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- space capsule-like craft used by Cestro (410-GrBl)
First Appearance: 410-GrBl
Last Appearance: 410-GrBl
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-   With Aquitar's teleportation disabled by the Hydro Contaminator invasion, Cestro traveled to Earth in a small spacecraft in the shape of a cone with its point end cut off.
-   Cestro's ship was crackling with blue energy upon landing.
-   When the door of the ship opened after Skull had rammed it with his shoulder twice and then kicked it once, a large amount of water poured out, as though the cabin had been filled with water.
?   The water was pouring out at about waist-level at Bulk and Skull, but in the following shot, it poured on their faces from above.
-   Looking in his Viewing Screen at Cestro's spacecraft on Earth, Mondo asked whose alien spacecraft it was; Machina said that it appeared to belong to "one of those dreadful creatures from Aquitar" and that he had some nerve landing on Earth without Mondo's royal authorization.
-   After telling Billy of the crisis on Aquitar, Cestro said they had to hurry, as intergalactic travel between their two galaxies was unpredictable and dangerous; there was a window of less than two hours to pass through the space portal safely.
-   Cestro opened his ship's door by waving his hand gesture in front of some sort of small panel which he'd opened on the door.
?   With Billy and Cestro later inside, the ship blasted off with flaming rockets; these rockets scorched the sand around the launch site but didn't harm the chemistry book which had been lying in the sand immediately next to where the ship had been.

- small one-man craft flown by Phantom Ranger
First Appearance: 523-PhPh
Last Appearance: 529-ClMz
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-   Phantom Ranger's ship flew to Earth, first as a green streak, then blue, then red as it hit the atmosphere; it landed in the woods beside the soccer field Angel Grove in which Nico and Justin were playing.
-   Phantom Ranger's ship hovered several feet off the ground while not in use; it only seemed large enough for one occupant.
-   The Power Chamber's sensors hadn't been able to detect the arrival of Phantom Ranger's ship.
?   Phantom seemed pained when he had to choose to save Nico rather than his ship as the torpedoes raced toward it, but after the large explosion caused by the torpedoes' impact once he'd saved Nico, Phantom help out his hand, making his ship reappear, from the same invisi-warp effect he used to switch between visibility and invisibility.
-   After the villains were gone, Phantom climbed up in through the bottom of his ship, and it flew away into the sky as red energy.

-   Phantom's ship was now hovering inside a tunnel beneath Angel Grove, through which in 527-OLHo Phantom had led the Rangers to their new Rescuezords.
-   With his life force fading after his Power Ruby had been stolen by Divatox, Phantom wandered weakly down the tunnel toward his ship.

-   The Turbo Navigator was apparently unable to detect Phantom and his ship until T.J. and Cassie were within just a few feet of them.

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