- dimension inside Grumble the Magic Elf storybook
First Appearance: 248-SBR1
Last Appearance: 249-SBR2
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-   Orange energy from Rita's wand made the book Grumble the Magic Elf fly out of Kim's hands and land in a trash can several yards away; when the three teens approached it, it sucked them into the storybook dimension inside.
-   The communicators wouldn't work in the storybook dimension.
-   Grumble the Elf and his wagon of toys appeared beside Tommy, Kim, and Rocky with blue energy soon after the three had become trapped in the storybook dimension.
-   An evil magician (Mondo the Magician) had put a spell on Grumble, turning him into a grouch, and he had to deliver the toys to the orphanage, dressed as Santa, if he ever wanted to be nice again, the story of Grumble the Magic Elf went.
-   Putties entered the storybook dimension and stole Grumble's toys so that the story wouldn't have an ending.
-   The three teens ended up in snowy mountains where there lived a snow monster (looking like a gray-fleshed version of Primator with extra white fur) who didn't like uninvited guests; the monster threw a boulder at the teens and then charged at them, causing an avalanche which briefly buried the teens in a cave and trapped him beneath the snow.

-   The book glowed briefly in Aisha's hands, and when she opened it up, there were moving pictures inside of Tommy, Rocky, and Kim's adventure in the storybook dimension.
-   Tommy thought for the teens and Grumble to travel back to the beginning of the book to try to get the magician to lift the spell so that the book would at least have some ending.
?   The three teens were for some reason convinced that if they could make the story end, they'd be free from the storybook.
-   After scanning the storybook, Billy wanted to find a way to alter the trapped teens' molecular structure.
-   A particular frequency was needed for the three teens to teleport out of the storybook, but Zordon was unable to locate this frequency.
-   Aisha used colored pencils to draw the stolen toys back into the storybook.
-   Grumble had them all be quiet in one spot in the forest because Mondo was on that page as well; he was indeed in the forest with them, chuckling while hiding behind a tree.
-   After Grumble and the teens had delivered the presents to the orphans at the end of the book, the spell left Grumble, and the three teens soon vanished from the book in Ranger-colored circular sparkles, then appeared in the Command Center.
-   Later at the closing of the book fair, Kim handed Bulk and Skull Grumble the Magic Elf, and the two punks ran away when Grumble, inside, waved to them and said hello.

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