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-   A panel on the playground equipment in Angel Grove Park was yellow with black writing reading "Wildcat No. 1."

-   As they were announced, the new members of the Angel Grove High football team emerged through a large tiger's head, suggesting a tiger as the school's mascot.
-   The football players wore blue jerseys with white numbers, white pants, and silver helmets.
-   The cheerleaders wore gold shirts with various colors of shorts.
-   The football team was composed of Jason (#66), Billy (#99), Zack (#48), Bob, Matthew (#17), Ryan (#18), Michael (#49), Thomas (#55), Paul (#56), Bulk (#76), and Tommy (#12), the star quarterback.

-   On Miss Appleby's time-regressed chalkboard was an announcement that baseball tryouts were all week on the west field at 3:30; it remained once time was returned to normal.

-   At the Annual Volleyball Championship, an Angel Grove flag Bulk was holding was purple with yellow text.

-   Inside Rocky's locker at school was a flyer which read, "Angel Grove Tigers Are Champions!"

-   Joe Haley was, according to Aisha, the greatest pro quarterback around.
-   Athletes on Angel Grove High's sports teams could be suspended from the team if their grades were poor.

-   Four cheerleaders at Master Vile's End of the World Party in the Youth Center wore purple and gold cheerleading suits.

-   Shawn was captain of Angel Grove High's baseball team.

-   The baseball team's coach was wearing a yellow Angel Grove jacket with purple letters on the back and a purple cap with a yellow "AG" on it.
-   Adam, Rocky, Shawn, and a guy named Emmett were on the baseball team.
-   Adam seemed to be playing second base at practice, Shawn was playing first base, and Rocky was playing in the outfield.
-   Batters on the baseball team wore a yellow helmet.
-   The Angel Grove baseball team was the Tigers.
-   At the big game, the Stone Canyon colors appeared to be red and white.
-   The Angel Grove uniform colors were yellow and purple; they would always be these colors in the future unless otherwise noted.
-   On the Angel Grove baseball team, Tanya was number 11, Shawn was 37, Adam was 9, and Rocky's number wasn't shown.
-   John Peterson was centerfielder for the Stone Canyon team, and his number was 1.
-   Next up at bat for Stone Canyon was Billy Thompson, with a career average of .527, eighty home runs, and five state records for hitting; Tanya got two strikes off him, and Rocky then caught his hit, which was almost a home run.
-   Rocky's catch won the game for Angel Grove, apparently 1 to 0.

-   At a large stadium, a baseball game was being played by the Lions (whose team colors were blue and white) and the All Stars (whose colors were black and gold); Kevin Olive was batting for the All Stars.
-   The emblem of the All Stars was a yellow A on a black circle.
-   Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull were doing security jobs at the ballpark in black uniforms which looked like police uniforms.

-   Outside the Youth Center, Lt. Stone organized a volunteer car wash which charged $2.00 per car to keep the Angel Grove baseball team going.
-   The car wash eventually made enough money to save the baseball team.

-   Adam was the soccer coach for the Angel Grove High soccer team; on his team were Carlos (the star player) and a guy named Barry (whom Carlos didn't think was very good).
-   Carlos was #10 on the soccer team.
-   With the score tied and opponents rushing toward him, Carlos passed the ball to Barry and let him score the winning goal, making the final score 4 to 3.

-   Excited about Angel Grove Cleanup Week's reward of a donation to the charity or special program of their choice, Adam said their team could end up with enough money to fund the soccer camp he and Carlos had been talking about; when Justin reminded him that Ashley had seemed pretty serious about cheerleading camp, Adam said they might split it between both.

-   Adam was no longer the coach of the soccer team.
-   The coach was going to pick either Carlos or Owen for the new team captain, but he said Owen needed to work on his sportsmanship, and Carlos sometimes missed practice.
-   With a sprained ankle, Owen was out for the season, seemingly because of a slide tackle Carlos had done during practice.
-   A guy named Jeff quit the team, thinking Carlos had hurt Owen just to become team captain.
-   Owen had "Angel Grove Tigers" inside his locker.

-   Brian was the pitcher of the rec baseball team T.J. and Carlos played against.
-   Ricky was a player on T.J. and Carlos's team.
-   T.J. was considered to be half of his team, as he had quite a reputation for hitting.

-   Justin tried out for the track team and was eventually accepted (enthusiastically) when he demonstrated incredible super strength; this super strength eventually left him, and he became the team's technical advisor.

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