- blue Megazord composed of five air vehicles; assisted Galaxy Rangers (720-LGb2 through 744-End2)
First Appearance: 719-LGb1
Last Appearance: 744-End2
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-   As shown in the Galaxy Book, the original form of the Zenith Carrierzord was the blue Phoenix Galactabeast.
-   After his remote had absorbed energy from the Orion-armored Rangers and Magna Defender to bring life to his Zords, Deviot summoned the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords with the remote; they would regularly be launched as individual Zords from the Zenith Carrierzord before combining into their Megazord forms, but such launching was not shown during Deviot's control of the Zords.
-   Evil Stratoforce landed from the sky.
-   Stratoforce, a blue Megazord, had a gold and black V-shaped crest on its chest; its face was evil-looking with red eyes.
-   Evil Stratoforce shot a series of blue energy spheres/bolts from its eyes.
-   Evil Stratoforce could also shoot a blue energy beam from its chest.
-   Stratoforce wielded a large v-shaped boomerang sword, which it charged with white energy and threw, slashing its opponents.

-   Summoned by Hardtochoke, Stratoforce launched from the upper portion of the Zenith Carrierzord in the form of five independent air vehicles known as S-Zords.
-   The five evil, silhouetted S-Zords formed the Stratoforce Megazord instantaneously with white energy.
-   After the two Megazords had remembered who they were and morphed their faces into benign, non-evil forms, Stratoforce had yellow robot eyes and red Phoenix eyes.
-   In a flying blue cloud/starfield background, Stratoforce readied its boomerang, with the Phoenix Galactabeast briefly shown behind it; it then threw its spinning boomerang as purple energy bolts flew off it, striking giant Hardtochoke.
-   The Phoenix had had a black, gold, and red chest marking quite similar to the V-shaped chest panels on the Stratoforce Megazord.

-   The nimble and quick Stratoforce was able to wear down the strong but sluggish giant Rykon, allowing the Galaxy Megazord to destroy the monster.

-   When Leo called for Stratoforce, Zenith Carrierzord was standing elsewhere, and from its huge open mouth launched the five S-Zords at once.
-   S1 Zord, a blue craft with long side boosters extending beyond its rear, launched from the center of Zenith's mouth.
-   S2 Zord, a blue box-shaped craft with sled rails and two large gray cannons underneath, launched from the right side of Zenith's mouth (from Zenith's perspective).
-   S3 Zord, a slender blue jet with gray wings, launched from Zenith's right hand.
-   S4 Zord, a blue shuttlecraft with a front-mounted center black vertical fin, launched from the left side of Zenith's mouth.
-   S5 Zord, a second slender blue jet, but with black wings, launched from Zenith's left hand.
-   Before combining, the five S-Zords flew over a vast forest hillside, each air vehicle having white rear boosters.
-   To combine, the S-Zords got in formation with S4 in front, S1 second, S2 fourth, and S3 and S5 side-by-side in the rear, and the image of the blue Phoenix Galactabeast appeared over the formation briefly.
-   Each Zord from front to rear transformed, with S5 and S3 then spinning around together to face the rear; the ful assembly (some of which wasn't shown until 739-Cham) was as follows: the legs docked onto S2, after which S4 slid over S1 as the head popped up from S1, and the helmet then formed around it with the Phoenix image in background; finally, the two halves of the Megazord then docked while flying in midair, with the legs making a running motion.
-   Once completed, Stratoforce flew through the clouds, its image alternating with the image of the flying Phoenix.
-   S1 formed the arms, inner torso, and head of Stratoforce; S2 formed the waist and thighs, S3 formed the right leg, S4 formed the chest and back, and S5 formed the left leg.
-   As it would often do when arriving at a battle, Stratoforce arrived jump-kicking its opponent before landing.
-   Stratoforce readied its boomerang in front of a dark blue flying starfield with the Phoenix briefly behind it, then threw its boomerang charged with purple energy bolts; this attack followed by the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber destroyed giant Cannonbrawl.

-   Summoned to help against the power-duplicating giant Chameliac, Stratoforce startled the boomerang-wielding Chameliac by wielding Centaurus's cannon and blasting him with a red energy beam.

-   As Stratoforce and Centaurus fought giant monster-Deviot, they stood back to back, then swirled around together in a red/blue energy cyclone which then shot through Deviot as a gold energy streak, reminiscent of the Orion powers.

-   As the Rangers fought a monster on the planet below Terra Venture, they called for Stratoforce; Zenith launched the S-Zords, either from Terra Venture or the planet itself, and the five craft then flew to help the Rangers.
-   Stratoforce was much quicker than giant Rocketron, occupying him for the Galaxy Megazord to destroy him.

?   The launches and formations of Stratoforce and Centaurus were shown in splitscreen, even though the two launches showed conflicting views of Zenith.
-   Giant Grunchor clamped its massive jaws onto Centaurus's head, causing Stratoforce to struggle to free its companion until Defender Torozord freed it.
-   After blasting and slashing the Galaxy Megazord and Torozord, Grunchor shot blue energy streaks from its hand at the downed Torozord, but Centaurus and Stratoforce took the blasts and collapsed.
-   Shortly, Centaurus and Stratoforce held their hands against the Orion Galaxy Megazord's shoulders as the Rangers prepared to fight as a team.
-   Leo told them to give it everything they had, and flaming blue and red energy from Stratoforce and Centaurus, respectively, charged the Megazord with gold energy, which it channeled toward the monster as a large stream of fire, roasting and dissolving the monster.

-   In a dream world, after Hexuba's crystal ball had been shattered in the real world, the Rangers fought giant Nightmare with the Orion Galaxy Megazord before Zenith flew out from its waterfall and launched Stratoforce and Centaurus.

-   To stop giant Titanisaur from getting to the city dome from the Ocean Dome, Leo summoned the Galactabeasts, and the Orion Galaxy Megazord, joined by Centaurus and Stratoforce on their own initiative, confronted the monster in the mountains.
-   During the battle, Titanisaur grabbed Stratoforce's right arm in its jaws and ripped it off the Megazord.
-   Titanisaur then flew off as Stratoforce collapsed, sparks streaming from its gaping shoulder hole.
?   During Titanisaur's second attack in the city a short while later, the Rangers formed the Orion Galaxy Megazord, at which point Zenith flew in on its own and launched Centaurus and Stratoforce, which were now repaired somehow.
-   Between Torozord's axe strike and the Galaxy Megazord's finishing supercharged saber strike, Centaurus and Stratoforce did their energy cyclone, shooting through Titanisaur as gold energy streaks.

-   After the city dome had been wrenched from Terra Venture and the rest had apparently been destroyed, Stratoforce and Centaurus had survived, although Zenith did not appear.
-   On a moon hill near the city dome, Stratoforce and Centaurus stood with their weapons as the Stingwinger swarm approached.
-   Stratoforce held its sword as a barrier to stop the swarm from approaching the open tunnel leading into the city dome.
-   Stratoforce then punched a cluster out of the air.
-   Stingwingers swarmed all over the two Megazords, covering portions of them.
-   Soon, the two Megazords were nearly covered with Stingwingers.
-   A Stingwinger pulled its bomb handle, and the Megazords began to explode, with Stratoforce's exploding arm falling off, and the Megazords were enveloped in an enormous, tall explosion.
-   There were some minor explosions in the scattered remains of the Megazords.

- Phrases used for Zenith Carrierzord to launch C-Zords and S-Zords
719-LGb1 Deviot (into remote): "Stratoforce, Centaurus, arise!"
720-LGb2 Hardtochoke (into remote): "Stratoforce, Centaurus, arise!"
723-MMir Maya: "Stratoforce, activate!"
737-GOTL Leo: "Stratoforce! Centaurus!"
739-DrBa Damon: "Stratoforce Megazord!"
740-HGrv Leo: "Centaurus! Stratoforce!"

- Phrases used for Zenith Carrierzord to launch S-Zords
724-GrCr 729-Cham 736-BMut Leo: "Stratoforce Megazord!"

Other Sources.
-   The collective and individual names of the S-Zords come from the toy line.

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