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-   Elgar and two Piranhatron brought a treasure chest into the bridge from the lift after someone, presumably Divatox, had told him precisely where he would find it, in the Salton Sea (in southern California); such precognition might have stemmed from the millennium message.
?   The instructions had supposedly been to go down 20,000 leagues (or 70,000 miles down) in the Salton Sea, but the Earth as a whole isn't even 16,000 miles wide.
-   Divatox wasn't particularly impressed with the gold and jewels in the chest, but she was excited to find a map inside which had been missing for eons.
-   The map showed what looked like a dark, multicolored planet with a smaller red planet with a yellow ring; also in its orbit nearby was a small gray body; two arrows came from the red ring planet, showing pictures of the space cars.
-   The name "space cars" was not actually used in the show, but it is used in this guide as a collective term for Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster together.
?   The map showed the Turbine Laser mounted on the top of Storm Blaster and a C emblem on Storm Blaster's side; when the space cars would be released in modern day, Storm Blaster's side would initially be bare, and the Turbine Laser wouldn't be introduced yet.
-   Divatox had Porto bring her Dreadfeather to obtain the Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, which she called the two most powerful vehicles in the universe; if she possessed them, she said, nothing would stand in her way.
-   Dreadfeather ascertained from the map that the cars were hidden inside an asteroid in the Omega Quadrant, which was apparently far from Earth, likely in another galaxy (see "Space").
-   Dreadfeather sat on some sort of box on an asteroid to rest, and the asteroid split spart, revealing blue and red streaks which flew to Earth.
-   The space cars materialized in an alley within several blocks from T.J. and Justin, their potential owners.
?   After first arriving on Earth, Lightning Cruiser had a small C emblem on its hood in some shots, but not in others.
-   The space cars were sentient and could control themselves.
-   As Elgar, Dreadfeather, and Piranhatrons tried to get in the space cars, the two vehicles gave the villains trouble and then drove off.
-   As the cars raced toward T.J. and Justin before stopping in the middle of the road inches from the two teens, Lightning Cruiser flashed its lights with the humming sound of the Turbozords' headlights; both Lightning Cruiser's and Storm Blaster's headlight-flashing sounds were the same humming sound of the Turbozords.
-   Storm Blaster and Justin were captured and taken to a warehouse by Elgar and Dreadfeather, and upon reluctantly accepting T.J., Lightning Cruiser tracked them down.
-   Lightning Cruiser's brake pedal had "Anti-Lock" written on it, and the cars' displays were all in standard Arabic numbers.
?   As Storm Blaster was pulled out through the warehouse roof window by Lightning Cruiser, it had a C emblem on its side.
?   As Lightning Cruiser landed after releasing Storm Blaster, it had a C emblem on its side.
-   When T.J. told Justin to thank Lightning Cruiser, the car flashed its lights approvingly, then a C emblem appeared on its side and Storm Blaster's door.
-   When the five Rangers would ride in the space cars, the Red and Pink Rangers would, unless otherwise noted, ride together in Lightning Cruiser, and the other three would, unless otherwise noted, ride together in Storm Blaster, with Green Ranger standing in back.
-   T.J. hoped the cars liked being part of the team, and Lightning Cruiser honked twice, which Cassie took as a yes.

-   As the Rangers began their battle with Mad Mike, the space cars drove up, seemingly on their own, and Lightning Cruiser shot Mad Mike with its cannon.
-   Mad Mike threw pizzas onto the cars' steering wheels and hubcaps, turning their headlights green and the cars evil.
-   The evil space cars knocked the Rangers into Mad Mike's giant pizza cooker.
-   Holding his Synergizer folded up in compact mode, Blue Senturion called out, "Red light, now!" and all the red lights on his and his weapon, except for his large shoulder lights, lit up, stopping the space cars and making the evil pizzas fall off; Blue Senturion declared that the evil pizzas were no match for a simple stoplight.

-   The Rangers summoned Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster to help them track Translucitor after they hadn't had much luck following the Turbo Navigator.
-   When summoning Lightning Cruiser, morphed T.J. touched the left side of his helmet as appeared to speak into his right wrist (not the wrist his communicator would have been on); to call Storm Blaster, Justin merely touched the right side of his helmet.
-   Following Cassie's confused directions as they chased Translucitor's image in Lightning Cruiser, T.J. skidded to a stop in the street, and Storm Blaster ran into it, not seeming to damage either.

-   Unmorphed T.J. used his communicator to call the space cars for help when Elgar and Piranhatron ambushed him and Cassie in the mountains with a rockslide.
-   T.J. and Cassie got in Storm Blaster and were driven to safety, then drove up to Elgar and the Piranhatrons to fight them.
-   To meet General Havoc at the pier for him to deliver their terms of surrender or he would destroy the Earth, the Rangers drove up in Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, with the Turbine Laser mounted on Storm Blaster.

-   As the Rangers patrolled Angel Grove in the space cars, Ashley and Cassie were in the opposite seats, with Ashley riding with T.J. in Lightning Cruiser and Cassie with the others in Storm Blaster.
-   Ashley tried to get a lock on Havoc with Lightning Cruiser's scanner, but Havoc blocked it.

-   After thinking up a plan to use a super-magnet on Divatox's Space Base, T.J. told Justin to warm up Storm Blaster, as they would be using the space cars to power the super-magnet.
-   Once the space cars were both in the desert where the super-magnet equipment was set up, the Rangers hooked up cables from the cars (with Lightning Cruiser's apparently attached to its dashboard) to the power core, a large black box with a C emblem on it; the power core was already hooked up to a magnetic beam cannon.
-   T.J. floored Lightning Cruiser in neutral, sending energy into the power core; soon afterward, T.J. had gotten out of the car and flipped on the cannon's control switch, indicating that the power core acted as a capacitor to temporarily store the energy from the space cars.

-   The Rangers drove around in Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, looking for Bulk and Skull and the missing wishing coin.
-   Wild Weeder's seeds made vines wrap around the space cars.

-   Morphed T.J. flew Lightning Cruiser as a test of new booster fuel formulas designed by Alpha; meanwhile, Carlos and Justin monitored the tests from the Power Chamber, and unmorphed Cassie and Ashley were in the woods with the various fuel formulas at a table.
-   Storm Blaster was nearby when T.J. drove up in Lightning Cruiser after the most recent test.
-   Lightning Cruiser honked repeatedly and flashed its lights when Elgar, Rygog, and Porto approached to steal it and Storm Blaster.
-   The Rangers used the space cars when their attacks weren't effective on Torch Tiger.

-   After Maniac Mechanic had sped away in his battle wagon, Ashley summoned her Turbo Cart to pursue him; Justin would then drive up in Storm Blaster to give Carlos a ride, whom Ashley had left behind.
-   The Rangers drove in Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, and Ashley soon got in Storm Blaster after her Turbo Cart had been damaged.
-   Storm Blaster was struck by energy buzzsaws shot from Maniac Mechanic's battle wagon, damaging its hood and engine.
-   Lightning Cruiser was blasted, presumably by the battle wagon, causing damage to its exterior, particularly its hood.
?   After Ashley was done fixing Storm Blaster's engine, its hood was undamaged.
-   Ashley drove Storm Blaster into battle to help the others, the only time a Ranger other than Blue Ranger would drive it.

-   As the Rangers attempted to fight off Divatox's invading Piranhatron army halfway up the Power Chamber's mountain, the space cars drove up on their own accord, down below, and began blasting Piranhatron with their lasers.
-   Divatox was quite unimpressed when she saw that the space cars had arrived to help fight the invasion.
-   With nets, the Piranhatron surrounded the space cars and climbed in, waving their flags around victoriously, seeming to have won control over them.
-   As Divatox watched the capture of the space cars, Elgar asked her, "Things are looking pretty good, huh?", and she then looked up at the Power Chamber and said it was only a matter of time.

-   On a red desert planet, a horde of Piranhatrons carrying Divatox flags was forcing the chained-up space cars to drag heavy loads of something brown and metallic through the desert, with the cars struggling.
-   As the Piranhatrons whipped the cars, small energy shockwaves spread out over the impacted surface.
-   Lightning Cruiser struggled and stopped, so the Piranhatrons unchained it and took off the large metal bracket covering its cannon; it suddenly blasted a Piranhatron at pointblank range as it inspected the cannon, and the car sped off and turned around, then blasted Storm Blaster free from its large metal front and rear brackets.
-   While Piranhatrons recaptured Lightning Cruiser, Storm Blaster sped away.
-   Piranhatrons on bikes raced after Storm Blaster, but it streaked away into the sky.
-   Andros was unfamiliar with Storm Blaster.
-   Storm Blaster eventually returned with Justin and the Space Rangers, who would defeat the Piranhatrons and free Lightning Cruiser.

- Phrases used to summon Lightning Cruiser
524-VAct T.J.: "Lightning Cruiser, now!"

- Phrases used to summon Storm Blaster
524-VAct Justin: "Storm Blaster, now!"

- Phrases used to summon Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster
526-DrkD T.J.: "Lightning Cruiser, Storm Blaster, we need you now!"

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