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-   After Kim had chosen Kat as the new Pink Ranger, Zordon told Kat to listen to her fellow Rangers as they guided her in the use of her new powers; he said they would teach her well.

-   While Tommy, Rocky, and Aisha were in the Juice Bar, Billy, Adam, and Kat walked down a residential street together; Kat soon split up from the other two on her walk home; Billy and Adam soon wound up at the Youth Center, and Kat would quickly join them to tell them about the side-effects of Rita's spell.

-   Kat had the other teens help her with her humanitarian housing project, to finish up a house she'd designed for a design class; she assigned Tommy, Rocky, and Adam to the landscaping, and Aisha and Billy volunteered to work on the wall on the back of the property.
-   All of the six Rangers but Billy and Kat were miniaturized by Brick Bully and encased in Ranger-colored bricks; Kat and Alpha designed a pollution simulation chamber which freed them.

-   The police department sponsored a horse trek for Nature Appreciation Week, and the six teens, Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone went riding.
-   At some point, perhaps after Tommy and Kat had traveled to the moon palace to retrieve the Zeo Crystal, the teens devised a way to use both the Ninja and Shogun Megazords, presumably due to the increased danger of Master Vile's presence.

-   With Adam and Aisha's help, Billy modified the tracking system in the Command Center to locate the Zords after Master Vile had sent them to another galaxy; meanwhile, Tommy, Rocky, and Kat went to Master Vile's End of the World Party at the Youth Center to check out the situation.
-   The Zeo Crystal was in a central podium in the Shogun Megazord's engine room, in which it seemed none of the teens had been before (though Billy didn't comment).
-   When giant Globbor was tapping the powers of Ninjor and their Zords, the Rangers decided that they had no choice but to fight the monster, even though he remained connected to Ninjor.
-   After Globbor and Master Vile had been defeated, the Rangers went to the desert to destroy the Zeo Crystal; when Kat asked whether it could be destroyed, Billy suggested that they break the crystal into pieces and scatter them, saying they couldn't allow any chance for Master Vile to assemble the crystal ever again.

-   As Dischordia sang, red energy waves came from her chest and put morphed Aisha and Kat under a dancing spell, making them dance without control over their bodies; she did the same to the other four Rangers once they'd arrived.
-   Dischordia had stopped singing by the time Alpha contacted the Rangers on the communicators, and at that point, the Rangers appeared to be free from her control.
?   The Rangers powered down their Metallic Armor before they were finished dealing with Dischordia, rendering themselves vulnerable to her spell again.
-   When Kat's and Aisha's song "Angel" was chosen at the school song contest to be Angel Grove High's new school song, the four guys joined the girls onstage for the crowd's applause.

-   Billy, Rocky, and Tommy helped Ernie with small crates of bananas until Adam and Aisha showed up after getting their message, and they discussed Kat's birthday, which was the next day.
-   Rocky had only found out about Kat's birthday because he'd helped her register for school.
-   Tommy, along with Rocky and Billy, thought to take Kat to the carnival for her birthday.
-   On her birthday, the teens blindfolded Kat and took her to the carnival, wanting her first birthday in America to be a special one.
-   When the Tengas attacked the carnival to distract the Rangers from Rito's placement of the Orb of Doom, morphed Billy, Adam, and Aisha pursued the Tengas (ultimately using the Metallic Armor), while morphed Tommy, Rocky, and Kat tried unsuccessfully to prevent Rito from placing the orb.
?   After the Orb of Doom had been placed and had blasted the approaching morphed Tommy away from it, the three Rangers made no attempt to shoot the orb; rather, they merely left, hoping the other three Rangers had had better luck keeping the Tengas away from the carnival.
?   Once Morphed Adam, Aisha, and Billy realized that the others had failed to stop the placement of the Orb of Doom, Aisha had them quickly get back to the carnival, and the six unmorphed teens then met up in the carnival and merely watched as the Orb of Doom's powers took effect.
?   As the teens watched the beam from the Orb of Doom project into the sky, Aisha declared that they couldn't just let this happen; Kat suggested calling the Command Center, but Tommy refused, saying they couldn't leave everyone at the carnival.
-   When the Orb of Doom turned back time, the six teens became children of roughly the same age as they had been during the Rock of Time's time regression in 239-RBT1 and 240-RBT2.
-   After the Orb of Doom had turned back time, the six kids remained in the carnival as everyone else ran screaming from Rita, Zedd, Goldar, and Rito.
-   The kids were scared and crying, indicating their minds had regressed as well as their bodies.

-   After realizing they were powerless, having regained their composure, the kids embarked on a trek through Angel Grove to get to the desert and the Command Center.
-   Young Billy led the kids through Angel Grove with some difficulty, as it now looked like it had years ago.
-   Young Bulk and Skull worked with young Billy and Rocky to set up a see-saw; Bulk's jumping onto the board as Rito stood on it sent Rito and a Tenga flying, with both landing in shopping carts.
-   Young Adam and Aisha tossed a metal beam on a rope down from a fire escape, smashing into the Tengas below.
-   Billy had Tommy and Kat stay hidden when the four other kids were taken in by the police.
-   After Rocky and Aisha had determined that it was necessary, young Billy told the two police officers, "I know you've never heard of us, but we're the Power Rangers, and without us, the Earth is in great danger."; the officers took them in anyway.
-   Young Kat, on young Tommy's shoulders, wearing a huge trenchcoat, a hat, and shades, pretended to be Billy's mother and took the four kids out of the police station after signing a paper.
-   The kids walked through the desert for what seemed to them like hours before Alpha teleported them into the Command Center from the middle of a dust storm.
-   The kids weren't familiar with the concept of Aquitian Rangers (or any alien Rangers).

-   After leaving young Billy with the Aquitians to go home from the lake so their parents wouldn't be concerned, the five kids were walking together through the Angel Grove Warehouse District, where a megaphone from a police van told them and others there that the city was under attack and under a mandatory curfew; at the time, Professor Longnose and five monsters were attacking the desert.
-   Alpha and young Billy eventually locked on to the other kids' signal and teleported them to the Command Center from an unknown location, with young Tommy relieved that Alpha and Billy had found them.
-   As the six kids watched the Battle Borg fight in the Viewing Globe, young Billy eventually suggested telling the Aquitian Rangers to put an end to it, and young Tommy radioed the Aquitians to tell Delphine it was time for Shogun Megazord power.

?   The six kids all went to Angel Grove Elementary School; while the others may have reasonably ridden home from Angel Grove Elementary to Stone Canyon or wherever Tommy lived at the time, Kat must have been missing from Australia for days.
-   While young Billy and Adam walked to Billy's house after school, the other four kids rode on "Angel Grove Unified" bus 119, on which young Bulk and Skull also rode.
-   Some time later, the six kids met at what looked like a water treatment plant to use young Billy's regenerator device.
-   Young Billy asked the others if they had brought their Power Coins, suggesting the kids didn't normally carry them around.
-   After Billy had used the regenerator to restore his own age, Rito and Goldar chased the kids and Billy through the water treatment plant, and Goldar managed to grab the regenerator from young Tommy.
?   While the others were looking in one direction at Rita and Zedd, who'd appeared after Goldar had taken the Power Coins from the regenerator, young Kat was looking in another direction and appeared to be smiling.
-   Billy and the kids appeared physically unaffected after the Power Coins had been destroyed.
-   A short while after Rita and Zedd had destroyed the Power Coins and left and Rito and Goldar had destroyed the regenerator and left, the kids and Billy were just sitting there, not doing anything.
-   The kids and Billy watched the ceremony in which Mayor Carrington presented the Aquitian Rangers with the Golden Star medals for bravery.

-   The five kids bought ice cream after ice cream from an ice cream truck near the lake for the four Aquitians until the truck was sold out.
?   To get the force field generator from Rito, young Tommy asked if anyone was up for a game of tag, and when young Aisha tagged Tommy and made him "it," the object of the game was for the others to try to catch him, but the kids didn't seem to be able to make up their minds whether they should be chasing after or fleeing from Tommy.

-   Billy and Mr. Wilton chaperoned the kids on a field trip to Splash City.
-   The kids begged Billy to ask Zordon about the Aquitian Rangers' well-being; they begged until Billy finally gave in and called the Command Center on his communicator disc.
-   After passing on the Aquitians' regards and thanks to Billy, Zordon told him to remind the kids to have fun, since their younger minds and bodies needed physical release.
-   While Zordon called the Aquitian Rangers on Aquitar, the six kids distracted the monster Bratboy by spreading out, holding inflated beach toys, and calling Bratboy names.
-   The kids and Billy sat around in the water park while the Aquitian Rangers and the Battle Borgs fought Bratboy.
?   Despite Billy's having watched the transformation of young Bulk into Bratboy, Billy and the kids apparently didn't know that Bulk was the monster until young Skull reminded them that the lightning bolt had turned Bulk into the monster.
?   When Zordon warned the kids and Billy of the danger of trying to get giant Bratboy (young Bulk) to fight from within, young Aisha said that Bulk was their friend and they had to try, and young Rocky nodded in agreement; this reaction from young Aisha came not long after young Rocky's private teasing of Bulk to Aisha had caused young Bulk and Skull to put Rocky, Adam, and Aisha in danger by throwing innertubes down on them from a bridge above the waterslide.
-   Zordon told the kids that they must seek out the Zeo Subcrystals separately, as each one restored a particular Ranger; he said it would be a quest for their roots, and if they succeeded, each subcrystal would restore each kid's true age and powers greater than they had ever imagined.
?   It's unknown how the five Zeo Subcrystals had come to be located in countries and time periods appropriate to five of the teens' heritages, or why the five subcrystals' locations excluded Billy, who had in 336-CEvF already restored his own age, making him unable to activate a subcrystal, since, as Zordon explained, the subcrystals would only respond to those still affected by the Orb of Doom's time regression.
-   The five kids all accepted the potentially fatal challenge of the quest for the Zeo Subcrystals.

-   Each of the kids took with him or her a backpack or other carrying pack for his or her Zeo quest.

-   Young Rocky was in the Command Center with Billy when young Adam returned from his Zeo quest, but during most other times until 342-HdA1, the returned kids remained out of the Command Center.

-   After being elsewhere, the four kids were later in the Command Center with Billy as they waited for young Aisha to return from her Zeo quest.

-   While young Tommy and young Adam located water jugs from the Command Center's earthquake readiness kit, the other kids searched for water elsewhere; they all met up at the public pool, where the Aquitians desperately needed water, apparently both for rehydrating and drinking.

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