- energy source granted to Diabolico, and later Impus, by Queen Bansheera
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
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-   Freed from the Tomb of Forever along with the other demons, Diabolico bore on his chest a red star, the Star Power.

-   The Star Power had been on Diabolico's chest as he appeared to Bill Mitchell in spectral form years prior.

-   Considering replacing Diabolico with Impus, Queen Bansheera threatened to give Impus Diabolico's Star Power, but he declared privately that his powers would never belong to Impus.

-   The Diabolico design on Diabolico's enhancement demon cards bore a little red Star Power star.

-   As titan-sized Diabolico fought Supertrain, the demon eyes and chest star on his torso glowed with alternating energy, at which point he blasted a gold energy beam from the demon mouth on his armor, blasting a gaping hole clean through the Supertrain's stomach; the same blast would later shove the Lightspeed Megazord back through numerous buildings.
-   With his powerful torso blast, Diabolico made an explosion around the Lightspeed Solarzord, but the flames were sucked into the Solarzord's panels, alarming Diabolico.
-   When the Lightspeed Solarzord's energy bombardment destroyed Diabolico, the Star Power flew into the sky as a red point of light.
-   In the skull castle, the light flew in from the ceiling and went into Impus's forehead, making him coo and open his eyes, and the child giggled as Vypra observed he had the Star Power.
-   On his pedestal, a streak of green sparkles flew from Impus's pacifier and then into him, forming a larger red cocoon around him as he giggled.
-   The cocoon pulsated red and hovered as Loki observed it was happening.
-   After Bansheera's introduction, the massive red cocoon descended from the clouds over the city, perhaps a bit smaller than a giant monster.

-   As the cocoon blasted down at the city, the Rangers shot at it with their Rescue Blasters, causing a wall of flame to wash over them and the villains as the cocoon crashed into the ground, making a crater from which Olympius would emerge, the Star Power star in his breastplate.
-   After pummeling Carter, Olympius landed in front of the others, and a gold ray of light from his Star Power star sucked them in as Ranger-colored energy.
-   Briefly visible in the star soon afterward, the four unmorphed teens were pounding to get out.
?   Loki referred to the Star Power star in Olympius's breastplate as a charm around his neck, but it would only be in such a form when Olympius shapeshifted into the teens.
-   Olympius morphed into each of the four captured teens, the Star Power as a red star pendant around his neck.
-   Ryan described that Impus had been next in line after Bansheera had given Diabolico the Star Power.
-   Olympius was young, but once he learned how to use his power, he would have even more power than Diabolico, Ryan said.
?   To morph into Kelsey from Chad form in the Aquabase, Olympius touched the star pendant to his skin, although he had not had to do this in the skull castle when shifting through all four teens in sequence.
-   Washing up on a shore after being swept into the sea with Carter, Olympius was severely weakened, and the four Rangers beamed out of the star on his chest.

-   The resurrected Diabolico now had a star-shaped hole in his chest armor where the Star Power had been.

-   Olympius and Diabolico seemed to be fairly equally matched in strength and combat ability despite Olympius's possession of the Star Power.

-   Not even the Star Power was able to free Olympius from being trapped in the Shadow World.

-   Planning to get more power for Olympius, Jinxer removed from his pocket a silver medallion bearing a red star like Olympius's Star Power star.
-   After mutating into a more powerful form from absorbing the energies of defeated monsters, Olympius tore open a fissure back into the real world; Jinxer remarked Olympius had more power than he'd ever seen, but Olympius noted it wouldn't last and that Jinxer had to find him another energy source to fuel his Star Power.
-   In the Aquabase's Power Core, a hypnotized Captain Mitchell placed Jinxer's medallion within the flow of an energy column and then diverted power into the medallion.
-   A bright red beam shot out from the Aquabase's central dome and, in Mariner Bay, flowed into Olympius's Star Power gem.
-   Around the star, the surrounding strand designs within the Star Power hole in Olympius's modified chest armor flowed with purple energy; this would be shown any time Olympius used his enhanced powers in battle.
-   During his titan-sized battle with the Rangers' Zords, Olympius told Jinxer he needed more power, and as the medallion continued beaming, Olympius's chest was shown charging yet again, and he laughed he could feel the tremendous power as his star gleamed with golden light.
-   Now able to fly and generate energy cyclones, Olympius later told the Rangers that all of their Zords together were no match for the strength of his limitless Star Power, and his star charged again.
-   When the medallion was smashed in the Aquabase with an axe, Olympius dropped from the sky, realizing his power was gone.
-   The Omega Missile struck Olympius in the stomach, and the Lightspeed Solarzord followed with wrist lasers; then following dual charged slashes from the Omega staff, Olympius's Star Power star shattered.
-   In a severely weakened normal form following his explosion, Olympius lacked his Star Power star, and he seemed to have barely survived.

?   After a significant period of secret, solitary recuperation under Jinxer's care, Olympius was eventually healed, and his Star Power was somehow restored.

?   Following the Lifeforce Megazord's destruction of giant Diabolico and Olympius at Lifeforce level 3, the two blue columns of energy unleashed from their explosions connected high above to a bright point in the sky; with a golden gleam in space, blue shockwaves flew out from Earth as a skull-like demonic face with a star in the forehead dissipated in a blue cloud, shattering outward with specks of white light.

-   In spirit form, Diabolico now had the Star Power gem in his chest once more.

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