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?   Kim, Billy, and Jason wore communicators before Billy had introduced them to the teens in 102-HiFv.
-   The teens stayed behind in the Youth Center when everyone else had run outside during the earthquake.

-   The teens were unfamiliar with the Command Center's alarm.

-   Sometime after the teens had beaten the Minotaur, they were walking through Angel Grove High, with no other students in sight.

-   The teens were on their way to a movie after Kim's dance class in the Youth Center had let out.
-   Melissa led all of the teens to the cave where her friends had been taken.

-   Mr. Caplan assigned the five teens to cleaning up the food festival.

-   Jason coached the teens through some of the moves in the Putty fight.

-   Trini and Jason played volleyball against Zack and Billy, then Zack and Kim.

-   The other teens were all very enthusiastic about Billy getting a date for the upcoming dance.
-   Ernie and the teens watched and listened to Billy and Marge's conversation from the Juice Bar.
-   While Billy's date for the dance was Marge, none of the other teens appeared to have a date.

-   The teens participated in Hobby Week in Miss Appleby's language arts class.

-   On the night before and then during Zack's birthday, the four other teens prepared a surprise party for him, in the meantime making him think they'd forgotten his birthday.
-   After school, the teens appeared to have been in the mountains after Zack had gone there to be depressed about their forgetting his birthday.
-   Billy was the only teen not to dance at Zack's birthday party.

-   The teens brought the Genie's lamp into the Command Center without considering the possibility of a monster inside.
-   The teens morphed while aware only of the presence of Putties.

-   Initiated by Zack, the Rangers called their Zords to fight the normal-sized Green Ranger when he said he was going to finish them off.

-   In the Command Center with Zordon and the Zords gone, the teens were extremely pessimistic, but Jason gave them a pep talk.

-   Alpha's extreme pessimism ("Rita will rule the world! She'll enslave mankind! She'll destroy the Command Center again!") motivated the teens not to give up.
-   After splitting up to look for Tommy, the teens met back at Billy's garage.
-   Once Tommy had been freed from Rita's spell, all of the teens wanted Tommy to join their team.

-   The four teens sat around Kim and mimicked her sad body posture to try to cheer her up after she'd been unable to find her grandmother's spinning wheel.

-   Kim, Billy, Trini, and Zack took a field trip in the RADBUG.
-   After destroying the Mirror of Destruction in the Zords, the five Rangers went down to the beach to meet Jeremy.
-   The five teens were in the Youth Center later as Jeremy described his experience.
-   The other four teens were amused when Jason couldn't answer Jeremy's question about where he'd been during the Rangers' battle.

-   After being teleported to the Command Center following their first battle with giant Hatchasaurus, the teens wondered what was wrong, as they thought they'd destroyed the monster; they'd apparently forgotten about Zordon's instructions that they had to get inside Hatchasaurus and disconnect Cardiatron to destroy the monster.

-   The teens were in Miss Appleby's class with Bulk and Skull, a class in which they all had to turn in video projects.
-   Trini started a clean-up club that met weekly; the other four teens were the only classmates shown agreeing to be in the clean-up club.
-   The teens did flips through the air while cleaning up trash.
-   The teens did a pointless tower formation in the middle of their fight with the Putties.

-   Twin Man's evil teens sabotaged a water fountain with soap, covering Mr. Caplan with suds when he went to drink from it; the real teens got detention for the prank.

-   The teens were at Power Ranger Day for a while to mingle with the crowd and lessen the chances of people finding out who they were.

-   The teens went to Billy's garage to change the frequencies on their communicators to foil Rita's jamming of the frequency.
-   After the Rangers had destroyed Cyclopsis and sent Rita fleeing back to the moon, Zordon commended the teens on dealing Rita a serious blow and told them that although the danger had not passed completely, the teens could now choose whether they wished to remain Rangers or return to their regular lives; they all chose to remain Rangers.

-   The teens all helped give out pets during the pet adoption day.

-   The teens participated in the Oddball Games and were on the team that won the Noble Lion Trophy.
-   When a sudden storm hit Angel Grove, the teens suspected it was Rita's doing.
-   The teens only knew that Rita had used the Noble Lion Trophy to create Goatan, not that the trophy's disappearance was originally due to Bulk and Skull's theft.
-   When a police officer brought the mud-covered Bulk and Skull to the Youth Center to see if someone could positively identify them, Bulk asked the teens, "Oh, come on, guys, don't you recognize us? It's us - your friends - Bulk and Skull?"

-   The teens grew saplings in Miss Appleby's class to be transplanted to the park.

-   Billy took the teens to his uncle's resort in the mountains so they could spend the weekend studying for the huge science test on Monday.
?   It was still quite light outside when the guys and girls said goodnight and went to their two rooms for the night; all of the teens' study materials were in the guys' room.
-   All five teens slept wearing their communicators.
-   After having individual nightmares induced by the Crystal of Nightmares, the teens all had the same nightmare: in it, Zordon told them, "Power Rangers, it has become obvious that you are no longer capable of performing your duties. I have no choice but to strip you of your powers forever..."
-    Zordon told the teens that without self-confidence, their powers were completely useless, so he sent them to destroy the Crystal of Nightmares.

-   The teens tried to collect money to save the bankrupt Juice Bar, but they were unable to collect enough, until they had the owner of the lost dog Jason had found give the generous reward to Ernie.
-   Ernie's celebration after the Juice Bar was just barely saved from bankruptcy was sodas and pizzas on the house, which the teens eagerly accepted.

-   The teens had the highest grades in Miss Appleby's class, so they were chosen to bury the class's time capsule in the park.
-   After the battle with Jellyfish, Kim asked the others if they wanted to see a movie.

-   The other teens had to go to the library while Trini went to the park to practice her praying mantis kung fu.
-   When Ernie told the teens that Trini had left after reading the note she'd left behind, Kim immediately took the note and read it to the other teens.
-   Upon reading that Master Li had supposedly asked Trini to come to the quarry for special training, the curious teens went there to check it out.

-   The teens' parents all wore the teens' Ranger colors, with the exception of Billy's dad and Kim's mom's new boyfriend/husband.
-   After Jason, Trini, Kim, and Zack had fought Putties in front of the Youth Center, Jason remarked that he hoped their parents hadn't seen the fight.
-   The teens chose to give Goldar their Power Coins in an attempt to have their kidnapped parents spared, but the parents were not released.

-   After Tommy had been teleported to the Command Center, Jason said to him, "Welcome back, old friend," as though the teens hadn't seen Tommy in a while.
-   Jason, Zack, Trini, and Billy were put under Dramole's spell until cured by red energy rays from Green Ranger.
-   Tommy said it was good to be back with his friends again.

-   The five teens played flag football in the park while Ernie trained Tommy at football.
-   The teens did unnecessary flips while playing football.

-   The five teens had a test in Miss Appleby's class, and Miss Appleby had Kim hand out the tests.

-   The teens had to maintain control of their own thoughts at all times to resist Guitardo's spell; only Kimberly was able to resist, by telling herself she had to concentrate and seemingly by humming to herself.

-   The teens, minus Trini and Tommy, were at the lake, with Jason and Zack doing martial arts, and Billy by Kim as she collected shells in a pink toy bucket.

-   In the Command Center after the Rangers' battle with Turbanshell, Tommy's last battle as the Green Ranger, Tommy said he'd miss the teens while they were on school break. (Source: Corrected by "Josh G.")

-   When Jason was depressed about Tommy's Power loss, Kim decided that she, Zack, Trini, and Billy would go find Tommy, saying Tommy would want to help Jason.
-   Zack, Billy, and Kim took Zack's car to find Tommy at his uncle's cabin after picking Trini up.
-   Kim wasn't exactly sure how to get to the cabin, and the four teens were following a map.
-   After escaping from the Dimension of Doom, the teens watched and listened on the Viewing Globe as Tommy wrote a letter by the lake to Jason and read the last part of it aloud.

-   A Putty sprinkled bluish glitter on the trumpet Curtis was going to use in his performance.
-   As Curtis played, blue vapors came from his trumpet (on which a Putty had earlier sprinkled hallucination dust) and made the teens momentarily woozy, but the teens didn't pay any attention to the vapors and their effects.
?   A Putty appeared in the Youth Center, took the trumpet, and teleported out, with no one noticing its presence, even though had been within Billy's, Trini's, and Kim's field of vision.

-   Goldar reported to Zedd that since the defeat of the Green Ranger, the other teens were becoming increasingly distressed.

-   After Billy had explained what he'd seen of the creation of the White Ranger to the other teens in his garage, the teens were a bit tense with the idea of a new Ranger, while Billy had been pleasantly awed.
-   The tense teens assumed the new Ranger wasn't Tommy, who was already "one of [them]."
-   Jason calmed the complaining teens down, sure that Zordon had a good reason for this.
-   As the teens prepared to go to the Command Center to meet the White Ranger, Billy reminded them that Zordon and Alpha knew what they were doing, and Trini agreed, saying they shouldn't question Zordon and Alpha's judgment.
-   All of the teens were quite pleased to discover that Tommy was the White Ranger.


Pilot Episode
-   The teens were all at a bowling alley.
-   The teens were all involved in a large brawl in the bowling alley; it was started when Kim's bowling ball splashed chili onto a group of punks behind her, and Trini soon responded to the punks' shoving of the teens by beating up one punk who was holding her face; the teens were the only people fighting the punks.
-   The crowd in the bowling alley applauded after the teens had beaten up all of the punks.
-   When Rita attacked, Zoltar had Alpha initiate "plan B," whereby Alpha pushed a button to teleport to them what Zoltar described as "the most dangerous group of ruthless, underhanded, self-absorbed, and over-emotional humans in the area."
-   Zoltar told the teens that as teenagers, the future of the planet was theirs, and they were now called upon to defend that future.
-   Each teen was shown transforming into his or her Dinozord animal as Zoltar described the animals; the teens then transformed back into human form.
-   After being knocked down by Putties in the desert, the teens took Kim's suggestion of screaming for help before Jason grabbed his Morpher from the ground nearby.
-   The Rangers' fight with the Putties was for the most part the same, but with Jason backhanding and kicking Putties in the face, Zack throwing a Putty over the edge of the building, and Trini firing down at Putties with her Blade Blaster, telling them to dance.
-   Zoltar told the teens each of them brought something unique to the team: Jason leadership and courage (showing him kicking Bulk in the face), Kim beauty and grace (showing her about to bowl and send the ball flying), Zack a love for life (showing him dancing up to the Putties), Billy a knowledge of the ages (showing him explaining the physics of bowling to Trini), and Trini lightning hands with a peaceful soul (showing her pounding a punk into a pulp).

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