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First Appearance: (Themba, Chun-Mei, Charlie, Boris, Pablo) 226-MOGP
Last Appearance: (Themba, Chun-Mei, Charlie, Boris, Pablo) 226-MOGP
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-   On Halloween, Billy and Kim were excited about the upcoming Peace Conference, in which the participants chosen would go around the world, talking to kids about world unity.

-   Kim found out that students would be selected any day now to represent Angel Grove in the World Teen Peace Conference; impressed, Billy said that attending the conference was a prestigious honor; Kim seemed fairly sure Billy would be selected.

-   The first annual World Teen Summit was held in the Youth Center.
-   Billy was the host of the first annual World Teen Summit; just as each member of the summit had the flag of their respective country behind him and on his nameplate, Billy also had the United States flag behind him and on his nameplate.
-   The teen summit had teens from all over the world talking about global problems.
-   Tommy and Kim wondered who "they" (perhaps referring to the current World Teen Summit members) would select to represent Angel Grove in the next teen summit.
-   The Angel Grove High art class had sculpted for the World Teen Summit a four-headed figure as a symbol of international peace, its faces representing wisdom, beauty, strength, and vitality.
-   Billy introduced to the crowd the international committee of the first annual teen youth summit, who would also be interviewing students from Angel Grove High to travel to Switzerland as Angel Grove's own teen peace ambassadors.
-   The teen summit members from right to left were Themba (pronounced "Tamba") from south Africa, Charlie from Australia, Pablo from Mexico, Boris from Russia, Tamara from Israel, and Chun Mei from China; Tamara was the committee chairperson.
-   The six teens had a picnic in the park with the World Teen Summit members, all twelve of the teenagers wearing purple "World Teen Summit" t-shirts; Tommy and Adam were teaching Pablo martial arts.
-   The six teens assumed martial arts stances against the Putties as the five World Teen Summit members (with Tamara already headed to the Youth Center) were fleeing.
-   Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and Putties captured the five summit members and took them to the Cave of Despair.
-   The World Teen Summit members were also referred to as "teen leaders," "teen ambassadors," and "student leaders."
-   Pablo recognized the Power Rangers on sight as they came to free the members from the cave.
-   Themba asked the Rangers if they were really the Power Rangers; after answering, White Ranger then asked, "You've heard of us in your country too?"
-   Outside of the Youth Center, the summit members, or at least Themba, listened as White Ranger called Zordon by name in his communicator, then as Zordon told the Rangers about Zedd's Four Head monster downtown.
-   On the final day of the summit, with the members dressed in their original outfits, Billy announced that the summit had been a huge success.
-   Explaining how much they'd learned, the summit members gave a speech saying that despite their differences they were all quite similar, that together no problem was too big or too difficult, and that by working together, people could make Earth a place they're proud of.

-   Reporters of all languages were scrambling to the payphones to report the three Angel Grove teens being chosen for the World Peace Summit; Jason, Trini, and Zack were the teens selected.
-   An indeterminate time after Jason, Trini, and Zack had been chosen to attend the Peace Conference but still that same day, Zordon spoke with all six teens in the Command Center; he told the three chosen teens that he was pleased but that it was no surprise that they were among the people selected.
-   Billy said that over ten thousand students had applied to participate in the summit.
-   The same day Jason, Trini, and Zack had been selected to attend the Peace Conference, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had their first day of school at Angel Grove High after being transferred there.

-   Following the new team's struggle against Silverhorns and Serpentera, a struggle which occurred immediately after the power transfer, Jason, Trini, and Zack were shown in the Viewing Globe getting out of a taxi with luggage somewhere.

-   The Peace Conference members, in Geneva, had watched the Rangers' appearance on the Harvey Garvey Show and were all touched by their endorsement of education.

- Israeli head of World Teen Summit
First Appearance: 226-MOGP
Last Appearance: 226-MOGP
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-   Billy was talking with Tamara before the teen summit had begun, then gave her goo-goo eyes just as he started the meeting.
-   Tamara was from Israel; she was the committee chairperson for the World Teen Summit.
-   During the teens' picnic with the World Teen Summit members, Billy and Tamara sat alone on a blanket; he asked her if all the girls in her country were as beautiful as she was, and she told him he was sweet.
-   When Putties attacked, Billy had Tamara run back to the Youth Center and wait for him; because of his instructions, she was the only World Teen Summit member not captured and taken to the Cave of Despair.
-   Tommy had Rocky, Adam, and Aisha check for the five missing summit members at the Youth Center, where Tamara had already fled.
-   On the final day of the summit, Billy and Tamara were still giving each other goo-goo eyes.

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