- food and recreational establishment owned by Adelle
First Appearance: 603-SOSh
Last Appearance: 632-COnC
See Also: Youth Center
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-   Upon returning to Earth, the teens took Andros with them on their first visit to the Surf Spot, which impressed them all; based on the identical layout to the Youth Center and the very similar exterior, it can be inferred that some time shortly after the ex-Turbo Ranger teens' departure from Earth in the Astro Megashuttle, Adelle bought the Youth Center from Lt. Stone and remodeled it into the Surf Spot.
-   All of the waiters working in the Surf Spot wore tacky shirts which appeared to have tiny surfboards on them.

-   At the Surf Spot bar, Adelle told two police officers about her stolen delivery van, a big white van with "Surf Spot" on the side; it had been stolen around ten that morning after someone had taken her keys.
-   Adelle made former thieves David and Susie into her delivery drivers after they'd returned her van.

-   In a side room to the left of the bar in the Surf Spot, where the Youth Center's trophy hall had been, were some seats and a table to play chess; a hallway went further south.

-   The Surf Spot had a TV in a recess in the wall quite close to where the Juice Bar's TV had often resided.

-   Arcade games, including a WWF game, were located on the "southern" wall of the Surf Spot; a stairwell leading up to the west was in the east end of the southern wall, and windows were in the center of the southern wall to the left of the arcade games.
-   In a side area, perhaps the same side area seen in 608-WPCS, was a cozy chair, a photo booth, and several payphones.

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