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-   Tanya's last name was Sloan.

Full Names: Gabe and [wife's first name unknown] Sloan (Sources: 425-SSYw, 438-Aurc)
First Appearance: 438-Aurc
Last Appearance: 438-Aurc
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-   In an unknown time period (see "Tanya"), young Tanya said she lived in Africa now; her parents had been explorers who were lost on an expedition three years ago (though three years prior to an unknown reference time); the local people had taken her in, and she'd lived there ever since.

-   On Mysterio Island, the Sloans, dressed in ragged explorer clothes, didn't know why the machines (Cogs) were chasing them through the jungle.
-   Mr. Sloan had a whip with him.
-   The Sloans sought shelter in a cave; inside, torches along the cavern wall lit by themselves as the Sloans walked by.
-   At the end of the cavern was the lost tiki of Auric, which the couple had been seeking for years.
-   Mr. Sloan used his whip to retrieve the tiki from its podium which was protected by lasers.
-   When Louie Kaboom appeared to take the tiki from the Sloans, the Sloans apparently hadn't seen Louie before, as Mr. Sloan's, "Who are you?" had emphasis on the "you" rather than the "are."
-   After Louie had taken the tiki and left, the Sloans noted the departure of their chance of being rescued.
-   Mrs. Sloan seemed to call Mr. Sloan "Gabe."
-   Apparently the same day as the Sloans had found the lost tiki of Auric but had had it stolen by Louie Kaboom, a package arrived at Kat's house for Tanya; in the package along with the key to Auric and a map to Mysterio Island was the following letter:

Dear Tanya,

    Ashalla asked me to send you this key. Your parents wanted you to have it. This is the key to the lost tiki of Auric. I'm also sending you a map that was found in your parents' belongings.

-   Tanya's parents had been missing for years; their plane had gone down in the vicinity of Mysterio Island while they had been searching for the lost tiki of Auric, but no one had ever been able to find the island; with the map, Tanya teleported from the Power Chamber to the island and began searching for her parents.
-   Still in the cave, Mrs. Sloan tripped over a trap which fired up a wall of flames to trap the Sloans in a chamber with walls which were closing in; they were eventually freed by Tanya.
-   The Sloans didn't recognize Tanya; she had to tell them her name.
-   It's unknown how Tanya explained her arrival on Mysterio Island, as well as how she and her parents got back to Angel Grove.

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