dragonzord's head.
-   Jason, Kim, Billy, and Zack met up outside Billy's lab, where the RADBUG was parked; Trini then ran up, having heard on the radio that a monster was attacking the business district.
-   The teens morphed and teleported downtown, then leapt up to a rooftop.
-   Green Ranger leapt onto a higher rooftop; his dagger, played like a flute, controlled Dragonzord.
-   The Dragonzord missiles blasted the Rangers off the roof into an area of rubble below, where a police car was.
-   Dragonzord caused a huge explosion to sweep over an area downtown.
-   Red Ranger yelled, "Tommy, no! Don't do this, man!" to which Green Ranger replied, "But I must. There is no other choice."
-   Dragonzord's tail hit near the Rangers, and Dragonzord continued to stomp things.
-   The ground quaked and, in one location, split open.
-   The coins in the Rangers' Morphers on their belts suddenly glowed, and energy streaks flew over the city, bringing the Dinozords back up from the lava pit; the Rangers then flew into their Zords.
-   After Green Ranger had gotten inside Dragonzord, the evil Zord walked from the highly damaged city to the mountains, where it fought the Tyrannosaurus.
-   After Dragonzord was knocked over, the Megazord formed; it picked up Dragonzord and threw it down, then fought it some more.
-   The Megazord threw Dragonzord by the tail into a mountainside.
-   Red Ranger and Green Ranger soon leapt down to the quarry or mountains below and fought, with Green Ranger using both the Dragon Dagger and Sword of Darkness.
-   Green Ranger's shield, when activated by the dagger, reflected Red Ranger's Blade Blaster lasers.
-   Red Ranger did poorly against Green Ranger, but he then charged up his Power Sword and threw it, knocking the weapons from Green Ranger's hands.
-   Red Ranger's Blade Blaster laser dissolved the Sword of Darkness, and Tommy demorphed with green clouds which drifted up away from him.
-   The five Rangers, now together nearby, demorphed, and Jason helped Tommy up.
-   Jason talked with Tommy, and they then shook hands, with the other teens happy.
-   The six teens morphed and posed together.
-   The Dragon Dagger flew up to Green Ranger, and he used it to make Dragonzord get up.
-   As the Rangers looked on, the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Sabertoothed Tiger combined with Dragonzord to form the Dragonzord Battle Mode, which bore the Mastodon's M symbols on its shoulders and the Dragonzord's prominent Z symbols on its knees.
-   The six teens had soon teleported to the Command Center, where Billy gave Tommy a green-striped communicator, which he would wear regularly in the future except when working out.

-   Squatt briefly watched the six teens play basketball at the court in the park.
-   Putties attacked the teens and were soon defeated.
?   Despite appearing to lack any sort of display, the communicators were used on a number of occasions to tell the time, demonstrating that they could have been passed off as mere watches.
-   Tommy left, late for karate practice.
-   Bulk, Skull, and a hotdog vendor had probably been approaching while the teens were fighting Putties, but Bulk and Skull apparently hadn't seen the action.
-   Once Bulk, Skull, and the hotdog vendor had left, Squatt and Baboo hid in the bushes with Shellshock, a turtle monster with a traffic light in his back.
-   The five teens morphed after Shellshock had made their basketball explode with his green beam.
-   Shellshock's green beam then made Yellow Ranger run off uncontrollably.
-   In a more city-like area into which the villains were soon knocked, Squatt held a camcorder.
-   Shellshock froze everyone but Red Ranger with his red beam.
-   The villains retreated after Red Ranger had blasted them with his Blade Blaster.
-   The four Rangers were soon teleported to the Command Center.
-   Zordon had teleported Yellow Ranger to the Mountain of Hope, a magical island floating above a valley.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Shellshock.
-   Giant Shellshock attacked downtown, damaging many buildings as Squatt and Baboo watched from a rooftop.
-   Red Ranger teleported into the city and called his Dinozord.
-   The Tyrannosaurus fought Shellshock but didn't do well.
-   Shortly after practicing with a bo in the Youth Center, Tommy went into the Youth Center's locker hallway to answer Red Ranger's call for help.
-   From the hallway, Tommy morphed and teleported to a rooftop downtown, where he called Dragonzord.
-   Again, as it would always do in the future, Dragonzord rose from the sea beside the same shipping area.
-   Shellshock froze the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord with his red beam.
-   After presumably teleporting to Angel Grove, Yellow Ranger ran up holding a bouquet of deandra flowers, flowers found only on the Mountain of Hope.
?   Yellow Ranger called out to the Red and Green Rangers, calling them Jason and Billy.
-   Yellow Ranger leapt onto Shellshock's head and, jogging in place, sprinkled him with dust which shorted out his ray.
-   The Tyrannosaurus's ground blast soon destroyed Shellshock, at which point Squatt and Baboo returned to the moon palace.
-   The six teens later continued their basketball game in the park.

-   Trini and Billy had a demonstration and petition in Angel Grove High to save the Forest Spirit Statue, which the city council wanted to tear down; according to the legend, the statue protected the people from bad insects.
-   Bulk and Skull threw the bugs at the demonstration, bugs which Trini had borrowed from Mr. Barts, onto the people in the crowd, and Zack was terrified by a tarantula on his shoulder.
-   That night, Squatt and Baboo went with Putties to the park as they threw a cloth over the statue, and it disappeared.
-   While collecting bugs in a field to replace the ones lost by Bulk and Skull, Jason, Kim, Trini, and Billy were attacked by Putties.
-   In the middle of his hip hop kido class to a group of kids in the park, Zack went to his car to get a music tape, but sleeping powder moths from the fake Forest Spirit Statue put them to sleep.
-   Zack returned with his tape to find the kids lying in the grass, seemingly asleep.
-   Still crouching over the kids, Zack called Zordon, and Zordon had Zack flee at once.
-   Zack saw snakes in the Forest Spirit Statue's hair rather than flowers, and he morphed, then blew the statue apart with his Power Axe; Spidertron emerged.
-   Spidertron was based on Zack's fear of spiders and the legend of the Forest Spirit Statue.
-   Goldar attacked as well, and Black Ranger did poorly.
-   Zordon called the four teens, and they morphed and teleported to the statue's location.
-   After the Rangers had been covered with webbing, Black Ranger got up from it and blasted the villains with his Blade Blaster.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Spidertron, and Red Ranger called the Dinozords.
-   In the mountains, Spidertron sprayed goo on the Megazord and caught it in a web.
-   The Megazord fell over and disassembled into its individual Dinozords with Ranger-colored energy.
-   The Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Mastodon attacked individually.
-   Red Ranger called Zordon for help, and Tommy was doing a kata with a sword in the woods when Zordon called him and told him the Rangers needed his help in Angel Grove Park.
-   Tommy morphed and teleported onto a tree stump in the woods, from which he summoned Dragonzord.
-   Red Ranger had the Rangers form the Dragonzord Battle Mode.
-   The Dragonzord Battle Mode's Power Staff soon drilled through Spidertron, destroying the monster.
-   The kids in the park awoke, and Zack ran up to them, jokingly teasing them about their falling asleep, but they'd known something was odd before they'd fallen asleep.
-   Another day, the city had declared the Forest Spirit Statue (which had been returned unharmed after Spidertron's destruction) a historical landmark, impressed with the number of signatures.
-   At school, Tommy played a rubber spider trick on Zack to tease him about his fear of bugs, specifically spiders.

-   Kim designed a model float for the Flower Power Peace Parade.
-   Rita told herself they'd have no world peace while she was around.
-   Putties attacked Kim and Tommy, alone in the Youth Center, and smashed her float before leaving once the other four teens had entered.
-   Spit Flower, a flower-eating bug monster, was sent to Angel Grove, inspired by the Flower Power Peace Parade.
-   After Tommy had walked out, Zordon called the five teens, and they teleported to the Command Center.
-   The teens soon morphed and teleported to Spit Flower's location, near the park bridge and next to a fountain.
-   Spit Flower spat out biting flowers which stuck to the Rangers and drained their energy.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Spit Flower.
-   Zordon called Tommy as he worked on Kim's float model in Billy's garage, and he morphed and teleported to the Rangers' location.
-   Upon arriving, Green Ranger used a beam from his dagger to knock Spit Flower over into the downtown area.
-   Spit Flower sucked up thousands of flowers from Angel Grove.
-   Green Ranger called Dragonzord; Blue, Black, and Yellow then called their Zords as well, and the Dragonzord Battle Mode was formed; the five Rangers then leapt up to the robot, leaving Green Ranger on the ground.
-   Spit Flower blew flowers at the Dragonzord Battle Mode, knocking it over.
-   The six Rangers were teleported back to the Command Center and the Zords were returned to their hiding places.
-   Spit Flower was now small again, downtown, and he continued sucking up flowers.
-   Flowers were on the attack all over town; in the park, Bulk and Skull were bitten all over their bodies by biting flowers which were terrorizing them and making them weak.
-   The five Rangers soon teleported back to the park, leaving Green Ranger in the Command Center, and Pink Ranger shot Spit Flower in the mouth with her Power Bow.
-   The Power Blaster destroyed Spit Flower.
-   Tommy and Alpha teleported to Billy's garage, where Alpha helped Tommy with the float model.
-   Another day in the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull were covered with band-aids and were both afraid of the flowers Zack produced with a magic trick; they were apparently only afraid of them because of their allergies.

-   A Frankenstein monster teleported into Angel Grove Park on the day of the masquerade party at the Youth Center.
-   Tommy was finishing his costume and would meet the teens later.
-   The Frankenstein monster peered into Bulk's bedroom window as he and Skull tried out costumes, but they didn't see the monster.
-   The teens wore their communicators with their costumes.
-   Alpha came into the party, and Billy nervously went up to him; Alpha had come wanting to party, thinking he would fit in.
-   The Frankenstein monster came into the Youth Center.
-   In a cave with an angel statue outside, Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and Putties mined and refined Super Putty.
-   At the party, several girls loved Alpha's costume and the way he talked.
-   The Frankenstein monster nearly attacked Kim and Trini, but the oblivious girls went to dance with two guys.
-   The monster then nearly attacked Jason and Zack, but a girl took him aside to dance, and when he lifted her up and threw her back, Bulk told Skull to get him; Skull shot a suction cup dart onto the monster's forehead, and the monster picked him up and attacked Bulk and Skull, chasing them out of the Youth Center.
-   Billy followed the Frankenstein monster out of the Youth Center; outside, the monster went another way from the way Bulk and Skull had gone.
-   In the mountains, the monster walked into the Super Putty cave, with Billy having followed him on foot the whole time.
-   In the mining area, Rita emerged from a sliding door in the cavern wall.
-   Billy tripped a laser scanner in the tunnel.
-   Attacked by the Frankenstein monster and deducing that he wasn't Tommy, Billy morphed and fought the monster.
-   Soon, an earthquake struck the city, and a huge crevice opened in downtown Angel Grove, from which Rita flew standing on her large boulder of Super Putty clay.
-   As people panicked below in the streets, Rita happily told them, "Running won't do you any good. There's no place to hide! I won't destroy you right now, but I'll be back. You Earthlings haven't seen anything yet, but you will real soon! (chuckles) Have a nice day!"
-   When Billy ran into the Youth Center, the quake was just ending.
-   The teens rushed out and teleported to the Command Center, where Alpha now was.
-   Jason tried to call Tommy but got no response as Tommy was approaching the Youth Center.
-   Tommy was attacked by Putties right outside one entrance of the Youth Center.
-   The five teens morphed and teleported onto a rooftop downtown, where they fought the Frankenstein monster.
-   Rita threw her wand from the hovering boulder, enlarging the monster.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and the Megazord fought the Frankenstein monster downtown as Rita watched from the boulder.
-   After Tommy had defeated the Putties, he answered Zordon's call, then morphed and teleported downtown.
-   The Frankenstein monster knocked the Megazord onto a building, which was destroyed by the impact.
-   Rita flew off after thinking the monster had defeated the Rangers.
-   On a rooftop, Green Ranger called Dragonzord.
-   Together, the Megazord and Dragonzord did poorly against the monster, but once the Dragonzord Battle Mode was formed, it soon destroyed him with the Power Staff.
-   Soon afterward, the five teens entered the Youth Center again, and Jason somewhat loudly said Rita had finally gotten what was coming to her, and Zack said they'd sent that Frankenstein monster back to the lab.
-   Tommy had his costume in his bag but had to change.
-   Alpha was now back at the party, with the girls all over him.
-   Bulk and Skull didn't like Alpha.
-   Tommy showed up, looking identical to the Frankenstein monster, having gotten ideas for the final touches on his costume from the monster, he told the teens, Bulk and Skull, and others.
-   Kim told Tommy he looked great in gray, a remark which had the potential to remind people that the six teens always wore certain colors.
-   Ernie awarded the blue ribbon for the costume contest to Alpha, whoever he was.
-   Bulk and Skull chased after Alpha with a can opener to find out who he was.

-   Jason and Tommy were having trouble cooperating while practicing for the team ninja finals in the Youth Center as people watched.
-   The boulder of Super Putty was now in Finster's workshop.
-   As Trini and Kim later walked through the park, they were attacked by Super Putties, which looked the same but were very tough.
-   Kim called Zordon, and he then called Jason, who answered near the punching bag in the Youth Center as Zack, Billy, and Tommy crowded around him.
-   Soon, the guys ran up to help the girls.
-   After a difficult fight, the overpowered teens teleported to the Command Center.
-   The Super Putties attacked a factory.
-   Zack, Kim, Billy, and Trini morphed and teleported to the factory location; there, they had difficulty fighting the Super Putties, which could break apart and re-form into two Putties.
-   Soon, Jason and Tommy teleported to an unknown location, probably on Earth, each with a half of a map.
-   Jason found a smooth, angular, light-colored boulder which was a marker near the special weapons' site.
-   At the top of a hill was an altar containing small statues of the five dinosaurs, and as Tommy and Jason started to go up the hill, Titanus rolled in and shot fireballs at them, causing a landslide.
-   On Titanus's front paws were the Mastodon's M symbols.
-   Tommy and Jason morphed but were blasted back down the hill.
-   Red Ranger gave Green Ranger his Power Sword, and Green Ranger put Red's hand on his chest, giving him the Dragon Shield.
-   As Red Ranger ran up the hill with the shield which deflected Titanus's fireballs, Green Ranger shot combined energy from the dagger and sword at Titanus, drawing its fire.
-   Red Ranger retrieved the chest containing six special weapons.
-   As the four Ranger continued to fight the Putties, the Red and Green Rangers arrived with the special weapons, which the five Rangers used to disintegrate the Super Putties as Green Ranger watched.
-   Just before the team ninja finals in the Youth Center, Zordon called Jason, who was by the ring with the teens, to tell the teens the truth about Titanus.

-   In their play rehearsal, Bulk accidentally broke Kim's grandmother's spinning wheel which was being used as a prop.
-   After school, Goldar and Putties teleported away with the spinning wheel; when Kim and Tommy soon went back in for Tommy to look at the spinning wheel, it was gone.
-   In the Juice Bar, Tommy and Kim asked a number of people about the missing school play spinning wheel, including Bulk and Skull.
-   Later, Tommy was attacked by Putties while alone in the park; he fought them but was eventually tied up, and he'd left his communicator in his bag.
-   Zordon beeped the five teens, and they answered it in the Youth Center's locker hallway, from where they teleported to the Command Center.
-   From the Command Center, the teens morphed and teleported to the mountains or quarry to fight Goldar and Scorpina.
-   Standing in the mountains, Rita eventually threw her wand, enlarging Goldar and Scorpina.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and the individual Zords confronted the two villains.
-   Rita ordered Goldar to throw the net, and he caught the Tyrannosaurus in a net.
-   After freeing himself and fighting off the Putties, Tommy called the Command Center, and Zordon told him about the fight on the other side of the park and that he'd already told Jason to bring all the Zords together to form Ultrazord.
-   Tommy morphed and went to the other side of the park, where he summoned Dragonzord, which shot missiles at Goldar and Scorpina.
-   The giant Wheel of Misfortune flew out, striking Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord, then the Megazord once it had been formed.
-   The Wheel of Misfortune appeared at the time when many people knew of the disappearance of Kim's grandmother's spinning wheel.
-   Still in the mountains, Rita watched as Goldar and Scorpina fought Dragonzord and the wheel threatened the Megazord.
-   Titanus came in; the Megazord and Dragonzord then assembled into the previously unseen Megadragonzord (which bore the Mastodon's M symbols and the Dragonzord's Z symbols), which then docked with Titanus, forming the Ultrazord.
-   The Ultrazord's energy barrage destroyed the wheel, and Rita, then Goldar and Scorpina, retreated.
-   The spinning wheel eventually returned to the classroom.
-   The teens later returned to Angel Grove High or the Youth Center to prepare for the class play in the Youth Center.
-   During the class play, the standard TV reporter cut into a program to announce, "This just in. We've just gotten word that once again the amazing Power Rangers have saved our fair city and the world from one of Rita Repulsa's lethal monsters."
-   A female reporter reported live from Angel Grove Park, where the Power Rangers had just saved the day; she went to Paul Rosenthall for more information.
-   The teens wore their communicators in the class play.

-   After Zack had beaten Bulk in an informal dance contest and then left, full of self-doubt, the Youth Center quaked, with lightning flashing outside in the dark sky; meanwhile, Rita was on her balcony with her altar doing an incantation.
-   While everyone else rushed out of the Youth Center, the five teens, with Tommy present but Zack outside, rushed into the opposite corner; while two of Tommy's karate students hid under a table in the Juice Bar with a direct line of sight to the teens' corner, Jason somewhat loudly told the teens they had to contact Zordon, and he then called into his communicator, "Power Rangers to Zordon!"
-   After being told of massive energy surges, the teens headed out to find Zack, but Tommy stayed behind with his two students upon learning of their presence.
?   In the park, Zack apparently hadn't felt the earthquake or seen the lightning.
-   Putties attacked the five teens, and when Goldar and Scorpina soon arrived, they morphed.
-   Rita did another incantation at her altar, and Mutitis appeared in giant form downtown; he had the same neck bolts and weapons as the Frankenstein monster.
-   As giant Mutitis stomped nearby, the Rangers were in a grassy area in the city, apparently protecting two people from the monster.
-   Red Ranger then called the Dinozords.
-   Rita appeared on an apartment building's fire escape balcony while the Megazord fought Mutitis downtown, and the sky then grew dark; Lokar, a giant evil head, then flew down and appeared in the sky.
-   After being beeped at the Juice Bar while his kids played arcade games, Tommy answered it in the Juice Bar hallway and was told to meet the others in the park.
-   Tommy had Ernie watch the kids for him and left after telling the kids to listen to Ernie.
-   Lokar's breath mutated Mutitis into a demonic form, after which Lokar declared, "Feel the power of Lokar!"
-   From somewhere, Tommy morphed and teleported onto a building downtown, where he summoned Dragonzord while the Megazord wasn't doing well against Mutitis.
-   Green Ranger leapt onto Dragonzord and rode inside the Zord.
-   After trouncing the Zords, Mutitis sprayed them with foam, and as the Zords fell over, the Rangers were teleported, unmorphed, to the other-dimensional Island of Illusion.
-   Rita then returned to her palace.
-   Quagmire was a short, magical, human-like inhabitant of the Island of Illusion who distrusted Rita and her minions.

-   Quagmire, having learned that the teens weren't on Rita's side, could read the teens' minds and knew their names.
-   After conquering their fears, the teens morphed and teleported from the island into their Zords as multicolored energy which removed the foam.
?   Real time had apparently passed, and the teens had been on the island for probably an hour or more, yet the Zords were still lying there with Mutitis and Lokar where they'd been before the Rangers' disappearance.
-   Rita returned to the downtown balcony as soon as the Rangers had returned.
-   The Zords formed the Megadragonzord, which was more resistant to Mutitis's blasts, and which destroyed the monster with an energy ball bearing a Z.
-   After being summoned, Titanus came and formed the Ultrazord.
-   The Ultrazord's energy barrage made Lokar shriek in pain and fly away, lightening the sky.
-   Rita shrieked angrily and vanished.
-   At Zack's dance contest in the Youth Center, Quagmire was a deejay, having fled to Earth to escape Rita's destruction of the Island of Illusion.

-   Trini, Billy, Kim, and Zack were taking a trip in the RADBUG, but Jason was spending some time with his cousin Jeremy while he was in town.
-   Squatt watched beside the road as the RADBUG drove by.
-   Learning martial arts from Jason on the beach, Jeremy hoped he could be as cool as the Power Rangers someday, which is what he wanted to be when he grew up.
-   Later during the lessons, Putties appeared and attacked the two.
-   After the fight, Jeremy said he'd always heard about Rita and the Putties but never thought he'd actually see them.
-   Later, as they were fishing, Jeremy pulled up a bottle with a map in it, and when Jeremy opened it, gold sparkles flew around, and there was an earthquake which even the four teens felt and the Command Center felt.
-   Jason left Jeremy there while he jumped down to a lower level and called Zordon; Jason climbed back up, and Jeremy was excited by the map.
-   Near a resort in the mountains by the beach, Scorpina watched Jason and Jeremy returning from fishing, and Jason spotted her, Squatt, Baboo, Rockstar, and Putties and had Jeremy run.
-   Jason was pinned to the ground by Rockstar's rocks, fired from the monster's chest.
-   Zordon called the four teens and had them teleport to the beach; they ran over to Jason and helped remove the rocks.
-   The teens teleported away to look for Jeremy, who was wandering through the woods.
-   Zordon soon called the teens, and Billy left to find Jeremy while the others fought Rockstar at the beach club.
-   The five teens morphed (after Billy had run off), and the four teleported to the beach club.
-   There, the four Rangers fought Putties, Scorpina, and Rockstar by a pool as a guy in the background fell over, reaching out for the Rangers.
-   Rockstar threw the Yellow and Black Rangers into the pool with rocks attached to them.
-   Squatt and Baboo watched from nearby, reminding Scorpina she had to find the map, and the villains then left to get Jeremy.
-   Putties chased Jeremy through the woods, and he distracted them by throwing a rock in another direction.
-   The villains confronted the Pink and Red Rangers at the beach, with Squatt and Baboo running off.
-   Jeremy followed the map to the Mirror of Destruction's location, where he unearthed it.
-   Scorpina and Rockstar fought the two Rangers at the beach.
-   A Putty kicked Jeremy down, but when he opened the mirror, it destroyed the Putty, and another beam blasted a rock wall nearby.
-   When Rockstar stood over Jeremy to crush him with a rock, Jeremy blasted Rockstar apart as well, then threw the mirror over a cliff.
-   Scorpina ran after the mirror but was blasted by Black Ranger as he, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger ran up.
-   Scorpina fought the five Rangers for the mirror.
-   Once Scorpina had gotten the mirror from Pink Ranger, Rita threw her wand, enlarging Scorpina, and the Rangers called the Zords.
-   Jeremy was impressed, watching the Rangers leap up to the Dinozords and get in.
-   The Megazord fought Scorpina, who had the giant mirror, in the mountains.
-   The Megazord cowered from the open mirror.
-   Giant Goldar soon joined in the fight.
-   Scorpina opened the mirror again, and the Megazord pushed Goldar in the way, causing Scorpina to throw it into the air to save Goldar.
-   The Power Sword destroyed the mirror as it flew through the air, and Goldar and Scorpina then vanished.
-   At the beach after the battle, Zordon called the Rangers to congratulate them, and the following dialogue ensued:

Red Ranger (into communicator): "Thanks, Zordon."
Jeremy (rushing up): "Wow, you guys were awesome!"
Black Ranger: "You were pretty brave yourself."
Pink Ranger: "Yeah, we're real proud of you, the way you kept outsmarting those Putties."
Jeremy: "Well, you know what they say, brains before brawn."
Blue Ranger: "An exemplary motto."
Jeremy: "I can't believe I finally got to meet you guys. I can't wait 'til I tell my cousin Jason. Hey, by the way, where is Jason? I hope he's okay."
- Rangers are unsettled, with Red Ranger clearing throat
Blue Ranger: "Uh, yeah, I'm sure he's just fine."

-   Later, Jeremy told the five teens in the Juice Bar about his experience:
Jeremy: "And then I kicked the Putty like this, but then, just as he was about to nail me, this magical mirror blew him up into a zillion pieces! (sound effect)"
Trini (amused): "Wow, and to think we were stuck on a boring field trip."
Jeremy: "But the Power Rangers - they were the coolest! Man, you should've seen them!"
Ernie: "Oh! You've met the Power Rangers?!"
Jeremy: "I sure did! There was also this rock monster and this scorpion lady called the Rockstar."
Billy: "How... idiosyncratic."
Jeremy: "Yeah, and he spit out these rocks as big as a house!"
Zack: "Really..."
Kim (to Zack): "Really?"
Jeremy: "Yeah, and he hit the yellow one and then the black one, and he kicked them into the pool. And then later the pink one flew through the air with her bow and arrow. She was just awesome...!"
- Kim grins modestly
Zack: "Hey, tell us more about the black one."
- Kim whaps Zack's arm
Jeremy: "And then the scorpion lady turned into this huge monster, and another monster came down, and the Power Rangers jumped in this huge robot!"
Teens: "Wow."
Jason (starting to stand): "Sounds like you had a really wild time. I gotta go."
Jeremy: "Oh, you should've seen the red one battle it out with the scorpion lady. He was the greatest."
Jason (sitting): "Yeah? Continue."
Jeremy: "Yeah, he did the coolest flying spin kick. Haiyah! Hey, Jase, I meant to ask you, where were you all that time?"
Jason (nervously as teens listen intently with amusement): "I have a martial arts class I need to teach. Come on, Jeremy."
- teens laugh as Jason and Jeremy leave

-   After mysterious thunder and lightning outside one window of Kim's bedroom, Squatt watched from outside the window when Kim woke up one morning.
-   An earthquake knocked Kim's mirror off her bed, breaking it.
-   Later, Samurai Fan Man was teleported to Earth.
-   It was a very rainy day, but it was better after school.
-   Tommy walked Kim home through the park, where Samurai Fan Man, near a building, used his bottle to capture Kim and knock Tommy out.
-   Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo joined Samurai Fan Man after Kim was captured.
-   With Zack, Trini, and Billy around him, Jason answered Zordon's beep in the middle of the Youth Center, interrupting his workout.
-   From the western Juice Bar hallway, the four teens teleported to the Command Center; the unconscious Tommy was teleported from the park onto a bed in the Command Center.
-   Soon, the four teens morphed and teleported to the place in the park where Tommy and Kim had been attacked; there, they fought Goldar and Samurai Fan Man.
-   With Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar nearby, Samurai Fan Man used a fan with a long handle to blow the Rangers away, but they were teleported mid-flight into the Command Center.
-   The villains had soon gone to the Putty Bowl Restaurant in a wooded area, where Putties served the villains in yellow vests.
?   The Rangers soon posed with the Battle Bikes behind them, not having been shown teleporting.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging both Goldar and Samurai Fan Man.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and while logging in, Yellow Ranger spoke of saving Kimberly.
-   The Dinozords fought the two giant villains in the mountains.
-   Red Ranger called for Tommy, who, now conscious, soon morphed and teleported into the mountains, where he called Dragonzord.
-   The Dragonzord Battle Mode and Tyrannosaurus fought the two villains.
-   Escaping from Samurai Fan Man's bottle once he'd dropped it, Kim morphed and called her Dinozord.
-   The Megazord and Dragonzord fought the two villains, and Samurai Fan Man blew the Zords back against a set of mountains.
-   Titanus arrived and formed Ultrazord, which destroyed Samurai Fan Man, causing Goldar to retreat.
-   Some time later, the normal TV reporter announced: "Who are the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and how do they get their incredible powers? The answer to these questions <...> These remarkable superheroes defeated another one of Rita Repulsa's most lethal monsters. How long will Rita's <...> last? No one knows, but we can be sure that the Power Rangers, whoever they are, are there to protect us."

-   One day while the five teens were at the beach, a number of girls were there as well; later in the day, there were at least two people at the beach, just behind the teens, when Trini went after their volleyball and saw Scorpina and the Putties nearby; the teens then morphed and fought the villains.
-   Scorpina held in her hand a pet worm which trapped the Rangers in a large red cocoon.
-   The Putties rolled the cocoon into the ocean.
-   Tommy's communicator beeped inside his bag, which he'd left in the hallway outside his audition room, where other auditioning martial artists could have heard its beeping.
-   The Rangers eventually blasted through the cocoon with the Blade Blasters and were teleported to the Dinozords.
-   Goldar had sent down Babe Ruthless, a baseball monster; after the Rangers had been teleported to their Zords, Goldar, Scorpina, and Babe Ruthless grew, apparently without the aid of Rita's wand.
-   Tyrannosaurus, Sabertoothed Tiger, Triceratops, and Mastodon attacked individually, fighting either downtown or just on the edge of the city.
-   Giant Babe Ruthless spoke his name.
-   In the empty hallway after his audition, Tommy answered Zordon's call and morphed, teleporting to a rooftop downtown in or near the industrial complex, then called Dragonzord.
-   Dragonzord Battle Mode was formed, and Red Ranger leapt to it from the Tyrannosaurus.
-   Goldar, Scorpina, and Babe Ruthless fought the Dragonzord Battle Mode and the remote-controlled Tyrannosaurus.
-   The Power Staff destroyed Babe Ruthless as he rushed in, and Goldar returned to the palace.
-   Zordon called the Rangers and told them Scorpina was back in Angel Grove.
-   The Rangers leapt down and confronted Scorpina downtown; once her pet worm had grown to giant size immediately afterward, Red Ranger called for the Dinozords, and the Dragonzord Battle Mode disassembled.
-   After the Rangers had gotten back in and logged on, they formed the Megazord, which fought the worm monster downtown.
-   The worm monster wrapped the Megazord in a giant cocoon, but just before they were trapped, Red Ranger called for Tommy's help.
-   Green Ranger was then on a rooftop, and he called Dragonzord.
-   Dragonzord's tail cut open the cocoon, and the Rangers formed the Megadragonzord, which destroyed the worm monster with its energy sphere.
-   Another day in the Juice Bar, Ernie asked the teens how the beach had been, and Billy said it hadn't exactly been relaxing.
-   The normal reporter announced: "And on the local front, those amazing heroes the Power Rangers have once again successfully defeated another attack on the city of Angel Grove by Rita Repulsa and her seemingly endless hordes of monstrous thugs. While the city sustained some property damage, no harm befell any of the citizens, thanks to the incredible Power Rangers."; Ernie then remarked to the teens, "Wow. Great stuff, eh? I tell ya, ya gotta love the Power Rangers."
-   Tommy was in a karate commercial on TV, wearing his communicator.

-   One day, the monster known as Fang was teleported to a mountainous area referred to as the park.
-   Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo teleported to the park shortly afterward to help Fang.
-   As Tommy ran through the woods near Goldar and Fang to get the belts he'd forgotten for his and Jason's performance in the talent show, he was attacked by Putties and lured into a net trap after one had taken his communicator; his Morpher then fell out of the net.
-   Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo were going through a mountainous area when Squatt and Baboo found Fang's gooney bird eggs and ate them.
-   Fang ran up to the villains and nearly assaulted them for eating his eggs.
-   As the five teens were worried about Tommy's delay, Zordon called them, and they answered from the Youth Center's locker hallway, then teleported to the Command Center.
-   The teens soon morphed and teleported over the mountains, then city, to the park to confront the villains.
-   Fang attacked the Rangers, and Goldar soon blasted the Rangers off a cliff with energy from his sword, and they landed by some old stone steps.
-   Fang ran away and cried, and Rita soon appeared, making his gooney bird eggs appear but then disappear again.
-   Rita then threw her wand from nearby, enlarging Fang.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and the Megazord fought Fang in the mountains.
-   Fang was angry at the Rangers for having his eggs, and Red Ranger tried to explain that Rita had lied, but the monster kept fighting, so the Rangers kept fighting, with Fang continuing to ramble about eggs.
-   Rita looked at the Angel Grove Dam nearby and told Fang to destroy it; as Fang approached the dam, the Megazord went after him.
-   Tommy escaped from the net and defeated his Putty captors, answered Jason's call, then morphed and teleported to a desert-type area near the dam and called Dragonzord.
-   Dragonzord fought Fang, and Megazord was then there; the Dragonzord Battle Mode was then formed.
-   Titanus arrived, and the Zords switched to Megadragonzord and then formed Ultrazord, which destroyed Fang.
-   Rita was still on Earth last she was seen, telling the Rangers they'd pay for this.
-   Heading toward the Youth Center's main room through the locker hall, the teens reported in with Zordon to tell them they'd defeated Rita's plans again; when Ernie came in from the Juice Bar doorway, five of the teens startled and Jason covered up his communicator, around which they were gathered; meanwhile, Billy was watching the talent show audience from the locker hall doorway.
-   Ernie impatiently asked the teens where they'd been, as they were up next.

-   As Kim and Tommy walked by the pond, with a couple having been shown walking by in the distance, Putties attacked.
-   During the fight, Kim had somehow dropped her Morpher, and the Putties took it and passed it to each other.
-   After the Putties had beaten up Tommy and restrained him and Kimberly, Goldar arrived, and the Putties, leaving her Morpher on the ground, released Kim; Goldar then teleported Tommy and the Putties away after telling Kim to say goodbye to Green Ranger forever.
-   In the Dark Dimension, Tommy couldn't contact the Command Center with his communicator.
-   The five teens had soon teleported to the Command Center.
-   The giant Cyclops monster, disguised as Dragonzord, attacked downtown Angel Grove, causing destruction all over; one huge explosion rocked the harbor area.
-   The teens morphed and teleported downtown, where Goldar and Putties confronted them amidst the rubble.
-   Red Ranger asked where Tommy was, but Goldar said he'd never see his friend again.
-   Red Ranger called the Zords, and the Megazord fought fake Dragonzord downtown, at which point Goldar returned to the Dark Dimension.
-   Soon, Tommy and Goldar arrived at the pond with Tommy's hands on Goldar's sword; Tommy then took his Morpher from Goldar, morphed, and teleported downtown.
-   Green Ranger called the real Dragonzord, but its response was delayed.
-   A number of buildings downtown were heavily damaged.
-   Green Ranger appeared surprised when he looked to see his real Dragonzord coming.
-   Cyclops was knocked into normal form by Dragonzord's tail, and he turned into the Megazord briefly, then the Dragonzord Battle Mode briefly, then retreated, apparently unable to hold a shape.
-   The six teens had later teleported to the Command Center.

-   Alpha found the molecular energy patterns left by the Putties in the park, a doorway into the Dark Dimension.
-   Some time later, the five teens teleported to the park with Billy's molecular decoders.
-   At the pond, Bulk and Skull tried to make the teens get out of their park, interrupting them as they attempted to set up the molecular decoders.
-   The teens told Bulk and Skull to leave them alone, as they had work to do; the two punks didn't know what the devices were, and Bulk tried to attack Zack when he told him he could look at them but not touch them; he ended up rolling down the hill in a trash can with Skull running after him.
-   Cyclops attacked a city near Angel Grove in the disguise of the Dragonzord Battle Mode.
-   From the Command Center, Tommy morphed and teleported into the aforementioned city, where the fake Dragonzord Battle Mode was destroying a building.
-   From a skyscraper, Green Ranger called Dragonzord, and it came up from the ocean and walked in as usual.
-   Dragonzord's missiles turned Cyclops back to normal, but he then turned into Megazord.
-   After Dragonzord hadn't done particularly well, Green Ranger leapt up to Dragonzord and got inside, but it still didn't do well.
-   Dragonzord knocked Cyclops back to normal, but it turned back into Dragonzord Battle Mode briefly, was knocked to normal, then soon turned into Tyrannosaurus briefly.
-   At the pond, the five teens activated the decoders, opening a portal, and Jason went in after briefly speaking with Zordon on the communicator; the teens closed the portal after he'd gone in.
-   Cyclops started winning again against Dragonzord.
-   Minutes later, Zack was pacing anxiously when Zordon called him and told the teens to retrieve Jason to abort the mission, as Green Ranger was in trouble.
-   The portal was turned back on, and Zack went in, soon returning with Jason, and the teens turned off the portal.
-   The teens morphed and teleported over the mountains to the other city, into their Dinozords.
-   Titanus came and formed Ultrazord, which destroyed Cyclops.
-   The six Rangers then teleported to the Command Center.

-   Tommy no longer spent much, if any, time with the five teens since the disappearance of the Green Ranger.
-   Just as Zack's student Cameron was preparing to compete in a tournament with Zack cheering him on, Jason's communicator went off as he entered the Youth Center through the locker hallway just behind some other people; Jason backed up and answered the call in the hallway, then got the other four teens.
-   Zack told Cameron he had to leave because of an emergency.
-   The teens teleported from somewhere to the Command Center.
-   Giant Hatchasaurus had been buried in the ground near the power plant, and its claws and head emerged from the ground in the Viewing Globe, shaking the ground in the desert and presumably Angel Grove.
-   The teens soon morphed and teleported to an area near Hatchasaurus from where Red Ranger called the Zords.
-   After Hatchasaurus had finished rising up from the ground, Red Ranger called in the Dragonzord by using the Dragon Dagger in the Tyrannosaurus cockpit.
-   The six Zords fought Hatchasaurus individually in the mountains, and the Tyrannosaurus's ground blast eventually destroyed the monster.
-   The teens were teleported back to the Command Center.
-   In a field, the pieces of Hatchasaurus reassembled toward Cardiatron, the giant monster's heart.
-   A red spell beam from Rita on the moon palace wrapped around Dragonzord as it was walking through the mountains.
-   Soon, the teens morphed and teleported from the Command Center.
-   Downtown, giant Hatchasaurus was destroying a building when the Megazord walked in and began to do poorly in the fight.
-   After being called by Red Ranger, Dragonzord weakly walked through the mountains near the city, its arms seeming to be pinned by its side.
-   The Megazord Power Sword flew down and knocked Hatchasaurus aside as it had the Megazord pinned to the ground.
-   With the Power Sword, the Megazord destroyed Hatchasaurus (with red energy wisps emanating from the monster right after the slash), but Cardiatron rose and rebuilt the monster downtown with the same red wisps; Hatchasaurus now had long horns projecting from its head.
-   As the Megazord battled and Dragonzord weakly stood by, Red Ranger got out onto the Megazord's head and leapt down Hatchasaurus's mouth.
-   Soon, the Megazord suddenly sparked, and Hatchasaurus attacked it.
-   Weakened, Dragonzord fell over; soon, however, Dragonzord's eyes flashed, and it jumped up and broke free of the spell, and walked over to the Megazord's aid.
-   Dragonzord's tail drill struck Hatchasaurus in the chest, ejecting Cardiatron and Red Ranger, who was now wearing Green Ranger's Dragon Shield and holding both the Dragon Dagger and Power Sword.
-   After fighting Cardiatron's tentacles for a bit in a park, Red Ranger ran toward the giant heart with sword and dagger glowing red and green respectively, then slashed with the weapons, destroying Cardiatron.
-   After calling for Titanus, Red Ranger leapt up to the Megazord, and the Ultrazord was formed, destroying Hatchasaurus.
-   The teens then returned to the tournament, and Zack cheered Cameron on in the final round.

-   The five teens were apparently the only class members in Trini's clean up club.
-   On their cleanup activities, the teens wore green clean up club shirts, with Ranger-colored pants.
-   The teens went over to the field in the park, telling Ernie where they were going.
-   At a second area in the park after their first successful cleanup, the teens were attacked by Putties.
-   During the fight, the teens briefly assumed a tower formation in the same positions (by color) as the Rangers' Tower Formation attack.
-   After the fight, Polluticorn flew overhead, and the teens morphed, fighting the monster in a field.
-   Goldar and Scorpina soon teamed up with Polluticorn as well, but the monster made them hang back while he took care of the Rangers.
-   Polluticorn soon flew off, and the teens teleported into the Command Center.
-   Minutes later, Polluticorn attacked the recycling plant, causing explosions all over the area.
-   Polluticorn, in the Viewing Globe, said he could pollute the planet before the Earthlings could clean it up; he was the result of Rita's being inspired by Trini's clean up club.
-   The teens morphed and teleported to the recycling plant, where Goldar and Scorpina then rushed in.
-   Red Ranger fought Polluticorn while the Blue and Yellow fought Goldar, and Black and Pink fought Scorpina.
-   After Goldar and Scorpina had beaten the four Rangers, Red Ranger summoned the power of the Dragon Shield, and he then wielded the Dragon Dagger with the Power Sword he'd previously been wielding.
-   As Red Ranger charged at Polluticorn, his shield deflected the monster's energy blasts; Red Ranger used the charged-up sword and dagger to slash Polluticorn and chop off his horn.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Polluticorn, and when Red Ranger called the Zords, he no longer had the shield, dagger, sword, or black holster.
-   The Megazord fought Polluticorn downtown; in the fight, Polluticorn blew the Megazord back with toxic winds from his wings.
-   The Power Sword destroyed Polluticorn.
-   At the recycling drive in the Youth Center, the teens watched the following television report: "This special bulletin just in. We've just gotten word that once again the amazing Power Rangers have saved our town and the world from one of Rita Repulsa's lethal monsters. Eyewitnesses report that after a lengthy battle, the Power Rangers and their Zords were able to defeat the beast, just before it attacked downtown Angel Grove. No people were reported injured. How long will we be safe from Rita Repulsa and her notorious monsters? No one knows for sure, but thank you, Power Rangers, whoever you are."

-   Rita wanted Putties disguised as the Rangers to ruin the Rangers' reputation.
-   Twin Man, disguised as Jason, and four Putties, each disguised as one of the other teens, teleported into a bush-surrounded area wearing shades and the real teens' current clothes.
-   At school, the evil teens came down the hall, with evil Zack pushing one guy aside, and they then sabotaged the water fountain as Bulk and Skull watched.
-   Skull asked Kim to watch the submarine races, and she accepted, telling him to give her a call.
-   Evil Billy pinned one of Billy's friends to a locker and then threw him down in the hallway.
-   After setting up the water fountain prank, the evil teens, acting like punks, walked off and laughed from one end of the hall as Mr. Caplan was sprayed by soap suds from the sabotaged water fountain, causing him to slip onto the sud-covered floor just before the bell rang.
-   With a crowd in the opposite end of the hallway, evil Jason told the others this was only the beginning, and Mr. Caplan gave the laughing evil teens detention.
-   Immediately after the evil teens had left down the northwestern hall, the real teens came in from the gym doors, surprised; they didn't have shades or vandalism tools, and Zack was wearing his outer shirt, unlike his evil counterpart.
-   As the teens rushed over to help Mr. Caplan, with Jason turning off the foam-spraying fountain, Mr. Caplan told them to go to detention now.
-   The teens were confused by the water fountain prank they'd supposedly done.
-   Bulk and Skull were then in detention as well.
-   Kim rejected Skull when he reminded her of their date.
-   After Bulk had opened up his lunch, the teens were confused that Skull had thought he'd had a date with Kim, and Billy remarked that not even Skull was that mentally deficient.
-   Meanwhile, the evil Rangers, looking identical to the real Rangers, stood in a rooftop downtown, and once television cameras had begun recording them, Red Ranger declared, "No mercy!" and the Rangers leapt down and began shooting at, swinging at, fighting, and otherwise assaulting people around them downtown.
-   Still confused about the water fountain prank, the teens were upset about being blamed for something they hadn't done.
-   As Bulk watched a TV after he'd brought it out from his bag, a report came on, with a different, unseen reporter, and the following dialogue ensued as the teens, Bulk, and Skull watched:

Reporter: "We interrupt this program for a special report. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, who once fought on the side of justice..."
- five teens gather around TV
Reporter: " the defenders of our planet, have now joined with the forces of evil."
Jason: "That's bogus. We-- I mean, the Power Rangers would never join the forces of evil!"
Reporter (with footage beginning with Rangers on rooftop): "Our camera caught the beginning of this tragic turn of events as the Power Rangers staged a terrifying attack on downtown Angel Grove just moments ago."
- teens are shocked
Reporter: "This attack was totally unprovoked and took the city by surprise."
Billy: "But that's impossible!"
Jason: "Man, the Power Rangers are being framed!"
Reporter: "Today, the Rangers are behaving like the hoodlums they once put out of business. It is indeed a dark day for Angel Grove and the entire world."
Bulk and Skull: "All right!"

-   In the corner near the door, the teens planned to sneak out, despite Bulk and Skull's warning, and Kim scanned the hallway, soon to be forced back into the classroom by Mr. Caplan, who then left again.
-   Due to the emergency downtown, no one was allowed to leave the school until further notice.
-   The reporter continued: "We're back with live coverage of the current crisis in downtown Angel Grove. The magnitude of this crisis is increasing, as is the amount of destruction, which at this point is impossible to estimate. All efforts to stop the Power Rangers have failed, and the city, perhaps the world, is at their mercy."
-   Zack showed Bulk and Skull a magic trick in which he made the teens disappear: first, the punks covered their eyes and plugged their ears, then counted backwards from ten.
-   After Jason's loud call of, "It's morphin' time!" the teens morphed and teleported downtown.
?   As evil Red Ranger approached someone menacingly with the Power Sword near a bay downtown, the unmorphed form of the Power Sword flew in and struck his hand, and Scorpina laughed and told him, "Now!"
-   With his ears plugged and eyes covered, Bulk gave Skull an odd look, apparently in reaction to Skull's counting the number eight repeatedly; if he could hear Skull's counting, he must have heard Jason's loud morphing call as well.
-   As the evil Rangers attacked people, the real Rangers confronted them.
-   In the detention room, Bulk discovered that the teens were gone; when Bulk asked Skull what he'd done with the teens, Skull yelled back that he couldn't hear him.
-   Bulk and Skull proceeded to look around the room for the teens.
-   Downtown, the Rangers fought their duplicates.
-   Pink Ranger called Yellow "Trini" twice, one time calling for her help loudly.
-   The Power Bow turned the evil Pink Ranger back into a Putty, then the thrown Power Daggers turned evil Yellow back, and as the two Blue Rangers fought with Power Lances, the evil Blue Ranger was eventually knocked back into Putty form.
-   The Power Axe's slash turned evil Black Ranger into a Putty.
-   The two Red Rangers fought with Power Swords, and the evil Red Ranger eventually turned back into the mirror-covered Twin Man after being knocked into the park.
-   The Rangers used the Tower Formation, calling the Blade Blasters by name.
-   The Power Blaster then destroyed Twin Man.
-   After the fight, a crowd rushed up, having seen the truth behind the evil Rangers.
-   A female reporter for channel 3 news reported live on the scene, saying, "And so the Power Rangers are cleared of all wrongdoing and once again have made the world a safer place."
-   After Bulk and Skull had gone into the hallway to tell Mr. Caplan of their disappearance, the teens teleported back into the middle of the room and rushed to their seats.
-   Bulk and Skull were confounded when Mr. Caplan found the teens in the room, despite the punks' claims of their disappearance.
-   Mr. Caplan asked the teens if they'd learned their lesson, and they said they had.
-   As they left, Bulk and Skull wanted to know how Zack had done the magic trick, but he wouldn't tell them.

-   An article in the Angel Grove Clarion read, "And because of their contributions to justice and their unending effort to protect the entire planet, Angel Grove city officials have declared today 'Power Ranger Day.'"
-   The article continued, "Mayor Carrington hopes that the mysterious superheroes will make a public appearance in Angel Grove Park, where countless fans will be gathered to celebrate them."
-   Bulk planned to steal some of the Rangers' glory by showing that the Rangers weren't the only superheroes in the city.
-   On the balcony of the moon palace, Rita used her candles and altar to cast an incantation.
-   When Zack asked Angela out at Power Ranger Day, she told him that if he were a Power Ranger, she'd say yes in a minute, and that he should keep trying.
-   The teens were at Power Ranger Day for a while to mingle with the crowd and lessen the chances of people finding out who they were.
-   Ernie, Miss Appleby, and Mr. Caplan were at Power Ranger Day.
-   There were photos of the individual Rangers, with the exception of Green and Yellow, on the outside of a photo booth at Power Ranger Day.
-   The background of the stage at the event was a picture of the Rangers holding the Power Blaster in front of a red and black background.
-   While Bulk and Skull, in their superhero identities of Bulkster and Super Skull, were onstage trying to show off their powers before the Power Ranger Day event began, they suddenly vanished, and bit-by-bit, so did everyone in the crowd and everyone else in Angel Grove except the five teens; the repercussions of such a mass vanishing, such as thousands of traffic accidents caused by unmanned vehicles, went unmentioned.
-   Jason called the Command Center for information.
-   Soon, the moon palace, with a tall building affixed to its underside, flew from the moon, landing with a crunch amidst a cluster of buildings downtown.
-   Cyclopsis, a giant white humanoid Zord, then rose up from the ground, and Goldar teleported into its cockpit.
-   After being told to do so by Zordon, the teens morphed and teleported downtown, where they called the Dinozords.
-   Downtown, Cyclopsis greatly overpowered the Megazord.
-   Goldar's echoing voice apparently came from Cyclopsis to taunt the Rangers.
-   Dragonzord eventually arrived to join in the fight, but Cyclopsis was still beating them.
-   A number of buildings had been damaged by Cyclopsis.
-   Dragonzord Battle Mode was formed; Cyclopsis blew back the Tyrannosaurus's ground blast, then pounded the Dragonzord Battle Mode.
-   Announced by Zordon, Titanus arrived and shot at Cyclopsis.
-   Ultrazord was formed, and it destroyed Cyclopsis, but a red energy bolt from Rita on the palace balcony made Titanus sink into the ground despite the Megadragonzord's attempts to help, which were stopped by another blast from Rita.
-   The sky grew dark, and Rita appeared somewhere downtown; a claw hand obelisk with a face in it shot eyebeams into the sky, and Lokar, an evil giant head, appeared in the sky, and Cyclopsis reappeared.
-   The teens teleported to the Command Center, and the Zords returned to their hiding places.
-   The people of Angel Grove were safe but trapped in Rita's dimensional vortex.

-   Cyclopsis blasted the abandoned city.
-   Minutes after they'd retreated, the teens morphed again and teleported, then were shown appearing in the Megazord after it had formed.
-   Rita was on a building downtown.
-   Lokar's breath blew the Megazord back, and Cyclopsis soon used arm blades to sever Megazord's left arm; Megazord then fell onto a building.
-   Dragonzord soon arrived, but the Rangers continued to lose badly to Cyclopsis; Lokar then joined in by blasting the Zords with an energy bolt.
-   A number of buildings downtown were heavily damaged.
-   By this time, Rita was back on her balcony.
-   A beam from Rita's wand made the Zords dissolve chunk-by-chunk; the Rangers ejected from the dissolving Zords and appeared as teens in a fireball effect by the stage in the park.
-   Rita was jamming the communicators' normal frequency.
-   The RADBUG was parked outside Billy's garage without its rear equipment.
-   As Billy adjusted the communicators' frequency in his garage, Goldar and Putties appeared, confronting the teens.
-   Goldar smashed all the equipment off one of Billy's tables.
-   The teens teleported to the Command Center, and Goldar and the Putties then left.
-   Titanus soon rose up from the ground, energized with blue energy.
-   The teens morphed and teleported onto a building downtown while Cyclopsis was still attacking the city.
-   The Rangers called the Dinozords and then attacked Cyclopsis individually.
-   The Megazord fought Cyclopsis briefly with Power Sword, then Dragonzord came and eventually broke Cyclopsis's arm blades; Dragonzord Battle Mode then fought fairly well but was blasted by Lokar, at which point Titanus arrived and Ultrazord was formed.
-   The Ultrazord blasted Cyclopsis, destroying it after Lokar had appeared uncomfortable from the blasts and had apparently left; at this point, the sky lightened.
-   The Rangers leapt down from the Zords, and the palace flew back to the moon with its skyscraper base.
-   Everyone reappeared in Angel Grove and was delighted to be back.
-   Mayor Carrington shooed Bulk and Skull offstage.
-   The Power Rangers then walked in through the crowd, and everyone presumed the Rangers had saved them.
-   The Rangers walked through the crowd, briefly speaking to people, shaking hands, waving, and otherwise greeting the crowd.
-   When three boys were arguing that the Red, Black, or Blue Ranger was the best, Trini's cousin Sylvia came up to them and told them she'd heard the Pink and Yellow Rangers were the best; at this point, Tommy told the kids, "I'll let you in on a little secret: they're all totally awesome."
-   Tommy wore green to Power Ranger Day and shook hands with each of the Rangers, with Black Ranger taking a definite pause with him.
-   As the Rangers stood onstage, Mayor Carrington told the crowd, "As the mayor of Angel Grove City, it is with great pride that I stand here before you in the presence of true heroes. They have risked their lives countless times for the safety of our city and its people. They are true examples of good triumphing over evil, and now it is time to thank them. They are the Power Rangers!"
-   The crowd cheered and applauded, and the Rangers waved, then leapt up with a group shout of "Power Rangers!"
-   Later, the five teens had teleported to the Command Center.
-   Zordon told the teens they had proven themselves to be the mightiest heroes on Earth.

-   The five teens helped out at pet adoption day in the park.
-   In a wooded area of the park near the pet adoption area, Zack saw an old lady, who had given Norman the pig up for adoption, turn into a Putty, and he was then attacked by Putties.
-   After the fight, Zack took an odd timer device which the Putties had dropped.
-   Bulk and Skull adopted Norman, who they grew to adore.
-   While people were at school, Billy and Trini, in Billy's garage, analyzed the timer device Zack had brought to them.
-   Trini, Billy, and Zack ran into school to find Norman, and the five teens (with Kim and Jason having been at school) then split up to look for the pig.
-   Later, Norman turned into Pudgy Pig in front of Bulk, Skull, and Ernie in the Juice Bar, scaring everyone but Bulk and Skull out of the room.
-   Bulk hoped that Pudgy Pig would recognize them as his parents.
-   Zack came in and had Bulk give him the sub sandwich he was holding; after feeding the creature, Bulk and Skull ran off.
-   Zack, now alone, was prepared to fight, but Pudgy Pig teleported away.
-   Zack called Zordon and then teleported to the Command Center, where the others already were, probably having teleported there from school or the park.
-   The five teens soon morphed and teleported onto a rooftop downtown, where they fought Pudgy Pig.
-   Pudgy Pig left after his breath attack hadn't done anything to the Rangers; this breath attack had in 106-FdFt demorphed the Rangers and warped them to the park, but on that occasion, Pudgy Pig had just swallowed the Power Weapons.
-   Red Ranger called Zordon to report Pudgy Pig's disappearance.
-   The Rangers soon teleported to a farm, where they searched and soon found Pudgy Pig romancing a real pig.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Goldar in the mountains.
-   After being called by Zordon, the Rangers teleported downtown, where giant Goldar was now blasting and trampling the city, and where Scorpina had appeared; after a very brief Putty fight, Scorpina fought them by the harbor with Squatt and Baboo nearby.
-   Goldar almost stomped the Rangers, but the Rangers individually called their Dinozords.
-   The Megazord then fought Goldar in the mountains.
-   Goldar remained to fight once the Megazord wielded its Power Sword, but he then retreated as soon as the Megazord had begun its full-powered chop.
-   Later that day, the teens went to the farm, where Billy used the timer device to revert Pudgy Pig to Norman.
-   Another day, Trini told the others that the farmer who owned the female pig had adopted Norman.
-   Bulk and Skull were terrified when Mr. Caplan brought in a pig as a specimen for his lecture that day.

-   Searching the park for Bulk and Skull, whom the teens correctly suspected of stealing their Noble Lion Trophy from the Oddball Games, Jason and Kim were attacked by Putties; the other three, in another location near a playground, were attacked as well.
-   As Bulk and Skull washed off at the pond, there was an earthquake, and the Noble Lion Trophy transformed into Goatan before their eyes.
-   Goatan blew Bulk and Skull into the pond with gold energy wisps.
-   The teens had later gone to the Youth Center; as Billy and Trini came in later while Zack was on a date with Angela, there was a thunderstorm outside, and a tornado watch caused Ernie to take everyone (except the four teens) into the basement.
-   Zordon called the teens, and they teleported from the middle of the empty Juice Bar to the Command Center.
-   Alpha was trying to call Zack, but he couldn't hear the beeps while in the loud movie with Angela.
-   While Alpha continued to beep Zack, the other four morphed and teleported to the mountains, where they fought Goatan; at that time, the skies were clear.
-   Goatan soon knocked the Rangers to the beach and blasted them; after a fight in which they did poorly, the Rangers were caught in a red energy funnel created by Goatan.
-   In a more quiet part of the movie, Zack's communicator went off again, and Angela wondered what it was; he got up after telling her it was his popcorn alarm.
-   In the lobby, Zack looked around and answered Alpha's call, then morphed and teleported to a ledge overlooking the beach area where the others were; a blast from his Power Axe rescued them.
?   Black Ranger's hands appeared bloody and bandaged.
-   It was snowing as Rita's thrown wand arrived and enlarged Goatan.
-   Black Ranger called the Zords, and the Megazord fought Goatan in the mountains while it was snowing; eventually the snow had covered the ground.
-   Goatan's stomach head's breath covered the Megazord with snow; to free itself, the Megazord spun around, shaking free of the snow.
-   The Power Sword destroyed Goatan, and the teens had soon teleported to the Command Center.
-   The Noble Lion Trophy had been destroyed.
-   Zack teleported back to the movie theater, and when he returned to his seat with two tubs of popcorn, apologizing and saying it was a long line, Angela dumped her tub on his head and walked out.
-   A police officer brought the muddy Bulk and Skull into the Youth Center to see if anyone could identify them.

-   After the five teens had planted saplings in the park for a class assignment, Bulk and Skull went to take credit for the trees by replanting them, but Squatt appeared and backed into them, causing both Squatt and Bulk and Skull to run in fear.
-   While Bulk and Skull hid in a portable toilet, Squatt planted Rita's evil seeds.
-   Putties attacked the teens as they caught sight of Squatt, and Squatt then vanished.
-   After the Putties had left, the ground quaked, and the teens teleported to the Command Center; downtown, Angel Grove was quaking, and the ground split open in one place.
-   Jason teleported back to the park and looked around; once he was there, Zordon called Jason and told him about the seeds they'd detected.
-   Jason saw energy crackling from a spot in the ground, and it shocked his hand when he tried to touch it; he called the Command Center but was then nearly captured by vine tentacles, just barely managing to get free and morph within sight of a nearby building.
-   After more tentacles had emerged from the ground and attacked Red Ranger, the other teens morphed and teleported there, freeing him.
-   The Red and Pink Rangers began to dig for the seeds where the energy was crackling, but Goldar and Scorpina attacked and summoned Super Putties, with two of the Putties being the dark variety.
-   Octoplant was growing underground.
-   During the Putty fight, Goldar and Scorpina attacked with a combined blast, then fought the Rangers.
-   Octoplant finally bloomed, turning into monster form.
-   Octoplant was based on the teens' planting of saplings for Mr. Caplan's class.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Octoplant, who emerged from underground.
-   After Red Ranger had called the Zords, Octoplant blasted the individual Zords from the city.
-   An earthquake inexplicably struck briefly.
-   The Megazord fought Octoplant downtown.
-   Octoplant's tentacle pinned the Megazord to a building behind it, but the Power Sword flew down and cut the Megazord free.
-   As Octophantom was distracted by her own reflection in the reflective building to which the Megazord had been pinned, the Power Sword destroyed her.

-   The five teens stayed at Billy's uncle's Forest Creek Cabins for the weekend to study.
-   In a cave, Goldar powered up the Crystal of Nightmares.
-   That evening, Bulk and Skull, in maids' outfits, hid under the bed in the guys' room when nearly caught while looking for their study notes.
-   In Bulk and Skull's dream, induced by the Crystal of Nightmares, Bulk had them morph (using the "It's morphin' time!" call), and he and Skull reached behind their backs like the teens always did; they pulled out burger and hotdog Morphers, which they activated with shouts of "Burgersaurus!" and "Dogasaurus!"
-   In the dream, Bulk and Skull morphed into Bulkster and Super Skull; Bulk announced, "If we're gonna save the world, we need Megazord power!" and they leapt up into the Megazord cockpit, which looked quite similar to the real Megazord cockpit; the two were unable to control the Megazord, sending it flying into a skyscraper.
-   The next morning as the teens were drained of all self-confidence, Alpha called the teens, and after some reluctance, they answered the second beep.
-   The teens soon teleported to the mountains outside Goldar's cave, seemingly near the park.
-   Kim tried to sneak away after they'd seen Putties outside the cave, but more attacked them, and they didn't do well at all in the fight.
-   Jason ran into the cave and soon shattered the Crystal of Nightmares, making Goldar retreat.
-   With renewed confidence, the five teens beat the Putties.
-   Goldar and Scorpina arrived, and the teens morphed.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging the two villains.
-   Red Ranger called the Zords, and the Megazord fought Goldar and Scorpina in the mountains.
-   The Megazord didn't do particularly well but did better once it had the Power Sword.
-   A powered-up slash from the Power Sword made the two villains tumble back, and they then retreated.

-   Jason, Trini, and Zack went scuba diving in the ocean; meanwhile, Bulk and Skull went fishing at the pond while Kim and Billy had a picnic nearby.
-   Shortly after people had been shown at the pond, Putties attacked Kim and Billy, with Billy's fighting and gymnastics being fairly impressive.
-   During the fight, Kim tried calling the others, but there was no answer.
-   After the fight, Billy called Zordon, and he and Kim then teleported to the Command Center.
-   Goo Fish attacked Angel Grove Beach.
-   Kim and Billy morphed and teleported to the beach, where they fought Putties and then Goo Fish.
-   Blue Ranger was suddenly terrified by Goo Fish.
-   Pink Ranger called Zordon for help; as the three scuba diving teens emerged from the sea, they were informed of the situation, and they morphed and teleported to the others' location, making Goo Fish retreat.
-   The teens teleported to the Command Center but soon morphed and teleported back to the beach, where Goo Fish and Putties had returned.
-   Blue Ranger was still terrified.
-   The four other Rangers did poorly against Goo Fish until Blue Ranger faced his fear and had Goo Fish spray himself in the face, then fought the monster.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Goo Fish.
-   The Rangers called the Zords, and the Megazord fought Goo Fish in the mountains.
-   The Megazord wasn't doing well, but after it had converted the monster's goo spray into energy (not shown), it caught the Power Sword and destroyed Goo Fish.
-   After Billy had gone fishing with Ernie another day, the teens were proud of him for overcoming his fear of fish.
-   Ernie also knew the three teens had gone scuba diving without Billy and Kim.

-   When Jason and Kim went from the Juice Bar to the park to walk a dog that had followed Jason on his walk from school, Bulk and Skull followed them to steal the dog for its reward.
-   Rita beamed the Fighting Flea in shrunken form onto the dog, and as Jason touched him, he got an infectious rash on his right forearm.
-   Bulk and Skull lured the dog away and ran off with him.
-   As Jason and Kim looked for the dog, Putties attacked.
-   Jason's itch was contagious for the Putties; Kim sent all the Putties to Jason, and they soon ran away, crazy with itching.
-   The five teens had soon teleported to the Command Center, and they then split up, with Billy teleporting to his lab, Trini and Zack to somewhere near the Youth Center, and Jason and Kim back to the park to look for the dog.
-   As Skull held the dog, Fighting Flea materialized beside them at a payphone in the park; the two ran off, as did the dog.
-   Fighting Flea was inspired by Jason's finding the lost dog.
-   At the junkyard near the park, Fighting Flea confronted Jason and Kim, with the monster calling Jason "Red Ranger."
-   The two teens morphed and fought Fighting Flea in the park/quarry.
-   After being blasted, Red Ranger began itching awfully, but Pink Ranger didn't, despite soon being blasted and despite touching Red Ranger, who began writhing crazily from the itch.
-   Zordon checked up with Billy's progress as he worked on an antidote in his lab.
-   After finding the dog in the Juice Bar, Trini and Zack were called, and they answered it and then morphed in the locker hall; Billy then morphed as well, and the three teleported to the junkyard, where Red and Pink Rangers were fighting the monster.
-   Blue Ranger sprayed Red Ranger's suit with his antidote, relieving his itching.
-   After the Rangers had fought Putties summoned by Fighting Flea, Red Ranger nearly defeated the monster, but Rita threw her wand, enlarging him.
-   Red Ranger called the Zords, and the Megazord tank mode blasted Fighting Flea in the mountains, then the Megazord fought him.
-   After a long fight, the Power Sword finally destroyed Fighting Flea.
-   In the Juice Bar after the dog's owner had found him and given the reward to Ernie, Billy gave the madly-itching Bulk and Skull antidote collars which he said they had to wear for a week.

-   Miss Appleby had her class put things into a time capsule which would be buried in the park for 100 years: Jason submitted a karate trophy; Kim, some clothes; Miss Appleby, an 8x10 picture of the Power Rangers with the Power Blaster in front of the red and black background from Power Ranger Day; Zack, some CDs; Billy, a personal computer he'd designed with the latest software; and Trini, that day's edition of the Angel Grove Clarion.
-   As the five teens buried the time capsule in the park, they were attacked by Putties, and Squatt and Baboo watched from the bushes and began to take the capsule, but they retreated without the capsule when chased by the teens.
-   The Jellyfish monster arrived elsewhere in the park, and Zordon called the teens; they morphed and teleported to the monster's location.
-   After being blasted by Jellyfish, the Rangers retreated and teleported to the Command Center.
-   Moments later, Jellyfish attacked at a very large fountain and greenhouse at the park with Super Putties, and the Rangers teleported there and fought the Putties.
-   Jellyfish's spray partially melted a bench behind the Rangers.
-   Jellyfish used an umbrella shield which warped the Rangers away.
-   The Rangers soon returned, with Black Ranger wielding the Power Axe in cannon mode.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Jellyfish as the Rangers were about to form the Power Blaster.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, in which the Rangers then fought Jellyfish individually in the mountains.
-   The Megazord Power Sword eventually destroyed Jellyfish.

-   In the Youth Center, Trini learned praying mantis kung fu from Master Li, and he gave her a mantis as a concentration and learning aid.
-   Watching and ridiculing the lessons, Bulk thought to start a bug-fu business; they later returned as cockroach kung fu instructors.
-   While Trini practiced alone in the park as the others went to the library, Zordon called Trini to have her investigate an unidentified energy source nearby.
-   The Mantis monster appeared, and after calling for help, Trini morphed and fought the monster in the woods.
-   The Mantis was based on Trini's training in praying mantis kung fu.
-   Probably from somewhere in the Youth Center, the others then morphed and teleported to the woods to help.
-   Mantis teleported away, as it wasn't a fair fight with the other Rangers present.
-   The unmorphed teens had soon teleported to the Command Center.
-   Later, Trini was back in the Youth Center practicing.
-   A note magically appeared on the Juice Bar's counter, and Ernie gave it to her; she then suddenly left for the quarry, leaving the note behind.
-   At the quarry, Mantis appeared.
-   Without morphing, Trini confronted the monster, but it teleport-dodged to nearby.
-   Ernie showed the four teens the note when they asked; it was supposedly from Master Li asking her to meet him at the quarry for special training, and they went to check it out.
-   By this time, Trini had morphed to fight Mantis.
-   The four teens, led by Billy, ran up near the old quarry, where they were attacked by Putties.
-   After Yellow Ranger had begun to beat Mantis, the monster summoned Putties which eventually surrounded her.
-   Zordon called Jason, and the teens morphed and teleported to Yellow Ranger's aid.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Mantis.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and the Megazord fought Mantis in the mountains.
-   The Power Sword eventually destroyed Mantis.
-   The five teens were then in the Command Center.
-   In the Juice Bar later, the teens watched the report of the standard reporter: "And on the local front, those amazing heroes the Power Rangers have once again successfully defeated another attack on the city of Angel Grove by Rita Repulsa and her seemingly endless hordes of monstrous thugs."
-   Meanwhile, Trini did excellently during her practice with Master Li, and she told him that practice made perfect.

-   The teens' parents wore their childrens' Ranger colors to Parent's Day.
-   Billy's dad talked about how his son was when he was occupied with a new invention.
-   The Dramole monster tunneled underground near the Youth Center.
-   Minutes after a girl had seen Kim outside the Youth Center, and only moments after a man had been shown walking into the parking lot, where Kim and Trini were out front talking, Putties attacked the girls as they were on their way back toward the Youth Center.
-   Alpha called Jason and Zack, and they answered from the locker hall, then rushed outside and joined in the fight.
-   Zordon said Alpha would contact Billy, who was late to Parent's Day because of an invention he was working on.
-   Dramole tunneled under the Youth Center's floor, spraying his hypnotizing gas and causing rumbling throughout the building.
-   The panicking students and parents at Parent's Day were teleported into the Dark Dimension.
-   Billy came in, late, apparently not having gotten Alpha's call; he soon teleported to the Command Center in a golden ball of light.
-   After the Putty fight outside, the four teens went back inside, with Jason hoping their parents hadn't seen any of that.
-   Soon, Billy left the Command Center in the same ball of light.
-   Finding everyone missing from the Youth Center, Jason called Zordon, and the four teens then teleported to the Command Center.
?   Minutes later, the four teens morphed and teleported to the Dark Dimension, where Billy was giving the Dragon Dagger to Goldar, but the people from Parent's Day were nowhere to be seen.
-   Minutes later still, the five Rangers teleported onto a rooftop downtown.
-   Goldar arrived on a rocky ledge in the mountains overlooking the city, and he used the Dragon Dagger to call Dragonzord from the sea.
-   Dragonzord's tail caused a tidal wave near the harbor before it rose up.
-   Dragonzord attacked the city, causing explosions at the loading area.
-   The Rangers individually called their Dinozords, and when the Zords were assembled, they did so in a new assembly which bypassed the tank mode.
-   The Megazord fought Dragonzord downtown; during the fight, Megazord fell onto a building, and the Rangers ejected, landing by Goldar at his cliff.
-   Red Ranger called Zordon, who wouldn't give them advice.
-   Goldar turned the dagger into a box; Jason, then Kim, then Zack, then Trini, then Billy each took their Power Coins from their Morphers and demorphed as soon as they'd placed the coins in Goldar's box.
-   Goldar teleported away laughing after shutting the box.
-   The teens had soon teleported to the Command Center.
-   Dramole tunneled by the Youth Center as Tommy walked up to the building.
-   Tommy walked in and wondered where everyone was.

-   The hypnotized parents and students were walking through the Dark Dimension.
-   Tommy was teleported to the Command Center in green energy.
-   From the cliffs, Goldar had Dragonzord destroy a number of buildings.
-   The Power Coin box was now on a podium near Goldar.
-   Minutes later, Green Ranger teleported there, and Goldar summoned Putties.
-   Squatt and Baboo soon arrived to watch the fight.
-   Green Ranger did poorly against the Putties, but he was suddenly supercharged, and Goldar fought him personally.
-   Then weak again, Green Ranger rushed for the Power Coin box but was blasted back by its forcefield, yet he successfully got the Dragon Dagger and took control of Dragonzord, making Squatt and Baboo retreat.
-   Giant Goldar and Scorpina confronted Dragonzord downtown, leaving the Power Coin box unprotected.
?   In the middle of the fight, Goldar realized the Power Coins were unguarded and that they had to go, and the two teleported away, but the box would remain unguarded after the villains' retreat.
-   A number of buildings downtown were heavily damaged.
-   Dragonzord walked away through the mountains.
-   Weak Green Ranger was being defeated by the Putties, but he ran for the unprotected Power Coins and teleported back to the Command Center with the box after absorbing the forcefield energy by grabbing it.
-   Some time later, Dramole surfaced in the quarry.
-   From the Command Center, the five teens morphed and teleported to fight Dramole.
-   Dramole's gas turned the sky dark, and white energy wisps put all of the Rangers but Pink under Dramole's spell, and they attacked Pink Ranger.
-   Tommy soon morphed and teleported to the quarry, raining red energy rays on everyone, turning the sky light again and freeing the Rangers from Dramole's spell.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Dramole.
-   Green Ranger called Dragonzord, and it walked in from the mountains.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and their assembly again bypassed the tank mode.
-   The Megazord and Dragonzord fought Dramole in the mountains.
-   Dramole made the sky dark again.
?   Eventually, the Dragonzord Battle Mode (supposed to be Megadragonzord) was formed, and Titanus came and formed the Ultrazord.
-   Ultrazord destroyed Dramole, lightening the sky.
-   The six teens had then teleported to the Command Center.
-   With the destruction of Dramole, the parents had been transported from the Dark Dimension to the Youth Center and remembered nothing.
-   The teens returned to the Youth Center and were very happy to see their parents.
-   Kim introduced her parents to Tommy.

-   Billy got his first B on a test, shocking him.
-   Bulk and Skull teased Billy about his B.
-   Billy had gotten the B because he hadn't known that a hymenoptera was a bee.
-   Tommy was away at a karate tournament.
-   At the basketball court, Zack, Kim, and Jason were attacked by Putties.
-   Goldar arrived, and the Putties tied up the three teens in a Magic rope.
-   The three teens couldn't answer their communicators when Alpha beeped Jason.
-   While Billy and Trini were studying in the Juice Bar, they were beeped, and they answered it from the Juice Bar's western hallway, then teleported to the Command Center.
-   Soon, Trini and Billy morphed and teleported to elsewhere in the park to fight Grumble Bee.
-   Grumble Bee, a bee monster, was based on Billy's first B, which was the result of his missing a "bee" question.
-   Blue Ranger was stunned by Grumble Bee's stinger needles.
-   Trini and Billy teleported back to the Command Center to retreat from Grumble Bee's sonic buzzing.
-   Billy and Trini soon teleported to the park and found they couldn't remove the rope from around the three teens.
-   After being beeped, Billy and Trini morphed and teleported back to where Grumble Bee was.
-   The Magic rope was soon loosened, freeing the three teens.
-   After being called by Zordon, the three teens morphed and teleported to Grumble Bee's location.
-   The Rangers fought Putties and then Grumble Bee.
-   While others were stunned, Blue Ranger had a sudden burst of determination, and he soon summoned a weapon which covered Grumble Bee in foam which disgusted the monster.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Grumble Bee.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and the tank mode soon shot at Grumble Bee; finally, the Megazord Power Sword destroyed the monster.
-   In the Youth Center after the Rangers' battle, Tommy was now wearing his green-striped communicator again; it is unknown whether he'd continued wearing it during his absence from the team.

-   Tommy now spent much more time with the teens since the Green Ranger's return.
-   Jason and Tommy taught a women's self-defense class, teaching about teamwork and that two heads were better than one.
-   Announcing their plan in Bulk and Skull's presence, Tommy and Jason went to the park to figure out what to teach next time.
-   In the park, the Two-Headed Parrot monster shot feather daggers at the two, and they morphed and confronted the monster.
-   Two-Headed Parrot was based on Jason and Tommy's lesson that two heads were better than one.
-   Not doing well, Red Ranger didn't want to retreat, but Green Ranger had them run away.
-   The six teens teleported into the Command Center.
-   Tommy soon teleported to the park to look for a pamango tree.
-   The five teens morphed and teleported to the park to fight Two-Headed Parrot and Putties as they closed in on Tommy.
-   Tommy was attacked by Putties just as he found a pamango tree.
-   The Putties took all the pamangos and left.
-   Tommy called Zordon to tell him about the situation.
-   Tommy ran to the Youth Center and asked for Ernie's pamango fruit, the last one he had, since Tommy claimed to have bought Kim a parrot and the best thing for its diet was a hard-to-find pamango.
-   The Rangers had been fighting Two-Headed Parrot in the forest all this time.
-   Red Ranger rushed forward but was nearly defeated by Two-Headed Parrot until Green Ranger leapt in and tossed the monster the pamango fruit, making the two heads argue over it.
-   The Rangers fought Two-Headed Parrot with Green seeming to be more in charge than Red.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Two-Headed Parrot.
-   The Rangers called the Dinozords as Green Ranger hung back.
-   Once the Megazord was formed, Green Ranger called Dragonzord, and the Megazord and Dragonzord fought Two-Headed Parrot in the mountains with the Angel Grove skyline in distance.
-   Titanus arrived and formed Ultrazord with a new assembly in which the Megazord first stepped onto Titanus's back, then the Dragonzord latched onto its top.
-   Red Ranger told the monster to surrender, and when it merely cowered, he said they had no choice, and the Ultrazord destroyed him.

-   As the four teens (no Zack) walked through the park by the playground to meet Tommy at the mall, they were attacked by Putties.
-   Ernie watched the TV in the Juice Bar and tried to get Zack's attention when a special report started.
-   As Peckster, apparently giant, attacked downtown Angel Grove, a reporter spoke, "We interrupt this program to bring you a special report. Thousands of citizens from downtown Angel Grove <...?...> as this wretched and wicked woodpecker wreaks havoc upon our fair city. Skyscrapers fall with just a few pecks from its horrendous beak into huge piles of rubble. The authorities are on the scene now, but they appear to have no idea how to stop this hideous beast. Stay tuned to this station for more information as it becomes available."
-   Most of the kids watching the broadcast appeared to be amused by the footage of Peckster, although one child looked terrified.
-   One girl remarked, "I'm not worried. I know the Power Rangers will save us."
-   Zack did some magic tricks to keep the kids calm.
-   Zack had Bulk make him disappear from a magic booth.
-   Rushing into the locker hall after his vanishing act, Zack answered his communicator as he was called, and he morphed and teleported downtown, where he fought Putties and the normal-sized Peckster amidst large amounts of rubble.
-   Peckster had a sillier attitude than most monsters.
-   In the middle of the fight, Peckster leapt up to a rooftop and left.
-   Alpha called Black Ranger (or Zack called the Command Center), and Zordon had him return so he wouldn't arouse suspicion by being gone too long; Black Ranger then teleported away.
-   After beating the Putties in the park, the four teens were beeped, and they teleported to the Command Center.
-   The four teens soon morphed and teleported to the harbor, where Peckster was flying overhead.
-   Peckster landed and fought the Rangers, with Putties springing up from the ground.
-   When Bulk checked, Zack was back in the booth.
-   A reporter gave another report: "We interrupt this program to bring you the following updated special report. We now know that the Power Rangers are battling with a beastly bird as it attempts to peck away at the very core of Angel Grove City. It appears that they are not, as of yet, getting the upper hand in their fight."
-   Mikey, a boy who was sad until Bulk had accidentally brought Zack back, and who had an inflated black rubber ball, said, "I'm cool. I know the Power Rangers are gonna think of something really awesome."
-   Holding Mikey's ball and looking at some balloons, Zack said, "That's it!" right next to Mikey, then Black Ranger eventually joined the other Rangers (as the media covered the fight); there, he tricked Peckster into pecking at five Ranger-colored balloons, with the black one actually being a rubber ball in which the monster got his beak stuck.
-   Red Ranger called Black Ranger "Zack."
-   After Black Ranger had shot at Peckster, Rita threw her wand, enlarging the monster.
-   Red Ranger called for the Zords, saying, "Come on, Rangers, we need Dinozord power!" to which they all added, "Now!"
-   As the Dinozords came, the Triceratops and Sabertoothed Tiger shot their tail blasts at Peckster while unpiloted.
-   The Megazord fought Peckster downtown, where a number of buildings were heavily damaged.
-   The Megazord used the Mammoth Shield to protect itself from Peckster's beak.
-   Before his wings blew the Megazord into the mountains, giant Peckster said downtown, "How about a whiff of my toxic tornado, you teenage twerps?"; this would have alerted everyone watching the highly publicized battle to the fact that the Rangers were in fact teenagers.
-   As the Megazord was down in the mountains, its cranial laser blasted Peckster.
-   The Power Sword destroyed Peckster.
-   The reporter continued with the report: "...and with one final, mighty swing from their Power Sword, the Peckster was defeated by the Power Rangers. Although..."
-   Mikey told Angela, "That was the coolest! Did you when when the Black Ranger tricked the Peckster with those balloons? He used his brains before he used his fists, just like Zack."; at this point, with Bulk and Skull listening, Angela wondered where Zack was.
-   Another day, Zack went with Angela and the kids to the cartoon festival, a five-hour retrospective on Woody Woodpecker; Zack smacked his head upon learning what the cartoon festival was.

-   As the teens joined Tommy and Kim in the Youth Center, Jason volunteered to pick up some supplies downtown for Ernie since the Youth Center's delivery truck had broken down.
-   Putties attacked as Kim and Tommy later talked to Kelly on the playground in the park, and Tommy called the Putties by name in Kelly's presence.
-   Kim told Kelly to stay back, and the girl, Kim's cousin, watched from the bushes as Kim and Tommy fought Putties well.
-   After the fight, Squatt and Baboo appeared and teleported away with Kelly, taking her to a cave; they were happy they'd gotten "the girl," and they said Rita would be pleased.
-   Tommy and Kim ran to the Juice Bar to tell the others.
-   As Jason walked out of the warehouse with some boxes as two guys walked by behind him into the warehouse, Lizzinator burst out through a wall, causing the ground to rumble.
-   Lizzinator rambled about destroying the Power Rangers.
-   Jason stepped back, looked around, and morphed.
-   Lizzinator lifted a red car and threw it at Red Ranger.
-   Red Ranger did poorly against Lizzinator, but the monster then left.
-   There had been a tall apartment building above the fight area, where Jason had morphed.
-   The six teens had soon teleported to the Command Center.
?   Lizzinator was shown tearing another building apart, but after the teens had morphed, they teleported to the desert or quarry, where Lizzinator was, attacking another parked car.
-   Putties fought the Rangers, and one Putty drove the abandoned car while Red Ranger was holding onto the roof.
-   Soon afterward, Red Ranger was immensely weakened by the boulders Lizzinator had kicked at him, but Green Ranger then showed up to block a thrown boulder.
-   In the cave with Kelly, Baboo and Squatt talked about Rita giving them a big reward, with them wanting a cheeseburger and other junk food.
-   Sitting on a rock, Kelly thought about the situation's seeming to be hopeless but then remembered Kim's advice about believing in herself, and she began teaching Squatt and Baboo a cheer, for Rita, as the two suggested.
-   Green Ranger did well against Lizzinator; after the others had defeated the Putties, Red Ranger spoke with Green, and the two then clasped hands.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Lizzinator.
-   Green Ranger called Dragonzord, which didn't do well against Lizzinator in the mountains.
-   The Rangers, minutes after Dragonzord had arrived, finally realized Dragonzord wasn't doing well, so Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and the Megazord joined in the fight, not helping a great deal.
-   The cheer Kelly taught Squatt and Baboo was, "Rita, Rita, she's your leader, but the Power Rangers always beat her. Beeeeat Rita!"
-   Titanus arrived and formed Ultrazord (again with its new assembly), which destroyed Lizzinator.
-   Kelly's cheers made Squatt and Baboo sick, and they left, saying they were going back to the moon to lie down.
-   The six Rangers teleported into the cave; Kelly, pleased, exclaimed, "Wow, the Power Rangers!" and Red Ranger told her, "Good job, Kelly! We knew you could do it."
-   The six teens were later in the Youth Center for Kelly's cheerleading tryout.

-   Squatt and Baboo planted Pumpkin Rapper's rotten pumpkin seeds in the park.
-   Kim and Skull were contestants on the popular game show Trick or Treat.
-   Kim and the other four teens wore their communicators with their costumes at Trick or Treat.
-   On his walk through the park to his big match at the Youth Center, Tommy found the rotten pumpkin patch and was attacked by Putties.
-   Following the premise of Trick or Treat, one of Kim's stumper questions for Monty, the host, was to ask him the identity of the Power Rangers.
-   Tommy called the Command Center, and Zordon told him his suspicions of Rita were correct, but that he should go ahead to his karate match.
-   Just before Kim would've won the show, Alpha had to beep the teens, and the four signalled her from the audience.
-   After looking nervously at the teens, Kim pretended to faint, and the four took her away.
-   From backstage, the teens teleported to the Command Center.
-   Soon, the five morphed and teleported to the park.
-   Evil pumpkins latched onto all of the Rangers' heads but Pink Ranger's, and she cut the others free.
-   More pumpkins hovered and turned into pumpkin-headed Putties.
-   The Rangers discovered a large pumpkin which turned into Pumpkin Rapper.
-   The pumpkin patch and Pumpkin Rapper coincided with Kim's appearance on Trick or Treat.
-   As the Rangers were being beaten, Alpha called Tommy, just as he was stepping forward for his turn in the karate match at the Youth Center, but he then went back through the crowd and answered his communicator in the locker hall.
-   The announcer said Tommy was apparently a no-show, making the winner Chip Hayes by default.
-   Tommy morphed and teleported to the park.
-   As Green Ranger occupied Pumpkin Rapper, the Rangers used the Power Blaster, destroying the monster.
-   Later, walking out of the Youth Center with Kim with a guy right behind them, Tommy remarked, "We sure made dip-dish pumpkin pie out of that monster."

-   After their karate lesson in the Youth Center, Jason and Tommy were walking through the park when they were attacked by Putties.
-   A Putty summoned Slippery Shark's fin, which put Tommy and Jason under a rivalry spell.
-   At school the next day, Tommy quit their classes, and nearly got in a fight with Jason in the hallway while people watched, egged on by Bulk and Skull.
-   Miss Appleby came up, wanting to know what was going on; she was surprised by Kim's story that they were just practicing their moves for their class.
-   Rita beamed Slippery Shark into the woods.
-   Later, many people were lined up in the Youth Center to buy tickets from Bulk and Skull for Jason and Tommy's upcoming fight.
-   The four teens tried to convince Jason and Tommy not to fight, but they couldn't be convinced.
-   When Zack was beeped, he held his communicator and loudly told Jason and Tommy it was time to go, and the six teens rushed out.
-   The teens teleported to the Command Center.
-   Slippery Shark was very difficult to pinpoint in the park, as he could travel underground and teleport frequently.
-   Tommy and Jason morphed and teleported to the park, where they angrily split up to look for the monster.
-   After being unable to catch Slippery Shark, the Red and Green Rangers met back up briefly and were still angry with each other; they soon met back up again and had to use teamwork, catching him in a net and then giving each other a high-five.
-   Once Slippery Shark had escaped from the net, the other four teens morphed and teleported there.
-   Black Ranger blasted Slippery Shark out of the ground with the Power Axe.
-   The Rangers formed the Power Blaster, but Rita's wand enlarged him, making the blast just miss as he grew.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and Kim, Zack, and Billy used their names in their logons.
-   Once the Megazord was formed, Green Ranger called Dragonzord, and the Megazord and Dragonzord fought the considerably faster Slippery Shark in the mountains.
-   The Power Sword destroyed Slippery Shark.
-   In the Youth Center later, Bulk and Skull angrily wanted Jason and Tommy to fight, but they were now getting along well.

-   Bulk's kicking a soccer ball in the hall at school caused Tommy to damage his communicator on the wall.
-   As everyone else went into class before him, Tommy got a false beep from his damaged communicator.
-   Later, Tommy's communicator went off in class, and Miss Appleby thought it was his pager.
-   The communicator went off once more, making Miss Appleby angry, and a third time made her confiscate it into her desk.
-   As Zack and Jason were helping young Roger learn how to play soccer in the park, Putties attacked.
-   Roger watched from behind a tree as the Putties waited for something; Soccadillo soon arrived in ball form, and Jason and Zack fought it while Roger watched.
-   Soccadillo was based on the soccer tryouts for which Jason and Zack had been helping Roger practice.
-   When one of the three other teens' communicators beeped in the Juice Bar, Ernie heard it but thought he was hearing things; the teens then went into the Juice Bar's western hall to answer it.
-   The three teens teleported to a spot nearby in the park that Alpha had found, out of sight.
-   As Roger continued to watch, the five teens fought Putties and Soccadillo's ball form until the villains vanished.
-   Later, the five teens had teleported to the Command Center.
-   Some time afterward, the teens morphed and teleported to the mountains or quarry, where Soccadillo had returned in monster form.
-   At detention, Tommy was about to take his communicator from Miss Appleby's desk (after Bulk had told him she wouldn't ever give him his pager back), but she came in and was apparently shocked; he begged her for his pager back.
-   The Rangers didn't do well against Soccadillo; they tried the Tower Formation, but the monster turned into a ball and wasn't hurt.
-   Soccadillo soon turned back into a monster and summoned Putties which kicked large rocks at the Rangers, then kicked Soccadillo in ball form.
-   When his communicator beeped in the hallway where other people were (and talking could be heard in background), Tommy answered it in one corner of the hallway, then loudly morphed and teleported to the quarry to help the Rangers.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Soccadillo.
-   Red Ranger called the Dinozords, and the Megazord's assembly bypassed the tank mode again.
-   Green Ranger called Dragonzord, and the Megazord and Dragonzord fought Soccadillo in the mountains.
-   Soccadillo used his ball form in the battle, but the Power Sword destroyed him while he happened to be in monster form.

-   The five teens were attacked by Putties while playing touch football in the park.
-   After the fight, Zordon called the teens, and they teleported to the Command Center.
-   Rhinoblaster had been sent to Angel Grove.
-   The teens morphed and teleported to an area of the park with city buildings nearby.
-   Five football Putties, inspired by the football tryouts at Angel Grove High, appeared and had a faceoff with the Rangers, winning.
-   Rhinoblaster blew mist at the Rangers, making them vanish.
-   A minute or so later, Alpha beeped Tommy, but his communicator was in his bag as he worked out with Ernie.
-   Ernie went to get the phone, telling Tommy to take a break; Tommy soon answered his communicator in the locker hall and then teleported to the Command Center.
-   Tommy then morphed and teleported to the park, defeating the Putties and then fighting Rhinoblaster.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Rhinoblaster.
-   Green Ranger called Dragonzord, which fought Rhinoblaster downtown.
-   Zordon called Green Ranger and told him to throw his Dragon Dagger into the multidimensional mist to free the others.
-   As Rhinoblaster fought Dragonzord, Green Ranger called up to him that he saw now that he and the Dragonzord were no match for him; Rhinoblaster blasted Green Ranger and then blew mist at him after he'd asked to spend his last moments with his friends.
-   Green Ranger charged up the Dragon Dagger and threw it into Rhinoblaster's mouth, then leapt up and got in Dragonzord.
-   Dragonzord did poorly and was knocked down, with Green Ranger soon being ejected onto building rubble in the park after he'd called out to Zordon that he was going down.
-   The Megazord suddenly appeared from a large warp downtown, with the Rangers inside.
-   Green Ranger caught his dagger, and he made Dragonzord get back up.
-   Megadragonzord was formed, and the Z blast destroyed Rhinoblaster.
-   Jason, Billy, Zack, Tommy, and Bulk all made it onto the football team.

-   At a mountainous beach, Goldar held a training session for a group of Putties, with one (Number Six) being defective.
-   Some time later, Goldar had the Putties line up, and he made Number Six vanish with flame energy from his sword.
-   Goldar handed out the Badges of Darkness to the five remaining Putties.
-   The Putties put their badges onto their belts and turned into Mutant Rangers, bearing suits similar to the Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Green Rangers but with gray in place of white and the Badges of Darkness in place of Morphers.
-   As Kim and Tommy walked by the playground, the Green and Pink Mutants confronted them.
-   Tommy told Kim not to morph, just to see what the two were up to.
-   Tommy and Kim fought the two Mutant Rangers (which had evil versions of their voices) while unmorphed.
-   The two Mutants teleported away after beating the two teens.
-   The six teens had later teleported to the Command Center.
-   Later that day, Billy and Tommy were back at the Juice Bar.
-   Commander Crayfish appeared at the beach, where the Mutants were back in Putty form.
-   Another day, Alpha beeped the five teens at school, and they answered it in the corner of the hallway below the stairs.
-   The teens morphed in the hallway and teleported to the Angel Grove shoreline, where Commander Crayfish was with his team of four Putties.
-   The four Putties morphed with their badges into Mutant Rangers, with Green not present.
-   The Rangers fought their respective Mutants, with Commander Crayfish taking the place of the absent Red Mutant.
-   In the hallway where people had just been rushing to classes, Tommy answered his communicator (which he'd accidentally left in his locker and just retrieved); he then morphed, teleporting to the shore.
-   Commander Crayfish summoned the Green Mutant, who wielded what looked like the Sword of Darkness.
-   Commander Crayfish and the Mutants wielded the unmorphed versions of the Power Weapons, which could combine into their own Power Blaster.
-   After they were blasted by the Mutants' blaster, Red Ranger had Zordon teleport them to the Command Center.
-   The Rangers soon teleported back to the shore but were still evenly matched against the Mutants.
-   Soon, the two teams fired their Power Blasters at each other, with the blast knocking the female Mutants away.
-   Rita threw her wand, enlarging Commander Crayfish and the three remaining Mutants.
-   The five Rangers called the Dinozords, and Zack and Billy used their names in their logons.
-   Green Ranger called Dragonzord, and the Megazord and Dragonzord fought Commander Crayfish and the three Mutants in the mountains.
-   The three Mutants eventually lifted Commander Crayfish up, and they charged at the Zords.
-   As the Mutants began to charge a second time, Titanus came and formed the Ultrazord (with the new assembly), which destroyed the villains.

-   A shady man (looking just like Monty from 155-TOrT and Mr. Anderson from 222-NjE1 through 224-NjE3) in the park knew about Zack's dilemma, needing pearl earrings, and he had a coat full of jewelry.
-   The old man turned into a Putty after Zack had bought the earrings and walked off.
-   Putties attacked Billy, Trini, and Jason in the park near the playground.
-   After the fight, Zordon called the three teens in the park to tell them about the Oysterizer and Pearls of Stillness.
-   The three teens teleported from the park.
-   As Angela put on the earrings, Jason, Trini, and Billy ran up screaming in warning, but the earrings then froze everyone in the area, turning their skin gray.
-   Tommy and Zack returned after cleaning spills off their suits to find everyone frozen.
-   In the presence of all the frozen people, Zack told Tommy they'd better teleport to the Command Center, and they did so; nearby was a large building which people may have been watching from.
-   Oysterizer, an oyster monster inspired by Zack's wanting to give Angela pearl earrings, was underwater in the sea.
-   Tommy and Zack soon morphed and teleported to the beach.
-   Green Ranger split up from Black Ranger, and Oysterizer leapt out of the water and fought Black Ranger.
-   Oysterizer's acid gel and blast attack weakened Black Ranger greatly.
-   Black Ranger called into the air for Tommy's help before being blasted, and Green Ranger soon leapt in to help his friend.
-   Green Ranger put Black Ranger's hand on his chest, transferring the Dragon Shield to him.
-   The shieldless Green Ranger was then hit by the gel/blast attack, weakening him.
-   With the Dragon Shield, Black Ranger attacked Oysterizer, knocking him back into the ocean, at which point the stillness spell at the restaurant was broken.
?   Angela's earrings disintegrated, and as Zack rushed in, Angela stormed out, thinking it had been a practical joke; apparently no one had noticed their being frozen, but they also failed to react to Jason, Trini, and Billy's rushing in shouting a warning just before the freezing.
-   Zack had left Green Ranger at the beach.
-   The five teens rushed off somewhere nearby and morphed, then the Megazord sank underwater with the Rangers in it for their first underwater Megazord battle.
-   Giant Oysterizer, underwater, guarded the giant Ecocyte Pearl, but the Megazord's cranial laser destroyed it.
-   Blue Ranger sent a tightly-focused communications beam to Green Ranger, who was standing on the beach with his shield back.
-   Green Ranger called Dragonzord, and it walked up to the Megazord from nearby underwater.
-   Dragonzord's tail knocked Oysterizer onto land in the mountains near the ocean, then Dragonzord got out and fought him.
-   As Dragonzord wasn't doing well, Megazord arrived and freed it from Oysterizer's chain and removed the acid gel with its eyebeams.
-   The Power Sword destroyed Oysterizer.


Pilot Episode
-   As in the actual timeline, the five teens Jason, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Billy wore red, black, yellow, pink, and blue, respectively; they were all presumably friends before their being selected as Rangers, though Kim's status in the group of friends was uncertain.
-   The teens began a brawl against a group of punks in a bowling alley.
-   A live TV broadcast from the moon broke in on the bowling alley's TV after the brawl.
-   Over a shot of the Earth was the text "Live" and "From the moon"; a reporter's voice-over reported, "We interrupt this program with a special report. We take you live to the moon, where astronauts are about to uncover what may be the first alien object ever found."
-   The astronauts ran to the glimmering space dumpster in the distance after somehow smelling its odors in the air; upon reaching it, they were excited by the find and opened it.
-   When streaks of light flew out of the space dumpster, the astronauts began to run, not waiting to see what it was.
-   Squatt said Rita's name in the presence of the frightened astronauts, and Rita then destroyed her space dumpster.
-   As the astronauts cowered and tried to scramble away, Rita blew the fleeing astronauts away with a breath from her mouth.
-   A red energy beam from Rita's wand made buildings shift in downtown Angel Grove, making an earthquake not explained in the normal timeline, then one building downtown lifted off into the air.
-   Soon, the five teens, perhaps in the view of fellow patrons, successively teleported to the Command Center with stretch effects from beside the unconscious punks.
-   Minutes later, the projection in the Command Center showed the building with Rita's palace on it, descending to Earth, then Rita on her flying bicycle, then the palace building landing downtown, then Rita causing huge explosions throughout the city from her bike.
-   Rita beamed the Putties down to attack the teens in the desert after they'd walked away from the Command Center.
-   The teens attempted to fight the Putties, but the creatures were practically invulnerable to their attacks.
-   The Putties merely stood around with arms crossed when the teens fell; the teens then screamed for help before Jason picked up his dropped Morpher.
-   The teens stood and held out their Morphers, then morphed by calling out their respective Dino-droid names.
-   The Rangers wielded their Power Weapons upon morphing.
-   Alpha teleported the Rangers to downtown Angel Grove City, as Rita had just sent down Fly Guy (see "King Sphinx").
-   On a rooftop downtown, Goldar confronted the Rangers and summoned the Putties, and the Rangers fought them; during the fight, Black Ranger threw a Putty off a building and flipped down after it, and Yellow Ranger shot at Putties with her Blade Blaster after telling them to dance.
-   Goldar had returned to the palace when Rita threw her wand, enlarging Fly Guy in the mountains.
-   Red Ranger held up his Power Crystal, calling the Tyrannosaurus, and it arose from the earth; Red Ranger then leapt onto its head.
-   As Red Ranger got into his cockpit, the other four Rangers appeared from an energy shimmer, running through the desert or quarry, and they then leapt up to their Dino-droids.
-   Zack, Billy, and Trini used their names in their logons.
-   Once the Megazord had been assembled, giant Goldar joined in to assist Fly Guy.
-   The Mega Dino-Droid's Power Sword eventually destroyed Fly Guy, and Goldar presumably retreated at this point.
-   The teens had soon teleported back to the Command Center.

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