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-   Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, Terra Venture prepared to leave Earth orbit in search of a New World; see "Terra Venture" for notes on the ship's origin.
-   During a training session of Terra Venture soldiers on the moon, Mike, Kendrix, Kai, and stowaway Leo happened to be over a hillside isolated from the other soldiers when a swirling portal opened on a hill and Maya of Mirinoi suddenly tumbled out and landed beside the four teens.
-   Moments later, three Stingwingers rolled down the hill, having emerged from the portal as well.
-   As the Stingwingers attacked, the four teens fought to protect Maya, whom the Stingwingers seemed to be after; eventually, the four aimed energy rifles at the insect warriors, making them fly away back into the portal in retreat.
-   Kendrix said had never heard of Maya's home planet Mirinoi.
-   After some discussion, Mike went with Kendrix and Maya through the portal, leaving Leo with Kai.
-   Kai and Leo began to walk away, but Leo then suddenly bolted for the portal, which closed immediately after he'd run through. (Source: Although the portal's closing was omitted from the end of the aired version of this episode and merely referred to in 602-QsQ2, the video release of this episode did in fact show the portal closing immediately afterward.)

-   Kai returned to the heliship alone, and the ships flew off without Kendrix, Mike, or Leo.
-   In the floor of the heliship after the training exercise was a flyer for the Astro Megaship Museum, which was located in a building with "Convention Center" on the front.
-   The Astro Megaship Museum flyer bore a picture of the Megaship, and at the bottom was the phrase, "The Universe's Best Source of History."
-   Kai didn't seem familiar with the concept of the Megaship Museum.
-   People leaving the Convention Center housing the Megaship (probably the same building as the shuttleport where new passengers arrived) had balloons, and kids carried Megaship toys.
-   For a tour group on the bridge, DECA said, "Welcome to the Astro Megaship Museum. The Power Rangers began many adventures here."
-   The viewscreen and wall consoles had been roped off, and the viewscreen appeared covered with metallic shielding.
-   As Alpha Six stood by the lift waving and telling people goodbye on the bridge, Kai urgently but calmly ushered them out of the museum pleasantly telling them that they had to close early and telling everyone to leave calmly.
-   One man had been holding a brochure while looking around.
-   Alpha asked what was going on; Kai uninformatively replied that the ship was being recommissioned for a special top secret assignment, flashing a GSA ID card.
-   While the very last people left the room, Alpha asked if that meant what he thought it meant, and Kai replied affirmatively that she was going to fly again; Damon, now standing in the doorway, thought it was a joke.
-   Kai knew DECA's name, and Alpha told Kai that nobody had told him about any secret mission, indicating that GSA communication with Alpha was apparently a standard practice.
-   According to Kai, the Megaship had flown into Terra Venture, but it had apparently not flown for years.
-   Presumably after everyone but Damon, Kai, and Alpha had left the Megaship, the exit ramps closed, and the engines came to life; soon, birds were ejected from the exhaust ports, and the Megaship lifted off inside the Convention Center.
-   The Megaship apparently burst up through the roof of the center, with debris falling off the ship after it had risen up from the building, and people were startled outside as they watched the scene before them.
-   The Megaship drifted and bumped its front into a building, but soon corrected.
-   People were awed as the massive Megaship flew above them, and it then flew away into the sky.
-   Some time later, the Megaship returned minutes before Terra Venture's departure; the docking bay doors opened, and the Megaship landed inside, secretly carrying Kendrix, Damon, Kai, stowaway Leo, and Mirinoite Maya, with Mike missing.
-   In Command Headquarters, Stanton was giving a speech to a group of GSA officers about how proud he was of all of them as they began their adventure of a lifetime; no one seemed to have noticed Mike's disappearance or the Megaship's departure and return.
-   Terra Venture's thrusters all ignited, and the massive space colony slowly flew away from Earth.

-   When the Scorpion Stinger approached Terra Venture on its flight, Commander Stanton warned everyone of the approaching alien ship and had them enter secured areas, telling them it wasn't a drill; people began fleeing inside buildings immediately after the word of an alien ship approaching, as though they were quite familiar with the possibility of an alien threat on their voyage.

-   When the mother of stowaway Matthew called Terra Venture from Earth in front of a GSA background, the frequency could only stay open for a few seconds; there was no time delay during the transmission.
-   While Damon was later teaching Matthew how to replace liquid cylinders inside the transformer panels, Damon heard the warble beep of his Transmorpher, and he told Matthew he'd be right back; Matthew thought he could do all right on his own.
-   Soon, Matthew was working intently while four other men in suits, but without their head coverings, saw an approaching red cloud, and everyone but Matthew then passed out as the gas swept over the area.
-   After accidentally tearing a hole in the arm of his protective suit, Matthew ran off with his bag of equipment.
-   As Furio and Stingwingers approached the administration building leading up to the control tower, Matthew beat them to the elevator, rode it to Command Headquarters, and jammed the elevator, preventing the villains from riding it all the way up the building.
-   Passing out, Matthew pressed a button on the white stand in Command Headquarters, making an alarm blare, and he groaned, "Somebody... help."
-   Minutes later, the Galaxy Rangers entered Command Headquarters from the hallway; Green Ranger cradled Matthew, calling him by name, and Matthew groaned that he'd tried to stop them from taking over.
-   Green Ranger told Matthew he'd done a great job as the boy passed out again.
-   Walking through a park with his bag and the medal Stanton had given him for his bravery, Matthew was sad, but the Rangers suddenly leapt in, landing in front of him.
-   Matthew was pleased and surprised by the Rangers' presence; when morphed Damon asked, "Hey Matthew, you know you're a hero?" Matthew enthusiatically hugged him.
-   Green Ranger told Matthew that he'd saved the whole colony, then said that someone had told them that he might want to go home.
-   Soon, the Rangers stood with Matthew on the Megaship bridge as they established a transmission with Stanton in Command Headquarters.
-   Green Ranger told the commander they would be escorting Matthew home.
-   Stanton told Matthew they'd miss him and thanked him, and Matthew thanked him for letting him see outer space; Stanton chuckled that it had been an honor, and the transmission faded out as Matthew waved.
-   On the bridge, Matthew looked at his medal and was eager for his mom to see it.
-   Green Ranger had Alpha set a course for Earth, and Alpha replied, "You got it!"; the Megaship then flew away from Terra Venture.
-   Exactly how the Galaxy Rangers interacted with Earth upon dropping Matthew off is unknown.

-   An indeterminate amount of time after the filming of Star Crossed Lovers in which Kendrix Morgan had taken the place of movie star Carolyn Pickets, Carolyn was on Terra Venture television accepting what looked identical to an Oscar, which she dedicated to her friend Kendrix, who had taught her the value of keeping a promise and working hard. (Note: This episode, with its apparent Academy Awards reference, was originally aired the day before the 1999 Academy Awards.)

-   Somewhere in space, Deviot obtained the Psycho Rangers' data cards from a doublecrossing insectoid alien; this was the first time the cards had been seen since they'd been in Astronema's possession on the Dark Fortress in 639-Ghst.
-   In a Terra Venture forest after rescuing Leo from Psycho Red, Andros removed his cloak, revealing his Megaship uniform.
-   Awed, Leo knew who Andros was and remembered, having been there himself, when Andros and the other Rangers had saved the Earth; Leo was, however, completely unfamiliar with the Psycho Rangers.
-   As the Astro Morphers had been locked away inside the Megaship since Terra Venture's departure, the Space Rangers had likely not been morphed on Earth for some time, perhaps years.
-   Leo recognized Andros's Morpher on sight.
-   When the other four Space Rangers arrived as well (with Carlos having short hair and Ashley longer hair), Kai remarked that it couldn't be, but Damon excitedly said it could.
-   After the Psychos' apparent destruction, Carlos explained that they'd known to come when Alpha had sent out a distress signal.
-   T.J. said they couldn't stay for too long, as they were needed back on Earth, but Ashley had them at least get a tour, and Andros agreed, saying it wasn't every day one got to visit Terra Venture.

-   The Space teens referred to being Rangers in the past tense, indicating that some time had passed since they'd retired their powers.
-   After the apparent death of Pink Galaxy Ranger Kendrix on planet Rashon, the Space Rangers flew from Terra Venture on their Galaxy Gliders to return to their mission, though the exact nature of their mission on Earth, and why they now needed their powers while they hadn't before, is unknown.

-   Soon, Karone, in a black leather suit, was in pursuit of the missing Quasar Saber.
-   When Karone rescued the four Rangers on Kirassa, Leo knew who she was.

-   As Terra Venture neared Mirinoi, the impromptu New World, Damon remarked, "They called it a dream. Pretty soon it's gonna be a reality."
-   Leo imagined a planet without cars or pollution, and Maya spoke of beaches without a single footprint, like the planet had just been born.

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