- warrior Zords; Zeo Rangers' apparent primary Zords prior to construction of Zeozords
First Appearance: 434-GHom
Last Appearance: 449-HZeo
Subcategories: Super Zeo weapons, Super Zeo Megazord
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-   As the Rangers wondered how to fight giant Silo, who was too powerful for the Zeozords, the Treys had to return to Triforia if there was to be any hope of reuniting their souls, but in thanks for the Rangers' friendship, they left the Rangers with a gift: the Super Zeo Gems.
-   The Treys gave to the Rangers a small black box; resting on the gold lining inside the box were five circular stones of what looked like white crystal, each bearing the shape and slight tint of their respective Rangers; moving clockwise from upper right was blue, green, yellow, and pink, with red in the center.
-   The Treys said that the Super Zeo Gems, which they called the remaining key to the Zeo power, had been in their care for over a millennium, waiting to be returned to their rightful owners; Zordon had thought that the Super Zeo Gems had been lost forever.
-   When Jason held the glowing Golden Power Staff over the gems, they rose from the box shining with gold light; as Alpha told the Rangers that the Super Zeozords were forming and that they must get to them, the glowing gems flew toward the eastern double doors of the Power Chamber, and the six Rangers and Billy chased after them; outside in the desert, the Super Zeozords were waiting for the Rangers.
-   There was a Super Zeozord for each of the five Zeo Rangers, with each Zord bearing the Zeo-shaped visor and chest symbol of its respective Zeo Ranger.
-   Mondo was familiar with the Super Zeozords, and he was upset that they had been brought to Earth.
-   The Super Zeozord cockpits were much more spacious than the Zeozord cockpits, and behind the gray seat was a solid Ranger-colored Zeo shape.
-   The gray seats in the Super Zeozord cockpits appeared to be identical to the seats in the Zeozord cockpits.
-   The Zeonizer Crystals weren't shown to be used in the Super Zeozord cockpits.
-   Super Zeozord Five could fly with rocket boosters in its feet.
-   Super Zeozords One and Two shot white energy streaks from their chest symbols at giant Mechanizer, destroying him (even though he appeared to be fallen at the time).
-   Super Zeozord Three had two thrusters in its back which allowed it to fly.
-   Adam searched for giant Drill Master by having Super Zeozord Four cruise underwater, illuminating the area with lights in its shoulders; his sensors showed that Drill Master was down there somewhere.
-   Underwater, Super Zeozord Four punched giant Drill Master, breaking his drill apart and sending him falling back to explode.
-   The Super Zeozord Five flew into outer space under its own power while following giant Silo.
-   All five Super Zeozords could fly; when they flew together in a group, they would leave Ranger-colored trails behind them.

-   Morphed Rocky appeared to use his communicator to call for his Super Zeozord, but such communicator use for the Super Zeozord summoning would not be standard in the future.
-   The Super Zeozord cockpits were in the Super Zeozords' heads.
-   Super Zeozord Three could perform a jump-kick aided by its jet propulsion.
-   The Super Zeo Megazord cockpit was in the head, a part of Super Zeozord Two. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

-   Feeling that he had left the Gold Ranger at a disadvantage, Trey of Wisdom sent Warrior Wheel, the power of which perfectly complemented the strength of the Super Zeozords.

?   Before going to the Zord Holding Bay as he was told to do, Adam returned to the park with the others, told them where he would be (though Tommy was the only one who hadn't heard Zordon's instructions to Adam), and then before teleporting to the Zord Holding Bay, he joined the others in summoning the Super Zeozords; his never came.
-   Giant Midas Hound turned parts of the four Super Zeozords into gold; they were returned to normal when the Red Battlezord destroyed giant Midas Monster's golderizer.

-   As a temporary solution to allow the Rangers to use the Super Zeozords without Tommy, Alpha devised a remote much like the old Falconzord remote, allowing Super Zeozord Five to fight giant Cruel Chrome with the other Super Zeozords.

-   During the Machine Empire's full-scale assault on Angel Grove, the Zeo Megazord, Red Battlezord, and Super Zeo Megazord were shown on a large conveyor belt in the holding bay.

-   The Super Zeozords could shoot Ranger-colored energy from their visors.

-   The Rangers summoned the Zeozords to fight giant Gasket and Archerina, but when the Zeo Megazord was quickly overpowered, Alpha thought to pilot the Red Battlezord and Super Zeozords by remote.

- Phrases used to summon Super Zeozords
436-BITS 437-SOAW 439-RCGo 444-BMOT Rangers: "We need Super Zeozord power, now!"

- Phrases used to summon Super Zeozords, apparently using communicator
445-MyMe 448-RTW2 Tommy: "We need Super Zeozord power, now!"

- Phrases used to summon Super Zeozord Three, apparently using communicator
435-MLSt Rocky: "Super Zeozord power, now!"

- Phrases used for Super Zeozord Five to fly
434-GHom Tommy: "Jet propulsion, now!"

- Phrases used for Super Zeozord Three to fly
434-GHom Rocky: "Jet propulsion, now!"

- Phrases used for Super Zeozord Four to punch, ultimately destroying opponent
434-GHom Adam: "Super Zeo Power Punch!"

- giant Zord equivalents of Zeo Rangers' own weapons
First Appearance: (Super Zeo Laser Pistols) 434-GHom, (Super Zeo Power Sword) 434-GHom, (Super Zeo Three Power Weapons) 435-MLSt
Last Appearance: (Super Zeo Laser Pistols) 440-TJOB, (Super Zeo Power Sword) 440-TJOB, (Super Zeo Three Power Weapons) 439-RCGo
See Also: Zeo Laser Pistols, Zeo Power Weapons
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-   Super Zeozord Three wielded a Super Zeo Laser Pistol, a Zord-sized version of an advanced Zeo Laser Pistol; it shot an orange beam of energy.
-   The giant tentacle monster was last seen being shot by Super Zeozord Three's Super Zeo Laser Pistol.
-   Super Zeozord Five wielded a Super Zeo Power Weapon, a Zord-sized version of Zeo Ranger Five's Zeo Five Power Sword.
-   Super Zeozord Five's sword blade glowed red, then the Super Zeozord plunged the blade into giant Silo's gut, making Silo explode.

-   Super Zeozord Three wielded Super Zeo Power Weapons, Zord-sized versions of Zeo Ranger Three's arm blades.
-   Giant Mondo used the Damocles Sword to slice the blades off Super Zeozord Three's Super Zeo Power Weapons.

-   Super Zeozord Three's Super Zeo Power Weapons were whole again.

-   All five Super Zeozords wielded Super Zeo Laser Pistols; all shot orange energy beams.

- Phrases used for Super Zeozord Five to wield Super Zeo Power Weapon
439-RCGo Tommy: "Super Zeo Power Weapon, now!"

- Phrases used for Super Zeozord Three to wield Super Zeo Power Weapons
439-RCGo Rocky: "Super Zeo Power Weapon!"

- Phrases used for Super Zeozords to wield Super Zeo Laser Pistols
448-RTW2 Tommy: "Super Zeo Laser Pistols, now!"

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