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-   After stowaway Leo had saved Kendrix from an explosive device in a training exercise on the moon, Kai was enraged to realize that Leo was the stowaway they'd encountered earlier.
-   Prior to Mike's arrival to check on them, neither Kendrix nor Kai had known that Leo was Mike's little brother, suggesting that the three GSA teens had met in the GSA and knew little of each other's past personal lives.
-   Sudenly, a swirling portal opened on a hill and Maya of Mirinoi tumbled out and landed beside the four teens.
-   Maya cautiously looked up at Leo and Mike and rose to her feet, then started to run toward Kai and Kendrix a few feet away, but Mike caught her; she tried to run the other way, but Leo caught her instead.
-   Just then, three Stingwingers rolled down the hill, having emerged from the portal as well.
-   As the Stingwingers attacked, the four teens fought to protect Maya, whom the Stingwingers seemed to be after; eventually, the four aimed energy rifles at the insect warriors, making them fly away back into the portal in retreat.
-   Sadly after telling her name and that she was from what was left of the planet Mirinoi (with which the teens were not familiar), Maya prepared to go back, saying Scorpius would destroy her world if he got the Quasar Sabers.
-   Leo wanted to help, but Kai thought he was nuts; Leo pleaded Mike that she needed their help, and Kendrix agreed.
-   Mike said Leo wasn't going, but Kai objected to their even going at all, pointing out that Terra Venture left in a few hours and wouldn't wait for anyone.
-   Mike went with Kendrix and Maya, leaving Leo with Kai, planning to be back soon.
-   After the others had left, Kai and Leo began to walk away, but Leo then suddenly bolted for the portal, which closed immediately after he'd run through. (Source: Although the portal's closing was omitted from the end of the aired version of this episode and merely referred to in 602-QsQ2, the video release of this episode did in fact show the portal closing immediately afterward.)

-   On Mirinoi, Maya cautiously led Kendrix and Mike through the jungle.
-   Alone in the jungle, Leo was confronted by three Stingwingers and cockily readied his gun, but he was swarmed by many more.
-   Leo was kicked back to where the other three found him, and Mike said he'd told him not to follow them.
-   The four remained in the bushes until the Stingwingers had left.
-   Some time later, Stingwingers held captives near the Quasar Sabers' stone, with the sage named Jera closest, and Furio ordered him to tell him how to release the sabers or he'd destroy the whole planet.
-   Jera told Furio he would never release them, as he wasn't chosen, and as Furio prepared to strike with his sword for Jera's insolence, Maya leapt in and was soon joined by Leo, Mike, and Kendrix, then Kai and Damon as well from the other direction, astonishing the crowd each time.
-   The six teens fought Stingwingers, none of them doing very well; facing Furio, Mike lost his gun and was kicked back against the saber rock.
-   As Furio, tired of toying with him, prepared to strike, Mike, in one quick move, pulled out the center (Lion) saber and struck Furio's blow; with a spark explosion from his sword, Furio flew back, startling Mike.
-   Maya and the others, except Leo, joined Mike by the sabers; getting up, Furio wanted Mike's sword, but the four teens instead attempted to pull the remaining sabers after Kendrix had asked Mike if they should.
-   At once, the four pulled out their sabers with a brief blade glow of Ranger-colored energy, astonishing the crowd and Jera.
-   Maya was awed that they'd been chosen.
-   After fending off a Stingwinger nearby, Leo looked at the five saber-wielders in amazement.
-   When Furio plunged his sword into the ground and began turning everything to stone, Leo joined the others; just before turning to stone, the sage Jera yelled for Maya to run, and the others hurried her away from the approaching wave.
-   Elsewhere, Furio and Stingwingers appeared in front of the fleeing teens with red and green energy respectively.
-   With his sword crackling red, Furio sliced the ground, making a quake which split the earth open; as the crevice opened beneath Mike, he fell in but grabbed the edge with his hands.
?   Once Mike had fallen after giving Leo his saber, Maya was the first of the teens to yell, "Mike!" despite having just met him.
-   Leo angrily confronted the laughing Furio, and the other teens joined him.
-   As Leo held it close, his saber crackled with red energy and the blade began to glow red; the others were then glowing with Ranger-colored light.
-   Leo looked at the others, then nodded, and the five held up their glowing sabers; white energy bolts from the sky struck the sabers, and the teens morphed into the Galaxy Rangers.
-   As the Rangers examined their sabers, Leo said he'd never felt such power.
-   Leo dedicated the ensuing fight with Stingwingers and Furio to Mike.
-   As Leo fought Furio, the gray wave soon approached, and the others dragged him off to retreat.
-   Despite Leo's repeated efforts to stay and fight, the others took him with them and boarded the Megaship nearby, led by Damon.
-   When the helmetless Rangers entered the bridge, alarming Alpha, Kai and Damon prepared the controls as the others stood in the doorway in awe.
-   The portal in space began to close, but the Megaship flew through just in time.

-   Days or weeks later, after all civilians had obtained uniforms, Leo and Maya were in new outfits attending to plants in a garden near a "Horticultural Research" complex; they had apparently been given jobs and identities since stowing away.
-   After hearing the distant howling of animals (the Wolf Galactabeast) in trouble, Maya left with Leo, and they were met by Damon, whom they had called, presumably using the Transmorphers.
-   Damon now had a Terra Venture badge on the left breast of his green coveralls and an oval badge on the right breast.
-   As Maya was sure she'd heard animals in trouble, Leo asked if the Megaship was ready to go, and as they walked through a GSA hallway led by Maya, Damon replied that the Megaship was ready but that the navigations were all down.
-   As the three teens came to a restricted airlock secretly leading into the Megaship in the docking bay, Maya entered a quick code onto the keypad, opening the door.
-   Damon wasn't sure if the engines would come online, even if Maya could find the planet.
-   From what appeared to be Kendrix's station in the Science Division, Kendrix and Kai spoke through a monitor on the Megaship bridge to Maya and Leo, whispering while upset and glancing behind them often.
-   Kai insisted that the three couldn't just take off, as they had to conduct standard systems tests, finish charging the hyper accelerators, interrupting himself to glower that there were procedures.
-   Alpha casually walked behind Leo to do something at a rear station, not listening to Kai.
-   Kendrix told Leo that Kai was right, but Leo used controls to make the transmission fade out, pretending he couldn't hear them.
?   To go from the Megaship to a planet below after Maya had heard the animals on it, unmorphed Leo, Damon, and Maya headed for the workbay, but its status was unknown, and the Jet Jammers had not yet been invented.
-   In the forest of the planet, Maya was again the only one to hear the distant howl, and it led her and the others to a clearing where the Galactabeasts were being held by Stingwingers in five giant cages.
-   Maya said they had to free them, but Damon was reluctant, saying they didn't sound friendly; Leo said they needed a distraction, so Maya went in to draw the Stingwingers away, making Damon think she was crazy.
-   After Maya had lured the villains away, Damon attempted to work a lock panel on one of the cages, and Maya rejoined them, but they were then attacked by Radster and more Stingwingers, and they morphed with their Transmorphers.
-   Just then, morphed Kendrix and Kai arrived, having thought the others could use some help; presumably they had teleported to the others' location.
-   As they fought Stingwingers and Radster, Maya was the first to cut the chains to the giant cages above, and the others followed, releasing their respective Galactabeasts.
-   Maya translated for the Lion Galactabeast that he had thanked the Rangers for rescuing them, and someday they would return the favor.
-   The unmorphed teens then flew the Megaship back toward Terra Venture, but when they saw Furio and Radster attacking the colony in the viewscreen while they were still a long ways away, Kai and Leo both reached for the control sticks, shaking the ship until Damon shoved them both aside and took control, activating the hyper accelerators.
-   Soon, the morphed Rangers teleported onto the scene to fight Radster.
-   Radster eventually ran off, and Leo chased telling the Rangers to go after him despite Kai's cry otherwise, but Kai then told the others that they had to help him, and they ran after Leo.
-   Later, as Leo joined powers with the Lion Galactabeast against giant Radster, Damon called Leo "the man" and encouraged the others to cheer him on.
-   The teens now lived in futuristic rooms located off GSA-style corridors, with Kai, Damon, and Leo sharing a room and Kendrix and Maya sharing another; how and when they had gotten these rooms is unknown.
-   In the guys' room, Damon did a card trick for Leo but lost and had to do the dishes.
-   Maya was standing at the windows looking into space and told Kendrix when asked that she was wondering whether she'd ever see Mirinoi again.
-   As Leo and Kai began another card game while Damon prepared to wash the dishes that the teens had just used, the girls left laughing.

-   After Horn had stolen the weapons from the GSA weapons dome and Leo had left to handle it alone, Damon used the computer terminal in his and Kai's room to locate the weapons.
-   Kendrix and Maya entered, having been called there for an emergency, and as soon as Damon had pinpointed the power plant, the four left and arrived at the plant morphed, finding morphed Leo there fighting Horn.
-   When Horn stole the Rangers' Quasar Sabers, Leo refused to let go of his and was pulled into Horn's coat and vanished with the saber.
-   In the guys' room with the others, Kai lay on his bed, blaming himself for Leo's fate; he soon rose and ran out to find Leo, and the others followed.
-   Hiding in an industrial complex where he'd stolen back the sabers from Horn, Leo wrapped a chain around the sabers before running off; nearby, the four Rangers searched a walkway bridge, having followed a scanner reading there.
-   The Rangers would soon meet up and swap identical bundles of sabers, with Leo taking a set of fakes of unknown origin.
-   Near the slag pool where Furio anxiously waited, Leo was blocked by Horn, who blasted him and took the bundle of sabers, actually fakes.
-   Excited over the end of the Quasar Sabers after Horn had brought them to him, Furio plopped them in, then told Horn to give him the Transdaggers; Horn protested that that hadn't been part of the deal, but Furio said they had no deal, opening Horn's coat and ripping out the Transdaggers.
-   The Rangers suddenly teleported by, stealing the Transdaggers in the process.
?   Furio told the Rangers they were nothing without their Quasar Sabers, but Leo revealed that those had been fakes used to trick the villains into showing them the location of the Transdaggers; how they had learned of the Transdaggers is unknown, although they may have obtained information and fake sabers from Alpha during their search for Leo.
-   Leo had the Rangers see what the weapons could do, and each transformed his respective Transdagger while calling out its name; this may have been information provided by Alpha, or merely instinctive Ranger knowledge.

-   After stowaway Matthew had saved Terra Venture and the Rangers had destroyed Gasser, Matthew stood before Stanton and a line of blue GSA officers, with red officers beside them, and Kendrix, Damon, and Kai together at the end of the line as Stanton gave Matthew a medal.
-   Matthew thanked them but wished his mom was there to see it, and Stanton didn't know what to say; as Matthew walked off sulking, Damon looked at Kendrix and nodded subtlely with a smile.
-   Walking through a park with his bag and medal, Matthew was sad about not being able to go home, but the Rangers suddenly leapt in, landing in front of him, and they would take him home to Earth in the Megaship after sending a transmission to Stanton.
-   Exactly how the Rangers interacted with Earth upon dropping Matthew off is unknown.

-   After Furio had hatched a plot to exploit Leo, morphed Kendrix and Maya flew to the Forest Dome in their Jet Jammers seeking energy readings they'd detected.
?   In the preview after 705-Hmsk, Kendrix, with Maya on the Megaship bridge, had detected three lifeforms, and the two had left worriedly to check it out; this scene, however, did not appear in the episode.
-   Upon landing, Kendrix told Maya to stay alert, as "they" were around there somewhere, and they were then attacked by Stingwingers, Furio, and armored Trakeena, who introduced herself as "Princess Trakeena."
-   When Kendrix asked about the Astro Cycles when the guys drove up on them, Leo introduced them as their new Astro Cycles.
-   After Furio and armored Trakeena had shown Leo an unconscious Mike (actually Mutantrum in disguise), Leo raced after the villains and was soon watching them from some trees.
-   Before Leo could rush in, Kai, with the others, stopped him; Maya had a plan and made Damon act as the decoy.
-   Walking up, Damon spoke with the villains, hoping no one attacked him, and the villains charged, at which point the four Rangers morphed and fought the villains; meanwhile, unmorphed Leo freed Mike.
-   The Rangers were later shocked when Mike gave Furio the case to the Lights of Orion (with which all but Leo were unfamiliar), but he then morphed into Mutantrum.
-   In the guys' room later, Kai cooked chocolate chip cookie balls while the teens talked about the Lights of Orion.

-   In a GSA training room, Kendrix and Kai sparred in workout suits, and shortly after they'd finished, the other three teens entered to show Kendrix a magazine featuring Carolyn Pickets, who looked identical to Kendrix.
-   The teens drove to a photo shoot in a mountain park in two Terra Venture cars to compare Kendrix and Carolyn; there, Carolyn appeared to be injured by a monster attack, and Kendrix was hired to take her place.
-   Some time after the filming of Star Crossed Lovers, Kendrix was preparing a sub sandwich portion for herself in the kitchen of the girls' room as she went over one of the lines from the movie; the other teens came in and caught her reciting the line, chuckling at her.
-   Taking half of the sandwich, Damon jokingly asked Kendrix if she was going to give up science for acting.
-   The teens watched an awards show on television, apparently the Academy Awards, as Carolyn dedicated an award to Kendrix.

-   In the guys' room later, the four teens and Jodie were watching the videotape in the living area, with Kai in the kitchen.
-   After a bit of footage of Jodie, the camera followed Hannah around for the rest of the tape, upsetting Jodie.
-   Kai dreamily served the teens very burnt pancakes, then when asked about them, remembered he'd forgotten the syrup and poured ketchup on them instead.
-   With Kai back in the kitchen, the teens figured a girl had gotten him in this state.
-   As Stanton picked up Jodie and his camera, Kendrix interrupted Jodie before she could tell him about the videotape, and Stanton couldn't wait to see how much she'd improved; he had them tell Kai thanks.
-   Kai was oblivious to a small smoke explosion in whatever he was cooking.
-   Two days after Kai had believed that Hannah was getting married, the four teens were in the guys' room, with Leo absent.
-   Maya made a sandwich which Damon took, and she was concerned that Kai hadn't eaten a decent meal in two days, and Damon said neither had Leo and he, since Kai was the only one who could cook.
-   Kai was elated upon receiving a note from Hannah revealing that she had been a bridesmaid in her sister's wedding, calling Kai her hero.

-   The same afternoon as from the end of 708-BlCr, the four Rangers approached the cave, having followed Kendrix's scanner reading, and Maya called out for Leo.
-   After Furio's self-destruction had filled the cave with a huge explosion and flung the four Rangers back, the Magna Defender soon emerged from the cave carrying unmorphed Leo over his shoulder.
-   Magna Defender set Leo down at the entrance, with the other Rangers not knowing who he was.
-   Later, Leo was asleep and bandaged on the Megaship infirmary bed with Alpha monitoring the displays; he suddenly awoke and returned morphed to the cave.
-   The next day, when Magna Defender was insistently approaching Kendrix to take the stone Leo had found and which both Ruptor and Magna Defender sought, the four Rangers arrived to back Kendrix up.
-   In a throaty voice, Magna Defender told them to stop, and when asked who he was, he told them just to give him the stone.
-   When Leo began to refuse, Magna Defender aimed his blaster at him, but Ruptor would then blast them all and take the stone.
-   After Ruptor had stolen the stone, Magna Defender began to walk off, but Leo grabbed his shoulder, causing Magna Defender to turn and punch him in the gut.
-   Restraining the others, Kendrix asked why he wanted the Lights, and he replied before walking off that he had his reasons.
-   Soon, the five Rangers would fly their Jet Jammers to a mountainside where Samuron was waiting, following Alpha's multiple readings; in a cut scene from the preview after 708-BlCr, the teens had noticed an elongated green blip on a grid on the computer in their room before flying out, saying whatever it was wasn't supposed to be there.
-   After Magna Defender had destroyed Samuron and split the rock, revealing it was hollow, Treacheron confronted Magna Defender, followed by the armorless Trakeena; it was during this confrontation that the Rangers learned Magna Defender's name, his releasing of the Lights 3,000 years ago, and his defeat by Treacheron.
-   After the Rangers had chased off Treacheron following the destruction of Ruptor, they proposed working together with Magna Defender, but he replied that he worked with no one; they thought they were both fighting for the same thing, but he replied that they had no idea what he was fighting for.

-   In the girls' room, Kendrix got a vase for some large sunflowers on the counter which Maya said were gorgeous.
-   Later, as Magna Defender was blasting near some innocent people to try to hit Fishface, morphed Damon and Kai grappled him, and Fishface would soon leave.
-   While the others helped the people, Leo and Maya shouted at Magna Defender, incensed over his lack of care for the people; Kendrix angrily asked whether he cared about innocent people, and he replied that they were insignificant toward his mission.
-   Leo wanted Magna Defender to let them work together, but he walked off in solitude.
-   In the guys' room, the teens were upset about Magna Defender's attitude before Alpha soon called them back into battle.
-   While Magna Defender fought Fishface, a little girl who had dropped her teddy bear returned, and Fishface grabbed her as a hostage, making her scream.
-   Asking Magna Defender if the scenario brought back any old memories, Fishface had him and the Rangers drop their weapons; the Rangers dropped their sabers, but Magna Defender remained unfazed, approaching the monster with his sword.
-   Leo, Fishface, and Kendrix all shouted for Magna Defender not to approach, but he continued, telling the monster he'd shown no mercy for his son, and now Magna Defender would show no mercy for him.
-   As Fishface blasted the struggling Leo and Magna Defender, Damon led the girl to safety.
-   After they'd been ejected from the defeated Galaxy Megazord, they were baffled when Magna Defender's Torozord arrived.
-   After Fishface's destruction, Magna Defender was walking through an area of trees when the five teens ran up to him, and as Leo called out for him to wait, he actually stopped.
-   Leo calmly but firmly explained that he had to get a grip on his anger, but Magna Defender replied without looking back that he had no idea what he was talking about, proceeding to explain the story of the death of his son Zika at the hands of Scorpius; he told them he wouldn't stop until he'd destroyed Scorpius.
-   Calling after Magna Defender as he kept walking, Leo told him he knew how he felt, but without control, he was as bad as Scorpius's forces; Magna Defender merely kept walking.

-   Walking up to the stable where Maya was brushing two horses, Damon and Leo were impressed with Maya's way with animals.
-   Maya needed help exercising the horses and was amused when the guys tried to excuse themselves; she had them toss a coin, but Damon privately refused, agreeing to cook dinner for a week, so Leo ended up nervously helping Maya exercise the two horses.
-   Shortly after Chillyfish's freezing of Terra Venture that night, the five Rangers soon investigated in the city and were confronted by Chillyfish.
-   Chillyfish shot freeze needles into the necks of the five Rangers, making all but Leo collapse; Leo's needle had actually been blocked under his suit by Mike's dogtags.
-   Unmorphed Leo soon brought the unmorphed, weak, pale, and barely conscious teens into the frozen Megaship, where Alpha gave them silver blankets to put on them before he and the four all went offline/unconscious.
-   Following Chillyfish's destruction, all of the systems came back on, and the teens awoke.

-   In the girls' room, Leo prepared a pile of wrapped gifts, and Kendrix iced a cake in preparation for a surprise birthday party for Damon; he'd thought they'd all forgotten his birthday.
-   As Magna Defender brought in Torozord to attack the forcefield in the city in which Destruxo was freeing the Lights of Orion, Leo urged that he couldn't just break the forcefield open like an egg, as there was too much energy, but Magna Defender told him to save his breath, then formed the Defender Torozord and proceeded to strike the forcefield with his lance, shaking up the area, so the three morphed and summoned their Galactabeasts to stop him.
-   After the girls had deactivated the forcefield and Magna Defender had painfully retreated, Destruxo released the Lights of Orion, filling the sky with raging clouds and ghost-like wraiths.
-   As Destruxo chased after the flying Lights, the five Rangers chased after him, but the Lights would fly off into space.
-   That night, Damon sleepily went from the elevator to the door of the guys' room; inside, the lights came on as the four teens threw him a surprise party.

-   One night perhaps days or weeks later, Maya brought Kendrix to the guys' room, waking them up to tell them about a dream, but she then got the urge to approach the window, saying, "There," and the Lights of Orion flew by in space, lighting up the room.
-   The teens flew in the Megaship after the Lights in space, but when the Megaship was disabled by the Scorpion Stinger, the Rangers flew out in the Jet Jammers before the Lights returned to Terra Venture.
-   After being blasted and sent rolling down a hill by Orion-powered Destruxo, the Rangers then lay unmorphed in a smoking area at the bottom of the hill, quite weak.
-   At the bottom of the hill, the teens lay unmorphed and weak in a smoking area when they were attacked and pounded by Stingwingers.
-   Destruxo soon projected another fire wave from flaming energy spheres from his claw arm, and as the wave swept over the teens, they soon emerged from the firestorm morphed.
-   After freeing the Lights from Destruxo, Magna Defender ran to get them, but the Rangers stood in his way, Leo telling him they couldn't let him get them because he had too much anger inside him.
-   Left with no choice, Magna Defender shot the Rangers and ran past them to get the Lights; in a desperate move to stop him from getting the Lights, as he would destroy anything including them to get his revenge, the Rangers aimed their Quasar Launchers at the Lights to destroy them.
-   As Magna Defender threatened to destroy the Rangers, the Lights let out two golden energy pulses, making the Rangers hold their fire; the Lights then flew down and hovered right over the Rangers' heads, apparently choosing them, to the Rangers' and Magna Defender's startlement.
-   Leo figured that the Lights could only be used for good, so they were going to give the Rangers their power; the Rangers held up their hands to touch them and were powered up in the Orion armor.
-   After they'd destroyed Destruxo, the Rangers unexpectedly demorphed with gold energy, and the Lights, overhead, split with a gold energy pulse into five smaller pieces, which flew into the teens' Morphers, making the blue discs briefly glow gold.

-   After Leo had been injured in a fight with Treacheron, the four teens went into battle without him and were surprised when the Lights of Orion wouldn't activate with Leo missing, but he would soon join them.

-   When Terra Venture was attacked by the Scorpion Stinger, Leo had been driving Maya around the Mountain Dome, and Kai and Kendrix had been working at their normal posts; the five teens would meet up outside the administration building downtown.
-   In the Megaship, Alpha told the teens of Magna Defender's attempts in Torozord to cause a meltdown to blow up the Mountain Dome, and they would arrive in the Galaxy Megazord to stop him.
-   After Magna Defender's self-defeat and Freaky Tiki's destruction, causing the lava pit to overload, the Rangers ran toward the pit despite Alpha's warnings, but the flames and energy pulses ejected from the pit demorphed the teens and prevented them from approaching.
-   As the teens continued struggling against the flames and explosions, Magna Defender told them only he could stop the process; he threw down his sword into the ground near the teens, and a crystalline blue energy dome surrounded them to protect them and keep them from interfering.
-   Walking off, Magna Defender told Leo not to worry about his brother; the teens cried out for him not to do it, but he continued to approach the lava pit and would soon nullify its energies, sacrificing himself for the colony.
-   After Magna Defender had sacrificed himself to neutralize the pit's evil energies and the forcefield around the teens had dissipated, Kendrix asked if he was really gone, but Leo took Magna Defender's sword from the ground and said the Magna Defender would live forever.
-   Without warning, Mike walked up from behind a rock formation, startling and delighting the teens, and he and Leo hugged fiercely.

-   In the guys' room, Leo made a toast to Mike; picking up Magna Defender's sword from the table, Mike toasted to the Magna Defender, owing the warrior his life and wishing his spirit lived on.
-   In battle, Skelekron captured four of the Rangers in tiny mirrors and tapped their powers with his Skelekron Warriors, but they would eventually be freed by Leo and Mike.
-   The Galaxy Megazord was later trapped in a mirror by giant Skelekron, and when it was freed, Leo was startled to see that Defender Torozord had saved them, not yet knowing that Mike had become the Magna Defender.
-   In the city, the five teens ran up to unmorphed Mike, who held Magna Defender's sword and looked up at Torozord; he said that this was his own destiny.

-   At 1:20, Mike was in the Comet Cafe for lunch when he suddenly remembered he had to meet the teens, taking along the woman he'd just met, secretly Trakeena in disguise.
-   With Tracy, Mike came into the guys' room, where the five teens were lounging around; Leo had had something to tell Mike, but the guys were all stunned by Tracy.
-   Maya and Kendrix annoyedly reminded Mike and the guys that they had just been on their way out, and Mike invited Tracy to come with them.
-   Tracy and Mike were walking arm-in-arm in front of the others in the city when two iron girders nearly crushed them, with Mike saving Tracy just in time.
-   Crumummy, attacking after having triggered the falling girders, drained the beauty from Maya and Kendrix, knocking them out, and Mike rushed Tracy away, leaving the three guys to fight the monster.
-   Nearby, Mike had Tracy stay behind an area of plants while he ran back and checked on the girls; at the fight location, Kai had Mike get the unconscious girls out of there.
-   After Crumummy had retreated, the three Rangers immediately demorphed, and the three teens and Tracy then joined up nearby to check on the girls, where Mike hadn't taken them far.
-   Mike said he'd take Tracy home, and Leo was outraged, saying she'd be just fine, but Mike left with her anyway, saying she wasn't safe there.
-   When Mike released the sands from Crumummy's jar, all of his victims were cured, including Kendrix in her bed and Maya on her hammock.
-   Leo joined Mike, and Mike explained noticing that the monster hadn't attacked Tracy; the two then morphed and fought the Stingwingers Trakeena summoned in parting before the other four Rangers would soon arrive.
-   Later, the four guys rode an elevator to the girls' floor, hoping the girls were ready to go somewhere.
-   As the guys entered the girls' room, they found them in Ranger-colored robes with their hair in Ranger-colored towels, with face cream all over their faces, initially frightening Damon.

-   After a GSA rescue team (including Leo and Mike) inside a dead alien ship had apparently been attacked by an alien creature and had lost contact with Terra Venture, Kendrix subtly waved Kai over from the hallway outside Command Headquarters, and he got up to leave, having another Type 1 blue officer cover for him.
-   Soon, the four Rangers blasted their way into the alien ship and helped evacuate soldiers to the heliship.

-   On a street, Kai was livid over his car being broken down, as dinner was on the stove, but he and Damon would soon be abducted to Deviot's planet.
-   Entering the guys' room that evening, Leo found a smoking put of burned food on the stove and found Kai missing from his bed; Maya arrived looking for Kai, and Kendrix then entered, worriedly noting that Kai hadn't shown up for his shift in Command Headquarters.
?   Kendrix was worried about Kai having missed his shift, but his abduction had occurred when his car had broken down on his way home that afternoon.
-   Leo tried calling Kai and Damon on his Morpher, but there was no answer, and the three left, realizing something was wrong.
-   Beside a beach in daylight in a dome, perhaps the Ocean Dome, the weary morphed Kai and Damon, apparently having teleported from Deviot's planet.
-   Just then, the three Rangers flew in on their Jet Jammers to help, and Magna Defender Mike would arrive as well.
-   Presumably later the same evening after Deviot's evil Zord attack, Kendrix and Kai worked alone on a Science Division computer to attempt to translate the symbols on the page of the Galaxy Book showing the Galactabeasts, but Kai said it looked like it was impossible to decode.

-   In the guys' room, the four teens (Maya absent) attempted to think of a way to stop the evil Zords; Kendrix attempted to translate a copy of the torn page from the Galaxy Book on the computer terminal, assuming that it contained the answer to the Galactabeasts' refusal to fight.
-   Damon finished a sheet of calculations, saying the best they could do was to combine the lasers of their Astro Cycles.
-   Leo thought to set an Astro Cycle on overload and launch it into the evil Zords, visualizing himself driving his Astro Cycle off a ramp and impacting with a kamikaze explosion; Kai agreed it was settled, and the four teens left to enact the plan, with Kendrix heading to the Science Division to keep trying.
-   Meanwhile, Maya had been speaking with the Galactabeasts in a jungle area when the evil Zords attacked the city.
-   As the three Rangers drove through the city rubble, Stingwingers blasted at them from above; Damon was knocked off his bike and attacked by Stingwingers but had the other two keep going as he was being pounded.
-   When Kai and Leo encountered a group of Stingwingers having built a large pile of debris across the path to block them, Kai raced forward blasting his way through after telling Leo it was all up to him now.
-   After racing through the exploding debris, Kai weakly fell off his cycle, urging Leo to go on.
-   Leo soon came to the roof of a multistory parking garage, where a ramp was already set aimed toward the struggle between the Galactabeasts and the evil Zords.
-   As he raced toward the ramp, morphed Kendrix jumped out calling out for him to stop, but he struck her before stopping, then helped her up as Damon and Kai drove up.
-   Kendrix told the three Rangers that the Zords were the missing Galactabeasts, and it was Deviot who had made them evil; the five Galactabeasts knew their friends and wouldn't fight them.
-   Mike and Maya found Deviot and Hardtochoke on a rooftop, and the six confronted the villains together.
-   In the jungle clearing after the once-evil Zords had allied with the Rangers that night, Maya led Damon and Leo up to the Galactabeasts; Maya said they were so happy to be together again, and Leo said he could relate.
-   In Command Headquarters that same night, Stanton addressed numerous rows of blue and red officers, including Kendrix and Kai, with Mike in front.

-   In an alley, the Rangers found Deviot giving an energy cell to Stingwingers and telling them to take it to the Dome Five warehouse to blow up the colony, so the Rangers ran off to stop them after the villains had teleported away.
-   In the warehouse, Deviot revealed that he'd tricked them, stepping aside to reveal Scorpius, who lay on a crate.
-   The Rangers struggled against Deviot, the Stingwingers, and Scorpius's long tentacles as Scorpius demanded to know where Trakeena was, but they repeatedly insisted they didn't know.
-   Summoning their Orion armor, the Rangers streaked up to Scorpius, the four Rangers grappling him as Leo leapt onto the crate behind him and delivered a fatal blow to Scorpius from behind.
-   After a large explosion, Deviot and the mortally wounded Scorpius teleported away, and the Rangers cheered over the end of Scorpius.
-   Under a tree in a park, the teens lounged around, enjoying the free time they expected to have following Scorpius's destruction.
-   Maya was suddenly alert as an eerie whooshing seemed to go past; the others were alarmed, perhaps just by her reaction, and she told them that someone even more evil than Scorpius had taken his place.

-   In the forest, unmorphed Leo and Kai, in civilian workout clothes, sparred with their Quasar Sabers before being attacked by Villamax.
-   The two morphed, but Kai was soon grappled by Deviot, and Stingwingers brought in the other chained-up Rangers and Magna Defender.
-   Villamax promised to release Leo's friends if Leo surrendered; despite the others' urgings otherwise, Leo frustratedly tossed his saber into the ground and demorphed, then tossed his Transmorpher over to the saber sticking in the ground.
-   Once the Stingwingers had taken Leo away, Villamax released the four Rangers and Magna Defender as promised, alarming Deviot, and the villains then teleported away.
-   Soon, the four Rangers flew their Jammers alongside the Megaship piloted by Mike, who would locate the Scorpion Stinger on an alien planet.
-   As morphed Leo was being pursued by Trakeena and Villamax, the four Rangers flew up blasting and joined Leo against the villains.
-   When Kubak, a monster sent to assassinate Trakeena, grew and stomped near the Rangers (actually aiming for Trakeena), Leo summoned the Galactabeasts, and they fought the giant monster with the Galaxy Megazord despite the fact that the monster had been sent after Trakeena and was on another planet.
-   As the Rangers were together below after Kubak's destruction, the sky darkened, and Trakeena arrived to taunt the Rangers briefly, swearing revenge.

-   Kendrix left work early to make dinner for Maya's long-lost friend Shondra, and Kendrix and Kai soon entered the girls' room with grocery bags, with Kendrix also holding a potted plant.
-   Kai was surprised to hear that Shondra was there.
-   Kendrix wanted to make them a special dinner, something they would have on Mirinoi, and Kai was intrigued, agreeing.
-   Around 7:00 that evening, Leo and Damon entered, excited to meet Shondra, but Maya and Shondra didn't show up.
-   As Kendrix sadly blew out the candles later, she sat down on the verge of tears.
-   Leo and Kai excused themselves and Damon; Leo tried to cheerfully tell Kendrix goodnight, and the other guys did as well as they left the saddened Kendrix.
-   The next morning, after Maya had confronted Shondra (actually Rykon in disguise), the other Rangers and Mike arrived to help.
?   It's unknown how the Shondra incident was explained to the public, as well as how the Galaxy Book was returned to the Science Division.

-   Maya and Leo followed the upset Damon through the plaza as the GSA was searching for High Councilor Renier after morphed Damon had been unable to prevent her abduction.
-   As Damon walked off, Maya wanted Leo to stop him, but Leo doubted he could, saying he would probably do the same thing.
-   After Trakeena's demands for a mechanic, Mike flew Damon to the Scorpion Stinger in a heliship with Leo as his copilot.
-   Soon after the crew had returned with Renier, armored Mike and the Rangers confronted Cannonbrawl, with Leo and Damon arriving a bit after the others.
-   Later, Leo was helping Damon repair a fuse panel somewhere when High Councilor Renier, Councilor Brody, and Commander Stanton arrived to present the two teens with medals for their bravery.

-   The Rangers arrived in the park one day to chase off Icy Angel after she'd shot Stanton with an evil arrow.
-   Later, in the guys' room after Kai had been ordered to shut down two engines, Kai was so deep in thought while cooking that he completely burned his food before Leo and Damon pointed it out.
-   Leo was holding a football.
-   Kai had calculated that they would now drift into the star, but Damon just thought Kai hated being wrong; Leo said Stanton had gotten them this far and knew what he was doing.
-   Later, after evil Stanton had fired Kai from the GSA and had then met up with Icy Angel, Kai arrived on the scene to fight the monster unmorphed until the Rangers and armored Mike arrived.
-   Later probably the same day, Kai, Leo, and Maya were playing with a blue football with Jodie when Stanton drove up to take the day off, leaving Kai in charge of the colony.

-   Some time after Leo had joined Maya as she'd been listening to the Wolf Galactabeast, both Maya and Kendrix were morphed to confront Motor Mantis when he attacked Terra Venture.
-   During the struggle, Motor Mantis turned the girls into gold trophies as the guys were arriving on their Astro Cycles; he then sped off, challenging the three guys to a race around the dome.
-   During the race, which the guys were badly losing, Kai struck an electrical beam trap, Damon ran into boulders loosed by the monster, but Leo managed to get ahead until Motor Mantis blasted his cycle and flew over him, crossing the finish line first.
-   In a Megaship bay, Damon worked on the Astro Cycles, taking out parts to work on.
-   Impatient about his own bike being fixed, Leo rudely told Damon just to get it working, even though that meant Damon would have to work on it all night, and despite the guys' warning against the danger and the monster's speed; Kai gave Damon a hand as Leo left.
-   At sunrise, Leo returned to find Kai and Damon asleep, having fixed his cycle, and he sneaked out with it.
-   As Leo was out racing, Kai woke up and found the red cycle gone, waking up Damon.
-   After winning the race, Leo seemed to destroy Motor Mantis with his new Red Capsular Cycle, reverting the girls to normal, and the guys ran up, Kai grabbing Leo's saber from a podium where Leo had placed it was a prize for the race.
-   Kai asked Leo to fill them in on the new cycle; as Damon, amazed, sat on it, Leo told them the name, but Motor Mantis then grew, so Leo planned to fill them in more later.
-   After the monster's destruction, the three guys met up in the woods, in biking gear, and they had a mountain bike race while the girls cheered.

-   In the Mountain Dome, Maya and Damon sparred on a mat outside as the others cheered, though Kendrix was concerned.
-   Damon knocked Maya down, but she eventually grappled him, making Leo tease that she wasn't bad, for a girl.
-   The teens were packing up when they were called to confront Loyax in the Ocean Dome.
-   The Rangers confronted Loyax, with Maya attempting to fight on her own.
-   As Loyax prepared to strike the downed Maya, Leo distracted the warrior, but Maya grabbed him and pulled him off the cliff with herself, both vanishing into the ocean below.
-   Soon, the four unmorphed teens searched the rocky beach for Maya; when they heard a struggle nearby, they eventually found Deviot and Stingwingers, fighting them until Deviot left.
-   Shortly, Loyax grew, and he soon stomped in the distance near the four Rangers, challenging them, and then stomped near Maya, nearby; she begged him not to do this, but he cried out that he couldn't stop it.
-   The four joined Maya, and she explained that Deviot had some sort of control over Loyax, then had them form the Galaxy Megazord.
-   As the Megazord and Loyax struggled near a cliff after the Megazord had eventually grappled his arm, Loyax told them to remove the remote device from him, and the Megazord shot a multicolored energy beam from its hand, shorting out the device.
-   After the Megazord had freed Loyax from external control, he attacked Deviot but began to spark; stunned, Loyax limply turned to the Megazord and thanked Yellow Ranger for showing him the truth, telling her she was truly a noble warrior; he then fall and exploded.
-   At sunset on the beach, Maya led the teens up to Loyax's broken sword; remembering his words about battling with his heart for good, she spoke that he'd won his last battle, having proven that his heart was still good, and that was how she would always remember him.
-   Maya stuck the broken sword into the sand, and the teens somberly walked off toward the sunset.

-   The other Rangers joined Leo as he fought Maronda some time after Ginger had been captured.

-   After Mike had been attacked by Chameliac in the Forest Dome on a jog, the Rangers arrived to help, with Leo already knowing the monster's name.
-   While Mike was resting in the Megaship infirmary, the teens went to investigate the villains' operation in the Forest Dome, telling Mike he had to stay despite his wanting to go.
-   The teens followed two Stingwingers who were carrying some tubing and supplies over a swampy pond; nearby, Kegler was supervising the Stingwinger construction of a massive laser dish, and Chameliac quickly attacked.
-   After duplicating the Rangers' attacks, Chameliac defeated them with an Orion fireball attack of his own; the stunned Rangers fell and were engulfed in a huge explosion, then rolled down a hill and demorphed, weak and dirty.
-   When Kai mentioned Chameliac's computer-like flawlessness, Leo observed that computers could make an error if given the wrong information, and he led them elsewhere.
-   Soon, the teens returned to the dish site, were confronted again, and morphed, somehow using the animal attacks and weapons of different Rangers to confuse Chameliac.

-   Maya and Damon were walking with grocery bags in the plaza when they were abducted by Psycho Yellow and Psycho Black; elsewhere, in an industrial alley, Kai and Kendrix were also captured by their respective Psychos after a struggle in which they'd been prevented from morphing.
-   In the woods, Leo was practicing martial arts when he was attacked by Psycho Red, and Andros would soon come to his rescue.
-   Leo took Andros to the Megaship, where Alpha was shocked and Mike was honored to meet him.
-   In a dingy warehouse in the Industrial Dome, Trakeena stood with the Psychos, Villamax, and Deviot as they waited for Leo, the four captured teens surrounded by stone pillars around which was an invisible energy barrier.
-   Trakeena commended Deviot, saying the Psycho Rangers were everything he'd promised; Deviot began to marvel at their improved powers and his brains.
-   After a massive explosion blew a large hole into the wall, the Red Galaxy Ranger walked in, but he was then joined by the Red Space Ranger, shocking Trakeena and the teens and infuriating Psycho Red.
-   Excited about the possibility of destroying two Red Rangers, Trakeena thought she'd go down in history; the two Rangers led the charging Psychos outside to fight, and the villains ran after them, Trakeena giggling.
-   Armored Mike quickly arrived and blasted the Stingwinger guards and the forcefield panel, dissolving the barrier, and the four teens and Mike joined the two Red Rangers outside.
-   As the teens stood ready outside the warehouse, Andros was confident in the seven of them being able to handle the Psychos, but T.J. called out from a balcony above, "How about eleven of us?," startling Andros just as much as everyone else.
-   The four Space teens, wearing their Megaship uniforms and Morphers, morphed and leapt down to join the others, and the Galaxy teens then morphed as well.
-   After the Psycho Rangers had apparently been destroyed, the eleven teens cheerfully entered the Megaship bridge, and Alpha couldn't believe they were all there at once.
-   T.J. said they couldn't stay for too long, as they were needed back on Earth, but Ashley had them at least get a tour, and Andros agreed, saying it wasn't every day one got to visit Terra Venture.
-   Maya volunteered to give the Space teens the grand tour.

-   In a mountain clearing perhaps the same day, the five Galactabeasts stood as the ten teens ran up laughing.
-   Cassie climbed atop the Wildcat's head and danced and sang, and the beast roared and bucked, sending Cassie falling to a heap on the ground far below, but she was unharmed as the other teens laughed.
-   Later, after Kendrix had been researching the Galaxy Book alone and Cassie had been out walking alone, the other eight teens were elsewhere at park tables with some drinks when Kendrix called to tell them of their chasing Psycho Pink to planet Rashon.
-   Attacked by Stingwingers, the eight teens soon morphed and were attacked by Deviot.
-   During the fight, the ground suddenly rumbled with thundering noise, and a huge blood-red cloud poured down through the artifical sky, at which point the villains vanished.
-   The four Galaxy Rangers took the Galaxy Megazord to Rashon to fight giant Psycho Pink, soon followed by the four Space Rangers in the Astro Megazord.
-   After giant Psycho Pink's destruction, Kendrix was trying to enter the energy cyclone surrounding the Savage Sword.
-   As the eight teens ran toward the area, Leo heard Kendrix's transmission saying she'd almost reached the Morpher; she finally fell through the barrier, having made it inside, and she said it was the only way to save Cassie.
-   As Kendrix stood facing the Savage Sword, Cassie screamed for her to get out of there, but Kendrix said she had to destroy it forever; meanwhile, the eight teens ran up, the Galaxy teens yelling.
-   Shouting that this had to work, Kendrix struck the hilt of the Savage Sword with her gleaming Quasar Saber, and a pink explosion engulfed her a second later.
-   The energy storm dissipated, leaving a small glowing white column of light; the teens stopped short, Leo holding Maya back.
-   The limp, glowing white, translucent morphed form of Kendrix, holding her Quasar Saber, hovered in front of the teens, and it demorphed with a gleam into Kendrix, initially appearing unconscious.
-   Opening her eyes, Kendrix looked around and then smiled, and told them, apparently with a bit of disbelief herself, that she was okay, and she reassured the teens that she would always be there.
-   Kendrix's ghost was absorbed by the floating Quasar Saber as pink energy, and as the glow vanished, the saber turned upward and streaked into the sky with a sparkling trail.
-   On the ground, Cassie's mangled Astro Morpher reassembled with pink energy; Cassie picked up her Morpher in despair, and the others went over to her to console her.
-   How the teens would explain Kendrix's disappearance following her death as the Pink Ranger is unknown.
-   Later, in the holding bay beside the Megaship, the four Galaxy teens spoke with the morphed Space Rangers; in the background was an open launch hatch looking into space.
-   Ashley told the teens they would never forget what happened there, and she wished them good luck.
-   After the teens and Space Rangers had hugged and expressed their thanks, Ashley asked whether they would be okay, and Maya thought so; Kai said they had to be, as they had a mission to protect Terra Venture, and T.J. replied that they had their mission too.
-   Upset, Cassie wished she could stay and help, but Andros reminded her of their mission: Kendrix had sacrificed her powers, he said, to get Cassie's back, and she would want Cassie to go on.
?   Andros referred to the loss of Kendrix's "powers," while it had certainly appeared that she'd lost her life in the battle.
-   Cassie agreed, and the Space Rangers began to walk off.
-   Leo told the Space Rangers it had been an honor fighting with them, but Andros told him the honor had been all theirs; with a salute wave, he told them, "Until next time," and the five flew off on their Galaxy Gliders, leaving the four stunned Galaxy teens wondering what to do next.

-   Awakening at night alone in the room she'd shared with Kendrix, Maya went to the Megaship and had the sleepy Leo, Kai, and Damon meet her there, where she told them of her vision of Kendrix telling her of the pink Quasar Saber falling into the wrong hands; the four Rangers then set out for the planet Gwinnet in their Jet Jammers.
-   As monsters Spikaka and Ironite stood guard outside Runtus's cabin on Gwinnet, Kai and Damon sneaked up beside the cabin, distracting the monsters with a bird call from Kai; meanwhile, Leo and Maya took the front, and Leo kicked the door in.
-   Startled, Runtus (actually a shapeshifted Deviot) reached for a laser blaster, but Leo reached for his Quasar Saber, saying if he touched it, it would be the last thing he ever touched.
-   When Runtus claimed to know where the saber was but told them the information would cost them dearly, Leo replied not as much as it would cost him for not telling them, stabbing his saber into Runtus's desk.
-   Runtus casually reached under the table and pressed a button, firing laser beams from a small cannon mounted underneath, sending the two flying out of the cabin.
-   As Runtus went to the door with his laser weapon, Damon and Kai crossed their sabers in front of his face, making him drop his weapon, Damon telling him they weren't playing around.
-   By this time, Spikaka and Ironite were chained up beside the porch.
-   Runtus nervously told the Rangers he'd sold it to two Skrondrils (scoundrels?) who were at the planet Kirassa, and as they ran to their Jammers, he begged them not to tell them he'd said anything.
-   As the Rangers flew away, "Runtus" morphed back into Deviot.
-   On Kirassa, the Rangers surveyed an abandoned campsite, spotting the Quasar Saber in a bundle, but when Leo pulled on it, the fake handle came off of a disguised detonator stand, triggering an explosion which sent the Rangers flying.
-   Deviot walked up to the stunned Rangers with Spikaka and repeated his pleading from earlier, in Runtus's voice.
-   Deviot kicked Leo and aimed his missile launcher, but the pink Quasar Saber flipped through the air and struck his hand, then returned to Karone, who helped the Rangers flee.

-   Damon recalled the rush of pulling the Quasar Sabers, like they'd been struck by lightning.
?   When Leo mentioned the Psychos being the worst, Damon mentioned the help they'd gotten from "some old friends," but the Space teens had not been "old friends."
-   Recalling the loss of Kendrix, Leo said it was the worst thing that had ever happened to them, but Leo knew they'd see her again someday.

-   After realizing the people of Terra Venture had actually landed on Mirinoi, Maya observed that all the legends had been right; they had been chosen, and with the Quasar Sabers, they'd defeated the forces of evil, referring to Trakeena and perhaps Scorpius or even others.
-   The legend had said that only the chosen five could remove the Quasar Sabers, and when Furio had turned the people of Mirinoi to stone, Maya said, it had become the teens' destiny to set things right.
-   Wishing they could have saved Mirinoi, Maya uncovered the sabers' stone and drew her Quasar Saber, telling it, "Our quest is complete. Maybe someday the next chosen warriors will free you."; until that time, she thrust the saber into its spot in the stone, and the other four did the same, demorphing as energy was released from the sabers.
-   After the restoration of the Mirinoite village, Leo suddenly called their attention to an area of blue light streaks, from which Kendrix's ghosly image walked smiling, and she became solid as the light faded.
-   Kendrix beamed happily, "I knew you'd make it here."; shocked, Maya ran and hugged Kendrix, saying she didn't know how many times she'd wished she would come back.
-   Kendrix happily told Maya she'd missed her, and the teens, minus Karone, hugged her happily.
-   Kendrix thanked Karone for everything she'd done, and Karone said she wouldn't have missed it for the world.
-   Damon called their attention to the Galactabeasts as they stood watching a fireworks display in the sky above them; he said it looked like they were celebrating too.

-   Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, it was pouring and storming one night on Mirinoi as Leo retrieved his Quasar Saber from the jungle to confront Triskull's Ghouls in the city before they flew away to Earth.
?   Leo was wearing the same clothes he'd worn through the latter portion of Terra Venture's voyage, and the other teens would be wearing their same clothes as well, with Kendrix and Kai in their GSA uniforms and Damon in his Terra Venture coveralls.
-   In Mariner Bay, Leo came across the four Lightspeed teens and told them of Trakeena's arrival, and they took him to the Aquabase.
-   As unmorphed Red Lightspeed Ranger Carter and his young friend Heather were attacked by Ghouls in an alley in Mariner Bay, morphed Kai and Maya suddenly leapt in and battled the Ghouls; Carter fought as well after looking at them and thanking them.
-   After they'd defeated the Ghouls, Maya said it looked like they'd gotten there just in time.
-   Carter picked up the unconscious Heather, whom Kai thought had just fainted, and Carter had them get her back to the Aquabase.
-   In the mess hall of the Lightspeed Aquabase, the five Lightspeed teens spoke with the three Galaxy teens.
-   Saying it was great to meet him, Carter told Leo he couldn't have come at a better time, and Leo said they'd known the Lightspeed teens needed help with Trakeena.
-   Soon, Lightspeed received a signal indicating the Ghouls had moved outside of town, and the eight teens prepared to depart.
-   As Heather pleaded to go with them, reminding Carter that he'd made her a junior LRanger, the Galaxy and Lightspeed teens both gave approving gestures, and Carter reluctantly agreed.
-   In the mountains, the eight teens ran off as Heather watched from the Rover; at the top of the hill, Triskull laughed as the teens ran up.
-   Carter wanted to know where the kidnapped people were, and Triskull told them to come with him, but Leo warned him it was a trap; Triskull replied of course it was, snapping his fingers to summon a horde of Ghouls.
-   After morphing, the five Lightspeed Rangers and three Galaxy Rangers fought the Ghouls.
-   As Dana said they needed more power as the Lightspeed Rangers were surrounded by Ghouls, Leo charged his Quasar Saber, saying they had just the thing, and the Galaxy Rangers proceeded to destroy the Ghouls with their charged saber slashes.

-   After demorphing the Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers with a powerful blast, Triskull walked off, saying that was too easy.
-   Heather ran out, and the eight weak teens were in a huge pile of rock rubble; Carter said they were okay and that they were going to get her mom now.
-   On Mirinoi, Damon and Kendrix simultaneously pulled the two remaining Quasar Sabers.
-   After Heather had pulled the building's fire alarm, the eight teens were in firefighter uniforms on a fire truck which pulled up, and they went in.
-   On one floor, firefighters Kai, Kelsey, and Joel evacuated people, and they met up at the outside doors with Dana and Chad after everyone was gone.
-   As Leo, Carter, Maya, and Kelsey met up, Carter and Leo went in as the girls wished them luck, waiting behind.
-   In a stairwell leading to the roof of a nearby, shorter building, Carter and Leo ditched their gear as they ran, then morphed on the roof, where they would then encounter Triskull.
-   After Carter's Battle Booster had apparently slain Triskull, the two ran toward the glass skyscraper to find the hostages.
?   On the thirteenth floor, Carter and Leo kicked in an office door, which Carter said had to be it, and found themselves in Trakeena's laboratory.
-   As Carter and Leo examined the shrunken people in jars, they were attacked by at least six Ghouls.
-   Morphed Damon and Kendrix suddenly leapt in, slashing Ghouls with their sabers.
-   As the four, victorious, saw the nearly full liquid cylinders which would empower Trakeena, Kendrix said they had to figure out a way to free the people, and fast.
?   From the shadows of the north wall, Trakeena stepped out with her amber-tipped staff; Damon and Kendrix were shocked, as though they were unfamiliar with the possibility of Trakeena's return.
-   In the street as Joel, Kai, and Maya tossed their firefighter suits into the back of the Rescue Rover, Chad called them over to Dana and Kelsey urgently, where they could hear Trakeena battling the others through his Morpher, and Kai had them run off.
-   Trakeena blasted the four again, this time sending them flying out the wall of the skyscraper, unmorphed.
-   As the four teens fell, Chad backed up the Rescue Rover and launched an inflating landing bag in which the teens landed safely, and the others helped them climb out.
-   Confronted by the demons, the ten teens morphed.
-   The Rangers split into matching pairs to fight the villains, the Yellow Rangers briefly fighting Loki.
-   As Damon and Chad charged, Olympius caught Damon's saber blade and stomped him to the ground, then blasted Chad.
-   Vypra fought Dana and Kendrix.
-   The eight Rangers (sans Red Rangers) soon regrouped, and combined energy blasts on the demons, aggravating Olympius.
-   To let Trakeena destroy the Rangers, Olympius threw a dagger into the lab high above, and Trakeena flew down as a purple cloud and solidified into an emormous creature with innumerable long tentacles stretching out over the city.
-   As the Lightspeed Rangers were being beaten in the Omega Megazord, the Galaxy Rangers wanted to help, but Leo said the Galactabeasts were on Mirinoi; suddenly, the five Galactabeasts gathered in the city, startling the Rangers.
-   The Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber's finishing slash made giant monster-Trakeena crackle with blue electricity; following the Omega Megazord's missile, she erupted with enormous explosions which spread outward and struck the Zords, and the defeated Galactabeasts fell.
-   Crackling with green energy as they teleported down, the defeated Galaxy Rangers fell to the city below and lay sprawled and motionless.
-   After they'd been picked up in the Omega Megazord's hand, Leo came to, as did the others; as they wondered how they could finish off Trakeena, saying they were out of power, their green Orion arm gems began to glow with gold light which spread over their bodies and into the Omega Megazord, teleporting them inside the cockpit to join the Lightspeed Rangers for their combined finishing move.
-   As the teens stood together as Trakeena's hostages were freed following her destruction, Joel signed a publicity flyer of himself and assumed Kendrix and Maya would want one, but they giggled and Kendrix replied she didn't think so.
-   Dana and Chad were intimidated by the thought of the Galaxy Rangers having to put up with Trakeena all the way to Mirinoi, but Maya said that with Olympius and Vypra, the Lightspeed teens had it tough enough.
-   Leo thought it had been kind of fun getting back in the action, and Kai teased that only he would think that had been fun.
-   When Dana asked if the Galaxy teens could stay for a while, saying Mariner Bay could use another team of Rangers, Kai looked consideringly to Leo, but Kendrix happily told them they'd love to, but they were needed back on Mirinoi, and Maya nodded.
-   Damon, putting his arm around Dana and Kelsey, considered a little vacation, but Leo jokingly pulled him away.
-   As the Lightspeed teens drove down a mountain road, the Galaxy Rangers flew overhead in their Jet Jammers and waved; they then flew up into the sky and began to glow with Ranger-colored light, presumably vanishing.

Other Sources.
-   According to the Fox Kids website, Professor Phenomenus, with Bulk as his assistant, helped the Power Rangers by providing scientific insight to their intergalactic problems and was often found conducting seemingly crazy experiments to find answers to the Rangers' latest dilemma; this may have referred to the period between 702-QsQ2 and 717-StlB, during which the two worked in the Science Division before being fired.

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