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-   On the night of Ransik's warehouse seige in Millennium City, Jen joined the other three teens late, asking Katie if she was okay, and acknowledging Trip and Lucas beside her.
-   Following the shock of an explosion, Trip raised his Chrono-Blaster up again, while Katie & Jen were seemingly too stunned by the prospect of their fellow Time Force Officer being hurt in the blast.
-   Katie hugged Trip & Lucas while Jen & Alex embraced.
-   At the trial of Ransik, likely the next day, Jen showed off her engagement ring to the other three teens in the courtroom, who all sat behind the pair, though Alex ignored them.
-   That night, Captain Logan was counting on Jen and the three teens (which he referred to as her "team") to get Ransik to prison on schedule.
-   The transport convoy consisted of Trip & Katie riding just ahead on Patrol Cycles, Lucas driving the cargo truck, and Jen sitting in its trailer with the chained-up Ransik.
-   Nadira chest-slashed Trip & Katie; Lucas bailed out of the truck as it was bombarded with missiles; and Jen passed out from being thrown about the trailer as it was struck.
-   The four teens, once regaining consciousness, gathered around the fires of the trashed cargo truck, where Jen contacted Captain Logan on the Holoscreen, who then relieved them of their duties for letting Ransik escape.
-   Lucas bullied Trip for not reading Ransik's mind, he whined that he can only read thoughts now and then, Katie backed Lucas off Trip and comforted her pal, and Jen remained stunned in silence.
-   The next morning, the four walked back to Millennium City.
-   Katie cut into Jen & Lucas' arguing, informing them Trip was recieving a "signal".
-   Once it was finished, Trip informed the group that the fugitives were at the prison.
-   The four took a small hovercar which Jen and Katie commandeered from a driver in the name of Time Force.
-   Once at the Funaro Maximum Security Prison, the four teens raced up the outdoor stairwell to the landing pad, arriving at the top just in time to helplessly witness Red Ranger being cut down by Ransik.
-   Jen cradled Alex's body as he died, while the other three teens watched somberly.
-   After the Cryogenic Detainment Tower warped out of time, Jen stormed past her teammates, proclaiming they were going after them. Lucas and Katie argued with her about there being no way to catch the fugitives now, but she stood firm.
-   The four teens sat in the left capsule of the Time Ship, around a wavy-shaped round table, which had five places to sit at.
-   Once they were strapped into their seats, Circuit was interacting with the computer, and Lucas was starting up the engines, Captain Logan came on a Holoscreen, demanding they stop, only to be ignored by Jen.
-   The Time Ship was launched, the g-forces of the initial flight toward the Time Gate, bearing down on the faces of the four teens.
-   Once within the timestream, the table spun around with the four teens attached.

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