- alien saboteur; assistant to Rita and Lord Zedd
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
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-   Squatt reached into his pouch to get Rita a mint, but Baboo hit him on the head and made him stop.
-   Squatt had brown eyes.
-   Squatt suggested that Rita use her wand to make Goldar grow.

-   With Squatt's help (or despite Squatt's meddling), Baboo created a time device that resembled a model space shuttle.
-   Squatt and Baboo went into the time warp to use a bomb to blow up the time device and trap the Rangers there forever.

-   Squatt and Baboo kicked rocks on the Rangers from above in the rock quarry.

-   Squatt and Baboo watched the fight at the children's theater from the stands.

-   In the cave where he'd taken the hypnotized girls, Gnarly Gnome had Squatt and Baboo fix him an extravagent meal while the Putties and girls danced.
-   After removing it from his pouch, Squatt opened a small red gift box containing a wormlike bug; Squatt had been saving the bug for a special occasion, but he was so hungry that he ate it anyway.
-   After Gnarly Gnome had eaten, he, Baboo, and Squatt took a nap in the cave.

-   Squatt and Baboo were looking through Rita's telescope when she wandered in, sick.

-   Squatt poured a vial of bright green sleeping potion into the soda can Kim's uncle Steve had left on his plane.

-   Squatt wondered if Rita would select a giant fruit fly with an attitude as her monster.
-   Squatt said he liked to babble.
-   Squatt went with Rita, Goldar, and Baboo to watch the Nasty Knight fight Zack; Squatt videotaped the fight with a camcorder while Baboo held a microphone connected to it.
-   Squatt's camera suddenly ejected flying spheres of light which matched the other four Rangers' colors, and Squatt said the camera was out of control; perhaps unrelated, Zordon then noted a disturbance in the Morphing Grid.

-   Squatt and Baboo tagged along with Goldar in his attempt to help Pineoctopus fight the Rangers.
-   After breathing in some of Pineoctopus's magic dust, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar began sneezing and then teleported away.

-   Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar walked through a forest to get to Trini's uncle Howard's lab.
-   Squatt and Baboo drank from an unmarked bottle in Howard's lab when Goldar told them to check it, and it made them sick.

-   Squatt went into Billy's garage at night and swapped two wires on the power source of his new invention so that Billy would scramble his own brain when he tested it.
-   Squatt's plan was to scramble Billy's brain and divert the teens' attention from Rita's activities.
-   Squatt and Baboo released the Genie from his lamp.
-   Squatt and Baboo teleported to the park in a fireball rather than the usual blue flash.

-   Squatt was blasted by energy from the altar of the Power Eggs' chest when he tried to approach it.
-   Squatt wanted to eat the Power Eggs.
-   The Rangers used the Tower Formation to blast the Power Eggs' chest away from Squatt and Baboo.

-   Baboo and Squatt were startled, and Goldar pleased, by Rita's plan to use one of the teens' own kind to be her Green Ranger.
-   Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were in the mountains, seemingly near the cave in the mountain from which Scorpina would be released.

-   Scorpina was apparently cruel to Squatt and Baboo long ago; they were scared of her.
-   Squatt volunteered himself and Baboo to fight the Rangers when Scorpina was bickering with Goldar about who should go.
-   Squatt and Baboo agreed with Goldar when he stated that he was the most powerful warrior.

-   Squatt, Baboo, and Putties were trying to shove the Youth Center bus, with Bulk and Skull inside, off a cliff to make the Rangers surrender.

-   Squatt's plan was for his and Baboo's monster to catch the Rangers off-guard.
-   In his pouch, Squatt had a baseball, miniature baseball bat, toy cannon, hand hook, and brass knuckles, all of which he gave to Shellshock before they cooked the monster in the Monstermatic.
-   Squatt came up with Shellshock's name.
-   Squatt and Baboo were frustrated and heartbroken when the Putties retreated after failing to soften up the teens.
-   Squatt had a camcorder with him as the Rangers were fighting Shellshock.
-   Squatt, Baboo, and Shellshock retreated after Jason had shot at them with his Blade Blaster.

-   Rita had Squatt and Baboo take the Putties to the park to steal the Forest Spirit Statue at night.

-   Rita was interested in entering a float of her own into the Flower Power Peace Parade, but Squatt had eaten their sunflower seeds, and thus they couldn't grow any flowers.
-   When Rita asked for ideas, Squatt suggested for a monster a giant cucumber with bad breath.

-   Squatt and Baboo joined Finster and the Putties in the super putty mine.

-   Baboo stated that the last time Rita had called on Lokar, he'd nearly wiped them out; upon hearing Baboo's recollection of Lokar, Squatt tried to pull Rita's arm to stop her from summoning him, but she shoved him away, making Goldar and Scorpina nervous.

-   Squatt was watching from the bushes on the side of a road as the four teens drove by in the RADBUG.
-   Squatt and Baboo knew about the Mirror of Destruction.
-   Rita sent Scorpina to get the map to the Mirror of Destruction, and Squatt and Baboo came with her.

-   It was sunny outside one of Kim's bedroom windows but thundering outside the other a moment later; there was also a brief earthquake; Squatt may have been responsible for one or both of the occurrences, as he was outside her window spying on her that morning.
-   Squatt told Rita it was the perfect time to get Kim, because she was having a terrible day.
-   Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar were with Samurai Fan Man when he captured Kim; the four villains then dined at the Putty Bowl Restaurant.

-   Squatt was sent to the park to plant Octoplant seeds.
-   Squatt seemed frightened when he and Bulk bumped into each other in the park.
-   Squatt said Rita would be so happy with his burying of the Octoplant seeds that she would probably give him the glow-in-the-dark toothpaste he'd been wanting.

-   Goldar sent Squatt and Baboo to steal Miss Appleby's time capsule so Rita could have her picture put into it.
-   When confronted by the teens, Squatt and Baboo set the time capsule down and then teleported away, rather than teleporting away with the time capsule.

-   Rita used her wand to strike Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar after Mantis had been destroyed.

-   Squatt and Baboo appeared with the Putties Goldar had summoned; they watched Green Ranger's attempt to retrieve the Power Coins but left when Tommy had obtained the Dragon Dagger and control over Dragonzord.

-   After sending Goldar and the Putties to fight the teens, Rita then told Squatt and Baboo to go do something nasty.

-   When Rita mentioned a two-headed monster, Squatt volunteered to get a second head.

-   Squatt and Baboo took Kelly to a cave and held her captive there.
-   Squatt was hungry for a cheeseburger.
-   Squatt and Baboo agreed to let Kelly teach them some new cheers for Rita; Kelly ended up wearing them out and making them retreat from the cave.

-   When Rita said that "those bozos" (perhaps speaking of Bulk, Skull, and the teens after they'd discussed Kim and Skull being on the game show Trick or Treat, or perhaps speaking of Squatt and Baboo) had given her a wonderful idea, Goldar said he had the same idea, and he explained how they would unleash the Pumpkin Rapper from wherever they planted the rotten pumpkin seeds, and it seems as though Goldar had already had Squatt and Baboo plant the seeds in the park.
-   Squatt watched the filming of Trick or Treat through Rita's telescope; he said he loved "those" game shows.

-   Squatt and Baboo were excitedly watching a football game of some sort through Rita's telescope.
-   When Squatt and Baboo suggested that Rita try to beat the Rangers at their own game, Goldar told Rita to join the Rhinoblaster with the Putties.

-   Baboo and Goldar, with the likely addition of Squatt, were familiar with the Badges of Darkness.

-   Squatt, and apparently Baboo as well, were unfamiliar with Zedd.
-   Soon after teleporting onto a ceiling beam in Zedd's chamber, Squatt and Baboo were shown watching the chamber through two peepholes in a wall, giggling as Zedd scorned Rita.

-   Hidden in the adjacent room, Squatt and Baboo were pleased with Zedd.

-   Squatt and Baboo were in the main chamber with Zedd by the time Pirantishead was destroyed; after this point, they would regularly be in the chamber with Zedd but would also on occasion watch through the peepholes.

-   After the Thunder Megazord had destroyed the Stag Beetle, Squatt exclaimed, "Oh boy!" and Baboo said that "ka-boom" was his favorite sound; they had apparently been able to observe the fight on Earth without a telescope.

-   Somehow seeing the Thunder Megazord Attack Mode in use on Earth, Squatt and Baboo said they wanted to ride it.

-   Squatt and Baboo were with Goldar and the Putties as they captured five of the World Teen Summit members.

-   Zedd sent Squatt and Baboo to Earth with the sleep machine, thinking Zordon wouldn't be able to find new Rangers with the population of Earth unconscious.
-   Squatt couldn't count to five.
-   Squatt had told Baboo not to put his lips on the sleep machine.

-   Squatt angered Zedd by giving him help finishing his rhyming plan.

-   As Zedd was sending monsters to battle the Rangers, Squatt hoped Zedd didn't send him and Baboo; soon afterward, Squatt and Baboo watched Zedd through the wall peepholes.

-   After the six kids had destroyed a fleet of Putties sent to attack them in their time-regressed form, Squatt remarked to Baboo that he knew the plan to turn back time had been too easy.

-   Squatt imagined that once Zedd had obtained control over the whole universe, they could get some cookies or even a box of doughnuts.

-   Squatt and Baboo were excited about Zedd and Rita's upcoming wedding; Squatt wanted to be the flower beast.

-   During the wedding, Squatt was Rita's mutant of honor.

-   Rita had Squatt and Baboo ambush Kim and Tommy with magic rope which made them super-competitive.
-   Squatt was later in the park with Rita, Goldar, and Baboo as Rita used Saba to activate the Tigerzord.

-   When Rita was tickling Zedd, Squatt and Baboo noted it was nice seeing them having a good time.

-   Squatt accompanied Goldar to Angel Grove High's art room as evil Billy was created, and he then accompanied Goldar to the Dark Dimension as well, to give evil Billy the personal belongings of the captured real Billy. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

-   When Rito entered the chamber of command, Squatt was excited that they had a visitor.
-   Squatt wasn't familiar with Rita's brother Rito; he didn't even know she had a brother.

-   Zedd sent Squatt and Baboo to steal Adam's family lantern, and Rito went with them.
-   On Earth, Rito commanded Squatt and Baboo to get the lanterns as he watched the Tenga fight.
-   After stealing a large number of Ko's lanterns in the attempt to get Adam's, Squatt and Baboo left only a few of Ko's lanterns behind, with two of them ripped apart.

-   Rita sent Rito, Squatt and Baboo to steal the urn of the Face Stealer from the Angel Grove Museum.
?   Upon grabbing the urn and then hearing someone coming, Rito, Baboo, and Squatt pretended to be exhibits rather than teleport out; they teleported once the group of kids was gone.

-   Hate Master needed something the teens had touched so he could make hate dust, so Zedd sent Squatt to gather the earth the teens trampled when they fought Tengas.
-   Squatt used a small handheld vacuum cleaner of some sort, apparently alien, to collect some of the dust on the ground during the Tenga fight.

-   Squatt liked Rito.

-   Finster, Squatt, and Baboo looked for the Shogunzords in a dense jungle.
-   Squatt discovered the vine-covered rocky foot of a Shogunzord by leaning on it.

-   Having obtained the pink Power Coin, the Falconzord, Ninjor, Kimberly, and the teens' agreement to do their bidding and pilot the Shogunzords for them, the villains were having a party in the chamber of command, with Squatt and Baboo wearing sombreros.

-   Squatt and Baboo were playing Go Fish with oversized playing cards during their guard duty of Kat, who was in a prison cell in the moon palace's dungeon.
-   Rito switched off with Squatt and Baboo.
-   Squatt and Baboo didn't understand Rito's humor.

-   Squatt and Baboo went with Rito to the housing site to which Rita had sent him.

-   To give the Tengas snakes which Master Vile had said would make them stronger, Squatt fearfully handed the Tengas the sack of snakes in a cavern of some sort.

-   Squatt was among the villains dancing happily in the Space Skull's throne room following Master Vile's apparent victory.

-   When Zedd thought to use their very own Erik and Merrick the Barbaric, Squatt cheered for the Barbaric Brothers.

-   Rita, Zedd, Squatt, and Baboo were dancing in celebration of the Rangers' defeat when Finster came in from his workshop to warn the villains of the approaching Machine Empire.
-   When Finster said that they were defenseless against the armies of the Machine King, Squatt told Baboo that they should leave before King Mondo turned them into socket wrenches.
-   As the villains retreated from the palace on foot carrying boxes and large chests, Baboo told Squatt he was putting in for overtime because of all the toting they had to do.

-   As Serpentera flew away from the moon with the villains inside, Squatt rode in Serpentera's cargo area with Finster, Baboo, and the three Tengas with the boxes and staves; Squatt was sobbing.

-   Squatt (but not Baboo) was with Rita and Zedd as they led an army of monsters against Gold Ranger on a planet in the Vica Galaxy.

-   Squatt was among the victims of Zordon's energy wave.


Pilot Episode
-   Squatt's voice was different.

MMPR Interactive CD-ROM
-   Squatt's birthplace was given as Myrgo, Venus.
-   Squatt's hobbies included collecting slugs and maggots which he pickled in his leather pouch to eat for lunch.
-   Squatt was described (in this and numerous sources) as "half warthog, half blueberry," with "a brain the size of a peach pit."
-   Rita only kept Squatt around because he loved to fight.
-   Squatt's dials constantly monitored the gases in the air, but he would forget to monitor the dials; overexposure to oxygen caused horns to sprout all over his body and his brain to burst through his helmet.

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