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-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were rollerblading through the park.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha knew Mr. Anderson and his son Jacob, and Mr. Anderson and the three teenagers already seemed to know that they were in Angel Grove Park together at the same time.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha rollerbladed after baby Jacob's runaway stroller though the park.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha met Tommy, Kim, and Billy after Kim and Aisha had simultaneously saved Jacob from going over a cliff in a runaway stroller.
-   The teens laughed at Bulk and Skull rushing, out of wind, to the scene to save baby Jacob after Kim and Aisha had already saved him.
-   Mr. Anderson was a teacher at Stone Canyon High, and Rocky, Adam, and Aisha thought highly of him.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha didn't tell Tommy, Kim, and Billy that they were going to be in the ninja competition.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha won the trophy for Stone Canyon High in the Ninja Tournament Finals.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha talked a bit with Tommy, Kim, and Billy in the parking lot of the Youth Center after the ninja competition; the teens planned to keep in touch and get together sometime soon.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha put their stuff into Mr. Anderson's car after winning the ninja competition and talking with Tommy, Kim, and Billy in the parking lot.
-   Goldar kidnapped Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson to the Cave of Despair, where they were all chained together.

-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha fought Putties before ever becoming Rangers; still without being Rangers, they would fight and actually destroy Putties in every episode from 224-NjE3 through 228-PTr2.

-   For some reason, morphed Trini teleported Mr. Anderson out of the Cave of Despair but left Rocky, Adam, and Aisha behind to walk out of the dimensional opening with morphed Tommy, Kim, and Billy.
-   As Pink and White Rangers ran into the Cave of Despair with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha to find Blue Ranger struggling with the Serpent of Darkness, morphed Kim called Blue Ranger "Billy" as she called out to him; she then called White Ranger "Tommy" as she told him to stand back as she blasted the serpent.
-   After having wrestled with the Serpent of Darkness, morphed Billy was unable to breathe, so Kim and Tommy decided to remove his helmet on the spot without thinking to teleport to the Command Center first; Rocky, Adam, and Aisha added insult to injury by walking closer to get a better look at the revealed Ranger.
-   After Rocky was surprised to discover Billy's identity despite Pink Ranger's having said his name twice in the Stone Canyon teens' presence, Kim and Tommy began to remove their helmets as well; before Kim had removed her helmet, Aisha said, "So you must be..." followed by Adam's, "Kimberly!"; Rocky was then surprised to discover Tommy's identity despite Pink Ranger's having said his name once in their presence.
-   Billy, Kim, and Tommy were in dismay after having revealed their identities to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.
-   Jason, Trini, Zack, Kim, Billy, and Tommy stood in the Command Center's control ring while Rocky, Adam, and Aisha stood between the control ring and Zordon's plasma tube as Zordon spoke with them.
-   Saying Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were the only other people to know the identities of the Power Rangers, Zordon told the three that Alpha had conducted an analysis on their background and determined them to be model citizens: loyal, fair, and trustworthy; he then had them take the following vow: "I swear upon the forces of goodness to maintain the secret of the true identities of the Power Rangers."
-   The six teens walked together to the park, where Mr. Anderson, Jacob, Bulk, and Skull were.

-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha participated in the Stone Canyon Triathalon; Tommy, Kim, and Billy were there to cheer them on.
-   Adam, Rocky, and Aisha were the first participants to finish the swimming portion of the triathalon and begin biking, but they were later at the rear of the bikers.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha stopped biking to help Tommy, Kim, and Billy fight Putties despite it meaning they were probably forfeiting the triathalon.
-   After Alpha had teleported the three teens to the Command Center, away from the people hypnotized by Beamcaster's Zedd waves, Adam seemed pleased to be back at the Command Center while Rocky and Aisha were confused.
-   After using Billy's frequency reverser to free the Rangers from Beamcaster's spell, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha finished last in the Stone Canyon Triathalon, just behind the other participants.

-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha joined Tommy and Kim in the audience for the World Teen Summit just before the meeting started; Adam explained their workout had run long.
-   The six teens had a picnic in the park with the World Teen Summit members, all twelve of the teenagers wearing purple "World Teen Summit" t-shirts.
-   Tommy had Rocky, Adam, and Aisha check for the five missing summit members at the Youth Center, where Tamara had already fled.
-   At the Youth Center, morphed Tommy had Rocky, Adam, and Aisha keep an eye on the summit members, whom the Rangers had just freed from the Cave of Despair.

-   The same day Jason, Trini, and Zack had been selected to attend the Peace Conference, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had their first day of school at Angel Grove High after being transferred there.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had math and chemistry together at Angel Grove High.
-   While the three teens were trying to disable the sleep machine in the park, Putties captured Rocky, Adam, and Aisha and chained them to a tree.

-   Adam got himself, Rocky, and Aisha free by tricking the Putties into thinking Rocky had escaped, then when the Putty with the keys approached, Adam kicked a soccer ball into its Z, causing it to shatter and drop the keys near him.
-   Zordon selected Rocky, Adam, and Aisha to replace Jason, Trini, and Zack; when they were teleported to the Command Center at the beginning of the power transfer, they already knew about being selected.
-   In reference to Zordon's selection of Rocky, Adam, and Aisha as new Rangers, Kim told Tommy she didn't think they, the teens, could've made a better choice.
-   Rocky volunteered to fight giant Silverhorns in the Red Dragon while the others faced Serpentera, and he received no objections from the others.
-   After Rocky had been fighting giant Silverhorns in the Red Dragon for a while, the others were still standing in the park as Serpentera landed in Angel Grove.
-   Tommy went to help Rocky, leaving the others to confront Serpentera.

-   The three new teens now wore communicators.
-   Adam, Aisha, and Rocky weren't familiar with Scorpina's name or appearance; if Zordon had given the new Rangers any lessons whatsoever about villains, Scorpina apparently hadn't come up.
-   Adam had made plans to work out with Tommy and Rocky after his hike with Sabrina.

-   Rocky and Aisha went to the basketball court to meet the other teens at the basketball court while Adam taught Shawn some more moves in the park.

-   Tommy, Kim, and Billy were walking through the park looking through Adam's kaleidoscope while Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were at the Youth Center doing school assignments.
-   Scatterbrain disintegrated the Blue, Pink, and White Rangers and then reassembled them in a demorphed and amnesic state.
-   Although a bit distrustful of Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, the amnesic Tommy, Kim, and Billy chose to join the three teens rather than Goldar and the Putties.
-   Zordon said the three amnesic teens had to stay in the Command Center, since their minds were too vulnerable to Zedd's evil.
-   When Adam asked whether Zordon could just give the three amnesic teens their powers again, Zordon said that without their memories, they didn't have the experience, skills, or character to be Rangers.
-   Scatterbrain eventually scrambled Adam, as well as Billy a second time, then scrambled and demorphed the Red and Yellow Rangers.
?   When the prisms from Billy's lab flew up in the air after Bulk and Skull were scrambled by Scatterbrain, a stray beam somehow bounced off the prisms and struck the six teens, simultaneously morphing them back into Rangers and restoring their memories (though Adam had not been in Ranger form when scrambled). (Source: Corrected by Rene Charbonneau)
-   As a girl in the Youth Center pointed out, the least the Rangers could have done was to come by and thank Bulk and Skull for saving their lives, but they didn't; instead, Kim and Aisha told Bulk and Skull they believed them because, although they were strange, they came through in a pinch and were courageous and honorable; Bulk and Skull, after praising themselves, asked the girls out, but Kim and Aisha told them not to get carried away.

-   Tommy, Adam, Aisha, and Kim were playing frisbee in the park when Billy came to talk to them about Rocky's irresponsibility.
-   Pachinko Head turned all of the Rangers but White Ranger into oversized pachinko balls; Alpha later turned them back into teenagers.
-   Aisha and Billy studied together at the Juice Bar, and Rocky planned to join them after his karate lesson.

-   Most of the teens were excited about later being on the Harvey Garvey Show as Rangers, with the exception of Adam, who didn't like being in front of cameras.

-   The teens were known as "the team from Angel Grove High" in the annual Angel Grove Scavenger Hunt; they split up into two groups, with Tommy, Adam, and Kim in one and Rocky, Aisha, and Billy in the other.
?   With the exception of Billy, the teens had abnormal difficulty with the relatively simple clues in the scavenger hunt.
-   The Putties stole the bag of scavenger hunt items from Billy's team, but since the teens' team later had all of the items but one, they must have recovered the stolen items at some point.
?   The six teens, with Billy included, had trouble figuring out the last clue, "They're the colors of the rainbow and they fight villains too. Find a picture of them and that will do."; Ernie finally figured it out for them.

-   Billy, Aisha, and Adam played frisbee in the park, where they were having a picnic together.
-   Tommy stayed behind in the Command Center while Billy, Aisha, Adam, and the Bookala went to a workshop of some sort in a run-down industrial complex overlooking the lake.
-   Aisha jokingly told the Bookala to steer clear from the Rangers if he were ever on this side of the universe again; most of the teens seemed unamused by her joke, but Tommy got a good chuckle out of it.
-   While Tommy and Adam were doing katas alone in the Youth Center, Billy was sparring with Rocky.

-   While Aisha and Kim were in the Youth Center, the guys were in a shop class room making things from wood, like Adam making a birdhouse and Rocky making a coat rack.
-   When Bulk and Skull planned to use homemade jetpacks to try to catch the Rangers, the guys made no effort to caution them about the dangers of homemade jetpacks.
-   The guys later laughed at Bulk and Skull when they came into the Youth Center bandaged up from their failed jetpack attempt.

-   While Billy and Aisha visited volunteer lifeguard Rocky at the lake, Tommy, Kim, and Adam had gone scuba diving and planned to meet up with the others at the lake for lunch.
?   After scuba diving, Tommy, Kim, and Adam surfaced across the lake from where the others were fighting monsters, but earlier it had been implied that the scuba divers had been somewhere other than the lake.

-   Regressed into children by the Rock of Time, the six kids didn't remember that they were Power Rangers.
-   The six kids went to the park together after school, which was Angel Grove High in the form of an elementary school with Miss Appleby as a teacher.
-   The six kids were attacked by Putties (which they didn't recognize) in the park while playing dodgeball, and after an attempt to be peaceful toward the creatures, the kids soon destroyed them by throwing the ball at each one's Z.
-   All of the kids, and Bulk and Skull, were exhausted after the Putty fight, except for Tommy and Rocky.
-   When Alpha remarked that the kids had been lucky against the Putties, Zordon reminded him they they had chosen the teens because of their intelligence and resourcefulness.
-   Photomare trapped the six kids in a photograph.

-   Alpha used his molecular descrambler to free the kids from the photograph in Miss Appleby's room.
-   The kids were a bit startled by Alpha but listened to what he had to say.
-   Alpha explained to the kids that they were Power Rangers and that he had to rescramble their molecular structures to return them to their proper ages; with some trepidation, they let him rescramble them.
-   The molecular descrambler/rescrambler returned the kids to their normal ages, allowing them to keep their memories of the time regression.
-   Adam knew the name of Oysterizer, a monster which had not faced the Rangers since 160-OySt, before the power transfer; this could suggest that Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had been given lessons on past foes.

-   The students in Miss Appleby's class, including the six teens, were selected as teen exchange speakers to represent the United States in Australia.
-   Bulk and Skull were in the same group as the teens.
-   The teens, as well as Bulk and Skull, off by themselves, ate at an outdoor waterfront restaurant.
-   The chaperon of the teens' group gave the students two hours to shop.
?   When the Spectre Theater prevented the Rangers from summoning their Power Weapons, the teens didn't think to use their Blade Blasters (or, in Tommy's case, Saba), which didn't have to be summoned. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

?   The teens didn't seem surprised to learn that Rita was back. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

-   After Tommy's clone had made the five teens think Tommy had turned on them, the Wizard of Deception used his wand to warp the space around the teens (Tommy absent) and send them back in time two hundred years to colonial Angel Grove.

?   The teens anticipated Tommy's coming to save them, even though the last they had seen was his apparent disloyalty to them.
-   When the five teens in 1790's Angel Grove were confronted with three rat monsters and were unable to morph, Adam suggested fighting without powers, but Billy said it was too risky, as they didn't know what the monsters were capable of, so the teens fled with Ben and Marissa.

-   Tommy, Kim, and Rocky were sucked into the storybook dimension inside the book Grumble the Magic Elf; in 249, SBR2, they were later freed from the book upon ending the story by helping Grumble get the toys to the orphans at the end of the book.

-   The six teens helped take down the Angel Grove High book fair after it was over.

-   The five teens were at the Juice Bar (the girls doing homework at a table and the guys looking at menus at the bar) when Tommy came in.

?   Although Tommy had made Billy, Kim, and Adam hurry out of school to meet Rocky and Aisha at the Juice Bar, the four teens were then shown idly sitting around in the park talking about their art projects and Violet's crush on Billy.
-   Evil Billy told the teens he needed their communicators because that night he would be making adjustments to them like Zordon asked him to; when Kim asked what was wrong with the communicators, evil Billy replied that by redefining the geographical servo frequency ranger, they'd have less high-end interference, and the others then simply gave him their communicators.
-   Kim and at least one other teen (most likely all of the teens) had their Morphers in their bookbags when evil Billy stole them.
-   The teens determined one of the two Blue Rangers to be a fake with the following dialogue:

Kim (holding up holographic disc): "Hey, what is this?"
Blue #1: "Uh, a mirror, right?"
Blue #2: "A mirror?"
Kim: "Wrong! It's a hologram. He's the fake."

-   After the above dialogue, the teens morphed, after which one of the Blue Rangers (designated here as Blue A) was standing amongst them; prior to the Rangers' gunning down of the Blue Ranger they'd determined to be fake was the following dialogue:
Blue A: "Your masquerade's over!"
Blue B: "You wouldn't dare!"
- Rangers prepare laser blasters and fire on Blue B

-   Tommy and Rocky were sparring in the Youth Center while Adam did homework at a table in the Juice Bar and Aisha used the Juice Bar phone to call the sick Kimberly.
-   Hearing Billy's news that Alpha sounded sad, the teens agreed that Alpha was more than just a robot to them.
-   Upon learning of the danger to Alpha's home planet Edenoi and creator Lexian, the five teens convinced Zordon to let them travel to Edenoi to investigate, leaving Kim home in bed.

-   The teens, representing Angel Grove, beat the Stone Canyon team in the Annual Volleyball Championship.
-   After the volleyball championship, Tommy took the net back to the athletics department while the other five teens ate at the new outdoor cafe.
-   The teens were shocked to hear Bulk's announcement that he and Skull would join the Junior Police Patrol.

-   After the destruction of the Thunderzords, the teens walked through the wreckage of the Zords, then began a long walk to the Command Center.
-   Zordon said the Desert of Despair, home of the mythical temple of Ninjor, was much too dangerous, but the teens convinced him to let Alpha give them the map to the temple, against Zordon's better judgment.
?   After Billy had led the teens to the rock formation that supposedly marked the entrance to the temple, Billy told them to look for any caves or crevices that would indicate an opening in the rock, yet they had hardly spent any time searching when they decided that there wasn't any opening in the area, and they began to doubt the presence of an opening in the rock formation; when the Tengas soon attacked, Kim would back herself into a crevice, showing that the teens had given up their search for caves and crevices much too soon.

-   After the ceremony which suited up the teens as hoodless Ninja Rangers, Ninjor told them that they now possessed the power of Ninja deep within their souls.

-   The teens and Ernie attended Bulk and Skull's graduation from the police academy to the Junior Police Patrol; they were proud of Bulk and Skull.

-   The teens were all doing homework in the park one morning before school while discussing Kim's impending move to Paris.

-   While Billy and Adam visited Ko in his huge garden, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were there looking for a plant for the new garden Aisha's parents had let Kim start at their house.
-   Kim accompanied the other teens in the Command Center when they told Zordon of Rito, Squatt, and Baboo's stealing of Ko's and Adam's Oriental lanterns.
-   The other four teens remained in the Command Center as Adam and Aisha looked for Adam's lantern even though Alpha had promised to call if anything happened.

-   After school, Rocky went to the park and talked with Mr. Wilton for a bit; Kim was alone in the Youth Center, and the other four teens were at the empty Angel Grove High.
-   Rocky recognized Zedd's staff when Rito was holding it in the park; since he had never been shown encountering Zedd in person, this may indicate that Zordon had shown the teens images of Zedd.
-   All of the Rangers but Rocky were transformed by Marvo the Meanie into Ranger-colored liquids in various glass containers used in a laboratory; Alpha and Rocky used a combination of chemicals to return the Rangers to normal.

-   Centiback's magic football turned all of the Rangers but Rocky into footballs; the Pink, Blue, and Yellow Rangers became Ranger-colored footballs with black diamonds on them, while the White and Black Rangers became Ranger-colored with gold diamonds; they were later turned back to normal with the use of two modified buckets Alpha had given to Rocky and Ninjor to reverse the spiked football's energy wave.

-   The teens, minus Kim, went to the Angel Grove Museum for a special exhibit on ancient Kahmala culture; the teens had a research report on the legend of the Kahmalan Face Stealer.
-   Rocky drove the other four teens through the museum parking lot in a red 4x4, with Tommy up front, and Adam, Aisha, and Billy in back.
-   After Azina had discovered that the Face Stealer's urn was gone (secretly stolen by Rito, Squatt, and Baboo, Tommy told Azina they'd start looking for clues, then the five teens dashed off.
-   All six teens were later in the Command Center talking with Zordon about the Face Stealer.

-   While the girls dealt with the Angel Girls Club's snobbery, the four guys cleaned graffiti off the Youth Center's west exterior wall.
-   Five of the teens, with Aisha at home visiting her grandmother, were put under a hate spell by Hate Master.
-   Zordon said that the hate particles were destroying the good within the teens.
-   While insulting each other, the teens spontaneously and inexplicably overcame the hate spell just as Aisha came running up to them.
-   Although Aisha had only mentioned that Hate Master was attacking Angel Grove, the Rangers simultaneously called for their Ninjazords.
-   Zedd noted that the hate spell wasn't strong enough; the teens' tendency towards good had overcome the small dose.
-   Giant Hate Master gave the teens a higher dose, again filling them with hate.
-   The teens went to the Command Center, and the five teens, tired of fighting Zordon's battles, quit the team and threw their communicators down, then Billy teleported the five teens away using the Command Center controls.
-   The five teens were soon in the Juice Bar, getting on each other's nerves.

-   Adam and Tommy eventually prepared to fight over a certain workout spot in the Youth Center while the other three watched in amusement.
-   Aisha gave the others a talk about martial arts and about the waste of hating each other, and the spell was partially broken, at which point Billy confusedly gave Aisha his device which had shut down the Command Center.
-   With the power back, Alpha used the love in Aisha's family necklace to create a positive energy beam to counteract the hate spell.
-   The five teens apparently didn't at first remember their experiences while under the hate spell, but Adam would later apologize to Tommy for something he'd said while under the spell.

-   Billy, Adam, Rocky, and Aisha were in Miss Appleby's class together while it seemed Kim and Tommy weren't in any class at the time.
-   After Kim had fallen in love with Skull (actually due to Miss Chief's love potion), the teens went to the Command Center, where Tommy told Zordon that Kim wasn't herself.

-   Aisha brought P.C., the white cat she and Kim had found, to the outdoor cafe, where she met up with Tommy, Billy, and Kim.
-   After the Ninja Ranger fight outside the animal shelter, Adam, Rocky, and Billy returned to the outdoor cafe while Tommy stayed with Kim and Aisha as they waited to adopt the cat.
?   Kim, Aisha, and Tommy would have been able to see Kat back away from Dr. Wheeler, but when Dr. Wheeler asked where she'd gone, the three teens didn't know whom she was talking about.
-   After meeting Kat, the teens all liked her.

-   The teens were going to the lake, and Kim had Kat join them.
-   When he'd been told that Goldar and Tengas were attacking the park, Tommy had the teens go get their bookbags, in which their Power Coins (at least Kim's) happened to be kept, from the nearby picnic tables before heading to the park from the lake.
-   Zordon told the six teens that when Ninjor had recharged their Power Coins, he'd linked them with their natural human energy, and now that Kim's Power Coin was in evil hands, her body was undergoing a power drain.

-   With Kim in a deep sleep in the Command Center, Tommy, Rocky, and Adam went to the Youth Center and worked out.

-   Tommy and the teens agreed to do Zedd's bidding and pilot the Shogunzords, as Kim's life was at stake.

-   Rocky, Adam, and Billy all helped Tommy and Ernie search the outdoor cafe for P.C.; at the time, Aisha was working at the animal shelter, and Kim was in a cab with Bulk and Skull, chasing a thief who'd stolen her car.
-   When told to contact the other five teens, Alpha hoped they weren't off scuba diving.
?   Although Zordon had merely told the five teens to teleport to the Command Center, they soon then shown helmetless in their Ranger suits as they discussed the Crabby Cabbie situation in the Command Center.
?   After Crabby Cabbie had grown with Bulk, Skull, and Kim inside, the five Rangers had a nonsensical discussion about stalling for time, then needing to call the Shogunzords.

-   Kim had the teens meet her in the Command Center to discuss her training for the Pan Global tryouts.
-   To handle Rita and Zedd's divide-and-conquer attack whereby Vampirus and Artistmole were attacking near a massive powerline tower, a group of Tengas were attacking in a field near the mountains, and Rito and Goldar were attacking with Tengas in the park by the lake, the Rangers brought the enemies to the same location to fight them together: Rocky and Aisha sent Vampirus flying through the air and landing on Rito and Artistmole rolling down a hill near the others, and Billy and Adam had the Tengas chase them on foot to the meeting place, where Tommy and Kim were fighting Rito and Goldar.
-   When the villains retreated and then reappeared minutes later, Tommy had the Rangers call on the Shark Cycles to handle the situation.

-   The morning after Kim had had an accident while practicing gymnastics alone and Kat had brought her to the hospital, Tommy and Billy were in the hospital waiting to hear from the doctor about Kim's condition; as Tommy went in to see her first, Billy called the others.
-   Billy called Rocky, Aisha, and Adam on Rocky's communicator to tell them Kim had just awakened.
-   After Kat had confessed everything to Kim, the teens were all understanding toward Kat, realizing that she'd been under a spell the whole time.
-   The five teens and Kat walked away from the hospital after Kim had told them she was quitting gymnastics for her Ranger duties.
-   Billy, Tommy, and Kat were walking by the lake after the Rangers had destroyed Garbage Mouth; Rita and Rito would then appear to give them an ultimatum to give them Kat before the end of the day or Ninjor would be thrown into the Sea of Sorrow and lost forever.

-   The five teens were in the Command Center discussing Rita's ultimatum; Kat would soon be shown visiting Kim in the hospital.
-   After Tommy got an idea, the five teens and Kat went to the park for Rita's switchoff, with Billy carrying a device which protected Kat in a forcefield until Tengas smashed the device, at which point Rito kidnapped Kat.
-   After their failed attempt at recovering Ninjor and protecting Kat, the five teens and Kim were together in the Command Center.
-   The teens and other friends of Kim's had a surprise party for Kim in the Youth Center at least a day after she'd won the Pan Global trials.
-   In the Command Center, Kim discussed with the teens Coach Schmidt's invitation for her to train in Florida for the Pan Global Games; they convinced her to go, and she selected Kat as her replacement.

-   On Christmas Eve, seemingly before Kim had given her powers to Kat (see "When" section), the guys had volunteered to be teen buddies for the party in the Youth Center so that underprivileged kids would have a happy place to go on Christmas Eve.
-   Upon teleporting to Santa's workshop to rescue Santa and the elves from Rito, the teens were awed to actually be at Santa's workshop.
-   Confronted by Rito and Goldar, also powerless, outside Santa's workshop, the teens pelted the two goons with snowballs and made them retreat inside, only for the elves to spring a trap and capture the goons.
-   The teens helped the elves get their toy distribution back on schedule.


MMPR: The Movie
-   Representing Angel Grove High, the teens went skydiving in the Angel Grove Jump-a-thon, with Tommy riding a board on the way down; their six perfect scores set a new record.
-   Knowing that Bulk and Skull didn't have parachutes on, Aisha invited them to "lead on" as they prepared to skydive; the teens laughed once Kim had pointed out just in time that the two punks weren't wearing parachutes.
-   After winning a new record in the Jump-a-thon, the teens went rollerblading through the city, with Billy and Tommy doing unnecessary flips as they skated.
-   Following Tommy's suggestion, the teens took a shortcut through a large, busy construction site on their rollerblading trip.
?   After being debriefed on Ivan Ooze during the day, it wasn't until nighttime that the teens teleported to the hyperlock chamber's location.
-   The teens fought Ivan's ooze beings as hard as they could without morphing but were forced to morph once backed against a rock wall and nearly beaten.
-   After being demorphed after their fight, the teens journeyed to the Command Center; how they traversed the distance, whether on foot or in a vehicle, is unknown.
-   A heartbroken Kim told the dying Zordon that ever since he'd come into their lives he'd been like a father to them all.
-   All of the teens but Kim left the dying Zordon and ran over to Alpha the moment they heard the robot.
-   The teens journeyed to Phaedos after the Great Power (see "Monolith") even though all who had tried for the power had reportedly perished.
?   Once arriving on a beach on Phaedos, the teens headed left (with the viewer facing the ocean) but were later (presumably hours later) shown heading toward the right; Dulcea would later take them left again, then right.
-   The morning after receiving the power of the Ninjetti, the teens embarked on the trek through the Neola Jungle to the monolith.
?   Teleporting back to Earth after obtaining the Great Power (see "Monolith"), the Rangers materialized in the trashed downtown Angel Grove, at which time Adam suggested they go to the Command Center; why they teleported downtown first is unknown.
-   The teens were missing (on Ranger business) for two days.
-   During Angel Grove's Power Rangers celebration, the teens were eating at an outdoor restaurant with a name which began with a J.
-   The teens had heard of Fred's bravery and cool head during the Ivan Ooze crisis; Aisha told Fred she'd heard he was in line to be a Ranger one of these days.

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