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-   When Zedd accidentally ran over some space junk in the RV on the surface of the moon, one of the parts had "NOSA" written on it.

-   Rito found a golf ball on the moon.

- astronauts who landed on planetoid and inadvertantly released Rita Repulsa
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 101-DOTD
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-   Two astronauts from an unknown space program emerged from a space shuttle which had landed on Rita's planetoid; their motives are unknown.
-   The two astronauts discovered and opened Rita's space dumpster, releasing Rita, Squatt, Baboo, Finster, and Goldar.
-   The astronauts apparently fled after Rita had blasted her space dumpster.


Pilot Episode
-   The astronauts' discovery of the space dumpster was the same, but with different dialogue.
-   The astronauts smelled some sort of strong odor coming from the space dumpster.
-   As the astronauts tried to scramble away, Rita blew them away with a powerful breath.

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-   Trying to think of places that had the sophisticated equipment necessary to complete his crystal transformer invention, Billy, in the past (see "Orb of Doom"), listed NASA but said it was too far away.
-   A female scientist at Angel Grove University loaned Billy the older model of phase modulator that NASA had donated to the university a few years back.

-   A radio newscaster one evening reported, "In other news, scientists are looking into a reported disturbance in near space but say it's probably some natural phenomenon and poses no threat to the planet. Now back to the music."
-   Dr. Jewel, a scientist from some sort of agency with a space telescope, perhaps NASA, drove up to the Angel Grove University observatory one evening shortly after Dr. Kender (the same scientist as had given Billy the phase modulator in the past) had requested that he meet her there to discuss rumors concerning an unusual disturbance in the Earth's atmosphere.
-   When asked what was in his briefcase, Dr. Jewel replied that it was very distressing and showed her a top secret photgraph of a Machine Empire gear ship his agency's space telescope had taken that afternoon; he said they only had something to fear if there were more of them.
-   The next morning, after the media had revealed the presence of an approaching alien armada (the Machine Empire), the governor of California came on TV to say he was officially declaring a state of emergency and that NASA, with whom he'd been in contact for the past several days, had confirmed the existence of an armada of hostile alien ships heading toward the Earth; he unfortunately reported as well that their efforts to contact the Power Rangers had proven unsuccessful.

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