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-   A radio newscaster one evening reported, "In other news, scientists are looking into a reported disturbance in near space but say it's probably some natural phenomenon and poses no threat to the planet. Now back to the music."
-   An agency's space telescope had taken pictures of a Machine Empire gear ship in the atmosphere that afternoon.
-   One evening after Machine Empire craft had first entered the Earth's atmosphere, a fleet of gear ships was shown in Earth's orbit, with one gear ship hovering over an army of Cogs, perhaps on the moon, and releasing a number of Quadrafighters.
-   A TV reporter said it had been unusually quiet in downtown Angel Grove for the past several weeks, which was good news since their local heroes the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers hadn't been seen or heard from in some time; some people believed the Rangers had returned to their own planet.
-   Joseph Saunders, a custodian at the Angel Grove University observatory who'd seen a Quadrafighter overhead in the telescope, called the TV station, and the reporter soon arrived to interview Mr. Saunders.
-   Mr. Saunders described the ship as shiny, moving rapidly, and apparently coming their way.
-   Some time later, Angel Grove University scientist Dr. Kender and probable NASA scientist Dr. Jewel emerged from a door and, once they saw the custodian referring a news crew in their direction, they appeared to attempt to sneak away, but they were soon talking with the reporter.
-   The reporter claimed that the scientists had been the first to spot the alien spaceship of which the custodian had spoken; Dr. Kender corrected him that they hadn't said that, and Dr. Jewel told him that its true nature was classified.
-   After learning on the Juice Bar TV about a secret alien spaceship, Bulk and Skull thought Lt. Stone would give them medals if they brought an extraterrestrial into the police station.
-   Hearing Bulk and Skull's plans to find the ship to prove something to Lt. Stone, calling him a slavedriver, Lt. Stone dragged them into a field in the mountains that morning and had them stand watch.
-   Some time after the previous news report, the reporter asked whether the aliens were peaceful, and Dr. Kender replied that it was too soon to tell, and Dr. Jewel nodded slightly; the reporter then told his viewers, "So, you heard it here first. The Power Rangers missing and alien forces headed toward Earth. Stay tuned to this station for emergency information."
-   Bulk and Skull were later asleep as a gear ship hovered over the field; as it descended toward the mountains below, Bulk woke up and got Skull's attention, and then as they ran away, the gear ship quickly rose back up from the mountain.
?   While they were running away, Skull didn't sound as though he'd seen the gear ship, but he had.
-   Hiding behind rocks, Bulk and Skull watched silver Cogs marching in different directions through the field; Bulk said they were the space aliens and that they had to find Lt. Stone, but Lt. Stone found them.
-   Bulk and Skull described their encounter with the aliens, and, seeing the Cogs marching in the background, Lt. Stone believed them; as the three ran from the robots, a Cog opened its face and shot three sets of energy pulses in their direction.
-   Bulk and Skull, now dirty, came into the Juice Bar and told Ernie about seeing aliens, but he didn't seem to believe them; Lt. Stone would not join them in the Juice Bar until some time later.
-   The governor of California then came on TV to say he was officially declaring a state of emergency and that NASA, with whom he'd been in contact for the past several days, had confirmed the existence of an armada of hostile alien ships heading toward the Earth; he unfortunately reported as well that their efforts to contact the Power Rangers had proven unsuccessful.
-   The governor assured the public that they would call forth every kind of defensive power they had, and told them they had to be strong in the face of this crisis; finally, he issued a plea to the Power Rangers, wherever they were, saying, "If ever there was a time we needed you, now is it. The safety of the people of the Earth may depend on it."
-   As a group of Quadrafighters flew over a city on a scouting mission and then returned to the Machine Empire's headquarters, a group of gear ships was shown in orbit, with the moon in the background.
-   Later in the Youth Center, Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull went through a box and checklist of emergency supplies, including flashlights and blankets.
-   Ernie hoped it wasn't as bad as the experts predicted, but Lt. Stone said unfortunately he'd seen it with his own eyes and it didn't look good; Ernie noted the only ones that could save them had seemed to vanish into thin air, and Lt. Stone said if the Power Rangers were out there, they'd better hurry, as time was running out.
?   In 401-AZB1, Bulk and Skull would make no reference to the invading Machine Empire even though the Rangers were still unaccounted for.

-   The teens and Billy ran through the flaming rubble of the Command Center.
-   The Machine Empire approached the moon, and Quadrafighters blasted the moon palace.
-   Adam spotted a twinkle in the Command Center's rubble, and the teens uncovered the Zeo Crystal.
-   Gear ships were now in Earth orbit.
-   A gear ship flew over the Machine Skybase, which consisted of a palace atop a mountain near a very expansive factory compound currently or at least eventually on the moon.
-   Rita and Zedd soon packed up and walked away from the palace with two Tengas, Squatt, Baboo, and Finster; everyone carrying boxes and things.
-   Ranger-colored energy spheres flew out from the Zeo Crystal as Tommy held it, then when he set it down, it created white energy which pulled the teens and a chunk of ground through a shaft downward.
-   On the moon, Rita, Zedd, and crew retreated to Serpentera while under fire from the Quadrafighters overhead.
-   Immediately after the teens had sunk down underground, the pieces of the Command Center began to reconstruct into the identical exterior of the Power Chamber.
-   Amnesic Rito and Goldar were rooting through trash cans on a residential street without swords or wings.
-   Two people taking out trash were terrified when Rito and Goldar said hello and asked for help.
-   Goldar and Rito wandered up to Bulk and Skull's garage.
-   Eventually, the Power Chamber's exterior was fully reconstructed.

-   The villains on the moon finally made it to Serpentera, which was standing on the moon.
-   A gear ship beamed Cogs onto the surface of the moon elsewhere.
-   Goldar and Rito came into the garage, making Bulk and Skull run around in panic shouting, "monster!" and eventually knock themselves out.
-   Bulk and Skull woke up, and Rito and Goldar were friendly, but the monsters didn't know their own identites.
-   Rito and Goldar begged Bulk and Skull to let them move in with them; when they said they'd do anything, Bulk got a wicked idea.
-   Serpentera flew in front of the moon, headed toward the M51 galaxy.
-   Soon, a gear ship within the Earth's atmosphere unleashed Quadrafighters to test the Earth's defenses, and King Mondo told Klank to prepare to launch a full-scale assault.
-   Bulk and Skull made Rito and Goldar into their servants.
-   Some time later, a small group of silver and brown Cogs attacked the Angel Grove Construction Company.
-   In the Power Chamber, the five helmetless Zeo teens used their Zeonizers to morph fully (see "Zeonizers morphing").
-   The Rangers teleported to the construction company to fight the Cogs.
-   Disregarding the possibility of different voice modulators within their helmets, Zeo Ranger Five, Red would have had the same voice (and distinct karate yells) as the previous team's Green and White Rangers, Zeo Ranger Four, Green would have had the same voice as Black Ranger's second voice, Zeo Ranger Three, Blue would have had the same voice as the Red Ranger's second voice, Zeo Ranger One, Pink would have had the same voice as the Pink Ranger's second (Australian) voice, and Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow would have had a new voice.
-   Zeo Rangers One and Two both had skirts on their suits.
-   Zeo Ranger Five told the Cogs to tell King Mondo if it was a fight he wanted, it was a fight he would get.
-   Posing before their battle, the Rangers called out, "Power Rangers Zeo!"
-   Zeo Ranger Five almost always stood in the center of the group and served as the leader.
-   During the fight, a Cog blasted Zeo Ranger Two with its eyeblasts.
-   At the end of the fight, Zeo Ranger Five leapt off a tall structure, pausing in the middle with red energy streaks, and struck a group of Cogs, making them all retreat using a large gear portal.
-   Posing after their battle, the Rangers again shouted, "Power Rangers Zeo!"
-   Some time later, Tommy, Adam, Rocky, and Billy walked onto the outdoor cafe wearing clothes matching their new Zeo colors (Tommy having changed from white to red; Adam, black to green; Rocky, from red to blue; and Billy from blue to the neutral brown and black); their communicators' stripe colors had also changed, except Billy's was still blue.
-   While they were walking right by a table of people who'd just sat down, Tommy noted that he never thought he'd miss Rita and Zedd's Tengas, then remarked that the Cogs were brutal.
-   Kat and Tanya had gone shopping, and Tanya now wore a yellow-striped communicator.
-   Kat's parents were letting Tanya stay with them, and Tanya would start school the next day; thus began Tanya's hanging out regularly with the teens.
-   Tanya's main wardrobe color was yellow.
-   It's unknown whether anyone other than the teens remebered Aisha's living in Angel Grove and hanging out with the teens, but if not, then it's a further mystery who would have taken Trini's place as the Yellow Ranger and with whom Kimberly would have lived after her mom had moved to France.

-   Air Force jets had a near miss with Quadrafighters and were bewildered; they apparently hadn't been sent to engage the Quadrafighters.
?   Angel Grove High had acquired a new resource center apparently close to the Rangers' switch to the Zeo powers.
-   Perhaps after school, Billy was in the Power Chamber for probably a long period.
-   Billy's main wardrobe colors were now black and gray.
-   Zordon had established a secret location for the new Zeozords in the mountains; it would later be shown as very large metal doors in the side of a mountain.
-   When Bulk and Skull took their patrol bike on a test drive on a road through the mountains, their bike stalled within five miles of the Zord Holding Bay, and soon afterward, silver and brown Cogs popped up from some bushes nearby and wandered up to them, making them panic and yell for help into their radio.
-   The Cogs soon walked away after one Cog said, "Leave them alone. Our objective is the Zeozords."
-   After Shawn had left Tanya alone in the resource center, Zordon called her, and she answered it in an alcove which would have been quite visible to the people inside and outside of the resource center.
-   Still in the visible alcove, Tanya summoned her Zeonizers, morphed, and teleported to an area with trees in the mountains, where the others already were to fight Cogs.
-   Zeo Ranger Four used his Zeo Power Punch on two Cogs.
-   A Cog blasted at Zeo Ranger Five, who then made the Cogs retreat with his Zeo Flying Power Kick.
-   Tanya was later at the batting cage to talk to Shawn.
?   The redesigning of the Youth Center's interior had happened some time right around the regression and restoration of time and the Rangers' acquisition of new Zeo powers.
-   Tommy and Adam sparred in the Youth Center with Rocky and Kat watching when Tanya came in with a problem.
-   Zordon soon called the teens, and they answered from the southwest hallway, then teleported from there to the Power Chamber.
-   As the Machine Empire mounted a full-scale attack, a gear ship descended and unleashed Quadrafighters which flew over the city.
-   Minutes later, giant Staroid, a star-shaped robot, blasted buildings downtown.
-   The teens morphed and rode seats into the Zeozords, which emerged from the Zord Holding Bay into the mountains, where it was snowing just outside the holding bay doors.
-   Zeo Rangers One and Two piloted Zeozords One and Two, upright tanks resembling an Easter Island head and a dogu figure, respectively; pulling the two tanks were Zeo Ranger Three's Zeozord Three, modeled after a sphinx, and Zeo Ranger Four's Zeozord Four, modeled after a bull; finally, Zeo Ranger Five piloted the flying Zeozord Five, modeled after a phoenix.
-   The Quadrafighters shot at and missed Zeozord Five.
-   Zeozord Four headbutted and stomped Quadrafighters.
-   Zeozord Three chomped a Quadrafighter which was in midair.
-   Zeozords One and Two blasted Staroid while he was near large power lines in the mountains.
-   Zeozord Five was shot, and it crashed into the power lines, where it was suspended.
-   Staroid soon turned into a giant metal sphere, which smashed into a powerline tower, then into the Zeozords.
-   The sphere hovered over the Zords and glowed with flaming red energy and descended, but the Zeozords all escaped and then formed the Zeo Megazord.
-   The Zeo Megazord fought Staroid in the mountains.
-   The Zeo Megazord Saber made Staroid fall over and explode into pieces, but his sphere hovered and began to reassemble his pieces, but the fully-charged saber then destroyed it.
-   Tanya was later in the resource center with Shawn.

-   In a junkyard, silver and brown Cogs were using parts to construct the body of Silo; where they got the parts for the missiles or the rocket fuel for his flight is unknown.
-   The robot fighters in the computer game Jennifer and Rocky were designing in the resource center looked just like Silo.
-   Jennifer looked just like Zarius from Edenoi.
-   The large "Angel Grove Construction" sign was dirty and in the trash at the junkyard.
-   Lt. Stone said there had been a rash of break-ins around the junkyard, and he assigned Bulk and Skull to guard the area.
-   After Jennifer had given Rocky the password to their program, Adam and Rocky were walking through a residential area together when Cogs attacked them.
-   A Cog fired two sets of eye blasts at unmorphed Rocky and Adam.
-   Adam and Rocky summoned their Zeonizers onto their wrists and morphed to fight the Cogs.
-   During the fight, a Cog strapped on Rocky's discarded backpack, figuring that the password was in it; the Cogs then left.
-   The Cog with Rocky's bookbag was then shown in the now-empty resource center, and it used the password ("mook") to give it access, then inserted a floppy and transferred the program onto it.
-   Once it was done, the Cog warped into the computer monitor and then emerged from a fissure in space in the junkyard, where it discarded the bookbag and inserted the disk into Silo.
-   Silo asked Bulk and Skull, nearby, where the Power Rangers were, prefacing it with "Question:"; they ran off.
-   Billy was in the Power Chamber.
-   Soon, Silo was shown shooting missiles at something or someone.
-   Rocky and Adam came into the Youth Center, where the others were doing a kata; Zordon called the teens, and they answered in the southwest hallway, then morphed and teleported to the desert or quarry.
?   At the location, the yet unintroduced Zeo Jet Cycles were behind the Rangers.
-   Mondo was on a cliff above with Silo.
-   Silo shot missiles at a mountainside, making rocks fall on the Rangers, then he attacked them.
-   The Zeo Laser Pistols' blasts did nothing to Silo.
-   Klank and Orbus, ran up and enlarged Silo in their normal manner, in which Klank would twirl Orbus by a chain in Orbus's arm and then throw Orbus at the robot monster; Orbus would then use energy from his mouth and/or chest (in this case, mouth) to enlarge the monster.
-   The Rangers called the Zeozords, which came from the holding bay on autopilot, and the Rangers then teleported up to them.
-   The Zeo Megazord fought Silo in the mountains, with Mondo, Klank, and Orbus watching.
-   Silo shot missiles at the Zeo Megazord, knocking it over; he then wrapped it up in chains from his chest after asking how hot the sun was, and then flew off, pulling the Megazord into space toward the sun.
-   Silo hurled the Megazord toward the sun and flew back to Earth.
-   Soon, the Megazord flew back down holding its saber.
-   The Megazord soon used the Zeo One Battle Helmet cannon, followed by the Zeo Three Battle Helmet's lift ray, then it resumed use of the Zeo Five Battle Helmet to destroy Silo with the Zeo Megazord Saber.
-   Mondo, Klank, and Orbus left at this point.
-   Later in the resource center, Jennifer was on the computer, trying to figure out what had happened; Rocky admitted it was his fault someone had broken into the system and gotten rid of their software.
-   Rocky gave her the disk, telling her he'd found it in a junkyard.

-   One day, Rocky was on a computer in the resource center, with Billy looking over his shoulder.
-   That day, the second day of Tommy and Kat's project to babysit baby Joey as a pretend married couple, Joey's crying was suddenly so loud that it hurt people's ears and made the ground rumble when he cried in the resource center; this caused everyone to leave.
-   While Kat and Rocky took Joey outside, Tommy and Billy teleported from the resource center to the Power Chamber.
-   The Power Chamber's satellite communications transceiver had recorded Joey's crying.
-   Kat and Rocky were outside some sort of building complex, probably the school, when Tanya and Adam came running to join them.
-   Boohoo, a clown robot from the Machine Empire, confronted the four teens, and Kat called Tommy over the communicator.
-   Tommy glided down from the air during his teleportation to join the others.
-   Silver and purple Cogs wielding spears arrived, and the teens morphed in front of a building, inside which were people at the time.
-   Zeo Five told Zeo One to watch Joey; meanwhile, the others went into battle.
-   Alpha teleported to next to the stroller to watch Joey and let Zeo Ranger One go into battle.
-   Cogs surrounded Alpha, then one held its spear near Alpha, and yellow energy bolts electrocuted Alpha, shorting him out.
-   The Cogs and Boohoo teleported away with Joey and the stroller.
-   The Rangers went over to the standing but unconscious Alpha, and Zeo Rangers Five and One would soon be in the Power Chamber with Alpha and Billy.
-   Boohoo and Klank had taken Joey to a high ledge at the power plant, and the Rangers soon teleported (the other three from an unknown location) to the plant.
-   There, Cogs fought the Rangers, with Zeo Ranger Five going after Joey.
-   Joey again cried with destructive force when Zeo Five went to give him his bottle but found that it was empty.
-   Boohoo blasted toward Zeo Five, causing Joey's stoller to fall.
-   Zeo Five leapt over the railing and caught the stroller on the way down, but Billy had managed to teleport Joey to the Power Chamber on the way down.
-   Quadrafighters flew by and blasted the Zeo Rangers directly.
-   The Rangers shot a Quadrafighter with their advanced Zeo Laser Pistols, perhaps destroying it.
-   While Boohoo fought the Rangers, Zeo Ranger Five summoned the Zeo Five Power Sword and used its energized attack on Boohoo.
-   From the ledge nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who enlarged Boohoo.
-   The Rangers called and teleported to the Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord fought Boohoo downtown.
-   During the fight, Boohoo told the Rangers they'd forgotten the baby's bottles, and he threw exploding bottles at them.
-   The Zeo Megazord Saber soon destroyed Boohoo.
-   Klank was now back at the Machine Skybase.

-   On the morning of the big baseball game against Stone Canyon, Cogs appeared in the batting cage Rocky and Adam would soon use, and the robots quickly rebuilt the batting machine, then left.
-   When Rocky later hit a pitch from the batting machine after he and Adam had arrived, he was sucked into the pitching machine, and the People Pitcher robot then emerged from the machine.
-   Rocky kept his Zeonizer in his bookbag; apparently, as with the Power Morphers, the teens would keep their Zeonizers in their bookbags or somewhere nearby until summoning the devices to morph.
-   People Pitcher shot at Adam with explosive yellow balls from a cannon arm, and Adam dodged the blasts without morphing.
-   Cogs appeared and took the Zeonizer from Rocky's bookbag, vanishing with it despite Adam's efforts to stop them.
-   Once People Pitcher had left, Adam called the Power Chamber, from where Billy called the others.
-   Some time later, the four Rangers met up after searching the temple on the other side of the park.
-   People Pitcher, Prince Sprocket, Klank, Orbus, and Cogs arrived.
-   Sprocket was fearful of the Rangers when Zeo Ranger Five demanded to know where the Zeonizer was, and Sprocket blamed Klank, who then said the Cogs had it.
-   The right-hand wristband of Rocky's Zeonizer hit the ground as the silver and purple Cogs drove around in go-carts in a wooded go-cart track area, where Zeo Ranger Four was trying to get it from them.
-   Zeo Four got the Zeonizer by hijacking a Cog's go-cart, then he threw the device to Zeo Two, who fought silver and purple Cogs, ran through playground equipment, kicked several Cogs into the water below a bridge, and then threw the Zeonizer to Zeo One.
-   Zeo Ranger One was in a pedal boat being chased by Cogs in pedal boats, and she threw it to Zeo Five, who got into a go-cart and had fun racing through a crowd of Cogs and then a bit around the track.
-   People Pitcher extended his neck and shot from his mouth a red stream of light which sucked Zeo Ranger Five inside him.
-   The monster soon spat out Zeo Rangers Three and Five.
-   All of the Rangers used their Zeo Power Weapons on People Pitcher and the Cogs: Zeo Ranger Five wielded a sword; Zeo Four, dual hatchets; Zeo Three, dual arm blades; Zeo Two, dual nunchaku; and Zeo One, a shield.
-   Zeo Ranger Three performed a power spin attack on People Pitcher, then the five Rangers did an explosive jump kick on the monster, knocking him down.
-   From a go-cart, Klank threw Orbus, who revived and enlarged People Pitcher.
-   The Rangers teleported up to the Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord fought People Pitcher in the mountains, apparently just outside the amusement park.
-   The Zeo Megazord used the Zeo Three Battle Helmet's lift beam, then the Zeo Megazord Saber soon destroyed People Pitcher.
-   In the crowds at the baseball game later, Tommy noted the fight had taken a lot of energy out of Tanya, and Kat added, "Thanks to King Mondo."; Billy was with them as well.

-   The Zeo Rangers were testing the Zeo Jet Cycles around a lake and having a good time doing so, with Zeo Ranger Five communicating with Billy, who was in the Power Chamber.
-   Zeo Five liked his Zeo Jet Cycle so much that he had the Rangers take another ride around the lake before taking them back in.
-   Later, Billy, Tommy, and Tanya joined Adam and Rocky in the Youth Center as Kat presented to Lt. Stone the rescue dog Smokey, whom she'd trained.
-   Klank scouted around a rocky area outside Angel Grove where steam was coming from the ground due to a hidden pocket of lava underground; he told Orbus that Angel Grove was waiting to self-destruct, and that they had to give it a little help.
-   Digster and a crew of Cogs soon started work on the dig.
-   Digster threw an explosive sphere into the lava pit, blowing it open.
-   Before Bulk and Skull could wash him outside the outdoor cafe, Smokey left, smelling something.
-   After failing to catch Smokey, Bulk and Skull came into the Juice Bar, and, hearing about the dog's disappearance, Kat went looking for him in the forest, which was where Bulk and Skull had told Lt. Stone the dog had headed.
-   Cogs were walking through the forest to join Digster at the dig site.
-   Outside the lava pit after spying on the villains inside, Kat morphed and rode her Zeo Jet Cycle to look for Smokey.
-   From a cliff above with several Cogs, Digster shot at Zeo Ranger One several times, knocking her off her Zeo Jet Cycle; more blasts knocked her off another cliff below.
-   Zeo One spontaneously demorphed as she rolled down the hill; she then damaged her communicator on some rocks while continuing to roll.
-   At the bottom, Kat had a Zeonizer wristband on her right wrist but the communicator on her left rather than the other Zeonizer wristband.
-   Kat had somehow injured her right ankle in the fall.
-   The Cogs chased after Kat through the woods.
-   Fleeing, Kat tried to call the Power Chamber but got no response.
-   When the Cogs assaulted Kat, one Cog knocked the Zeonizer off her arm, unbeknownst to her.
-   All but one of the Cogs climbed up a tree to flee from Smokey when the dog came running.
-   Elsewhere in the forest, Cogs were stabbing randomly into a stream with their spears, but Digster and the Cogs then returned to the cave.
-   Kat put her communicator around Smokey's collar and told him to take it to her friends in the Youth Center, then to hurry back.
-   Tommy was benchpressing in the Youth Center while Rocky and Billy stood nearby when Smokey came up to them.
-   Bulk and Skull came in and left through the east hall, taking Smokey back to the police station before the guys could have him take them to Kat.
-   As Billy headed toward the eastern hallway with Kat's communicator to go to the Power Chamber, Rocky and Tommy headed toward the southwest hallway; as they parted, Tommy called out, "Billy, call Adam and Tanya!"
-   In the southwest hall, Tommy and Rocky morphed and teleported; the four Rangers were then driving around on their Zeo Jet Cycles looking for Kat with Billy talking to them from the Power Chamber.
-   Bulk and Skull discovered in the outdoor cafe that Smokey was no longer on their leash.
-   The Rangers drove up to the abandoned pink Zeo Jet Cycle.
-   On his way back to Kat, Smokey picked up her lost Zeonizer and ran to take it to her.
-   Digster said there were just a couple more well-placed holes needed to send the lava through the middle of downtown Angel Grove; by nightfall Angel Grove would be toast.
-   Digster shot several explosive blasts at Smokey as he ran down a long path to get to Kat.
-   Once Smokey had brought Kat her Zeonizer, she morphed in front of the dog.
-   Zeo Ranger One fought a large group of Cogs, then Digster, by herself.
-   Zeo One was beating Digster with martial arts, until she landed her right foot in a small hole after a kick and sprained her ankle again.
-   Digster began to beat Zeo One, but she then used her energy sphere and flying disc attack.
-   The other Rangers showed up in time to save Zeo Ranger One from Digster.
-   The five Rangers did a group jump kick with Zeo Ranger Five teleporting away from the impact as a red beam.
-   From nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who revived and enlarged the defeated Digster.
-   The Rangers teleported to the Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord fought Digster in the mountains.
-   The Zeo Megazord used the Zeo One Battle Helmet's cannon, followed by the normal Zeo Five Battle Helmet.
-   In reaction to blasts from the tiny robotic pilot atop Digster's head, the Zeo Megazord soon decapitated the pilot with the Zeo Megazord Saber, then destroyed Digster.
-   The teens then went to Smokey's location in the woods.
-   With Billy not shown in the Power Chamber, Zordon called the teens and told them that the blast that had destroyed Digster had also sealed the cavern that contained the opening to the lava flow.
-   A different day, Kat was talking with Lt. Stone in the Youth Center about how Smokey had apparently passed his first field test.
-   Lt. Stone had heard about Smokey's helping the Power Rangers.

-   In the Youth Center, Captain Pete and his quasi-sentient robotic sidekick, Puppetman, were performing for an audience of kids who loved the show; also in the crowd were Tommy, Kat, and Rocky.
-   Puppetman threw a bucket of water in Captain Pete's face when he correctly guessed today's secret word, "Power Rangers."
-   Puppetman asked the kids their favorite superhero, and when they replied, "the Power Rangers," he threw a bucket of confetti at them.
-   A group of silver Cogs appeared on the Captain Pete set from a fissure warp.
?   No one found it odd that the Cogs had teleported in right in front of their eyes.
-   A Cog clipped a gear-shaped silver device onto the back of Puppetman's waist.
-   Ernie watched the Cogs with a bit of confusion, and Bulk and Skull were watching intently, scarfing down popcorn.
-   A Cog spoke to the audience in a robotic voice, saying, "You will soon bow down to the Machine Empire, Power Rangers."; at the time, Rocky, Tommy, and Kat were apparently the only teenagers in the audience.
-   Puppetman threw a bucket of water onto the Cog after it had said the secret word; the water made the Cog short-circuit briefly.
?   No one but Captain Pete seemed to be concerned about the Cogs or even flinch when the Cogs slid into a gear portal, which then flew away after shrinking shut.
-   Puppetman was transformed into a meaner-looking form, and he then shot blue beams from his fingertips, turning the kids in the audience into brats who proceeded to trash the set, Youth Center, and Juice Bar.
-   Young Arnie's eyes were initially glowing purple like the rest of the kids, but he yelled, "Charge!" seeming to be out of the trance out of which the others broke after his call.
-   The three teens called Zordon from the southwest hall.
-   Billy walked into the Power Chamber's main room.
-   After talking with Tommy, Billy called Tanya and Adam, and they teleported from a hill overlooking the lake after their martial arts practice.
-   Amidst the chaos in the Youth Center, Ernie yelled toward the ceiling, "Help! Power Rangers!" and was splashed with water for saying the secret word.
-   Adam and Tanya materialized in the southwest hallway of the Youth Center and crouched down with the other three, then the five teens soon stood and morphed, then rushed into the Youth Center to confront Puppetman, whose name the Rangers spoke.
-   Puppetman used the hypnotized kids as an army to shield himself.
-   Puppetman planned to take control of Angel Grove and then the world.
-   As the kids marched toward the Rangers, Puppetman teleported away, and the Rangers then teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   Captain Pete peeked out from behind a backdrop, frightened.
-   While heading to the satellite center, Puppetman turned kids along the way into brats.
-   Soon, the Rangers teleported to confront Puppetman, Klank, and Orbus outside the satellite center.
-   The Rangers used their Power Pod swords on Puppetman, then their advanced Zeo Laser Pistols, not doing much to him.
-   Zeo Ranger Five raised his hand, and Zeozord Five flew overhead and dropped the new Defender Wheel, a large orange housing containing a tire large enough for a human to stand inside.
-   Zeo Five got inside the Defender Wheel while the others stood beside it, and the wheel revved up and then released, rolling him in the wheel which turned into red energy to defeat Puppetman.
-   Posing together after Zeo Five had teleported out of the explosion from Puppetman's defeat, the Rangers shouted, "Zeo Rangers!"
-   At this point, Puppetman's spell was lifted from the kids of Angel Grove.
-   From nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who revived and enlarged Puppetman.
-   The Rangers called and teleported to the Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord fought Puppetman in the mountains just outside an industrial area.
-   The Zeo Megazord used the Zeo Two Battle Helmet's cannons and the Zeo Four Battle Helmet's headbutt.
-   The Zeo Megazord Saber chopped off Puppetman's nose (through which Mondo had a direct satellite link), then destroyed the monster.
-   The same day, Puppetman was back to normal in Captain Pete's show, and the kids still loved the show; the six teens were there.
-   Alpha had reassembled Puppetman, this time with a deflector to prevent Mondo from regaining control.
-   Arnie told Lt. Stone the set had been invaded by monsters and they'd been saved by the Power Rangers, making him get hit in the face with a pie.

-   Kat, Tanya, and Rocky were extras in the Biff Starr movie, Invasion of Blueface, and they wore their communicators with their Ranger-colored toga costumes as extras.
-   Sprocket, watching from nearby with Klank and Orbus, wanted the monster costumes from the movie set to be in his own movie.
-   In the Youth Center, Billy monitored Tommy and Adam's workout.
-   The Cogs appeared from a warp fissure in the ground at the movie site.
-   Bulk and Skull, helping out with security, thought the Cogs who had come to steal the costumes were people in costumes for the movie.
-   The assistant director dragged the Cogs away, as she said they were needed on the set.
-   The director was quite pleased with the Cog "costumes."
-   Rocky tried to warn the director about the Cogs but didn't have the chance.
-   While the cameras were rolling, Biff tried to punch the Cogs in the stomach, but they were extremely hard.
-   Rocky smashed the Cogs' fists together, then flipped them both back, before they could punch Biff.
-   Meanwhile, the other Cogs stole the train monster, faucet monster, and jack-o-lantern monster costumes.
-   Rocky, Kat, and Tanya chased after the Cogs after Rocky had yelled the girls' names.
-   In a park area in the mountains, the three teens morphed while running.
-   The three Rangers stumbled into a field full of a large army of Cogs, the most they'd fought before; Klank and Sprocket were watching from nearby.
-   Zeo Three called the Power Chamber.
-   Zordon called Tommy, and he, Adam, and Billy answered it from the southwest hallway; Billy replied into his own communicator and teleported to the Power Chamber, then Tommy and Adam morphed and teleported to the others' location.
-   After a lengthy battle, the Rangers defeated all of the Cogs, with Zeo Three flying with his arm blades, and Zeo Five using his sword to blow up a group of Cogs with red smoke explosions.
-   Video Vulture flew overhead and beamed the Rangers up somewhere.
-   Some time later, the Rangers returned to the real world in a similar location to where they'd been before.
-   White flashes around the Rangers heralded the arrival of what looked like a shower monster, Leaky Faucet, the jack-o-lantern monster, and a traffic sign monster; the four monsters blasted at the Rangers and then swirled together into a large eye, which then formed the eye on the front of the train monster.
-   Again with Sprocket nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who enlarged the train monster.
-   The Rangers called and teleported to the Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord fought the train monster in the mountains.
-   After the Megazord had its saber, the train monster was in train form, shooting the Megazord with its blue energy blasts and then riding on a train track over a bridge.
-   The Megazord slashed the supports of the train bridge, making it collapse, and destroying the monster in the fall.

-   When Bulk and Skull were assigned to do trash cleanup duty in the park, Bulk whistled for Rito and Goldar, who emerged from the bushes to do the cleanup for them.
-   The ground shook when Cestro's fairly small capsule-like ship landed by the lake nearby.
-   Cestro's ship was crackling with blue energy after landing.
-   Bulk planned for himself and Skull to save the ship's occupant(s) and be heroes.
-   When the door of the ship opened after Skull had rammed it with his shoulder twice and then kicked it once, a large amount of water poured out.
-   Rito, Goldar, Bulk, Skull, and Cestro all screamed when Cestro emerged from the ship and encountered the four; once the screaming had stopped, the following conversation ensued:

Bulk (slowly with hand gestures): "Hello, alien! Don't be scared! Reassure him, Skull!"
Skull: "Yeah. (nodding toward Rito and Goldar) They don't bite."
Bulk: "Much."
Cestro: "Please, I am Cestro of Aquitar, and I must find a human named Billy. The fate of a world depends on it!"

-   Since Bulk and Skull apparently didn't remember Cestro, one of their much-adored idols the Aquitian Rangers, the time regression from the Orb of Doom had probably been undone by the Zeo Crystal, leaving no memories behind.
-   At Billy's congratulatory party in the Youth Center for graduating early from Angel Grove High, Skull, trying not to agitate anyone at the party, led Billy outside to the outdoor cafe.
-   Bulk told Cestro that Billy was the only Billy they knew.
-   Bulk and Skull heard Cestro's name, that Billy and Cestro knew each other, that Billy's great intelligence was known on Aquitar, and that Aquitar was in terrible trouble.
-   Billy led Cestro away, and they were soon in the Power Chamber.
-   Bulk and Skull had made Goldar and Rito guard the spaceship.
-   Seeing Goldar and Rito by the ship, Lt. Stone assumed they were part of an invasion force, and he chased after them to arrest them.
-   The Hydro Contaminator's red saucer had landed somewhere by the lake.
-   Cestro and Billy teleported to Cestro's ship, and Cestro opened it and removed a long case; Billy opened the case and examined the parts inside.
-   As the Hydro Contaminator nearly attacked Cestro and Billy, the five Rangers teleported in front of the two to protect them.
-   The Cogs arrived; several of them blasted the Rangers during the ensuing fight.
-   Billy called Alpha, and he and Cestro were teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   The Rangers had trouble fighting the Cogs, and they couldn't stop Hydro Contaminator as he approached the lake.
-   A Cog blasted Zeo Ranger Four, and another blasted Zeo Ranger One.
-   Zeo Ranger Five's flying kick knocked Hydro Contaminator even closer to the lake.
-   Zeo Rangers Four and One threw a Cog into the lake, making it explode into Cog parts.
-   The Rangers surrounded Hydro Contaminator, making him teleport away, and the Rangers then teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   Lt. Stone told Bulk and Skull they were under alien attack, describing the aliens as a "monkey in gold armor" and a "bunch of badly stacked bones."
-   Cogs with spears were traversing up a large tunnel which seemed to open near a body of water.
-   Hydro Contaminator shimmered in through the wall of the city's water treatment with blue streaks of light, leaving a hole in the wall behind him.
-   While Hydro Contaminator paced through the plant looking for the water, he became almost invisible as he walked by an open doorway through which light from outside was shining.
-   A gear ship somewhere in the sky beamed down Sprocket and Cogs in a blue beam.
-   The Rangers teleported to a high area at the water plant and used their weapons to fight the Cogs, with Zeo Ranger One's shield breaking one Cog into pieces.
-   Hydro Contaminator's central golden disc glowed with bluish-white energy, then he shimmered into near-invisibility, and he moved around, blasting the Rangers with orange energy beams.
-   Sprocket was watching from an opening in a wall below the fight.
-   In the Power Chamber, Alpha accidentally stepped on Billy's contacts, and Billy would soon have his old glasses which had been lying around either his house or the Power Chamber.
-   Zeo Ranger Five shot a red energy beam from the star on his sword, ruining Hydro Contaminator's golden disc; the monster was already visible again.
-   Zeo Five dove sword-first into Hydro Contaminator, impaling the burnt disc.
-   Zeo Five's advanced Zeo Laser Pistol blast knocked Hydro Contaminator over the railing of the high area they were on.
-   The five Rangers all leapt down after Hydro Contaminator and simultaneously hit him with their weapons.
-   The Zeo Blaster was teleported to the Rangers in purple energy, shown being teleported from the Power Chamber in a case.
-   The Zeo Blaster, being a blaster apparently composed of the five combined Zeo Power Weapons, destroyed Hydro Contaminator, and Sprocket and the Cogs retreated.
-   Upon approaching the ship with Cestro, Billy wore the same clothes, no glasses, and a backpack, carrying a silver suitcase, his chemistry book, and a set of swimming flippers and a scuba mask; Cestro carried two silver suitcases as well.
-   Billy told Cestro, "I've dreamed of an opportunity like this since I was a boy. I can't pass it up. Besides, my parents gave me their permission."
-   Once Billy and Cestro were inside the ship, it blasted off, and the teens ran up just in time to see it flying away after Tommy had called the Power Chamber.

-   Rocky, Adam, Bulk, and Skull were in the Angel Grove Junior Botanical Society Greenhouse; Rocky's plant was already almost a foot tall after he'd planted the seeds yesterday.
-   Fairly loudly with a woman behind him, Adam suggested taking a sample to Alpha to ask about the plant, and then Rocky, apparently not having heard Adam, got the same idea, and they left to do so after Rocky had clipped off a bit of its leaf.
-   Rocky's plant ate most of Bulk's badge off his shirt, then immediately sprouted a large amount of prehensile vines and grew.
-   Bulk took a flower from Rocky's plant to replace Skull's dead plant to make him happy, saying Rocky wouldn't miss it at the rate his plant was growing.
-   As Adam and Rocky were returning, Sprocket and Cogs were on the roof.
-   Silver Cogs walked out of the greenhouse where Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone had seemed to just walk in, and where people were possibly still inside; the Cogs were carrying Rocky's pot and Bulk and Skull's pot.
-   Rocky and Adam morphed outside where people had been seen walking by in the distance moments earlier.
-   The Cogs managed to get away with the plants, and Zeo Rangers Three and Four left for the Power Chamber.
-   A woman on Lt. Stone's police radio said, "Command Central to Lt. Stone. We have a report of a break-in at the Angel Grove Community Greenhouse. Several rare species of plants have reportedly been taken."
-   Hearing the call, Bulk and Skull left the fertilizer place to go after the thieves, knowing Skull's plant had been taken; they began a stakeout in which they tried to lure in the plant using metal objects as bait.
-   The five teens teleported into the Power Chamber together.
-   Soon, two plant monsters Pollenator and Adrian were at the Angel Grove auto wrecking yard, apparently eating all the old cars; the teens morphed and teleported there.
-   After Adrian had messed up a jump attack and Pollenator had punched him as punishment, a blue energy bolt from the Machine Skybase teleported the plant monsters to the skybase.
-   After Rocky and Adam, later walking on a sidewalk, had split up, Pollenator confronted Rocky, who morphed.
-   Zeo Ranger Three flew fists-first toward Pollenator to punch him repeatedly before flipping back.
-   Zeo Three then jumped up and kicked Pollenator with both feet, sending a blue shockwave through the monster.
-   Pollenator sprayed Zeo Three with glittery pollen from a bud on his shoulder; the Ranger cried out to have Zordon teleport him back to the Power Chamber.
-   Soon, the four teens teleported back to the Power Chamber where Rocky was being treated as his cells were replaced by plant cells.
-   Minutes later, Pollenator was downtown, and the four teens morphed and teleported there with their Power Pod swords.
-   Zeo Rangers Four and Five used their Zeo Power Weapons.
-   Eventually, a cured Rocky morphed and teleported to join the others.
-   The Rangers' advanced Zeo Laser Pistol beams destroyed Pollenator.
-   Rocky and Adam later returned to the greenhouse.
-   At this time, Bulk and Skull were still on their unsuccessful stakeout for the plant.

-   Adam was alone in a classroom, probably after school, when he saw three Cogs outside the window, and he ran from room to room to follow where they were going.
-   The Cogs eventually climbed into the music room, where the caped Skull was playing the piano; he ran off while Adam confronted the Cogs.
-   The next day, Bulk made fun of Adam's classical music class, and Skull, at first distracted, then made an exaggerated attempt to agree with him when asked.
-   After school, three Cogs had been seen peering into a school window, then three Cogs appeared in the hall outside the music room while Skull was playing inside.
-   In the otherwise empty hallway, Adam, Kat, and Tommy morphed, seeing the Cogs appear.
-   The Rangers chased the Cogs down several hallways to the main hall, where five Cogs had taken the place of the three Cogs.
-   After playing his music, Skull emerged from the door and, seeing the Rangers and Cogs, fled the scene.
-   Zeo Ranger Four surfed down the hall on the back of a Cog sliding through spilled soap water, and after the surfed Cog had collided with two others, they were short-circuiting and dropping small pieces from themselves as they stood up.
-   Later, Adam was practicing on the piano, and he found a reminder left by the mysterious pianist; after Adam had run off to intercept the pianist at the symphony hall, Mondo turned the school's piano into Fortissimodo.
-   The caped Skull was walking up the steps to the symphony hall and Adam was running toward the building when two Cogs appeared on either side of Skull from gear portals and grabbed him.
-   More Cogs appeared from gear portals as Fortissimodo teleported in.
-   Fortissimodo told Skull that King Mondo demanded his permanent services as musician to the royal court, and he would be a birthday present for Queen Machina.
-   Running up to the area with his Zeonizers on his wrists, Adam shouted, "Green Zeo Ranger Four!" and morphed with green streaks while in the middle of a midair frontflip.
-   Skull was facing in Adam's direction when Adam morphed, and the morph also occurred in front of the windows of the symphony hall.
-   Zeo Ranger Four fought the Cogs, allowing Skull to escape.
-   As Fortissimodo fought Zeo Four with a sword, the four teens had just arrived in the Power Chamber, then they morphed and rode the Zeo Jet Cycles to the symphony hall to help.
-   Zeo Five yelled out, "Hang on, Adam!" as the Rangers drove up to help Zeo Four while Skull continued watching the fight from the bushes nearby.
-   From nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who enlarged Fortissimodo.
-   As Skull ran in fear from the giant monster, Fortissimodo told the musician he was his, but Zeo Ranger Four replied, "Only if you get past me!"
-   Fortissimodo blew a stream of fire from his mouth (located in his chest) at Zeo Ranger Four below.
-   The Rangers all continued to fight Cogs on the ground, with Zeo One using her shield.
-   Zeo Four called the Zords, and Zeo Five teleported into Zeozord Five.
-   Fortissimodo picked up Zeo Four in his hand, and the Defender Wheel dropped from Zeozord Five, with Zeo Ranger Five inside.
-   The Defender Wheel's tire struck Fortissimodo's leg, knocking him over and making him drop Zeo Ranger Four; both he and Zeo Five teleported into the park area below.
-   While fighting off all the Cogs and Zeo Ranger Four was simply following him around without fighting, Zeo Five told Four that he and the others should get in their Zords.
-   The five Rangers were soon in the Zeozords.
-   After the Zeozords all fired at once, they formed the Zeo Megazord, which fought Fortissimodo downtown.
-   The Zeo Megazord Saber destroyed Fortissimodo; the monster's flaming top landed on a skyscraper nearby after the explosion.
-   Later that day, Skull was back in the music room, in costume, playing the piano again.
-   Adam sneaked up behind Skull and pulled back his hood to discover his identity.
-   Adam encouraged Skull, telling him that people (Bulk in particular) wouldn't make fun of him; Skull played at the recital that night and impressed Bulk greatly.

-   On the same day that Raymond had been teaching Adam and Tanya about using the Internet, Klank, Orbus, and Mean Screen were in the empty computer center in a multi-story building; on one of the monitors was a scene of a fire.
-   Mean Screen tapped into Power Chamber's computer system through the computer center's computers; he injected a virus into the Power Chamber computer, also infecting all of the computer systems in Angel Grove.
-   An ATM showed a picture of Mean Screen in the computer center and then spat out money.
-   Lt. Stone called Bulk and Skull and told them to proceed immediately to the intersection of 3rd and Elm to help with the code blue traffic situation.
-   When Adam's monitor in the resource center started to go crazy, Raymond had Adam pull the plug before it shorted all the computers.
-   When Adam's communicator went off, Adam told Raymond they'd go check and see if there was a power outage, yet the lights were on, and it was Adam who had pulled the plug.
-   Outside, Kat, Rocky, and Adam answered the call, and Zordon told them that Mean Screen's virus was crashing computers all over the city.
-   The three teens were about to teleport when the ground shook and several Cogs walked through a warp fissure.
-   Kat, Adam, and Rocky morphed in front of a large building with windows, by which were several parking lots.
-   Posing once morphed, the three Rangers called out, "Power Rangers... Zeo!"
-   Meanwhile, Zeo Rangers Five and Two had gone to Alpha's coordinates in the computer center.
-   For a bit, Zeo Ranger Four fought a Cog with one hand behind his back.
-   After the Cogs had retreated, the three teleported to the others' location in the computer center.
-   Soon, the five Rangers split back up into their previous groups as Mean Screen chased them through the industrial-type building.
-   Mean Screen generated a bomb from his screen, causing what looked like the entire top floor of the computer center to explode, with the Zeo Rangers flying out a window just in time.
-   Mean Screen was invulnerable to the Zeo Blaster's energy spehre, so Zeo Ranger Five called Zordon, and Defender Wheel was teleported to the Rangers' location.
-   Zeo Five destroyed Mean Screen in the Defender Wheel, but the monster was soon back.
-   From nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who enlarged Mean Screen.
-   Zeo Ranger Four teleported away and went into the resource center (empty except for Raymond), where he told Raymond he'd heard he might be able to help and that he was an expert on computers.
-   Raymond had reverse-engineered the virus and had made a yet-untested antivirus; he gave Zeo Ranger Four the antivirus disk, and the Ranger teleported to the Power Chamber with it.
-   Excited, Raymond remarked, "They're never gonna believe this on the Internet!"
-   Zeo Four soon teleported to the others' location once the virus was eliminated from the Power Chamber's computers, and the Rangers teleported to the Zeozords.
-   The Zeo Megazord fought Mean Screen in the mountains just outside an industrial area.
-   Mean Screen told the Rangers they needed another dose of his virus.
-   The Zeo Four Battle Helmet's headbutt didn't break Mean Screen's screen, nor did the helmet's energy bolts; after an ineffective slamming by the Zeo Three Battle Helmet's lift beam, a concentrated blast from the Zeo Three Battle Helmet finally shattered the screen.
-   The Zeo Megazord Saber destroyed Mean Screen.
-   Klank had returned to the Machine Skybase by this time.
-   The teens were in the Power Chamber when Billy called from Aquitar.

-   While Rocky and Tanya were at Angel Grove High after school, Tommy, Kat, and Adam were waiting in the Power Chamber for Billy's arrival; he was flying in a silver space pod.
-   Billy missed the guys, including Bulk and Skull; he told the teens in the Power Chamber that the first thing he would want upon returning would be one of Ernie's smoothies.
-   A flaming purple energy gear ring shot from the Machine Skybase's main tower, and after two shots, Billy's ship's communications and engines were disabled.
-   Rocky and Tanya teleported to the Power Chamber, saying they'd gotten there as soon as they could.
-   Billy still had a static-filled audio feed to the Power Chamber.
-   The Power Chamber's tractor beam transmitter was a black satellite dish in the top of a rock structure.
-   Another energy gear ring intercepted the Power Chamber's tractor beam just before it could reach Billy's ship; the blast sent the ship hurtling toward the sun, shorting out the dish, and making the Power Chamber quake.
-   Billy said that he'd stored the rest of the fuel cells in the Angel Grove University warehouse.
-   The teens morphed and teleported to outside the university warehouse and soon entered after some discussion.
-   Inside, Klank and Cogs confronted the Rangers, and Mechanizer soon fought Zeo Ranger Five and the others while Klank watched.
-   Mechanizer's blasting set some fuel in the warehouse ablaze.
-   Klank commanded Mechanizer to destroy the building, and all of the Rangers but Zeo Five flew out of the warehouse as its interior exploded, apparently destroying Mechanizer with it.
-   Zeo Ranger One tried to go in after Zeo Five, but the others held her back against her will.
-   Zeo Ranger Five emerged from the flaming building, unscathed, with the Power Chamber's needed fuel cell.
-   The teens were soon in the Power Chamber.
-   Soon, Tommy was teleported up to a control panel beside the dish on top of the rock formation, and he operated the panel.
-   Quadrafighter blasts around him sent Tommy tumbling down the side of the mountain, and he barely managed to stop himself from falling over a long cliff to the ground below.
-   The Quadrafighters continued to blast around Tommy as he climbed up.
-   After the manual panel wouldn't work, Tommy, with great effort, pushed forward a long lever and freed the dish; he was then teleported back into the Power Chamber.
-   The tractor beam successfully rescued Billy.
-   The teens and Billy were later in the Juice Bar together.

-   As Kat, Billy, and Tommy were at Angel Grove Pines for Tommy to feel better over Kim's dumping him, Klank and Robocupid, a love-based Machine Empire monster, went to an industrial area.
-   Robocupid shot herself in a mirror with the blue beam from her eye, then fell in love with Klank, chasing him around; Orbus eventually shot blue energy gears from his chest, removing the love spell from Robocupid.
-   From near Bulk and Skull as they were ready to scrap their broken-down patrol bike, Robocupid made the two officers fall in love with the bike.
-   As Adam, Rocky, and Tanya walked into the Juice Bar to work out for an upcoming competition, they noticed everyone in love with machines: Ernie was in love with a blender, and Lt. Stone gave a bouquet to an arcade machine.
-   Rocky remarked, "You guys, this is weird, even for Angel Grove."
-   Meanwhile, a TV reporter was at Angel Grove Pines, with a Channel 3, what looked like KNFC News, mic, reporting that snowboarders from all over were practicing there at Angel Grove Pines for the upcoming championship finals.
-   The reporter assumed that three silver Cogs walking by with odd snowboarding hats and carrying snowboards were the team from northern Nepasa, whom he had heard had some odd-looking outfits.
-   The Cogs' snowboarding hats bore small designs of the typical "Gray" type of alien.
-   Kat was in the foreground of the TV camera as she watched the Cogs in concern and then followed them; she then somehow got through the crowd of people waiting for the cable cars and was the only person in the car right behind the one in which the Cogs were riding.
-   The three Cogs went snowboarding, and Kat skied after them, even down the dangerous Widowmaker slope.
-   As soon as the Cogs had removed the warning signs from the edge of a cliff on the Widowmaker, they charged Kat, knowing she was watching from the cluster of trees nearby; one of them ordered, "Destroy the Power Ranger."
-   Kat morphed and fought the Cogs.
-   After the fight once the Cogs were all disabled, Zeo Ranger One demorphed with pink electricity, then Kat watched in horror as Heather snowboarded right off the edge of the cliff where the signs had been removed.

-   Rocky, Adam, and Tanya had gone to the Power Chamber in response to Robocupid's attack on Angel Grove.
-   Alpha attempted to call Tommy, Kat, and Billy, and he got a visual; Rocky then asked what was going on, and Tommy replied a bit away from the cliff where Heather was hanging onto a branch.
-   Moments later, Rocky called them again, and Kat replied.
-   The three in the Power Chamber then morphed and teleported to an industrial area, where they fought Cogs with Zeo Rangers Three and Two using their weapons.
-   Zeo Four used boxing moves on Robocupid; he soon used his glowing multi-punch, then his hatchet special attack.
-   Heather knew Tommy, Kat, and Billy were on the cliff above, and a crowd was now behind them.
-   Tommy had everyone give him their jackets, and he tied them together and pulled Heather up.
-   Kat told Heather someone had pulled out the markers.
-   Billy reminded Kat and Tommy they had something they had to do and that he'd make sure Heather was all right; Kat and Tommy then rushed off.
-   In the trees elsewhere, Tommy and Kat morphed and teleported to the industrial area.
-   The Rangers summoned the Zeozords against the normal-sized Robocupid, but Zeo Ranger Five then had the Defender Wheel drop down.
-   The Defender Wheel defeated Robocupid, but her love spell wasn't broken.
-   Posing, the Rangers called out, "Zeo Rangers!"
-   From nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who revived and enlarged Robocupid.
-   The Rangers teleported to the Zords, and the Zeo Megazord fought Robocupid downtown.
-   Soon, the Megazord used the Zeo Four Battle Helmet's headbutt and energy bolts.
-   The Zeo Megazord Saber destroyed Robocupid, at which point the love spells wore off everyone.
-   A voice on the radio the next day spoke: "Good morning, Angel Grove. This here's Howlin' Jack coming to you on KNGL Angel Grove, playing you the hottest hits on the hottest day of the year! We're having some weird, weird weather here, guys and gals. It's the middle of winter, and we've got ourselves a scorcheroo of a heat wave! So to help you all keep your cool, we'll be blasting hit after hit on KNGL Angel Grove."
-   It was getting hot in the mountains, and the snow was starting to melt. That afternoon, Zordon called Billy and Kat.
-   Tommy and Heather were about to get dinner and go to a movie at the lodge when Billy said they had to get going.
-   Tommy left, telling Heather he didn't know when they'd get back.

-   Kat, Tommy, and Billy had teleported to the Power Chamber, where the others already were.
-   Zordon told the teens that the temperatures in Angel Grove had risen well above historical records for five days straight.
-   Mondo noted that Defoliator had begun to have a serious effect on the weather of Angel Grove; the temperature had risen another five degrees since yesterday.
-   Back at Angel Grove Pines apparently the same day, Tommy, Kat, and Billy packed up.
-   Heather had heard that the teens had checked out, and Tommy told her they had to leave "town" right away and that he couldn't explain why.
-   Soon afterward, Billy was again in the Power Chamber.
-   Every time Billy got the source of the heat wave on the tracking system, he lost it.
-   Soon, Alpha called the others, and they teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   Zordon explained that Defoliator, in giant size, was destroying hundreds of plants and trees in Angel Grove Forest, thereby causing a greenhouse effect in Angel Grove.
-   The teens morphed and teleported to the forest, from where they summoned and teleported to the Zeozords.
-   In the orange glow of sunset, the Zeo Megazord fought Defoliator in the mountains just outside the city.
-   The Zeo Two Battle Helmet shot at Defoliator, and the Megazord then did a flying kick.
-   The Zeo One Battle Helmet generated an energy cyclone, then blasted its cannon at the monster.
-   The Zeo Megazord Saber made Defoliator fall over and explode, and he then shrank while talking about withering.
-   The Rangers ran up to the monster's prone, normal-sized body and pronounced the battle over upon feeling the air start to cool already; Defoliator, however, was secretly still alive.
-   Another day, Tanya told Ernie that the forest service had brought in many trees to counteract the Defoliator's effect on the environment.
-   Billy and Kat came into the Juice Bar together, where Tanya, Rocky, and Adam were; Tommy was alone, hitting a punching bag.
-   Defoliator, having gotten up, was now in an area near some buildings, and he planned to destroy every plant in the world.
-   As Tanya and Kat walked down a sidewalk during Tommy's date with Heather in the Youth Center hours later, Defoliator confronted the two girls.
-   As people ran screaming in all directions, Defoliator spoke, "Well, two little Ranger girls," and Tanya confrontationally shouted back as people continued to run by, "Defoliator! I thought we got rid of you for good!"
-   Kat and Tanya morphed on the sidewalk, then fought Defoliator downtown, doing poorly.
-   Zeo Ranger One called for help, and Rocky and Adam came in during Tommy and Heather's dinner in the Youth Center, waving Tommy out and waving nervously to Heather when she looked back.
-   Tommy apologized and excused himself, and Heather was frustrated by his running off after it had taken her so long to drive down to Angel Grove; Tommy said he'd be right back, but she would be gone by the time he eventually returned.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Tommy rushed out, and Zeo Rangers Three, Four, and Five soon joined the battle in the grassy park area downtown.
-   Billy had a communications line to Zeo Five open while talking about having adjusted the Zeo Blaster to maximize the "Command Center"'s power cells.
-   The Zeo Blaster fired with a more powerful blast, destroying Defoliator.
-   Garden judges discovered that Lt. Stone's plants were plastic; Bulk and Skull had replaced them when they'd died from Defoliator's heating of Angel Grove.
-   Tommy and Kat ate dinner together in the Youth Center after Tommy's failed date with Heather.

-   One night, Tommy had a dream about True of Heart's giving him his half-arrowhead during the Orb of Doom's time regression, and he soon woke up and teleported to the Power Chamber wearing the half-arrowhead around his neck.
-   The lights in the Power Chamber soon dimmed momentarily.
-   The next day, there was a Native American arts festival in the Youth Center, which Rocky noted to Tanya and Adam was odd, considering Tommy's repeated dreams about his arrowhead.
-   Sam Trueheart, looking exactly like True of Heart, was working at the exhibit, showing a man a headdress as the curator of the exhibit.
-   The Native American arts festival was the first event sponsored by the police cultural committee that year.
-   The lights in the Youth Center flashed brightly, and Ernie said they'd been having power surges all day.
-   Tommy accidentally bumped into Sam outside as Sam was walking toward the parking lot.
-   Sam had left an important artifact behind and had to find a cab, but Tommy drove him there instead.
-   On the way, Tommy almost recognized Sam, but Sam said he had one of those faces.
-   Sam noted that Tommy's arrowhead necklace was interesting; Sam said he'd collected arrowheads his whole life.
-   Tommy said someone had given his half-arrowhead to him a long time ago.
-   When Tommy said he wished he could find the other half, Sam told him perhaps he should concentrate on his journey instead of its destination, at which point he told Tommy this was his stop, in the middle of nowhere.
-   Sam told Tommy, "Some travels end where others begin," and that this was an excellent place to find arrowheads.
-   After Tommy had driven off confused, Sam blew away into white mist.
-   All during the previous night, the Main Drain monster had been draining energy from the Angel Grove power plant, and he was now fully-charged.
-   Just as Bulk and Skull were about to sell tickets to two kids who hadn't bought some from Bulk and Skull's competitor Delmar, Main Drain appeared in the playground and scared them all off.
-   After Tommy had returned, Bulk and Skull rushed into the Youth Center, with Bulk telling them to call 911, as there was a monster on the playground.
-   Main Drain returned to the power plant, and the Youth Center's lights flashed and then shut off.
-   Behind a display wall for the Native American exhibit, Tommy called Zordon, and after a somewhat loud preparatory call from Tommy, the five teens morphed and teleported to the power plant.
-   From a cliff near where the Rangers confronted Main Drain, Klank threw Orbus, who enlarged the monster.
-   The Rangers summoned and teleported to the Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord confronted Main Drain downtown.
-   Main Drain summoned some spiked armor and then summoned a bit more armor after absorbing the Zeo Two Battle Helmet's blasts.
-   Mondo was watching the battle from nearby downtown, perhaps on a rooftop.
-   Soon, Mondo waved a white flag on his staff, saying they surrendered, begging them not to destroy his beautiful monster.
-   Main Drain got on his knees and begged for a moment, but then slipped a tentacle beneath the ground and grappled the Megazord, tapping directly into their main power supply.
-   Main Drain then summoned chest armor and severely blasted the Megazord, causing the Zeo Megazord Saber to break and the Megazord to stumble back.
-   Alpha teleported the Megazord into the repair bay, and the Rangers then rode their seats out of the Zords and walked into the Power Chamber, where the lights were off.
-   Billy was now in the Power Chamber.
-   Zordon and Billy had been preparing the Red Battlezord for Zeo Ranger Five to pilot in such an emergency.
-   Minutes later, the four other Rangers teleported into the mountains near Main Drain and Mondo while Zeo Five teleported into the Red Battlezord in the holding bay.
-   The Red Battlezord went out of control, walking through the metal girders around it in the holding bay; it was then shown outside in the mountains, where it punched the landscape nearby.
-   The Battlezord fell off a cliff and was buried in rock.
-   The four Rangers shot Main Drain with their advanced Zeo Laser Pistols, provoking the monster to pick them up and then throw them back down and blast them, after which they would continue to clutch themselves as though injured.
-   After getting up with gold energy streaks from beneath the rocks, the Red Battlezord again malfunctioned.
-   Main Drain latched his tentacle onto the Red Battlezord's chest and began draining its energy.
-   Appearing in a ghostly image beyond the Red Battlezord's cockpit, Sam told Zeo Ranger Five, "Tommy, you must let your needs go. If you are to save your world, you must be as one with it."
-   Soon, the Red Battlezord began fighting flawlessly, despite some damage to its chest.
-   The Battlezord's wrist blasts destroyed Main Drain.
-   The teens were soon back in the Power Chamber.
-   The Earth's only defense was now the Red Battlezord.
-   Another day, Tommy drove back out into the desert, where David, secretly his brother, appeared on a horse from white mist.

-   David walked off with his horse and disappeared without speaking to Tommy.
-   Sam told Tommy that he had to prove himself worthy before he could know the truth about his lookalike and the arrowhead.
-   A falcon appeared on Sam's extended arm from white mist, then it reappeared in the sky, without Tommy ever seeing any of the teleportations.
-   Sam sent Tommy on a vision quest with the falcon as his guide, telling him that when he touched the falcon, he would find his answers, as well as more questions.
-   Ernie thought some of the teenagers might be interested in boxing, so he had Lt. Stone come to the Youth Center to give free lessons; Adam, who incorporated techniques from various fighting styles into his own style of martial arts, signed up for the boxing lessons.
-   Bulk and Skull barged through the line just to ask Adam what the line was for, and they were signed up for the lessons as well.
-   Tommy chased after David through the mountains.
-   After the boxing lesson, Adam told Lt. Stone he'd see him next week; later, he was walking beside a road somewhere when Sprocket lured him into a construction site full of building supplies, where several Cogs were near Sprocket.
-   Confronted by Punchabunch, Adam morphed and fought him with boxing moves.
-   Zeo Ranger Four soon performed a flying one-armed punch, defeating the monster, but he then called Zordon for help, at which point he vanished with green energy flames.
-   Zordon called Rocky, Tanya, and Kat in the Juice Bar, and Ernie walked in from the Juice Bar's western doorway just as they were heading there; they suddenly froze and tried to act nonchalant.
-   Once Ernie had passed, the three answered the call in the Juice Bar's western hallway and then morphed and teleported to the construction site, where they fought Cogs.
-   Sprocket had Klank throw Orbus, who revived and enlarged Punchabunch.
-   Zordon called Tommy, interrupting his quest, and he morphed and teleported to the site, where he called the Red Battlezord.
-   In the mountains, a large cannon extended from the holding bay doors and shot the Red Battlezord out of it.
-   Zeo Ranger Five teleported into the flying Red Battlezord.
-   During the boxing match in the mountains outside an industrial area, Punchabunch blew white mist from his mouth, frosting over Red Battlezord's visor.
-   Punchabunch pounded the blind Red Battlezord, sending Zeo Ranger Five flying from it down to the construction site but smashing his own glove in the process.
-   Near the Rangers, Sprocket had Punchabunch teleport away, and Sprocket, with Cogs behind him, summoned the shrunken Zeo Ranger Four as a trophy.
-   The Rangers returned to the Power Chamber, where Billy was, having monitored the battle.
-   Some time later, giant Punchabunch returned to the mountains with spiked glove covers, and Zeo Ranger Five teleported back into the flying Red Battlezord.
-   Sprocket had two Cogs carry a control panel with the Machine Empire symbol on it to near the fight location; the panel allowed Sprocket to generate a giant boxing ring made of chains.
-   Klank rang the fight bell.
-   After blinding the Red Battlezord again, Punchabunch knocked the Zord into a corner pole, which electrocuted it upon contact.
-   Zeo Ranger One and the others teleported to stop Sprocket, and as the others fought the Cogs, Zeo One soon smashed the control panel with her Power Pod sword, disintegrating the ring.
-   Without the ring, the Red Battlezord pounded Punchabunch.
-   As the fight continued, Sprocket and Klank walked elsewhere to get a better view.
-   The Red Battlezord jumped into the air and then flew forward for a while, punching Punchabunch all the way.
-   The Red Battlezord then flew spinning through the air as red and yellow energy and shot into Punchabunch, destroying the monster.
-   As the three Rangers confronted Sprocket, he and the Cogs retreated, leaving Zeo Ranger Four's trophy behind, and he returned to normal.
-   From the Red Battlezord, Zeo Five planned to return to his quest.
-   Shortly after Tommy had teleported back to the mountains, the ground quaked, and David was hanging off the edge of a cliff, crying for help.
-   Tommy saw the falcon appear from white mist on a rock nearby, but Tommy chose to save David rather than touch the falcon.
-   The falcon vanished and reappeared in the sky, then streaked into Tommy's chest as flaming energy.
-   David said that the spirit of the falcon had led Tommy to him.
-   When David was little, a wise man had given him the other half of the arrowhead, also telling David that when he found the other half, he would complete his quest.
-   After telling Tommy his name, David Trueheart, David merged the two arrowhead halves.

-   David had been adopted by Sam and had lived in a reservation all his life.
-   Tommy had been adopted too, but his parents had never said anything about a brother; David said Tommy's parents probably hadn't even known about him.
-   When Tommy asked why he'd made him go through the vision quest, David explained that "we" had to make sure Tommy was really his brother, as they shared a great responsibility.
-   David said the arrowhead contained very strong and old powers that they couldn't let fall into evil hands.
-   Sprocket and a Cog overheard the conversation.
-   Tommy took David to the Youth Center a different day.
-   Seeing Tommy with his lookalike brother, Skull thought he was seeing doubles, and that it was caused by excess sugar in Ernie's donuts.
-   Tommy introduced David to the teens.
-   Upon overhearing from the Juice Bar that David was Tommy's brother, Bulk and Skull said he didn't look anything like Tommy and that he was probably a fake, so they went to the resource center to run a background check on him.
-   After having Adam hold the arrowhead, Tommy, in a red gi, sparred with David, who wore Tommy's old white gi.
-   In the resource center, Skull asked Bulk if he'd remembered to feed "Rito and Goldar," now knowing the monsters' names, but Bulk said it was Skull's turn.
-   Bulk and Skull left to check on Rito and Goldar, who had gotten out when Skull had forgotten to lock the garage door.
-   David had been practicing just for this moment when he could impress Tommy with his skills, but he was upset when Tommy managed to foot sweep him onto the mat, and he ran out in disgust.
-   After taking back the arrowhead from Adam, Tommy went after David; outside, Cogs appeared and one took a swing at David, causing David to try to fight back.
-   The Cogs flew up into a portal with David just as Tommy came out and was unable to stop them.
-   Meanwhile, Billy was working on the Zeo Megazord in the repair bay.
-   Tommy called Billy over the communicator, and the five teens teleported from outside the Youth Center to the Power Chamber, where Billy was soon with them.
-   The Cogs dropped David off in a cave deep under the reservation, where cave drawings covered the walls.
-   Soon, giant Mace Face was in a spiked sphere form, rolling through downtown Angel Grove and causing many explosions.
-   The teens morphed, and the Red Battlezord landed in the mountains, where it fought Mace Face.
-   The Zeo Megazord soon walked in, piloted by the other four Rangers.
-   Mace Face's sphere form was impervious to the Zeo Four Battle Helmet's energy bolts.
-   Mace Face bounced back and forth between the Red Battlezord and Zeo Megazord in sphere form.
-   Mondo, Klank, and Cogs watched the fight from nearby in the mountains.
-   When the Red Battlezord leapt up, Mace Face turned into monster form to hit it in midair; the monster then blasted the Zords.
-   As the Rangers retreated, Mace Face told them, "You can run, but you can't hide, Rangers. If you don't give Mondo the arrowhead, I'll destroy the city and you'll never see your brother again!"
-   Once the Rangers were in the Power Chamber, Tommy's arrowhead glowed with gold energy, and Tommy concentrated, sending an astral projection of himself (appearing unmorphed) to David's cave, where David briefly saw Tommy's image.
-   When Tommy tried again, this time an image of Sam, visible only to Tommy, appeared in the Power Chamber, saying, "Tommy, David is in a place of great danger." (Tommy says he saw a cave) "Legend says an ancient tribe used this cave to bury its evil forever. No one can last long inside of it."
-   Minutes later, the Rangers teleported back into their Zords in the mountains.
-   Twice, the Megazord and Battlezord tried to merge into the Zeo Megabattlezord but were shocked by orange electricity.
-   Mondo, Klank, and the Cogs were still watching from nearby.
-   The Zords retreated, and the Rangers were then again in the Power Chamber.
-   Mace Face was about to attack the city.
-   Soon, Zeo Ranger Five was teleported to the reservation, and the four other Rangers teleported to the Zeo Megazord to hold off Mace Face.
-   The arrowhead led Zeo Ranger Five with a translucent purple energy sphere with gold energy rings.
-   Quadrafighters blasted the Megazord while it fought Mace Face in the mountains.
-   As Billy and Alpha watched on the Viewing Globe, the cave paintings around David began to glow and shift around.
-   Skull drove Bulk on the patrol bike as they looked for Rito and Goldar; Bulk called for Goldar, and Skull called for Rito.
-   Bulk and Skull put up reward flyers with pictures of Goldar and Rito, saying, "Have you seen our pets? Call 555-1912."
-   Lt. Stone found Bulk and Skull out during a monster alert, and Bulk and Skull wouldn't say why they were out.
-   Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull retreat with him when he saw Goldar and Rito walking down the street; Bulk and Skull reluctantly left with Lt. Stone.
-   Seeing Bulk and Skull leave them, Goldar and Rito were heartbroken, and Goldar sobbed.
-   The arrowhead led Zeo Ranger Five to a certain location in the desert where he attempted to teleport into the ground as a large purple orb but was repelled from the ground.
-   The ground shook, and Mondo then arrived in bluish-white lightning.
-   Zeo Ranger Five gave Mondo the arrowhead to free David.
-   Bulk and Skull sadly put up flyers, while around the corner, Rito put up a flyer with a picture of Bulk and Skull, reading, "Have you seen these things" and then "Call ??? [sic]."
-   Skull and Rito simultaneously hit their thumbs with their hammers, and upon discovering each other, the two groups were all quite happy to be back together, with Bulk and Goldar hugging.

-   Mondo blasted Zeo Ranger Five with a blue energy bolt from his wand when the Ranger demanded that he let David go.
-   Mondo then made several white energy bolts arc through the air and strike Zeo Five from above.
-   Mondo planned to keep David for an eternity.
-   After Mondo had left, Zeo Ranger Five's fist glowed red, and he angrily pounded the ground.
-   The Zeo Megazord was losing to Mace Face in the mountains.
-   Zordon called Zeo Ranger Five, who soon teleported to the Power Chamber where Billy was.
-   Shortly, Zeo Five teleported into the flying Red Battlezord, which ineffectively struck Mace Face with its spinning attack.
-   Neither the spin attack nor the wrist blasts fazed Mace Face's sphere form.
-   The Rangers successfully formed the Zeo Megabattlezord.
-   The Zeo Megabattlezord's shoulder cannon blasts caused Mace Face to revert to monster form and then explode.
-   Mondo sent Klank with Cogs to find the arrowhead's magic stone.
-   Bulk, Skull, Rito, and Goldar were in the garage together.
-   Bulk and Skull pretended to be eating out of the large silver pet bowls on the floor after Rito and Goldar had hidden when Lt. Stone arrived.
-   Lt. Stone had to give Bulk and Skull a psychological exam to see whether they were fit to be junior officers.
-   There was an "all-clear" wail from the yellow sirens around the city to indicate that the Rangers had defeated another monster.
-   The teens were in the Power Chamber.
-   Autochthon arose from the floating cave drawings around David, and he was angry that David had disturbed his sleep.
-   After being told by Zordon that it was an Autochthon monster, Billy explained to the teens that it was one of the earliest inhabitants of the land that had to be thousands of years old; Zordon said it must have been formed from the evil inside the cave.
-   Tommy teleported to the desert and spoke with Sam.
-   Sam spoke:

Sam: "Many years ago, this land was ruled by powerful evil spirits. A great warrior captured them and imprisoned them in the arrowhead. Whoever holds the arrowhead controls these spirits. (pauses) Is something wrong, Tommy?"
Tommy: "Yes sir. But you've already helped more than you know. Thank you."
Sam: "If you see David, tell him it's about time he headed for home."

-   Soon, Klank was back on the skybase.
-   David, holding onto Autochthon, teleported with the monster to the surface.
-   Tommy teleported back into the Power Chamber, and the five teens then morphed and teleported to David and Autochthon's location in the desert.
-   David recognized that the Zeo Rangers were the "Power Rangers."
-   Zeo Five told Autochthon (saying the monster's name) to let David (not calling David by name) go.
-   Cogs appeared beside Autochthon from a gear portal and grappled David.
-   After Autochthon had blasted the Rangers, Mondo appeared and expressed his appreciation to Autochthon, calling the monster by name.
-   Autochthon didn't know Mondo.
-   Zeo Five told Mondo that Autochthon wasn't one of his lackeys; Mondo replied that soon Autochthon and countless other creatures would be under his command, and David saw the arrowhead.
-   Zeo Five used his "Zeo Power Kick," which he named while doing the attack, to free David from the Cogs.
-   Zeo Five told the others that he had David and that he'd meet them back at the Power Chamber, at which point the four teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   Mondo told Zeo Five it didn't matter if he took the human, as he had the arrowhead; David was upset that Mondo still had the arrowhead, and Zeo Five had to hold him back.
-   Zeo Five teleported while holding onto David, and they appeared elsewhere in the desert.
-   David was upset, figuring that Tommy must have been kidnapped like they'd kidnapped him.
-   David and Zeo Ranger Five conversed:
David: "My brother's in danger!"
Zeo Five: "No, David, he isn't."
David: "How do you know?!"
- Zeo Five removes his helmet

-   David was shocked to discover that Tommy was a Ranger.
-   David knew about the stone in the forest which would activate the arrowhead's full powers; if Mondo used it, he could control monsters that even the Power Rangers couldn't defeat.
-   Cogs and Quadrafighters soon scouted the forest looking for the stone.
-   During their psychological exam, Bulk and Skull saw all the inkblots in the Rorschach test as monsters.
-   Lt. Stone consulted a guidebook called I'm O.K. You Might Be Nuts by "Jacob" in conducting his psychological evaluation of Bulk and Skull.
-   Zeo Ranger Five teleported into the Power Chamber, having had David wait at the Youth Center.
-   As Cogs and Quadrafighters crashed through the forest around him, Mondo said he was poised on the brink of controlling the Earth's most primitive monsters.
-   Mondo could feel the power coming from the stone.
-   Once by the stone with the Cogs, Mondo blasted the hole in the stone with a blue energy bolt from his staff, and the hole continued to glow with purple energy.
-   Zeo Ranger Five teleported into the Red Battlezord in the holding bay.
-   As it flew over the forest, the Red Battlezord shot a rapid series of red energy stars from its visor at Mondo, the Cogs, and Klank below.
-   Zeo Five then dropped down and took the arrowhead from its hole in the stone, causing the ancient powers to leave Mondo.
-   Zeo Five called the Power Chamber briefly, and Billy soon called him back to tell him of Autochthon's attacking the shore.
-   The Rangers teleported to the shore to meet up.
-   Zeo Ranger Two did an energized kick attack, followed by her energized nunchaku attack; finally, the five Rangers performed their combined energy spin attack, defeating Autochthon.
-   On the shore nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who revived and enlarged Autochthon.
-   Zeo Five called the Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord fought Autochthon in the mountains.
-   Autochthon shot multicolored strands onto the Megazord, and Zeo Five called and teleported into the Red Battlezord.
-   While the Red Battlezord's wrist blasts did little to Autochthon, the Zeo Megabattlezord's shoulder cannons soon destroyed the monster.
-   In their exam, Bulk and Skull remembered the Putties; Bulk thought one inkblot looked like one, and he and Skull imitated its babbling sound.
-   Lt. Stone said the test showed that Bulk and Skull thought about almost nothing but monsters; in any other city, that would mean they couldn't be junior officers, but in Angel Grove, they needed people like Bulk and Skull, the book said.
-   Billy and the other teens were at a table in the Juice Bar, happily watching Tommy and David talk at the bar.
-   David deduced out that the others were the other Rangers.
-   The arrowhead split as Tommy and David held it at the same time, and Tommy figured they were supposed to hold onto the halves separately.
-   David usually spent most of his time on the reservation and invited Tommy there.

-   Rocky introduced himself, Tanya, and Billy to the blind martial artist Penny after her performance at the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo; Penny heard each of their voices.
-   The next day, Defector, a Machine Empire robot constructed of old Cog and robot parts, clumsily fell to Earth.
-   There was a very brief and mild chirp just before Penny stopped during her walk with Rocky.
-   After his communicator had gone off and Penny had asked about it, Rocky left her sitting somewhere, telling her he'd go check on both noises.
-   Rocky took a few steps away from Penny and then noisily scurried the rest of the way to hide behind a waist-high brick wall about fifteen to twenty feet away.
-   Zordon had Rocky check something less than a hundred yards from him, which the scanners were picking up, and he'd have the others meet him there; Rocky guessed the "something" was what Penny had heard.
-   Rocky was speaking with Zordon rather than whispering, and he may have been within earshot from Penny.
-   Still crouching behind the wall, Rocky quietly called, "It's morphin' time," then summoned and joined his Zeonizers to morph.
-   Zeo Ranger Three tiptoed away and ran up some nearby steps to the top of a building where the five Rangers surrounded Defector, who pleaded with them that he didn't want to fight.
-   Defector leapt off the building, and the Rangers leapt down after him but lost him.
-   Before Penny, soon walking near the Rangers, recognized Zeo Three's voice as belonging to Rocky, the Rangers were having the following conversation about Defector:

Zeo One: "Do you think that robot could be telling the truth?"
Zeo Four: "One of King Mondo's robots, good? I don't think so."
Zeo Three: "I dunno. The creature really didn't seem to want to fight us."
-   After Penny had recognized Rocky's voice, the following scene ensued:
Penny: "Rocky, is that you?"
Zeo Three: "Oh no, Penny..."
Penny: "What's going on? Who are you with?"
Zeo One: "You'd better go talk to her, Rocky. We'll cover for you."
Zeo Three: "Thanks." (trots over to Penny, demorphing in a public area as he does so)
Rocky: "Yeah, it's me, I'm here. Right here."
- the other Rangers jog over
Rocky: "I'm, uh, I'm with, uh, the Power Rangers!"
Zeo Two: "Did either of you notice anything strange around here?"
Penny: "If you mean something really big jumping off the roof and running away, it went that way."
Zeo Two: "Great, thanks."

-   If Penny recognized Rocky's voice, she probably also recognized Zeo Ranger Two's voice as belonging to Tanya, whom she had met the previous day; furthermore, unless Penny noticed a sudden change in Rocky's voice after his demorphing, the Zeo Rangers used absolutely no voice modulation at all.
-   When Zeo Three had demorphed, his suit had vanished in blue streaks of light, and his helmet had appeared to shrink into his communicator and vanish.
-   In the park nearby, a girl's dog, Scruffy, ran from her and into a street.
-   Defector saved Scruffy from an approaching car and reassured the startled Rangers that he was only there to help.
-   Hugging her dog, the girl casually told the hideous robot monster, "Thanks! Thanks a lot!"
-   Rocky led Penny away after Defector had vanished.
-   The Rangers were still skeptical of Defector.
-   The four Rangers and Billy were soon in the Power Chamber.
-   Soon, in the desert or quarry, Cogs were attacking Defector, and Zordon had already dispatched Rocky to investigate.
-   Rocky watched from a slope nearby while Klank, on another cliff, knew he was there.
-   Mondo arrived in blue energy bolts to punish Defector for crossing the Royal House of Gadgetry.
-   Defector knocked the Cogs back, struck a seemingly unsuspecting Klank, then struck Mondo, and Mondo struck him back with his staff, buffeting Defector with sparks and knocking him down.
-   Rocky morphed and protected Defector.
-   Klank shot a bluish-white energy beam from his eye.
-   The other four Rangers teleported to the area and helped Zeo Ranger Three protect Defector.
-   A bluish-white column of energy flowed into Mondo's crown from above, and he shot blue energy bolts from his staff, which arced through the air and struck all around the Rangers and Defector.
-   Klank turned a dial on a small remote device he was holding, at which point Defector seemed to be in pain, and light flashed all around him; at this point, he began fighting the Rangers.
-   Defector blasted all of the Rangers but Zeo Three off a cliff, with Zeo Ranger Three managing to stay up there with him.
-   Zeo Ranger Three angrily fought Defector, eventually doing his spinning power punch, then his blade attack.
-   The others joined Zeo Ranger Three; Zeo Five called the Defender Wheel, but Zeo Three asked to do the job.
-   Zeo Ranger Three destroyed Defector with the Defender Wheel, then clumsily teleported out of the explosion.
-   Klank and Mondo were now back in the skybase.
-   A different day at the Juice Bar, Rocky had Penny get a dish she wasn't sure about, then escorted her to a table.
-   As each of the teens had a seat with Penny and Rocky on the Youth Center's stands, the following scene ensued:
Billy (having a seat): "So you guys, uh, really met the Power Rangers, huh?"
Penny: "Yep, big as day."
Tanya (having a seat): "I heard that yellow's the coolest."
Kat (having a seat): "But pink is such a great color."
Adam (having a seat): "Pink? Are you kidding? What about green?"
- Tommy stands nearby and chuckles with the others

-   The following fight was in Adam's dream, probably inspired by a real battle that had happened.
-   Drill Master attacked Zeo Ranger Five in the quarry; a hovering Quadrafighter nearby then blasted at him as well.
-   Zeo Ranger Five blasted one of the Quadrafighter's legs with his advanced Zeo Laser Pistol.
-   As Drill Master and the Quadrafighter blasted at Zeo Ranger Five, he backflipped away, making the monster and craft strike each other.
-   Zeo Ranger Five summoned his sword and dove down, plunging the sword into the damaged Drill Master, destroying him; the Quadrafighter then fell over and exploded.

-   After testing the remote-controlled toy truck he was donating for the upcoming Toy-A-Thon dance, Billy was later in the Power Chamber helping Alpha with the Zeo Cannon.
-   Billy went back to his lab to get a chromium magnet so they could finish the Zeo Cannon.
-   Sprocket and his toy robot went to a desert-like area where the toy robot blew up a payphone.
-   Nearby, Billy was walking along a dirt path, wearing a backpack and driving his toy truck as he walked; Billy called Alpha to say that he had the magnet and should be back soon.
-   Sprocket summoned Cogs which attacked Billy; he managed to flip one which had grappled him from behind while halfway out of a portal.
-   After being thrown down, Billy rolled out of the way of a pouncing Cog and attached his magnet to his truck; he drove it around, shorting out the Cogs and dragging Sprocket and the toy robot around.
-   Picking up and fixing the communicator which he'd dropped during the fight, Billy called Alpha, and he was teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   Sprocket and the toy robot soon appeared across a residential street from Tommy, Kat, and Rocky as they were putting flyers for the dance on parked cars.
-   The toy robot blasted at the three teens, and they jumped aside and then morphed in the middle of the street.
-   The three Rangers didn't do well against the monster; Zeo Ranger Five called Adam, and he and Tanya morphed and teleported from the basketball court near the Youth Center.
-   Together, the five Rangers still didn't do well until Billy called Zeo Ranger Five and teleported the Zeo Cannon to the Rangers.
-   The Rangers inserted their power cells, and the Zeo Cannon defeated the toy robot.
-   Sprocket had Klank, nearby, throw Orbus, who revived and enlarged the toy robot.
-   The Rangers summoned and teleported to the Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord fought the toy robot downtown.
-   The toy robot covered the Zeo Megazord in multicolored fuzz, then bit the Megazord several times while dancing goofily and ranted about his victory.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called and teleported to the Red Battlezord.
-   The Red Battlezord shot from its visor blue energy which dissolved the fuzz on the Megazord.
-   The Zeo Megabattlezord destroyed the toy robot, making him appear to explode into large segments.

-   Tanya wore her communicator in her music video "Stick Together."
-   Rocky and Adam made a few appearances in Tanya's video.
-   The teens and Billy were watching Tanya's video, along with a few other people who left after it was over, on the Juice Bar TV.
-   After the other people had stopped watching, Tommy rewound the tape to a shot in the video where a Cog had been in the background.
-   Tommy realized there was no telling how many times the Cogs had been watching them.
-   While the teens prepared another day for Tanya's first performance at Ernie's After Hours, Cogs stole the party supplies from under the teens' noses.
-   The teens morphed and teleported into the parking lot.
-   The delivery man for a pie van for Little Stevie's Pie Shop was behind his van when the Rangers appeared and Zeo Ranger Five told the Cogs to give the party supplies back, but the man was no longer there afterward; he must have hidden behind the van during the fight.
-   Zeo Ranger One thought to have the pie fight which wasted many pies from the pie delivery truck.
-   Soon, all but one of the Cogs flew up into a warp fissure, and the Rangers pelted the confused Cog that remained.
-   As Bulk and Skull, now detectives, were goofing off in Detective Stone's new detective agency, Rito and Goldar were nowhere to be seen.
-   That afternoon, Tanya sang "Stick Together" at the after hours club, in front of a lot of people, including the teens and Billy.
-   Tanya gave her video to Vincent Nova of SC Records, and he told her she'd hear from him by the end of the week.
-   Another day, Lazlo Trent, a big director for SC Records, flew down with the president of the company to hear Tanya sing that afternoon.
-   As Billy and the teens listened to Tanya's performance in the Youth Center, the communicators went off, making Tanya look nervous as she sang.
-   In the back of the room, Tommy answered the communicator, and the teens and Billy went in different directions; Tommy first gestured to Tanya for her to stay, and she nodded slightly, relieved.
-   The four teens probably morphed in the southwest hallway, and Billy probably teleported to the Power Chamber from the double door hallway.
-   The Rangers teleported downtown where there was a good bit of rubble, where the giant Wrecking Ball robot blew apart at least one building with his eyebeams.
-   The Cogs arrived, and as the other three fought them, Zeo Ranger Five summoned and teleported to the Red Battlezord.
-   Wrecking Ball fought the Red Battlezord downtown, where there was extensive damage and many buildings on fire; the Red Battlezord apparently couldn't fight back.
-   Zeo Ranger Three used his spin attack on Cogs, Zeo Ranger Four used his hatchet attack on Cogs, and Zeo Ranger One used her fireball on the Cogs.
-   Now in the mountains, Wrecking Ball said he was still winning, but the Red Battlezord proceeded to box with the robot, pummeling him.
-   The Battlezord's flying streak attack destroyed Wrecking Ball.
-   Later in the Youth Center, Tanya turned down SC Records' offer.

-   At Christmastime decades in the future, an elderly Tommy (wearing red) told his young grandson a story about a very special Christmas after the kid had mentioned Santa bringing him presents.
-   In the Youth Center, the five teens and Raymond had come together to learn about different holidays.
-   After Machina was shown thinking to take advantage of the teens' cultural differences, the grandson asked Tommy, "Then what happened, Grandpa? Did the evil king ruin Christmas for the Power Rangers?"
-   Tommy continued his story, saying that the Rangers were still full of holiday cheer, preparing for the banquet with no idea of what King Mondo was plotting.
?   "Meanwhile," Tommy said, "there were these other two fellows, who just seemed to have a knack for always getting into trouble."; his story then described Bulk and Skull's preparing a gift for Detective Stone in the detective agency while Tommy would have been nowhere in the area at the time.
-   Detective Stone gave Bulk and Skull the case of the missing fruitcakes, as someone had been stealing them all over town.
-   At night, the Power Chamber had Christmas lights all over its exterior; Tommy may have told his grandson about Zordon's giving Alpha some bunny slippers and Alpha's drawing a hat and scarf on Zordon's image.
-   In the Youth Center, Sprocket arrived with Cogs, causing the five teens to confront the prince with with Raymond with them; Tanya snapped at Sprocket, "Back off, gear head!"
-   Raymond and the five teens were shot by Sprocket's Bias Blaster, and Sprocket left.
-   The five teens and Raymond only cared about their own viewpoints; Raymond left in a huff.
-   The grandson told Tommy, "I can't believe the Power Rangers were fighting with each other. I don't like those Machines."; Tommy replied, "No, that makes two of us, buddy," and said that meanwhile, Zordon and Alpha had realized what had happened.
-   The holiday items in the Youth Center vanished in gold energy in front of Raymond and the teens, and Sprocket stood atop the pile outdoors somewhere.
-   A little girl who had brought in a poster to hang on the wall for the holiday party sang the teens a song about different people which her mom had sung to her, and the song broke the spell over the teens and Raymond.
-   Raymond had no idea what had gotten into him; Tommy, looking up toward the ceiling, said he thought he had an idea but that they should forget about it for now.
-   Bulk and Skull, in the daytime, followed a trail of fruitcake pieces to a giant fruitcake, taller than they were, in the middle of the street.
-   Rito and Goldar had made the fruitcake as a present for Bulk and Skull.
-   Goldar referred to Rito by name.
-   Skull used his shoe phone to call his Aunt Millie to ask her to replace the stolen fruitcakes.
-   After Tommy's story, an older, maybe teenaged or older, grandson came to Tommy and Kat's house.
-   The older grandson wore a black jacket with a red shirt underneath, as well as a communicator of the same design as Billy's communicators.
-   The older grandson's communicator beeped with a more metallic, tonal chirp than the standard communicators (click here to listen).
-   When the older grandson's communicator went off, Tommy looked at his own wrist and tried to get up, and Kat frowned and made him sit back down.
-   The older grandson asked his grandparents: "Do you guys think you could watch him just a little bit longer? There's something I gotta take care of."
-   After Tommy and Kat had agreed and the older grandson had rushed out the front door, the younger grandson remarked, "He's always got something to take care of," and Tommy replied, "Yeah, well, uh, must run in the family," and chuckled knowingly with Kat.

-   Adam ran from and sparred with the teens, who were disguised as ninjas in the woods.
-   A small golden gear medallion Adam found on the ground sparkled, and Tommy suggested they take it to the Power Chamber for Billy to look at it.
-   Later, Billy analyzed it in the Power Chamber, alone.
-   The medallion was producing high levels of radiant energy, generated by an outside force.
-   Shawn was to compete in the kung fu tournament in which Adam was competing.
-   Shawn had found one of the invisibility medallions and planned to use it in the tournament as his secret weapon; he remarked, "When this tournament is over, they're gonna make me a Power Ranger."
-   Detective Stone told Bulk and Skull that as they knew, trees had been mysteriously disappearing from Angel Grove National Forest, and he sent Bulk and Skull to investigate.
-   In the forest, Bulk spotted a medallion, and Admiral Abominator and Cogs surrounded them.
-   The medallions looked just like the ones on Admiral Abominator's coat, which also bore the Machine Empire symbol.
-   Admiral Abominator had the Cogs throw Bulk and Skull in the "brig," a bamboo cage in the forest.
-   Later, Tommy, Kat, and Rocky came into the Power Chamber with Billy to look at his demonstration: he put the medallion into the console, pushed several buttons, and stood back, then he became temporarily invisible.
-   While practicing on the beach, Shawn became transparent briefly in the middle of a jump kick.
-   An armada of seven Machine Empire ships was being constructed in the forest, using the medallions to hide the ships.
-   Adam and Tanya were called to the Power Chamber just as Adam had made it to the final round in the tournament and was up next.
-   The five teens morphed and teleported into the woods.
-   Bulk and Skull, after waking up, were impressed that the Power Rangers had saved them.
-   Billy had Alpha set the Power Chamber's energy beam for 25 degrees east longitude and 30 degrees north latitude on the moon; a red energy beam shot out of the Power Chamber's main tube and struck the Machine Empire's main tower, destroying all of the medallions that were currently active, also destroying the armada in the forest.
-   Billy called Zeo Ranger Five to inform him of the invisibility shield's destruction.
-   Cogs attacked the Rangers; in the fight, Zeo Ranger One dumped water on a Cog and then shoved him into a barrel of water.
-   The Rangers used their Power Pod swords against Admiral Abominator.
-   Admiral Abominator shot a chain from his arm, pulling Zeo Ranger One to him, then opened a panel in his chest with spikes on the inside, shot orange energy beams from his opened chest, and tried to crush Zeo One in the spiked panel.
-   After Zeo One had cried out for "Tommy"'s help, Zeo Ranger Five sliced Admiral Abominator with his glowing red sword.
-   Zeo Ranger One used her flying shield attack on Admiral Abominator.
-   From nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who enlarged Admiral Abominator.
-   The Rangers called and teleported to the Zeozords, and after the Zeo Megazord was formed, the Red Battlezord was launched, and Zeo Ranger Five teleported to it.
-   The Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord fought Admiral Abominator downtown.
-   The Red Battlezord pounded Admiral Abominator for a bit, and then the Zeo One Battle Helmet's cannon blasted the monster.
-   The Zeo Megabattlezord destroyed Admiral Abominator.
-   The teens, Billy, Lt. Stone, and Bulk and Skull were then at the tournament on the beach.
-   Bulk was wrapped in gauze like a mummy because he'd wrapped himself in poison ivy when they were going undercover as trees in the forest.
-   Detective Stone was impressed by Skull's story of their using brute force to escape from the monster-built prison in the forest.
-   Veronica knew Shawn would win, especially with "that secret weapon."
-   To her surprise, Shawn gave his medallion to Veronica before the fight, saying he would rather win with honor; he then lost.

-   Zeo Rangers Five and Four were investigating an industrial plant to find the source of a distress signal.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called Zordon to ask how close they were.
-   The Rangers had received two different distress signals at once, separated by a considerable distance.
-   Meanwhile, Zeo Rangers Three, Two, and One were in the forest investigating the second signal.
-   Billy was in the Power Chamber monitoring the situation.
-   The group of three talked with Billy over the communicators.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called the others when he and Zeo Four discovered Cogs at the plant.
-   Suddenly, Cogs leapt down from the trees and out of the bushes at the three Rangers.
-   Zeo Rangers Four and Five fought their Cogs and did poorly.
-   Zeo Ranger Four called Billy for help, and Billy in turn spoke with Zeo Three.
-   Wolfbane soon leapt down at the three Rangers and began beating them; Zeo Ranger Two was knocked down and stunned.
-   Zeo Ranger Three used his blade attack on Wolfbane, and Zeo Ranger One used her shield attack, neither of which did much.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called Billy about not being able to last much longer.
-   The three Rangers' advanced Zeo Laser Pistols did nothing to Wolfbane.
-   Pyramidas's approaching the Earth from deep space caused loud crackling over the Power Chamber's communication system and caused the consoles and lights to flicker.
-   Pyramidas, a giant gold pyramid Zord, was flying through some sort of black vortex with red wisps inside it.
-   Klank and Orbus said Pyramidas was causing a major power surge, and it measured clear off the scale.
-   To avoid losing their forces due to the interference, Mondo had the Cogs and Wolfbane teleported back.
-   The Cogs fighting the two Rangers vanished quite suddenly, and shortly after Zeo Ranger Four had called to check on the other three, their Cogs and Wolfbane vanished as well.
-   Zeo Ranger One told the others they'd meet them back at the Power Chamber.
-   Pyramidas entered the Earth's atmosphere and vanished from everyone's scanners with a cloaking field.
-   Soon, the teens and Billy were together in the Power Chamber.
-   Tommy, Billy, and Adam went to a rooftop near the outskirts of town, with Billy bringing a triangulation device and Adam bringing a laptop computer, to try to triangulate a lock on the Pyramidas with the other triangulation device and computer, worked elsewhere at the bottom of a hill by the other three teens.
-   Cogs and soon Wolfbane attacked Rocky, Tanya, and Kat, and they morphed.
-   On the rooftop, Adam was working the laptop when Tommy came over to look at the screen, and they suddenly realized that Billy had left without their noticing it.
-   Zeo Ranger Three called Tommy for help, and he and Adam morphed and teleported there.
-   Six Cogs surrounding Zeo Rangers Five, Four, and Three simultaneously shot their eyeblasts at the three.
-   Even the five Zeo Rangers together were being beaten by Wolfbane and the Cogs.
-   The Gold Ranger streaked down as a black, gold-edged energy streak, bouncing off two Cogs and knocking them over, then three others, then Wolfbane.
-   When Gold Ranger was first shown, the gold energy shape of his visor (the six-pointed Japanese kanji for "king") flew into his visor.
-   Gold Ranger's suit was a black version of the Zeo Rangers', but with gold chest armor, gold armbands, more complex glove and boot cuffs, gold knee armor, and a belt buckle bearing his symbol rather than the Zeo insignia; he had no holster.
-   Gold Ranger singlehandedly fought all the Cogs; he eventually summoned his Golden Power Staff from his visor, then performed his rush attack on a crowd of Cogs.
-   Quadrafighters blasted the five Zeo Rangers as they tried to fight Wolfbane.
-   Gold Ranger, without his staff, then fought Wolfbane for the Zeo Rangers.
-   Gold Ranger did his energy streak attack on Wolfbane three times, even though the monster had fallen after the first one.
-   Gold Ranger then did his energy blast attack on Wolfbane, firing three energy spheres from his staff.
-   Klank sent Orbus to Earth alone, and once there, Orbus enlarged the defeated Wolfbane with his chest ray.
-   Gold Ranger regrouped with the Zeo Rangers, and they called and teleported to the Zeozords.
-   The Zeo Megazord fought Wolfbane in the mountains while Gold Ranger watched anxiously; the Megazord didn't do well.
-   Soon, Zeo Ranger Five called and teleported to the flying Red Battlezord, the wrist blasts of which did little to the monster.
-   Wolfbane blasted the Zords, ejecting the Zeo Rangers.
-   Gold Ranger confronted giant Wolfbane and soon held up his staff, generating a gold beam which caused Pyramidas to descend from the sky and transform from a black-covered form; Gold Ranger then teleported into Pyramidas, and it rolled forward.
-   Wolfbane's blasts didn't affect Pyramidas.
-   Pyramidas generated numerous lightning bolts from the sky which destroyed Wolfbane.
-   Gold Ranger leapt down to the rubble near the Zeo Rangers but then vanished.
-   The five teens were then in the Power Chamber when Billy walked in, claiming not to know about a Gold Ranger.

-   On Earth, Sprocket showed Klank and Orbus his invention which was supposed to make monsters grow bigger than Orbus's; the device, however, ended up shrinking a boulder into a pebble.
-   Mondo came to Earth and was pleased with Sprocket's shrinker, planning to shrink the Rangers.
-   Raymond, Kat, and Tommy went into the desert to find creatures for their desert terrarium project.
-   Raymond had Kat collect plants, Tommy some lizards or a spider, and he would go try to dig up some cool stuff by the old mine they'd seen.
-   Mondo, Sprocket, and Cogs confronted Tommy and Kat after they'd been trying to catch a lizard.
-   As Tommy and Kat jumped aside, Sprocket shrank the black Jeep in which Tommy had driven the others out there.
-   Tommy and Kat morphed but were grappled and shrunken, then thrown into their own terrarium.
-   Raymond walked back to the Youth Center, upset that Tommy and Kat had left him in the desert.
-   Tanya told Raymond she'd try calling Tommy's house, then she went into the southwest hall and tried to call Tommy and Kat on the communicator, then ended up calling Zordon and telling him to have the others meet her at Murphy's Mine.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Tanya soon found the shrunken Jeep in the desert and brought it back to Billy in the Power Chamber.
-   Billy's main wardrobe colors were now beige and white.
-   Sprocket dropped a tarantula into the terrarium with Zeos Five and One.
-   Sprocket then confronted Bulk and Skull as they searched Murphy's Mine on a case, making them flee deeper into the mine.
-   Bulk emerged alone from a different entrance than the one they'd gone into; while looking for Skull, he encountered the Gold Ranger and then ran screaming.
-   Gold Ranger removed the two tiny Zeo Rangers from the terrarium.
-   Sprocket confronted Gold Ranger and summoned Cogs, whom Gold Ranger fought.
-   When Tanya, Rocky, and Adam, back in the desert, discovered Gold Ranger fighting the Cogs, they morphed to help him.
-   Once Gold Ranger saw that the Rangers had everything under control, he left.
-   Sprocket retreated when the Rangers confronted him.
-   The three Rangers found the two shrunken Rangers and took them back to the Power Chamber.
-   Minutes later, Tarantabot attacked, and the five Zeo Rangers, with Zeos Five and One back to normal, soon teleported to Tarantabot's location, a large parking lot with small buildings and trees nearby.
-   Tarantabot shot from its chest small robotic tarantulas which latched onto the faces of Zeo Rangers Three and One.
-   Gold Ranger arrived and fought Tarantabot; when he slammed one end of his staff into the monster's chest, the robot spiders fell off the Rangers' faces and dissolved.
-   The five Zeo Rangers used the Zeo Cannon, defeating Tarantabot.
-   From nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who enlarged Tarantabot.
-   The five Zeo Rangers called and teleported to the Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord fought Tarantabot in the mountains outside an industrial area.
-   Tarantabot shot from its mouth a net which shocked the Megazord.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called and teleported to the Red Battlezord, and Gold Ranger called and teleported to Pyramidas once the Battlezord was ensnared as well.
-   A golden beam from Pyramidas dissolved the nets.
-   Pyramidas transformed into an enormous robot mode, and the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord teleported into its back to form the Zeo Ultrazord.
-   The Zeo Ultrazord's barrage of energy blasts destroyed Tarantabot.
-   Bulk, wandering through the desert on a search for Skull, saw Gold Ranger with blurry vision on a ledge, then after rubbing his eyes twice, saw no Gold Ranger, but rather Skull walking toward him from below where the Gold Ranger had been.
?   When Bulk asked Skull what he was doing out there, Skull replied, "I... needed some fresh air."
-   When confronted by Raymond in the Youth Center, Tommy and Kat apologized, with Tommy saying they'd gotten lost and had been driving around the desert for hours.
-   Raymond presented Kat and Tommy with a tarantula he'd found, and Kat and Tommy nervously acted pleased.

-   David was with Rocky, Tommy, and Kat at the beach as Kat participated in a surfing contest.
-   In a small room with pipes and a map of the Angel Grove water system on the wall, Klank debriefed Leaky Faucet.
-   Leaky Faucet went inside the faucet in the wall, poisoning Angel Grove's water with Cog oil.
-   The water which came out of the detective agency's water fountain for the coffee Bulk and Skull were making was bright green.
-   White goo came out of Ernie's juice machine, and bright green liquid came out of the sink.
-   Adam was familiar with the smell of the liquid, and Tanya told Adam it smelled like Cog oil.
-   Tanya and Adam rushed out, with Tanya taking the glass of Cog oil.
-   In the Power Chamber, Adam and Tanya were with Billy.
-   North of the surfing contest, Cogs were trying to release toxic goo into the ocean from a large pipe.
-   Adam and Tanya morphed and teleported to the beach to fight the Cogs and did poorly, failing to prevent the Cogs from spilling large amounts of poisoned bright green water into the ocean.
-   Once the Cog oil had hit the water, the Cogs left.
-   Zeo Ranger Two called Zordon, and they then teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   As people watching the contest saw the wave of green in the water, Zordon beeped Tommy, and he, David, and Rocky ran over to some rocks nearby, where Tommy answered the call.
-   With David listening, Zordon told Tommy they had to clear the beach, as King Mondo was turning the world's water supply into highly toxic Cog oil, which would destroy anything it came in contact with.
-   David suggested it was time for a visit from the Power Rangers, but Tommy noted there were too many people watching, so he had Rocky clear the beach while he and David swam to get Kat out of the water.
-   A TV news report advised people of a problem at the Angel Grove water treatment plant and that they should drink only bottled water.
-   Bulk went to sip from the toxic coffee, then, having heard the report, whispered, "Toxic. Toxic."
-   The Power Chamber's computer showed that Angel Grove's toxic levels were headed out of sight.
-   Zeo Rangers Four and Two teleported somewhere to go after Leaky Faucet.
-   Tommy, Kat, and David, exhausted, collapsed onto the sand to rest, then when Tommy and Kat gathered by Rocky to answer Billy's call, David got up and then disappeared.
-   Tommy, Kat, and Rocky morphed, and the five Rangers then leapt together into the fountain area downtown where Leaky Faucet was.
-   Leaky Faucet turned into water to avoid Zeo Ranger Five's jump kick, as well as Zeo Ranger One's fireball, which flew into the woods behind the monster, missing.
-   Klank reminded Leaky Faucet he'd been told not to leak out on his own, then to eliminate the Rangers by activating the fountain so he could continue his mission.
-   Leaky Faucet shot out a fountain of arcing multicolored energy streams which electrocuted the Zeo Rangers briefly; the monster then went back into the water system.
-   An indeterminate amount of time later, Zeos Four and Two hooked small meter devices up to the water system at the water treatment plant to track down Leaky Faucet and then trap him briefly.
-   Leaky Faucet ran away after his pickaxe and rope had fallen out of a drain.
-   When the Rangers confronted Leaky Faucet and Cogs deeper into the treatment plant's piping, Gold Ranger joined in the fight.
-   The six Rangers used their weapons to fight the Cogs; Gold Ranger smashed a Cog in the face, knocking its face open.
-   Leaky Faucet liquefied to dodge the five Zeo Rangers' advanced Zeo Laser Pistol beams, one or two of which passed through him, with one shown just missing a building and pipes far behind the monster.
-   Soon, as the five Zeo Rangers slid down ropes from above after luring Leaky Faucet near some freon pipes, they shot the freon pipes with their advanced Zeo Laser Pistols and froze the monster once he'd liquefied, then Gold Ranger obliterated him with his triple staff blast.
-   From nearby, Klank threw Orbus onto the prone Leaky Faucet, enlarging the monster.
-   The five Zeo Rangers called the Zeozords, Zeo Ranger Five called the Red Battlezord, then Gold Ranger called Pyramidas and teleported to it, with the others teleporting to their Zords.
-   The Zeo Ultrazord was formed, and downtown, the Zeo Ultrazord blasts destroyed Leaky Faucet.
-   The new non-toxic coffee Bulk and Skull made for Detective Stone was perfect, according to him, even though it was extremely thick; at this point, all of the water was back to normal.
-   Back at the surfing contest, David, finally returning, told the three teens, "I'm fine. I just had a little something to take care of."
-   After losing, Kat happily said she'd take clean water over a trophy any day, and David agreed.

-   The five Zeo Rangers were exhausted while fighting a large mob of silver Cogs in a wooded area in the mountains.
-   Arriving, Gold Ranger did his streak teleport attack on some Cogs.
-   Being shot at by Gold Ranger's energy blasts, the Cogs retreated, and Gold Ranger then streaked away.
-   For two weeks, the Cogs had been starting fights and then disappearing; the Rangers, exhausted and near falling asleep, walked away wearily.
-   Later at a table in the Juice Bar, Rocky was quite tired, Adam was asleep, and Tanya was starting to doze off; Rocky and Tanya were trying to do assignments.
-   Billy came in with a black binder with papers messily sticking out and told the three teens he'd been working on a project, but when Rocky asked more, he nervously left, looking at the time.
-   Riding in the back of a Quadrafighter to Angel Grove, Somnibot practiced her singing, nearly putting the pilot Cog to sleep before she woke it back up.
-   As Somnibot sang her lullaby to people in the park, her eyes glowed red, as did the people just before falling asleep.
-   Tommy was dismissing a karate class in the Youth Center just as his communicator went off; he then sighed, exasperated.
-   Kat was nearly asleep at a computer in the resource center when her communicator went off; irritated, she grumbled, "Doesn't King Mondo know when to quit?"
-   Rocky was dozing off in the park under a tree with his US History book when his communicator went off, making him exasperated.
-   Tanya and Adam were sleeping at their table when their communicators went off, waking them up.
-   The five teens individually teleported to the Power Chamber with brief delays between their arrivals.
-   Billy wasn't in the Power Chamber, but Alpha was sure he'd be there soon.
-   Minutes later, Billy entered and helped Alpha with some calculations, apologizing for being late.
-   The teens soon morphed and teleported to Klank, Orbus, and Cogs' location near a stream in the woods.
-   The Rangers and Cogs fought while wading in the stream.
-   After backing a Cog into the stream, Zeo Ranger Three tackled it to force it entirely underwater, presumably short-circuiting it, if not destroying it.
-   Zeo Rangers Two and Three grabbed Cogs and jumped off a ledge into the deeper area of the stream to submerge them.
-   Klank and Orbus were wearing headphones when Klank sent Somnibot into action.
-   Somnibot's sleep spell began to weaken the Rangers.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called the Power Chamber for help.
-   During the fight, Billy left to try something, and Gold Ranger, showing up right after Billy had walked out of the Power Chamber, jump-kicked Klank, knocking him over and causing him to retreat.
-   Gold Ranger's triple energy blasts soon blew Somnibot apart into pieces.
-   The five Zeo Rangers had soon teleported to the Power Chamber when Billy walked in nervously.
-   Back on Earth, Klank and Orbus quickly rebuilt Somnibot into a new form.
-   Somnibot put Bulk, Skull, and a would-be thief pretending to be a safe repairman under her sleep spell just as Bulk and Skull caught the thief about to load their safe into the back of his large truck; all three saw the monster before being knocked out.
-   Klank thought to turn the thief's truck into a mobile power station for Somnibot, and he was soon driving the truck with Somnibot and Machine Empire equipment in the back of the truck.
-   The Zeo Rangers teleported from the Power Chamber and rode on the Zeo Jet Cycles after the truck, then, finding it parked in a parking lot downtown, opened it.
-   Somnibot, hooked up to the power equipment inside as Klank operated the power levels, continued to weaken the Rangers with her sleep spell.
-   Unable to get a fix on the amplitude, Billy suggested that Alpha isolate a power line and send a power surge through since Klank was drawing off the city's power system to power the monster.
-   Billy then vanished, and Gold Ranger arrived to help the Zeo Rangers.
-   Gold Ranger also became weakened by Somnibot's spell.
-   Alpha's power surge through the line shorted out the spell.
-   Klank and Somnibot watched as the six Rangers fought Cogs, with Gold Ranger and Zeos Four and One using their weapons.
-   After Somnibot had blasted the Rangers, Gold Ranger's triple blast again defeated the monster.
-   Klank threw Orbus, who revived and enlarged Somnibot.
-   The five Zeo Rangers called the Zeozords, and once Zeo Ranger Five had called the Red Battlezord, the Zeo Megazord was formed, and it and the Battlezord fought Somnibot downtown.
-   The Red Battlezord's wrist blasts didn't destroy Somnibot.
-   Gold Ranger called and teleported to Pyramidas, and the Zeo Ultrazord was formed.
-   Somnibot thought she was invincible, but the Zeo Ultrazord blasts destroyed her.
-   Later, the teens and Billy were working in the Power Chamber.

-   In the Power Chamber, Kat was working on a chart of candidates for the Gold Ranger's identity, with names such as Jackie, Hank, Lee, and Steve; Rocky and Tanya were in the Power Chamber as well.
-   Billy poked his head in to say he had something to do, then left, and Gold Ranger flew Pyramidas to Earth through its vortex.
-   Pyramidas flew down from the sky and then stopped in hover mode with four jets of steam from beneath.
-   The ground shook in the entire mountainous desert area, including where Tommy and Adam were biking, when Pyramidas made its approach.
-   A lady's small dog, Princess, ran away when Pyramidas landed nearby.
-   Upon landing, Pyramidas became invisible.
-   Mondo had Klank and Orbus send down every Cog in the Machine Empire army to search the entire Earth for Pyramidas.
-   An enormous mob of Cogs stood in an open area on the moon with the Machine Empire's factory buildings in the background.
-   Mrs. Filler, the woman who'd lost her dog, hired Bulk and Skull to find the dog, as the police were too busy.
-   From the mountains, Tommy called the others in the Power Chamber.
-   A small group of silver Cogs passed by Bulk and Skull unnoticed several times as the detectives tracked the dog's footprints in the desert area.
-   Surveying the quake area, Tommy saw no ground cracks to indicate an earthquake, and Adam remarked about the strong winds that had occurred during the rumbling.
-   Tommy and Adam called the Power Chamber upon spotting some Cogs searching through the wilderness, and they planned to call in if the Cogs found Pyramidas.
-   When confronted by Cogs, Tommy and Adam morphed and fought them, with Zeo Ranger Four even incorporating his mountain bike into the fight.
-   In the vicinity, Gold Ranger walked out from behind one corner of the invisible Pyramidas.
-   Gold Ranger ran off after sensing the Rangers were in trouble, and Borax, a member of the robotic space bounty hunters known as the Varox, appeared from a blue shimmer and pursued the Gold Ranger.
-   Still fighting the Cogs, Zeo Ranger Four called the Power Chamber for help, and the three teens there morphed to help Zeos Five and Four.
-   The Rangers continued to do poorly against all the Cogs; one Cog blasted Zeos Four and Three.
-   Gold Ranger ran in and fought the Cogs by himself briefly, then the others joined back in.
-   Borax watched from the bushes nearby.
-   Gold Ranger fired ten energy spheres from his staff at the Cogs surrounding him, making them collapse.
-   Mondo and Sprocket arrived beside Borax to talk.
-   Zeo Ranger Five told Gold Ranger his name was Tommy, but Gold Ranger was painfully reluctant to reveal his own.
-   When Borax confronted the Rangers, Gold Ranger told the others to save themselves.
-   A direct hit from Borax's energy spheres put Gold Ranger in great pain; after using the Zeo Cannon to defeat Borax, the five Rangers held the weakened Gold Ranger.
-   There were houses on a mountain ledge above the action.
-   From nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who revived and enlarged Borax.
-   Zeo Ranger One called the Power Chamber, and the unconscious Gold Ranger was teleported to the Power Chamber with his streak effect.
-   The Zeo Rangers called and teleported to Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord fought Borax in the mountains.
-   Some time later, Gold Ranger streak-teleported from the Power Chamber.
-   Borax leapt into the ground, then grabbed the Megazord's leg and tripped it before leaping out.
-   The Megazord slashed the leaping Borax with its saber while it was lying down.
-   Once the Megazord was back up, its saber destroyed Borax.
-   When the Rangers were soon in the Power Chamber, Billy walked in.

-   At least several weeks after the Rangers' encounter with Borax, seven fighter ships flew after Pyramidas over the mountains, shooting it with blue laser beams.
-   Adam and Tanya were doing a kata with some kids in the park.
-   Nearby, Rito and Goldar watched the people in the park, and Rito wondered whether they had a family.
-   Rito knew Goldar's name.
-   After Pyramidas had flown overhead, blasted by the fighter ships, Tanya exclaimed, "It's the Gold Ranger!"
-   After flying into space, Pyramidas and the fighter ships streaked away as red lights.
-   Mondo had been mining neo-plutonium from some location.
-   When Pyramidas was shot down over Aquitar, Tanya, Adam, and Billy were in the Power Chamber.
-   Goldar and Rito walked into the detective agency through the front door while Bulk and Skull were reading comic books.
-   Rito and Goldar paid Bulk and Skull a sack of junk as the first payment for Bulk and Skull to find their family.
-   Some time later, Adam had called the other teens to the Power Chamber.
-   Soon, Mondo had Klank set up a forcefield around the Power Chamber as the unmorphed Gold Ranger, Trey of Triforia, approached in a cylinder from Aquitar.
-   Bulk's plan was for himself and Skull to cruise the town to look for clues about Rito and Goldar's family.
-   Trey's cylinder was rerouted to Angel Cove, surrounded on three sides by cliffs, where it crashed into the rocks offshore after the teens had teleported there.
-   The teens went into the water, and Tommy eventually pulled Trey out of the water.
-   On the shore, Trey held his Golden Power Staff in front of his chest and closed his eyes, then split into three identical forms.
-   After some talk, Quadrafighters blasted at the teens and Treys, making them run to a nearby cave from which Tommy called Billy.
-   The teens morphed, and Cogs attacked the Rangers.
-   The Royal House of Gadgetry emerged from a gear portal to tell the Treys to surrender.
-   The Treys avoided the Cogs' attacks somewhat.
-   Soon, Zeo Ranger Five called the Power Chamber, and the forcefield was lifted from it; the Treys were then teleported there in pink sparkles.
-   Zeo Ranger Five used his sword attack on the Cogs, making them short-circuit.
-   The Royal House of Gadgetry retreated after the Cogs had been defeated.
-   Bulk and Skull returned to Rito and Goldar in the agency, having found nothing.
-   As he walked in, Skull was carrying a small package addressed to, "Rito and Goldar, care of The Private Eyes Have It Detective Agency."
-   Rito knew that the package to "Rito and Goldar" was for them.
-   In the paper wrapping was a silver box which, when opened, released two spheres of orange energy which flew from the box and hovered in the air, revealing the images of Rita and Zedd.
-   Bulk and Skull fainted before Rita and Zedd's images had formed.
-   Zedd's image said they were looking for two creatures by the names of Goldar and Rito, and Rita told them it was time to come home; Goldar and Rito didn't recognize the two villains.
-   By this time, the Rangers were back in the Power Chamber.
-   Billy's body had absorbed an extremely high dosage of negative proton molecules from the Command Center's explosion which resisted the Gold power.
-   Tommy thought of someone else who could do the job; Jason may have just returned from the peace conference at this point.

-   As Tommy and a disguised Jason sneaked through the desert, morphing and teleportation were down while the Zeo Crystal was recharging the golden powers.
-   After they'd begun making a run for it, Quadrafighters blasted at Tommy and Jason, and Tommy called Zordon for help.
-   Cogs surrounded the two, and they tried to fight but then ran north, in the direction of the Power Chamber.
-   Tommy tripped, and as Jason stood his ground near Tommy, they were teleported away in white and red energy, respectively.
-   Jason hadn't been wearing a communicator.
-   By this time, nearly all of the neo-plutonium had been removed from Mondo's mine.
-   Goldar and Rito were asleep in the agency when they had a dream which restored their swords, memories, and Goldar's wings.
-   Outside the agency building, Detective Stone had Bulk and Skull wax his new red sportscar; after he'd left, Bulk soon rang a bell to have Rito and Goldar do it.
-   Goldar shot an orange beam of energy from his sword at Bulk and Skull, and he and Rito stole their patrol bike, with Goldar driving.
-   Bulk and Skull chased after Rito and Goldar in Detective Stone's car.
-   Minutes after Jason and Tommy's arrival at the Power Chamber, Silo attacked a wooded area, and the five teens morphed and teleported there while Jason stayed behind with Billy and the Treys.
-   Gold Ranger soon teleported in a standard black and gold teleportation effect to help the Zeo Rangers who were doing poorly.
-   Disregarding the possibility of voice modulation, Gold Ranger now would have had the same voice as the original Red Ranger.
-   While Gold Ranger fought Silo, the five Zeo Rangers summoned the Zeo Cannon; Gold Ranger moved away, and the Zeo Cannon's blast knocked Silo over, but the monster got up from the flames of the explosion.
-   From nearby, Klank threw Orbus, who enlarged Silo.
-   The five Zeo Rangers called the Zeozords, but the six were immediately teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   The new metal of which Silo was composed was completely unique, unlike anything on Earth, and virtually indestructible.
-   With numerous cars on the four-lane road, Bulk and Skull drove after Rito and Goldar, but the road was then nearly abandoned as the detectives ran out of gas and then saw giant Silo standing overhead.
-   After telling them they were in his way, Silo stomped Detective Stone's car flat just after Bulk and Skull had leapt away.
-   Soon, the Treys teleported away to Triforia, and the Super Zeozords formed moments later in the desert.
-   In the desert outside the Power Chamber, the six helmetless Rangers, Billy, and Alpha looked at the completed Super Zeozords, which had helmet visors to match their respective Rangers.
-   Soon, Zordon called the Rangers, and the five teleported into the Super Zeozords to fight the four giant robots which had been sent.
-   Mechanizer, Silo, a tentacle monster, and Drill Master had been rebuilt with neo-plutonium and were attacking, mostly in the desert.
-   Over the desert, Super Zeozord Five flew after Silo with rocket boosters in its feet.
-   Super Zeozords One and Two fought Mechanizer in the mountains; the two Zords knocked the monster down and shot energy from their chests into him, destroying the monster.
-   Super Zeozord Three was held high in the air over the city by the tentacle monster before it escaped using boosters in its back.
-   Super Zeozord Three apparently destroyed the tentacle monster by shooting it with a giant-sized Super Zeo Laser Pistol.
-   Drill Master had retreated underwater, where Super Zeozord Four then searched for it by cruising underwater with lights in its shoulders.
-   Drill Master fought Super Zeozord Four underwater; the Zord eventually punched him in the drill, smashing it and making him fall back and explode.
-   In outer space, Silo launched missiles from his wrists, but Super Zeozord Five used a giant-sized Super Zeo Power Sword to block the missiles and then destroy the monster by plunging the blade into his midsection.
-   All five Super Zeozords then flew through the sky, leaving Ranger-colored trails behind them.
-   Rito and Goldar got out of the patrol bike in a secluded area in the woods, leaving it there.
-   A large blue energy sphere flew above Rito and Goldar and sucked them up inside it after Rita's voice had called out, "Oh boys, your ride's here!"; the sphere then flew away.
-   Detective Stone pined over his squashed car and dismissed Bulk and Skull to leave him alone with the car, not listening to their explanation.
-   Jason and Tommy worked out in the Youth Center, with Jason wearing a black-striped gold communicator and his new wardrobe color of black clothes.

-   Jason was now regularly spending time with the teens.
-   Watching Jason and Tommy spar in the Youth Center, Skull remarked, "Kinda takes you back, don't it?" and then told the depressed Rocky, "Looks like you're being replaced, don't it, buddy?"
-   In the Machine Skybase, Mondo watched scenes from the following monster destructions: Punchabunch being destroyed by the Red Battlezord's spinning energy attack, what looked like a silver and white monster with a hammer being destroyed by what looked like the Zeo Ultrazord's blasts downtown, an indeterminate monster being destroyed by what looked like the Zeo Ultrazord's blasts downtown, Main Drain falling back and exploding in the mountains, Zeo Ranger Five impaling Drill Master from above with his sword in the desert or quarry, and Admiral Abominator crackling to explode downtown.
-   Billy was sitting at a table in the Juice Bar in a white tank top, waiting for Jason to teach him a new kata.
-   Bulk and Skull soon teased Rocky about how good Jason looked.
?   The blue energy sphere dropped Rito and Goldar off on the moon, where a similar purple sphere dropped off Rita and Zedd's RV, which had luggage on it, including an urn hanging off the side.
-   Mondo, with Sprocket and Machina joining him, went to a desert on Earth to retrieve the buried Damocles Sword, which he'd hidden there a thousand years ago after he'd been temporarily destroyed while using it.
-   Mondo shot a blue energy bolt from his fingertip into the ground, unearthing the Damocles Sword, a large glowing gold sword.
-   Billy and the five teens left when their communicators went off, but Bulk and Skull occupied Jason by getting his fingerprints to see whether he was the long-lost Burble baby.
-   While trying to get Jason's fingerprint, Skull inadvertantly caused his communicator to fall into their bag.
-   The five teens and Billy answered the call in the southwest hallway.
-   Zordon reported that Mondo had been spotted just outside of Angel Grove, but he had erected a forcefield to prevent them from teleporting to him.
-   Billy walked off to teleport to the Power Chamber, and the five teens morphed and were then shown driving through a remote area on the Zeo Jet Cycles, where Quadrafighters shot at them, soon knocking them off the bikes.
-   While Sprocket and two Cogs watched, Cogs attacked the Rangers; Zeo Ranger Five soon split up from the others and spied the Damocles Sword hovering over Mondo, then called the Power Chamber.
-   The Royal House of Gadgetry soon left, as did all the Cogs, and the Rangers teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   When Alpha was unable to contact Jason and figured that he wasn't wearing it, Billy had him lock onto his communicator and teleport it there.
-   In the detective agency, Jason's communicator was on the table in front of Skull; when it kept beeping, Bulk tried to answer the phone, and Skull appeared to casually stop the beeping by turning something on the communicator.
-   When asked about the communicator, Skull told Bulk it was Jason's bracelet that had apparently fallen into his bag; Bulk told him to take it back.
-   The communicator teleported away with gold energy as Bulk and Skull were both holding it; Bulk was upset about the communicator's vanishing, but Skull silenced him simply by inserting a spoonful of Burble Baby Food into Bulk's mouth.
-   From the Power Chamber, Tommy had the helmetless Rangers and Billy all split up to look for Jason; he took the communicator with him.
-   An unmorphed Rocky was soon searching the countryside in the middle of nowhere.
-   Nearby as Rocky watched, King Mondo used the power of the Damocles Sword to enlarge himself and the sword.
-   Rocky morphed and called Super Zeozord Three, which shot from the holding bay's cannon, and he teleported into the Zord.
-   Super Zeozord Three did a booster-aided kick on Mondo.
-   Mondo used the Damocles Sword to slice the blades off Super Zeozord Three's arm blades, then blasted the Zord with red energy beams.
-   Beaten, Super Zeozord Three flew away in retreat.
-   Mondo declared, "That's right, fly away, little Ranger! Tell Zordon and the others that the final day of reckoning is upon us! By nightfall, it will be clear that there is only one ultimate power in this galaxy!"
-   Rocky soon teleported back into the Power Chamber, at which point Mondo had already turned his attack on Angel Grove, destroying buildings downtown.
-   Billy and the other five teens, including Jason with his communicator, teleported to the Power Chamber together.
-   When Billy had dismantled some of the pieces from some old Zords, he'd sent them to the Angel Grove Junkyard for recycling, accidentally sending a power booster which the Super Zeo Megazord needed to work at maximum efficiency.
-   The six teens morphed, and while the five Zeo Rangers teleported into their Super Zeozords once they were shot from the cannon, Gold Ranger teleported to the junkyard, where he used a handheld scanner to locate the power booster.
-   Attacked by Cogs, Gold Ranger called the Power Chamber, and the power booster was teleported away; the five Rangers formed the Super Zeo Megazord, and the power booster was teleported into it.
-   Gold Ranger continued fighting the Cogs in the junkyard; meanwhile, downtown where the Super Zeo Megazord confronted King Mondo, a vast number of buildings in Angel Grove, perhaps more than at any other time in the past, had been destroyed or ruined.
-   Machina and Sprocket watched the fight from the wreckage of a building.
-   The Megazord dodged a swing from the Damocles Sword by flying up into the air in component form, then dropping and reassembling.
-   Mondo declared, "You fools will never defeat the Damocles Sword!"
-   The Megazord summoned twin sabers, which soon destroyed the Damocles Sword.
-   The Megazord combined the two sabers into a single sword with an incredibly long glowing gold blade; the Megazord simply seemed to allow the sword's own weight to send it slicing through Mondo, after which the swords returned to normal.
-   Sliced in half, King Mondo exploded, shaking the city.
-   As the teens and Billy sat together in the Youth Center, they contemplated their accomplishment of having ridden the planet of badguys, something they'd never thought they could do.
-   Meanwhile, Rita watched from her telescope beside the RV on the moon.

-   Rito and Goldar set up Louie Kaboom in rocket form on the beach, using a remote to launch him into the sky toward the Machine Skybase on the moon.
-   Rito accidentally threw the remote over the rock formation nearby when a crab pinched his foot.
-   Just as Rito noted they needed help searching the beach, Bulk and Skull were coming down to the beach with picnic supplies.
-   On one of their first days off since becoming detectives, Bulk and Skull were lying on the beach when Rito and Goldar came up to them and made them search for the remote.
-   As she and Jason walked together on the beach nearby, Emily found the remote in the sand.
-   Louie Kaboom confronted Emily and Jason, telling them he'd take the object; when Jason asked who he was, Louie responded, "Louie Kaboom's my name, and power's my game. Now fork over that remote control, kiddies."
-   Louie Kaboom caused Emily's gold elephant head necklace to fly off her neck and transform into the robotic Tough Tusks monster beside Louie.
-   Jason told Emily to run, and when she asked about him, he told her, "I'm gonna take care of these two. You go - I'll catch up with you later!"; Emily then ran off and appeared to hide behind a rock formation nearby.
-   Tough Tusks blasted Jason, causing him to frontflip off the cliff into the sand on the other side of the rock formation, out of Emily's possible sight.
-   Jason morphed and didn't do very well against Tough Tusks.
-   Tough Tusks's energy blast hit the remote, knocking it from Gold Ranger's hand.
-   Billy was in the Power Chamber, calling the others, who were outside somewhere, and they morphed and teleported to the beach.
-   The Rangers shot Tough Tusks with their Zeo Laser Pistol and Golden Power Staff beams, defeating the monster, and Louie Kaboom teleported himself and the monster away.
-   Gold Ranger found the remote.
-   Meanwhile, elsewhere, Goldar and Rito relaxed on the beach as Bulk and Skull searched for the remote.
-   The Rangers were soon in the Power Chamber with Billy when Louie Kaboom was with giant Tough Tusks in the mountains; Cogs were also in the area, planning a sneak attack.
-   The Rangers teleported to the mountains, where Gold Ranger fought the Cogs and the other five were confronted by Louie (who leapt down from Tough Tusks's hand), then Sprocket and Machina as well.
-   Tough Tusks blasted the Rangers, and they eventually called and teleported to the Super Zeozords.
-   The Super Zeozords fought Tough Tusks in the mountains.
-   Once the remote was activated in the Power Chamber, Louie suddenly teleported away back to the skybase.
-   The Super Zeozords formed the Super Zeo Megazord, and while Gold Ranger used his rushing attack on the Cogs below, the Megazord slashed Tough Tusks with its swords.
-   The big sword then destroyed Tough Tusks.

-   Rocky was in Mr. Stenchy's charity fashion show in which Tanya and Kat helped.
-   While turning around onstage, unsure of the end of his line, Skull accidentally knocked a model into a podium, thus dumping an oversized bottle of "Monsieur Stenchy Perfume" onto the professional model below.
-   Billy, Tommy, and Adam were in the Power Chamber.
-   That morning while running some tests, Billy had detected an object approaching Earth which was too large and fast to be a satellite; Billy suspected that it was a meteor, but it was actually Warrior Wheel sent from Triforia.
-   Billy hadn't been able to get a lock on the object's trajectory.
-   On a transmission, an agitated Trey warned, "Rangers, I've been trying to reach you! You are in great danger!"
-   As Bulk and Detective Stone sat on a swingset and ate burritos, the skunk robot Stenchy blew a yellow gas from his tail nearby, making people smell horrible.
-   Bulk and Detective Stone ran from the smell, but then apparently saw the monster laughing from the trees as they ran away.
-   Stenchy attacked on the same day as Rocky, Tanya, Kat, Bulk, Skull, and Detective Stone's work in the Mr. Stenchy fashion show.
-   The other teens had all been called to the Power Chamber.
-   Stenchy terrorized people in a mountainous park.
-   The six teens morphed and teleported to a railing above Stenchy, then leapt down.
-   Stenchy made the six Rangers smell bad during the fight.
-   In another transmission from Warrior Wheel, a recording of Trey warned, "Rangers, I'm very concerned. You are in great danger."
-   Alpha still couldn't get a fix on the object's trajectory.
-   Around steps near the Rangers' fight was a huge pile of smoking construction rubble, such as from a recently-destroyed building.
-   After Stenchy had left, the Rangers teleported to the Power Chamber with their helmets still on.
-   Warrior Wheel, flying toward the Earth, was glowing bright white as it approached.
-   An enormous green transmission beam shot out of the top of the Power Chamber, just like the beam which had been used to contact Aquitar in the Orb of Doom's time regression.
-   With the object still coming, Billy told the Rangers to brace for impact, and the Power Chamber began to flash with bright lights momentarily.
-   The object landed rather than crashed; Warrior Wheel stood somewhere in robot form and played Trey's message again: "Rangers, this is Trey of Wisdom. Until Pyramidas is returned, I fear I may have left the Gold Ranger at a disadvantage. So I've sent you the mighty Warrior Wheel. Its power will prefectly complement the strength of the Super Zeozords. Good luck, Rangers, and may the Power protect you all."
-   Stenchy and Cogs were terrorizing the beach club.
-   The six Rangers teleported there while Emily watched.
-   Zeo Ranger Five said Stenchy's name during the fight; Gold Ranger then fought the monster while the others fought Cogs.
-   After Stenchy had flipped Gold Ranger, Emily cried out, "Gold Ranger!"; Gold Ranger told her to get the monster's attention, and she nodded and then boldly shouted at Stenchy, "Hey, over here!"
-   After sending Stenchy flying with a surprise kick, Gold Ranger said, "Nice work, Emily. But you better go now. I'll take over from here."; Emily smiled and rushed off.
-   Louie Kaboom, in rocket form, flew right into Zeo Ranger Five, sending him flying.
-   Klank and Louie confronted the Rangers.
-   After the Rangers had blasted Stenchy's tail, Klank tossed Orbus, who enlarged the monster; the five Rangers then called and teleported to the Super Zeozords.
-   Stenchy blew the yellow gas from his mouth at the Super Zeozords, which were downtown, causing an entire section of buildings hit by the ray to dissolve with yellow energy.
-   Stenchy then made even more buildings vanish, clearing a path between himself and the Super Zeozords.
-   Gold Ranger called Warrior Wheel, which shot from the holding bay's cannon in wheel form, then transformed into warrior mode.
-   Warrior Wheel made an energy cyclone, then gave Stenchy a serious beating, even kicking the monster in the groin.
-   Super Zeozord Five soon jumped in with its sword slash attack, and the Super Zeozords then formed Super Zeo Megazord.
-   Warrior Wheel turned into a wheel, and the Super Zeo Megazord caught it and then threw it like a bowling ball; Warrior Wheel sprang up in robot mode and flew toward Stenchy with flaming energy streaks, becoming red energy which flew through the monster, destroying him downtown; Warrior Wheel then appeared from the explosion with flaming energy.
-   The smell went away once Stenchy had been destroyed.

-   The Sloans, dressed in ragged explorer clothes, didn't know why the Machines were chasing them through the jungle.
-   The Sloans were nearly caught in a net trap hidden in the leaves, scaring them.
-   In the cave in which they took shelter, torches in the tunnel lit by themselves as the Sloans walked by, startling them.
-   Seeing the tiki of Auric on a podium in the tunnel (with a human skeleton beside it), Mrs. Sloan exclaimed, "That's it!" and Mr. Sloan remarked, "The lost tiki of Auric! We've finally found it, after all these years!"
-   Mrs. Sloan thought to toss a rock toward the podium, and a pink energy beam from an unknown source annihilated the rock.
-   Mr. Sloan used his whip to jerk the tiki to him.
-   At that point, Louie Kaboom, standing behind the Sloans, told them, "Well-done. Looks like I'm just in time."; this was apparently the first time the Sloans had encountered him.
-   Louie told them to hand it over, but Mrs. Sloan shouted, "Never!!"
-   Louie shot red lasers from his eyes, and Mr. Sloan gave him the tiki.
-   Before teleporting away, Louie exclaimed, "The tiki, at last! The power of the Auric is mine, all mine!"
-   Once Louie was gone, the Sloans remarked that he was gone, as was their chance of being rescued.
-   At the lake where Tanya and Jason were, Kat gave Tanya a package which had come for Tanya from Aisha.
-   Aisha's letter read: "Dear Tanya, Ashalla asked me to send you this key. Your parents wanted you to have it. This is the key to the lost tiki of Auric. I'm also sending you a map that was found in your parents' belongings.
-   The large golden key of Auric had a chain on it.
-   Tanya's parents had been missing for years, and Tanya was excited that they could still be alive, as their plane had gone down in the vicinity of Mysterio Island while they were looking for the lost tiki of Auric; no one had ever been able to find the island.
-   Jason, Tanya, and Kat went to the Power Chamber, where Billy was also.
-   Soon, Tanya teleported to Mysterio Island without any supplies.
-   Trey of Wisdom called and told Jason that Pyramidas was entering the Earth's atmosphere.
-   Somewhere in the wilderness, Louie Kaboom tried to make the tiki open, but Klank came up and told him of the key which Gold Ranger had; their surveillance had shown Jason alone at the lake with the key.
-   Louie flew away, and Cogs and Louie attacked Jason at the edge of the park by the lake.
-   Jason flipped off of Louie and morphed, but two Cogs grappled him, and Louie's eyebeams blasted the key from his hand; the villains then left with the key.
-   Detective Stone had another identical red sportscar and assigned Bulk and Skull to watch it; his first car had been crushed the previous week.
-   In a warehouse, Louie Kaboom used the key on the tiki, and it expanded into the giant Auric, breaking the warehouse's roof.
-   Upon growing, Auric declared, "I am Auric the Conqueror, defender of all that is good and true!"
-   Louie told Auric that he'd do what he said and that together they'd destroy the Earth, but giant Auric replied, "Auric does not bring harm to others, little man."; Louie again tried to order him to destroy the Earth, but Auric chuckled, "I will not be subject to a barbarian like you," and shrank back into tiki form.
-   Louie angrily swatted the tiki away when the key wouldn't work anymore, and he let Sprocket take it.
-   Tanya arrived on the beach of Mysterio Island.
-   In the cave, Mrs. Sloan tripped over a trap which fired up a wall of flames to trap them in a chamber with walls which were closing in.
-   Sprocket took the tiki to the surface of the moon near the Machine Skybase and used the key to make Auric grow.
-   After being told of the Rangers' evils, Auric flew away to Earth.
-   Helmetless Gold Ranger was in the Power Chamber with the four teens and Billy when Auric stomped through the city, challenging the Rangers to come out and face him.
-   Gold Ranger teleported from the Power Chamber and rode up from the mountains in Pyramidas, which was first in its black form.
-   Gold Ranger pleaded, "Auric, you've got to listen to me!" but Auric replied, "Auric does not listen to villainous scoundrels! Take this!" and levitated Pyramidas upside-down over the mountains with a red beam from his sword.
-   Auric declared, "Once again, Auric the Conqueror has turned evil on its head and saved the day! Not even an army of the most vile supervillains shall destroy the Earth as long as Auric is here! Begone!" and blasted Pyramidas.
-   Just as she entered the cave where her parents were in danger, Tanya was teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   The five teens morphed, and the Super Zeo Megazord then landed in the mountains nearby.
-   The following scene ensued:

Auric: "So, the rest of the wicked band have shown up. I'll do away with you all!"
Sprocket (with Klank in a park area downtown): "Yeah, that's them, Auric! Get 'em!"
Zeo Five: "Wait, you don't understand! We're not evil!"
Sprocket: "Don't believe them! They always lie!"
Auric: "I'll never let you destroy the Earth!"
Zeo Five: "Destroy? No, we were picked by Zordon to defend the Earth!"
Auric: "Zordon?! Did you say Zordon?"
Sprocket: "See you later! Gotta go!"
Auric: "Hold it right there, metal boy. I want to hear what this is all about."
Zeo Five: "It's true! We vowed to fight evil!"
Zeo Four: "Zordon's our mentor!"
Auric (as Super Zeo Megazord stands beside him at edge of city): "All who fight for good know the name of Zordon. I fear I have made a mistake."
Sprocket (running): "Well, it's been real!"
Auric: "Not so fast. Auric does not like to be deceived." (picks up Sprocket)
Sprocket: "But I've got the key!"
Auric: "Go away, metal boy. Do not cross me again." (blows Sprocket into the woods nearby)

-   Louie ran after the key which landed on a branch, but Billy teleported it away as gold energy.
-   A giant magnet mounted on Rita and Zedd's RV pulled Detective Stone's second sportscar to the moon while Bulk and Skull's backs were turned.
-   Returning, Detective Stone angrily asked where his car was.
-   The teens and Billy were in the Power Chamber.
-   Tanya let Jason keep the key permanently.
-   Tanya then teleported back to Mysterio Island in the cave and pulled a rather large snake off a lever, then pulled the lever, stopping the walls and making the flames die out.
-   The Sloans didn't recognize Tanya; she had to tell them her name, at which point they were delighted to have found her.
-   It's unknown how Tanya and the Sloans got back from Mysterio Island.

-   As Klank read Louie Kaboom's decree to the Cog army at the Machine Skybase, Cogs held Machina and Sprocket as prisoners, and Louie had the Cogs take them away to be thrown in the dungeon.
-   Rita and Zedd continued driving in the RV.
-   At their seventh garage sale on a search for gold-colored props for Tanya and Kat's King Midas ballet, Bulk and Skull found the Midas Hound, a small golden dog figurine with ruby eyes.
-   As Skull rubbed it, the Midas Hound shot gold eyebeams which turned an eggbeater gold.
-   Bulk rubbed the Midas Hound to make it turn a lamp into gold.
-   Later, at a hot dog stand in the park, Bulk and Skull were wearing a great deal of gold necklaces.
-   Skull rubbed the Midas Hound for it to turn some coins into gold, which they used one of to pay for their hot dogs.
-   The Midas Hound turned Bulk's hotdog gold as it went to bite into it; the figurine then turned an entire picnic table and all the food on it to gold with one blast, scaring away the people sitting at it.
-   The Midas Hound turned a park bench gold, at which point Bulk and Skull ran to the Juice Bar and stammered right next to Adam and Kat about the dog turning everything to gold, with Skull talking directly to Kat.
-   Adam and Kat ran to the park, where they were grappled by Cogs.
-   Adam freed one arm and summoned one Zeonizer, then did the same with his other arm after freeing it; by that time, Kat had both Zeonizers on her wrists, and they morphed.
-   A Cog placed the Midas Hound in front of Klank and Orbus, and Orbus, beside Midas Hound, enlarged the figurine to giant size.
-   Rocky, Tommy, Tanya, and Jason were unloading the last group of containers of clothes from the back of a red 4x4 in the Youth Center parking lot when Zordon called them.
-   After Jason had briefly looked around and declared it was clear, the four teens proceeded to morph in the parking lot beside the Youth Center where quite a few people had moments earlier been seen walking by; the teens left behind the containers of clothes on the street behind the 4x4, with the back panel of the truck still open.
-   In the park, Louie Kaboom confronted the six Rangers.
-   Giant Midas Hound's eyebeams, shooting around randomly, turned Gold Ranger into a solid gold statue of Jason.
-   The gold Jason teleported with the others when they teleported to the Power Chamber, where Billy was.
-   Zeo Ranger Five soon returned to the park, where he hid behind a tree to find out Louie's plans for Midas Hound.
-   Zordon reported that Midas Hound was turning objects all over the city into gold; the Viewing Globe showed bins of fruit turning gold.
-   Zeo Ranger Five reported over his communicator that Louie Kaboom and the Cogs were collecting gold objects, and Billy found that the objects were being used to feed Midas Hound, making it stronger.
?   The Rangers soon teleported to join Zeo Ranger Five, but while Zeo Four called the Super Zeozords with the others, he immediately teleported to the holding bay.
-   Downtown, a blue force field protected the Midas Hound when Super Zeozords Five and Three tried to attack it once normally, then again with their weapons.
-   Midas Hound turned pieces of the Super Zeozords gold.
-   Louie Kaboom was watching from a rooftop.
-   Soon Gold Ranger teleported from the Power Chamber, and Pyramidas transformed from its black.
-   Pyramidas's lightning attack on Midas Hound broke off its external shell and revealed the robotic Midas Monster.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called and teleported to the Red Battlezord.
-   The Red Battlezord and Pyramidas appeared to be invulnerable to Midas Monster's gold blasts.
-   The Red Battlezord's flying spin attack dislodged Midas Monster's "golderizer"; it exploded, and the golderized Zords returned to normal.
-   Midas Monster shot from its top blue energy bolts which solidified into chains around all of the Zords and continued electrocuting them.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called Zeo Four, and the Zeozords arrived, with the five Rangers teleporting into them.
-   The Zeo Megazord Saber broke the chains, and the Zeo Ultrazord was formed.
-   Midas Monster said his own name before being destroyed by the Zeo Ultrazord downtown; Louie Kaboom left after the monster's destruction.
-   Soon after fixing a flat tire on the RV, Zedd popped the tire again by running over a peice of scrap with "NOSA" on it.
-   Everything that had been turned to gold had changed back to normal when Midas Monster was destroyed.
-   Kat, Bulk, and Skull were among the dancers for the King Midas ballet in the Youth Center.

-   Rita and Zedd kicked Rito and Goldar out of the RV.
-   Walking around with Goldar, Rito found a golf ball on the moon; he threw it, and it crackled with red energy upon landing near a group of hills.
-   As Rito and Goldar secretly watched, Prince Gasket and Archerina arrived near Machina and Sprocket to talk.
-   In the Power Chamber with Jason, Billy modified the Golden Power Staff's energy usage.
-   The Power Chamber's intergalactic warning system went off, and Billy knew that something or someone extremely powerful had just teleported to the moon; he then pulled up a thermal image of Gasket and Archerina.
-   A different day, giant Louie Kaboom with a sword and cannon arm, attacked buildings downtown, telling the Power Rangers to come out and that he must prove his love.
-   As Kat and Tanya were spying on crooked detectives Humphrey and Bogart, their communicators went off, and the detectives heard it; hiding behind a wall, the girls answered Zordon's call and then teleported to the Power Chamber, where Adam, Rocky, and Jason, then soon Tommy, arrived as well; Billy was already there.
-   The teens then morphed and teleported into the flying Super Zeozords.
-   Behind Louie when the Super Zeozords arrived downtown was a flaming, heavily damaged building.
-   Super Zeozord Three used its laser pistol, Super Zeozords One and Two used their chest rays, and Super Zeozord Five used its sword attack.
-   The Super Zeozords formed the Super Zeo Megazord, and Louie, telling the Rangers they couldn't defeat the power of love, knocked the Megazord over with a blast from his cannon arm.
-   Gasket and Archerina watched from a rooftop.
-   Louie made sure Archerina was watching him, and he called her his love.
-   Pyramidas finally rolled in and used its lightning attack on Louie, not destroying him.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called Warrior Wheel, and once it had arrived, the Megazord threw it at Louie, not hurting him much.
-   Louie told Archerina, speaking her name, that he was fine.
-   Pyramidas transformed into robot mode, and the Super Zeo Megazord slid into its back, forming the (Super) Zeo Ultrazord.
-   The Zeo Ultrazord's blasts knocked Louie down, but he stood back up, on fire, and told Archerina to forgive him, as he was unworthy of her love; he then fell over and exploded.
-   Gasket and Archerina had soon returned to the Machine Skybase.
-   On the moon, Rita and Zedd were relaxing in chairs while watching a cartoon on a TV outside the parked RV, with Finster cooking on the grill nearby, when Rito and Goldar ran up to tell them the news of Gasket and Archerina.

-   Near the lake where Tommy was riding on his uncle's waverunner, Gasket, with a map, scouted out an area beside the lake with Sprocket, his little brother.
-   To show up Sprocket, Gasket shot a blue energy bolt from his fingertip, making Tommy vanish from his waverunner, and it drifted to a stop.
-   Kat and Jason, having walked over to the other side of the lake where Tommy had ridden to before vanishing, took a similar waverunner which was parked on the beach, Kat driving, to investigate.
-   Gasket used a small hand telescope to look out at the lake.
-   Billy had gone to Triforia to help with the Treys' reunification.
-   After not finding Tommy anywhere, Kat called the Power Chamber from the shore.
-   When Mr. Rush asked where Tommy was, Jason and Kat searched for an answer before Jason said Tommy had thought he'd heard something funny with the engine and had to go get a part.
-   After Mr. Rush had left to get his mechanic, Zordon called Jason back.
-   From the lake, Jason and Kat teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   Soon, while Bulk and Skull were somewhere else at the lake to wash Detective Stone's waverunner, Jason and Kat teleported back to the lake, with Kat using a handheld scanner.
-   Watching from nearby with Sprocket, Gasket held up his hand and made energy bolts, summoning Cogs, and Jason and Kat morphed.
-   The Cogs grappled Zeo Ranger One and smashed apart her scanner, sending many pieces flying.
-   Zeo Ranger One and Gold Ranger yelled each other's civilian names loudly during the fight.
-   After breaking the scanner, the Cogs left.
-   Whether all of the pieces of the scanner were recovered from the sand is unknown, but Jason hoped Alpha could fix the scanner.
-   Bulk and Skull tried to ride Detective Stone's waverunner, but it wasn't working, so they simply rode it coasting through the lake.
-   Gasket watched Bulk and Skull on the waverunner with his telescope, then after Bulk and Skull had gotten off the waverunner and walked away, Detective Stone's waverunner turned into the Cruel Chrome monster with red energy.
-   As Bulk and Skull looked back, Cruel Chrome told them, "Just keep walking," and they ran off.
-   Cruel Chrome soon sprayed Mr. Rush and his mechanic with water from his hand nozzle, stunning them.
-   Helmetless Jason and Kat were in the Power Chamber.
-   Jason had Alpha send the others to the lake, and the five Rangers met up at the lake.
-   Mr. Rush and the mechanic shortly got back up and ran off.
-   Cruel Chrome sprayed the Rangers, making them collapse, light-headed.
-   Sprocket and Gasket were still watching.
-   The Rangers teleported to the Power Chamber to retreat from Cruel Chrome.
-   On the moon, the RV rapidly drove around out of control after Rito and Goldar had worked on it.
-   Soon, the Rangers teleported back to the lake and continued fighting Cruel Chrome, with his spray no longer working on them due to the chemical they'd inhaled to make their lungs immune.
-   The Rangers' fighting soon made Cruel Chrome collapse.
-   From a cliff above after being ordered by Gasket, Klank threw Orbus, who revived and enlarged Cruel Chrome.
-   Zeo Ranger Four called Alpha, and Alpha had set up a remote for the unpiloted Super Zeozord Five.
-   The four Rangers teleported to their flying Super Zeozords, leaving Gold Ranger behind.
-   The Super Zeozords fought Cruel Chrome, who had grown blades, in the mountains.
-   Pyramidas soon arrived, and the Super Zeozords formed the Super Zeo Megazord.
-   After a fairly vicious fight with grappling hooks, blades, and swords, the (Super) Zeo Ultrazord was formed.
-   The Zeo Ultrazord destroyed Cruel Chrome; at the lake, Gasket collapsed, crying over his loss, and Sprocket consoled him.
-   Later, Jason and Kat walked around the lake with the repaired scanner.
-   Alpha had replaced Detective Stone's waverunner with an identical one.
-   Detective Stone asked Bulk and Skull why his "wavejumper" was running so well, then congratulated them.
-   Jason and Kat were later in the Power Chamber.

-   Walking into the Youth Center with Jason and Rocky another day, Kat felt guilty coming there while Tommy was still missing, but Rocky pointed out that Zordon had told them to take a break, and Billy would let them know the second they found something; at this point, Billy was still on Triforia.
-   Bulk and Skull told a crowd in the Juice Bar about seeing a light at the lake, with "Zeo Ranger Five" (speaking his official title) inside the light, standing there while translucent.
-   Bulk and Skull went back to the lake when two kids wanted proof of their story.
-   Soon, the five teens were in the Power Chamber.
-   Zordon planned to call Billy back from Triforia.
-   Jason and Kat soon morphed and teleported to the lake to look around, and the Zeo Ranger Five hologram appeared before them.
-   Running toward the hologram, Gold Ranger said into his communicator, "Billy, we found him!"
-   Zeo Ranger One stopped, sensing something was wrong.
-   Speaking with Tommy's voice (or at least Zeo Ranger Five's normal voice), the hologram reached out and said, "Help me..."; Zeo Ranger One tried to warn Gold Ranger, but he was sucked into the hologram.
-   Zordon told Zeo One from afar not to enter the holographic entryway, and she collapsed in despair and soon teleported to the Power Chamber.
-   Right after Alpha had lost Gold Ranger on the scanner, Zordon contacted Billy to have him return from the Zeozord repair terminal.
-   Bulk and Skull, searching the lake for proof, got sucked into the hologram when it appeared again.
-   Bulk and Skull landed on the cell floor in Gasket's Machine Arena dimension; on the wall was a sign with alien writing on it; the cell wasn't within view of the main part of the arena, but the large audience of monsters may have been heard from the cell.
-   Trider, a lizardman alien in their cell with them, told Bulk and Skull to be quiet, then asked if they wanted to argue with each other or find a way out of there.
-   Billy was now in the Power Chamber as Alpha got thermal visuals on Gold Ranger and then Bulk and Skull in the Machine Arena.
-   As he introduced the event while Altor stood ready to fight Gold Ranger, Gasket spoke into Video Vulture, which broadcast the event to an unknown audience, but Goldar and Rito, watching TV on the moon, picked up the broadcast; anyone watching would have caught, in addition to an interesting fight between a brainwashed Zeo Ranger and the other Rangers, the first names of several of the Rangers, and eventually the sight of all six unmorphed teens.
-   A transcript of the broadcast from the Machine Arena follows:

Gasket: "Thank you for tuning in, folks. I'd like to welcome all the kiddies at home to the main event. (steps aside to show Altor facing Gold Ranger) I hope you enjoy the show!" (laughs)
Gold Ranger "You'll never win, Gasket!"
Gasket: "We'll see. Get him, Altor."
- Altor and Gold Ranger fight, with Gold Ranger soon pinned on the ground
Gold Ranger: "That's it! You transferred Tommy's powers to this gold goon, didn't you, Gasket?"
Gasket: "I have no idea what you're talking about!"
Gold Ranger (to Zeo Five, who stands by Gasket and Archerina on the balcony with the camera): "Tommy, bro, are you in there?"
Gasket: "Destroy him, Altor!"
- Gold Ranger gets Altor's staff
Gold Ranger (to Altor): "Tommy, is that you?"
Altor: "I am Altor!!"
Gold Ranger: "Good, then you've lost Tommy's powers!"
- Gold Ranger destroys Altor with the monster's own staff
Gasket: "Curses!"
Gold Ranger: "Your plan failed, Gasket! Now return Tommy to normal!"
Gasket: "What exactly is a Tommy?"
Gold Ranger (to Zeo Five): "Listen to me, Tommy, you're not their king. You're my friend!"
Zeo Five: "I'll have to take care of this villain myself."
Gold Ranger (pleadingly): "Tommy...!"
Zeo Five: "This will be your final battle, Gold Ranger. I will remove your evil from this world forever!"
Zeo Five: "Welcome to your doom!" (laughs)
Gold Ranger: "Don't do this, Tommy! Come on, bro, they've got you brainwashed! You have to snap out of it! Come on..."

-   The transcript of the broadcast from the Machine Arena follows:

Zeo Five: "As king of the Machine Empire, I must protect the good and the helpless! For this reason, it is absolutely necessary that I fight the Gold Ranger myself!"
Gold Ranger: "You've gotta listen to me! I'm your friend! Tommy, please, try to remember!"
Zeo Five: "Tommy..."
Gold Ranger: "That's right! You're Tommy. You're a Power Ranger just like me. Gasket's brainwashed you!"
Zeo Five: "Tommy... why can't I remember who I am?"
Gasket (softly): "Do not listen to him, my king. They are tricky."
Gold Ranger: "No, Tommy, he's the one tricking you!"
Gasket: "Don't fall for it, sire. Concentrate your energies. You know what has to be done."
Zeo Five: "Yeah, you're right Gasket."
Zeo Five: "That's it! I will not fall for your tricks! I have seen the evil you have done. It is time to wipe out the Power Rangers once and for all."
Gasket: "That's right."
Gold Ranger: "What have you done to him, Gasket?"
Gasket: "My king challenged you to a battle. Now you must fight him."
Gold Ranger: "I won't fight him, and you can't force me!"
Gasket: "Then you will be destroyed."
Zeo Five: "I am ready, Gasket."
Gasket: "Positions!"
- Zeo Ranger Five warps through forcefield into the arena
Zeo Five: "Let the battle begin! (assumes fighting stance and growls) Let's go."
Gold Ranger: "Tommy, don't do this."
Zeo Five: "I will put an end to the Power Rangers, starting with you, Gold Ranger."

-   Trider told Bulk and Skull his name and that his home planet was Horath.
-   Trider said that Earth was Gasket's next target.
-   Bulk and Skull weren't familiar with Gasket's name.
-   Trider said that Gasket was the Machine King's oldest son; after Gasket had conquered Horath, he'd vowed that Earth would be his next conquest.
-   Trider knew that Gasket was engaging the Power Rangers in battle as they spoke.
-   Trider said that he was taken to compete in the arena and that Gasket took the best warriors from each planet he conquered and putting the powers in his machine monsters; Bulk and Skull's presence, he said indicated they were the fiercest warriors on Earth, and Skull tried to correct him, but Bulk went along with it.
-   Trider got Bulk and Skull's help in his plans to escape and foil Prince Gasket.
-   Further transcript from the Machine Arena:
Gold Ranger: "You've got it all wrong, Tommy. Would you listen to me?"
Zeo Five (attacking): "No!"
Gold Ranger: "I don't want to fight you, bro!"
Zeo Five (offensive): "And I don't want to hear any more of your lies!"

-   Hiding when a Cog guard entered the cell to prepare him for the next fight, Trider attacked it, flipping it onto the ground and causing it to fall into component body parts with wires hanging out.
-   Zeo Five told Gold Ranger, "You can't win, Gold Ranger!"
-   Zordon wasn't sure whether the video signal, appearing in the Viewing Globe, was strong enough to follow to the source.
-   The four teens morphed and teleported to the lake, where Zeo Four called the Power Chamber.
-   Alpha said they'd lost the lock immediately after the Rangers had teleported to the lake.
-   As they walked down a thin, dark corridor, Skull held a severed brown Cog leg, Trider held a severed Cog head, and Bulk held a severed Cog arm; the three went into what looked like a storage room, where silver and brown Cogs were patrolling.
-   Trider said they had to destroy the brain drain device, as he couldn't stand to see another warrior lose his powers to Gasket, and then disintegrate the forcefield that emcompassed the arena, as nothing could escape until it was destroyed.
-   Bulk tried to back out, saying he had a sports injury, but they went along with Trider's plan.
-   At the lake, blue energy bolts from above teleported the four Rangers into the Machine Arena, the doing of Finster's transporter device on the moon.
-   The transcript from the Machine Arena continues:
Gold Ranger: "Tommy, listen--"
- four other Rangers appear from blue energy, confused
Zeo Five: "The rest of the Rangers!"
Zeo Two: "Jason, are you all right?"
Gold Ranger: "Yeah, but they've done something to Tommy and he thinks we're his enemies."
Zeo Five: "Now, I'll destroy your entire evil gang!"
Gasket: "Splendid! All of Power Rangers are here. I couldn't have planned better myself."
Gold Ranger: "Tommy, we're not evil."
Archerina: "How fitting they're going to be destroyed by their own leader."
Zeo Five: "Prepare to be destroyed!"
Gold Ranger: "There's gotta be a way to get through to him."
Gasket: "Yes, do it, my king."
Zeo Five: "At once."
Zeo One: "Tommy, it's us!"
Zeo Five: "I do not know any of you." (attacks)
- Zeo Three and Gold Ranger grapple Zeo Five
Gold Ranger: "Tommy--!"
Zeo Three: "Tommy, listen to us!"
- Zeo Five kicks them away
Zeo One: "Jason!"
- Zeo Five flips Zeo Two, punches Zeo Four, misses Zeo One, and attacks Gold Ranger

-   The three prisoners found the control room, which was just off an open courtyard with a yellowish sky and apparently a tree in the distance.
-   Locking himself in the control room as Cogs approached, Trider remarked, "When in doubt, rip 'em out."
-   Bulk and Skull ran through the Cogs screaming martial arts wails while trying to do wild martial arts on the Cogs.
-   Bulk repeatedly dodged attacks by Cogs and even ran into two, making them fall over.
-   Skull deftly dodged Cog attacks, then made a brown Cog fall and short-circuit after he'd kicked a barrel into its legs.
-   The Machine Arena transcript continues:
- Gold Ranger rolls back toward others
Gold Ranger: "I don't know what else we can do."
Zeo Five: "There's nothing you CAN do!"
Zeo One: "I have an idea."
Zeo Five: "Heh, this oughta be amusing."
Zeo One: "There's only one thing left to do." (stands)
Gold Ranger: "Be careful."
Zeo One: "Zeo One, power down!" (demorphs with pink energy)
Zeo Five (startled): "Huh?"
Gasket: "What?"
Gold Ranger (softly): "Katherine, are you sure you know what you're doing?"
Kat: "He has to see us. He has to be confronted with the face of his real friends."
Zeo Five: "Do not try to deceive me."
- Zeo Five tries to attack Kat twice, but she hugs him, pinning his arms to his sides
Kat: "Tommy, don't do this! Please... it's me, Katherine."
Zeo Five: "Katherine?"
Gasket: "Do not listen to her, sire!"
Gold Ranger: "He's starting to remember. I think it's working, guys."
Zeo Five: "Katherine? What's going on? I don't understand this. I feel like I know you, but everything's fuzzy. I can't remember anything... (struggling as she hugs him) Ugh, no! You're a Power Ranger! You bring evil and destruction wherever you go!"
Gasket: "That's correct, sire. Destroy her, immediately!"
Gold Ranger: "Tommy, don't do it! Gold Ranger, power down!" (demorphs with gold energy)
Jason: "Tommy, Prince Gasket has tricked you. We're your friends, man."
Zeo Three: "This has to work."
Zeo Two: "I hope so. Let's get with it, you guys."
Three remaining Rangers: "Zeo Rangers, power down!" (they demorph with respectively-colored energy)
Tanya: "Jason's right. Tommy, we're here to help you."
Zeo Five: "I dunno, why, (looks at Kat) but I feel like you're telling me the truth. Is it possible that everytyhing Gasket told me about you is a lie? I'm so mixed up, I don't know who I can believe!"
Kat: "Tommy, try and think of all the things we've been through together."
Zeo Five (pulling away): "No!! What... is... wrong with me?! (collapses, then pounding fists on ground) I don't understand!" (groans)
Gasket: "No! This is not how it's supposed to happen!"
Archerina: "Your brain drain's wearing off!"
Kat: "Come on, Tommy..."
Zeo Five (suddenly drawing Zeo Laser Pistol): "You can't fool me! (closing in, aiming the pistol at the teens) Don't move, Rangers!"
Gasket: "That's the spirit, sire! Do it!"
Kat: "Tommy, I know you're in there."
Zeo Five: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Kat (putting her hands on his laser pistol): "Come back to us. (lowers gun) It's okay."
- Zeo Five clutches his head
Gasket: "What are you doing? Remember, you're the king here! Fight! (warps into arena) They are your enemies, you fool! Destroy them!"
- Zeo Five struggles, then faces Gasket
Zeo Five: "I don't think so, Gasket! (holstering gun) Zeo Five, power down!" (demorphs with red energy)
Gasket: "No!"
Tommy: "You're my enemy. I'm leaving with my friends."
Gasket: "We'll see."
- teens try to use communicators to teleport but don't leave
Gasket: "Think I'm going to let you get away that easily? The games have just begun for you, Rangers. Now for a little audience participation. Monsters, join me!"
- crowd of monsters from audience warps into arena

-   The control room exploded with Trider inside, apparently destroying the Cogs behind Bulk and Skull.
-   The transcript continues:
Tommy: "Let's do it, guys! It's morphin' time!"
- teens hold down fists but are surprised when nothing happens
Adam: "What's going on?"
Gasket: "My forcefield is blocking your morphing powers. You made a terrible mistake by demorphing. It'll cost you dearly. Goodbye, Power Rangers."
- forcefield vanishes
Gasket: "What-- what's happened? It can't be! My forcefield's been disintegrated!"
Tanya: "We've gotta get out of here."
Jason (to Gasket): "You mess with one Ranger, you'd better be willing to take on the whole team!"
- teens "yeah"
Tommy: "We'll meet again, Gasket!"
Gasket: "I'm sure of it."
- teens teleport away
Gasket: "Aaagh, I can't stand those Power Rangers!"

-   Trider had been unharmed by the explosion.
-   Trider told Bulk and Skull, "When I get back to my planet, we will make legends of you."
-   Trider said he'd drop Bulk and Skull off, and he touched his head and teleported them away with a green sparkle effect.
-   At the beach club, Emily either didn't believe Bulk and Skull or didn't care when they told her about working with Trider to save the Rangers and becoming heroes on the planet of Horath.
-   Emily told Bulk and Skull she wanted to hear all about it later.
-   Kat, Tommy, and Jason, sitting at a table at the beach club, wore different clothes, but Bulk and Skull's were the same.
-   After Jason had been wondering about the transporter beam, Bulk and Skull sat at the table with the three teens to have a friendly chat.
-   Bulk and Skull told the three teens about saving the Rangers by breaking the forcefield, but when Kat replied, "Wow. I'm sure wherever they are, they're really grateful for your help," and Tommy replied, "Yeah, and I bet if they were here right now, they'd really wanna thank you guys," Bulk and Skull left in a huff, thinking they were being sarcastic despite the teens' insisting otherwise.

-   As Tommy, Kat, Rocky, and Jason walked through the park, he had them look at Sprocket, Klank, and Cogs hiding behind a bush in ambush, having experienced the same day several times already.
-   The four teens teleported to the Power Chamber as the Cogs were wandering out from the bushes.
-   Tanya and Adam soon teleported there as well, wondering what was up.
-   Tommy's slightly altered brain chemistry from Gasket's brain drain could detect even the slightest temporal disturbance.
-   Alpha discovered the presence of a time loop.
-   Zordon triangulated the source; while Tommy saw all of Chronosapios in the Viewing Globe, the others only seemed to see the odd-shaped metallic base without its crystal ball; Adam said there was nothing there.
-   Momentarily piercing through the time loop, Alpha showed the crystal ball in Chronosapios in its podium in the park and a gear ship with the Quadrafighters swarming out above the city.
-   The teens morphed and teleported to the park, where they examined Chronosapios.
-   As Zeo Five reached out, the Rangers were blasted by Protectron, who fought the Rangers quite well.
-   Sprocket arrived with Cogs, disappointed that Gasket had gotten there first, but he had the Cogs attack anyway.
-   While the others fought Cogs, Zeo Ranger Five fought Protectron.
-   Gasket and Archerina arrived in red energy bolts.
-   Archerina shot arrows at the Rangers, then Gasket rushed in to fight the five with his sword.
-   Zeo Ranger Five's Zeo Laser Pistol defeated Protectron, and he then shattered Chronosapios with a karate chop.
-   Klank scurried up to Sprocket and Archerina, then threw Orbus, who revived and enlarged Protectron.
-   As Gold Ranger fought Gasket, the five Zeo Rangers summoned and teleported to the Super Zeozords, and the Super Zeo Megazord fought Protectron downtown.
-   The Super Zeo Megazord Sabers blasted Protectron during the fight.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called Warrior Wheel, which rolled in, and its energy dive after being thrown destroyed Protectron.
-   The villains all teleported away after Protectron had been destroyed.

-   Sequentially wandering off during Detective Stone's murder mystery game, Adam, then Tanya, then Tommy, then Rocky got trapped in Gasket's dungeon rather than the victim room by going through a glowing yellow doorway near the victim room door.
-   Bulk and Skull took Jason into the victim room just as he would've gone into the dungeon doorway.
-   Alone, Kat wanted everyone to come out, but Archerina appeared; at this point, Detective Stone was still missing as part of the game, and somewhere nearby was someone who had to have listened to previous discussion in the room to play spooky music at dramatic moments.
-   Trying to back away, Kat asked Archerina what she wanted, calling the villainess by name; Archerina replied, "Solve this, super sleuth. Whose power is greater - the pathetic pink peon or the mighty Archerina?"
-   Kat said she had nothing to prove to Archerina, but Archerina told her that if she ever wanted to see her friends again, she'd accept her challenge; they were the reward if she met Archerina in battle, and Archerina asked, "Will you fight me, or are you too scaredy, Kat?"
-   Kat accepted Archerina's challenge, and Archerina told her to meet her in the Forest of Eternal Light.
-   Kat tried to call Tommy on her communicator, saying his name, but there was no reply.
-   Kat then called Zordon, saying his name and telling her of Archerina's challenge.
-   Kat announced, "It's morphin' time!", then morphed and teleported to the Forest of Eternal Light, where Gasket and Archerina were waiting.
-   In the dungeon, Tommy tried to call Zordon, but he got no response; the teens tried to teleport out, but nothing happened.
-   After Zeo Ranger One did poorly against Archerina, Gasket summoned Nuklifier, and Zeo One called into the air for help.
-   Auric arrived to help but was soon badly injured in a field near the ocean outside the forest.
-   Alpha found a frequency that reached the dungeon; the captured teens were walking through a series of tunnels when Zordon's voice told them to adjust their communicators to his frequency, they did so.
-   The four teens then teleported to the Power Chamber, and then morphed and teleported to Zeo One and Auric's position.
?   Alpha hadn't yet been able to find a frequency that would reach Jason's communicator in the mansion.
-   Gasket and Archerina were flying at Zeo One and Auric in the form of a green and pink flaming energy streak with a heart in it when the five Rangers huddled together and summoned an energy barrier to deflect the villains' attack.
-   The Rangers all did their energy spins on Nuklifier.
-   From a cliff above, Klank, after being ordered by Gasket, threw Orbus, who enlarged Nuklifier.
-   The Rangers called and teleported to the flying Super Zeozords, and the Super Zeo Megazord fought Nuklifier in the mountains.
-   The Megazord's sabers broke Nuklifier's weapons, then the Megazord threw Warrior Wheel, only weakening the monster.
-   Auric, now standing, grew to giant size, saying he was rested and ready to put the scoundrels in their place.
-   Auric charged his sword with gold energy and destroyed Nuklifier with a single swipe.
-   After his victory, Auric declared, "Auric the Conqueror triumphs over evil again!"
-   The teens came back into the main room, where Bulk, Skull, and Jason were sitting at the table; Jason asked if they'd gotten lost, and Tommy quietly told him not exactly and that they'd tell him later.

-   As Tanya gave Tommy singing lessons, for his upcoming solo in music class, at a synthesizer while alone in the resource center, a blue energy beam from above bounced off the keyboard and struck Tommy and Tanya, knocking them back and forcing them to sing everything they tried to say.
-   As he and Bulk and Skull went fishing at the lake, Detective Stone's secret weapon was a fishing lure called the "armor-plated, fully-automated Mechaterpillar 2000."
-   The six teens were soon in the Power Chamber.
-   A blue energy gear fired out from the base of the Machine Skybase's palace to turn Detective Stone's lure into a monster.
-   When something began pulling the boat from being on Detective Stone's fishing line, Skull dove overboard.
-   The energy gear had transformed the Mechaterpillar lure into a monster-sized robotic creature which terrified Bulk and Detective Stone and had them call Skull back onto the boat.
-   At least five gear ships were hovering over the city.
-   Gasket, Archerina, and Klank were riding in the control room of one gear ship, with Gasket at the wheel.
-   The gear ship shot blue energy beams from the middle section of its underside, causing large portions of the city to explode; three Quadrafighters were shown flying through the explosions.
-   The Machine Empire had launched a full-scale assault on Angel Grove.
-   Rocky pointed out that the Machine Empire had hit the abandoned warehouse district and they'd be over the population soon.
-   Alpha said that a squadron of Quadrafighters was headed in the direction of the Power Chamber.
-   Soon, Tommy, Rocky, Tanya, and Kat morphed, and the cannon launched the whole Super Zeo Megazord.
-   The flying Megazord shot a gold energy V from its forehead, destroying three Quadrafighters.
-   With a saber, the landed Megazord sliced a Quadrafighter clean in two, and the still-intact pilot Cog fell out.
-   A blue energy ray beamed Gasket and Archerina onto a rooftop from the underside of a gear ship.
-   Having used the Quadrafighters as bait, Gasket called forth Mechaterpillar, and it appeared from gold energy in giant form (as tall as the Megazord and many times longer).
-   Mechaterpillar wrapped itself around the Megazord and soon blasted it.
-   A gear ship flew up to the holding bay in the mountains, and a swarm of Quadrafighters flew out and began to blast the holding bay doors.
-   Soon, Adam and Jason morphed, with Zeo Ranger Four riding in the Red Battlezord and Gold Ranger teleporting to the holding bay, where numerous Cogs were now inside.
-   On Gasket's command, Mechaterpillar split up into component pieces and outnumbered the Megazord and Battlezord.
-   Mechaterpillar shot green energy waves from its mouth, breaking down Zeo Ranger Four's telepathic link and making the Red Battlezord move uncontrollably.
-   Mechaterpillar's green energy waves caused the Red Battlezord and then the Megazord to dance uncontrollably, then eventually the Zords sparked and fell over, and the Rangers fell out of the fallen Zords into a rubble-filled area downtown.
-   The Rangers shot their advanced Zeo Laser Pistols at Mechaterpillar, doing little if anything.
-   Gasket and Archerina attacked the Rangers, and Zeo Five fought Archerina one-on-one in a swordfight while the others fought Gasket.
-   Gasket and Archerina simultaneously shot green and pink energy beams from their swords.
-   Mechaterpillar shot the Rangers below with his green waves, but the result wasn't shown.
-   After defeating the Cogs, Gold Ranger was called by Zordon.
-   A bluish-white energy ray from a gear ship lifted the prone Megazord.
-   Pyramidas arrived, and Mechaterpillar's mouth blasts did nothing to it.
-   Pyramidas's lightning attack destroyed Mechaterpillar.
-   King Mondo was now fully repaired in the Machine Skybase.

-   When Kat, Adam, and Tanya were in the Juice Bar talking about the purse Kat had made for a class and wasn't pleased with, Jason anxiously came into the Juice Bar, breathing hard, and told the three teens they had an emergency and were needed in the Power Chamber right now.
-   Rocky and the other four teens walked into the Power Chamber and found Tommy with an aged Billy, rapidly aging due to his regenerator used during the Orb of Doom's time regression.
-   Billy had been in the Power Chamber working on the Zeo Jet Cycles and then a console when his aging had suddenly hit.
-   Billy suddenly got an idea, then walked out, and he and Kat then searched the Juice Bar's lost-and-found box for a device Billy thought he might've left there.
-   Bulk and Skull, armed with the Eavesdropper 3000 (for clue-gathering) in the Youth Center, listened to hear what Kat was saying to "that old guy," as Bulk said.
-   Billy handed Kat a lost purse from the box, which was the one she'd made and wanted to get rid of.
-   Billy jovially shook a whistle which he'd found in the box and then blew it, hurting the ears of Bulk and Skull, as well as Rita and Zedd, who were watching from the moon.
-   Billy had another sudden aging burst, and he and Kat rushed out; just afterward, an orange energy beam from Rita on the moon struck the purse Kat had left behind, and Impursonator, strongly resembling Kat's purse, appeared in the bushes outside.
-   Once Billy and Kat returned to the Power Chamber, Cestro and Delphine teleported there from Aquitar, probably having been called by Jason, Rocky, and Adam.
-   Mondo sent down Cog Changer to the mountains.
-   Leaving Jason behind, the five teens morphed and then rode their Zeo Jet Cycles through the mountains.
-   Watching from a cliff, Cog Changer launched from his eye small gears which locked onto the axles of the Zeo Jet Cycles, taking away the Zeo Rangers' control of them.
-   The gears made the Zeo Jet Cycles smash into a shack in which bins of some sort of explosive chemical made the entire shack, and presumably the Zeo Jet Cycles, explode into pieces just after the Rangers had escaped.
-   Mondo was up on a ledge with Cog Changer, and Cogs attacked the Rangers.
-   When Zeo Ranger Five noticed Mondo on the cliff, the king replied, "That's right. I'm rebuilt and I'm better than ever with my new monster Cog Changer!"
-   Cog Changer shot his gears into the open faces of the Cogs below, and a gear badge appeared on their chests.
-   Blue lightning bolts enlarged Impursonator nearby.
-   The Rangers summoned and teleported to the Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord fought Impursonator in the mountains.
-   Impursonator was invulnerable to every one of the Megazord's attacks, and she was able to fire back energy bolts after absorbing all of the energy-based attacks.
-   After all of the Zeo Battle Helmet attacks and the Zeo Megazord Saber had failed against Impursonator, the monster jumped on top of the fallen Megazord.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called and teleported to the Red Battlezord.
-   Impursonator seemed briefly stunned by the Red Battlezord's flurry of punches.
-   Cog Changer shot a gear into the Zeo Megazord as it stood up, with the gear flying into Zeozord Three's mouth.
-   Impursonator absorbed the Red Battlezord's and Zeo Megabattlezord's blasts, shooting back energy bolts each time.
-   After collecting the pure water from Angel Grove Falls' but without yet returning to the Power Chamber, Jason responded to Zeo Five's call for help by morphing and arriving in Pyramidas.
-   Impursonator appeared to react to Pyramidas's lightning attack and wasn't able to absorb it.
-   Impursonator, upon being blasted by the Zeo Ultrazord's energy blasts, swelled up, then shot the same gold energy blasts back at the Ultrazord from her stomach.
-   Impursonator told the Rangers, "Haven't you learned yet? You're powerless against me, Rangers!"
-   The rolling Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode unleashed a flurry of glowing projectiles which didn't affect Impursonator, and it then rolled away in retreat.
-   A giant gear portal sucked up Impursonator, teleporting her to a planet eight light-years away.
-   The Rangers walked into the Power Chamber, and Billy soon went to the holding bay.
-   The evil gear made the Zeo Megazord come to life, rampaging in the holding bay and then flying straight up through a panel in the ceiling.

-   Soon, the five Rangers teleported to the Super Zeo Megazord, which was launched from the cannon, and Gold Ranger again stayed behind.
-   The Zeo Megazord was flailing about out of control when the Super Zeo Megazord confronted it in the mountains.
-   Billy was teleported to the Power Chamber from the Zeozord Two subcockpit of the Zeo Megazord.
-   Cog Changer was now in the Zeo Megazord's main cockpit.
-   Normal-sized Impursonator teleported into the Super Zeo Megazord cockpit and blasted the Rangers, ejecting them.
-   The two monsters fought in the Megazords.
-   Immediately after Detective Stone stepped out for an hour right after having Bulk and Skull start their detectives' license tests, the city's monster alarm sounded.
-   Bulk figured the alarm was part of their test, and they continued working on the test to show they could concentrate under fire.
-   The ground shook slightly from the steps of the Megazords fighting in the downtown.
-   Gold Ranger soon teleported downtown, and when he arrived with Auric's key, the other Rangers appeared to come out of hiding in a debris-covered area.
-   Gold Ranger threw the glowing golden key into the air, and Auric's giant-sized tiki rose from the ground and then physically transformed into warrior form.
-   Upon transforming, Auric spoke, "I am Auric the Conqueror, defender of all that is good and true! Who requires my assistance?"
-   Downtown, Auric tried to get the monsters to ask themselves if this was really fair to the citizens of Angel Grove; Cog Changer replied from the Zeo Megazord, "We're monsters - this is what we do."
-   After being punched by both Megazords, Auric said, "I always prefer to talk through a problem rather than handle it with brawn."
-   Impursonator emerged as a large energy cloud from the Super Zeo Megazord and Auric seemed to fearfully revert to a small tiki.
-   Cogs attacked the six Rangers; when they soon retreated after the fight, a large pipe nearby was also sucked into their warp.
-   The Rangers returned to the Power Chamber, and some time later, as the Megazords fought in the mountains, Zeo Rangers Five, Four, and Three ran up a hill, calling out to Impursonator, and she teleported down to look for them, but a red beam then teleported her to the moon, allowing the three Rangers to reclaim the Super Zeo Megazord.
-   After leaping up to the Zeo Megazord's cockpit with Zeo Ranger One, Zeo Two dropped down into the area to destroy the evil gear; Zeo Ranger One then knocked Cog Changer out of the cockpit.
-   Cestria teleported to the Power Chamber, and Billy and Cestria soon teleported to Aquitar together.
-   On the moon with Zedd and Rita, Impursonator was sobbing.
-   Finster rushed out of the RV, having intercepted a command transmission from Mondo, discovering that he was sending a large batallion of troops to Earth.
-   Rita teleported Impursonator back to Earth, and Impursonator, Cog Changer, and a whole fleet of Cogs then prepared to attack the Angel Grove Coliseum together.
-   The Aquitians morphed (Cestro and Delphine from the Power Chamber and the others from Aquitar) and teleported to the coliseum, where they met up with the other five Zeo Rangers, and Gold Ranger teleported there moments later.
-   The eleven Rangers fought the Cogs together.
-   Morphed Tideus shot a whirlwind of yellow energy from his sword, creating a large gust of wind which blew Cogs away.
-   Morphed Cestro performed the Aquitar Waterfall maneuver, causing water to rush in around the Cogs and submerge them.
-   Morphed Corcus held up his sword, and multiple blue lightning bolts shot down from it and electrocuted several Cogs.
-   Impursonator blasted at the Aquitian Rangers, and they returned fire with the "Aquitar Ranger Blast," shooting from the tips of their swords a white flash of energy.
-   The Zeo Cannon defeated Cog Changer.
-   From nearby with Sprocket, Klank threw Orbus, who revived and enlarged Cog Changer.
-   Blue lightning bolts then enlarged Impursonator.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called the Super Zeozords, and the five Zeo Rangers teleported to the Zords.
-   Meanwhile, Gold Ranger and the Aquitian Rangers continued fighting the Cogs.
-   Downtown, Cog Changer and Impursonator blasted the Super Zeozords, which fired back with their Super Zeo Laser Pistols.
-   Super Zeozord Five used its sword, and Super Zeozord Three used its szp-arm blades.
-   Dodging the chest blasts of Super Zeozords One and Two, Impursonator turned into energy and flew underwater, where Super Zeozord Four was shown swimming.
-   With both monsters back on land after Super Zeozord Four and Impursonator had been launched from the water, the five Super Zeozords shot energy blasts from their visors.
-   From afar, Mondo commanded the monsters to unite, and they did so, merging into a single monster, at which point the Super Zeozords formed the Super Zeo Megazord.
-   The monster was unfazed by the Super Zeo Megazord Saber's finishing move.
-   Zeo Ranger Five called in the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord; he teleported to the Battlezord while Zeos Four and Two teleported to the Zeo Megazord, which walked in.
-   Zeo Five called Warrior Wheel, and the three Zords, surrounding the monster, threw Warrior Wheel around the monster faster and faster until it charged with yellow energy, forming a yellow energy whirlwind around the monster, then the Super Zeo Megazord threw Warrior Wheel for the finishing move, destroying the monster.
-   The Zeo Rangers leapt down to meet back up with the Aquitian Rangers, and the two Red Rangers clasped hands.
-   Another day in the Juice Bar, Detective Stone gave Bulk and Skull their exam results.
-   Bulk and Skull passed only because of extra points the examiners had given them for completing the test during a monster attack.
-   An unknown number of days later, Billy was young again, but he'd decided to stay on Aquitar with Cestria.

-   The six Rangers fought Cogs in the desert near what looked like a power plant, with Gold Ranger's powers growing weak.
-   Gasket and Archerina stood over Gold Ranger, but when Sprocket and Klank teleported in, Gasket and Sprocket argued, allowing the Rangers to retreat to the Power Chamber.
-   Jason said he'd just been working out really hard lately.
-   Gasket and Sprocket continued to argue, then talk.
-   Gasket and Archerina soon teleported away, and Sprocket and Klank laughed.
-   Tanya, Jason, and Adam met Tommy and Kat in the Youth Center.
-   At Ernie's Hawaiian luau at the beach club where the six teens were for Tommy and Kat's first date, and where Bulk and Skull had been working as security but had been sent home to wash off their face paint, Gasket, Archerina, and Klank, watched from the bushes.
-   Gasket sent Cogs to crash the party as "the island dancers" (as Ernie announced) to get the teens alone.
-   Jason led Emily away, and all the teens led the people away from the beach club.
-   After everyone was gone, the six teens morphed and fought the Cogs while Gasket and Archerina watched.
-   Gasket called Zeo Ranger Five "Thomas."
-   On Gasket's command, Klank, from nearby, threw Orbus, who enlarged Gasket and Archerina with red energy.
-   While Gold Ranger fought the Cogs, the five Rangers called and teleported to the Zeozords, and the Zeo Megazord confronted Gasket and Archerina in the mountains.
-   Gasket declared, "I hereby claim the Earth in the name of the Royal House of Gadgetry!"
-   The Super Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord then flew in while Zordon informed the Rangers of Alpha's piloting them by remote.
-   Following Archerina's suggestion, she and Gasket crossed their swords and became a fiery streak of green and pink energy, with a heart in it.
-   After their attack, Gasket declared, "I am the most powerful, the most supreme leader the Machine Empire has ever known!"
-   Warrior Wheel came in unannounced.
-   The Super Zeo Megazord threw one saber at Archerina, knocking the bow from her hands.
-   Gasket and Archerina again combined into a single blast of energy, but the Zeo Megazord Saber (not powered up) sliced the blast in two, making Archerina and Gasket solidify and fall.
-   At the beach club, the Cogs eventually retreated from Gold Ranger.
-   After calling Zordon, Gold Ranger summoned his staff and then called Pyramidas, which transformed from its black form.
-   The Zeo Ultrazord was formed, at which point Gasket protested with the Ultrazord towering over them, "No! This is supposed to be my greatest glory!"
-   After they were struck by the Ultrazord's energy blasts, Gasket groaned, "I can feel my magnificent size wearing off!" and Archerina cried out, "We're shrinking..."; they then both fell over and exploded.
-   At the lake, Sprocket arrived to join Klank, but Gasket and Archerina then teleported there, angry at the fearful Sprocket.
-   Mondo and Machina teleported to the lake where the others were, and Gasket and Archerina teleported into the sky as red energy bolts.
-   The next day, Tanya, Rocky, and Jason felt bad about Ernie's beach club being trashed, but Ernie said that someone had come last night and cleaned the whole place up, and the three teens looked amused.

-   Tommy and Adam were teaching a class of blackbelts in the Youth Center, with Jason late.
-   Emily asked the guys if they'd seen Jason, as he had planned to show her some martial arts moves after his class.
-   Meanwhile, Gold Ranger was running through a forest, fleeing from Cogs with his communicator not working.
-   Gold Ranger briefly demorphed with red energy, then remorphed.
-   Rita and Zedd confronted Gold Ranger in the forest.
-   As he was facing Rita and Zedd, Gold Ranger again demorphed, this time with a suit expansion demorph.
-   Rita called in a crowd of Tengas, and Jason remorphed.
-   Zedd said it was only a matter of time before the Gold Ranger powers were theirs for the taking.
-   The four teens (Rocky absent) had all expected Jason to be teaching there, and Adam told Tanya and Kat that Jason wasn't answering his communicator.
-   Machina, Mondo, Sprocket, and Cogs teleported into the forest to confront Rita and Zedd, and Gold Ranger rolled aside before he'd had to fight any Tengas.
-   Mondo sneered, "Well, well, Rita and Zedd. I was waiting to see how long it would take for you two bumblers to make complete nuisances of yourselves," and Rita retorted, "Listen, bolt brain, we used to be afraid of you, but now you've turned into an intergalactic joke!"
-   Rita and Zedd and Mondo sent the Tengas and Cogs to fight each other.
-   During the fight, in which the Tengas and Cogs appeared to be evenly matched, Gold Ranger escaped.
-   A group of Tengas completely ripped apart a Cog.
-   In the detective agency, Bulk was unhappy that even though they were real detectives, they were doing housework, and just as they wanted a real case to earn some respect, a red balloon from "I.K." floated in with a note telling them to meet at the northmost bench in Angel Grove Park in 1600 hours.
-   Unmorphed Jason stumbled into the Youth Center and collapsed.
-   As Jason was barely conscious with people crowded around him, Ernie planned to call an ambulance, but Jason tried to sit up and said he was fine; Emily agree with Ernie, but the four teens carried him out to personally get him some help.
-   After the Cog/Tenga fight in the woods, a partially-plucked Tenga ran away from a pile of mangled Cogs, with perhaps some Tengas in the pile.
-   The fight had accomplished nothing, with no victor.
-   Goldar and Rito ran up.
-   When Mondo told Zedd he should leave since the galaxy wasn't big enough for the both of them, Zedd suddenly agreed, to the confusion of his party.
-   The teens had taken Jason to the Power Chamber.
-   Elsewhere in the woods, Rita was upset with Zedd, but he had a plan.
-   In the Machine Skybase, Klank detected a communication transmission bound for Triforia from the Power Chamber, and Mondo had Klank activate the laser alarm scanners to warn them of Trey's arrival.
-   The Treys soon teleported into the Power Chamber.
-   Inspector Cousteau met Bulk and Skull in the park; he'd been sent to recruit detectives for a secret mission off the coast of France, and if Bulk and Skull accepted, he would have their assignment to them before the end of the day, and by this time tomorrow, they'd be on the streets of Paris.
-   The Treys teleported with the five teens (no Rocky) to the desert; they arrived on the other side of a ridge from their target location.
-   Kat carried the map and led the way.
-   A small device on a tiny tripod, the device bearing a gold gear decoration on the side, crackled with white energy after the teens had passed by it, and Klank told Mondo the Rangers had tripped the alarm in the beta sector.
-   Mondo told Klank to stop them and to send the entire army if necessary.
-   At the proper location in the desert, a large triangle appeared to have been burned into the ground.
-   Quadrafighters blasted at the group as they approached the triangle.
-   Jason held out his hand and summoned the Golden Power Staff, at which point a group of Cogs attacked.
-   The four teens morphed with a quick green fade effect and fought the Cogs.
-   As he and the Treys were attacked by Cogs, Jason tried to stab a Cog with his staff but didn't move quickly enough; he then pulled back to smash a Cog with the head of his staff, but the Cog kicked him down.
-   Zeo Ranger Three teleported in just in time to protect Jason and the Treys from the Cogs.
-   Rocky had been pulled away from martial arts camp.
-   A green energy blast shot out of the Power Chamber's main tube; the beam bounced off Aquitar and then Triforia; as the Treys stood at the points of the triangle in the desert and Jason stood in the center holding up the Golden Power Staff, the beam struck the staff, simultaneously combining the Treys into the Gold Ranger and demorphing Jason with gold energy bolts.
-   Gold Ranger rushed into battle, leaving Jason behind.
-   Mondo appeared with blue energy in the mountains, giant-size, with four giant Cogs.
-   After Gold Ranger had briefly talked with them and stuck out his hand, the Zeo Rangers stood around Gold Ranger, each holding one hand on his hand, and he held up his staff, enlarging the six Rangers.
-   The giant Rangers fought giant Mondo and Cogs in the desert.
-   Mondo said the Rangers would pay dearly for denying him the Gold Ranger power.
-   Goldar, Rito, Rita, and Zedd, with Rita and Zedd relaxing in chairs with drinks, watched the fight from a hilltop.
-   Zeo Ranger Five ran up to Mondo and punched him in the chest, making him spark, then Gold Ranger punched Mondo's chest with gold energy rings around his fist, then finally Zeo Five kicked Mondo's chest, with gold energy rings flaring up from the impact point.
-   Mondo fell over, and his crown fell off; at this point, no more Cogs were standing.
-   From nearby, Jason shouted up to the Rangers, "Way to go, guys!" and giant Zeo Ranger Five, giving a thumbs-up to Jason below, saying, "We did it together, bro!"
-   Bulk and Skull resigned from Detective Stone's agency to go to France.
-   On the moon, Mondo, Machina, Klank, Orbus, and Sprocket met Rita, Zedd, Finster, Rito, and Goldar at the RV.
-   Rita handed Sprocket a wrapped package with bows on it, then Zedd and crew quickly got into the RV and sped away.
-   As Sprocket opened the present, it exploded, engulfing the entire Royal House of Gadgetry in a massive fireball and scattering their pieces across a large area.
-   Machina's torso, with her head still on, was shown in the rubble.
-   Klank's head was detached from his body, but his arms and legs, nearby, apparently still connected to his body, were still moving about; Orbus wasn't shown.
-   Sprocket's torso was shown, as was a disembodied forearm and head.
-   Mondo's head and shoulders (unknown what else was attached) were shown, and Mondo could still talk, with his crown still spinning.
-   Later, Jason no longer wore a communicator.

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