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-   The Jason and Zack played basketball in the park as the other four teens watched.

-   The teens helped Trini collect insects, with the exceptions of Tommy, who was at karate practice, and Zack, who was teaching a hip hop kido class.

-   The five teens, with Tommy still off working on his costume, met up at Billy's garage in costume before going to the masquerade party at the Youth Center.

-   When various monster hallucinations charged the teens on the Island of Illusion, they all stood their ground, prepared to fight without their powers, despite not knowing that the monsters weren't real; the hallucinations vanished before reaching the teens.

-   The teens had already searched over half of the Island of Illusion before Kim's illusion, the second of six personal illusions, had begun.
-   The teens seemed to be certain that their Power Coins were somewhere on the Island.

-   After the battle with Samurai Fan Man, the teens were in Billy's garage as Billy worked on the RADBUG.

-   Tommy couldn't join the others at the beach, as he was auditioning for a martial arts commercial.

-   When Bulk told the teens that Miss Appleby had said she'd make the top six students in the class tutor Bulk for the summer if he didn't make a C on the science exam, the teens tried to help Bulk and Skull study, as if assuming they were the top six students, even though Tommy hadn't yet been shown in a class with the other five.

-   Kim had told Tommy she'd meet him at the mall before it closed, and the others except Zack went with her; they were interrupted by Putties and Peckster on their way there.

-   After Tommy and Kim's initial encounter with the Green and Pink Mutant Rangers, the teens had to wait for the Mutant Rangers to strike again; they were relieved when the Mutant Rangers finally made their move.

-   The teens all participated in the 5th annual Children's Hospital Charity Motor Marathon.

-   The teens apparently came in last in the motor marathon.

-   The teens, minus Zack, played basketball together.
-   Later, the guys were all in Billy's garage wearing headphones and using equipment, and after that, the guys went to the Youth Center, where Tommy did a kata as the others watched.
-   The teens seemed to be just sitting around the Command Center, waiting, when Tommy spotted that Zordon was now back.
?   The Command Center had no teens in it when Alpha called Billy and Zack, but the other teens were there in the next scene, as though they'd been there the whole time.

-   The teens were familiar with the previously unintroduced Sword of Power.

-   The teens participated in the Clean Up Drive to clean up graffiti and trash in Angel Grove Park.

-   The youth center in Stone Canyon challenged Angel Grove's team to a game of broomball, a game played like street hockey but with brooms in place of hockey sticks and a ball similar to a soccer ball rather than a puck or puck-sized ball; Ernie, the coach for the Angel Grove Youth Center's team, recruited the teens to play for Angel Grove.

-   The teens, except Zack and Kim, had already headed out to get supplies for their picnic in the park the next day; during their picnic, Jason, Tommy, and Billy tossed around a football.
-   After the destruction of Guitardo, the teens had the latter portion of their picnic inside the Youth Center because it was storming outside.

-   On Halloween, the teens participated in a community outreach program whereby teenagers chaperoned kids' trick-or-treating.
-   Preparing to participate in the trick-or-treat chaperoning program, Tommy said he'd just talked with Jason, who was picking up Trini and Zack for the three to chaperone as well.
-   When Kim later asked Ernie if he'd seen Jason, Zack, and Trini, he guessed they were still with the kids at the elementary school.
-   As they had no one with which to leave the kids they were chaperoning, Jason, Trini, and Zack were unable to help the others in the haunted forest dimension until Alpha took their place.
-   After Pumpkin Rapper was destroyed, Jason, Trini, and Zack didn't join the other three teens at the Youth Center.

?   The teens had a picnic in the park, with Billy wearing his old, silver glasses, Tommy wearing green rather than white, Zack now having his hair back to its original style, and Kim having her guitar; this was actually recycled footage of the picnic from 211-TSOG.
-   During the teens' picnic in the park, Jason, Trini, and Zack didn't join in the conversation at all, but Trini at least smiled.
-   The teens had a small portable TV with them on their picnic.
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack split up from the others after the picnic, taking everything from the picnic, including Kim's guitar.
-   A different day, the six teens watched the ninja competition, held in the Youth Center.
-   Although Jason, Trini, and Zack attended the Ninja Tournament Finals with the other three teens, the two groups of three didn't sit together.
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack weren't shown meeting Rocky, Adam, and Aisha with Tommy, Kim, and Billy in the Youth Center parking lot after the ninja competition.
-   After being teleported to the Command Center without warning, Jason, Trini, and Zack didn't speak while in the Command Center.

-   Zordon had Tommy, Kim, and Billy go after the captured Stone Canyon teens and Mr. Anderson and sent Jason, Trini, and Zack to fight Terror Blossom.
?   Zordon told Tommy to destroy Cardiatron, but Tommy hadn't been a Ranger when the others had first fought Cardiatron. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
-   When Zordon pointed out after the destruction of Hatchasaurus the continued need for the Rangers to attend to both situations, Alpha had the Rangers split up into two teams again.
?   After Tommy had chosen to save the frozen Jason, Trini, and Zack from Terror Blossom rather than the kidnapped Rocky, Adam, and Aisha from the Serpent of Darkness, Tommy, Kim, and Billy merely waited in the Command Center as Alpha tried to revive the three frozen Rangers, while they could have been saving the three Stone Canyon teens at the time.

-   Once the three frozen Rangers had been revived, the six Rangers then left to fight giant Terror Blossom, but when the Serpent of Darkness had completed its transformation and approached Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, Zordon then had Jason and Zack remain in the Thunder Megazord to fight the monster while the others went to rescue the Stone Canyon teens.
-   For some reason, morphed Trini teleported Mr. Anderson out of the Cave of Despair but left Rocky, Adam, and Aisha behind to walk out of the dimensional opening with morphed Tommy, Kim, and Billy.
-   Billy, Kim, and Tommy were in dismay after having revealed their identities to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.
-   Jason, Trini, Zack, Kim, Billy, and Tommy stood in the Command Center's control ring while Rocky, Adam, and Aisha stood between the control ring and Zordon's plasma tube as Zordon spoke with them.
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack didn't accompany the other three and their new friends to the park, where Mr. Anderson, Jacob, Bulk, and Skull were.

-   Jason, Trini, and Zack didn't attend the Stone Canyon Triathalon with the other teens.
-   As Tommy, Kim, and Billy watched the Stone Canyon Triathalon, Zedd planned to quietly enslave the world by making everyone obey his every command; Zedd made no mention of Jason, Trini, and Zack, just that Tommy, Kim, and Billy were distracted.
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack were scuba diving in the ocean.
-   Beamcaster hypnotized morphed Jason, Trini, and Zack, then eventually morphed Kim and Billy, and finally morphed Tommy; they were later freed from the spell when Rocky, Adam, and Aisha used Billy's frequency reverser.

-   Jason, Trini, and Zack didn't attend the first or last days of the World Teen Summit, held in the Youth Center.
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack were in the Youth Center another day while Tommy, Kim, Billy, Rocky, Aisha, and Adam had been picnicking in the park with the World Teen Summit members.
-   After Tommy had come up with a plan, Zordon said it would require all six Power Coins but then simply had Jason, Trini, and Zack morph and meet the other three Rangers at the negotiation site where Goldar was waiting.
-   There was a close-up of the Megatigerzord looking at Tor during the Shuttlezord's first appearance, indicating that Tommy and the four Assault Team Rangers saw Tor in action; Jason would presumably be inside the Red Dragon Warrior Mode as it righted the overturned Tor and nodded at the turtle Zord after it growled in appreciation.

-   Jason, Trini, and Zack were chosen as the three teens from Angel Grove to attend the World Peace Summit in Switzerland.
-   Jason, Trini, and Zack were biking in the park when the other three teens told them that they were going to Switzerland; they were excited by the news.
-   The sun had been near the horizon when the three Peace Conference teens had been biking; an indeterminate amount of time later that same day, the six teens talked with Zordon in the Command Center, immediately after which they traveled to the Deserted Planet and retrieved the Sword of Light.
?   Before departing for the Deserted Planet, the teens were introduced to Tor, which had already helped them in battle in 226-MOGP; in response to seeing the Shuttlezord in the Viewing Globe, Tommy remarked, "Awesome," and Billy asked how it would protect them in battle.
-   While the six teens were off searching for the Sword of Light, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Bulk, and Skull were in school at Angel Grove High; apparently the teens missed that day of school because of Ranger duties.

-   Zordon told Jason, Trini, and Zack that although they would always carry in their hearts the spirit of the Power Rangers, their destinies lay elsewhere, as they had been chosen to help the world in a different way now.
-   After the power transfer, Zordon told the departing three teens that they had served with courage and that in their new lives, they would serve with dignity, humility, and strength; he told them to go and make the world a better place, telling them that the Power would always be with them and would protect them.
-   After Tommy had told Jason, Trini, and Zack, "Power up!" the three simultaneously replied with the same phrase and then teleported away as shining spheres of Ranger-colored energy.
-   Following the new team's struggle against Silverhorns and Serpentera, a struggle which occurred immediately after the ex-Rangers had left the Command Center, Jason, Trini, and Zack were shown in the Viewing Globe getting out of a taxi with luggage somewhere.

-   The day after the Power Rangers' appearance on the Harvey Garvey Show, Jason, Trini, and Zack sent Miss Appleby the following fax: "Hi, gang. We just wanted you to know that everyone here at the Peace Conference in Geneva was touched by the Power Rangers' message. Education is perhaps the singlemost important stepping stone to worldwide peace. We miss you all."

-   "Trini and the guys" wrote the following message on a postcard to the others: "Hi, guys. We've seen incredible things, too much to tell. The people are the best part. No matter where they come from, we all have the same dreams. Wouldn't trade a minute of this for the world, but we miss you guys. There's still no place like home."


MMPR fan club video
-   On the topic of friends, Jason remarked that they were like family; he described sparring with Tommy at the Youth Center all the time, then said the girls were both really cool, both beautiful women, but that sometimes he'd have to play the big brother role and, for instance, tell an unwanted guy that Kim had a boyfriend, even though she didn't.

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