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-   During the summer, Adam was working as a stuntman at the Angel Grove Amusement Park.

-   KAGV sponsored the "Back to the Fifties Stunt Show" in which one gang, the Wild Cats, got in a fight in a diner with another gang, the Bad Dogs, when one of the Bad Dogs, played by Rob, wooed the girlfriend of one of the Wild Cats, played by Tony.
-   The stunt show was held in the Youth Center, which had been temporarily redecorated to look like a fifties diner.
-   Adam played a Bad Dog who tried to push the two arguing guys apart initially.
-   Maria was the name of both the character of the girlfriend and the actress who played her, and she was really Tony's girlfriend.
-   The Wild Cat actors, playing the losing side in the fifties show, compained that the other group had gotten to win last time in the Wild West show, but Rob matter-of-factly said that was they way it was in the script.
-   Tanya was the director of the fifties stunt show; she'd thought volunteering would be fun, but the constant bickering between the two groups was upsetting her.
-   Tony's Wild Cat friend was named Max.
?   At the drag race between Rob and Tony at Angels' Bluff, Maria was still wearing her fifties clothes, and perhaps many more people were wearing theirs as well.
-   The crowd, particularly Maria, who waved the flag to start the race, was quite excited about the drag race; the crowd ran up to the cliff after the cars had gone over the edge and been saved by the Turbo Megazord.

-   Adam was in an Egyptian stunt show named "Land of the Pharaohs" in which a pharaoh-like guy tried to steal the Staff of Power to conquer Egypt, but Adam and two other people were defenders of the staff who defeated the would-be thief.
-   The staff of Pharaoh, a creature from ancient Egypt who had left Divatox at the altar a thousand years ago, looked identical to the one Adam had designed for the Egyptian stunt show from wood, papier mache, and glass.
-   Mr. Peabody was in charge of props backstage at the stunt show.

-   Adam, wearing a magician's costume, was annoyed that the stunt show was having him dress up like this for the magic spectacular.

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