- insectoid foot soldiers used by Scorpius, Trakeena
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 744-End2
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-   As people attempted unsuccessfully, one after the other, to pull the Quasar Sabers from the stone on Mirinoi, Stingwingers rapidly closed in on the area.
-   The Stingwingers were insect warriors with mostly black bodies; their chest and head exoskeletal armor was speckled with red, yellow, and purple dots; often covering (or in place of) their hands were black curved hook-shaped extensions, perhaps a foot and a half in length.
-   As the Stingwingers ran through the jungle, they buzzed amongst themselves as they would regularly do in their buzzing insect language.
-   The Stingwingers had two red insect eyes on the side of their heads, as well as small mandibles protruding from beside their jagged grimaces.
-   As Maya fled into the jungle, Stingwingers chased after her, firing red lasers from their eyes.
-   When Maya stumbled through a portal to Earth's moon, three Stingwingers followed and attacked, but Mike, Leo, Kendrix, and Kai fought them to protect Maya.
-   When the four aimed energy rifles at the insect warriors, they suddenly hopped into the air, sprouting buzzing insect wings, and flew away into the portal in retreat.

-   After fighting the Rangers, Stingwingers flew into the air to avoid the passing of Furio's gray wave which turned everything in its path to stone.

-   On a red planet, Stingwingers led by Brunt were anchoring massive chains from five giant metal cages to large stone weights below; inside the cages were the five Galactabeasts, apparently recently captured.
-   Through small windows in the cages at Stingwinger level, the insect soldiers were pulling on large ropes apparently attached to the Galactabeasts inside.
-   Later, as the giant animals roared, Stingwingers peeked into the floor windows and blasted red lasers from their claw hands, ducked, and blasted again.

?   Horn called the Stingwingers "Stingers."
-   To help Horn fight the Rangers, Stingwingers held out their hands, and their standard claw extensions formed over their hands with green gleams of energy.
-   At a pool of hot liquid slag where Horn was having Stingwingers melt down stolen GSA weapons, Furio walked in with the Quasar Sabers; as he walked by the slag pool, he bumped a Stingwinger, nearly knocking it face-first into the slag, but another Stingwinger came to its aid.
-   As Furio and Horn argued over the fate of the Quasar Sabers, the Stingwinger who had been told to melt the sabers clutched its head in anxiety, quickly looking between the two villains.
-   Soon, as Furio waited by the slag pool as Horn searched for the sabers, some Stingwingers were in a tower as lookouts; two others below were interacting with each other in the background, and a third was preening itself.

-   While Furio and Stingwingers were stuck in an elevator in the city dome, more Stingwingers (or perhaps the same ones) attacked the Rangers in space during their first flight in the new Jet Jammers.
-   The flying Stingwingers shot red lasers from their claw hands.
-   The Rangers quickly destroyed all of the attacking Stingwingers by blowing them to pieces with lasers from the Jet Jammers.

-   When Furio had the Stingwingers attack the Rangers, one Stingwinger confusedly confronted armored Trakeena, and she smacked it aside in annoyance.

-   When Furio escaped from Scorpius after he'd been restrained by Stingwingers, the Stingwingers looked back at Scorpius for instructions without chasing, and he told them to return Furio to him, but they would easily be defeated by Furio on Terra Venture.

-   When Magna Defender bombarded Stingwingers with laser blasts, Treacheron, Scorpius's latest general, cried out, "My army!"

-   Stingwingers had been with Scorpius (and apparently Captain Mutiny as well) 3,000 years ago during the ravaging of Magna Defender's planet.

-   A Stingwinger buzzed something in Stingwinger-talk to Destruxo, alerting him to the Rangers' presence.

-   In space, flying Stingwingers flew out from the side of the Scorpion Stinger and attacked the Rangers.
?   The Stingwingers shot red lasers, with one appearing to shoot from its feet.
-   After most had been blown up by the Jet Jammer lasers, Leo rammed the last Stingwinger with his Jammer, then flicked its head and made it fall off into space.

-   When Trakeena got behind Stingwingers to protect her from the furious Treacheron, he told her that he ate Stingwingers for breakfast.

-   Trying to convince Trakeena to enter the cocoon he'd created to turn her into a powerful insect form, Scorpius told her it was what they had all had to do; looking at the buzzing, drooling Stingwingers nearby, Trakeena refused.

-   As Leo approached a street corner on his Astro Cycle, Stingwingers hid behind the walls; two opposite Stingwingers nodded and made hand gestures, then drew a green energy bolt barrier between their claws, with each claw connected with two bolts to each of the other Stingwinger's claws.
-   Driving through, Leo was painfully caught in the energy net, but armored Mike cut the barrier with his sword.

-   As Stingwingers prepared to throw him into a pit, Leo leapt in grappling a Stingwinger, and when it flew out with him holding on, it crashed into Deviot, whom Leo grabbed in passing.
-   As the Stingwinger flew outside the Scorpion Stinger, Leo dropped Deviot, and the Stingwinger soon crashed.

-   Outside a building on Terra Venture, High Councilor Renier and Councilor Brody walked out of a building with two guards; in passing, one guard stopped and looked strangely at the guard who was standing outside the walkway in a salute.
-   The first guard looked at the saluting guard's shadow and saw a Stingwinger shadow, at which point the impostor turned into a Stingwinger with green energy; nearby, a blue-suited GSA girl and a balding gray-jacketed man turned into Stingwingers as well, and they proceeded to abduct Renier with the help of Cannonbrawl.
-   A Stingwinger deflected laser blasts from the guards' energy pistols with its claw hand.
-   Later, after Damon had been flown to the Scorpion Stinger to repair its engines, Stingwingers urgently led Damon through the ship from the docking port, taking him to Trakeena.
-   On the way, the area opened up into a vast chamber running along the Scorpion Stinger interior, with multiple massive honeycombed spheres on the ceiling, most cells of the honeycombs glowing a dull orange; Stingwingers flew about, mostly to the hives, and on the ground was a gray unfinished portion of another hive dome dome.
-   Outside Renier's cell in the Scorpion Stinger was a group of Stingwingers watching two other Stingwingers armwrestling until Leo came and beat them all up.

-   During the construction of Kegler's massive laser dish, one flying Stingwinger was able to hold up the massive dish on his own.
-   Two Stingwingers were lounging, one fanning himself, but Villamax had them get back to work.
-   One Stingwinger flew up to Villamax, buzzing something to him, telling him the Rangers were coming.

-   When Magnetox used his magnet power to drain the energy from a group of Stingwingers to demonstrate his powers, the Stingwingers were reduced to cockroaches, apparently their natural form.

-   A cockroach-sized black bug buzzed around Trakeena's head, and she looked at it and then snatched it out of the air, making Kegler clap gleefully, but she then crunched her teeth down on the flapping insect.
-   Disgusted, Kegler said that could have been her relative, but he took it back, saying he was just kidding, when she belched at him.
-   In a corridor, Stingwingers marched by Trakeena, each with a silver device attached to its chest; the device had a rapidly blinking red light in the center and a handle for the Stingwinger to pull with its right hand.
-   Villamax was alarmed to find Trakeena had attached bombs to every single Stingwinger; she told him they'd destroy everything they got near, like the Rangers and Terra Venture.
-   Trakeena stepped up to the center inside a giant domed honeycomb with a Stingwinger buzzing in almost every cell and proceeded to give a brief speech.
-   Trakeena laughed as Stingwingers flew over her.
?   Swarms of Stingwingers flew up from nearly a dozen clustered giant honeycomb domes, then flew out from the underside of the Scorpion Stinger's head, but they lacked bombs on their chests.

-   On a moon hill near the city dome, Stratoforce and Centaurus stood with their weapons as the Stingwinger swarm approached.
-   Stratoforce held its sword as a barrier to stop the swarm from approaching the open tunnel leading into the city dome.
-   Stratoforce then punched a cluster out of the air.
-   Centaurus fired red energy beams from its double-barreled cannon, scattering clouds of Stingwingers but mostly going through them and making explosions in the distance.
-   Stingwingers swarmed all over the two Megazords, covering portions of them, and more Stingwingers flew into the city through the broken open tunnel.
-   In the city, Stingwingers latched onto the sides of buildings, covering portions of them, and they all pulled their handles.
-   Moments after they'd pulled their handles, a quick green energy ripple would proceed the Stingwingers' explosions, which blew up entire skyscrapers.
-   Buildings all over the city exploded and collapsed.
-   Some Stingwingers chased people in the streets as swarms filled the sky overhead.
-   Stingwingers latched onto Red Ranger and pulled their handles, then exploded around him, flinging him into the air and sending him crashing onto some rubble.
-   Stingwingers tackled Pink Ranger and exploded around her.
-   Green Ranger shot Stingwingers with his Transblaster, making a group explode.
-   On a higher level, two Stingwingers exploded on Yellow Ranger, flinging her off into some rubble.
-   To give him a hand, Blue Ranger pulled a Stingwinger's handle and threw him against a car, where he exploded and sent Blue flying over another car.
-   Leo wondered how many more there could be.
-   Stingwingers soon pinned Red Ranger against a fence and pulled their handles, but he pried them off and leapt just as an explosion hurled him forward.
-   By this point, the two Megazords outside were nearly covered with Stingwingers, and Centaurus dropped its covered cannon; on the head of the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena called for a few more.
-   A Stingwinger pulled its bomb handle, and the Megazords began to explode, with Stratoforce's exploding arm falling off, and the Megazords were enveloped in an enormous, tall explosion.
-   In midair, Pink Ranger slashed a Stingwinger in the chest, and it landed in a cluster of Stingwingers, and they all exploded; one at her feet pulled its handle, and she kicked it into a group below and leapt back as they exploded.
-   Yellow slashed many with her Delta Daggers; Green with his Transblaster helped Blue who wielded his Galaxy Quasar Launcher and Cosma Claw, but they were backed against a wall, so they fired, blowing up a large group.
?   Red Ranger slashed many Stingwingers with his blades, then stood with his back to one facing more, but after an explosion behind him, they all appeared to be gone.
-   Maya thought they'd gotten them all.
-   Trakeena told Villamax to send in her army to hunt down the Rangers, but he protested that she'd lost every last Stingwinger and had no more army.

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