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-   When Dana reported to Captain Mitchell that the demons had escaped, he removed four confidential Ranger files from his safe in his quarters; opening the seals on the files, Mitchell told Dana, "It's time to bring them in."
-   The Green Ranger's folder contained a flyer of Sky Cowboy Joel Rawlings on the right side, the left page containing specs and personal data.
-   Lightspeed's dossier photo for the Blue Ranger showed Chad Lee posing in diving gear at a lake.
-   In the upper middle of the stats on the left side of the dossier was each Ranger's crest.
-   The photo for Red Ranger showed Carter Grayson smiling in firefighter gear in front of a brick wall.
-   Soon, a white helicopter with the teens inside flew out to sea, where a huge black submarine was surfaced; Carter figured they were going in the submarine, and Kelsey looked excitedly while Dana sat calmly with the four.
-   Carter and Chad were now out of their occupation-specific gear, apparently having been given time to change clothes before taking the helicopter flight.
-   After the submarine had docked in the Aquabase, Dana entered Rescue Ops with two guards and the four mystified teens who didn't know where they were.
-   Dana led the teens into the conference room, where Captain Mitchell welcomed them to the Lightspeed Aquabase.
-   Joel, not knowing who Mitchell was, protested that this was illegal, kidnapping; introducing himself, Mitchell explained that none of them would be held against their will, as they were free to go.
-   Joel began to leave, but as a guard held out his hand, Mitchell added they could leave after they'd heard him out, and the four sat as requested.
-   After explaining the demons' ancient capture and recent release, Mitchell told the teens Lightspeed had developed technology and highly sophisticated weapons which they believed could stop them.
-   Because of their skills, the teens had been chosen to use the weapons to become Lightspeed Power Rangers and defend the city; Dana opened the teens' four folders to show them their own dossiers.
-   Kelsey's photo had her standing, almost caught offguard by the photographer, in a yellow shirt in the mountains with rope or something over her shoulder.
-   The left page of each dossier was titled "Confidential Information"; the first section of text was lines of stats, with a sigil beside it, and then a skills list with a score following each, such as "Scuba Diving 10" on Chad's; below was a final paragraph and a single concluding line.
-   Kelsey asked, "You built this whole 'Aquabase' so that the four of us could fight off a bunch of... angry demons?" and Mitchell agreed, although noting it was putting it simply.
-   Having heard him out, Joel got up calling him nuts, but Carter told him to wait, remembering the demon he'd seen in the recent apartment fire.
-   A tech from Ops called Mitchell saying he had to see this, and Mitchell had it brought up on the conference room monitor, showing exploding buildings, the demon spirits flying around, and other mayhem in Mariner Bay as the teens watched in horror.
-   Mitchell said this city needed them, and Carter agreed, as did Kelsey and Chad; they then looked to Joel, and he seriously asked what to do first, so Mitchell opened the Rescue Morpher briefcase, explaining the devices briefly.
?   The teens seemed to take their Morphers from the case randomly, as there were no distinguishing marks to indicate Ranger color.
-   Seeing the fifth Morpher, Dana asked, "Five?" to which Mitchell replied as he opened the Pink Ranger's secret dossier in his possession that she was the fifth: he had been training her for this for 18 years, and she happily accepted, proudly joining the others.
-   Dana's apparently recent file photo showed her in a non-Lightspeed paramedics uniform.
-   The text at the top of the Pink Ranger candidate stats page read, "Extensive Research: Our data has chosen Dana Mitchell," then listing her code name as "Pink 5," her height and weight, and other stats; below were here skills list which listed skills at a level of 10 or 10+.
-   Mitchell told the teens it was time to get to work, and Dana led them to the Transport Bay, having them each grab one of five hanging rescue jackets, although her vague instruction would end up with each wearing the correct jacket.
-   As the teens were impressed by the Rescue Rover, Dana tossed Carter the keys to drive.
-    The Rover screeched up to the chaos where people fled from Batlings and Ghouligan, and the teens gaped until Carter had them go help the people.
-   As the four teens attempted to fight Batlings and had people run, Carter drove at and was pounded by Ghouligan; as they were pounded, Carter reported the villains were too strong for them, so Mitchell instructed them to use their Morphers.
-   Upon morphing, the Rangers leapt over the villains and took a moment to gawk at their new powers; they then saluted with a battle cry and fought the charging Batlings.
-   After destroying Ghouligan and demorphing in the street, the stunned teens were swarmed by cheering bystanders.
-   When the teens returned to the base, they were greeted by cheering personnel on their way to Rescue Ops.
-   Mitchell told the teens there was a time to celebrate, but this wasn't it: now Diabolico knew they existed, and Mitchell warned them of far tougher fights in the future.
-   Although this was the first time Mitchell had mentioned Diabolico, Kelsey cheerfully replied they'd destroyed him, but Mitchell corrected somberly that that had merely been one of his monsters.
-   Mitchell told everyone they all had work to do to defeat Diabolico, and Dana saluted, followed by the other personnel, and the other four teens then saluted awkwardly.

?   The teens continued to wear the same casual clothes day after day for an unknown reason.
-   The teens now apparently lived in the Aquabase, not ever shown returning to their homes.
-   As Joel was elsewhere in the base, Dana called Joel, upset that he was late again for their meeting, but Mitchell annoyedly proceeded without him.
-   Mitchell showed the four teens the Weapons Lab, explaining that everything the Rangers would use to defeat the demons was designed, built, and tested here; he then came to and introduced Miss Fairweather.
-   After giant Magmavore had landed downtown, Mitchell had the teens put the Rail Rescues to work, and Carter immediately agreed, although Chad was unsure, Kelsey reminding Chad that none of them were.
-   After the Lightspeed Megazord had destroyed giant Magmavore, Chad congratulated Carter on the great work, but Carter congratulated all of them as a team following their complex rescue maneuvers and Zord piloting.
-   In the base after their victory, Carter told Joel the only way they'd beat the demons was if they worked as a team, like they had today; Joel planned to concentrate, no more goofing around, but he then dreamily saw Miss Fairweather.
-   Watching through the window as Miss Fairweather shouted at Joel and then stormed out, the teens made teasing airplane crash noises; they amusedly told him she'd designed everything.

-   As the girls packed up equipment for a training mission in their quarters, the guys waited in the living room, already packed.
-   Dana and Kelsey had been talking of Kelsey's history of crazy stunts, and Joel spoke of his childhood efforts to fly; as they left, Dana asked Carter if he'd always wanted to be a fireman, but he was reluctant to explain his story.
-   For a training exercise outside, the teens dashed off when Mitchell started the stopwatch: Chad and Joel leapt over a wall, crawled under a rope net, and wiggled through tires, getting a good time of 1:30; once done, the two then hunched in exhaustion.
-   Elsewhere outside the shack, Kelsey strapped herself onto a safety line and rappelled over a railing with a crash test baby, where Dana quickly used a first aid kit and delivered CPR, done at a "not bad" two minutes, and the girls giggled and clasped hands as Mitchell walked off.
-   Splattering cardboard cutouts of demons with a goo-shooting gun in the shack, Carter finished outside at 52 seconds, impressing Mitchell, and the others giddily congratulated him on the fastest time yet, with Carter swinging Kelsey around, until Mitchell looked inside and called Carter over to reprimand him.
-   When a brief earthquake later hit, Mitchell sent the teens out to investigate, and they would fight Vypra and Quakemon.

-   Through with a workout, Kelsey joined Dana in their quarters; the three guys soon entered with the teens having some place to go, but they watched as Mariner Bay's shuttle launch proceeded.
-   Just then, Mitchell called the teens with trouble, seeing a tornado in the city, and they headed out.
-   When Diabolico appeared in the sky, Carter didn't knew what it was appearing above them, and Diabolico told them his name; Carter asked what he wanted, and he replied he had come to destroy their precious city and restore Queen Bansheera's magnificent palace.
-   After nearly four hours of tornado chasing, the Rangers chased the tornado to a storage area of giant metal crates.
-   Using his thermograph to view a body inside the tornado, Carter said there "he" was, perhaps assuming it to be Diabolico.
-   After a brief fight, Whirlin retreated in his tornado and terrorized the shuttle during its descent through the atmosphere.
-   The Rangers below blew up Whirlin with the Unilaser, but the shuttle was still going down; Mitchell told Joel the shuttle and Aero Rescue Three would both crash if he tried to help, but Kelsey got a crazy idea, calling Rescuezords, and Carter let her call the shots for the rescue mission.

-   In the conference room, Mitchell showed the teens a video of scientists in protective suits handling a top-secret fuel cell.
-   The fuel cell was extremely powerful, and sensitive to high temperature, so they had to keep it away from high heat at all costs; at this point, the video showed a scene of a nuclear blast laying waste to surrounding land, alarming the teens.
-   Flipping it off, Mitchell said they'd meet Dr. Hanson at the airport to make sure the fuel cell got back to the Aquabase safe and sound.
-   As the teens left, Mitchell kept Dana, wanting her to pick up his old friend and give him a ride to the Aquabase; Dana was insulted, not knowing this Earl character secretly possessed the real fuel cell while the others unwittingly protected a decoy.
-   According to Dana, Mitchell had personally chosen her to be the Pink Ranger.
-   The four teens soon stood by the Rescue Rover at a landing strip where a helicopter landed, and two men in black (one from Dana's recruitments in 801-OpLs) furtively escorted Dr. Hanson to the teens, who took him to the Rover.
-   As they drove through the city, the Rover was attacked by Fireor and Batlings, whom the Rangers fought to protect Dr. Hanson, Carter calling Dana for help but being denied by Mitchell.
-   The Rangers were surprised when Fireor got the box from Dr. Hanson and found it empty.
-   As Fireor left to find the Pink Ranger, whom he thought must have the fuel cell, the Rangers, having previously told Dr. Hanson to get somewhere safe, ran off to get to Dana first.
-   As they ran, helping people out of the sun briefly as the temperature rose to painful levels, the Rangers were blasted by fireballs from above, and they proceeded to fight Fireor, eventually joined by Dana once the fuel cell was safe in the Aquabase.
-   As the Rangers were bombarded by Fireor's fireballs from the sky inside an abandoned building, the Rangers collapsed limply, but as Fireor stomped on Carter and summoned another fireball, Carter suddenly grabbed his foot, and they all grappled him, jumping away at the last second, allowing the two fireballs to destroy him.

-   When Mitchell announced a "code red," the teens raced off in the Rover and confronted the gold-beaked monster.
-   After the monster's destruction, the Rangers were confronted with Vypra in the Vyprari, in which she deflected their lasers and buffeted the Rescue Rover with laser fire of her own, vanishing afterward and leaving the teens to return to the base in defeat.
-   Briefing Mitchell on what had happened, the teens knew Vypra had been testing them.
-   Later, in response to another code red, the repaired Rover drove up to an area of injured people and burning wreckage, and as the teens aided the victims, they wondered what could have done this.
-   Nearby, Vypra revved watching them, and she raced off, Carter angrily chasing in the Rover before she vanished again.
-   Upon their return, the teens met up in Transport, where Miss Fairweather unveiled her surprise, the Lightspeed Cycles.

-   As Strikning prepared to finish off the Lightspeed Rangers after stunning them with a lightning bolt, the monster was blasted by the approaching Cyborg Rangers, and the human Rangers awoke startled.
-   New Rangers was news to the teens, including Dana.
-   When Strikning retreated, the human Rangers cheerfully met the Cyborgs, but the robots ignored them and walked off.
-   Dr. Harlen smugly greeted the Rangers, telling them the title of the Cyborg Rangers which made the Rangers realize they were robots.
-   Carter asked what was going on, but Harlen smugly said they had to go, knowing something they didn't, and he waved with mocking cheeriness at the Rangers as they drove off.
-   As the teens happily arrived in the Rover, Mitchell, Miss Fairweather, General McKnight, and two military officers emerged into Transport.
-   The teens raved over the Cyborgs, excited to team up with them, but McKnight replied the Cyborgs weren't there to join them, but rather to replace them.
-   As Mitchell was plaintive, the startled teens were rude and defensive toward McKnight, but Mitchell ordered them to be quiet.
-   The Cyborgs entered followed by Dr. Harlen, and McKnight told the teens they were relieved of their duties.
-   The two officers accompanying McKnight approached, one opening the silver case in which the Rescue Morphers had originally been stored, the other grabbing Chad's wrist, and Mitchell shook his head at Chad's tense grasp.
-   The teens defeatedly removed their Morphers and placed them into the case.
-   On a plaza bridge, the teens looked to Carter for guidance as Chad asked him if he thought the Cyborgs were better than them; Carter didn't know.
-   When the teens saw a billowing explosion behind a building downtown, the effect of another lightning bolt, Chad and Carter agreed they should check it out even though they weren't Rangers, Dana beginning to follow, but Joel and Kelsey argued it wasn't their job and that they should let the Cyborgs handle it; they would all end up going to help.
-   As the malfunctioning Cyborgs cornered Harlen and associates, Carter suddenly leapt in and pulled Dr. Harlen aside, the teens helping the scientists until Mitchell screeched up and tossed them their Morphers.
-   Upon destroying both the malfunctioning Cyborg Rangers and giant Strikning, the teens giggled and conversed in Ops as Mitchell and Miss Fairweather stood somberly, and they all stood at attention as McKnight entered.
-   To the teens, McKnight apologized, having underestimated them and saying Captain Mitchell had made a wise choice, or rather five wise choices; Carter thanked him as the teens saluted, and McKnight returned with a firm salute of his own.

-   To handle Smogger's destruction of a building below which people were trapped in a parking garage, the Rail Rescues arrived, and Carter had Chad deploy Aqua Rescue Two and Dana and Joel help people outside while he joined Kelsey in HazRescue Four to go into the parking garage.
-   After the rescue, Smogger and Batlings attacked, and as Smogger rolled off while the others were grappled, Carter sent Chad and Kelsey after him for a mission in which Kelsey would end up rather seriously injuring herself.
-   With burns, scrapes, and a bandaged head, Kelsey slept on a hospital bed as Chad checked on her; the doctor had earlier said Kelsey would be fine.
-   Outside, the four jacketed teens conversed: Chad blamed himself, but Joel said no one could stop that girl from doing anything. Called by Mitchell, the four teens ran out the front entrance of the hospital, but Chad, the last one out, saw a Batling luring him away; Carter thought it was a trap, but Chad said he'd meet up with them.
-   As the three Rangers fought Smogger, Kelsey raced up and launched the Rescue Speeder from the red Lightspeed Cycle, knocking the exploding sphere back at Smogger.
-   Kelsey happily used her baton to break the three free of the tendrils wrapped around them.

-   From the Aquabase, Dana called Carter, needing the Rover, but the other four teens were eating hot dogs from a hot dog stand, and Joel said after their hot dog, as he was starving; Dana mirthfully agreed.
-   After calling the others to the base following an earthquake, Mitchell tried calling Dana but got no response, so he sent the other four to investigate.
-   After Joel had saved Dana's teetering bus and Dana had told the Rangers the volcano was about to erupt, Chad told the driver he had to get the bus out of there right away, but his shoulder was too hurt, and Dana agreed, checking it.
-   Carter asked if anyone knew how to drive a bus, and Steve reluctantly replied he used to be a bus driver; learning Steve had had a gun, Carter and Joel were miffed, not letting him drive, but Dana said they all had to trust him, as there was no other choice.
-   The Rangers and Dana left, and Steve drove the bus away, the Rangers rushing off after another quake; they would later check up on the rescued bus passengers at a rest stop before Steve was taken by the police.

?   The teens now knew the names of both Magmavore and Trifire despite never being shown told their names.
-   When the Megazord fell, having lost all power in combat against Magmavore and Trifire, Mitchell had the Rangers evacuate the Megazord, explaining something had happened to Miss Fairweather and they had to find her to save the Megazord.
-   Near the volcano, Joel ran ahead of the others, finding the Rover abandoned before they came to Miss Fairweather's assistants who told them of Miss Fairweather being trapped in the cave.
-   Batlings attacked, and as the other four morphed to fight, Joel ran to the cave.
-   As the Rangers battled the monsters again following Miss Fairweather's rescue, Miss Fairweather had the Rangers return to the Rail Rescues and put engines to full power; as the Rail Rescues accelerated forward, empty portions of highway ahead unfolded into two side walls, exposing a giant ramp which raised to curve skyward.
-   The Rangers seemed startled by the sudden appearance of the giant ramp.
-   Carter ignited the rear booster behind Rail Rescue Five, propelling the train quickly up the ramp; as Carter announced they were approaching flight speed, Joel exclaimed, "Yeah, baby!!"
-   Once the Supertrain Megazord was formed, Miss Fairweather introduced it over the intercom; they were pleased, Dana exclaiming it was so high-tech and Carter remarking the monsters wouldn't be expecting it.
-   That night, Joel skidded down a hallway in a black tux and hat with a bouquet of red flowers, and a few techs giggled at him.
-   In the galley, Joel found Miss Fairweather seated at a table with the four teens, who all laughed at him.
-   Miss Fairweather regretfully asked if he'd thought her dinner invitation would be just the two of them, and he awkwardly said of course not; the teens laughingly brought him back in and consoled him.

-   On what happened to be the day before the 20th birthday of the lost Ryan Mitchell, the teens, Miss Fairweather, and Mitchell watched from a booth (Joel running up just in time) as techs attached electrodes to Carter in the pool room in preparation for his testing of the Titanium Morpher.
-   After activating the Morpher, Carter was agonized during the attempted morph before dropping to his hands; he would tell an alarmed Miss Fairweather between gasps that he was okay as the teens rushed out to help him.
-   The next morning, the five teens rushed out in response to an alarm, finding Vypra attacking the city.
-   Confronted by the evil Titanium Ranger, the teens were shocked; Carter said no one had had access to the Morpher, and when asked by Dana who he was, he replied he was their worst nightmare.
-   Backing up as Titanium approached, the Rangers told him to stop, not wanting any trouble, but he drew his Titanium Laser and blasted them before pounding them with his bare hands.
-   Pounded by Titanium, the Rangers retreated outside onto the roof, where they aimed the Unilaser at him as he followed.
-   Carter told Titanium to stop right there, but he transformed his weapon into axe mode in response; saying he'd warned him, Carter fired, but the axe blade absorbed the blast, and Titanium slung it back, blasting them as he laughed.
-   Mitchell told Carter to break off the attack, and the weakened Rangers retreated.
-   Watching the Rangers them go, Titanium told them it wouldn't be over until they were all destroyed.
-   When Miss Fairweather told the teens in the conference room that the Titanium Morpher had been stolen from the captain's safe, Kelsey said it had to be someone in Lightspeed; Joel didn't think anyone would do that, but Kelsey asked who else it could be.
-   Sent to get back the Morpher, the teens explored the city, where everything was quiet until a blue energy sphere flew over Chad and Kelsey, and Chad called the others downtown.
-   Fighting Titanium, the Rangers were impressed by the new V-Lancers.
-   After a blast which the Rangers expected to be fatal, Titanium arose, his visor open, revealing human eyes within.
-   Carter ordered, "Stand down before this escalates! Don't force us to destroy you!" but Titanium nodded his visor shut and approached weakly with his blaster aimed.
-   Miss Fairweather, watching, called for energy level ten.
-   As the Rangers aimed the V-Lancers on full power, which they surely expected to be fatal following the previous incident, Mitchell painfully told them not to fire, repeating the order when Carter was surprised.
-   The Rangers left in disgust as Titanium called out for them to come back, not finished with them, but he was too pained to follow.
-   In the conference room, Mitchell stood as the angry teens came in, all but Dana furious that he'd had them retreat during their perhaps only chance.
-   Pausing, Carter sighed and asked why, and Mitchell wearily replied it was his son.

-   Learning that Titanium Ranger was Ryan, Dana asked Mitchell how that could be, saying Ryan had been killed in that car crash, but Mitchell told her Ryan had not died, recounting their crash, in which Diabolico had rescued Ryan as they all dangled from a cliff but then kept the boy as his own until his 20th birthday.
-   After Mitchell had recounted all this for the teens, Dana observed today was Ryan's 20th birthday; Carter promised Mitchell they wouldn't fight him, and they would do anything they could to help get him back.
-   When Ryan launched another attack downtown, Carter asked where the captain was, but a tech in Ops said he'd left without saying anything, at which point Dana left furtively.
-   The teens debated fighting Ryan: Kelsey didn't want to, but Chad said he'd destroy the city, and Joel added they had to do something in the emergency.
-   Realizing Dana was taking the Rover alone, the teens ran off to catch her but were too late.
-   Downtown, morphed Dana fought Ryan and tried to make him remember their past, and he nearly did until the teens ran up, prompting Ryan to run away.
-   As Dana and the teens tried to follow, Vypra and Liztwin appeared blocking their path.
-   Soon following Liztwin's destruction, the teens ran up to the site of the Mitchells' crash, where Ryan had saved Mitchell from falling, and they watched as Ryan ran off, leaving his Morpher on the ground.

-   When the alarm went off, Mitchell told the teens of three monsters, startling them, but he dispatched them nonetheless.
-   As the five and three regrouped after the Rangers had taken a beating, Demonite told them they'd delivered a few presents from Diabolico, throwing a feather to Carter and explaining they were special feathers, harmless in the daytime, but they exploded violently in darkness.
-   The three monsters explained the feathers were all over Mariner Bay and would explode at nightfall; the only way to stop it was to defeat all three of them before nightfall.
-   Kelsey, Joel, and Chad grappled the monsters as Joel had Carter and Dana fire the Unilaser, but the monsters threw the three Rangers into the beam, taking the blast, and Demonite eyeblasted the two standing Rangers.
-   The Rangers ran off, pursued by the monsters, and as the chase continued for a while, the sun kept going down.
-   Running around a corner, the Rangers quickly leapt to the roof to fire the Unilaser in ambush, but the beam was reflected back at them, knocking them off the building.
-   Approaching, Demonite dropped a feather, and dozens upon dozens blew around the Rangers.
-   Just as nightfall hit, the blast from the feather explosions all around the Rangers sent them smashing back through a brick wall, where they demorphed weakly.
-   After Ryan had chased away Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon and then demorphed, the teens congratulated him; meanwhile, rescue teams had collected the feathers from across the city prior to nightfall.
-   That night in the galley, Dana put a new Lightspeed jacket on Ryan, and Chad welcomed him to Lightspeed.

-   As it seemed Carter had been destroyed blasting Demonite pointblank, Dana fell to her knees, softly despairing, but Carter would emerge charred but alive; as they supported him, she told him he'd scared them, and he chuckled he'd scared himself pretty good too.

-   In the galley, Joel and Chad didn't like Ryan being ordered not to morph, but Dana and Carter disagreed.
-   Sent to fight Falkar and Thunderon, the teens were confronted by Ryan in the hallway, but Mitchell shook his head, telling the Rangers to go.
-   As the Rangers were pounded in the Supertrain by titan-sized Falkar and Thunderon, they were alarmed as Ryan flew in in the Max Solarzord, and Miss Fairweather would soon explain the Zord to the Rangers.
-   The Rangers were a bit worried for Ryan, but he reassured them as the monsters attacked.
-   Ryan proceeded to fight and destroy the two monsters, but passed out in agony immediately following their victory, and he would be taken to the infirmary in the base.

-   As the teens ran by for an alert, Ryan emerged from his quarters and asked what was going on; Joel said Diabolico was back, but Miss Fairweather told Ryan to get rest.
-   The Rangers were quickly defeated and demorphed in battle with Troika, the combined form of Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, causing them to retreat in the Rover.
-   In the conference room, the teens (sans Dana) described their defeat to Miss Fairweather and Mitchell as Miss Fairweather took notes on a clipboard.
-   Dana entered, unable to find Ryan, but the teens were sidetracked by another Troika attack as Mitchell had Miss Fairweather work to complete the Battle Boosters.
-   When titan-sized Diabolico cripples the Supertrain Megazord following Troika's destruction, the Rangers were initially confused to see the Rescuezords arriving, wondering if that meant they had to abandon the Supertrain, and Carter had them do so.
-   The Solarzord soon flew in blasting, surprising the Rangers, but Ryan reassured them and Mitchell that the cobra and curse were history.
-   In the galley after Diabolico's destruction by the Lightspeed Solarzord, the teens and Ryan were giddy, and techs at tables chatted happily amongst each other.
-   Entering, Mitchell proposed a toast, for Mariner Bay, which he began to describe as the safest city, as of now, in the --, but the alarm sounded; Carter asked if it was a drill, and Mitchell oddly remarked they didn't have drills, calling for everyone to move.
-   Downtown, the sky thundered as the six teens pulled up in the Rover.
-   With a purple cloudy pulse, Queen Bansheera's hazy blue face was visible in a descending blue billowing cloud; she spoke, "Hello, Rangers."
-   Ryan was surprised to see Bansheera, having thought she'd been destroyed; the teens were unfamiliar with the sight of her, so he told them her name, saying she was worse than ten Diabolicos.
-   When Bansheera mentioned her son, Carter was startled, and Ryan replied, "Impus."
-   Bansheera introduced her heir and their destructor, and a giant cocoon descended.

-   The cocoon flew over the city blasting random buildings; the teens raced after it, but bolts blasted them out of the Rover.
-   While Ryan helped workers from fallen rubble on Carter's order, the others morphed and chased the cocoon into a metal crate area where they found the other villains.
-   Carter had them fire at the cocoon despite Dana's wanting to wait, and the four fired, causing a wall of flame to wash over them and the villains as the cocoon crashed into the ground, making a crater from which Olympius would arise.
-   Olympius introduced himself while hovering above the Rangers; he told them to bow to him, but Carter leapt to tackle him, and as the two fell, Olympius flew away as flaming energy, then stomped on the fallen Carter from above.
-   After pummeling Carter, Olympius landed in front of the others and sucked them into his Star Power star as Ranger-colored energy.
-   Briefly visible in the star soon afterward, the four unmorphed teens were pounding to get out.
-   After Olympius had infiltrated the Aquabase shapeshifting into the teens but had been swept into the sea by Carter, the four Rangers beamed out of the star as he lay weakened on a beach.
-   In Transport following Olympius's retreat and Thunderclaw's destruction, Carter was tuning up the red Lightspeed Cycle as the teens approached, pretending to be insulted that he hadn't known the difference between them and Olympius.
-   Carter anxiously backed away from them until he fell into the pool, and they laughed that he'd learned his lesson, thinking next time he'd be a little more careful.

-   In the conference room the next day, Mitchell told the six teens he had a very important assignment for them: to take a day off; Joel thought he was joking, but he wasn't, as they'd all worked very hard and deserved it, adding "dismissed" when they didn't know what to do.
-   The teens spent the day at the beach, with a brief interlude to save the power plants from Shockatron.
-   Mitchell explained he'd been keeping an eye on Carter ever since rescuing him from a fire in his childhood; he'd watched him become a fireman, and then he'd chosen him to be the Red Ranger.
-   As Chad and Ryan came out of the ocean with surfboards and Dana, Kelsey, and Joel played frisbee, Carter surprised them by showing up to actually have some fun; he grabbed an icy water gun from a cooler and chased the teens around.

-   The teens were split up, Carter and Joel driving in the Rover and Chad and Kelsey out rollerblading, when a black cloud billowed in the sky, and they all gathered at the Aquabase.
-   As lightning bolts blasted the city, the Rangers deployed the Rescuezords for emergency rescues, Ryan remaining to look at the pattern of the explosions.
-   When Ryan wouldn't respond to his calls after going to the ceremony location, Mitchell called Carter and Kelsey as they rescued people in a skyscraper, and Kelsey then tried to call him herself but got no response.
-   Meanwhile, Carter looked out the window and saw the city aglow in golden light from a beam connecting the city to the clouds, and he figures that was where the ceremony was; the Rangers would converge there, finding Ryan held captive.
-   As the Rangers fought giant Spellbinder in the Zords, Queen Bansheera's head appeared over the bay, and she announced her intentions to destroy the city herself.
-   While Bansheera caused a giant tidal wave to approach the city, Ryan leapt down and destroyed Spellbinder's altar, blowing up the garage with a massive explosion and stopping the ceremony, causing Bansheera and the wave to vanish.
-   The Rangers panicked seeing the fiery building below, but, unnerved, Carter had them keep it together, still having work to do, and they promptly destroyed giant Spellbinder.
-   Soon, the teens rushed into the fiery basement and were pleased to find Ryan okay, returning to base together.
-   In the conference room, Ryan explained that Bansheera might not have her whole body back, but her powers would only get stronger until they wouldn't be able to stop her.
-   Ryan announced he was going to leave, shocking them, but he explained he had to find out how to capture the demons again; Kelsey volunteered that they'd go with him, but he replied Mariner Bay needed them.

-   Days after Ryan's departure, Miss Fairweather explained to the teens a simple modification to Carter's Battle Booster to allow them to operate Max Solarzord by remote, which they'd need to initiate the new Omega Megazord, surprising them.
-   Entering "late as usual," Joel had a bouquet of flowers which he tried but failed to hide, and the teens laughed at him.
-   Using the Omega Crawler to plant explosives into Olympius's asteroid in space, the Rangers were alarmed as the asteroid came to life, nearly crushing them, but they triggered the explosives with the Omega Megazord and escaped unharmed.
-   The teens later emerged from the lift to a crowded Ops full of applauding techs.
-   Miss Fairweather escorted Simon away after the boy had asked her out for himself rather than Joel, the teens laughed at Joel's misfortune.

-   The teens somberly drove in the Rover to an apartment fire where emergency personnel were on the scene, and they helped people out while morphed.
-   Later, as Carter was alone downtown without his jacket, the four jacketed teens drove the Rover in the city; Chad suggested going for a dive when they got back, and Kelsey agreed.
-   In front of the Rover, Leo Corbett got in front of them, and they slammed on the brakes; the teens aided Leo as he dropped to his knee in weakness.
-   Although Leo initially had his head lowered, Kelsey saw the Lion Quasar Saber in his hand and realized, "Hey, you're Leo! The Red Ranger!"
-   As Leo said he'd followed Trakeena from Mirinoi to Earth, Dana asked in confusion, "Trakeena? Why?", apparently familiar with Trakeena.
-   As the pained Leo explained the Ghouls had tried to stop him from coming, the teens asked who Ghouls were, at which point three Ghouls materialized and blasted, prompting the four teens to morph in front of Leo.
-   Kelsey was startled as a Ghoul leapt back up after being slammed to the ground.
-   As the four Lightspeed Rangers were doing poorly, unmorphed Leo destroyed the Ghouls with an energy wave from his Quasar Saber; pained, Leo told them there would be more, and Dana had them get him out of there in the Rover.
-   As the five Lightspeed teens sat in the galley with Leo, Kai, and Maya, Carter told Leo it was really great to meet him, saying he couldn't have come at a better time, and Leo replied they'd known they needed help against Trakeena.
-   Leo explained Trakeena's former mutation into a green form and that she was collecting people's life energy to restore her power and mutate again.
-   As Carter and Dana were checking up on Heather, Chad ran up and reported trouble, and the eight teens met in a hallway, having gotten a reading that the Ghouls had moved outside of town.
-   As Heather followed, Carter told her she couldn't come this time, but she protested he'd said she was a junior Ranger, and the other Lightspeed and Galaxy teens nodded approvingly, so he let her come.
-   In the mountains, the five Lightspeed teens and Leo, Maya, and Kai ran off as Heather watched from the Rover; Triskull confronted them at the top of the hill.
-   In ambush, Triskull summoned large numbers of Ghouls whom the Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers fought after morphing.

-   Demorphed by Triskull's blast, the eight unmorphed teens were weak in the rocky rubble as Heather ran up to them following the villain's departure.
-   Carter told Heather they were okay and that they were going to get her mom now; Dana and Kelsey pointed out they couldn't just storm into the building, as innocent people were inside, but Carter had an idea and asked for Heather's help.
-   When the fire alarm was tripped at the skyscraper, emergency personnel soon arrived on the scene to evacuate people; among the geared-up firefighters were the eight teens.
-   On one floor, firefighters Kai, Kelsey, and Joel evacuated people, and they met up at the outside doors with Dana and Chad after everyone was out.
-   As Leo, Carter, Maya, and Kelsey met up outside, Carter and Leo went in as the girls wished them luck, waiting behind as they rushed in to confront Triskull.
-   In the street as Joel, Kai, and Maya tossed their firefighter suits into the back of the Rescue Rover, Chad called them over to where Dana and Kelsey were already with him; over his Morpher, they could hear Trakeena saying goodbye to the other Rangers battling her in the lab above.
-   As the four were blasted out the wall of the skyscraper and fell unmorphed, Chad backed up the Rescue Rover and launched a large self-inflating landing bag into which the four falling teens landed safely, and they were helped out by the others.
-   Confronted by Olympius and crew, the ten teens morphed and engaged in combat with them, mostly pairing up by color.
-   The Rangers then watched as Olympius threw a dagger into the hole in the skyscraper above, and Trakeena flew out as a purple cloud which mutated into an enormous monster with long tentacles stretching out over the city.
-   After Trakeena was destroyed and the victims released in the lab, the ten Rangers cheered in the Orion Omega Megazord cockpit.
-   As the teens stood together as the victims were led out, Dana knew that the Galaxy teens had had to put up with Trakeena all the way to Mirinoi.
-   Dana asked if the Galaxy teens could stay a while, as Mariner Bay could use another team of Rangers, and Kelsey excitedly thought it was a great idea, but the Galaxy teens replied they were needed back on Mirinoi.
-   The teens later drove down a mountain road in the Rover, and the Galaxy Rangers flew overhead in their Jet Jammers before vanishing into the sky.

-   In the conference room, Mitchell slid the teens a newspaper which reported the fourth Starlight Crystal stolen, but Carter wondered what it had to do with them.
-   Vypra had been stealing crystals, and Special Agent Myers said his agency wanted to use the fifth to set a trap for her, handing out printouts of the fifth, green crystal.
-   As Dana wondered how they would find the fifth Starlight Crystal, Myers looked to Kelsey, who admitted her grandmother had it, surprising the teens.
-   After losing the five crystals, the teens returned to the Aquabase without the upset Kelsey but were soon dispatched to battle Loki and Olympius in the mountains.
-   Later, the four teens ate lunch at an outdoor table, figuring Kelsey's grandmother would never forgive her; suddenly, Kelsey whizzed up on rollerblades joined by her whooping, rollerblading grandmother.
-   Grandmother Winslow invited the teens to come with them on their picnic, but they declined, so she teasingly called them chicken before racing Kelsey to the park.

-   In the woods, the teens had a workout, Dana carrying a dummy, Joel running for the timing Carter, and Kelsey and Chad sliding down ropes from a tree; as they finished, the teens took the dummy back to the Rover on a stretcher.
-   Chad's mentor Mr. Tamashiro, nearby, asked Chad if he'd abandoned all of his training, telling the teens Chad could have been a world-class karate master, but instead he'd become a Power Ranger, bitterly calling it a waste.
-   Later at a dojo, Cyclopter challenged the Rangers to a fight to prove he was the best, but Carter disagreeably shot him.
-   Upset over the unfair use of weapons, Cyclopter challenged the Rangers to fight him without their weapons, in hand-to-hand combat, and Chad and Dana agreed for the team, if that was what it would take for him to leave.
-   After Cyclopter had pounded the Rangers, Mr. Tamashiro challenged Cyclopter's boasts, then easily hurled him down a flight of steps below.
-   As Cyclopter ran away in shame, the sore Rangers demorphed and gaped in awe, but the sensei walked away, considering Chad's invitation to the Aquabase mere foolishness.
-   Downtown, the four Rangers fought Cyclopter hand to hand once more until Chad joined them and pummeled the monster unmorphed, after which the others congratulated him.
-   When Cyclopter summoned a staff, Chad morphed and had the others stay back as he fought the monster alone.

-   The morning before Carter's first actual flight of the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, the teens sat together in the galley briefly; when Kelsey spilled a chef's oatmeal, Dana and Chad helped her clean it up as Joel left with Carter.
-   As Olympius aimed the captured Unilaser, Dana begged Olympius not to do it, but he said goodbye and pulled the trigger; following the potent blast, the four Rangers gasped and writhed and then weakly stopped moving, apparently fatally wounded.
-   When the day repeated, the oblivious teens made no particular reaction to Carter's knowing the punchline to Dana's newspaper joke and saving the chef from Kelsey's collision.
-   After blowing up the fleeing Mantevil with his missiles, Carter barrel-rolled overhead, and the Rangers watched impressed; he then outmanuevered the flying Olympius.
-   Returning to the others, Carter remarked they didn't want to know what would have happened to them if he hadn't shown up.

-   When the teens drove up to a disturbance in the mountains around eleven in the morning, they found a green arm sticking out of the ground, and its finger tentacles then latched red blossoms onto their Morphers.
-   Vilevine told the teens the vines wouldn't release until they expelled poisonous spores all over Mariner Bay at noon.
-   At 11:40, Miss Fairweather used a blue laser to char the blossom on Carter's wrist, but the blossom suddenly healed after the laser had stopped.
-   Kelsey thought to isolate themselves so the spores couldn't get out, but Miss Fairweather found the spores were so small they couldn't be contained.
-   With files, Mitchell told them of a lab on the east side with a poison that should destroy the pods, and they left with eighteen minutes to meet people from the lab at a location halfway between them.
-   At roughly 11:56 in an empty parking lot, the teens met scientists in a van, but the case of poison was blasted by Vilevine who then vanished after telling them four minutes remained.
-   The teens stood in despair until Carter was suddenly inspired to call for the Solarzord, realizing the spores couldn't hurt anyone in outer space.
-   At noon, the spores began to release from the blossoms, and Carter shouted for Miss Fairweather to open the door.
-   As the air and spores were sucked out into space, the bolt on Kelsey's seatbelt broke loose, and she was nearly ripped right out of the room, but the others grabbed her and held on fiercely through the windstorm.
-   Once all the spores were gone, the door sealed shut, the blossoms dissolved, and the Solarzord blasted the spore cloud.

-   On a monitor as Miss Fairweather packed up the Thermo Blasters following a testing session, Ryan called with a broken video signal on his Morpher from the Tomb of Forever.
-   Ryan called with urgent news from the demons' tomb, trying to tell them the presence who had been released by Vypra and Loki and who would be coming for them, but his signal faded.
-   Just then, the group was attacked by Freezard and Olympius; during the fight, Miss Fairweather was frozen solid, and the four Rangers (minus Carter) were sucked into a Freezard.
-   In a snowy dark cold land inside Freezard, the four unmorphed teens were barely conscious and freezing in the snowy cold.
-   Later, the snow world was heated red, and ice melted off the teens; they then beamed out as Freezard was defeated by Carter's Thermo Blaster, although Carter himself had been frozen in return, but Dana would thaw him with a Battle Booster code.
-   Later, the teens were with Miss Fairweather in the infirmary as she was feeling much better.

-   After a narrow victory which they attributed to Joel's quick thinking, the teens discussed their first fight with Infinitor with Miss Fairweather and Mitchell in the conference room.
-   When the three Rangers joined Chad and Joel in defending Miss Fairweather and Clark from Infinitor, they were amazed and unfamiliar with the Mega Battles.
-   As the teens walked through the base following a tough battle with giant Infinitor, they found Clark in the galley with Miss Fairweather, the girls giggling over him.
-   As Miss Fairweather admiringly watched Clark leaving, Joel asked, "You really love him, don't you?" and she smiled after Clark and replied she couldn't live without him, at which point the teens watched oddly from the table.
-   Joel told Miss Fairweather he was really happy for her, saying she deserved the best boyfriend in the world; confused, she replied Clark was her brother, and the teens laughed (although at least Chad had thought the same as Joel).
-   Miss Fairweather thanked Joel for watching out for Clark, kissing him on the cheek, and the teens stood in amazement, snapping fingers in front of his face and catching him as his knees buckled.

-   As the teens confronted Bird Bane on his search for a missing egg, Carter asked what was so important about that egg, and Bird Bane wouldn't tell.
-   Kelsey retorted they didn't really care and were wasting their time, winking at the others, and they played along, deriding the egg and prompting Bird Bane to protest that when the monster hatched, it would destroy all of Mariner Bay.
-   Bird Bane had them retreat when they were inundated with fliers ransoming the egg for $20,000 at the dock at noon, and Chad chuckled that now he'd seen everything - a thief holding an egg for ransom.
-   Chasing Artie when Kelsey spotting him fleeing, the teens surrounded him elsewhere, but he escaped after distracting Kelsey with a trick can of fake springy snakes.
?   As Artie escaped, one of the teens apparently remarked to forget him, as he didn't have the egg, but they didn't know this for sure, and the voice didn't particularly sound like any of the guys.
?   At the pier just before noon, the teens loitered in various disguises, although their Morphers remained in plain view.
-   As Artie left with the ransom money after doublecrossing Bird Bane, the teens morphed as Kelsey ran off down the pier after Artie.

-   In the conference room as Chad suited up in a wetsuit, Mitchell told the teens of a broken communications cable, having Chad swim out to make repairs.
-   At the pool after Chad had fixed the cable, the teens wondered what was taking him so long, but as Carter grabbed gear to go in after him, Chad's unconscious body surfaced, and Kelsey and Carter dove in to pull him out.
-   When Chad awoke in the infirmary, he told the teens somebody had pulled him from the rocks, but Carter gently replied he'd been the only one out there, and Dana had them leave so Chad could rest.
-   As Chad fought Vypra and others after freeing Marina the mermaid from an underwater net, the other Rangers arrived to defeat the villains, after which Chad wondered where Marina was.
-   At sunset after Marina had briefly spoken with Chad from the water, the others watched from the Rover, thinking he couldn't stay out there all night, but Kelsey, disagreeing, went to talk with the saddened Chad.

-   As the Rangers confronted Memorase, Dana stayed behind to help an injured boy while the others went into battle.
-   Memorase stunned and demorphed the four Rangers with a blaring siren noise and then vanished.
-   As Pink Ranger ran up and awoke the teens, Carter was surprised that she knew his name; when Kelsey didn't know who she was when asked, Dana demorphed and told them her name and that the five of them were the Power Rangers.
?   Although all five wore uniform Lightspeed jackets and Morphers, Carter didn't know Dana but knew he was no Ranger; as the teens were confused, Chad oddly examined his Morpher.
-   In the infirmary on stretchers, the four teens resisted as they were inspected by techs and Miss Fairweather and then later strapped into a large apparatus which would restore their memories.
-   Miss Fairweather explained her team had compiled a huge archived library of the teens' experiences which they'd saved for just such an emergency, and the discs triggered memories of personal unmorphed experiences and interactions.
-   As Mitchell received word that Dana was in trouble fighting Memorase alone as the others recuperated, Carter was still stunned and unsure, so Mitchell ordered the other three to go, and Carter would eventually remember his past and join them.
-   When the teens returned from their victory over Memorase, Mitchell planned a very difficult training session to toughen them up.

-   Outside and in a training gym, the teens did time drills while Dana took their times, but she was too distracted worrying about Ryan, and Kelsey said they were all worried.
-   Beamed into the Shadow World by Gatekeeper, the Rangers didn't know where they were but had a bad feeling about it.
-   Joining Gatekeeper near the doors from which they Rangers had arrived, Olympius locked the doors, making them vanish, and introduced the army of undead monsters which would keep them company.
-   The Rangers were startled to see monsters they'd already destroyed, and when they then blasted them apart, the monsters reappeared; Gatekeeper told them the monsters there were already destroyed, and there was nothing more they could do to them.
-   On Chad's idea, the Rangers shattered Gatekeeper's staff with the Thermo Blasters, breaking his control over the zombie monsters.
-   As the Rangers were pummeled by the monsters, Olympius and Gatekeeper tried to flee to the doors, but lightning bolts from above dissolved the doorway, and Diabolico took the key, his giant image taunting Olympius that he would be there forever.
-   To retreat from the monsters, the Rangers fled into a nearby cave and sealed off the tunnel behind them to slow down the monsters.
-   As the Rangers fled from the burrowing monsters, Dana heard something in one direction, and a wise voice, that of the Sorcerer of the Sands, told the Rangers to follow the light.
-   The flickering white light hovered before them in the tunnel, but Carter thought it could be a trap; the Sorcerer replied Ryan was trying to help them, and Dana had them trust it, following the light down the tunnel as the monsters chased.
-   The light stopped and vanished at a dead end; in the ground was a round glowing green puddle which the Sorcerer told them was the way out.
-   Carter remained unsure, but he agreed when Dana was sure it was Ryan; they leapt into the puddle and arrived in Mariner Bay, followed by three giant monsters.

-   With Olympius trapped in the Shadow World, Dana took her father to the carnival to relax.
-   When the base's power shut down, Miss Fairweather used a monitor to view Mitchell tampering with the Power Core, and Dana realized he'd been hypnotized earlier.
-   Miss Fairweather sent the teens out to respond to an energy source in the cemetary, and they were surprised to find a mutated Olympius there.
-   The next day in Transport, the teens, dressed in beach clothes, packed beach items into the Rover, ready to have some fun after their last battle, but Mitchell called them to attention, having scheduled a five mile hike with full gear, disappointing the teens.
-   When Joel tried to hypnotize Mitchell, he played along, saying he would give the teens the day off, except for Joel, who would now go on a ten mile hike.
-   Mitchell shouted for Joel to move it, doubletime, and the teens and techs laughed as the two left.

-   At the beach (in different clothes from 833-OlUn), the teens drove up in the Rover and ran out for some fun, although Chad was sullen, still missing Marina.
-   After King Neptune's trident had been stolen to drain Mariner Bay's water, Chad met the other Rangers by the special pond and dove in with no time to explain.
-   Chad returned with the trident but rushed off with the unconscious Marina after freeing her from Vypra.
-   The four teens soon joined Chad in the Aquabase, where King Neptune's visage appeared in the pool to take the trident and Marina back home.
-   The teens and Miss Fairweather watched as the watery form of King Neptune arose from the pool to take his trident and his daughter home.

-   Captured in webbing during a battle, the four teens (minus Carter) were sent unmorphed to a giant web in the ceiling of a warehouse where Arachnor's other victims were stuck as well.
-   As Arachnor's babies began to hatch, Carter arrived on his Trans-Armor Cycle and freed the four after blasting the egg sack.
-   After morphing, the others fought Batlings while morphed Joel (on Chad's suggestion) freed Miss Fairweather from the web, and everyone else was soon freed as well.

-   Dana was concerned by the idea of trying to afford medical school, indicating the Rangers weren't compensated greatly, if at all, for their services.
-   Unable to contact Dana while she was away from base during an attack, Mitchell had the others go without her.
-   Later returning from their "brutal" encounter with Treevil, the teens wondered about Dana's whereabouts, but Kelsey would find her primping in their room following a photo shoot.
-   As the teens watched Dana sign her magazine covers for a crowd of Aquabase techs during her greatly successful modeling career, Chad was astonished to consider that Dana was a supermodel.
-   At another point, Captain Mitchell monitored the teens on a training session in a park, while a prissy Dana tried to avoid getting dirty or roughed up.
-   At an exercise over a mud pit, Dana held a rope pulley as Kelsey climbed it, while Carter held a rope for Chad, but Dana let go to answer her cell phone, letting Kelsey fall into the mud below.
-   As Dana and Kelsey argued, a limo arrived for Dana and she left despite a reminder from Carter that the monster was still out there.
-   Joel was upset Mitchell had let Dana leave, but Mitchell replied he had to trust her to make her own decisions, having the other four get back to their training.
-   After having their four-man V-Lancer Spectra Blast hurled back at them by Treevil, the Rangers were joined by Dana on her Lightspeed Cycle, and their Spectra Blast then destroyed the monster.

-   While Carter was out jogging, Mitchell showed the four teens an energy vortex at Mariner Stadium and had them investigate.
-   Blasted by Loki's bazooka, the four Rangers collapsed limply but then quickly rose in ambush, following Chad's idea, as Loki approached; this was traditionally a tactic employed by Carter but apparently enacted by Chad in his absence.
-   Shortly after Diabolico had arrived, the six were sent plummeting into the Skull Cavern where Bansheera's castle resided; in the swirling sky was the ominous purple vortex from which they had come.
-   Looking around, the Rangers didn't know where they were; they were unfamiliar with the skull castle atop the distant rocky peak.
-   Hearing Diabolico wonder why Bansheera had brought them to the cavern, Chad deduced they were in the queen's lair; Dana tried to call Carter but got no answer.
-   Bansheera told the Rangers from afar that they weren't going anywhere ever again and that her palace would shine among the ruins of Mariner Bay.
-   Despite Diabolico's cries that Bansheera was using him, Loki blasted the Rangers repeatedly, but they managed to stun and grapple him.
-   Yelling for Loki to stop, Diabolico aimed Loki's bazooka against his will as the Rangers continued to grapple the struggling Loki, but he blasted Loki dead-center, flinging the Rangers back unconscious.
-   As the dying Loki soon exploded around Diabolico, the Rangers awoke as Diabolico swore to avenge his friend's destruction; he then shouted to Bansheera that he cursed her name and was no longer her warrior.
-   Taunted from afar by the queen, Diabolico shouted he would never give his powers to the likes of her, but a red energy beam from the skull castle blasted Diabolico in a fiery explosion, and the Rangers gasped that Bansheera had gone mad and would do anything to destroy them.
-   Flames from Diabolico's explosion enveloped the Rangers and slowly began to burn them alive.
-   Dropping from the vortex, Carter found the four Rangers being burned but was unable to help them until Diabolico appeared and told him to strike Bansheera where her heart should be.
-   Hearing Bansheera's echoing laughter, Carter told the others to hang on just a little longer, and he ran off, climbing the enormous flight of steps up to the castle.
-   As explosions eventually rumbled through the castle, the four Rangers were teleported back to the city; there, they feared Carter hadn't survived, but he then ran up to them and hugged Dana.
-   Carter thought that was the last they'd see of Bansheera, but giant Bansheera loomed over them; she would eventually retreat from the Lightspeed Megazord, confusing the Rangers.

-   In a test room, the Rangers sat at a mockup of the Lifeforce Megazord cockpit, where collars tapped their life energies with increasing discomfort as the level was raised to 2 and then 3.
-   As the Rangers painfully clutched their heads, Miss Fairweather had it shut down, and the Rangers demorphed weakly.
-   Mitchell said it was too dangerous and thought they should shut the project down, but the teens urged Miss Fairweather to try it again, as Olympius was still out there, and Mitchell allowed them to continue.
-   Confronting the teens downtown, Olympius introduced his new warrior, summoning Diabolico with his staff; Diabolico stood hunched and groaning faintly, his horns, eyes, and wings blackened.
-   Mystified, the teens asked Diabolico how he could fight for the queen after what she'd done, but Olympius replied Diabolico couldn't hear them.
-   Ordered to destroy the Rangers, Diabolico mechanically approached with a grunt, and the teens morphed.
?   Carter urged Diabolico to remember Bansheera's betrayal, having destroyed Vypra and then forced him to destroy Loki; how Carter would have known Vypra's fate is unknown, although he might have guessed in 837-WrQn from neither seeing her in the skull castle nor hearing of any remaining generals in Bansheera and Diabolico's dialogue.
-   As Diabolico landed painfully from a blow while fighting back against Olympius, Carter rushed over to him despite Chad's concern.
-   Diabolico nearly handed Carter the Golden Key, but as Olympius blasted with his pike, Diabolico shoved Carter out of the way; critically wounded, Diabolico fell and exploded.
-   When Olympius and Diabolico were resurrected into advanced forms, Carter tried to wave down Diabolico, telling him not to let Bansheera control him, but he blew a (relatively harmless) fireblast from his mouth at them.
-   Saying they didn't have a choice anymore, Carter summoned the Zords: Chad manned the Omega Megazord, Joel the Supertrain Megazord, and Carter the Lightspeed Solarzord while the girls remained below.
-   As Dana reported from the ground of the three Megazords' ineffectiveness against giant Diabolico and Olympius, Miss Fairweather told them to try the Lifeforce Megazord, and the girls returned to base on their Lightspeed Cycles.
-   Meanwhile, the Supertrain and Omega Megazord were crippled in battle, and the Lightspeed Solarzord was soon totaled.
-   After an eclipse had supercharged giant Diabolico and Olympius, Carter shouted up at the demons, shooting with his Rescue Blaster and Thermo Blaster.
-   As the three Rangers were attacked by giant Diabolico, the Lifeforce Megazord blasted him as it flew in and landed; while the guys were stunned, the girls invited them in.
-   The Rangers successfully used Lifeforce level 3 to destroy Diabolico and Olympius.

-   In the conference room, Miss Fairweather reported they were working on the Omega Megazord but that only the Lifeforce Megazord was currently operational.
-   Holding the Golden Key, Ryan suddenly contacted them in the monitor from the Tomb of Forever, urgently telling them he'd learned Bansheera's plan to resurrect all the demons from the Shadow World.
-   Before Ryan could reveal when the ceremony would happen, a torch blew out, and the signal was lost.
-   As the teens were a bit stunned to realize Bansheera had captured Ryan, Carter deduced she would probably take him to the Skull Cavern, so he intended to go there to rescue him.
-   Dana insisted she would go instead, but Carter replied the queen would never expect his arrival in the Mobile Armored Vehicle, and Chad agreed that was because it was crazy.
-   Mitchell agreed the plan was very risky, but Carter left, assuring the others he'd bring Ryan back.
-   As the Mobile Armored Vehicle was being prepped, Dana and Joel visited Carter briefly to wish him well.
-   As the base alarm sounded, the four teens rushed out of the galley; in the hallway, the surprised teens fought off invading Batlings while techs fled, each of the teens eventually managing to morph during combat.
-   Eventually verwhelmed by Batlings, Chad and Kelsey retreated into Rescue Ops and sealed a metal security door behind them.
-   From another entrance, Dana and Joel dashed in and locked their exit's emergency door as well; the four then removed their helmets to catch their breath.
-   With determination as Captain Mitchell wouldn't respond following the loss of Pod Four, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers the crew was in danger, and they had to evacuate, alarming the Rangers, but she insisted the Lifeforce Megazord had the firepower to tear the place apart.
-   Miss Fairweather and the now unmorphed teens helped people evacuate down a corridor to the connecting tube to safety.
-   As everyone was out of sectors 2 and 3 when the four teens met up, Miss Fairweather thought that was everyone, but they then realized Captain Mitchell was still in Rescue Ops.
-   After Dana had again made Mitchell snap out of it, the Lifeforce Megazord broke apart the connecting tube, and a grenade from Batlings outside the emergency doors blew up a console, shutting off the lights and causing large debris to cover their one way out.
-   After Chad had resealed the emergency door's window, Joel was unable to unblock the door, concluding they were trapped with the connecting tube destroyed; at this point, cracks began to form in the outside windows, allowing water to trickle in.

-   As the six waited anxiously in the dying Rescue Ops dome with Batlings pounding outside, Dana brought their attention to a cracked monitor which showed the functional Omega Megazord walking downtown with a giant stone structure and casually shoving over a building.
-   As the six attempted to clear off panels, Joel found an access panel in the floor which Mitchell curiously identified as a maintenance shaft; on the computer, Miss Fairweather traced a 3-D path from the Ops dome up into the submarine bay.
-   Finding the shaft flooded with water, Chad passed out oxygen canisters from the wall and volunteered to swim down first to investigate despite Dana's concern.
-   As the six prepped the submarine after swimming to the sub bay, they watched Batlings raid the room and jam the submarine's winch with a bazooka blast, leaving them suspended above the water.
-   Following Joel's plan, the teens helped prepare the torpedoes, which they fired to blow open the giant front door and flood the sub bay.
-   After they'd blown the Lifeforce Megazord back, Mitchell called for full speed ahead; as the sub sped away, the fallen Lifeforce Megazord exploded, and the entire Aquabase then detonated with numerous underwater explosions.
-   As the Omega Megazord blasted at Carter and Ryan on the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, the six arrived from a loading ramp in the harbor, and Mitchell had the teens go.
-   Despite the destruction of the Mobile Armored Vehicle and Omega Megazord, the sixth stone fell into place, completing a circle around Bansheera's skull castle downtown.
-   Upon meeting up downtown, the four teens morphed to raid the skull castle with Carter and Ryan.
-   The six Rangers confronted Bansheera in her coffin chamber as a beam from the eclipse above was removing the coffin's lid; Carter would kick her in but nearly be pulled in himself after her.
-   As the purple eclipse beam continued into the shaft below, Carter shouted to close the lid, but Ryan and the others refused to close it without him.
-   Just then, Diabolico's spirit severed Bansheera's tendrils, and she and Diabolico both plunged into the Shadow World below.
-   After the Rangers had pulled Carter up with a rope and Ryan had locked the coffin shut, the six evacuated as the skull castle and surrounding stones all crumbled into dust.
-   Watching the disintegration from nearby, the Rangers removed their helmets, and they were joined by Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell as the eclipse then ended.
-   Another day, the eight stood at the pier side of a park, the teens (except Joel, dressed up for a date) wearing their Lightspeed jackets; they stood facing Ryan and Mitchell as they each returned their Morphers to him.
-   After all five teens had returned their Morphers, Carter bet they were all ready to return to normal life, and Joel agreed.
-   After Miss Fairweather had arrived to take Joel on their date, the remaining three teens began to part ways from the Mitchell family.
-   Just then, a fire truck raced by toward a dark mass of smoke on the horizon.
-   Confused as the teens ran off leaving him holding their five Morphers, Captain Mitchell happily called after them, "Hey, you forgot these!" but they kept running; only Ryan still had his Morpher.

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