- pirate foot soldiers used by Captain Mutiny
First Appearance: 736-BMut
Last Appearance: 742-EsLG
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-   When Terra Venture drifted toward Captain Mutiny's planet in the Lost Galaxy, the Titanisaur rose up from the ocean floor and rose to the surface with Mutiny's castle on its back.
-   Once the castle had surfaced and the water had drained from its interior, Captain Mutiny came before a large audience of Swabbies in the main room of his castle.
-   The Swabbies were orange-skinned humanoid beings in striped red and green shorts, with a few other accessories; each had a gold pirate sword with red and green stripes on one side, and a red-and-green striped bandanna; over the face of each one was a generic orange-skinned pirate facemask with a black goatee.
-   The Swabbies made pirate-like "ay"'s and "arr"'s but otherwise didn't speak.
-   On the left breast of each Swabbie was a black pin with a Mutiny emblem on it.

-   Deviot, allying with Mutiny, wanted 100 Swabbies, and he would ensure success by feeding Grunchor a strength serum; Mutiny complied, but Deviot's mission in exchange would fail.
-   During a Swabbie fight, Damon wielded his Quasar Saber against the foot soldiers; meanwhile, Kendrix blasted more with her Galaxy Quasar Launcher, and Kai pounded others with his.
-   As Swabbies later entered Mutiny's room excitedly, he learned from them that the Rangers were fighting Grunchor with their Megazords, and a Swabbie handed him his sword, making him decide to accept the challenge.

-   In a dream world which apparently affected its participants in the real world, Swabbies swarmed the Rangers repeatedly.
-   During the dream battle, one Swabbie teleport-dodged with orange energy streaks.

-   Swabbies were the main slavedrivers at Barbarax's slave camp, supervised by Barbarax.
-   At sunset on Mutiny's planet, a horn in the distance blew, and Barbarax ordered the trudging masses to get back to their cells.
-   As slaves walked by through the rocky path, a Swabbie scooped some water from a bucket with a ladle to pour into people's cups.
-   When the Swabbie turned, apparently from a faint knocking sound that had been nearby, Mike flung himself and Haley into an area behind some rocks near the rock wall beside them.
-   When the Swabbie turned with a curious, "Ar?" after Haley had whispered for her grandpa, Ben grabbed the water bucket from him violently, crying out that it was all his, but he was grappled and taken away to a special holding area.
-   Swabbies led the other prisoners into stone-blocked cells apparently built into a cliff wall, lighting torches in the area as they went by.
-   After a few Swabbies had padlocked the three cell doors, Mike had them rush out, and they fought and grappled the Swabbies with the chain that connected them by the wrists.
-   After knocking out the Swabbies, they got the key ring and unlocked themselves, then unlocked each of the cell doors, and the prisoners rushed out, trampling a conscious Swabbie as Mike tried to quiet the elated crowd.
-   In another stoneblock alcove area with some flaming torches, a Swabbie came up and laughed arr-ingly at Ben, who was in wooden shackles around the neck and wrists, then proudly sat atop some barrels to keep watch on the captive, but Mike immediately grabbed him from behind, pulled him behind the barrels, and beat him so hard that his sword flew up into the air from the pounding.

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