- former student, teen singer; current professional singer?
- former Zeo Ranger Two (402-AZB2 through 500-TPRM)
- former Yellow Turbo Ranger (500-TPRM through 519-PTT2)
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Full Name: Tanya Sloan (425-SSYw
First Appearance: 342-HdA1
Last Appearance: 519-PTT2
Pictures: young Tanya, Tanya, circa PRZ (shown at right), Tanya, circa PRT
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  • Young Tanya, wearing native African clothes in an African savannah, helped young Aisha hide from a lion.
  • Young Tanya had been watching the lion for a few days to make sure he didn't harm anyone.
  • Young Tanya explained that all the animals nearby were getting sick with some sort of plague, making them confused and weak, and thus more dangerous.
  • Young Tanya led young Aisha back to the camp where she lived, as she said Aisha wouldn't want to be caught out there when night fell.
  • Young Tanya said she lived here, in Africa, now; her parents had been explorers who were lost on an expedition three years ago (though three years prior to an unknown reference time), and the local people had taken her in, and she'd lived there ever since.
  • Young Tanya had been an only child, but now she had a large family of wonderful people, except the animals could destroy their whole existence.
  • As young Aisha and young Tanya ran through the savannah, with Tanya panicking that the sun had gone down, the sun was still a good distance above the horizon.


  • Young Aisha and young Tanya reached the camp after nightfall.
  • The next morning, young Tanya had agreed to return to Aisha's home in Aisha's place with the yellow Zeo Subcrystal.
  • Young Tanya was nervous about not fitting in or not being wanted by Aisha's friends.
  • Based on what Aisha had told her, young Tanya was able to identify Zordon and Billy correctly.
  • As young Aisha gave the yellow Zeo Subcrystal to young Tanya, yellow energy flowed up Tanya's arms from the subcrystal.
  • Before traveling to the Command Center, young Tanya told young Aisha that she'd make Aisha proud.
  • In the Command Center, young Tanya, knowing who Billy was, handed him the yellow subcrystal and told him that the crystal was for him; she was presumably giving him the crystal for him to unite the Zeo Crystal, but another possibility is that she was transferring ownership of the crystal to him.
  • When the Zeo Crystal restored time and thus the proper ages of the teens, it also made young Tanya, who was from an unknown time in Africa, the same age as the teens; her memories and continuity of thought were apparently unaffected during the time transition, indicating that the time period Tanya was from had been under the effects of the Orb of Doom's time regression.
  • After the Zeo Crystal had restored time, the four teens and Billy teleported to the lake to say goodbye to the Aquitian Rangers while Tanya stayed with Alpha for him to begin explaining all of the details of being a Ranger.
  • Alpha was explaining to Tanya, "Morphing is when you..." when Rito and Goldar teleported into the Command Center and stole the Zeo Crystal.


  • Tanya was still collected and in good spirits in the Power Chamber, despite the recent theft of the Zeo Crystal by Rito and Goldar in her presence and the subsequent destruction of the Command Center in front of her eyes.
  • After Zordon had shown the teens an image of the fully-energized Zeo Crystal, Billy reminded everyone that the five subdivisions of the Zeo Crystal would only provide enough power for five Rangers; Tanya volunteered to step down, since Billy was more experienced than she was.
  • Billy admitted that although they all had more experience than Tanya, working with the Aquitian Rangers had made him realize that his being in the Power Chamber might be more important than his being a Ranger; he said he thought it was time to pass the power on to someone else, and he said he was giving "his" crystal to Tanya; from this point on, he said, she was a Power Ranger.
  • The yellow subcrystal suited Tanya up as Zeo Ranger Two.
  • Tanya performed martial arts as Zeo Ranger Two, but there was no evidence that she had any prior unmorphed fighting ability.
  • Perhaps a later day, Kat and Tanya (with Tanya wearing trendy clothes and a communicator) joined the four guys at the outdoor cafe; they had enrolled Tanya at Angel Grove High, and Kat's parents had agreed to let Tanya live with them.


  • At school, Tanya said she liked Angel Grove but still felt like the new girl in town and wanted to fit in.
  • During what appeared to be one of Tanya's first days at school and also apparently near the beginning of the school year (or semester), Shawn was already friendly with Tanya; they even had a "regular table" in the resource center.
  • Tanya called Kat her best friend.
  • Tanya was helping Shawn study for a big algebra exam since he was having trouble with algebra.
  • Tanya and Shawn's regular table in the resource center was by the window wall, by the right side of the display cabinet.
  • Some time later after Kat and Tommy had left, Shawn showed Tanya a cheat sheet containing all the answers for the upcoming exam; she was upset that he was willing to cheat in order to pass and stay on the baseball team, and he in turn was upset that she didn't understand.
  • Tanya appeared excited to morph on her own after she'd answered Zordon's call on the communicator.
  • After fighting Cogs, Tanya went to talk with Shawn, who was now at the batting cages.
  • Tanya told Shawn she'd help him study and that he didn't have to cheat; Shawn said he couldn't take any chances, and he said he didn't have to study algebra to play baseball, which is what he wanted to do.
  • Shawn suggested they stop seeing each other if Tanya couldn't support him, and she left him, unable to support his cheating.
  • Later that day, Tanya tried to angrily blow off Shawn when he sat by her in the resource center, but he explained that he had turned the test answers in to Mr. Caplan, and he admitted that he had been a big jerk and that her respect was very important to him; Tanya forgave him and agreed to help him when he said he still needed help studying.


  • Tanya and Kat were doing a kata with Tommy in the Youth Center.
  • When the communicator beeped, Tanya remarked, "We're about to find out," but anything that she would have been referring to was several lines earlier.


  • When baby Joey's diaper needed changing, Tanya's excuse to leave was that she'd forgotten she had to cook dinner; she was presumably still living with Kat's family at this point.


  • Tanya came to watch the baseball team practice, and she yelled a hello to Shawn.
  • Tanya wasn't familiar with Babe Ruth or the nickname "Sultan of Swat."
  • When a foul ball flew toward herself and Adam, Tanya pushed Adam out of harm's way, caught the ball bare-handed, then threw it (quite well) back to the coach, right-handed.
  • When the coach saw Tanya's throw, he sent his current pitcher off to take a shower.
  • Tanya told the coach that she'd never even held a ball before.
  • Tanya struck out Shawn at practice, which bothered him.
  • Tanya was Shawn's girlfriend; they were dating.
  • After Shawn blamed his strike-out on his lack of concentration and said he wasn't sure whether Tanya would do well at the game tomorrow, Kat had Tanya leave with her in response to the remark.
  • In the stands during the big game after the Rangers' battle with People Pitcher, Tommy hoped Tanya had enough energy for the rest of the inning, and Kat noted that the fight had taken a lot out of her.
  • Tanya was number 11 on the baseball team.
  • Tanya got two strikes off record-winning hitter John Peterson, but he then nearly hit a home run which Rocky managed to catch and win the game; Shawn afterward said they had won by luck and that Tanya had almost blown the game.
  • Tanya wouldn't let Shawn's criticisms slide until later, and she broke up with him because he couldn't support her.
  • Adam congratulated the unsure Tanya for standing up for herself.
  • Adam told Tanya that Shawn didn't deserve her, and she hugged Adam.


  • Adam gave Tanya martial arts lessons on a hill overlooking the lake, and she was doing quite well.
  • Adam told Tanya that teaching her helped him prepare for his upcoming match; she replied that that was really sweet but that she didn't believe a word of it.


  • Kat, Tanya, and Rocky were extras in the Biff Starr movie Invasion of Blueface; they wore Ranger-colored togas and kept their communicators on their wrists.
  • While Kat and Tanya were extremely excited about seeing Biff Starr and being extras, Rocky wasn't particularly impressed.


  • In the resource center, Raymond taught Adam and Tanya about using the world-wide web; the two were novices at using the Internet.
  • Tanya and Adam had joined a computer club.
  • Tanya clicked on a "Read Me" icon with a laughing, bouncing smiley face, and she was given a timer with 45 seconds before a computer virus would activate; Raymond saved the day with a disk from his laptop.
  • Tanya left the learning session to meet Tommy to learn a new kata.


  • Mechanizer used his "blasters" to shoot blue energy bolts from his eyes; the explosions around Mechanizer caused him to drop a small metallic cone-shaped item which Tanya referred to as "one of his blasters"; she used her Zeo Laser Pistol to make the item dissolve with flaming red energy.
  • In the background while Tanya was shooting, Kat could be seen picking up something that appeared to be shiny, thin, and a foot or more long; after that, Kat and Tanya were absent for a bit while the guys fought Mechanizer.


  • Walking down a sidewalk with Tanya after preparing a romantic dinner for Tommy and Heather, Kat wondered if what she'd done was really nice or really stupid; Tanya didn't understand.


  • Adam and Tanya studied alone at the resource center one night.
  • Tanya, tired, had had enough studying for the night, but Adam wanted to ace tomorrow's exam, and he kept studying, even though Tanya said he knew every page in the book.
  • Amused by Bulk and Skull, who were asleep in the hallway on their guard duty, Tanya woke them up by shouting, "Hey guys!"
  • Bulk and Skull wanted to walk Tanya home since there was a storm on the way; Tanya agreed to walk them home, and they thanked her.
  • It was 8:05 PM when Tanya left because she was sleepy.
  • The next morning, Tanya invited the teens over to Kat's house after school, saying she would provide the popcorn.


  • Tanya and Adam played basketball together on a basketball court.
  • Seeking an expert at love for advice on what a girl liked, Bulk consulted Tanya.
  • Tanya told Bulk she liked the sophisticated, worldly kind of guy.
  • For the "come as your favorite decade" dance in the Youth Center, Tanya was dressed as a flapper from the 20's.


  • Tanya could sing well.
  • Tanya made a music video for her song "Stick Together"; Rocky and Adam made a few appearances in the video, with Rocky shown holding a camera in several shots as Adam held what may have been a sunlight reflector.
  • The lyrics to "Stick Together" were as follows: "Whoo! Come on, everybody! Stick together! Yeah. Stick together. We're gonna stick together, for now and forever. Through sun and stormy weather, we're gonna stick together. I wanna see you everwhere I go, walking down the street, where we meet and we say hello. I feel like jumping up and down, always feels so good when you're around. Yeah, baby. Sing it for me one more time. Whoo! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."
  • The five teens and Billy watched Tanya's music video for her song "Stick Together" on the Juice Bar TV set.
  • Adam had directed the music video.
  • Tommy rewound the tape to a shot in the video in which a Cog had been in the background, yet it hadn't appeared in the version of the music video which was shown in the beginning of the episode.
  • As the teens helped set up for Ernie's first late night opening of the Juice Bar on Saturday, Billy thought for Tanya to sing at the Youth Center that night at 8:00.
  • The performance at the Youth Center was Tanya's first real audience.
  • Tanya sang "Stick Together" at the after hours club, in front of a lot of people.
  • Tanya's last name was Sloan.
  • Vincent Nova, a producer from SC Records, offered Tanya a recording deal.
  • Kat pointed out that if Tanya signed a contract, she'd have to drop out of school.
  • The producer's card said he was from Hollywood, which meant she might have to move there.
  • People wanted Tanya's autograph, and the teens were concerned.
  • The next day, Tanya told the other four teens that Mr. Nova had shown her video to Lazlo Trent, the director; he, being one of the best directors according to Adam, was interested in doing her next video, and he was flying down that afternoon with the president of SC Records to hear her sing at Ernie's, and if they liked her, they'd offer her a contract.
  • Tanya wasn't sure whether she would take the contract.
  • The lyrics to another of Tanya's songs were as follows: "I won't waste your time, but I've seen enough of you to know these feelings of mine have no other place to go. I'll wait for you so patiently. True love won't be denied. I've seen the best and the worst you have to give, and I still love you, babe. I still love you, babe. I've seen the best and the worst you have to give, and I still love you, babe. I still love you, babe. You're the best thing that has ever come my way, and I'll try my best to make you understand..."
  • Although she'd heard her communicator go off while singing, Tommy motioned for Tanya to stay, that they'd handle it, and she smiled and nodded faintly as she sang.
  • Later that afternoon, the producer of SC Records, sitting with the director and president, reminded Tanya about the limos, recording, vacations, but she'd turned the offer down because she had other responsibilities that took priority.
  • The producer made Tanya keep his card, saying talent like hers was worth waiting for.
  • Tanya apologized to the teens and Billy for not being there for them.
  • Tanya said that school and her friends were what were truly important to her.


  • At the international holidays celebration in the Youth Center around Christmastime, Tanya brought in Kwanzaa candles.


  • All of the teens, including Tanya, displayed expert martial arts skills while dressed as ninjas to spar with Adam.
  • Later, Adam practiced at the beach with swords up on a tall rock formation as Tanya happily watched him from below.
  • Shawn and his new girlfriend Veronica were less than friendly with Tanya, but she forced herself to remain pleasant.
  • Tanya told Shawn and Veronica of Adam's secret weapon: honor.
  • At the kung fu tournament, Tanya called Adam "Sweetie."
  • After Adam had won, Tanya hugged Adam twice, rubbing his back as she did so.
  • When Tanya hugged Shawn as friends after Shawn had apologized to them, Adam was jokingly jealous.


  • Adam and Tanya sparred in the Youth Center; they also had many other things to do that day.
  • Tanya wasn't satisfied with her form.
  • Tanya knew the name of Leaky Faucet, whom the Rangers had defeated once before in 409-IORS, but back then, the monster's name hadn't been mentioned.


  • Tanya had attempted to call Billy repeatedly one night, but he hadn't been home.
  • While the Rangers were fighting Cogs in a stream, morphed Rocky and Tanya made intentional efforts to dunk Cogs underwater; the effects of such submersion weren't shown.
  • When Rocky accused Billy of being the Gold Ranger, Tanya watched Billy suspiciously even after Tommy had accepted Billy's question whether the teens believed he'd hide something like that from them.


  • Adam and Tanya were doing a kata with some kids in the park when Pyramidas flew overhead, being blasted by Varox fighter ships.
  • After Pyramidas had gone down on Aquitar, Billy and Tanya scanned for Pyramidas in the Power Chamber; Adam soon rushed in from the western double doors, saying they had to help Gold Ranger.


  • At the Mr. Stenchy fashion show, Tanya wore a dress that was completely black, with no yellow.


  • Tanya was at the lake throwing a frisbee with Jason.
  • Kat and Tanya still lived together; Kat brought Tanya a package from Aisha which had arrived at the house.
  • In the package along with the key to Auric and a map to Mysterio Island was the following letter from Aisha:

    Dear Tanya,

    Ashalla asked me to send you this key.  Your parents wanted you to have it.  This is the key to the lost tiki of Auric.  I'm also sending you a map that was found in your parents' belongings.

  • Tanya's parents had been missing for years; their plane had gone down in the vicinity of Mysterio Island while they had been searching for the lost tiki of Auric, but no one had ever been able to find the island; with the map, Tanya teleported from the Power Chamber to the island and began searching for her parents.
  • Before leaving, Tanya gave Jason the key to Auric to hold until she returned from Mysterio Island.
  • Tanya left immediately for Mysterio Island without any supplies.
  • After wandering into the cave in which her parents happened to have gone, Tanya began to follow her parents' footprints until Zordon teleported her back, without warning, to help confront giant Auric.
  • After the Rangers had convinced Auric that they fought for good, Jason apologized to Tanya for losing the key (which Billy had recovered), but she let him keep the key permanently; Jason swore to guard the key with his life.
  • Back in the cave on Mysterio Island, Tanya pulled a rather large snake off a lever and then pulled the lever, stopping the walls closing in on her parents and making the flames trapping them die out.
  • The Sloans didn't recognize Tanya; she had to tell them her name.
  • It's unknown how Tanya explained her arrival on Mysterio Island, as well as how she and her parents got back to Angel Grove.


  • In the Juice Bar, Tanya was amused by the practical jokes which had victimized other people around her, until mustard sprayed from a bottle onto her dry clean-only shirt.
  • Kat and Tanya discovered that the culprits behind the practical jokes at Angel Grove High and the Youth Center were actually junior detectives Humphrey and Bogart, and the girls brought Hank, the delivery man from the Angel Grove Novelty Shop, to the Youth Center to identify the detectives as his biggest customers.


  • Waiting for the other teens to arrive at the Juice Bar, Adam teased Tanya that green was a better color than yellow.


  • For Detective Stone's whodunit party, Tanya was dressed as a rich person.


  • Alone in the resource center, Tommy danced and lip synched to a song while Tanya, the only other person shown in the school, came down the main stairwell and watched Tommy with amusement.
  • Tommy was embarrassed by being seen by Tanya; he'd been practicing his moves for an upcoming solo for his music class.
  • Tommy had Tanya give him voice lessons.
  • Tanya gave Tommy singing lessons on a synthesizer in the empty resource center.
  • A blue energy beam from above struck Tommy and Tanya in the resource center, first bouncing off the synthesizer in front of them and then knocking them off their piano bench; they were now forced to sing everything they wanted to speak.
  • According to Rocky a different day, Machina's singing spell had gone away when the monster had been destroyed, but Mechaterpillar (Gasket's creation) hadn't had anything to do with Machina's spell.


  • At the beginning of the Turbozord creation scene in the Power Chamber, Tanya was smiling just before the camera panned away from her; the scene wasn't supposed to be amusing.
  • Tanya became the Yellow Turbo Ranger.
  • Unmorphed Tanya was now proficient at martial arts.
  • In the Power Chamber, Yara let Tanya hold Bethel, and Tanya then let Justin hold the baby.


  • As Adam had heard, Tanya told Kat at the party in the Youth Center that she was a new trainee at KAGV.


  • When Tanya noted as the Rangers were forming the Turbo Megazord that Justin was sure having a good time with this, Adam replied, "He's a kid with a new toy! Let him have some fun! You did, remember?"


  • While Tanya was being a deejay at KAGV, the only vehicle parked outside the building was a dark Chevrolet pickup truck.
  • Tanya's Turbo Navigator told her there was a detonator nearby, but her communicator wasn't working, so she made the following dedication on the radio: "I've got a dedication here, guys and gals. This next song goes out to the Power Rangers. I sure hope they're listening. It's a special request called (deeper and more clearly) 'I need you now!' Power Rangers, if you're out there, I really think this one's the bomb!"
  • After Visceron had been healed in the Power Chamber, Tanya was walking through a residential area with Kat and Adam when she suddenly remembered she was supposed to be on the air, and the three teens ran to the radio station.
  • Chimps Bulk and Skull had saved Tanya's job by taking over for her while she was gone; KAGV's manager, Mr. Marshall, called in to tell her he loved the idea of monkeys on the radio.


  • Tanya was the director of a fifties stunt show sponsored by KAGV; she'd thought volunteering would be fun, but the constant bickering between the two groups of actors was upsetting her.
  • Tanya drove Adam away from the Youth Center in a yellow Volkswagen convertible, but they returned some time later, and the Youth Center no longer looked like a diner.


  • In the Turbo Megazord after Justin had made an L gesture with his left hand while summoning his Turbozord with the others, Tanya asked Justin if he wanted to deal with this loser (giant Big Burpa), making the L gesture with her hand, and he did the L back to her, saying, "Yeah, this one's personal!"; he then had the Megazord perform the same midair backflipping multiple kick that he'd done against Big Burpa earlier.


  • At Lt. Stone's volunteer car wash, Adam playfully chased after Tanya with a wet sponge after she'd flung some soap from her sponge at him.
  • Tanya figured out that whenever Justin lied, Piranhatron appeared.


  • Tanya went with Kat to her Angel Grove Ballet Company audition for support.


  • Tanya and Adam were doing katas in the Youth Center while Tommy was nearby working on his punches.


  • Seeing Robo Racer in battle mode for the first time, Tanya remarked that she'd never seen anything like it, but this certainly wasn't the first time she'd seen a transforming giant robot.


  • Kat and Tanya were taking turns practicing flipping Tommy in the Youth Center.


  • Tanya went with Kat for her audition with the Royal Academy.
  • Kat had told Tanya about Jenny's dancing ability and attitude.
  • After being invited to join the Royal Academy in London, Kat was reluctant to go, but Tanya reminded her that even though she'd given up singing to remain a Ranger, she, unlike Kat, could go back to it any time.


  • On the teens' camping trip, Tanya was setting up a tent in the woods when Adam and Justin came carrying wood.
  • Adam and Tanya mildly bickered over putting up a hammock before hearing Justin's call for help.
  • Tanya had the Putrapod blocking their path run into the hammock and knock itself over, after which the two teens rushed to help Justin against Flamite.
  • When Adam and Tanya pulled out their keys to morph, Flamite kicked them from their hands before they could use them.


  • As the Rangers helped evacuate during giant Flamite's attack, morphed Tanya asked Ashley to take the kids to safety.
  • As Ashley tied a girl's shoe in the Youth Center after Flamite had been destroyed, morphed Tanya momentarily watched her from outside a window.
  • At the power transfer ceremony, Tanya had selected Ashley to become the new Yellow Ranger, due to her compassion and integrity.


  • According to a FAQ page featured for a time on the Fox Kids website, Tanya pursued a career as a singer.

    PRZ comic book

  • Tanya was described as high-energy, loving the thrill of competition.
  • Flying the Zeo-Jets with Rocky on Gamma-Vile, Tanya took the lead, initiating most of their manuevers.

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