- sentient space car affiliated with Blue Turbo Ranger
First Appearance: 521-TWOF
Last Appearance: 618-TBTR
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-   Storm Blaster appeared to be a modified Jeep Wrangler.
-   While fighting Elgar, Dreadfeather, and Piranhatron unmorphed alongside T.J. to protect the space cars, Justin was captured, along with Storm Blaster, in Dreadfeather's net and taken to a warehouse.
-   Elgar hit the chained-up Storm Blaster with his sword, causing no visible damage.
-   As Lightning Cruiser flew over the warehouse, Storm Blaster pulled morphed Justin into its seat with a very long seatbelt and then fired a large magnet from its front winch, clamping onto the rear of Lightning Cruiser through the roof, and Lightning Cruiser pulled Storm Blaster out.
?   Storm Blaster's seatbelt secured itself around Justin with blue energy, a second time.
-   Two Piranhatron bikes crashed into Storm Blaster's side without causing visible damage to Storm Blaster.
-   Justin had Storm Blaster launch its magnet hook, grappling the flying Dreadfeather by the leg, allowing Lightning Cruiser to annihilate him with its lasers.

-   Storm Blaster was unharmed when a boulder bounced off its hood.
-   To meet General Havoc at the pier for him to deliver their terms of surrender or he would destroy the Earth, the Rangers drove up in Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, with the Turbine Laser mounted on Storm Blaster.

?   Storm Blaster didn't have the Turbine Laser on it in the US footage, but it did after the switch to sentai.

-   The Turbine Laser was on Storm Blaster when it rammed Torch Tiger, but it hadn't been present earlier in the forest.

?   In the switch between US and sentai shots, the Turbine Laser switched between being present and absent from Storm Blaster multiple times.
-   Storm Blaster was struck by energy buzzsaws shot from Maniac Mechanic's battle wagon, damaging its hood and engine.
?   After Ashley was done fixing Storm Blaster's engine, its hood was undamaged.
-   Ashley drove Storm Blaster into battle to help the others, the only time a Ranger other than Blue Ranger would drive it.

-   When T.J. and Carlos arrived on the scene to help the others, they found morphed Justin, Cassie, and Ashley defending Storm Blaster from Rygog and Piranhatrons, with Piranhatrons trying to get in Storm Blaster.

-   As the Rangers attempted to fight off Divatox's invading Piranhatron army halfway up the Power Chamber's mountain, the space cars drove up on their own accord, down below, and began blasting Piranhatron with their lasers, with Storm Blaster's blue lasers coming from its headlights.

-   On a red desert planet, a horde of Piranhatrons was forcing the chained-up space cars to drag heavy loads through the desert, with the cars struggling.
-   After tricking the Piranhatrons into freeing it, Lightning Cruiser blasted Storm Blaster free from its large metal front and rear brackets.
-   While Piranhatrons recaptured Lightning Cruiser, Storm Blaster sped away.
-   Speeding through the desert with Piranhatrons on bikes in pursuit, Storm Blaster suddenly turned into blue energy and streaked into the sky.
-   Flying through space while solid, Storm Blaster was shot at by Velocifighters, but it made it to Earth unharmed.
-   Storm Blaster landed in a warehouse area, presumably in Angel Grove, where the vehicle was chased by Quantrons; two Quantrons managed to climb into it, but the Space Rangers knocked them off upon arriving.
-   Patting Storm Blaster, morphed T.J., now the Blue Space Ranger, told the Quantrons they weren't taking Storm Blaster anywhere, then told the vehicle, "You're covered, buddy!"; Storm Blaster flashed its lights and revved.
-   When Astronema arrived and summoned Lionizer, T.J. had Storm Blaster race off.
-   Outside Justin's bedroom window in another town, Storm Blaster flashed its lights from the driveway, slightly lighting up Justin's window; Justin was delighted to see Storm Blaster outside.
-   Saying it was great to see Storm Blaster after climbing down from his window, Justin, asked, "Whoa, how'd you escape? Did Lightning Cruiser make it?"
-   Storm Blaster revved angrily and opened its driver's door, then revved and flashed its lights when Justin asked incredulously, "You want me to go with you??"
-   After a brief pause, Justin smiled and jumped in; the door closed, the seat belt fastened, and Storm Blaster sped off and then flew away to Angel Grove.
-   Storm Blaster landed outside the warehouse where the Space Rangers were captured, and Justin sneaked in to look at the situation before he was attacked by Quantrons; he fought them off well before getting back in Storm Blaster.
-   Justin said the others needed them now, and Storm Blaster raced toward the warehouse's wall to burst in.
-   Storm Blaster's glove compartment opened, revealing a Turbo Morpher and key which Justin excitedly exclaimed were his.
-   Justin morphed and was then driving Storm Blaster as the Blue Turbo Ranger when it crashed into the warehouse.
-   As the Rangers regrouped against Lionizer, Andros told morphed Justin that they needed more firepower; as Justin agreed, Storm Blaster raced in front of the Rangers as Lionizer blasted at them.
-   A blue energy beam from the black rectangle above Storm Blaster's winch countered Lionizer's prolonged sparking energy beam.
-   T.J. and Justin added their laser beams to the mix, overpowering Lionizer's blast and knocking him outside.
-   As the Rangers fought giant Lionizer, Justin was awed by the Mega Voyager and said he'd never seen anything like it; Storm Blaster revved in agreement when asked whether it thought the Mega Voyager was cool as well.

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