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-   The four Rangers, having been lured to the planet Kirassa on a search for the pink Quasar Saber, were being beaten by Deviot when the pink saber flipped through the air and struck his hand, then returned to Karone, who helped the Rangers flee.
-   As the Rangers hid behind a rock formation, Leo asked, "Karone?" and she smiled that it was her.
-   Karone wanted to return the Quasar Saber to the teens, admitting that she'd had to pretend to be Astronema on Onyx; she explained that she'd done a lot of evil things when she'd been Astronema, and she now wanted to do something good for a change, having thought recovering the saber was a good start.
-   Leo didn't know how to begin to thank Karone, but she told him they didn't have to.
-   As the four Rangers were overwhelmed by Deviot, Villamax, Spikaka, and Ironite, Kendrix's spirit rescued Karone and gave her a Transmorpher to become the new Pink Ranger.
-   Trakeena prepared to stab Leo with the pink Quasar Saber, but Karone confidently grabbed her arm, kicked her, and took the saber, morphing into the Pink Ranger.
-   The villains left Spikaka to fight the Rangers alone; after they had destroyed him with the Orion fireball, the teens demorphed and were pleased.
-   Alerted by Alpha to an attack on Terra Venture, the Rangers re-morphed and flew the five Jet Jammers to the colony.
-   After Ironite's destruction following Karone's summoning of the Galactabeasts, calling for the Galaxy Megazord, and initiating the finishing slash, the Rangers congratulated Karone.
-   Later, Maya cheerfully brought Karone into their quarters, introducing it, as they both carried shopping bags.
?   When Karone doubted whether she could be as good as Kendrix, Maya reassured Karone, saying Kendrix would be honored to have her take her place; apparently Maya wasn't aware that Kendrix's spirit had personally selected Karone.
-   The guys and Mike rolled in a cart of food including a roasted chicken, a special feast for the ladies; Damon had flour all over his face.

-   When Magnetox attacked Leo and Karone, the other three Rangers arrived right after Leo's powers had been stolen.
-   Damon prepared to fight, but Karone made them all retreat to the Megaship.
-   In the infirmary, Alpha found that all of Leo's Ranger powers had been drained, and Leo had no idea how to get them back.
-   As the teens tried to think of a way to restore Leo's powers, Karone thought of a possible solution, recalling the powerful keys of a warrior whom she had turned to stone.
-   When Mike rushed in and told them of another attack, the three teens wished Leo good luck, leaving him and Karone in the Megaship as they left to fight Magnetox.
-   After Kai and Maya's powers had been stolen, Damon said the monster wouldn't stop until he had all of their powers, but Mike said they couldn't think about that now, having to get Magnetox out of the city dome where he couldn't hurt innocent people.
-   In an industrial area, the four fled, but a huge explosion knocked them aside.
-   Magnetox stole the powers from Damon and Mike as well and prepared to finish them off, but demorphed Damon shoved him back against some bins with all of his strength, telling the others to run.
-   As they ran, Magnetox struck Damon across the back with his staff with a spark explosion, making Damon grimace and lifelessly collapse, but Maya ran back and carried him away as he was partially conscious.
-   Maya and Damon were hiding in an industrial shed when Kai and Mike arrived, startling them, and explosion then heralded the arrival of Magnetox.
-   Morphed Karone flew in, soon joined by morphed Leo, who then transformed into the Red Armored Power Ranger.
-   Following Magnetox's destruction, the teens' powers were returned to them, and they congratulated Leo.
-   Later in the park, the four guys played football until being sprayed by the girls with a garden hose.

-   After the Galaxy Book's accidental energy surge had disabled most of the colony's power and Kai had spoken with a mysterious Guardian in a detention cell, the teens spoke in the guys' candle-lit room.
-   Kai pointed out that the Guardian had known his identity, but Maya countered that only one of Trakeena's agents would know; getting no agreement, Kai was unable to explain his trust in the Guardian and the feeling that it was his destiny.
-   The Rangers joined morphed Kai in the Mountain Dome after he'd stolen the Galaxy Book and Deviot had destroyed the Guardian; Deviot then read the Keonta spell, mutating himself.
-   After the apparent destruction of giant monster-Deviot, the Rangers ran down a hillside toward the Galaxy Book, but it suddenly generated a blue cyclone, blasting the Rangers down a hill and apparently demorphing them.
-   Blue energy bolts from the book struck around the Rangers, sending them flying down a hill and demorphing.
-   The teens soon approached the book after things had calmed, and when Kai picked up the book from the charred earth and flipped through it, the sky grew dark again, and Leo had the teens go.
-   In the tunnel leading to the city dome, the teens stopped suddenly, realizing the surrounding space was full of brightly-colored nebulae, making the starscape a huge pattern of rainbow colors.
-   Thinking, Kai repeated the phrase, "Reality ends, time is tossed, as galaxies found become galaxies lost," and realized with astonishment that they were in the Lost Galaxy, and Damon couldn't believe it; how Kai (and probably the other teens) had known of the Lost Galaxy is unknown, though it's doubtful that their only experience with the term was the reference to "galaxies lost."

-   In Dome 07 as Captain Mutiny was preparing to board the colony, the four teens (Kai and Mike accompanying Stanton nearby) arrived to watch as people were being gathered behind barricades.
-   Karone knew nothing about Captain Mutiny.
-   After Mutiny had left, promising a machine that could send them home if they picked it up on his planet, the four teens left to check it out, thinking it was a trap, and Kai would accompany them on the morphed flight down.
-   As the heliship followed Titanisaur down to the planet, Mike, in the heliship, called for flight pattern delta, and the five Rangers flew their Jet Jammers above the heliship in a triangle shape; this was a rare instance of direct GSA-Ranger cooperation.
-   On the surface, the unmorphed teens watched secretly as the crate was connected to the heliship and flown off.
-   Leo had the teens stay to look around as Mutiny and the Swabbies were walking off.
-   Over a rocky ledge overlooking a desert plain, the teens found a large scene of slaves and small spacecraft parts everywhere.
-   The teens realized Captain Mutiny captured spaceships and forced the crews to mine his treasures.
-   Mutiny planned for their gift to arrive on Terra Venture to allow them to enslave the colony's citizens.
-   A slave looked up and saw the five teens watching, then held up his shackles and cried out for their help; Damon started to go down, but Leo grabbed him, as they had to stop the crate delivery from reaching Terra Venture.
-   Fighting Swabbies summoned by Rocketron to stop them from leaving, the Rangers fought and repeatedly blasted the pirate foot soldiers with their Quasar Launchers, though it seems likely that the Swabbies could have been brainwashed human slaves.
?   When Rocketron grew following the Red Capsular Cycle's fireball mode, the Rangers fought him with the Zords on Mutiny's planet for some reason, despite their urgent need to stop Mutiny's "gift" from arriving on Terra Venture.
-   After Rocketron's destruction, the Rangers flew their Jet Jammers back to the colony but were too late to stop Grunchor from being released.

-   Following Grunchor's release, the Rangers told Stanton of Mutiny's plans, and the thousands of slaves they'd seen, and they then left to track down the monster.
-   As soldiers were evacuating people from buildings and underground areas in one dome, unmorphed Leo and Karone climbed out of a manhole in the street nearby, telling the other teens above that they'd found nothing despite looking everywhere.
-   At the "highway tunnel" after being alerted by Alpha, the Rangers ran up to the entrance after Grunchor had emerged and dissolved a silver sedan with purple acid, terrifying its fleeing driver.
-   At a construction facility later, the Rangers discovered Swabbies and Deviot with a remote.
-   As Grunchor's trail approached and the Rangers cleared out, Maya yanked Deviot off his higher platform, making him lose his scanner and panic as it was deactivated.
-   Grunchor's trail stopped, and Deviot urged him to come back.
-   Leo grabbed the device, telling Deviot he couldn't control Grunchor anymore.
-   After Deviot had blasted at Leo, Maya leapt and slashed Deviot, then went to finish him off while he was down, but Leo blocked her saber with his, saying they needed him to tell them how to stop Grunchor; Maya shouted they had to get rid of Deviot while they had the chance.
-   Interrogated by Leo, Deviot didn't remember how to use the device, until Maya prepared to impale him, and he frighteningly gave in, saying fire was the only thing, but it would take more than they had.
-   Deviot swore he was telling the truth, then scrambled away mumbling in terror; Damon started to go after him, but Maya told him to let the coward run.
-   Using the scanner, Leo led them after Grunchor.
-   The Rangers met up with armored Mike long enough to tell him about the scanner, and they split up, Leo and Mike together.
-   During a Swabbie fight, Damon wielded his Quasar Saber against the foot soldiers; meanwhile, Karone blasted more with her Galaxy Quasar Launcher, and Kai pounded others with his.
-   Told of Grunchor's location in the Mountain Dome, the four Rangers ran for the dome, and Barbarax followed.
-   When the six met up at the mountain, Barbarax fought them until Grunchor arose, larger and more menacing, and Barbarax left.
-   Confronted by a more menacing Grunchor, Mike suggested that the Rangers join powers, and the Rangers charged up Leo fire a fire blast, but Grunchor only grew into a stronger, giant form.
-   After a long, losing battle, Grunchor blasted the Megazord once more, and Leo fell to the floor of his cockpit and struggled to get back up after he'd been weakened by attempting to fire-charge the Megazord's attacks alone; suddenly, the other four Rangers' hands joined him as they stood around him, the black zigzag design in the wall now shimmering with all colors.
-   Centaurus and Stratoforce held their hands against the Orion Galaxy Megazord's shoulders as the Rangers prepared to fight as a team, and the combined energies into a single fire attack would destroy Grunchor.
-   In the plaza some time after the Rangers had destroyed giant Grunchor, Kai ran up to the other teens, saying it was gone; he'd had the coordinates, but Captain Mutiny's planet had just fallen off the scanner.

-   On Mutiny's planet, wherever it had gone, Leo and Damon were captured without having told the others where they were going.
-   Hours later, as Mutiny prepared to execute his two prisoners with his sword, he was blasted as the other Rangers flew in on their Jet Jammers, and Karone sliced Leo and Damon free in passing, allowing them to morph.
-   After Rojomon's destruction, the unmorphed teens talked, with Damon and Leo arguing over who should have told the others where they were going.
-   When Damon asked how the teens had found them, Karone replied dismissively, "With great difficulty."

-   As Damon slept in their room, Kai and Leo were later there, at the computer when Damon startled awake from a nightmare which had seemed quite real to him.
-   After briefly describing something blasting out his Jammer's engines, Damon then fell back asleep mumbling about falling.
-   Seeing the flowers Damon had received, Kai sniffed them and was suddenly tired and overwhelmed; Leo had them go, as they'd told Alpha they'd be at the Megaship, but Kai was tired and decided to stay.
-   As Leo entered from the lift, Alpha called out to him from the Jammer bay, examining the wrecked green Jet Jammer, telling Leo he'd never seen a Jammer that damaged.
-   Alpha said he hadn't known Damon was in a fight, and Leo said he wasn't; when asked how the engine had been destroyed, Leo realized Damon's nightmare had been real, and he found he was unable to contact Kai and Damon.
-   The girls were laughing when they came up to their door and found a bouquet left for them; Maya joked she was sure they were for her.
-   Seeing the tag, Maya remarked, "Oh, they're just from the guys," but Karone told her never to complain about getting flowers.
-   The girls collapsed in their room and found themselves morphed in a mountainous area where Kai and Damon were having trouble with the Swabbies.
-   During the fight, Kai told the girls that they were all caught in a nightmare.
-   Morphed, Leo found himself in a snowy forest, the snow making him realize it had to be a dream, and he was then joined by the others to fight the Swabbies.
-   The robotic Nightmare monster's explosive blasts sent the Rangers flying off a cliff into the stream below.
-   After Mike had shattered Hexuba's crystal ball in the real world, Nightmare suddenly realized something was wrong; leaping and knocking the monster back, Damon told the others the spell must be broken.
-   The Rangers summoned their Orion armor, but their fireball attack bounced off Nightmare's exterior in fragmented form.
-   When Nightmare opened his chest to blast, Damon leapt and seemed unfazed by the barrage, plunging his claw arm into Nightmare's exposed chest and pulling it out, defeating the monster until it grew.
-   With Hexuba now in another place following Nightmare's destruction, Mike and Leo ran into the guys' room with the girls as Damon and Kai awoke.
-   After the teens and Mike were all together, safe from the dream spell, Damon's new friend Terry knocked on the open door with a bouquet, much like the other bouquets, as thanks to Damon for helping with her car.
-   Damon uneasily threw the flowers into the kitchen sink, and Maya explained he was allergic to flowers, saying they gave him nightmares, and the teens laughed.

-   Leo had been jogging in the Mountain Dome when he'd been attacked by the spirit of Freaky Tiki, and the other Rangers joined him; once the monster had been destroyed again, the Rangers observed one streak after another as successive spirits of defeated monsters arrived on Terra Venture.
-   Damon now knew Teksa's name somehow.
-   When armored Mike arrived and told them of two more monsters after they'd destroyed Horn, Kai knew the monsters would wear them down, so he thought to follow them to their source in his Jet Jammer.
-   To fight monsters, Leo and Maya split up from Damon and Karone, and Mike fought solo; they would later regroup to fight Hardtochoke.

-   At the beach before Titanisaur's attack, the Rangers made short work of Barbarax's attacking Swabbies with their Quasar Sabers.
-   Resting from the first battle with Titanisaur, the teens lounged in the guys' room, with Maya sure they'd be back once Titanisaur cooled down; Kai said the castle on its back had to be its achilles heel.
-   Soon, as the Rangers stood below a building, Alpha told them Titanisaur was attacking again, and Leo summoned the Galactabeasts from the city.
-   The Galactabeasts confronted Titanisaur, with the Rangers on their heads, but they now had no plan with the castle absent from the monster's back; they would eventually destroy the monster by joining powers.

-   Later the same day as Titanisaur's attack and the loss of Engine 4, Barbarax attacked a plaza.
-   With a boat hovering nearby, Rangers and armored Mike fought Swabbies and attempted to lead panicking citizens (and a few GSA teens) to safety.
-   Barbarax sucked people up into his small barrel and rowed away as the Rangers were stunned, saying he'd be back for more.
-   Mike said this was crazy, and they had to find a way to stop him.
-   In the guys' room, the teens and Mike sat; Maya paced and then sat, Karone sat with a football, and Kai set up tiny pieces on a multi-tiered chess set; Leo and Damon were at the computer.
-   Kai said they needed some way to get into the slave camp, and Mike got an idea, saying he'd let them capture him, as they didn't know who he was; once inside, he could free the people from the slave camp.
-   When Leo wanted to go, Mike objected that they wouldn't be able to use the Lights of Orion if they split up.
-   In Leo, Damon, and Kai's quarters was a multi-tiered chess set like the one Alpha had used with DECA aboard the Megaship in 640-IWeb, as well as a plastic extenda-sphere just like the one young Karone and Andros had played with as kids on KO-35; a football and baseball glove were also present.
-   Later, Leo and Kai were alone in their room as they figured out how to reverse the Keonta spell, opening a portal home.
?   As Terra Venture was slowly approaching the portal, Mike called the teens, and Leo answered uninformatively, "Go ahead, Mike."; Mike had them come in exactly thirty minutes, though why Leo hadn't told him to hurry so they wouldn't miss the portal is unknown.
-   Presumably in thirty minutes as requested, the Rangers flew the Megaship down to Mutiny's planet and escorted fleeing masses, whom Mike and Haley had freed from Barbarax's slave camp, inside the Megaship.
-   Kai called into the crowd for Mike to move it; up close, Kai told him the portal was open, and Mike said that was great, but Haley ran back for her grandpa, and Mike went after her.
-   Soon, Leo stood at the doorway of the Megaship as Maya came and urged him to go, but Leo wanted just one more minute; just then, Haley and Ben ran up, and he helped them inside.
-   In a Megaship corridor crowded with refugees, Damon and Maya distributed gray blankets, and Maya told them they'd get together some food as soon as possible.
-   On the bridge, the other three Rangers had the Megaship lift off.
-   At least a half-hour after beginning its approach, Terra Venture continued toward the vortex tunnel, but the portal was slowly closing.
-   From the crowd huddling in the hallway outside the bridge, Haley said Mike was missing, surprising Leo; DECA told them the portal was rapidly closing.
-   As the Megaship approached Terra Venture in preparation to dock, Defender Torozord passed it in space.
?   As Mike approached the portal in Torozord, Leo cried out for Mike not to do it, though how he knew Mike intended to sacrifice himself is unknown.
-   Defender Torozord braced itself inside the edge of the portal and supported the portal's collapsing edges with its arms, shoving them outward as green energy bolts glowed around the portal.
-   Suddenly, in a chain of explosions beginning in Torozord's left arm and quickly going to the chest and legs, Defender Torozord exploded, flinging metallic shrapnel everywhere.
-   Leo cried out as Haley watched, stunned.
-   The portal was then back open, and Kai said they had to go, now; the Megaship flew into Terra Venture's holding bay, and they all exited the Lost Galaxy together.
-   The refugees cheered and hugged Kai, Karone, and Alpha.

-   In a city plaza after images had been obtained of a nearby planet, people were running about excitedly, including the five teens, to the center of the plaza as Stanton prepared for an announcement in which he revealed the New World; the planet was actually Mirinoi, but none of the teens, including Maya, recognized it.
-   In the city at night, the five teens looked at the dark side of the planet filling the sky above.
-   Karone wondered what they'd find on the planet, and she was excited to see every bit of it.
-   Leo imagined a planet without cars or pollution, and Maya spoke of beaches without a single footprint, like the planet had just been born; she had no suspicion of it being Mirinoi.
-   Maya wished Kendrix were with them.
-   As the teens stood looking at the beautiful sunrise from behind Mirinoi, Kai suddenly realized he was going to be late for his shift, saying if they wanted to get to the planet, he had to help land the colony, and the teens lightheartedly shooed him away.
-   In the city dome as Terra Venture prepared its final descent for the planet the next morning, people began to notice a dull rumbling; Damon and Leo stopped their car.
-   Leo wondered if the sound was the engines, but Damon thought it was something else.
-   Suddenly, the sky flickered out, and in space directly overhead, the Scorpion Stinger flew by, terrorizing the people below.
-   Leo said he'd thought they'd lost Trakeena.
-   Apparently at the edge of the city dome nearest the Industrial Dome as the Scorpion Stinger attacked, soldiers helped screaming citizens evacuate from a plaza.
-   Leo and Damon ran along a sidewalk toward the unseen Industrial Dome tunnel as soldiers were loading up yellow-striped black cases into a white GSA Humvee, with one soldier telling a higher-ranking soldier that all of the explosives had been removed, and the older soldier told him to get them to sector 7 immediately.
-   Following Leo's idea, Damon kept a lookout on one side of the Humvee as Leo slipped into the open window as the nearby soldier had been told to wave vehicles through, leaving the white Humvee unguarded.
-   Leo emerged, giving an explosives case to Damon, and they ran off after closing the Humvee's door.
-   Soon, morphed Damon stood in an exterior tunnel waving his arms to get the villains' attention.
-   As the Scorpion Stinger approached, Damon ran, asking why he was always the decoy, and the Stinger's pincers crushed the tunnel behind him.
-   As Damon ran for his life screaming that she wasn't joking around, the Stinger kept chomping on portions after him, shattering the glass tunnel each time.
-   Hiding behind an interface kiosk, morphed Leo opened up the stolen explosive case and removed a black device with a GSA logo on it, arming it.
-   As Damon ran by Leo, the pincers crushed right in front of Leo, and he planted the device on the pincer and activated it.
-   The two ran off, and as the pincers approached again, a large explosion erupted from the ship's left pincer, hurling the two Rangers forward, and the Stinger, its smoking broken pincer flickering with orange light, tumbled into space.
-   After the detached city dome's devastating crash-landing on Mirinoi's moon, injured people and flaming rubble were strewn all over the plaza in the city; Karone and Maya helped a gray-jacket woman up from some rubble, Damon and Leo asking if they were okay.
-   The four teens helped injured people out of the rubble.
-   An echoing cracking sound began, and Damon watched stunned as he realized the dome was cracking.

-   On a moon hill near the city dome, Stratoforce and Centaurus stood with their weapons as the Stingwinger swarm approached.
-   In the city as self-destructing Stingwingers blew up buildings and terrorized people, the Rangers leapt in and helped people evacuate, hurrying them to the shuttles, and they then fought Stingwingers.
-   After had been blown back from self-destructing Stingwingers, Leo warned the others the Stingwingers were rigged with bombs, startling Karone.
-   During the battle as the Rangers destroyed and avoided the exploding Stingwingers, Alpha called Leo to tell him the Megazords were in trouble.
?   Suddenly, the Megazords were engulfed in an enormous, tall explosions outside; in the city, the horrified Rangers seemed to watch the explosion in the distance, although the dome was not transparent at this point.
-   The Rangers continued fighting, using their weapons.
?   Leo slashed many Stingwingers with his blades, then stood with his back to one facing more, but after an explosion behind him, they all appeared to be gone.
-   Soon, the five met up in the rubble, exhausted and on the verge of collapsing.
-   Maya thought they'd gotten them all.
-   There was more rumbling and cracking as cracks formed all over the dome sky.
-   In the city, people were being led to shuttles by soldiers and the five unmorphed teens.
-   As Mike took Stanton, the final person remaining, to the last shuttle, Kai and Leo were alone in the wreckage.
-   Kai asked Leo if he was still glad he snuck onboard, and he said he'd do it again in a heartbeat.
-   Damon, with the girls, urged them out, as the dome was going to go.
-   As the Scorpion Stinger prepared to blast shuttles in space, the Megaship flew in blasting its Megalasers, manned by the helmetless Rangers on the bridge.
-   Leo had Damon bring them in behind her, and Kai said Megalasers were recharged.
-   The Scorpion Stinger violently rammed the Megaship and grabbed its front in its pincers, crushing the top and bottom.
-   The Rangers were thrown about as the trashed bridge sparked and quaked violently.
-   As the Scorpion Stinger squeezed, weapons systems were down, and from Alert Systems, Maya said the engines were overheating.
-   Leo said the only way to stop Trakeena was to put the Megaship on self-destruct; Damon refused, but Kai said it was their only hope, and Damon angrily activated it.
-   As the Rangers headed out toward the Jet Jammer bay, Leo called into his wrist for Alpha to meet them there.
?   It took the Rangers nearly half a minute to run from the bridge to the immediately adjacent Jet Jammer bay.
-   In the bay, the Rangers found enormous piles of rubble against the Jammer bay doors.
-   As they were clearing the rubble, Karone asked about Alpha, and Damon realized he was still in the engine room, so Leo ran back with 45 seconds remaining.
-   Once the now-helmeted four Rangers had cleared the rubble, Kai had them blast their way out, and Karone and Damon blew out the doors with their respective Transdagger weapons.
-   Now helmeted, Leo arrived with Alpha, and at ten seconds, the Rangers got into their Jammers, Alpha standing behind Leo on his Jammer.
-   The Megaship erupted in a huge explosion as the Rangers flew away, with Leo and Alpha being the last out; in the blast, Alpha flew from Leo's Jammer, and the five Rangers were hurled out of control by the enormous fireball.
-   The badly damaged Scorpion Stinger spiraled in a smoking trail down to the moon below, as did Leo.
?   On Mirinoi after the shuttles had landed, the four unmorphed teens helped an upside-down Alpha out of a bush; how they'd all survived the fall is unknown.
-   Alpha told the happy teens he had a vine stuck in his circuits, and the girls were happy he'd made it there in one piece.
-   Kai called out for Leo, with the nearly full moon in the sky above.

-   Mike later radioed Kai over a small walkie-talkie to ask about Leo, but they still hadn't found anything.
-   As the four teens searched the forest, Mike radioed Kai, telling him he'd found Leo, flying on a collision course toward them on Terra Venture, assuming Trakeena had figured out how to power it again.
-   The teens ran off to get their Jammers, and they flew up to the city dome in space.
-   Trakeena told Leo that when Terra Venture (i.e. the city dome) crashed, everyone on the entire planet would be destroyed.
-   The four Rangers flew up, and Trakeena blasted Maya's Jet Jammer, making her jump out, and the Jammer crashed into some rubble; the others would then depart from theirs.
-   Karone helped Leo as the Rangers confronted Trakeena, and Kai asked what that was; Leo briefly explained.
-   Trakeena pounded the Rangers with menacing speed and strength, at one point violently hurling a table at Kai.
?   When green Trakeena redirected the Rangers' own Galaxy Quasar Launcher blast back at them, the girls were hurled back, but the guys drove up on the Astro Cycles, Leo blasting; how the cycles had survived the detonation of the Astro Megaship is unknown.
-   Trakeena blasted Damon off his cycle, teleport-dodged Kai's lasers, and blasted him off as well.
-   Suddenly, the girls grappled Trakeena as Leo formed the Red Capsular Cycle, and the girls leapt aside as the fire streak roared through Trakeena with a huge explosion, flinging her through the air.
-   After following the leaping Trakeena and invoking his Red Armored Ranger power, Leo used an extending claw arm to reach out and grapple Trakeena by the torso.
-   After Leo had pulled Trakeena to him directly in front of his right barrel, the others cried out for him not to as they ran up.
-   An enormous explosion erupted from the two of them, sending out an orange energy shockwave.
-   A distant evil laughter echoed as a faint image of Trakeena's alien face formed briefly in the fire and smoke, but it then drifted up into the sky.
-   The four distraught Rangers approached the flaming rubble and mangled armor pieces.
-   As Kai asked why he'd done it, Karone sobbed that he's sacrificed himself for the colony.
-   From the rubble, a panting morphed Leo emerged with a hole in his helmet, shocking the others, who'd thought he was dead.
-   Leo panted that he was okay and said that was the last they'd ever see of Trakeena.
-   As they looked out the broken sky panel at the New World's surface flying by as they prepared to crash, Kai said they had to slow it down and steer away from the colony, and Leo had them get moving.
?   The Rangers then stood at the end of the dome's remaining broken tunnel, which pointed forward; they were horrified that they could do nothing, and Leo said (his tone sounding as though he were explaining why they could do nothing) that they would destroy the colony and themselves at this speed.
-   Suddenly, the Galaxy Megazord rose up and nodded right in front of the Rangers in the front tunnel, redirecting and slowing the city dome.
-   The city dome flew over a hillside into a valley and crashed with an earthshaking explosion.
-   As the debris settled, a beast roared, and the five Galactabeasts emerged from the smoke with the Rangers on their heads, and Kai exclaimed triumphantly that they'd survived.
-   When the Rangers leapt down, everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; Bulk and morphed Karone hugged, Renier and morphed Damon hugged, and Mike and morphed Leo hugged.
-   Maya looked up as the Wolf growled down to her, and Leo joined her.
-   The Galactabeasts walked away, and Maya said they wanted them to follow them; she and Leo ran off into the jungle, followed by the other three.
-   Without helmets, the Rangers followed Maya as she pressed through the jungle and came upon a region filled with stone people covered by vines.
-   Maya removed the vines and was stunned to see it was Jera, realizing they'd landed on Mirinoi.
-   The legend had said that only the chosen five could remove the Quasar Sabers, and when Furio had turned the people of Mirinoi to stone, Maya said, it had become the teens' destiny to set things right.
-   Wishing they could have saved Mirinoi, Maya uncovered the sabers' stone and drew her Quasar Saber, telling it, "Our quest is complete. Maybe someday the next chosen warriors will free you."; until that time, she thrust the saber into its spot in the stone, and the other four did the same, demorphing as energy was released from the sabers.
-   After the restoration of the Mirinoite village, Leo suddenly called their attention to an area of blue light streaks, from which Kendrix's ghosly image walked smiling, and she became solid as the light faded.
-   Kendrix beamed happily, "I knew you'd make it here."; shocked, Maya ran and hugged Kendrix, saying she didn't know how many times she'd wished she would come back.
-   Kendrix happily told Maya she'd missed her, and the teens, minus Karone, hugged her happily.
-   Kendrix thanked Karone for everything she'd done, and Karone said she wouldn't have missed it for the world.
-   Damon called their attention to the Galactabeasts as they stood watching a fireworks display in the sky above them; he said it looked like they were celebrating too.

-   Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, the original five Galaxy teens retrieved their Quasar Sabers to aid the Lightspeed Rangers on Earth; Karone was absent.

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