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-   The youth center in Stone Canyon challenged Angel Grove's team to a game of broomball, a game played like street hockey but with brooms in place of hockey sticks and a ball similar to a soccer ball rather than a puck or puck-sized ball.
-   Two teenagers from the Stone Canyon youth center came to the Angel Grove Youth Center to put up flyers.
-   The Stone Canyon youth center team, the "Stone Canyon Broomball Beetles," hadn't lost in two years.
-   The Beetles' team color was black.
-   In the broomball game, Tommy scored the winning goal for Angel Grove, making the final score 9 to 8.

-   Stone Canyon High was in Stone County.

-   At the Annual Volleyball Championship, a Stone Canyon flag Skull was holding was red with white text.

-   A martial arts team from Stone Canyon competed with the Angel Grove team in the national championship, trying to win a $25,000 grand prize for their charity, but they were trounced (violently) by Tommy, Adam, and Jason.

-   In the brochure of Angel Grove Elgar had given General Havoc for a map, Stone Canyon was an area to the south of a small area labeled "Angel Grove"; in this map, Stone Canyon appeared to be a part of the Angel Grove region (metro Angel Grove, perhaps) but not a part of the downtown area.

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-   Stone Canyon High was a high school right outside of Angel Grove.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha represented Stone Canyon High against the Hasper City ninjas in the Ninja Tournament Finals.
-   Mr. Anderson was a teacher at Stone Canyon High, and Rocky, Adam, and Aisha thought highly of him.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha won the trophy for Stone Canyon High in the Ninja Tournament Finals.
-   Stone Canyon High was in Stone County.

-   Stone Canyon High's cafeteria wasn't very good, according to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.

-   Stone Canyon High had a great gymnastics team, and Aisha's old friend Shawna was on it.

-   Sotne Canyon High had never had book fairs like the one at Angel Grove High.

-   At the big baseball game between Angel Grove and Stone Canyon, the Stone Canyon colors appeared to be red and white.
-   John Peterson was centerfielder for the Stone Canyon team, and his number was 1.
-   Next up at bat for Stone Canyon was Billy Thompson, with a career average of .527, eighty home runs, and five state records for hitting; Tanya got two strikes off him, and Rocky then caught his hit, which was almost a home run.
-   Rocky's catch won the game for Angel Grove, apparently 1 to 0.

-   There was a big soccer game between Angel Grove High and Stone Canyon.
-   The Stone Canyon cheerleaders wore red tops with a white S and black skirts.
-   Angel Grove won the game with a score of 4 to 3.

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