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-   When Lord Zedd, Rita's master, arrived on the moon palace, there was lightning around the palace.
-   Zedd flew in through Rita's balcony, then into his chamber which had its own balcony on the right side (if facing the palace) of the palace's main tower.
-   On Earth, a thundering sound could be heard by the six teens in the motor marathon.
-   Zedd gave Goldar his wings back.
-   Soon, Alpha called the teens, and they pulled off to the side of the path to answer it.
-   The teens looked around, then teleported to the Command Center.
-   Hearing thundering in the sky, Bulk and Skull were distracted and crashed their bikes, then ran away when they heard the thundering again moments later.
-   Soon, Rita, having been shrunken, was thrown from Zedd's balcony by two of Zedd's new Putties in a smaller space dumpster.
-   As Bulk and Skull found the teens' abandoned four wheelers, Zedd's Putties, with white bodies and silver vests and kneepads bearing Zedd's trademark Z sign (much like the Dragonzord's trademark Z), attacked them.
-   The teens morphed and teleported to the area to save Bulk and Skull.
-   Bulk and Skull watched from the bushes as the six Rangers fought the Putties; they were awed, yelling out to the Rangers that they loved them.
-   Bulk bet that the "gray guys" were the reason the teens had left.
-   Blue Ranger called Green Ranger "Tommy" during the fight.
-   Green Ranger was suddenly weak during the fight, and two Putties threw him down, but Red Ranger came to his aid.
-   Red Ranger discovered the Putties' weak spot, and the Rangers destroyed the remaining Putties by aiming for the Z's on their chests.
-   After the fight, Red Ranger asked Bulk and Skull if they were okay, and they gave a thumbs up.
-   After Red Ranger had told them to get back to the Command Center, the Rangers teleported away, and Bulk and Skull looked high up into the sky, apparently having watched their energy streaks fly away.
-   Realizing the Rangers were real people since they'd heard their voices, Bulk planned for them to prove they'd met the Power Rangers by finding the Rangers' identities.
-   A white lightning bolt from Zedd on the moon skimmed the surface of the Rampoon River in Angel Grove, and Pirantishead, a piranha monster, then arose from the water.
-   The five Rangers, leaving Green Ranger behind, teleported downtown, where there was some rubble, and Pirantishead was on a rooftop above them.
-   A beam from Pirantishead's fish flute caused explosions throughout Angel Grove.
-   Pirantishead told the Rangers to give it up, as they'd never defeat Lord Zedd.
-   Red Ranger called the Zords, but Pirantishead's energy beam froze all of them but the Tyrannosaurus.

-   The Rangers called Tyrannosaurus, and Pirantishead took control of it with his beam.
-   The Tyrannosaurus blew steam at the Rangers.
-   Green Ranger soon teleported to join the others, and he called Dragonzord.
-   Tyrannosaurus fought Dragonzord downtown, with a number of buildings being heavily damaged.
-   Pirantishead took control of Dragonzord as well, causing Dragonzord to knock the Rangers down with his tail, then rampage through downtown.
-   While Green Ranger played his Dragon Dagger to attempt to bring the Dragonzord under control, the other five leapt onto a rooftop but were blasted off by the Dragonzord missiles; they fell into a rubble-filled area with a police car nearby.
-   Dragonzord drilled through a wall with its tail, then walked into the mountains, where Tyrannosaurus was.
-   The Rangers teleported to the Command Center.
-   Alpha walked the helmetless six Rangers outside, and in the storm clouds overhead flew the new Thunderzords, which consisted of the Red Ranger's Red Dragon, the Black Ranger's Lion, the Blue Ranger's Unicorn, the Yellow Ranger's Griffin, and the Pink Ranger's Firebird.
-   The Rangers were then back in the Command Center.
-   Minutes later, Trini and Billy teleported to Billy's lab and constructed a signal blocker box.
-   Pirantishead was near the motor rally.
-   Zordon soon called Billy and Trini to check on the status of the device.
-   The four other Rangers teleported to an area near the rally to look for the monster.
-   Pirantishead was there, but he vanished, and Putties attacked.
-   Black Ranger performed a dance move during the Putty fight.
-   Nearby, Pirantishead walked up to Bulk and Skull, scaring them, and he then made their stolen bikes drive around backwards, then vanished.
-   Pirantishead again confronted the Rangers and had Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord attack them, with Tyrannosaurus shooting his eyebeams.
-   Zordon called the Rangers to tell them about the new Zords' status on standby in the mountains.

-   Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord turned their attack from the Rangers to the motor rally.
-   Alpha called Billy to check on the device.
-   The crowd at the rally was calm and unaware as the two evil Zords approached.
-   Dragonzord (with its missiles) and Tyrannosaurus (with its ground blast and eyebeams) attacked the motor rally, but the racers, at least at first, didn't seem to see what had caused it; they all then drove away in fear.
-   After completing the device, Billy and Trini morphed and teleported to near the others in the mountains, running up with the signal blocker.
-   Blue Ranger tried using the device, but it didn't work.
-   The five Rangers formed the Power Blaster while Green Ranger held the signal blocker.
-   The Rangers aimed the Power Blaster at the Zords, then at Pirantishead, blasting him and burning his feet.
-   After Blue Ranger had switched around a battery, the signal blocker removed Pirantishead's spell just before the Zords would have stepped on the Rangers.
-   Zedd shot a white lightning bolt to Earth, and the ground quaked; white energy bolts opened a rift into which the five Dinozords sank, descending into a lava pit.
-   Alpha encased the Dinozords in static power and moved them to their hiding places.
-   Green Ranger sent Dragonzord back to the sea.
-   Zedd threw to Earth a grow bomb which enlarged Pirantishead; grow bombs, whether or not the monster caught them first, would explode upon impact with the ground, thus enlarging the monster.
-   The Rangers teleported to the Command Center.
-   The five Rangers, again leaving Green Ranger behind, soon teleported to the mountains and called their Thunderzords.
?   Almost every time the Thunderzords would arrive after being summoned, each Dinozord would first be shown transforming into its respective Thunderzord in the mountains; whether such a transformation actually happened every time the Thunderzords arrived remains uncertain.
-   Red Ranger always appeared to ride on the Red Dragon's head before it would begin to transform into warrior mode.
-   The Thunderzords assembled into the Thunder Megazord, which fought Pirantishead in the mountains.
-   The Thunder Saber, normally stored in a sheath at the Megazord's side, eventually destroyed Pirantishead with an energized slash.
-   The six teens were then in the Command Center.
-   Minutes later, the teens teleported into a wide open field within view of the out-of-control Bulk and Skull, and Billy used his signal blocker, which was already in the field, to stop the bikes.
-   Tommy and Kim checked on Bulk and Skull while the others ran back to get the bikes, apparently leaving the signal blocker behind.
-   Kim pretended not to know what gray guys Bulk and Skull were talking about when they described the new Putties.
-   Bulk and Skull told Tommy and Kim that the Rangers had saved them and they were going to find out who they were.
-   The others drove up, and Zack talked about it being about time to get back to the marathon.
-   The teens and Bulk and Skull drove up to the finish line, last in the marathon.

-   Zack had performed in a white ape suit at his cousins's birthday party.
-   Zordon beeped the teens at the basketball court outside the Youth Center, and the six teleported to the Command Center.
-   Due to a galactic imbalance caused by the linear alignment of the planets in the solar system, Zordon temporarily deionized.
-   The teens teleported away.
-   Some time later, a white lightning bolt from above created the white ape monster Primator from the white ape suit Zack had worn earlier that day at his cousin's birthday party.
-   A little boy named Dylan was in the park looking for his mom when Alpha teleported from the Command Center to help him.
-   In the park, Bulk and Skull had listening equipment, and they heard Alpha's approach and cry of "Ay yi yi yi yi yi yi!"; Alpha then materialized from white energy, sitting down on the path in front of them.
-   Alpha remarked, "Whoa, rough landing. Well, time to do my thing."; as Bulk and Skull then ran screaming, Alpha called out, "Fellas! Guys! Oh, humans, they're so strange."
-   As Dylan ran up looking for his mom, Alpha told Dylan he'd help him find his mom; Alpha identified himself as "Alpha Five, Command Center prototype."
-   Dylan taught Alpha how to play soccer.
-   Primator appeared in the park and turned into Billy.
-   Alpha accidentally kicked the ball into Billy's hands, at which point Alpha remarked that he was busted.
-   In front of Dylan, Billy called Alpha by name, wondering who was minding the Command Center, and he angrily tried to get Alpha to take them back to the Command Center.
-   Seeing his reflection in Alpha's head, Primator saw his monster image, and Alpha exclaimed that he wasn't Billy, saying Billy's name in Dylan's presence.
-   Billy turned into Primator, and Dylan freed himself and ran as instructed by Alpha just before the robot was grabbed.
-   In order to avoid being forced to reveal the location of the Command Center, Alpha activated his self-destruct sequence, making himself collapse.
-   Primator teleported to the bushes outside the Youth Center and turned into Zack.
-   After Primator-Zack had talked with them, telling them Tommy was losing his powers, Trini and Kim ran off and then teleported to the north side of the park.
-   Once there, Trini tried to call Jason, but the guys were wearing headphones in Billy's lab and couldn't hear it.
-   Putties attacked Trini and Kim, and the girls soon ran into the Youth Center as Tommy was doing a kata while the other guys were nearby.
-   Zack had been with the guys all day.
-   In the middle of the Youth Center, Jason quietly tried to call the Command Center but got no response; the teens then walked out and teleported to the Command Center.
-   Dylan was now by Alpha's side, with Alpha talking about his self-destruct sequence.
-   In the Command Center, the teens were there when Zordon re-ionized.
-   Primator attacked Angel Grove Harbor.
-   The six teens morphed and teleported to the harbor.
-   Primator became Yellow Ranger at the end of their Ranger line, somehow without the Rangers' noticing as they posed before battle.
-   After some discussion, Red Ranger stood ready to fight the two Yellow Rangers, and while one declined, the other leapt to attack, and the others blasted her, turning her into Primator.
-   Primator ran off after fighting the Rangers, but Black Ranger leapt after him, and they fell off a series of two ledges.
-   Below, Primator-Black punched Red Ranger, then the real Black Ranger emerged from the bushes.
-   Primator turned into Blue Ranger, then Pink, then finally Red, causing Red Ranger to fight him one-on-one.
-   As Red Ranger, Primator blasted the Rangers, then turned back into monster form.
-   Red Ranger called for help, and they teleported to the Command Center as instructed by Zordon.
-   The Rangers soon teleported back to the harbor, but the Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers were separated from the others.
-   Red Ranger punched a fake Green Ranger when Primator-Green pretended to be weak and wanted to give up.
-   Blue Ranger had Primator-Green look at himself in a blue Triceratops mirror, which the monster shattered after turning into a half-Red, half-Green Ranger with a tail, and he turned back into monster form.
-   Finally, the other three Rangers arrived, surrounding Primator from the other side.
-   As the Rangers posed with their weapons, a grow bomb enlarged Primator.
-   After the Rangers had called the Thunderzords, Green Ranger called Dragonzord, which fought Primator alongside the Thunder Megazord downtown.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed Primator.
-   Just before Alpha was to self-destruct, the Rangers teleported in, and Dylan was awed.
-   Yellow Ranger told "Billy" to disarm the self-destruct mode, and Blue Ranger did so.
-   The Rangers called Alpha by name.
-   Dylan's mom found her son and thanked the Rangers for finding him; Red Ranger told her to thank Alpha, and they all teleported together to the Command Center.
-   Dylan waved to the sky, saying goodbye to the Rangers and Alpha and saying that he'd always remember Alpha.

-   Putting on two pairs of shades Zack had brought as protective eyewear for their upcoming physics lab, Zack and Billy suddenly began seeing their fellow Ranger teens (but not each other) as Putties.
-   Billy and Zack shouted, "Putties!" and stood ready to fight the teens, then tackled them all when they thought the Putties were going after Mr. Caplan; the principal gave the two detention.
-   Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull were recording everyone's voices to compare to the Rangers', suspecting everyone except each other.
-   Doing Miss Appleby a favor by feeding her iguana, Bulk buried the iguana in food when it suddenly turned into the Saliguana monster, making them run screaming.
-   Later, Bulk and Skull were in class taking Miss Appleby's test and got detention when Skull accidentally made noise with his recorder.
-   Sitting behind Bulk and Skull in the silent detention room, Zack remarked to Billy in a voice a bit louder than whispering that the Putties in the classroom couldn't have been real, and Billy suspected that Lord Zedd had put a spell on them.
-   At this point Bulk and Skull took the two teens' shades and temporarily saw them as Putties, making them run screaming from the room for the second time that day.
-   In the park, Billy and Zack were attacked by real Putties.
-   After Alpha had alerted them, the other teens soon teleported in and joined in the fight.
-   After the fight, Zack nearly punched Trini, and the teens then teleported to the Command Center.
-   Saliguana attacked the beach.
-   In Billy's lab, Billy and Zack designed an ice device.
-   After Alpha had called the two, Trini teleported to the lab, then morphed and called back to the Command Center.
-   Jason called Billy back to tell him of Saliguana's attack on the beach.
-   After Yellow Ranger had teleported to the beach where Saliguana and Putties were, Zack and Billy morphed and teleported to the beach as well, then the three teens in the Command Center did the same.
-   The Rangers fought the Putties at the beach, then Blue and Black left the others to fight Saliguana nearby.
-   Black Ranger pulled out the ice device, which didn't work, so Blue Ranger attacked Saliguana.
-   Blue Ranger eventually fixed the ice-device, which then cooled Saliguana's flame breath.
-   After the others joined in, the Power Blaster defeated Saliguana, but a grow bomb revived and enlarged him.
-   Saliguana told the Rangers below that their precious Angel Grove would be history.
-   The Rangers called the Thunderzords, and the Red Dragon Warrior Mode fought Saliguana briefly in the mountains before riding with the flying Assault Team, a sled comprised of the other four Thunderzords; then finally the Megazord was formed.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed Saliguana, and the iguana eventually returned to the classroom during school.
-   As Bulk and perhaps Skull watched before class, the four teens came in and gave Zack and Billy their shades, and after the two had put them on, they high-fived the others in congratulations; Bulk wondered what they were so happy about.
-   Discovering the iguana on Skull, Bulk realized the iguana had been near the Rangers and it could sniff them out; he let it go in the classroom to follow it, but it scared the class.
-   Miss Appleby made them put the iguana away, and Skull said now they'd never know if the Power Rangers had been in there or not; Bulk and Skull's thorough searches of Angel Grove High for the Power Rangers on this and many other occasions may have stemmed from the possible revelation in 153-FwlP that the Rangers were teenagers.

-   At club signup day, Bulk and Skull and were in charge of the unsolved mysteries club.
-   Kim was envious of all of Trini's club's members, while she had none.
-   A Putty carrying a cactus identical to Kim's teleported to outside the payphone exit of the Youth Center, then transformed into a long-haired man with shades and a black trenchcoat.
-   Inside, the disguised Putty switched the cacti and then walked out with Kim's.
-   After pricking herself on the cactus brought by the Putty, Kim was suddenly very crabby, particularly toward Trini.
-   Bulk and Skull had people in their club (but only because they had bribed them with free food), and their first mission was to find the identities of the Power Rangers.
-   Bulk and Skull had heard the Rangers talking and now just had to match people's voices with the voices they'd heard.
-   Bulk and Skull dismissed Kim from the possibility of being a Ranger when she was so crabby toward them.
-   In the park, Bulk and Skull got Jason's and Tommy's voices recorded.
-   A white lightning bolt turned some flowers in the city side of the park into the Bloom of Doom, a flower monster based on Kim's botany club.
-   Zordon called Jason, Tommy, and Trini as they walked through the park.
-   The three teens morphed and teleported to the Bloom of Doom's location.
-   Billy and Zack quickly went into the Juice Bar's western hall to answer their communicators, and they morphed and teleported from that spot.
-   In her garden in the park, Kim answered her communicator.
-   While Kim was listening impatiently, a ribbon on a stick, resembling a pink rose, teleported into her hand.
-   Kim morphed and teleported to the others' location.
-   The six Rangers arrived together, and Putties attacked them.
-   After the Putty fight, Bloom of Doom's pollen burned the male Rangers' eyes and sinuses beneath their suits.
-   Pink Ranger used her ribbon on a stick to tie up Bloom of Doom, but when Yellow Ranger attacked, she accidentally cut the monster loose, causing Bloom of Doom soon to warp herself and Pink Ranger away.
-   The other five Rangers teleported to the Command Center.
-   With their helmets off, the Rangers' eyes continued to burn.
-   Minutes later, Yellow Ranger teleported back to the park, and her thrown Power Daggers returned Pink Ranger and Bloom of Doom to the park.
-   Pink and Yellow linked up their hands in friendship, then attacked the monster together, at which point the other four teleported in.
-   The Power Blaster destroyed Bloom of Doom.
-   In the Youth Center, Kim and Trini were now friends again.
-   Bulk and Skull were planning on playing all the voices they'd recorded and seeing which they recognized as the Rangers; they made an announcement to the people in the Youth Center about their discovery, but the tape was ruined with mud.

-   For their essay on a subject that interested them, Bulk decided that he and Skull would write about the secret identities of the Power Rangers.
-   Tommy had had the same dream, in which he lost his powers, three nights in a row, and he was depressed about them.
-   Bulk had gotten a device to detect high energy levels from a spy shop, thinking it would find the Power Rangers, who were full of energy; in the Juice Bar, the detector almost identified the teens, but Billy's scrambling device made them think it was Ernie.
-   On his walk through the park to the library, Tommy was attacked by Putties, and they took him to a cave called the Dark Chamber, where Goldar was.
-   An energy bolt from Zedd turned a picture of Robogoat in Tommy's mythology book into a monster which headed for Angel Grove.
-   The teens answered their communicators in the Youth Center's locker hallway and soon teleported to the Command Center just after Tommy had casually walked up behind them.
-   Moments later, Tommy teleported back to the cave from the Command Center in a ball of light.
-   After Robogoat, who was back in the cave, had teleported away with the Sword of Power to the mountains or quarry, Tommy morphed and teleported there to look for him.
-   Green Ranger ran for the sword, which was sticking out of the ground in the distance, but he was blasted by Robogoat.
-   Green Ranger and Robogoat fought; Green Ranger eventually got the sword, but it turned into a crooked stick, and Robogoat then had the sword, striking Green Ranger with it and sending him falling off a cliff onto a rocky slope, where he was incredibly weakened.
-   The five teens morphed and teleported from the Command Center to Robogoat's location.
-   An energy bolt from the sword knocked the Rangers down, then Robogoat split the ground open, and the four Rangers fell in, leaving Red Ranger to fight alone.
-   Red Ranger soon knocked the sword from Robogoat's hand, and it turned back into the crooked stick.
-   Red Ranger beat Robogoat, slashing him with the Power Sword, causing the four Rangers to be released from the monster as spheres of energy.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Robogoat, and the five Rangers called the Thunderzords.
-   The Thunder Megazord fought Robogoat in the mountains and didn't do well.
-   The weakened Green Ranger tried calling Dragonzord from his rocky slope, but the Zord wouldn't respond.
-   The Megazord soon recuperated, and the Thunder Saber destroyed Robogoat.
-   The teens were later back at Angel Grove High after school, with Tommy depressed.

-   In the Juice Bar to cover the Clean Up Drive for the news show Angel Grove Weekend, a reporter talked with Trini, Zack, and Billy.
-   The reporter mentioned there was a rumor the Power Rangers might show up and help out; the three teens awkwardly replied:

Billy: "Uhh, we wouldn't know about that."
Trini (giggling): "We don't know 'em."
Zack (after pause): "Yeah, we never met 'em!" (chuckles nervously)

-   At the park during the cleanup, Putties attacked.
-   Kim loudly called the Putties by name, and the cameraman shouted their name as well, then Bulk and Skull frightfully yelled it as they saw the Putties.
-   Jason had the cameraman get everyone away while he, Kim, and Tommy covered him.
-   The unmanned camera was still filming them as the three teens fought the Putties.
-   Octophantom appeared, and the three teens morphed while the camera recorded.
-   During the Putty fight, Octophantom captured Green Ranger in his jar, then left with the Putties.
-   Facing the camera and apparently not realizing it had recorded them, Red and Pink Rangers teleported away to the Command Center after Red Ranger had called Zordon to have the others meet them there.
-   The five unmorphed teens were then in the Command Center.
-   Bulk and Skull saw that the camera had been running and that the Power Rangers must have shown up to deal with the Putties, so they took the tape as a possible clue to the Rangers' identities.
-   Some time later, Octophantom went to West Union Park, which was far from the city, and he painted on the Pacific Heritage Monument, an assortment of Easter Island head statues.
-   The teens morphed and teleported to West Union Park.
-   As the four other Rangers rushed in after being hit by Octophantom's projectiles, Blue Ranger hung back, knowing it was a trap, and even hid behind a tree to watch for a weak spot while his teammates fought the monster.
-   Octophantom noticed his handsome reflection in a shiny wall nearby.
-   Octophantom nearly captured the four Rangers in front of him, but Red Ranger managed to leap away in time; the monster then teleported to the quarry after having captured the Black, Yellow, and Pink Rangers.
-   Blue and Red Ranger teleported back to the Command Center.
-   Minutes later, Red Ranger teleported to the quarry and looked for Octophantom; the monster appeared and showed Red Ranger the four captured Rangers tied to posts on a ledge above.
-   Red Ranger didn't do well against Octophantom.
-   Blue Ranger arrived just in time to hit Octophantom's trunk with his lance, having brought a blue Triceratops mirror shield.
-   While Red Ranger fought Octophantom with the shield, Blue Ranger leapt up and freed the others after fighting their Putty captors.
-   Nearly defeated, Red Ranger opened the shield, distracting Octophantom with his own reflection, and Red Ranger shot the monster's trunk.
-   Blue Ranger teleported the weakened and graying Green Ranger to the Command Center by touching the Morpher on Green Ranger's belt.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Octophantom once the five Rangers had confronted him.
-   The Rangers called the Thunderzords, and the Thunder Megazord fought Octophantom in the mountains.
-   The Megazord eventually generated an energy whirlwind from its saber, then used the saber's finishing move to destroy Octophantom.
-   The five teens were later at a congratulatory party in the Juice Bar celebrating the cleanup drive; Kim told the others she thought Tommy would be okay.
-   Bulk and Skull came in, excited about having proof, but without having watched the tape.
-   Skull knew the term "Putty Patrol."
-   With a crowd around, Jason stopped Bulk from putting the tape in; Zack took it and swapped it with Billy, with Jason saying he was putting a label on it; when the tape was just cartoons, Bulk was dismayed.
-   Billy planned to run the tape through his tape eraser at home.

-   After Ernie had invited the teens to play for the Angel Grove Youth Center against Stone Canyon in a broomball game, Zedd used a white lightning bolt to turn a beetle drawing on the Stone Canyon Beetles' poster outside the Youth Center into the Stag Beetle monster.
-   Bulk planned to use a smell-o-meter he'd gotten from the back of a comic book to get sniff samples to match with the Power Rangers' while Skull pretended to do interviews during the game with a camcorder.
-   While Tommy and Kim went jogging in the park, they were attacked by Putties, and Stag Beetle eventually arrived.
-   Tommy and Kim morphed and finished fighting Putties.
-   During the fight, Putties grappled Green Ranger, and Stag Beetle drained his energy, making him collapse with weakness.
-   Zordon beeped the other four as they were outside the Youth Center, and they morphed and teleported to the park to help in the fight.
-   After Stag Beetle left with the Putties, Green Ranger was very weak, and the six teleported to the Command Center.
-   Minutes later, the five Rangers, leaving Green Ranger behind, teleported to the mountains to fight Stag Beetle.
-   Stag Beetle blasted the Rangers with powerful green, yellow, and blue energy attacks, then summoned the Putties.
-   The Rangers ran away, with Red Ranger first and the others apparently reluctant; Stag Beetle and the Putties chased them to the edge of a cliff.
-   Green Ranger soon teleported in and sucked up Stag Beetle's energy bolts into a handheld device.
-   The Power Blaster defeated Stag Beetle, but a grow bomb revived and enlarged him, and the five Rangers called their Zords.
-   The Thunder Saber eventually destroyed Stag Beetle.
-   Tommy was bummed about the weakness of his powers after his team's broomball win.

-   Some time after Kim, Tommy, Trini, and Trini's neighbor Hallie had laughed at Bulk and Skull's attempt to impersonate Putties to lure in the Power Rangers, Putties and Goldar grabbed Hallie while she was looking for seashells.
-   As the three teens ran up, Goldar told them, "See what happens when you enrage the mighty Lord Zedd? Now you shall pay the price for your insolence! You are too late! The girl is ours!"; he and the Putties then teleported away with Hallie.
-   Goldar had left behind a bottle which, when opened, released a flaming Zedd head which then burned strange symbols into the sand, signed with Zedd's Z symbol.
-   The teens had all soon teleported to the Command Center, with Tommy, Kim, and Trini having changed clothes.
-   Venus Island was an island which could appear or disappear at Zedd's whim.
-   Later, Trini, Jason, and Billy had gone to Billy's lab, where Billy made a tracking device.
-   As sunset neared on the east coast, Zordon called the teens in the lab, and they then teleported to the east coast to launch the tracking balloon from the coast; meanwhile, Zack, Tommy, and Kim were in the Command Center with the base tracker unit.
-   Trini, Jason, and Billy teleported back to the Command Center after releasing the balloon.
-   The balloon was moving over the Atlantic Ocean, at one point at an elevation of 6,000 feet.
-   Once the tracking device had landed at 32 latitude and 66 longitude, the six teens teleported to the tracker's location on Venus Island, and Billy used it to lead them to Hallie.
-   A white lightning bolt turned one of the oversized venus flytraps on the island into the Invenusable Flytrap.
-   Attacked by Invenusable Flytrap, the teens morphed.
-   Invenusable Flytrap captured all of the Rangers but Yellow and Green inside her chest.
-   Zordon called Green Ranger, and he and Yellow Ranger teleported to the Command Center.
-   Hallie was unconscious on a platform in a cave with a red forcefield turning her evil.
-   Minutes later, the Green and Yellow Rangers teleported back to Venus Island and sent a psychic message to the Rangers inside the monster that they should use heat to free themselves.
-   Green and Yellow Ranger punched the pained monster, then held out glowing multicolored hands, and the others soon escaped.
-   The Power Blaster destroyed Invenusable Flytrap.
-   There was soon an earthquake as Venus Island began to sink.
-   The Rangers followed the tracker to Hallie's cave, where Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger both called Green Ranger "Tommy" in the presence of the unconscious Hallie.
-   Yellow Ranger disintegrated the forcefield with her Blade Blaster, and Hallie awoke as Green Ranger approached; she called him a prince.
-   Again, the Blue and Yellow Rangers congratulated "Tommy," but this time when they called Green Ranger by name, Hallie was awake and being carried by Green Ranger.
-   Hallie later told Bulk and Skull, who were interrogating her in the Youth Center, that there were ten Rangers, that the Green Ranger was 6' or 6'1" and had long brown hair, hazel eyes, and was very muscular, accurately describing Tommy, thus making the teens nervous as they listened.
-   Bulk had a French artist named Pierre draw a sketch of the Rangers from Hallie's description.
-   Hallie said that the Red Ranger had brown hair, dark mysterious eyes, and big shoulders.
-   Pierre's drawing was of ten people in armor and dresses of mixed time periods.

-   With Bulk and Skull in costumes in the park to attract the Power Rangers, they were disappointed when the teens came running rather than the Rangers.
-   An oversized cicada which landed on Skull's and then Bulk's shoulder suddenly became the Guitardo monster with a white lightning bolt while it was sitting on Bulk.
-   Bulk and Skull ran away, chased by the monster.
-   Zordon called the six teens, and they teleported from the park to the Command Center after looking around first.
-   Guitardo took Kim's guitar from the teens' picnic site and turned it into his odd-looking electric guitar.
-   After a few minutes in the Command Center, the five teens morphed and teleported to the park to fight Guitardo, leaving Green Ranger behind.
-   Guitardo's music levitated Black Ranger, then Blue, then Red and Yellow; only Pink Ranger was able to resist Guitardo's spell.
-   Tommy soon morphed and teleported to the park to help Pink Ranger; there, he had her stay back while he fought Guitardo.
-   Guitardo teleported away to the amusement park, and Green Ranger ran off after the monster while Pink Ranger stayed behind to call Zordon.
-   Nearby, Green Ranger ran through the seemingly empty amusement park looking for Guitardo, who was on a stage.
-   Green Ranger fought Guitardo with his Dragon Dagger.
-   Guitardo's music levitated Green Ranger, but he dropped back down as soon as he'd played some notes on his dagger.
-   As he leapt at Guitardo, the monster made Green Ranger extra-heavy, and he dropped his dagger.
-   Pink Ranger arrived with extra strings on her Power Bow; she played it like a harp, cancelling out Guitardo's spell over Green Ranger.
-   When he and Pink Ranger weren't doing well against Guitardo, Green Ranger gave her his dagger, and she destroyed Guitardo by shooting the dagger from her Power Bow.
-   The other Rangers dropped down, and Kim's guitar returned to the park.
-   As the teens later picnicked in the Youth Center while it rained outside, Tommy was bummed, and Kim (with Zack joining in) played and sang the following song for Tommy: "Down the road, we never know what life may have in store. Winds of change will rearrange our lives more than before. (Zack joins in) But you'll never stand alone, my friend. Memories never die. Within our hearts, they'll always live and never say goodbye."

-   After Kim had come up to Tommy as he was shooting hoops in the Youth Center parking lot, white lightning bolts heralded the appearance of a translucent image of a very similarly-dressed Tommy which spoke with the real Tommy.
-   On the same day as Curtis had arrived at Angel Grove High from St. Louis, five punks similar to the five teens were new to Angel Grove High.
-   The next day, Tommy had teleported to the Command Center.
-   While Jason, Kim, Billy, and Zack were at the lake, the five punks harrassed them but were suddenly teleported away to Zedd's dimension, the Otherworld, by white lightning bolts.
-   Zedd told the punks, "Welcome to my Otherworld! You have been chosen to be my Dark Rangers, and together we will conquer the Earth!"
-   Goldar reminded his master that the Green Ranger still had strength left, but Zedd, referring to the nearby Green Crystal, replied, "Not for long. The crystal is draining Tommy's power. Soon I'll send down by newest monster, and when the Rangers battle him, Tommy is sure to join the fight!" and Goldar agreed that this would cause him to use up the last of his strength.
-   As Zedd and Goldar's discussion revealed that Tommy was the Green Ranger, the five punks were standing very still, as though hypnotized, but the pink punk glanced over at the Green Crystal, proving that she was aware of her surroundings.
-   Zedd created Turbanshell (saying the monster's name and origin in front of the punks) from Kim's seashell at the lake.
-   The four teens had teleported from the lake to the Command Center, joining Tommy there.
-   Giant Turbanshell attacked downtown, stomping on a bridge.
-   As though his previous dialogue hadn't been clear enough in revealing Green Ranger's identity, Zedd then declared in front of the punks, "Yes, Tommy, help your puny Power Ranger friends, because then you shall lose your Green Ranger powers forever. The moment I have been waiting for is at hand!"
-   Trini teleported to the Command Center from her grandmother's house after Alpha had called her.
-   The six Rangers morphed and teleported downtown, where there was considerable rubble.
-   Turbanshell destroyed a building, then blasted around him, causing many explosions.
-   The five Rangers called the Thunderzords, and Green Ranger called Dragonzord.
-   The Dragonzord and Thunder Megazord fought Turbanshell downtown, where there was considerable damage; the Zords didn't fare well.
-   The Megazord was knocked over by Turbanshell's blast, and the five Rangers were ejected to the city below; Green Ranger then ran up to them.
-   Turbanshell left, telling the Rangers to stay there and he'd be back to finish them off.
-   Normal-sized Turbanshell came to the Otherworld, as he had to recharge, angering Zedd.
-   In the park, Green Ranger was weak against a tree when the others joined him, and he suddenly vanished to the Otherworld in a white lightning bolt.
-   Soon, the last of the Green powers flowed into the crystal; the punks weren't shown at this time.
-   The five Rangers tried to call Zordon, but the signal was being jammed.
-   The Rangers were suddenly teleported to the Otherworld in white lightning bolts, appearing unmorphed in a forcefield in the Otherworld.
-   The suited-up Dark Rangers walked out of the cave nearby.
-   Zedd, the unmorphed teens, and the Dark Rangers had the following dialogue:

Zedd: "Behold, my Rangers, the Dark Rangers! Ha ha ha, victory is mine! My mortal enemy, Zordon, chose five teenagers to become Power Rangers and defend the world. I also have chosen five, my Dark Rangers, to destroy it!"
Trini: "Your evil will never win out in the end, Zedd."
Zedd: "And who's going to stop me? Certainly not you. And with Zordon and Alpha locked in the Command Center, they won't be much help either!"
Zack: "You guys don't know what you're doing!"
Jason: "When Zedd is through with you, he'll destroy you too!"
Black punk: "No one's ever given us a chance like Lord Zedd has! He's promised us his loyalty!"
Billy: "Listen to us - the only person Lord Zedd is loyal to is himself!"
Zedd: "Silence! Enough of your bleating. I have other matters to attend to, such as watching the destruction of the Green Ranger."
Kim: "What have you done to him? Where is he?"
Zedd: "He's somewhere in the Otherworld. He is powerless now and of no concern to me, just like the five of you are now! What you are about to see is my Dark Rangers' taking their rightful places, then they shall begin the destruction of the world!"

-   There were white streaks of energy surrounding the Command Center.
-   In the Otherworld, Goldar begged to destroy the teens, calling them Rangers, but Zedd teleported them back to Earth, where they would be forced to stand helplessly by as Turbanshell destroyed their city.
-   The five teens were teleported back to the park in a white lightning bolt.
-   Jason tried calling the Command Center, but the communicators were still jammed, so the teens ran to Billy's lab.
-   Goldar took Turbanshell's place in going after Tommy in a field elsewhere in the Otherworld.
-   In his lab, Billy had his communicator lock on to the forcefield around the Command Center, and when he entered the data into his computer, it could tell them how to break through the forcefield.
-   As a TV report showed giant Turbanshell rampaging through downtown, a reporter announced, "We interrupt this program for a special live report. Local government sources have confirmed that the creature known as Turbanshell has begun another assault on Angel Grove. The attack, for the moment confined to the business district downtown, comes less than twenty-four hours after its first attack was repulsed by the Power Rangers. The origins of this monster are a mystery, but the main question at the moment is, where are the Power Rangers when we need them?"
-   By this point, Zedd and Goldar were back in the moon palace.
-   Giant Turbanshell had destroyed another building.
-   The reporter continued, "We continue our coverage of the <?> downtown Angel Grove. At this time, the monster known as Turbanshell continues to rampage unchecked."
?   With the time device he'd taken from Goldar in the Otherworld, Tommy summoned a hologram of his past self with white lightning bolts, and the past Tommy, having gotten the message, gave the real Tommy a communicator, even though real Tommy already had one.
-   Tommy teleported into Billy's lab.
-   Billy's computer broke through the forcefield, and Alpha spoke into the Viewing Globe, appearing on Billy's computer monitor.
-   Tommy was teleported by Alpha back into the Otherworld.
-   In the Otherworld, Zedd told the Dark Rangers, "Dark Rangers, your Zords are ready. Now your service and allegiance to Lord Zedd begins, and..."
?   The Dark Rangers made no reaction to Tommy's approach of the Green Crystal even though they were facing in his direction at the time.
-   Tommy smashed the Green Crystal on a large rock, causing the Dark Rangers to demorph with Ranger-colored flame energy, and then the confused punks teleported away with the same effect.
-   Tommy teleported back to the lab.
-   After somehow getting back their Morphers once Tommy had returned, the six teens morphed and teleported downtown, where the five called on the Thunderzords.
-   Giant Turbanshell flew at the Thunder Megazord in shell form downtown, knocking the Zords apart into component form and ejecting the Rangers.
-   The Red Dragon Warrior Mode tried to fight Turbanshell but was reverted to dragon form.
-   Green Ranger was about to call Dragonzord when Zordon called him.
-   Some time later, Turbanshell ingested Green Ranger, who was hidden in a truck-full of watermelon which the monster swallowed.
-   Green Ranger heated Turbanshell's stomach from the inside with a mega-heater of Billy's design.
-   Black Ranger leapt to a water hose hooked up to a fire hydrant and sprayed Turbanshell, freezing his head.
-   Green Ranger teleported out as a ball of green light and landed on his back downtown.
-   Pink Ranger ran up to him, then Yellow and Blue did.
-   Green Ranger handed the mega-heater back to Blue Ranger.
-   The four Rangers leapt back up to their Zords and formed the Megazord.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed Turbanshell.
-   Later, Tommy was with Zack, Kim, and Jason in the Juice Bar.
-   The punks had been returned home with no memory of what had happened.
-   Jason made friends with the punks by paying for their drinks.
-   The six teens had later teleported to the Command Center.

-   Jason was distracted while practicing for a tournament, feeling guilty about not having gotten the Green Candle.
-   While Bulk and Skull were within earshot, Kim discussed Jason's being down with the other three teens, saying, "Well, the only solution is that we have to find Tommy. I mean, Ranger or no Ranger (catches Bulk and Skull's attention), he's still our friend, and Jason needs him. I know Tommy would want to help. I mean, he would never forgive us if we didn't tell him."
-   Following the last appearance of the Green Ranger, Tommy went to his uncle's cabin for a while without telling the teens where he was going.
-   Bulk and Skull apparently hadn't heard anything other than the word "Ranger," as they followed the four teens so they didn't figure out the identities of the Rangers before they did.
-   When the teens stopped by a road to look at their map, Goldar appeared, calling them Power Rangers, and they morphed while standing beside their vehicle on the side of the road.
-   In the bushes nearby, Bulk and Skull saw the "big gold guy" but apparently couldn't see the Power Rangers from their vantage point.
-   Bulk and Skull could hear Blue Ranger calling Goldar by name in the distance.
-   Goldar told the Rangers to prepare to suffer the same fate as the Green Ranger, and he teleported them to the Dark Dimension with energy from his sword.
-   Bulk and Skull, not having seen anything, were confused as to where the Rangers (and Goldar) had gone.
-   Jason had soon teleported to the Command Center.
-   A white lightning bolt then made the Golden Pipe karate trophy (the trophy Jason would win in his tournament) vanish, and the Pipebrain monster appeared in a tunnel downtown.
-   Pipebrain was based on the trophy which Jason would soon win.
-   Minutes later, Jason morphed and teleported to the park near the industrial area where Pipebrain was, and Putties and Pipebrain attacked him.
-   After the fight, a grow bomb enlarged Pipebrain, and Red Ranger called the Red Dragon.
-   The Dragon attacked Pipebrain in the mountains near an industrial area, then it transformed into warrior mode and fought the monster.
-   During the fight, Pipebrain pretended to be knocked out, then sprang a surprise recovery.
-   The Red Dragon destroyed Pipebrain with its spinning staff, and the trophy then returned to the tournament.
-   Red Ranger then appeared in the Dark Dimension through a warp of some sort.
-   Minutes later, the four Rangers and then Red Ranger left the Dark Dimension through the "rift" and teleported to the Command Center.
-   Alpha had located Tommy on the Viewing Globe.
-   Tommy was up at the lake writing a letter which encouraged Jason and told him and the others that he was okay.
-   Tommy's wardrobe color was now white.
-   Zack, Kim, and Billy went to the Youth Center with Jason for his tournament; outside, they were stopped by Bulk and Skull, who hoped their photos would prove they'd been close to the Power Rangers, but none of the photos were of the Rangers.
-   Jason won the Golden Pipe trophy and dedicated it to Tommy, wherever he was.

-   In the park, Bulk and Skull told Zack, Kim, and Billy of their plan to find out the Rangers' identities, and Billy said he didn't think they'd ever find out who they were.
-   On their walk through the park to give Curtis their uncle Ed's trumpet, the three were attacked by Putties.
-   One Putty sprinkled magic dust on the trumpet during the fight.
-   Bulk and Skull went to the place the Rangers had last been seen, by the lake, to make casts of their footprints to test out on everyone until they found a match.
-   Blue vapors came from the trumpet and seemed to make the teens woozy, but no one noticed.
?   After the concert, a Putty appeared in the Youth Center, took the trumpet, and teleported out, with no one noticing, even though it was within Billy, Trini, and Kim's field of vision.
-   With a white lightning bolt, Zedd created Trumpet Top from the stolen trumpet in the park.
-   Trumpet Top was based on the trumpet which Zack had loaned Curtis for his jazz performance.
-   As the five teens walked through the park, Trumpet Top generated hallucinations from somewhere nearby, and the teens morphed and fought the nonexistent monsters at the lake.
-   Trumpet Top was hysterically amused.
-   Bulk and Skull walked by the part of the lake where the Rangers were fighting no one; Skull wondered if the Rangers had been out in the sun too long.
-   The Rangers were teleported away without warning.
-   Bulk and Skull made casts of the Rangers' footprints right after they had been teleported away.
-   The Rangers soon teleported to another location at the lake to confront Trumpet Top, who was then enlarged by a grow bomb.
-   The Rangers called their Zords, and the Thunder Megazord fought Trumpet Top in the mountains just outside an industrial area.
-   Trumpet Top stole the Thunder Saber, but it electrocuted him.
-   The Thunder Megazord used the Thunder Saber to destroy Trumpet Top.
-   In the Youth Center after Curtis had come in bummed, the teens gave Curtis the lost trumpet; Jason said a kid found it in the hall, saying he'd seen a Power Ranger leave it there, but Curtis was disbelieving of, most likely, the part about the Ranger.
-   Bulk and Skull brought their concrete slab with the Ranger footprints in it to the Juice Bar and planned to have everyone line up against the Juice Bar to try the footprints, but after everyone had rushed to dance to the new CD Zack had Richie play, Skull patted Bulk on the back, making him drop and shatter the slab.

-   Kim was bummed about Tommy's absence, so she decided to ask the fortune-teller Madam Swampy, whose ad she saw in the paper, about Tommy.
-   Bulk and Skull saw the same newspaper ad and beat Kim to Madam Swampy.
-   Bulk and Skull wanted to know who the Power Rangers were, but since they had no money, Madam Swampy gave them a promotional map to the Juice Bar.
-   As Kim later walked to up Madam Swampy's plaza alone, Goldar and Putties arrived.
-   Goldar, calling Kim "Pink Ranger," told her she'd be going with him, that her Power Ranger days were over, and that Zedd had picked her to be his new queen.
-   Goldar knocked Kim out with magic dust, then took her away to a cave, the Cave of Fantasy, leaving her bookbag behind.
-   A white lightning bolt turned the mirror in Kim's bookbag, a mirror which Tommy had given Kim, into the Mirror Maniac monster which looked very similar to the mirror's original form.
-   After being called while rollerblading and waiting for Richie and Curtis in the park, Billy and Zack teleported to the Command Center, and Trini met them there, perhaps at the same time.
-   While rollerblading, Richie and Curtis were attacked by Putties, whom they weren't familiar with, but they ran to the playground for shelter.
-   Jason was on a fishing trip with his uncle at Bass Lake when Zordon tried calling him but then theorized that the mountains seemed to be blocking the signal.
-   Billy and Trini morphed and teleported to the cave entrance, where they fought Putties.
-   Zack, meanwhile, had teleported to the park, and he fought Putties while Curtis and Richie watched.
-   After their fight, Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger went into the cave.
-   Meanwhile, Zack was with Curtis and Richie as the two had the following conversation:

Curtis: "Who were those clay bad dudes?"
Richie: "They're Putties. They're on the news all the time."
Curtis: "Man, Angel Grove sure is no paradise."
Richie (chuckling): "You can say that again."

-   Eventually, unmorphed Kim, wearing a Rita costume and getting her communicator and Morpher out of a pink mesh bag she carried, ran out of the cave with the Blue and Yellow Rangers.
-   Mirror Maniac arrived downtown, blasting a building.
-   Alpha called Blue Ranger, telling him that Jason and Zack were on their way to the park.
-   Kim morphed, and the three teleported to the park, where the Red and Black Rangers were confronting Mirror Maniac.
-   Putties attacked, and after the fight, a grow bomb enlarged Mirror Maniac, breaking his mirror face in the process.
-   The Rangers called the Zords, and the Megazord fought Mirror Maniac downtown.
-   The Thunder Saber soon destroyed Mirror Maniac.
-   In the Juice Bar with Zack and Billy, Kim was frustratedly searching her bookbag for Tommy's mirror when Curtis pulled it out and asked if it belonged to anyone.
-   Bulk and Skull, having followed the map, arrived in the Juice Bar, disappointed that it was just the teens, whom they called the "geekoids."

-   In the Juice Bar, Bulk and Skull were on a mission to find the Power Rangers' identities, something Bulk told "the dweebs" (Trini and Billy) they'd never comprehend.
-   Kim came in, excited, having gotten a letter from Tommy saying he was coming home at the end of the week, and the teens went to get Jason and Zack, who were playing football in the park with Curtis and other guys, to plan a surprise party.
-   With the other guys around, the three teens yelled that Tommy was coming home at the end of the week and they were throwing a surprise party; Zack yelled back that he was in the mood for a party, as it had been way to quiet around.
-   In the park, the Sentinel Statue, a large stone fist on a podium, began its slow transformation into a monster.
-   On a hill in the park, Bulk and Skull were on a stakeout to find the Power Rangers, at the last place the Rangers had been sighted.
-   Suddenly, Rita's space dumpster flew down and crashed into the ground over the hill from Bulk and Skull, causing an explosion the people in the park heard nearby.
-   Jason told the guys to keep playing, and he and Billy ran off to investigate.
-   Bulk knew this was the sign they'd been looking for, and they discovered the space dumpster in a small crater; Skull didn't know what it was, and Bulk said it was an omen they were pointed in the right direction, and that it would help them find the Power Rangers.
-   Wearing thick gloves, Skull lifted the hot canister, and they took it to Skull's dad's workshop.
-   Jason and Billy investigated the small crater and looked around.
-   Going after a bad throw behind the bushes, Zack found slime dripping off the Sentinel Statue.
-   Zack had the guys call it a day, saying he was wiped, and he brought Kim and Trini to see.
-   Zack tried calling the Command Center, but he got no response; he then called Billy and Jason, and Jason soon replied.
-   Jason and Billy teleported there, but not behind the bush which would have covered them from the view of those who had been playing football and who had been with the players.
-   Putties attacked the teens; after the fight, Jason tried to call the Command Center but also got no answer, so the teens teleported there.
-   Getting out of a lake (seemingly Angel Grove Lake) after a swim, Tommy suddenly flashed painfully with alternating white and green energy and then vanished in a ball of white light.
-   The Sentinel Statue's large fist soon transformed into Nimrod's upper half.
-   The teens were in Billy's lab as Billy analyzed an activity disc from the Command Center on his computer.
-   There was a rumble, and the teens morphed and teleported to the park/mountains and confronted Nimrod.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Nimrod, and the Rangers called the Zords.
-   Nimrod summoned AC and DC, her monstrous assistants, and the Megazord did poorly against the three monsters in the mountains.
-   Blue Ranger teleported from the cockpit back to the Command Center.
-   Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull were still trying to open the space dumpster with various tools.

-   Minutes later, the other four Rangers had retreated from battle, and the teens were then talking with Billy in his lab.
-   Zordon eventually called the teens to the Command Center, and they teleported there.
-   Several minutes later, giant Nimrod attacked the industrial center.
-   The Thunderzords had been damaged in the first battle.
?   The teens thought that if Bulk and Skull opened the dumpster, their cover was blown, but at no time in the past had Rita attempted to reveal the Rangers' identities.
-   Billy and Trini teleported to the Zords' holding bay.
-   Jason, Kim, Zack, and the helmetless White Ranger Tommy all morphed, and the Red, Pink, and Black Rangers teleported to the industrial area near Skull's dad's workshop, where they fought Putties which had apparently been sent to find Rita.
-   Meanwhile, White Ranger had teleported to the mountains where giant Nimrod was.
-   Disregarding the possibility of a different voice modulator (with unsubstantial proof either for or against the use of voice modulators), White Ranger would have had the same voice (and distinct karate yells) as the former Green Ranger.
-   White Ranger's appearance occurred in the same week as Tommy's return.
-   Saba, White Ranger's talking saber, told White Ranger to activate the Tigerzord, and he summoned it.
-   White Ranger whooped and cheered when the Tigerzord came running from the mountains.
-   The Tigerzord took a wrong step and crashed onto its back in the mountains; White Ranger soon leapt onto the recuperated Tigerzord's head, then sank into its cockpit, after which the Zord transformed into warrior mode.
-   Before the Tigerzord's warrior mode would launch flaming red energy balls called Thunderbolts from the tiger head in its chest, the Japanese kanji for "fire" would always appear in the tiger's mouth.
-   When AC and DC arrived and teamed up against the Tigerzord, the monsters' blasts knocked Tigerzord over in tiger mode, and White Ranger was ejected with Saba into the woods.
-   White Ranger told Saba to contact Jason, but Saba soon said he was having difficulty getting through.
-   Downtown, Red Ranger called the Red Dragon.
-   A white streak from the sky flew into White Ranger's hand, and the Tigerzord soon got back up.
-   Red Dragon in warrior mode rode on the Tigerzord's back, jousting the monsters with its staff.
-   White Ranger had the two Zords disengage, and he got into the Tigerzord.
-   The Assault Team arrived and formed the Megatigerzord, which was impervious to the three monsters' blasts.
-   The Megatigerzord launched the Firebird from its arm and sent it hurtling through Nimrod, destroying her, and the monster's accomplices vanished just before the explosion.
-   After their victory, Red Dragon shook hands with and nodded to the Megatigerzord.
-   Bulk and Skull, exhausted, sat down with their backs to the space dumpster.
-   Tiny Rita opened the lid and escaped, standing on the table behind them, where she exclaimed, "Ahhhh, I'm free, I'm free!"; when they turned to look at her, she asked, "What are you looking at, you blithering pickleheads?"; they were then terrified, and after she'd said "Ah, great, just what I need, a human Squatt and Baboo," they passed out.
-   The Rangers came in and put Rita back in the space dumpster.
-   Unmorphed Trini and Kim soon woke Bulk and Skull up, saying they'd heard them screaming.
-   Bulk and Skull were afraid of the "little witch" which they then realized was no longer behind them; they pretended nothing had happened.
-   In the mountains, the four guys held up the space dumpster, and Billy spoke to Zordon that they were ready; the dumpster then flew into space as a golden ball of light, with a bit of Ranger-colored energy initially coming from each guy's arms.
-   The teens had a welcome-back party for Tommy in the Youth Center a different day.
-   Tommy now wore a white-striped communicator.

-   Preparing for her date with Tommy, Kim had borrowed her mother's clear box purse for the date, and she borrowed "Siren Song Red" lipstick from Trini.
-   Bulk and Skull used a Power Ranger Detector built by Bulk's cousin Waldo, a student at Angel Grove Tech; it led them toward the eastern hallway, where they went straight past Tommy and Jason as the two came in from a workout in another room.
-   On Tommy and Kim's long date at the park, they were attacked by Putties during a walk, and during the fight, a Putty stole Kim's purse; elsewhere, it took out the lipstick and dropped both it and the purse, and the items vanished in white lightning bolts; soon, Pursehead, modeled after a coin purse in Kim's box purse, confronted the two teens.
-   Tommy and Kim morphed but were frozen by Pursehead's compact ray.
-   Lipsyncher was created from the lipstick, and it attacked downtown.
-   In the middle of the Youth Center, Jason answered Zordon's call with Zack and Billy, and they went toward the locker hall to get Trini; they were soon in the Command Center.
-   Lipsyncher used soundwaves to blast apart a statue modeled after "The Thinker" in the park.
-   Soon, Jason and Zack morphed, and immediately after teleporting to help Pink and White, Black Ranger was frozen as well; meanwhile, Red Ranger teleported elsewhere in the park, near some buildings, to fight Lipsyncher.
-   Red Ranger threw his Power Sword at Lipsyncher, slicing her face.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Lipsyncher, and Red Ranger called the Red Dragon.
-   Downtown, the Red Dragon in dragon mode blew fire at Lipsyncher, then transformed into warrior mode and fought her in the mountains.
-   Lipsyncher's soundwaves caused the Red Dragon to writhe in pain, and the Zord did poorly against the monster.
-   The Power Ranger Detector led Bulk and Skull into the lake.
-   Some time later, Red Ranger wasn't answering Alpha's call.
-   Billy and Trini, in the Command Center, morphed and teleported to the park, where Blue Ranger used an invention to undo Pursehead's compact ray.
-   Zordon called White Ranger and had the others teleport to help Red Ranger against Lipsyncher.
-   Pursehead trapped White Ranger in glowing energy floss.
-   Saba floated up from White Ranger and blasted Pursehead back with its eyebeams; White Ranger then kicked the monster back, and it vanished, causing Kim's purse to reappear with its change purse and compact inside, with just the lipstick missing.
-   The others summoned their Zords, which attacked Lipsyncher individually.
-   The Red Dragon got back up, joined the Assault Team in flying through the mountains, and it then leapt off, destroying Lipsyncher with its spinning staff attack.
-   At the lake, the teens were with Kim as Tommy gave her back her mom's purse.
-   Bulk and Skull emerged from the water and ran past the teens, thinking the Rangers were just ahead; they asked a group of kids if they'd seen the Rangers, and the kids asked them if they wanted to play.
-   The teens teased Bulk and Skull by saying they'd finally found the Rangers.

-   Billy planned to collect data, for the science club, on the upcoming rare solar storm.
?   Bulk and Skull came into the Youth Center, and Bulk showed Billy, Trini, and others in the Juice Bar that they were going to hook up their invention to the "giant satellite in the sky" and, deep in the woods, send out a message to find the Power Rangers; the nature of this giant satellite was unknown, although see "Terra Venture."
-   While in the park with his monitoring equipment, Billy was confronted by Putties and Goldar; Billy leapt onto the table and did a flipping kick which knocked Goldar over, and he then fought the Putties singlehandedly, but meanwhile, Goldar teleported away with his polarizer.
-   As the wind picked up after the fight, Billy left for the Command Center.
-   Elsewhere in the park, Goldar set the polarizer down and left, and a white lightning bolt transformed it into Magnetbrain.
-   Magnetbrain caused a magnetic storm across the planet, making people lose their balance in the Youth Center and causing things to fly around.
-   As Ernie and Richie tumbled around directly across the counter from them, Jason loudly shouted to Tommy and Zack over the chaos that they had to get out of there and get to the Command Center.
-   In the woods with their contraption, Bulk and Skull thought they'd contacted the Power Rangers, but a bear confronted them.
-   During the magnetic chaos, Kim told the girls in the group of Angelettes she and Laura were supervising that she was leaving to look for the forest ranger, and she left to call Zordon from within earshot of the singing girls, then teleported to the Command Center, where the others met her.
-   There were terrible atmospheric disturbances all over the planet; if the destruction of Earth's delicate magnetic balance weren't stopped, the Earth would demolecularize.
-   Putties arrived in the forest near Laura and the Angelettes.
-   The six teens soon morphed and teleported, with the five arriving in the industrial area where Magnetbrain (and soon Putties) were, and White Ranger in the woods to fight Goldar and the Putties.
-   White Ranger led the Putties away from the Angelettes.
-   Awed, one of the Angelettes exclaimed, "Wow, the White Ranger!"
-   Laura and the girls were impressed as they watched White Ranger in action.
-   White Ranger used Saba to defeat the Putties, then had a swordfight with Goldar, whom he called by name repeatedly in front of the girls.
-   Magnetbrain made Red Ranger's and then Black Ranger's Blade Blasters backfire.
-   White Ranger defeated Goldar, causing the villain to retreat; White Ranger then thanked Saba by name, congratulating the saber on the good work.
-   The Power Blaster's energy beam knocked Magnetbrain against a wall without destroying him.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Magnetbrain, and the five Rangers called the Thunderzords; the Megazord fought the monster in the mountains just outside an industrial area.
-   The Thunder Saber soon destroyed Magnetbrain, and Billy's polarizer reappeared in the park.
-   In the Youth Center, Laura and Kim gave the Angelettes bravery badges; one girl said the best part of the experience had been seeing the White Ranger.
-   After entering with his polarizer, Billy agreed to take Laura to his lab to show her his equipment.

-   In the afternoon on Halloween, Kim, Billy, and Tommy were at the Youth Center as part of a Halloween party in which teenagers served as chaperons for trick-or-treating children.
-   One boy was dressed in a Blue Ranger costume.
-   Billy thought about the upcoming Peace Conference and wondered what would happen to their Power Ranger team.
-   Tommy had just spoken to Jason, who was picking up Trini and Zack, and he said the three would be there later.
-   Outside the Youth Center, five Putties huddled and turned into kids in Ranger costumes, complete with Zedd's Z symbols on their belts.
-   When the five costumed kids wouldn't talk, Tommy gathered that they had to keep their identities secret.
-   There were a number of kids dressed up as Power Rangers that Halloween; for the most part, boys were in Red, Black, and Blue Ranger costumes while girls were in Pink and Yellow Ranger costumes, but there was one girl dressed as the Red Ranger.
-   Bulk thought the Rangers might have the ability to shrink, so he and Skull set out to investigate all of the trick-or-treating kid Rangers.
-   As Tommy took the five kids down a fairly deserted residential street, Goldar appeared, and the kids turned into Putties, with more Putties confronting Tommy as well.
-   Tommy fought the Putties in people's front yards, but Goldar, after telling Tommy that Lord Zedd had invited him to a special holiday hunt, teleported Tommy, the Putties, and himself away with energy from his sword.
-   Jason, Zack, and Trini were later still with the group of trick-or-treaters at the elementary school.
-   Later seeing all the trick-or-treaters (but not Tommy) were accounted for, Billy and Kim went into the Juice Bar's western hallway, and Kim tried to call Tommy but got no response; they then teleported to the Command Center.
-   Kim and Billy soon morphed and teleported into the forest dimension in which Tommy was trapped.
-   Zordon had Alpha go to the preschool to care for the remaining children Jason, Trini, and Zack were watching, but first he transmitted the coordinates of the dimension so the three could morph as soon as Alpha had arrived.
-   The Red, Yellow, and Black Rangers soon teleported into the forest dimension.
-   After the Rangers and Pumpkin Rapper were apparently out of the forest dimension, a grow bomb enlarged the monster, and the five Rangers, then White Ranger as well, called their Zords.
-   The Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord fought Pumpkin Rapper in the mountains; the Thunder Saber soon destroyed the monster.
-   Only Tommy, Billy, and Kim were in the Youth Center afterward.

-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had come to Angel Grove (as had fans Mr. Anderson and Jacob) for the ninja tournament finals against the champions from Hasper City; the three teens' primary wardrobe colors were red, black, and yellow, respectively.
-   After a picnic in the park, the six teens happily split up (as what was becoming a regular pattern, with Tommy, Kim, and Billy in one group and Jason, Trini, and Zack in another), with Jason taking Kim's guitar somewhere.
-   Aisha and Kim simultaneously saved baby Jacob from going over a cliff.
-   Bulk and Skull watched and mocked as Tommy, Kim, and Billy introduced themselves with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.
-   Later, Jason, Trini, and Zack watched the ninja tournament but didn't sit with Tommy, Kim, and Billy, although they waved.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha won the match.
-   Afterward, Tommy, Kim, and Billy met Rocky, Adam, and Aisha in the parking lot and planned to keep in touch.
-   After Tommy, Kim, and Billy had left, Goldar appeared and pulled in Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson with energy from his sword; meanwhile, Tommy, Kim, and Billy were attacked by Putties in a mountainous parking lot within earshot.
-   Bulk and Skull watched Goldar (whom they called "that gold monkey") kidnap Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson.
-   Bulk and Skull babysat Jacob, waiting for the Rangers to show up.
-   Tommy, Kim, and Billy ran up, and Tommy called Zordon, then the three soon teleported to the Command Center after Kim had looked around and said they were clear; meanwhile, Alpha located Jason, Trini, and Zack and teleported them to the Command Center without warning.
-   In the Cave of Despair, Goldar (with Putties around) told the chained-up Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, with Mr. Anderson beside them, that they'd been personally chosen by "his majesty" Lord Zedd, the "great emperor of evil," the "desperado of despair."
-   The three teens weren't familiar with Zedd's name.
-   Adam said they'd never use their powers for evil.
-   Goldar told them they didn't have a choice, but then teleported away, telling them to think carefully as they didn't have much time.

-   Some time later, a white lightning bolt created Terror Blossom from flower petals in the park.
-   Zedd was jamming the Command Center's scanning frequency.
-   The six teens morphed, and Red, Yellow, and Black Ranger flew through the clouds with their new power of "jetting."
-   White, Pink, and Blue teleported to the desert outside the cave entrance to the other-dimensional Cave of Despair.
-   Red, Black, and Yellow fought Terror Blossom in the park, but the monster suddenly vanished.
-   Red Ranger called Zordon to ask what was happening.
-   Moments later, Zordon called White Ranger before he, Pink, and Blue could enter the cave.
-   In the park, Terror Blossom summoned the normal-sized Hatchasaurus.
-   The six Rangers teleported to the park to fight Hatchasaurus; Terror Blossom had since left.
-   The Rangers fought Putties, then a grow bomb enlarged Hatchasaurus, and the five Rangers and then White Ranger called their Zords.
?   Giant Hatchasaurus got up from beneath the ground near the power plant.
-   The Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord fought Hatchasaurus in the mountains.
-   Wind projected from the Thunder Megazord's hands destroyed Hatchasaurus, but Cardiatron, in the mountains, began to re-form the pieces of Hatchasaurus which hadn't disintegrated like they usually did.
-   Zordon called White Ranger to tell him to destroy Cardiatron, and with a white lightning bolt from above, Cardiatron hovered downtown and re-formed Hatchasaurus in a horned form; the reconstructed monster proceeded to destroy a building.
-   Perhaps having gone inside Hatchasaurus, White Ranger re-entered the Tigerzord cockpit and told the Rangers to finish the monster off.
-   The Megazord and Tigerzord continued fighting Hatchasaurus downtown.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha freed themselves from their chains and fought the Putties.
-   Goldar appeared and restrained the three teens once more, then summoned a wooden serpent which in one hour would complete its transformation into the Serpent of Darkness; they could voluntarily join Zedd or be filled with its venom of darkness, turning them into Zedd's zombies.
-   The Thunder Saber slashed Hatchasaurus, making red wisps of energy emanate from the monster, a Tigerzord Thunderbolt to the chest destroyed monster for good.
-   Alpha teleported the six teens back to the Command Center.
-   Terror Blossom was still rampaging through Angel Grove, looking for a place to germinate his seed pods to reproduce himself.
-   The teens morphed, and Red, Yellow, and Black teleported or jetted to the park where they were frozen by Terror Blossom's petals; meanwhile, White, Pink, and Blue teleported back to the cave entrance but were soon beeped by Zordon once again, and they teleported to the park to save the others.
-   The three unfrozen Rangers stood with the frozen Rangers, and the six then teleported to the Command Center together.

-   Aisha thought the Power Rangers might save them, but Rocky and Adam were doubtful, not thinking the Rangers knew who they were.
-   Some time after the Rangers had gone to the Command Center, Terror Blossom was headed toward the power plant, and the six Rangers, none of them frozen any longer, soon teleported to an area near the mountains to confront the monster.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Terror Blossom, and after White Ranger had gotten onto the Tigerzord, the others called their Thunderzords.
-   The Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord fought Terror Blossom in the mountains.
-   Goldar returned to the Cave of Despair to tell the three captives that one way or another they'd serve Lord Zedd.
-   After being called by Zordon, White Ranger leapt down into the forest, and he, Blue, Pink, and Yellow teleported to outside the cave again, where they fought Putties; meanwhile, Red Ranger and Black Ranger piloted the Megazord against Terror Blossom.
-   Upon entering the Cave of Despair after their fight, the four Rangers found Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, exclaiming, "There they are!"; Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were delighted.
-   Blue Ranger took the Serpent of Darkness and wrestled with it.
-   Yellow Ranger freed the four captives from the chain with a laser from her Blade Blaster.
-   Yellow Ranger knew Mr. Anderson's name, and she teleported him and herself to the park.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha ran out of the cave with the White and Pink Rangers and began fighting Putties to help the two Rangers.
-   Pink Ranger told the three teens to aim for the Z, and they began destroying Putties.
-   In the Cave of Despair, Blue Ranger continued wrestling with the serpent in the mist on the floor of the cave.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed Terror Blossom.
-   As she, White Ranger, and the three teens rushed in to see Blue Ranger wrestling with the snake, Pink Ranger cried out, "Billy!"
-   As she transformed her Blade Blaster and White Ranger tossed the snake onto a rock, Pink Ranger told White, "Stay clear of it, Tommy. I'm gonna zap this thing back to Lord Zedd."
-   After the serpent was destroyed by Pink Ranger's laser, Blue Ranger couldn't breathe, so Pink and White had to remove his helmet, which came off with a hissing sound.
-   Before the helmetless Blue Ranger had sat up from the obscuring mist, Pink Ranger asked him, "Billy, are you all right?"
-   As the three teens came closer, Rocky was astonished to see that Billy was the Blue Ranger; Aisha and Adam concluded before Pink removed her helmet that she was Kimberly, but Rocky was then alarmed when White removed his helmet and revealed his identity as Tommy.
-   Aisha remarked, "You guys are the Power Rangers? Unbelievable!"; the three helmetless Rangers were all in dismay upon disclosing their identities.
-   Upon arriving in the park with Mr. Anderson, Yellow Ranger told him that Jacob was just up the hill, and he was fine and the others would be fine as well.
-   Later, all six Ranger teens stood in the central part of the Command Center, while Rocky, Adam, and Aisha stood up much closer to Zordon, between his tube and the controls.
-   Zordon and the Rangers' three new friends had the following dialogue:

Zordon: "I am very glad to see that you all made it back safe and sound. And I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our new friends - Rocky, Aisha, and Adam."
Rocky (softly): "This is amazing."
Aisha: "Shh, Rocky, let the man talk. I think he's a man."
Zordon: "Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, you are the only other people to know the true identity of the Power Rangers. It is imperative that this information remains a secret. Alpha has conducted an analysis on your background and has determined that you are model citizens. You have shown yourselves to be loyal, fair, and, most important, trustworthy. Therefore, we ask that you take a solemn vow never to reveal the secret of the Power Rangers' identities."
Adam (smiling): "We'll take that vow."
Aisha: "Count on it."
Rocky: "And never betray you."
Zordon: "Then repeat after me: I swear upon the forces of goodness (Rocky, Adam, and Aisha repeat) to maintain the secret of the true identities of the Power Rangers (Rocky, Adam, and Aisha repeat). Thank you, friends."

-   Bulk told Mr. Anderson he'd known the Rangers would save him, and Skull added, "Yeah, they saved us once too."
-   Tommy, Kim, and Billy walked to the park with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, where Mr. Anderson, Jacob, Bulk, and Skull were; starting at this point, Tommy, Kim and Billy would begin spending more time with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha than fellow Rangers Jason, Trini, and Zack.
-   When asked how they were, Rocky replied that they were great, and Aisha added, "Thanks to the Power Rangers!" and then winked at Kim.

-   Tommy, Kim, and Billy cheered Rocky, Adam, and Aisha on at the Stone Canyon Triathalon.
-   Kim had found out they'd be picking students any day now to represent Angel Grove in the World Teen Peace Conference, and the three teens wondered what would happen to the team if Billy were picked.
-   In a boat, Bulk used an energy output meter during the Stone Canyon Triathalon in hopes of finding the energy outputs of the Rangers.
-   A white lightning bolt made the output meter, then Skull's dad's fishing pole, vanish, and Beamcaster appeared in the park from a white lightning bolt.
-   Beamcaster, speaking in a radio announcer voice, put everyone in the park under his "Zedd waves" spell, making them chant, "Hail Lord Zedd."
-   Alpha beeped Tommy, but he couldn't hear from the cheering around him at the triathalon.
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack were getting out of the ocean on a scuba dive when Zordon called them.
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack morphed and teleported to the park, where Beamcaster put them under his spell as well.
-   Tommy, Kim, and Billy were walking through the park elsewhere when they were attacked by Putties; Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, at the end of the biking group, saw and got off their bikes to join in the fight.
-   After the fight, Zordon called Tommy, Kim, and Billy, and they teleported to the Command Center from in front of Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.
-   Elsewhere in the park, as Skull was thinking it was weird how their stuff had disappeared, Bulk and Skull saw Beamcaster just before he put them under his spell as well, making Bulk chant, "Hail Lord Zedd," and Skull chant, "Hail Lord Fred."
-   Soon, Tommy, Kim, and Billy morphed and teleported to the park, armed with a device to stop Beamcaster.
-   The hypnotized people and Red, Yellow, and Black Rangers surrounded White, Pink, and Blue and trampled the device.
-   Beamcaster put Pink and Blue, then White Ranger too (after throwing bombs of various shapes at him), under the spell.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha found everyone under the spell and the crushed device; a hypnotized woman said that they must be Power Rangers as well.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were teleported in white energy to the Command Center; this would be the standard teleportation color for civilians.
-   The device, from within the Command Center, soon freed the six Rangers, and they teleported to the Command Center as well, then teleported back to the park with the repaired device.
-   When Beamcaster threw more bombs at White Ranger, he threw them all back at the monster.
-   The Power Blaster destroyed Beamcaster, and the spell was lifted from everyone.
-   Stopping their chanting of, "Hail Lord Zedd," Bulk asked, "'Zedd?'" and Skull, "'Fred?'"; they then pretended to resume their business of looking for the Rangers.
-   With a TV reporter and cameraman on a platform right above them, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha said the help they'd given Tommy, Kim, and Billy had been the most important thing they'd ever done, even if it had lost them the triathalon.

-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha met Tommy, Kim, and Billy at the first annual World Teen Summit in the Youth Center, but Jason, Trini, and Zack didn't attend.
-   The summit members would be interviewing students from Angel Grove High to travel to Switzerland as teen peace ambassadors.
-   In reference to the teen summit members, Bulk observed that there were six of them, and they were all "super smart" and "tops in the world," suspecting them of being the Power Rangers; it's a wonder, however, why he never suspected the six teens.
-   Later in the park, as Tommy, Rocky, and Adam did a kata for the teen summit members, Putties attacked.
-   Billy had Tamara go back to the Youth Center and stay there.
-   Meanwhile, the three teens and their friends fought Putties in the park near the lake while the other summit members hid by a hillside.
-   Goldar and Putties arrived, telling the summit members they were now captives of Lord Zedd.
-   Squatt, Baboo, and Putties took the summit members, following Goldar, whom the villains called by name; Bulk and Skull followed.
-   The summit members were taken into the Cave of Despair.
-   Bulk theorized that the Rangers were waiting to see where the villains were taking them.
-   Goldar again told the captives they were prisoners of Lord Zedd.
-   A note on a parachute drifted down to the three teens and friends, telling the teens to turn over their Power Coins in exchange for the teen leaders.
-   Tommy, Kim, and Billy teleported to the Command Center after having their friends head back to the Youth Center.
-   Alpha beeped Jason, Trini, and Zack, who were in the Youth Center, and Jason answered in the middle of the Youth Center.
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack apparently morphed in the locker hall, and Tommy, Kim, and Billy morphed and teleported from the Command Center, with the six Rangers arriving together at the cave entrance, where Goldar was waiting.
-   White Ranger handed Goldar a small red box containing the six supposed Power Coins, but Goldar never planned to release the hostages.
-   Blue Ranger stepped forward and grabbed back the box of impostor Power Coins.
-   While the five Rangers fought Putties, White Ranger easily dodged and blocked all of Goldar's attacks, then kicked him and threw him face-down into the ground, at which point Goldar and the Putties retreated.
-   Pablo, from Mexico, identified the Power Rangers on sight as the heroes entered the cave.
-   Themba, from Africa, asked, "Are you really the Power Rangers?"; White Ranger replied, "That's us. You've heard of us in your country too?"
-   Right after the Rangers had walked the teen ambassadors out of the cave, Bulk and Skull fell from above, landing right where the Rangers and teen ambassadors had been, yet Bulk still suspected the ambassadors of being Rangers.
-   Bulk seemed to read "Power Rangers' Power Coins" off what appeared to be a white label on the red box.
-   Bulk planned to take the Power Coins to the teen summit to blow the lid off their identities, but Skull discovered that the coins were simply delicious chocolate in gold wrappers.
-   With a white lightning bolt, the four-headed figurine on the summit table in the Youth Center vanished, and the Four Head monster, looking identical to the statue from which it was created, appeared on a rooftop downtown.
-   The Rangers walked up to the Youth Center with the summit members, with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha standing outside as the Rangers walked up.
-   When Zordon beeped the Rangers, White Ranger spoke into his left wrist with the summit members directly behind him, saying, "What is it, Zordon?"; from White Ranger's wrist, Zordon told the Rangers, "You must hurry, Rangers. Zedd's Four Head monster has appeared downtown."; White Ranger replied, "Got it, Zordon," and told the other Rangers, "Come on guys, we've still got work to do."
-   Leaving the summit members with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, the Rangers ran off and teleported to the rooftop downtown.
-   The Power Blaster's energy spheres knocked Four Head off the roof, but a grow bomb then enlarged the monster.
-   The five Rangers, then White Ranger, called their Zords, and the Megatigerzord fought Four Head downtown after the Red Dragon and Tigerzord had briefly fought him.
-   Four Head batted the Megatigerzord's Firebird finishing move back at the Megatigerzord with its staff.
-   Tor, a giant robot turtle Zord, expanded from green energy downtown, with both the Megatigerzord and Red Dragon apparently looking at it.
-   Four Head kicked Tor onto its back, but the Red Dragon turned it back over.
-   Tor soon transformed into upright mode and blasted Four Head with its fingertip cannons.
-   Tor let Red Dragon enter it to recharge, then the Thunder Ultrazord, with the Assault Team and Red Dragon riding on Tor's back in turtle mode, rode in.
-   The Red Dragon spun its staff overhead, lifting the Ultrazord as a propellor, and then caused the Ultrazord to drop on Four Head, destroying the monster.
-   Another day, Jason, Trini, and Zack still didn't attend on the final day of the summit.

-   Jason, Trini, and Zack were chosen for the World Peace Summit from thousands (over 10,000, according to Billy) of entrants, presumably entrants from Angel Grove.
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack were riding bikes in the park in the morning when Tommy, Kim, and Billy ran to go tell them the news; the three selected teens were happy to learn of their selection.
-   The six teens had teleported to the Command Center some time that day.
-   Minutes later, the teens morphed and teleported into space, to the Deserted Planet in the Farthest Galaxy, light years away.
-   Goldar's sources had confirmed the Rangers' departure and destination.
-   Squatt and Baboo arrived in Angel Grove Park with a sleep machine which hovered after Baboo had been knocked out; Squatt woke him up, and they left.
-   Pink gas from the sleep machine knocked out everyone in the park.
-   Serpentera, an enormous robotic green dragon quite similar to the Red Dragon but many, many times more massive, flew in front of the moon.
-   The Deserted Planet, looking quite similar to an abandoned Earth, had been uninhabited for thousands of years.
-   Red Ranger had the others go for the Sword of Light while he tried to distract Serpentera, which flew over the Deserted City.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had transferred to Angel Grove High, and this was their first day.
-   Sleep gas drifted into Angel Grove High, and Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were teleported from the main hallway to the Command Center in white energy just in time; everyone else in the hallway was asleep at the time.
-   Alpha said all of Angel Grove was asleep.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha teleported to the park north of the sleep machine and were soon attacked by Putties and tied up.
-   On the Deserted Planet, Red Ranger called the Red Dragon, and it flew past the giant Serpentera while riding on the Assault Team.
-   Serpentera stood upright in the Deserted City and blasted apart a number of buildings.
-   From the Red Dragon, which was nearly stomped in warrior mode by Serpentera, Red Ranger called for Tor, which gave the Red Dragon shelter and appeared to drain some energy through Serpentera's foot.
-   Meanwhile, the other Rangers followed the map through the rubble of the city to the intact statue which held the disguised Sword of Light, at the moment simply looking like an ordinary statue's sword.
-   Serpentera generated an expanding circle of destructive energy which enveloped the Deserted City.

-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha got free, fought the Putties, and destroyed the sleep machine with a soccer ball.
-   Blue Ranger put a ring on the statue's finger, and the Rangers took the sword from its hand.
-   Having joined the others, Red Ranger called to have Alpha teleport them as the Deserted City was destroyed around them.
-   Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger, then Pink and Blue, then finally White Ranger with the Sword of Light, materialized in the Command Center.
-   Minutes later, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha teleported into the Command Center with white energy to become the new Power Rangers.
-   Once the three new teens had been suited up, Jason, Trini, and Zack teleported away in balls of energy after being seen wearing duplicate suits.
-   Serpentera soon approached the Earth.
-   Silverhorns appeared in the park from a white lightning bolt.
-   The new team teleported to the park to fight Silverhorns.
-   Yellow Ranger now had a distinctly feminine physique, and the Red, Yellow, and Black Rangers now had different voices, with Black Ranger no longer sounding African-American.
-   Putties attacked the Rangers.
-   Zedd said he'd blown up the Deserted Planet.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Silverhorns; White Ranger called Zordon asking about help, and Zordon reminded them about Tor.
-   Red Ranger called the Red Dragon to take on Silverhorns alone in the mountains.
-   During the fight, the sky grew dark, and Serpentera soon flew by, with the other Rangers still standing in the park.
-   Serpentera landed in the city, and White Ranger called the Tigerzord to help Red Ranger.
-   Serpentera's eyes suddenly dimmed, and it grew motionless.
-   White Ranger called Tor, and after the others had called their Zords, they formed the Thunder Ultrazord, which flew into the air and crushed Silverhorns.
-   Serpentera flew back to the moon, and the sky presumably lightened afterward.
-   In the Command Center right after the battle, the Rangers watched in the Viewing Globe as Jason, Trini, and Zack got out of a cab somewhere, probably having taken their communicators with them.

-   The three new teens now wore communicators.
-   As Adam was in the park to ask out Sarah Diaz after her volleyball practice, he was attacked by Putties; once he was done, Sarah had already left.
-   At the Youth Center, Sabrina, the new girl, impressed everyone, including Adam, with her martial arts.
-   Sabrina knew that Adam was one of the best martial artists at Angel Grove High.
-   The next day, Sabrina, Adam, and Aisha went on a walk in the park when Goldar and Putties appeared.
-   After being told by Adam to take cover, Sabrina transformed into Scorpina.
-   Goldar shot energy from his sword which pinned Aisha and Adam to a tree with yellow energy.
-   In the Youth Center, Kim mentioned the new girl Sabrina, but Miss Appleby said the last new girl at Angel Grove High had been Aisha.
-   The four teens teleported to the Command Center, then soon morphed and teleported to the park.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha didn't know who Scorpina was.
-   White Ranger fought Goldar and Scorpina while the others fought Putties.
-   Blue Ranger freed Aisha and Adam with his Power Lance, and the two then morphed.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Goldar and Scorpina, and after White Ranger had called Zordon, the five Rangers and then White called their Zords.
-   The Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord fought Goldar and Scorpina in the mountains.
-   A powered slash from the Thunder Saber merely made Goldar and Scorpina roll back.
-   The villains' blasts knocked the Zords over and made Tigerzord revert to tiger mode.
-   Tor arrived and formed the Thunder Ultrazord.
-   Blasts from the Ultrazord's cannons made the villains retreat.

-   Goldar and Putties confronted Adam in the park after he'd been teaching young Shawn a kata.
-   After Adam had beaten the Putties, Goldar blew smoke around and summoned the Mirror of Regret which showed him humiliating scenes from his past.
-   Two Putties restrained Adam as Goldar continued to show him scenes from his past.
-   By this time, Shawn had returned to the Youth Center.
-   A white lightning bolt soon made Shawn's homework book, open to a hyena page, vanish, and Skelerena, a laughing skeletal hyena monster, appeared in the park.
-   Skelerena was created to play on Shawn's and Adam's lack of self confidence, Shawn's in the present and Adam's in the past.
-   Alpha called the teens, and the five appeared in various places in the Command Center.
-   Adam's self-confidence and strength were being drained.
-   Skelerena terrorized a couple in the park, laughing hysterically all the while.
-   The five teens morphed and teleported to the park, where Putties then attacked.
-   The Rangers did poorly against the Putties but eventually won.
-   Adam recovered after seeing Shawn doing well in the mirror, and he easily defeated the Putties around him, making them and Goldar retreat.
-   Adam called (or was called by) Zordon, then morphed and teleported to join the others.
-   Skelerena leapt into the air and simply fell down.
-   The Rangers summoned the new Power Cannon and, after inserting their individual charges, fired, destroying Skelerena.

-   As Kim, Tommy, and Billy walked at the park with Adam's kaleidoscope, on which Adam had given a lecture in class, they were attacked by Putties.
-   After the fight, the ground rumbled, and a white lightning bolt turned the kaleidoscope into Scatterbrain, a kaleidoscope monster created the same day as Adam's kaleidoscope lecture.
-   The three teens morphed.
-   With a beam from his kaleidoscope head, Scatterbrain dissolved the three Rangers and reassembled them as amnesic teens; the monster then vanished.
-   Bulk and Skull were on a secret stakeout for the Power Rangers when they came into the Youth Center.
-   While Bulk and Skull were hypnotized by a four-ball pendulum on Rocky, Adam, and Aisha's table, Rocky's communicator went off, and the teens went into the locker hall, but there were people there, so they ran beyond that and answered; they soon teleported into the Command Center.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha teleported to the park and found Tommy, Kim, and Billy there without their memories.
-   Goldar and Putties soon appeared to try to convince Tommy, Kim, and Billy to come with them.
-   Tommy, Kim, and Billy stood with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha and teleported to the Command Center with them.
-   Soon, the six teleported away, with Adam and Billy going to Billy's lab and the others going to a desert area called the "park," materializing right in front of Bulk and Skull's eyes on their stakeout.
-   Bulk and Skull couldn't believe that the "dweebs" were the Power Rangers.
-   The four teens headed away to confront Scatterbrain, and Bulk and Skull secretly followed.
-   Rocky and Aisha morphed to fight Scatterbrain, with Bulk and Skull still watching.
-   Scatterbrain blasted at the two Rangers, but they leapt aside.
-   Adam and Billy teleported from the lab to the desert area, allowing Bulk and Skull to learn their identities as well.
-   Scatterbrain blasted Billy and Adam, making them amnesic.
-   Bulk and Skull heard Yellow Ranger say they had to get the prisms Billy and Adam had brought or they were all lost forever.
-   Red and Yellow avoided another blast but were scrambled and demorphed while reaching for the prisms.
-   Once all six teens were amnesic, Bulk and Skull confronted Scatterbrain with the prisms.
-   Scatterbrain planned to take the teens back to the moon.
-   Bulk and Skull were blasted by Scatterbrain's ray, but stray beams through the prisms turned the teens back into Rangers and restored their memories.
-   The Rangers woke up Bulk and Skull, telling them they'd taken a serious hit.
-   Groggy, Skull asked, "Power Rangers...? Did you save us?"; White Ranger replied, "Huh, are you kidding? You're the ones who saved us!," and remarked to the others, "They don't remember a thing."
-   A grow bomb enlarged Scatterbrain.
-   Red Ranger said the monster's name in Bulk and Skull's presence.
-   With Bulk and Skull semi-conscious near them, Red Ranger called the Zords with a call of, "We need Thunderzord power, now!" and the five Rangers individually summoned their Thunderzords in the following sequence:

Black Ranger: "Mastodon Lion Thunderzord power!"
- Mastodon apparently transforms into Lion
Pink Ranger: "Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord power!"
- Pterodactyl apparently transforms into Firebird
Blue Ranger: "Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord power!"
- Triceratops apparently transforms into Unicorn
Yellow Ranger: "Sabertoothed Tiger Griffin Thunderzord power!"
- Sabertoothed Tiger apparently transforms into Griffin
Red Ranger: "Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord power!"
- Tyrannosaurus apparently transforms into Red Dragon

-   After the five Rangers had leapt up to their Zords (not shown), leaving White Ranger behind, the Thunder Megazord fought Scatterbrain in the mountains.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed Scatterbrain.
-   Bulk and Skull told the people in the Youth Center about how they saved the Rangers by pulling the teeth out of a monster's jaws.
-   A girl remarked, "If they saved your lives, the least they could do is come by and say thank you."; Bulk and Skull pretended that the Rangers were busy (in the bathroom, Skull said) and would meet them later.
-   Kim and Aisha told Bulk and Skull they had been looking for them all day, and that they believed that they had saved the Rangers, for the following reasons:
Kim: "Besides the fact that... you're strange..."
Aisha: "you... come through in a pinch."
Kim: "Yeah, and... and you're courageous and honorable."
Bulk: "And honest, and upright..."
Skull: "and intelligent, and responsible... and available...!"
Bulk: "You wanna go out?"
Kim: "All right, you guys, let's not get carried away that far."

-   In the Youth Center, Rocky enjoyed Ernie's pachinko machine a bit too much, then Zedd put an irresponsibility spell on him.
-   Serpentera flew in front of the moon, then headed to Earth.
-   Skull had apparently been spending some serious time researching data.
-   Skull had found that monster attacks for the last six months corresponded with Ernie's days off.
-   Billy and young Kayla both wondered what was wrong with the irresponsible and rude Rocky.
-   As Serpentera approached, Putties attacked the five teens (Rocky absent) in the park near the playground.
-   During the fight, Aisha called Zordon, and Alpha then called Rocky, who answered the call by the arcade games in the Juice Bar.
-   Rocky left and then ran up to the park, but played on the playground rather than joining in the fight.
-   After the fight, the pachinko machine vanished from the Juice Bar in a white lightning bolt while Ernie's back was turned, confusing him.
-   Pachinko Head appeared in the park from a white lightning bolt.
-   Pachinko Head was created from the pachinko machine with which Rocky had been unhealthily obsessed.
-   The six teens morphed, but Red Ranger kept playing around on his own.
-   Pachinko Head turned the Blue, Pink, and Yellow Rangers into silver spheres.
-   Red Ranger and Pachinko Head kicked a sphere back and forth.
-   Black Ranger was turned into a sphere while fighting Pachinko Head, and the monster then turned Red Ranger into a sphere as well.
-   White Ranger distracted Pachinko Head with a frisbee, collected the spheres, and teleported to the Command Center.
-   In the amusement park, Pachinko Head sped up rides with his powers.
-   White Ranger teleported to the park, where Saba spoke with him.
-   Pachinko Head wanted to play hide-and-seek with White Ranger, but a grow bomb from Serpentera above enlarged the monster.
-   White Ranger called the Tigerzord after Pachinko Head had almost completely destroyed a building downtown.
-   Tigerzord fought Pachinko Head downtown.
-   In the battle, White Ranger was soon ejected into the forest when Tigerzord was damaged by the monster's blasts.
-   Red Ranger soon morphed and teleported from the Command Center to somewhere, where he called the Red Dragon, which fought Pachinko Head in place of the damaged Tigerzord.
-   The four other teens soon morphed and teleported from the Command Center to somewhere and called their Zords.
-   Several buildings had taken heavy damage by the time the Thunder Megazord confronted the monster downtown.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed Pachinko Head, after which Serpentera flew over the city and landed.
-   An energy bolt from Serpentera's mouth disassembled the Megazord, ejecting the four Rangers.
-   The Red Dragon Warrior Mode was nearly stomped, but Tor arrived and gave the Red Dragon shelter.
-   Serpentera knocked Tor over and tried to crush it, but Serpentera's eyes dimmed and it grew still, then flew away to the moon.
-   A reporter on an unseen broadcast, either on radio or TV, spoke, "Once again the courageous Power Rangers have saved our city."
-   After the Rangers' latest victory, Bulk and Skull were disappointed to find that Ernie had been in the Juice Bar the whole time during the attack.
-   The pachinko machine returned, and Rocky turned down Ernie's offer to play.

-   Miss Appleby's class learned about the power of TV as a communication medium.
-   That night, the Power Rangers were on national TV to spread their message about the power of education; the next day in class, Miss Appleby was going to have the class discuss how what the Rangers said had affected them personally.
-   Skull asked Bulk if he was going to come to his house to watch the show, but Bulk had a plan to unmask the Rangers on national TV.
-   As they walked in the park overlooking the lake, the six teens were attacked by Goldar and Putties, and they morphed.
-   Red Ranger soon kicked Goldar down, and he and the Putties retreated.
-   The Rangers then planned to get to the TV station.
-   Before the show, the audience of the Harvey Garvey Show chanted, "We want the Power Rangers!" over and over.
-   Harvey introduced the Rangers with the following speech: "You've come to know them and love them as superheroes, battling against unbeatable odds, fighting monsters of all shapes and sizes, protecting us from the forces of evil. They are proponents of goodwill and brotherly love, and here they are on their first national television appearance as the worldwide ambassadors of the International Education Council. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the one and only Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!"
-   During Harvey's speech was a video montage which included the following footage: the Thunder Megazord, Yellow Ranger flipping over the camera and fighting Putties, giant Magnetbrain's magnet electrocuting the Thunder Megazord, Red Ranger flipping over the camera and fighting Putties, giant Silverhorns blasting the Red Dragon Warrior Mode, White Ranger spinning over the camera with Saba, the Thunder Megazord slashing the Jaws of Destruction monster, Pink Ranger jumping past the camera, the Thunder Megazord brandishing its saber, Black Ranger fighting Putties, the Thunder Megazord doing its Thunder Saber finishing move, Blue Ranger backflipping over the camera, and finally, the Thunder Megazord sheathing its saber.
?   Nearly all of the montage's clips of the Rangers in action would have required Rangers to have flipped over or near news cameras in the middle of their battles.
?   The montage included shots of White Ranger fighting Goldar (Goldar not shown) and the Thunder Megazord fighting the giant Jaws of Destruction, both from 237-FoFr, four episodes later.
-   Coming onstage, the six Rangers did brief martial arts moves accompanied by pyrotechnic spark jets, with White Ranger wielding Saba.
-   The Rangers' body posture and physical interactions as they sat down showed they were all friendly with each other.
-   From right to left, with Harvey on the far right, the Rangers sat in the order Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Yellow, and White.
-   Each of the Rangers all spoke on air at least once.
-   A transcript of the first segment of the show follows:

Harvey: "You know, it really is an honor having you all here today."
White Ranger: "Well, Harvey, we're here to spread a message to kids all over the world, the way to be cool is to stay in school."
Yellow Ranger: "Yeah, you got that right!"
Red Ranger: "It's the only way to get ahead."
Harvey: "That's great advice, Rangers."

?   There was no security offstage where Bulk and Skull tampered with sandbags during the commercial break.
-   After the break, the show continued:
Harvey: "We're back. Now Rangers, did staying in school help you to become Power Rangers?"
Blue Ranger: "Well, let's put it this way. You can't be a Power Ranger without first developing your mind."
White Ranger: "You got it."
Yellow Ranger: "And try to get good grades."
White Ranger: "It helps." (chuckles)
Black Ranger: "Our education has even helped us to outsmart Zedd's evil monsters."
White Ranger: "Every single one of those monsters we've faced had some special skill that required us to use our heads."
Harvey: "Now can you give us an example of that?"
Pink Ranger: "Sure. There was a monster called Pudgy Pig who was devouring the entire world's food supply. The planet was in terrible danger. No one was safe, he seemed so unstoppable. It was horrible. [flashback] He even ate our weapons." (chuckles)
Harvey: "What did you do?"
Blue Ranger: "Well, we used our heads and reasoned that Pudgy Pig couldn't stomach spicy foods."
Pink Ranger: "So, we fed him some spicy radishes and made him so sick. It was totally gross. And it worked, and that porker began to spit up all of our weapons."
Blue Ranger: "In the end, the radishes completely incapacited the monster."
Harvey: "Fantastic! You really do use your heads. Rangers, we'll come back to the issue of education in just a minute, but first, [...?...] there a lot of viewers out there who are eager for a little more Power Ranger action. Isn't that right, kids?"
- audience cheers
Harvey: "Now, can you show our viewers how you do those incredible flying kicks?"
Yellow Ranger: "Sure, Mr. Garvey. How about if we give you a little lesson?"
- Red and Yellow happily give Harvey instruction on doing a flying kick, with Red saying the most important thing is to focus
- Harvey falls flat on his back, making the audience bust out laughing
- Harvey tells the kids not to try this one at home

-   A white lightning bolt made a camera backstage vanish, and the Showbiz monster appeared on a bridge in downtown Angel Grove.
-   After another commercial break, the show continued:
Harvey: "White Ranger, this one's for you."
White: "Okay."
Harvey: "What ever happened to the Green Ranger?"
White Ranger (amused): "Well, Harvey, this is kind of a long story, but I really prefer to just focus on the present."
Alpha (on the communicator, after its beep is heard): "Come in, Rangers. Do you read me? It's another of Zedd's monsters!"
White Ranger (into left wrist): "What does Zordon want us to do?"
Alpha: "Teleport here at once!"
White Ranger: "Gotcha. We're outta here!"
- Rangers stand
Harvey: "Wait a minute, who was that? Where are you guys going?"
White Ranger: "Sorry, Harvey, duty calls. But remember kids, don't be a fool..."
Audience: "Stay in school!"
- Rangers teleport out to the Command Center
Harvey: "Good luck, Rangers!"

-   Because the traditional tune of the Rangers' communicators (click here to listen) was heard on national TV, all those who had heard or would hear the teens' bracelets/watches beeping could have identified the tunes as being the same as those used by the Rangers' communicators.
-   Trying to tackle where the Rangers had been, Bulk and Skull collided with Harvey on national TV just after the Rangers had left.
-   Harvey didn't even want to know who Bulk and Skull were, and Bulk said they were friends of the Power Rangers.
-   From the Command Center, the Rangers teleported to the park where Showbiz was, and Putties attacked.
-   Goldar arrived to confront White Ranger, who was merely watching the fight; the two had a swordfight.
-   After the Putties were defeated, a grow bomb enlarged Showbiz, and the five Rangers called their Zords.
-   The Megazord fought Showbiz in mountains.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed Showbiz, and Goldar then retreated.
-   The next day, Miss Appleby was particularly thrilled by last night's event.
-   A student in Miss Appleby's class remarked, "If the Power Rangers think school is cool, then so do I."
-   When asked what he'd thought of the broadcast, Rocky replied with a smile, "Well, Miss Appleby, they really reached out and touched me."
-   Miss Appleby got a fax from Jason, Trini, and Zack in Switzerland which read, "Hi, gang. We just wanted you to know that everyone here at the Peace Conference in Geneva was touched by the Power Rangers' message. Education is perhaps the single most important stepping stone to worldwide peace. We miss you all."
-   Bulk and Skull came in late to class, thinking they were stars now.

-   Another day after Aisha had been made Fire Safety Captain, Bulk and Skull had joined the Wanna-be Firefighters Club, since, Bulk figured, where there was fire there was trouble, and where there was trouble there were the Power Rangers.
-   On a run in the park after school, Rocky, Tommy, and Adam were attacked by Putties.
-   Aisha was overly demanding with Ernie about getting his minor fire hazards fixed immediately.
-   After the Putty fight, Tommy went back to the Youth Center to tell the others about the attack.
-   As Bulk and Skull walked in the park, a white lightning bolt in the forest nearby summoned Flame Head on a white horse, and the monster blew fire at a barbeque near Bulk and Skull.
-   Flame Head was inspired by Aisha's being made Fire Safety Captain.
-   Before Bulk and Skull had noticed her, Flame Head declared to herself that she would reduce Angel Grove to ashes unless the Rangers did as she commanded.
-   As Skull tried to convince Bulk just to yell "fire" to try to lure in the Rangers, Flame Head blew a stream of fire from somewhere unseen, setting a trash can near them on fire; as they ran screaming, the monster set more cans and bushes on fire, and they ran and jumped in the lake, then looked back and continued yelling.
-   With Bulk and Skull last shown looking back toward the monster, Rocky, Tommy, and Adam ran up to the area of flaming bins and confronted Flame Head, then morphed.
-   Flame Head blew fire at the three Rangers repeatedly, but White Ranger then kicked her off her horse.
-   Flame Head told the Rangers they should have told Zordon to give them fireproof boots.
-   A TV reporter spoke, "And now, a special Angel Grove news bulletin. We take you to Angel Grove Park."; an on-site reporter continued, "Mysterious fires have broken out all over Angel Grove. The fire department is baffled and just about reached its limits. We'll keep you updated with any new developments. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program."
-   From somewhere in the Youth Center, Billy, Kim, and Aisha teleported to the Command Center; Aisha soon morphed and teleported to the park alone.
-   Putties attacked, and Yellow Ranger proceeded to interrupt the others' fights, even inadvertantly kicking one Putty into Black Ranger.
-   The three others talked amongst themselves as Yellow Ranger finished up the fight.
-   Immediately after the fight, the four Rangers were teleported to the Command Center.
-   Soon, Kim and Billy morphed, and the six Rangers all teleported back to the park to fight Flame Head.
-   Following Yellow Ranger's idea, the Rangers held arms and charged up with white energy, blowing Flame Head's flame attack back at the monster.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Flame Head.
?   All six Rangers summoned the Thunderzords, but only the Thunder Megazord fought Flame Head in the mountains.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed Flame Head.
-   The teens were later in the Juice Bar.
-   After they'd been kicked off the Wanna-Be Firefighters Club, Bulk was upset they hadn't even seen a Power Ranger.
-   Bulk and Skull were panicked by the flaming candles on Aisha's congratulatory cake for her being fire safety captain.

-   During a scavenger hunt contest, Bulk and Skull were dressed up as gypsies, and with them was Gypsy Aballonia, whom Bulk said would use her special gypsy powers to find the Rangers' secret identities.
-   Billy doubted that Gypsy Aballonia had any real power.
-   As Billy, Aisha, and Rocky walked through the park on their scavenger hunt some time after getting a toy cannon from Billy's garage, they were attacked by Putties.
-   After the fight, three Putties ran away with the three teens' scavenger hunt bag.
-   Billy called Tommy over the communicator as Tommy, Kim, and Adam were alone in the hall at Angel Grove High.
-   Soon afterward, Gypsy Aballonia sensed the Rangers' vibrations upon approaching Adam, Kim, and Tommy in the deserted hallway of Angel Grove High.
-   Bulk was dizzy from dancing around Gypsy Aballonia, but Skull said it was just the scavengers.
-   Soon, a white lightning bolt summoned Cannontop in a field of tall grass.
-   Cannontop was created from a toy cannon which had been on Billy, Aisha, and Rocky's scavenger hunt list.
-   Zordon called Billy, Aisha, and Rocky, who were in the park; the three morphed and teleported to Cannontop's location.
-   Alpha then called Tommy, Kim, and Adam, who were outdoors somewhere, and they morphed and also teleported to Cannontop's location, which appeared to be in the park.
-   The Power Blaster's energy beam didn't destroy Cannontop, but a grow bomb then enlarged the monster.
-   The six Rangers called their Zords, and Red Dragon Warrior Mode rode on the Tigerzord in the mountains, where Cannontop was.
-   Saba called Tor, and the giant turtle's fingertips blasted Cannontop.
-   The Megatigerzord confronted Cannontop in the mountains just outside industrial area, and its Firebird attack destroyed the monster.
-   After the battle, Red Dragon Warrior Mode shook hands with and nodded at the Megatigerzord.
-   Later, the teens had gotten back the stolen scavenger hunt items.
-   The last scavenger hunt clue was, "They're the colors of the rainbow and they fight villains too. Find a picture of them and that will do."
-   Ernie had an 8x10" glossy of the Power Rangers in the Juice Bar's back room, and he went in the direction of the basement door to get it.
-   Gypsy Aballonia felt the presence of the Power Rangers at the Juice Bar, where only the six teens were.
-   Aballonia called herself the "Princess Aballonia," and she was certain about the Rangers' presence.
-   Ernie's picture of the Rangers had the Black, Yellow, Red, Pink, and Blue Rangers posing in front of a blue background, with the White Ranger posing behind them.
-   Bulk and Skull thought Gypsy Aballonia had merely led them to the picture of the Rangers and thus fired her.

-   While Aisha, Adam, and Billy played frisbee in the park, Bookala's small spaceship flew overhead.
-   In a book on UFO's, Bulk read about the powers of the ability to fly unassisted, disappearance on command, and super strength, and concluded that the Rangers were definitely extraterrestrials, and they drew white lines on the grass in the park to attract UFOs and the Rangers.
-   Zedd was chasing the small alien ship in Serpentera when the ship crash-landed in Angel Grove.
-   The three teens examined the craft once it had crashed near a tree in the park, and Billy called Zordon.
-   Meanwhile, Serpentera was approaching the city.
-   As Adam got their picnic blanket, weak energy bolts from Serpentera struck around the teens.
-   The three picked up the ship in the blanket and teleported to the Command Center, where the others soon were.
-   Zedd had been chasing Bookala across the galaxy.
-   Minutes later, Aisha, Billy, and Adam went to a workshop with Bookala to construct a fake spacecraft and Bookala doll.
-   Some time later, Tommy called Aisha from the Command Center to check on their progress; he soon called them back to tell them about Serpentera's approach.
-   Weldo smashed through some boxes in the workshop and blasted at the three teens.
-   The three morphed, then soon ran out with Bookala to escape Weldo's blasting.
-   Tommy, Kim, and Rocky morphed and teleported to the others' location.
-   Outside, Weldo blasted Bookala, provoking Blue Ranger to destroy the monster with a single laser from his Blade Blaster.
-   White Ranger called the Command Center, and after Blue Ranger had spoken with Bookala, the alien teleported away to the Command Center with pink energy.
-   Once the fake Bookala doll and diamond had been put on the ship, Goldar and Putties attacked to get the Lightning Diamond.
-   Goldar got past the Rangers and stole the fake diamond, and he and the Putties left.
-   Blue Ranger called the Command Center.
-   Soon in the industrial park, the Rangers were helmetless with Bookala, saying goodbye; visible from their location was a road.
-   Bookala made it snow, then shrank himself into the ship, and it flew away, soon flying over Bulk and Skull in the park.
-   Serpentera, in space, was heading for Angel Grove when it ran out of power, just as Bookala's ship flew by.
-   A white lightning bolt turned the fake Bookala doll into a monster, near the now-helmeted Rangers.
-   A grow bomb enlarged the evil Bookala, and the five Rangers called the Thunderzords, leaving White Ranger behind.
-   The Megazord confronted evil Bookala in the mountains outside an industrial area.
-   Evil Bookala called himself "Bad Bookala" and talked about being like their little friend escaping in his spaceship.
-   The Thunder Saber sliced evil Bookala's tongue after it had wrapped around the Megazord.
-   After the Megazord's whirlwind attack, the Thunder Saber destroyed evil Bookala.
-   Trini and the guys wrote to the teens on a postcard saying hi and that the people were great but that they still missed the teens.
-   Bulk and Skull showed the people in the Youth Center the photos from the park, claiming they had found the identities of the Rangers, without first checking the photos and realizing that they showed nothing.

-   Aisha told her old friend from Stone Canyon, Shawna, that she hadn't been able to do anything about having to transfer.
-   In shop class with the guys, Bulk and Skull, having heard about "the new thing the Power Rangers do, jetting," built jetpacks to catch up with the Rangers.
-   Some time later, Bulk and Skull's defective jetpacks sent them running around the park with sparks shooting from the packs.
-   While Kim, Aisha, and Shawna had a picnic in the park in hopes of Shawna getting along with Kim, Goldar arrived, and Aisha called him by name; Kim and Aisha had Shawna get behind them.
-   Shawna was shocked, saying it was the monster she'd seen on the news.
-   Goldar teleported Kim and Shawna away to the Cave of Despair with energy from his sword.
-   Now alone, Aisha tried to call the guys, but they couldn't hear their communicators because of their ear protection in the shop room.
-   Aisha ran into their class, and the guys, alone in the room, ran out with her.
-   A white lightning bolt then made a saw in the shop room vanish, and the Jaws of Destruction monster appeared in the park with another bolt.
-   The Jaws of Destruction was created from a saw immediately after the guys had been in shop class.
-   Putties guarded the forcefield in the cave in which Kim and Shawna were trapped.
-   The five teens teleported to the Command Center from somewhere.
-   Soon, the five teens morphed and jetted through the sky, flying over the park from which Bulk and Skull watched.
-   Four of the Rangers landed in the mountainous park area to fight the Jaws of Destruction and were attacked by Putties; White Ranger, meanwhile, landed and fought Putties outside the entrance to the Cave of Despair.
-   Shawna dreamily recognized the White Ranger when he entered the cave dimension.
-   White Ranger sliced through the forcefield with Saba, only giving Shawna time to pass through.
-   Shawna didn't want to leave without Kim, but White Ranger had Alpha teleport her out, saying into his left wrist, "Alpha, teleport Shawna home right away," to which Alpha replied, "Teleportation initiated, Tommy."
-   Shawna teleported away with white energy, and Kim then morphed to free herself.
-   Outside the cave, with Goldar confronting them, White Ranger had Pink go to help the others, calling her "Kim," and she teleported away after calling him "Tommy."
-   Goldar called White Ranger "Tommy" at the start of their fight, during which White Ranger did his spinning sword attack through the air as was shown on the Harvey Garvey Show in 233-LiCA.
-   After the five Rangers' Putty fight, a grow bomb enlarged the Jaws of Destruction, and the five called their Zords.
-   The Megazord fought the Jaws of Destruction in the mountains, and the Thunder Saber ultimately destroyed the monster.
-   White Ranger soon defeated Goldar, letting Goldar pick up his sword and retreat, which he did calling White Ranger "Tommy."

-   A girl reassured young Dougie, who was afraid to swim in the lake, that the Power Rangers protected Angel Grove.
-   Bulk and Skull tried to lure in the Power Rangers by swimming in the lake with shark fins on.
-   After riding out into the lake with lifeguard Rocky on a waverunner, Billy told Bulk and Skull, "You're lucky the Power Rangers didn't catch you. I don't think they'd appreciate being called into action if there's not really any monsters to deal with."
-   Kim, Adam, and Tommy were scuba diving in the lake; meanwhile, a white lightning bolt at the other side of the lake summoned Slippery Shark.
-   Alpha called lifeguard Rocky, and he left, having fellow lifeguard Steve watch his post, saying he had an emergency.
-   In front of Dougie, Rocky held his communicator and told Aisha and Billy they had to go, and Aisha told Dougie they had a little emergency, and the three ran off.
-   Under a tree near the lake, the three morphed and teleported to the other side of the lake.
-   Soon, a white lightning bolt summoned Pirantishead and Goo Fish.
-   Soon after that, Commander Crayfish leapt in, and Blue, Red, and Yellow weren't doing well.
-   During the fight, Red Ranger called Alpha for help.
-   As the three scuba divers got out of the lake, where kids could be heard playing nearby, Alpha called them, and they morphed and teleported to the others' side of the lake to help.
-   Soon, a white lightning bolt made Bulk and Skull's innertube vanish, stranding them in the lake.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Tube Monster, of the same design as Pipebrain but bearing the color stripes of Bulk and Skull's innertube, downtown, where there were a number of highly damaged, even flaming, buildings.
-   Tube Monster spoke his own name.
-   Zordon called the Rangers, and while White Ranger continued fighting the fish monsters, the other five Rangers called the Zords and fought Tube Monster downtown with the Megazord.
-   The Thunder Saber destroyed Tube Monster.
-   Saba spoke to White Ranger as he fought the four fish monsters at once.
-   After White Ranger had struck all of the monsters with Saba, the monsters crackled with white electricity on the ground and vanished together.
-   Rocky, Billy, and Aisha ran up soon after the Rangers' victory, just in time to see the end of Dougie's rescue of Bulk and Skull.

-   The Rock of Time was a large rock apparently in the mountains with other similar rocks; a lightning bolt from Zedd made it glow with yellow energy, and another made it glow with reddish-yellow energy.
-   A red energy disc went around the planet, turning it backwards in time.
-   While Miss Appleby had her students give presentation on things from their childhood, Billy noticed the clock going backwards, and Miss Appleby and the students were confused.
-   A white energy swirl turned everyone back roughly eight years, and they continued on in their business, which had been altered to match their new younger ages, without their noticing it.
-   As the ex-Ranger kids played dodgeball in the park while young Bulk and Skull watched, Putties attacked, and the kids didn't know who they were; Billy guessed they'd come from another planet.
-   The kids tried to fight the attackers, and Tommy eventually learned that they had to hit the Z to break them; Bulk even got in a destruction after this discovery.
-   Soon, a white lightning bolt turned a lost Polaroid camera in the park (dropped by a couple scared by young Bulk and Skull) into the Photomare monster.
-   Photomare trapped the six Ranger kids in a photo with Ranger-colored beams while Bulk and Skull watched.

-   When the wind blew the photo to Bulk and Skull, they ran off to get it to a grownup despite Photomare's order for them to give it to him.
-   Goldar appeared in the park to confront Bulk and Skull, and Photomare caught up with them.
-   Bulk didn't suppose Goldar was a goodguy.
-   Goldar demanded they give him the photo.
-   Goldar's breath stank.
-   Goldar used Photomare's name.
-   Alpha arrived in white energy, with Goldar calling him "Zordon's bucket of bolts."
-   Bulk and Skull ran off after Alpha had frozen Goldar and Photomare with his stun device; they ran into Mr. Caplan in Angel Grove High.
-   When Bulk and Skull told Mr. Caplan about the gold baboon, the camera monster, and the little red martian chasing them, and Tommy and the others' being trapped in the photo, he dragged them off to detention for lying and had them each write an essay on the evils of lying.
-   Young Skull somehow knew young Tommy.
-   Alpha teleported into the main hallway in Angel Grove High in front of Mr. Caplan, carrying his descrambler; Mr. Caplan said hello, then Alpha realized he'd teleported to the wrong hallway and teleported away.
-   Alpha appeared in Miss Appleby's room, where he used the descrambler device to make Bulk and Skull fall asleep and lose their recent memories with two pink energy beams.
-   Alpha explained the story to the six kids after bringing them from the photo.
-   Zordon communicated with Alpha from afar.
-   Once restored to their proper ages, the teens morphed and teleported to the park to fight Photomare, who was turning everyone around him into photographs.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Photomare, and Red Ranger called the Red Dragon after speaking with White Ranger.
-   Red Dragon Warrior Mode fought Photomare in the mountains just outside an industrial area.
-   From a photocopy from his head, Photomare created Copyzord (as he called it), a duplicate of the Red Dragon Warrior Mode.
-   In a barren area with huge powerline towers around, Goldar summoned Putties which White Ranger fought.
-   Soon, the other four Rangers called their Zords, and the Megazord fought Copyzord while White Ranger fought Goldar beneath the powerline towers.
-   White Ranger soon used Saba in a swordfight.
-   The Thunder Saber blasted Copyzord and Photomare, then destroyed the two as they rushed at the Megazord.
-   After being defeated, Goldar was confronted by the other Rangers as well once they'd leapt down from the Megazord.
-   The Rock of Time had begun to destabilize the planet's foundation.
-   Zordon called the Rangers, and after Goldar had retreated, the Rangers teleported away but were then shown jetting over the mountains; they materialized at the base of a mountain which they then ran up.
-   On the mountain, Goldar and Putties confronted the Rangers.
-   White lightning bolts summoned Invenusable Flytrap, Dramole, and Oysterizer; Black Ranger Adam, who had not been around during the Ranger's first fight with Oysterizer, knew the oyster monster's name.
-   The Rangers soon regrouped and summoned the Power Weapons.
-   The Power Bow made Oysterizer vanish, the Power Lance made Dramole vanish, and the Power Axe made Invenusable Flytrap vanish.
-   The White and Yellow Rangers defeated Goldar, making him retreat.
-   The Rangers summoned the Power Cannon and used it to destroy the Rock of Time.
-   With time restored, Bulk and Skull were asleep and alone in Miss Appleby's room when Rocky, Aisha, and Kim came in, and Mr. Caplan entered as well and woke them up, asking if they were finished with the essays.
-   Neither Bulk, Skull, nor Mr. Caplan remembered why they'd been sent to detention.

-   The teens' class was picked to represent the United States in Australia, and Bulk and Skull were in the teens' group.
-   The teens had been told about Zedd's upcoming recharge.
-   While the teens were at an outdoor restaurant during the day in Australia, Rita's dumpster crashed on the moon, making a rumbling sound heard on Earth and some flashes in the Australian sky.
-   Alpha went for a walk in the mountains near the Command Center.
-   As Alpha bent over, Putties and Finster appeared behind him, and Finster inserted a disc into his back, then they left, leaving Alpha stumbling around before he returned to the Command Center.
-   As the teens' group split up for shopping, Alpha called the teens.
-   The teens soon went to an area apparently hidden from view and morphed and teleported into the abandoned Spectre Theater (a power vortex) in Angel Grove, leaving their bags behind in the alley in Australia.
-   Minutes later, White Ranger tried calling Alpha but got an offline tone; they'd been trying for some time to call the Command Center.

-   Some time later when Bulk and Skull discovered the teens' bags and planned to steal them, they were suddenly teleported into the outback in explorer clothes with white energy.
-   Some time after that, the Rangers ran out from the Spectre Theater into a desert area with Rhinoblaster and Peckster chasing them.
-   Two grow bombs enlarged the two monsters, and the five Rangers soon called their Thunderzords.
-   The Rangers were shown leaping up to the Zords once they had arrived, and White Ranger then called the Tigerzord.
-   The Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord fought Peckster and Rhinoblaster, respectively, downtown, where a number of buildings were already heavily damaged.
-   Peckster was still a silly monster.
-   Rhinoblaster and Peckster both said Peckster's name.
-   During the fight, the Zords fell over when they were blasted, and the Rangers were ejected and teleported back to the Spectre Theater.
-   Blue Ranger tried calling the Command Center but still couldn't get through.
-   Peckster and Rhinoblaster soon returned to the theater in normal size.

-   From this point on, Rita's planetoid could regularly be seen outside the moon palace, ninety degrees to the right of Earth from the palace's view.
-   Some time later after the Rangers had been teleported back to the Spectre Theater, there were fireworks over the moon palace.
-   In the theater, Red Ranger's energized punch made the ground quake.
-   Standing on the moon, Serpentera charged up, then flew in front of the moon with an enormous flaming "Just Married" banner behind it.
-   The Rangers eventually ran out from the theater through the desert, but monsters (Invenusable Flytrap and Saliguana, then Soccadillo and Rhinoblaster) arrived to confront them.
-   Blue Ranger pointed one way, toward the Command Center, and the Rangers ran in that direction a short while before spotting the Command Center on its mountain with all the monsters chasing after them.
-   Robogoat, Putties, Lizzinator, and other monsters were also in the chase to the Command Center's mountain.
-   Meanwhile, Serpentera was flying toward Earth.
-   Soon, the Rangers had made it into the Command Center.
-   Many of the monsters in the army of monsters had soon grown and had been sent to Angel Grove.
-   The six Rangers teleported to the mountains, where they called the Zords and leapt up to them.
-   The Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord fought Saliguana, Robogoat, Dramole, Grumble Bee, Soccadillo, and Eye Guy in the mountains, apparently near an industrial area.
-   Robogoat said the name of his Robo-Staff.
-   After some time, the Thunder Saber destroyed Soccadillo, Tigerzord's Thunderbolt destroyed Eye Guy, the saber destroyed Dramole, the Thunderbolt destroyed Robogoat, the saber destroyed Saliguana, and the Thunderbolt destroyed Grumble Bee.
-   Serpentera flew away from the city, as though it had been quite close, and headed back to the moon.
-   The teens' teleportation streaks were shown flying back down to the Australian city from afar while their chaperon was looking for the teens.
-   The teens appeared where they'd left their bags just before the chaperon found them.
-   Bulk and Skull were soon teleported back to their original location (where the teens' bags were now missing) in white energy in their normal clothes, and they decided nothing had happened.

-   Miss Appleby's assignment for the teens and Bulk and Skull's class over the three-day weekend was to write an essay on which time period in which they would have liked to have lived.
-   The Wizard of Deception appeared in the park.
-   As Bulk and Skull walked by him, the wizard shot red energy bolts from his eyes which hypnotized Bulk and Skull.
-   The wizard gave Bulk a pair of scissors to bring him a sample of Tommy's hair so that he could clone another of his image and strength.
-   Swirling blue energy from the wizard's wand jolted Bulk and Skull's feet and made them scamper away.
-   As Tommy and Kim chatted on a bench in the park, Bulk tried to cut some of Tommy's hair, but they were frightened off when Tommy caught twice.
-   The wizard knocked Bulk and Skull out after they'd returned empty-handed.
-   The wizard appeared near Tommy as he walked alone in the park.
-   Tommy called the Command Center, and Putties attacked him.
-   Alpha called the three other guys in a pavilion, and he then presumably called Kim and Aisha as well.
-   The five teens teleported to the park together and fought Putties.
-   As two Putties restrained Tommy, the Wizard of Deception knocked him down with an energy bolt, and a Putty cut off a lock of his hair and gave it to the wizard, who left.
-   The Putties danced and then left as well.
-   Elsewhere, the wizard turned the hair into a Tommy clone.
-   Billy had soon called Zordon and talked about the Wizard of Deception.
-   Tommy was weakened and had a headache, so he headed home.
-   On his walk, Tommy was watched by his clone from the bushes.
-   The clone soon walked by a pond area and called the other five teens from a bench, telling him to meet them at the Angel Grove City Limits sign at the outskirts of town.
-   The teens soon ran up to the sign, where the clone was waiting, near a domed stadium.
-   Also closer to the area was a building in the background (with a person shown walking by inside the tinted windows in front), a person walking by only a few yards away, and a van driving up to the stadium to park, where it had to have passed just feet from the waiting clone.
-   Running up, the teens yelled out Tommy's name within earshot of the guy walking by, who apparently paid no attention to them.
-   The clone stopped Billy from using his communicator, and when Wizard of Deception appeared in the tree beside him, he stopped Adam from morphing.
-   The wizard warped the five teens away, into 1790's "colonial" Angel Grove, where their appearance frightened everyone around them, who thought they were witches.
-   The teens tried to explain they were from a different place ["in" or "and"] time.
-   Redcoats led by Skull's ancestor chased the teens, and a girl named Marissa, actually the niece of Bulk's ancestor Ben, hid them inside a stable.
-   Holding his head while walking in the park in the present, Tommy asked two girls if they'd seen the guys, and they said they hadn't but suggested Ernie's.
-   Nearby afterward, the clone confronted Tommy from the bushes, wearing different clothes (and a bandanna on his hair) from Tommy; they had both been seen in public, perhaps making some wonder how he'd changed clothes so quickly.

-   In the past, the five teens told Marissa their first names.
-   Billy explained everything to Marissa, including that they were from Angel Grove 200 years in the future, and something of how they'd traveled there, probably figuring out at that point that the clone hadn't been the real Tommy.
-   Billy tried to contact Alpha and Zordon by name in front of Marissa but got no response.
-   In the present, Bulk and Skull woke up, and only Bulk remembered the "lizard-faced" wizard; Skull thought it was just a weird dream, but Bulk was sure it had happened.
-   In the park where people had been walking recently, Tommy and his clone soon morphed and fought, White Ranger versus Green Ranger, as the Wizard of Deception watched.
-   Green Ranger eventually stood by the wizard's side.
-   As two redcoats sneaked up on the stable in the past, hearing what the teens were saying, the teens talked about possibly being trapped since they couldn't contact Zordon, about Tommy knowing where they were, and about being 200 years in the past.
-   The redcoats also heard Billy's name, Billy's trying to contact Alpha and Zordon, then Rocky suggesting they just morph.
-   When the two soldiers sprang out at the teens, Aisha called Skull's ancestor "Skull," confusing him.
-   The ancestor told Marissa she'd be punished for helping the witches.
-   During the fight in the present, the Wizard of Deception blasted White Ranger, making him collapse and demorph.
-   At this point, a car drove by in the very distant background.
-   The wizard talked with Green Ranger, then gave him his Power Coin and vanished.
-   In the past in front of the two redcoats, Adam told "Billy" (saying his name) they couldn't morph now, and Billy told "Rocky" (saying his name) just to play along.
-   Billy tried to explain everything.
-   In the present, Green Ranger teleported into the Command Center with his cloud teleportation.
-   While Billy tried to explain in the past, Rocky added that they too were citizens of Angel Grove.
-   Skull's ancestor wanted to arrest the teens, not believing Billy's story, whatever it was that he'd told them.
-   The teens and Marissa ran and hid in Marissa's uncle Ben's stagecoach.
-   In the present, Green Ranger eventually teleported away with the cloud effect, and he was back with the Wizard of Deception in the park.
-   The wizard vanished and appeared in 1790's Angel Grove in front of Ben, Marissa, and the five teens outside Ben's house just as Aisha was frightened by three rats.
-   Rocky was dismayed to see the wizard again.
-   The wizard told the teens, with Marissa and Ben listening, that he brought news from home: the city was about to be destroyed.
-   The wizard turned the three rats into monsters.
-   Rocky declared, "It's morphin' time!" and the teens reached behind their backs but couldn't summon their Morphers.
-   The teens, Ben, and Marissa fled from the rat monsters.
-   In the present, Green Ranger called Dragonzord from downtown, and it rose from the harbor near a loading company as usual.

-   In the park, Tommy slowly woke up.
-   A manager at the loading site had the workers clear the area with a megaphone as Dragonzord rose from the water.
-   In the past, people in Angel Grove Township, including the regiment of redcoats, ran from the rat monsters.
-   Going up some steps while disoriented in the present, Tommy asked Bulk and Skull if they'd see the guys, and they hadn't, nor did they care.
-   Walking away, Bulk blamed Tommy's condition on the martial arts.
-   Zordon called Tommy.
-   Tommy then fell down the stairs he was trying to go up them.
-   From on a building, the Wizard of Deception blasted Dragonzord with an energy bolt which gave it pupils.
-   Zordon again called Tommy, and he morphed in the park.
-   Dragonzord rampaged downtown, destroying things.
-   Putties attacked White Ranger in the park, and he defeated them quickly, then called the Tigerzord.
-   Dragonzord partially destroyed at least one building.
-   The Tigerzord Warrior Mode fought Dragonzord downtown.
-   Almost immediately, Dragonzord's tail whip knocked the Tigerzord over and ejected White Ranger into the park.
-   In the past, many people, perhaps all the people in the township, were fleeing from the rat monsters.
-   In the present, Green Ranger and the wizard confronted White Ranger in the park.
-   Soon, Zordon called White Ranger, and he then kicked the wand from the wizard's hand, kicked the wizard aside, and leapt over Green Ranger to get the wand.
-   With the wand, White Ranger warped away after calling Zordon.
-   In the past, White Ranger appeared on the gallows in the middle of the township, to where many people had fled.
-   Kim, below, loudly called White Ranger "Tommy."
-   Speaking in the presence of all the people below, White Ranger was glad the teens were safe, and he'd come to take them back, but they had to hurry, as the Green Ranger had unleashed the Dragonzord on Angel Grove.
-   White Ranger said they'd come back to finish the rats.
-   Adam asked Marissa to come with him, but she said this was her world and that he had to go to save his.
-   White Ranger told everyone as the teens gathered around him that they'd return to take care of the rats.
-   At least one person in the crowd yelled for the teens and White Ranger not to leave them.
-   Adam told Marissa he'd never forget her, and the six warped away, astounding the people.
-   In the park, White Ranger reappeared with the teens, and the five morphed and called the Thunderzords.
-   White Ranger disintegrated the Wizard of Deception with his own wand.
-   White Ranger had a talk with a crestfallen Green Ranger, who'd been freed from the wizard's control.
-   Meanwhile, the Megazord fought Dragonzord downtown.
-   As the Megazord charged up its saber, White Ranger yelled out for them to stop, saying they didn't have to do that anymore.
-   Green Ranger quickly blew the Dragon Dagger, making Dragonzord lose his pupils and fall over just before the Megazord would have used its saber's finishing move.
-   Green Ranger had Dragonzord get up and return to the sea.
-   White Ranger talked with Green to give him a pep talk, and the two then swirled away into the past.
-   White and Green fought the rat monsters near the center of town, where the people of the township had been chased.
-   Green Ranger used a flying blurry-streak kick.
-   The two Rangers used martial arts against the rat monsters.
-   White Ranger used superstrength to throw a rat by the tail.
-   After the rats had been thrown into a pile, White Ranger used the wizard's wand to return the rats to normal.
-   After the two Rangers' victory, the following scene ensued:

White Ranger: "Congratulations on a job well done, Green Ranger. (people gather around) But now, I think it's time we headed home."
Green Ranger: "I can't, Tommy. You said it yourself. Only one of us can exist in the same time."
White Ranger: "Zordon will think of something."
Green Ranger: "There's no place for me there. Let me stay here where I can do some good for a change."
Skull's ancestor: "He's always welcome to join... my regiment."
- everyone cheers
Green Ranger (touching Dragon Shield): "I don't think I'll be needing this anymore."
White Ranger: "Well, if your mind's made up..."
- White Ranger touches the wand to the Dragon Shield, and the Green Ranger suit seems to flow into the wand in the form of green energy bolts, and the clone was wearing an old-fashioned suit
White Ranger: "There you go. I wish you nothing but luck, my friend. I hope everything works out for you."
- clone turns away
White Ranger: "Hey, I'll never forget you!"
Clone: "You don't have much of a choice. I'm a part of you."
White Ranger (chuckling): "I dunno if the history books are ready for this."

-   The clone snapped his fingers and summoned a hat from green energy, astounding everyone.
-   White Ranger told the clone, "Take care, buddy," and then swirled away.
-   Skull's ancestor remarked, "Perhaps I spoke to soon about that regiment thing. Ah well, all's well that ends well."
-   Skull's ancestor and Ben shook hands.
-   One guy in the crowd said, "They saved our lives, and that's all that matters."
-   The people of the township were thankful for their lives' being saved.
-   Later in the park in the present, Adam met the apparent descendant of Marissa.

-   Kim and Tommy ran against each other in the student elections.
-   Bulk decided to run for school president so he would have access to the student files, and with those, he said, they could find out who the Rangers were.
-   In the park as Kim and Tommy walked, Squatt and Baboo, hiding in the bushes, made the two trip over a magic red rope in their path, making them super-competitive.
-   Some time later during Tommy and Kim's uncharacteristic mudslinging campaign for class president, a note for Tommy later appeared on his locker with red energy.
-   After reading the note, Tommy went to the park, where he was attacked by Goldar and Putties, and he morphed.
-   Zordon called the five teens when they were in the empty hallway at Angel Grove High which had just had other people walking by, and the teens then morphed and teleported to the park.
-   White Ranger was being beaten by the Putties and Goldar when the others arrived.
-   During the fight, Pink Ranger and White Ranger angrily argued with each other, ignoring the Putties and Goldar; this occurred during Tommy and Kim's uncharacteristic mudslinging.
-   After waiting a while as the two Rangers argued, Goldar soon punched Pink Ranger and grabbed Saba from the restrained White Ranger.
-   As Goldar walked away, Pink and White ran after him but collided with each other and yelled at each other in each other's faces before the others broke them up.
-   Goldar shot Saba's eyebeams at the Rangers, and they retreated to the Command Center.
-   Soon, Rita, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were in the park, with Rita holding Saba with a cloth tied around the saber's tiger head mouth.
-   The five Rangers teleported to the park, leaving White Ranger behind.
-   Rita summoned the Tigerzord, and the five Rangers called the Thunderzords.
-   White Ranger soon teleported back to the park and summoned a magnet device.
-   The Megazord and Tigerzord fought downtown; during the fight, the Megazord fell on a short building.
-   The Zords soon had a swordfight.
-   From the bushes in the park, White Ranger leapt out and used the magnet to pull Saba from Rita's hand to him.
-   The Zords then stopped fighting and teamed up near the park.
-   Rita angrily vanished with her fellow villains.
-   At the election speeches, Tommy withdrew from the campaign to let Kim win.

-   Tommy bought Kim a copy of Grumble the Magic Elf at the book fair at school.
-   Bulk bought a book called Monster Making Made Easy, by H.P. Toth.
-   Bulk planned for himself and Skull to build a monster to let loose on Angel Grove and unmask the Rangers when they showed up.
-   As Tommy, Kim, and Rocky were walking in the park, a red energy beam from above sent Kim's storybook flying from her hands into a nearby trashcan, where the book sucked the three teens into it.
-   Two guys soon found the book and took it to return it to the book fair.
-   Immediately after the two guys had left, Putties appeared and searched the trashcan for the book.
-   Running up behind the two guys in the park, the Putties warped into the book without the two guys noticing.
-   Later, in the gym alcove off the main hallway at school, Billy, Adam, and Aisha tried calling the others and got no response, then teleported to the Command Center.

-   Billy, Adam, and Aisha eventually left the Command Center and searched the book fair.
-   As Bulk and Skull later attempted to bring their monster to life in a workshop, a white lightning bolt created Turkeyjerk from their monster creation attempt.
-   Bulk and Skull ran screaming from the workshop with Turkeyjerk chasing them.
-   Inside the storybook, Kim, Tommy, and Rocky were in a cave in a blizzard; some people might have seen them if they'd opened the book.
-   The other three had soon teleported back to the Command Center with the storybook, then morphed and teleported to save Bulk and Skull, who were hiding in a tree from Turkeyjerk in the park.
-   Turkeyjerk thought Bulk and Skull were his parents, and he wanted to have fun with them.
-   Black Ranger said Turkeyjerk's name.
-   Turkeyjerk blasted Blue Ranger off the park bridge.
-   With Bulk and Skull watching the fight from a nearby tree, Yellow Ranger fairly loudly called Blue Ranger "Billy."
-   As the three fought Turkeyjerk, Black Ranger used the Power Axe.
-   Blue Ranger conversationally called Black Ranger "Adam."
-   Bulk and Skull were worried about the Rangers, worrying that their monster might destroy the Rangers, but Bulk told Skull not to be ridiculous, as the Power Rangers never lost.
-   Blue Ranger fairly loudly called Yellow Ranger "Aisha."
-   The three summoned the Power Cannon, which destroyed Turkeyjerk.
-   Bulk and Skull leapt out of the tree to get the Rangers to unmask them, but they only crashed on the ground nearby.
-   Blue Ranger told them to report back to the Command Center, and the three teleported away.
-   Minutes later, Mondo the Magician attacked somewhere.
-   The six teens morphed and teleported to the mountains to call their Zords.
-   Giant Mondo fought the Megazord and Tigerzord in the mountains.
-   Mondo summoned pink wisps which knocked the Megazord over.
-   Soon, two strikes from the Thunder Saber merely made Mondo falter, but he then exploded.
-   Bulk and Skull later donated their two books back to the book fair, saying their monster-making days were over.
-   Kim handed Bulk and Skull the Grumble storybook, and the two punks ran off when Grumble the elf, inside, waved and said hello.

-   In the Juice Bar with the other teens, Tommy gave Kim a rare cactus to finish her garden; his dad had brought it from Arizona; as Kim kissed Tommy, the cactus vanished with a white lightning bolt, leaving behind a bit of green goo.
-   Billy wiped up the goo with a napkin, stuck it in his pocket, and went to the locker hall with the others.
-   From the locker hall, five of the teens teleported to the Command Center, leaving the confused Kim behind.
-   Kim tried to call the others but was suddenly swept into a time hole in the lockers behind her.
-   Kim dropped out of the time hole in the mountains outside 1880's Angel Grove.
-   Kim tried to call Zordon and Tommy but got no response.
-   Kim then hid from One-Eyed Bulk and Doc Skullovitch, Bulk and Skull's outlaw ancestors, as they tried to rob the payroll stagecoach driven by Rocko and Abraham, Rocky and Adam's ancestors.
-   The White Stranger, presumably Tommy's ancestor, rode up, and One-Eye and Doc rode away after realizing they'd brought only joke guns.
-   The White Stranger went over to Kim and asked if he could help her, making her faint.
-   Kim woke up in Ernest's Juice Saloon.
-   Waking up, Kim asked Abraham (calling him "Adam") what he'd done to his hair, then asked where Tommy was.
-   Kim was at a table with Abraham, Rocko, William, and Miss Alicia, the ancestors of Adam, Rocky, Billy, and Aisha.
-   No one knew where the White Stranger was, but he simply appeared when people needed him.
-   Kim wandered into the street, apalling the people there with her relatively skimpy clothing.
-   In the present, Goldar, Needlenose, and Putties later walked through the mountains.
-   Needlenose had been created from the cactus Tommy had given Kim.
-   The five teens morphed and teleported to the mountains to confront the villains, at which point more Putties attacked.
-   In the past outside the Juice Saloon, Kim told the wild west teens she was "Calamity Kim."
-   One-Eyed Bulk and Doc Skullovitch stuck up the wild west teens and Kim.
-   During the fight in the present, the Rangers chased after the Putties which were getting away in one direction, but Goldar had the Rangers stop, and Needlenose's spines temporarily shot and paralyzed them.
-   In the past, Doc took Kim's communicator, which he called a charm bracelet, but was electrocuted by it.
-   Kim kicked the guns from One-Eye and Doc's hands, and Rocko and Abraham hauled them away to jail.
-   William picked up the communicator and told Kim it was an impressive device, gathering she wasn't from around there.
-   Some time later, Kim had told the wild west teens her story, including "Power Rangers" and "monsters."
-   Putties were soon attacking the town, taking people's clothes, riding on horses, and generally terrorizing everyone.
-   In the present, Goldar and Needlenose teleported to the Youth Center's locker hall, and the Rangers teleported there as well, too late to stop the two villains from entering the time hole in the locker wall just before it closed behind them.
-   The Rangers teleported back to the Command Center as teens.
-   According to Zordon, the present wouldn't change until Kim battled the monster in her time.
-   In the past, Goldar and Needlenose appeared from a time hole in the middle of town.
-   Goldar said there was a new top gun in town, Lord Zedd.

-   Goldar told the citizens that their new masters wanted him to welcome them to their new town of Zedd-and-Rita-ville.
-   Kim had told the wild west teens about Goldar.
-   Kim had the wild west teens run.
-   Goldar told Kim what he wanted was what he always wanted: the destruction of her and all the other Power Rangers.
-   At this time, no more people were in sight in the middle of town.
-   Kim told "Goldar" (calling him by name) he didn't stand a chance.
-   Kim morphed and confronted the Putties, Goldar, and Needlenose.
-   Goldar had the "Putties" (speaking their name) attack her.
-   After breaking out of jail, One-Eyed Bulk and Doc Skullovitch saw Pink Ranger fighting the Putties.
-   Pink Ranger soon teleported away from the villains to the Command Center.
-   Looking up into the sky after Pink Ranger's teleportation, One-Eye and Doc planned to find out who the "Pink Stranger" had been, to make them famous; they were then chased off by Putties.
-   The Command Center had what appeared to be wooden wings connected to the central core; around it were cacti.
-   Some time later, Kim was in a mountainous field, where the four wild west teens ran up to meet her.
-   Kim showed the wild west teens a box containing the four Power Coins.
-   William was reluctant, telling Kim they weren't heroes.
-   Kim told them that when she'd first gotten her Power Coin, she hadn't thought she was a hero either, but that they had to believe in themselves.
-   Rocko, then William, then Alicia, then Abraham agreed once Kim had told them they were the only ones who could stand between Zedd and the destruction of Earth.
-   The wild west teens were the first Earthlings to use the Power Coins.
-   The wild west teens and Kim later walked down the deserted town street, where the Putties were hiding for an ambush.
-   When the Putties attacked, the wild west teens scattered and attempted to fight back while Kim fought them expertly.
-   Goldar soon appeared on the gallows, calling Kim "Kimmie."
-   Goldar told Kim her power impostors couldn't fight Zedd's Putties and planned to consolidate his master's control of the world, then he vanished.
-   As the wild west teens and Kim were surrounded by Putties, the White Stranger rode up and fought off the Putties with martial arts.
-   When Goldar and Needlenose appeared, Kim announced, "It's morphin' time!" and all of the wild west teens appeared confused, with the exception of Alicia, who reached behind her back like Kim.
-   The wild west teens and Kim morphed in front of the White Stranger, with only Kim shown using a Power Morpher.
-   Pink Ranger told the four Wild West Rangers, "Okay, brand-new Power Rangers, ready to battle the enemies from the future?"
-   The Rangers and White Stranger fought the Putties, with White Stranger being first to break one by kicking it in the chest.
-   The Wild West Rangers combined some martial arts attacks with non-martial arts moves.
-   Pink Ranger destroyed the remaining Putties, and Needlenose then shot the White Stranger with a paralyzing spore, and Pink Ranger helped him retreat.
-   Goldar again called Pink Ranger "Miss Kimmie."
-   Goldar had the five Rangers draw, and they shot Goldar and Needlenose with their laser blasters, sending the two villains tumbling back into a time hole which appeared behind them.
-   By this time, the White Stranger had recovered.
-   The Wild West Rangers and Pink Ranger demorphed in the middle of the street, and the wild west teens had a ho-down.
-   In the present, Needlenose was in the mountains, and Tommy and Rocky morphed and teleported there.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Needlenose, and the two Rangers called their Zords.
-   The Tigerzord and Red Dragon, both in Warrior Mode, confronted Needlenose in mountains.
-   Aisha, Billy, and Adam soon morphed, and the Assault Team then flew in to form the Megatigerzord.
-   The Megatigerzord used an energy shield to block Needlenose's thrown spines.
-   The Firebird attack destroyed Needlenose.
-   The five Rangers teleported back to the Command Center.
-   Kim was soon warped through the time hole into the Command Center wearing a hat from the 1880's.
-   In the past, Ernest later thanked the White Stranger for recapturing One-Eyed Bulk and Doc Skullovitch.
-   The wild west teens had the following conversation outside the Juice Saloon:

Abraham: "Well, I think being a Power Ranger was the most exciting thing we ever done."
Alicia: "Think we'll ever do it again?"
Rocko: "I dunno, but I'm ready."
William (soon): "Y'know, somewhere in the future, Calamity Kim's out there fighting to make sure the Earth is safe for our great-great-great-grandchildren."
White Stranger: "Yep, she's something, all right."

-   The four wild west teens had a toast for the Pink Ranger, wherever she was.
-   Kim's ancestor appeared to be rich, and she was riding through town in a red stagecoach; she had long, curly black hair.
-   Kim's ancestor looked out the window of the stagecoach and smiled at the White Stranger as he rode by on his horse, touching his hat to her.

-   In art class, Bulk and Skull were working on a statue of the Power Rangers so they could unmask the Rangers when they came to thank them for the tribute.
-   After class, Goldar and Squatt appeared in the art room, and a white lightning bolt turned Violet's figurine of Billy into an evil Billy.
-   As the teens minus Rocky and Aisha were sitting in the park, they were attacked by Putties.
-   During the fight, Billy was pulled into the bushes by some vines.
-   After the fight, evil Billy joined the teens, saying he'd gotten sidetracked.
-   Tommy called Zordon.
-   Later in the Youth Center, "Billy," not interested in Violet, just wanted to lift wights, and his workout impressed the five teens, Ernie, and Violet.
-   Billy wouldn't speak to Violet, although he glanced at her while drinking at the Juice Bar right next to her.
-   Billy had the teens give him their communicators supposedly to make adjustments, but Tommy kept his.
-   After secretly stealing the teens' Morphers from their bookbags, Billy continued working out.
-   Apparently, the teens regularly kept their Morphers in their bookbags or somewhere near them, from where they would summon them to behind their backs before morphing.
-   The six teens later walked through the park.
-   Tommy, staying behind the others, called Zordon, then caught up with Kim.
-   Putties and Goldar confronted the teens.
-   Kim stole Billy's bookbag and got it stuck in a tree while trying to throw it to Tommy while surrounded by Putties after they and evil Billy had chased her.
-   Rocky and Adam fought Goldar while unmorphed.
-   The teens eventually regrouped.
-   A white lightning bolt turned Tommy's sculpture for his art project into Vase Face.
-   Billy was teleported into the park in time to make evil Billy fall out of the tree with his bookbag.
-   Billy took his Morpher and tossed Tommy the other Morphers.
-   Evil Billy tackled Billy, and Billy morphed, apparently morphing them both.
-   Zordon called Tommy.
-   Kim used a question about Billy's hologram art project to determine which was the fake.
-   The teens morphed, and one Blue Ranger joined them, then they blasted the other Blue Ranger with their lasers, making him vanish.
-   A grow bomb enlarged Vase Face.
-   The Rangers called the Thunderzords and Tigerzord.
-   The Megazord and Tigerzord fought Vase Face in the mountains by an industrial area.
-   Vase Face briefly tied the Megazord's limbs with ropes, but the Thunder Saber soon destroyed the monster once the Megazord was free.
-   The next day, Billy apologized to Violet for not being himself lately, and he asked her out to a movie.
-   Kim's painting of the six teens showed them wearing their communicators.
-   Bulk commented on the teens' dorkiness.
-   Bulk and Skull had had Violet make their sculpture, what turned out to be a helmetless gold Power Ranger with Billy's head, since she'd thought Bulk and Skull would want a statue that illustrated the qualities it took to be a Power Ranger, saying dreamily that if anyone had them it was Billy.
-   Bulk remarked, "Billy, a Power Ranger. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my entire life," and he and Skull mocked the statue.

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