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-   Zedd said that Edenoi was in the "Andromeda sector."
-   The terms "sector" and "quadrant" would seem to be synonymous in the Power Rangers universe, although sub-regions within galaxies would frequently use numeric coordinates (often three digits and two decimal places) while much larger galactic clusters or superclusters would often include Roman or Greek letters without specific numeric codes; the name of Edenoi's sector, however, did not follow this trend.
-   Zordon said that Edenoi was in the northernmost corner of the galaxy, in the constellation Andromeda; he said it was far beyond their reach.

-   Professor Longnose was conquering a Dark Galaxy star for Master Vile.

-   Zordon said that the Earth's solar system was the final link in a chain of galaxies already conquered by the Machine Empire; once Earth was conquered, no one would exist that could defeat them; according to Zordon, the fate of the universe literally rested in the teens' hands.

-   After the Power Chamber sensors had been unable to detect David on Earth or in any known dimensions, Billy remarked it was as if David had dropped off the face of the galaxy.

-   As in real life, our galaxy was named the Milky Way.

-   Borax told Mondo and Sprocket that he was Varox (presumably meaning, "one of the Varox"), the supreme bounty hunter for the Xedron Quadrant, presumably not in the Milky Way.

-   Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster were hidden inside an asteroid in the Omega Quadrant, which was apparently far from Earth, likely in another galaxy.

-   An ad for Maniac Mechanic in a yellow pages said that the monster had helped overthrow three galaxies.

?   On countless occasions, an Earth-like planet would be shown behind the Megaship even when appearances of the Earth or even another planet weren't appropriate.

-   Upon boarding the Megaship and taking over, Astronema set a course for the Tianta galaxy, where she planned to bring Dark Specter the Megaship.
-   As the Rangers flew from the Megaship in the shuttle, Andros had the shuttle flown through a reverse-polarized magnetic field, a glowing multicolored cloud in space, to jam the Megaship's sensors.
-   When the Megaship passed near or through this field, Astronema's evil spell was removed from the Ninja Turtles' minds.

-   As the Megaship flew through space, Andros was alone on the bridge searching galaxies for life with a transparent starmap showing various planets.
-   DECA told Andros no lifeforms were detected in the galaxy he was searching, so he had her scan the next sector, the Delta sector.
-   Later, with the sector scan 98% complete and no lifeforms detected, Andros rolled up his starmap and put it into a metal cylinder, then walked off, telling DECA good night.
-   At the last minute, the computer chirped, and DECA found a lifeform in the Karova system on KO-35; Andros suddenly deduced that Karone would go home to KO-35 since she wouldn't have known that the colony was deserted years ago.

-   NASADA had sent a satellite to Kalderon's system, presumably within the Milky Way.

-   The planet Hercuron was in sector 446.78.
-   At Hyper Rush 9, it took the Megaship only a few minutes to fly from Earth to Hercuron, presumably within the Milky Way.

-   The four teens left the Megaship without Andros to check out a planet in the Dagobah system for a few hours.
-   Beneath the planet Onyx on the Megaship's star chart was "Onyx" and "661 32"; Onyx, occupied by villains, was located in a prohibited sector (presumably within the Milky Way, if the numerical address were 661.32 to signify local coordinates).

-   Moments after Ashley directed their scan for Darkonda's lab toward quadrant 989.2 after DECA had calculated the source vector data, DECA detected multiple lifeform energies, making the teens suspect they'd found it; this was apparently within the Milky Way.

-   The jungle planet of Yotoba, on which Zordon was held, was in the Kirak Galaxy; it took the Megaship many hours, if not the majority of a day, to fly from KO-35 to Yotoba at maximum hyper rush velocity.

-   As the Megaship was flying through space away from Yotoba, it was at one point in the vicinity of a black hole.

-   DECA located the Dark Fortress in quadrant 446.7 behind the planet Vraden; this was remarkably close to Hercuron's coordinates of 446.78.

-   As the teens scanned for the Mega Voyager, Andros found that quadrant 22H was clear, apparently referring to a large-scale cluster.
-   The Rangers found the Mega Vehicles crash-landed on a planet in the M94 galaxy.

-   Bewildered, Cassie saw that Rita and Zedd were attacking the Vica Galaxy; as the Vica had no defenses, they wouldn't know what had hit them, according to Carlos.

-   After the Galactabeasts had been turned to stone after neutralizing Gasser's knockout gas, Leo leapt up onto his Galactabeast with his Transdagger, and the others did the same.
?   His arms wide as he appeared to be calling out into the sky, Leo proposed seeing if the Transdaggers would infuse the Galactabeasts with more power, as it was their only hope.
-   Leo held up his Transdagger, as did the others.
-   In a starfield was an arrangement of five Ranger-colored stars, with yellow northwest, green northeast, pink southeast, blue southwest, and red center; the five stars gleamed, and a flaming Ranger-colored energy ball flew down from each.
-   Leo flinched as a massive red energy shockwave from the sky touched his Transdagger, and fiery red energy passed through him into the Galactabeast; after his flinch, he again firmly held the dagger up, applying it to the forcewave hovering above him.
-   From afar, five Ranger-colored energy beams were shining down on the Rangers, making the Galactabeasts glow white.
-   Fiery red energy waves were flowing down Leo into the Lion as sparks erupted around him, and he said it was working.
-   A bright white light shone, and the Galactabeasts and Rangers were suddenly gone; then, somewhere uncertain (though apparently nearby), Leo was riding on the revived Lion Galactabeast's head with the Transdagger.
?   Leo said that now the Galactabeasts were even more powerful; the Rangers would then initiate the never-before-mentioned transformation from Galactabeasts into Galactazords.

-   Giving a progress report to High Command, Stanton reported that fuel reserves were on schedule, and that they'd traveled 5.6 light-years from Earth, putting them well within their target range.
?   Stanton suggested they maintain course and speed, and High Councilor Renier approved his recommendation, saying they would re-evaluate when they entered the next galaxy; the nearest galaxy, however, (the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy) is 80,000 light-years away. (Source: Distance obtained from NASA website)

-   At High Command, Stanton showed the course they'd traveled, in a straight line between two lone galaxies, the Milky Way and the destination galaxy - the Eurolean Galaxy (spelling uncertain); a third galaxy was off quite a ways to the left, from the perspective of the Milky Way.
?   At this point, Terra Venture was somewhere between 5.6 and 14 light-years from Earth (716-DFrG and 720-LGb2, respectively); as the visual of the alien ship in 718-ReMi showed the ship approximately 32% of Terra Venture's total course, with Terra Venture's location implied to be fairly close, then the total distance between the Earth and the Eurolean Galaxy would have been roughly between 20 and 40 light-years, which wouldn't have been nearly enough distance to escape the Milky Way, let alone the 80,000 light-years to our nearest galactic neighbor.

-   Somewhere between the Milky Way and the Eurolean Galaxy was a large, rapidly moving meteoroid field which impacted with a planet with yellow continents and white "oceans," blowing the planet up.
?   A GSA report gave the coordinates of the meteoroid field as, "[ten zero] eleven zero zero by zero two from galactic zero," in the constellation of Kasterborus; in Doctor Who, this was actually the location of the planet Gallifrey, the cradle of the oldest civilization in the galaxy, and the home planet of the Time Lords and the Doctor himself.
-   Nearby, the Scorpion Stinger began to be bombarded by the meteoroid field, making Deviot fear they were under attack before Kegler presented a meteroid's remains; Trakeena's knowledge beforehand was uncertain.

-   As Terra Venture came within 6.4 gigameters of a red giant star, GSA procedures called for a course change within 6 hours and 24 minutes, but Stanton agreed with Kai's instincts to change course early.
?   6.4 gigameters, or 6.4 million kilometers, is only one ninth of the distance from Mercury to our Sun, a ridiculously close distance to any star, let alone a red giant.
-   Commander Stanton, under an evil spell, planned to attempt a low orbit around the star in order to gain a tremendous gravity boost, but Kai refused, saying they would burn up.


MMPR: The Movie
-   After being shrunken and trapped inside a snow globe with Rita, Zedd remarked that it was getting so that one couldn't trust anyone in this galaxy.

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