- abandoned theater; power vortex in location limits Ranger powers
First Appearance: 241-Wed1
Last Appearance: 243-Wed3
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-   Evil Alpha had the teens morph and teleport to the abandoned Spectre Theater, which was secretly a power vortex, preventing the Rangers from summoning their weapons or teleporting out.
?   The theater was supposedly in downtown Angel Grove, but when the Rangers would later flee from the building on foot (in 242-Wed2), they would be quite close to the desert; in 243-Wed3, they would actually run all the way to the Command Center.
?   It was dark and stormy outside the Spectre Theater despite it being a clear day elsewhere in Angel Grove.
-   After the Rangers were inside the theater, an old clown head's eyes glowed red as it swiveled, and the doors in the theater all slammed shut with red energy.
-   Despite supposedly having no powers in the theater, the Rangers leapt down at least ten feet from a balcony onto the hard floor below without injury.
-   To retreat from the theater, the Rangers touched their belts to teleport, and buckles crackled briefly with Ranger-colored teleport energy, but nothing happened.
-   The theater also prevented the Rangers from summoning their Power Weapons.

-   The Rangers appeared to retain their enhanced strength and durability as they fought a slew of monsters in the theater.
-   The supposedly powerless Yellow Ranger was unharmed by being thrown off a balcony and landing on her backside on the hard floor below.
-   The Rangers escaped the theater through a secret staircase which led to an underground cave leading out.

-   As the Rangers fought Peckster, Rhinoblaster, and Putties once back in the theater, Red Ranger pounded red energy from his fist into the ground, creating red energy shockwaves which shook the theater.
?   Despite the Rangers' use of enhanced physical ability and energy projection, Billy continued to wonder what about the theater blocked their powers.
?   The Rangers ran on foot from the Spectre Theater to the Command Center rather than teleport once out of the theater.
-   In the Command Center, Zordon told the Rangers that they would find their powers fully restored now that they were far from the theater.

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