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MMPR: The Movie
-   The teens went skydiving in Ranger-colored skydiving suits and parachutes.
-   At a construction site, workers uncovered an old metallic lid which one worker remarked definitely wasn't DWP.
-   A supervisor had the workers open up the lid with a crane, and once it was opened, a metallic giant clawed three-fingered hand holding a very large purple egg rose out from it.
-   When one worker held his hand near the egg, a purple energy bolt threw him back, where he lay gasping on the ground, not moving, with his eyes staring into space.
-   As the teens rollerbladed through town, Alpha called them, and they went to a secluded spot nearby to answer it, but they were still in view of a number of buildings in the distance, and probably a number of people along the paths near Ernie's.
-   The communicators now strongly resembled digital watches.
-   The teens streaked away to the Command Center as Ranger-colored streaks of light.
-   At nighttime at the construction site, two guards were watching the egg when Rita, Zedd, Mordant, and Goldar appeared from red whisps of energy.
-   Zedd knocked the guards out with purple energy from his staff.
-   Purple energy from Zedd's staff made the giant claw open and the upper half of the egg hinge open, revealing a tub of glowing pink ooze.
-   Ivan rose from the ooze after Rita had swirled her finger through the ooze.
-   Ivan shot purple energy bolts into the sky in a fit of rage after hearing the name "Zordon of Eltar."
-   The teens soon teleported to the construction site.
-   Ivan, initially disguised as a guard, created a group of ooze beings which fought the teens.
-   Some time later, the teens were backed against a rock wall and not doing well, so they morphed into the armored Power Rangers, but the ooze beings retreated into a partially-constructed building.
-   Ivan teleported to the Command Center and oozed inside, wrecking the place.
-   Immediately after the Rangers had destroyed the last ooze beings, they demorphed, and they somehow made it to the Command Center.
-   Minutes later, the teens teleported to Phaedos.
?   The moon was covered with stalagmites, but it looked normal from afar.
-   The moon palace was vastly different, made of some sort of rock with crude architecture.
-   Some time later, after Ivan had trapped Rita and Zedd inside a snow globe, Tengu Warriors flew from the moon palace balcony after the Rangers.
-   The next day, Ivan took over a chemical plant.
-   Later that day, Ivan disguised himself as a wizard and gave free small jars of his ooze to children at the amusement park.
-   The ooze jars said in small white text beneath the "Ooze" and the picture of wizard Ivan, "Safe for children of all ages," then tiny red text.
-   Upon seeing Fred's jar of ooze on the counter later at home, Mr. Kelman opened it, sniffed it, and then scooped out a large portion with his fingers; purple electricity hypnotized him.
-   When Mr. Kelman walked out of his house and into the street, there were many hypnotized parents already walking down the street.
-   A female reporter, holding a microphone that said either KT13 or KTB, reported, "...strange events, Angel Grove police have been fielding hundreds of calls from concerned citizens as the number of missing parents continues to grow."
-   Wizard Ivan came on with a TV commercial for ooze, with a "free ooze" banner behind him; he said, "Hi, folks, Ivan Ooze here. Are you bored with your work? Are you bored with your life? Then come on down to Ooze City, and let's get sticky!"
-   Later, the parents were all digging in the construction site, with white hard hats and purple vests on, to dig up the Ectomorphicons for Ivan, Goldar, and Mordant.
-   Ten Tengu Warriors flew down to report in, and Ivan soon made them explode in a burst of feathers.
-   Fred found his hypnotized dad at the site.
-   With Fred listening in secret, Ivan schemed, "Once my lovely little Ectomorphicon machines are up and running, spreading ooze throughout the world, I shall annihilate Angel Grove and then... the universe!"
-   Later in the day, the parents were in Ivan's plant, wearing purple smocks, producing boxes of ooze and assembling the Ectomorphicon parts.
-   Once the Ectomorphicons Hornitor and Scorpitron were complete, Ivan told the parents to go to the site and leap to their doom, and they left to do so.
-   Later, the Ectomorphicons rampaged through downtown with Goldar and Ivan on Angel Grove Tower.
-   Scorpitron's tail shot a purple laser at a parked car, making its rear end explode; Hornitor stepped on another parked car.
-   Apparently the same reporter, in different clothes, reported, "The mayor has declared a state of emergency. He's asked that the city be immediately evacuated. Angel Grove has never before known such a crisis."; she soon asked, "Where are the Power Rangers?"
-   The reporter said that Angel Grove had never before known such a crisis, but the Rangers possessed Zords before their power loss; presumably the Rangers had fought giant monsters before, but perhaps not downtown.
-   That night, with at least part of downtown having rubble all in the street, the Rangers teleported from Phaedos to downtown and saw the rampaging Ectomorphicons; there was a police car on the side of the road, its lights flashing, but it appeared to be abandoned.
-   The Rangers, standing facing each other, removed their Morphers from their belts and held them out; glowing with golden light, the Morphers then seemed to shoot the glowing golden Power Coins toward the center, sending a coin of the group animals flying straight up from golden energy.
-   The new Ninjazords flew down from the sky, and the Rangers flew up to them.
-   At Ernie's, there were empty jars of ooze all over the bar, and kids were pouring ooze into a blender and what looked like a juice machine; some kids behind them were playing with ooze like it was silly putty, and one girl appeared to be blowing a bubble from ooze in her mouth.
-   The kids were mostly dressed in purple clothes.
-   Bulk and Skull were at a table with sodas and a pizza box; all of the kids, including Bulk and Skull, had ooze smeared on their heads.
-   Everyone instantly grew quiet and paid attention once Fred had whistled loudly.
-   All the kids thought this was one big party.
-   Fred told the kids, "You've all been brainwashed! Ivan's taking over the planet, and he's using all of us in his plans! And he's got our parents!"
-   Fred continued, "Look, Ivan Ooze is evil. And if you don't come with me right now, our parents are gonna die! You gotta believe me!"
-   In the east quadrant of the city, the Falconzord shot minimissiles at Scorpitron but was shot in the wing, forcing the Zord to pull out for a bit.
-   The Frog caught Scorpitron with its tongue, and the Wolf pounced and clamped its jaws onto Scorpitron's tail until the tail broke off, spewing ooze around.
-   The Bear stood up and was blasted by Hornitor into the side of a building.
-   The Ape leapt off a building and tackled Hornitor.
-   The kids got in an empty but active monorail train to go to the construction site across the harbor.
-   From the tower, Ivan caught the Crane in purple energy bolts, but it soon flew free.
-   Returning, the Falconzord blew up Scorpitron with its wingtip missiles.
-   As Hornitor was confronted by the six Ninjazords, Ivan oozed down and merged with Hornitor, making Hornitor grow and resemble Ivan.
-   Now giant, Ivan broke off the tower, the trademark of Angel Grove; Goldar flew away from the tower, and Ivan proceeded to wield it as a weapon.
-   The five Ninjazords formed the Ninja Megazord while the Falconzord formed a bridge across a gap in the monorail track Ivan had stepped on.
-   The Ninja Megazord summoned a Power Sword resembling the Shogun Megazord's Fire Saber, but it was soon destroyed by the tower.
-   Ivan beat up the Megazord and threw it through the abandoned Angel Grove First National Bank.
-   The Falconzord landed on the Ninja Megazord's back, forming the Ninja Megafalconzord which flew away.
-   Ivan sprouted wings and flew after the Megazord.
-   Meanwhile at the construction site, Fred had Bulk and Skull come with him and the others try to hold back their parents.
-   As the kids struggled to hold their parents back from the cliff, Fred blasted the kids and parents with water from a bucket lift activated by Bulk and Skull, but it didn't accomplish much except push them back a bit.
-   Ivan grappled the Megazord while in space between the Earth and moon, but the Megazord got free with a knee-to-groin move just in time for Ivan to be destroyed in a massive explosion when struck by Ryan's Comet, a flaming asteroid.
-   Shockwaves from Ivan's destruction broke the spell over the parents below.
-   The Rangers teleported to the Command Center.
-   Another night, Angel Grove had a celebration for the Power Rangers.
-   Bulk and Skull were telling the crowd around them a story about facing Ivan's fifty-foot monsters and coming close to death.
-   Eating with the teens at an outdoor restaurant, Kim told Fred that rumor had it he was quite a hero.
-   Aisha told Fred she heard he was in line to be a Ranger himself one of these days, which Fred said was impossible, but Tommy told him, "Hey, anything's possible."
-   Fred considered being the Silver Ranger but then decided on the Gold Ranger.
-   There was a sparkling sign which read "Thank you Power Rangers," with the "Power Rangers" written similarly to the show's logo (click here for image).
-   Seeing the tribute to the Rangers, Bulk and Skull wanted credit instead.
-   Zedd and Rita were now back to normal in the moon palace.

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