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-   Due to a galactic imbalance caused by a linear alignment of the planets in the solar system, Zordon temporarily de-ionized.

-   Zordon said that the Earth's solar system was the final link in a chain of galaxies already conquered by the Machine Empire.

?   Giant Silo took the Zeo Megazord into space and then hurled it toward the sun from closer to the sun than the Earth but still a very long distance away; such a journey, powered by Silo's rocket boosters, would have taken years, not mere moments; furthermore, the Megazord's drift into the sun from the drop-off point would have taken many more years; the same times apply to Silo's and the Megazord's return trips to Earth.

-   Olympius fondly noted the planets would soon be in perfect alignment for them to give Bansheera's spirit a bodily form.

-   In a black somewhat alien telescope from the skull castle, Jinxer watched very pleased as the planets were nearly in perfect alignment.
-   Investigating on the computer, Miss Fairweather curiously observed that the planets were falling into a very rare alignment which hadn't occurred in 3,000 years.
-   The solar system diagram zoomed out from Earth, showing a cross formation in the planets labeled "Grand Cross," with red lines showing the cross.
-   With Earth the center of the cross, the top was the sun, Mercury, and Venus, Mars and Jupiter were right, Saturn and Uranus were bottom, and Neptune was left, with no orbits shown for Pluto or Rita's planetoid.
-   During the alignment which lasted perhaps twenty minutes, Spellbinder cast an incantation which summoned Bansheera with a golden energy beam to the clouds, but when his altar was destroyed, the beam, Bansheera, her tidal wave, and the dark clouds all vanished just as the planets began to break formation.

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