- Megazord formed by combination of five Rail Rescues
First Appearance: 810-RAsh
Last Appearance: 838-SDem
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-   As Miss Fairweather tensely worked at a terminal in the lab, many techs stood watching and taking notes; on the monitor, a diagram of each Rail Rescue sequentially showed a red bar filling up.
-   After the first three, a tech rushed up with a disc which Miss Fairweather inserted, and once the process was complete, the tech exclaimed, "It's perfect!" and everyone was pleased; the Supertrain program was now installed.
-   Later, Miss Fairweather ordered the Supertrain program online; Mitchell arrived as they worked, and she told him she was booting up the Supertrain Megazord.
-   In the empty Rail Rescue Three cockpit, shown in the monitor, Red Ranger's empty seat slid forward, followed by Green and Blue, and Pink and Yellow then slid inward behind the other three, forming the Supertrain cockpit.
-   After they had returned their Rescuezords to the Rail Rescues which had come to them, Miss Fairweather had the Rangers put engines to full power; as the Rail Rescues accelerated forward, empty portions of highway ahead unfolded into two side walls, exposing a giant ramp which raised to curve skyward.
-   Carter ignited the rear booster behind Rail Rescue Five, propelling the train quickly up the ramp at flight speed.
-   In a monitor in front of Carter as the train soared through the sky, schematics showed the five Rail Rescues in assembly position; "Super Train Systems OK" appeared in red.
-   To initiate the transformation procedure, Carter turned a small silver sigiled handle labeled "<?>er Docking Connecter" [sic] with a yellow/black striped border.
-   The Rail Rescues unlatched from each other, and Miss Fairweather observed, "So far so good."
-   The flying trains then repositioned into assembly position amidst some clouds.
-   The front ends of One and Two flew off, revealing the Megazord's silver hands, rotating sideways, and the fronts then rejoined onto what would become the Megazord's shoulders.
-   The front ends of Five and Four then lifted up into feet, and Three transformed; the legs and arms then connected.
-   The head was revealed, and the gold coverings lifted from its eyes as its two blue forehead lights blinked like railroad crossing lights.
-   Upon transformation into the Supertrain Megazord, the cockpit could briefly be seen within the chest, the front of Rail Rescue Three.
-   Formed, the giant Supertrain Megazord flew down and slid with its feet riding two sets of two parallel railroad tracks downtown.
-   The Supertrain Megazord rolled into the mountains as though on skates.
-   The enormous Supertrain Megazord towered above giant Magmavore and Trifire, nearly twice as tall as them; the Megazord's increased height, when matched by future monsters through enhanced growth cards, would be referred to as "titan-sized," which based on the toy line would have been larger than giant-sized by a roughly 5:3 ratio.

-   Titan-sized Liztwin impaled his claws into the Supertrain's stomach, draining their power until the Supertrain punched him back.

-   As the Supertrain fought two titan-sized monsters, Mitchell had techs reroute all reserve power to the Supertrain; a tech reported energy levels were falling, and Mitchell repeated the order to put all reserves online.

-   As Diabolico went to pound the fallen Supertrain after blasting it down with a bolt from his staff, the Megazord caught the blow and arose with difficulty.
-   Up close, Diabolico blasted a gaping hole clean through the Supertrain's stomach, and it fell with a large explosion, although it was not destroyed.
-   In Ops, a monitor showed two dual bar gagues from blue into the red with the warning "Overloading," at which point Mitchell had the Rescuezords sent in.
-   The Rangers were initially confused to see the Rescuezords arriving, wondering if that meant they had to abandon the Supertrain, but Carter had them do so.

?   Later the same day as the Diabolico battle, the Rail Rescues were in working order to deliver the Rescuezords.

-   The Supertrain Megazord was used for the first time since 816-CStr.
-   Chad was able to pilot the Supertrain solo while the others were in other Megazords.

-   Giant Fireor impaled the grappled Supertrain Megazord all the way through its midsection with his long arm blade, but the Megazord's eyes then pulsed red, and it remained seemingly fully functional, although the Rangers would soon switch to the Lightspeed Solarzord to fight the slightly shorter Fireor after destroying the two taller monsters with the Supertrain.

-   Carter was able to form the Supertrain Megazord alone.
-   After mutated Olympius had blasted the Lightspeed Megazord once, Carter had the Supertrain take a second blast, causing an explosion to engulf the Megazord, sending the five Rail Rescues flying out.

-   Running on reserve power from a protracted battle and then repeatedly blasted by redirected energy from giant Olympius and Diabolico, Supertrain fell, missing its right arm, and lone pilot Joel was ejected amidst fallen scrap metal.

-   Asked about the Megazords, Miss Fairweather replied only the Lifeforce Megazord was currently operational, and a recovery crew was attempting to salvage the Omega Megazord downtown.

- Phrases used to assemble Supertrain Megazord in midair
810-RAsh Carter: "Supertrain systems ready! Transform!"
829-EggC Carter: "Supertrain Megazord, online!"
833-OlUn Carter: "Supertrain Megazord!"

- Phrases used to transform Rail Rescues Four and Five
810-RAsh Carter: "Four and Five, engage!"

- Phrases used to dock Rail Rescues Two and Three
810-RAsh Carter: "Two and Three, in position."

- Phrases used upon completion of Supertrain Megazord
812-TDis Carter: "Supertrain thunder!"
825-YAgn Chad: "Supertrain Megazord!"

- projectile weapons wielded by Supertrain Megazord on shoulders or hands
First Appearance: 810-RAsh
Last Appearance: 838-SDem
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-   As Carter called for the Gatling Blasters to go online, his helmet visor was displaying a schematic of the Supertrain Megazord with zoomed-in diagrams of the red and blue shoulder coverings, labeled, "Gatling Blasters."
-   To ready the Gatling Blasters, Carter called for engines to full power, at which point the Red shoulder's turbine (which formed the front engine of Rail Rescue One) began to spin.
-   To then ready the missiles, Blue's front panel opened, revealing two sections of five sigil-headed missiles each.
-   To fire the Gatling Blasters, Carter pressed a large red button above the silver handle used to assemble the Megazord.
-   As Carter attempted to fire the shoulder-mounted Gatling Blasters, the Rangers were shocked by blue electricity in the cockpit, and panels in the lab overloaded, Miss Fairweather shouting to maintain.
-   The Red Gatling Blaster shot gatling bullets as giant shells from the rectangle atop the spinning turbine; meanwhile, the Blue Gatling Blaster launched all ten missiles.
-   The barrage from the shoulder-mounted Gatling Blasters caused giant Trifire to puff up into pellets and then explode in grains.
-   Carter reported having a power surge, which Miss Fairweather explained as an overload; she spoke to herself about not wanting to chance using the Gatling Blasters again.
-   As Magmavore charged, Carter asked for ideas, and Mitchell nodded assuringly to Miss Fairweather, who told them to "switch weapons to turbines," at which point Carter replied, "Switching weapons' power source," and the Gatling Blasters detached and reattached onto the Megazord's hands.
-   The Red turbine revved and glowed golden as blue electricity crackled into the chest and through the cockpit; a tech reported another overload as panels sparked, but Miss Fairweather had her increase power.
-   The girl pushed up a large lever in the power readout panel, the large red readout having shown approximately 615; once the lever had hit the very top, a red square lit up, and Carter announced the weapons were fully charged.
-   The fire-charged spinning turbine shot a flurry of bullets, and the ten missiles then fired, destroying Magmavore normally.
-   When the volcano erupted violently, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers of the Supertrain's freeze missiles.
-   The Supertrain held out its blue arm and opened the panel, firing a barrage of ten slender ice-blue missiles which shot into the volcano and instantly froze the entire mountain solid.

-   There always appeared to be chest crackling near the cockpit as the Gatling Blasters fired.
-   The shoulder-mounted Gatling Blasters didn't faze titan-sized Liztwin.
-   The hand-mounted Gatling Blasters, with electricity crackling between the Red turbine and chest, destroyed titan-sized Liztwin.

-   The hand-mounted blue Gatling missiles had minimal effect, but the hand-mounted red Gatling shells, followed by the Lightspeed Megazord Saber slash, destroyed giant supercharged Demonite.

-   Titan-sized Diabolico was unfazed by the Supertrain's hand-mounted Gatling Blasters as he approached.

-   The Lightspeed Solarzord barrage, followed by the Supertrain Megazord's hand-mounted Gatling Blasters, destroyed giant Mantevil.

-   Gold pulses from the red shoulder-mounted Gatling Blaster didn't faze titan-sized Bird Bane, but when both shoulder gatlings fired pointblank, they slightly cracked apart the monster's enhanced armor as they blasted him back.
-   The hand-mounted Gatling Blasters destroyed titan-sized Bird Bane.

-   The hand-mounted Gatling Blasters destroyed giant resurrected pipe monster and Liztwin simultaneously.

-   The hand-mounted blue Gatling Blaster was able to fire a blue energy beam while its lid was closed.

- Phrases used to prepare shoulder-mounted Gatling Blasters
810-RAsh Carter: "Gatling Blasters, ready!"

- Phrases used to prepare Red's turbine for shoulder-mounted Gatling Blasters
810-RAsh Carter: "Engines, full power!"
812-TDis Carter: "Gatling Blaster, online!"
828-SDem Joel: "Turbines, online!"

- Phrases used to open Blue's panel for shoulder-mounted Gatling Blasters
810-RAsh Carter: "All right, missiles, online!"
812-TDis Chad: "All right, full power!"

- Phrases used to fire shoulder-mounted Gatling Blasters
810-RAsh Carter: "Fire!"
812-TDis Carter: "Turbines, supercharge!"
829-EggC Kelsey: "Turbines, supercharge!"
829-EggC Carter: "Launch!"

- Phrases used to reattach Gatling Blasters onto Megazord's hands
810-RAsh Carter: "Turbines, supercharge!"
812-TDis Carter: "Turbines, rev up!"
816-CStr Carter: "Gatling Blasters!"
832-Sorc Carter: "Full power!"

- Phrases used to fire hand-mounted Gatling Blasters
810-RAsh Carter: "Turbines, fire!"
812-TDis Carter: "Fire!"
814-CCob Carter: "Turbines, supercharge! Fire!"
825-YAgn Chad: "Turbines, fire!"
829-EggC Carter: "Full power!"

- Phrases used to fire freeze missiles from Blue Gatling Blaster
810-RAsh Carter: "Locked on. Fire!"

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