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-   After the Zeo Crystal had restored time, Billy and the four other teens teleported to the lake to say goodbye to the Aquitian Rangers while Tanya stayed with Alpha for him to begin explaining all of the details of being a Ranger.
-   When explosions began rocking the Command Center after the teens had returned, Zordon and Alpha ordered them to evacuate, but they wouldn't leave, not wanting to leave Alpha behind; Alpha used the controls to teleport the five teens and Billy to an area within view of the Command Center's mountain.

-   After looking at Earth, Rita was pleased; she said the Rangers had kept fighting until the end, but Zedd noted that they'd been no match for him.
?   Rita noted that the Rangers had kept fighting until the end, but in 343-HdA2, the teens, powerless, had not managed to fight, and there was no mention of the Aquitian Rangers.
-   A TV reporter said it had been unusually quiet in downtown Angel Grove for the past several weeks, which was good news since their local heroes the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers hadn't been seen or heard from in some time; some people believed the Rangers had returned to their own planet.
?   The Power Rangers had been missing for some time, and it had been quiet in Angel Grove for several weeks, when the Machine Empire arrived, but at that time, Rita and Zedd were just starting to celebrate their victory over the Rangers; exactly how the Zeo Crystal had restored time and undone the time spent in the Orb of Doom's time regression is unknown.
-   The next morning, the governor of California came on TV to say that NASA, with whom he'd been in contact for the past several days, had confirmed the existence of an armada of hostile alien ships heading toward the Earth, and that their efforts to contact the Power Rangers had proven unsuccessful.
-   The governor assured the public that they would call forth every kind of defensive power they had, and told them they had to be strong in the face of this crisis; finally, he issued a plea to the Power Rangers, wherever they were, saying, "If ever there was a time we needed you, now is it. The safety of the people of the Earth may depend on it."

-   The six teens were running through the flaming rubble of the Command Center some time after it had been destroyed.
-   The six teens were just sitting on a large piece of rubble when Adam spotted a gleam of light from beneath the wreckage; the teens removed the pieces of debris and discovered that it was the Zeo Crystal.
-   The moment Tommy had placed the Zeo Crystal back on the ground, white energy flashed outward from it and glowed around the six teens' feet as the chunk of earth beneath them began to sink; it soon fell from beneath them and dissolved, causing them to fall through a shaft and land with a crash in the Command Center basement.
-   When Tommy said they had to figure out where they were, Billy replied that it looked like the Command Center's lower chamber.
-   The six teens wandered through the tunnels in search of the source of a loud clunk and a vibrating noise.

-   When the six teens, in the Power Chamber, asked a great deal of questions about the Machine Empire, Zordon told Billy (and specifically Billy) that he would in time attempt to provide him with the answers to all of the questions; the teens' questions asked who the Machine Empire were, where they'd come from, why they hadn't heard of them before, how they could fight Mondo without their powers, what had become of Rita and Zedd, why the Machine Empire was coming here, what they wanted, and whether they (the teens) could somehow stop them.
-   The teens were surprised to learn that Rita and Zedd had fled, and they concluded that the Machine Empire was extremely powerful.
-   The five teens felt totally energized after the Zeo Subcrystals had suited them up in their Zeo Ranger suits.
-   Perhaps a different day at the outdoor cafe, the four guys had changed their wardrobe colors, with Tommy's wardrobe changing from white to red, Adam's from black to green, Rocky's from red to blue, and Billy's from blue to neutral (brown, black, beige, gray, or white).
-   The teens now had their new Zeo colors on their communicator wristbands; Billy still had a blue-banded communicator (the color of which could be seen for certain in 410-GrBl and 424-BlkF).
-   Tanya and Kat joined the four guys at the outdoor cafe after enrolling Tanya at Angel Grove High and getting Kat's parents to agree to let Tanya live at their house.

-   Tommy and Kat joined Tanya in Angel Grove High's new resource center but left some time after Shawn had arrived, met Tommy and Kat, and then gone to his and Tanya's regular table to wait for her.
-   Later, Tommy and Adam were sparring in the Youth Center as Rocky and Kat watched, when Tanya came in, wanting to talk about her problem with Shawn.
-   Tanya told the others she had a problem, and Adam comforted her that they were her friends and wanted to help.

-   Tommy was doing a kata with Tanya and Kat in the Youth Center when Rocky and Adam came in after being attacked by Cogs.

-   In the resource center, Rocky and Adam, then Tanya as well, were very amused by Tommy and Kat's assignment to pretend to be married for a week, and the three jokingly teased him about it.
-   When baby Joey's diaper needed changing, Rocky said he had something he had to do, Tanya said she forgot she had to cook dinner, and Adam simply left nervously with the others.
-   The next day when Tommy and Kat came into the resource center with Joey, Rocky was on one of the computers there, and Billy was looking over his shoulder.
-   Following Joey's first brief duration of amplified crying, Billy had himself and Tommy go to the Power Chamber to seek Zordon's guidance, and Kat said she and Rocky would take Joey some place where there was less to destroy.
-   Kat and Rocky were soon outside some sort of building complex, perhaps the high school, when Tanya and Adam came running to join them.

-   After baseball practice, Adam, Kat, and Tanya did homework together at the resource center.
-   Once morphed Adam had hijacked a Cog's go-cart in the fun park to get back Rocky's stolen Zeonizer, he threw it to morphed Tanya, whom Cogs chased through playground equipment before she threw it to morphed Kat; Kat was in a pedal boat being chased by Cogs in pedal boats, and she then threw the Zeonizer to morphed Tommy, who got into a go-cart and had fun racing through a crowd of Cogs.
-   While Rocky, Adam, and Tanya played in the big baseball game against Stone Canyon, Tommy, Kat, and Billy watched from the stands.

-   The Rangers were testing the Zeo Jet Cycles around a lake and were having a good time doing so.
-   Later, Billy, Tanya, and Tommy joined Adam and Rocky in the Youth Center, watching Kat present her finished civics project, the German Shepard Smokey trained for the police and given to Lt. Stone.
-   Later still, while Kat was stranded in the forest with a twisted ankle and a missing Zeonizer, Tommy was benchpressing in the Youth Center while Rocky and Billy stood nearby; Tanya and Adam were elsewhere.
-   After the guys discovered Kat's communicator around Smokey's collar, Bulk and Skull came in and took the dog back to the police station before the guys could have him take them to Kat, so Tommy thought to use the "Zeo Cycles."
-   After Digster's defeat, the five teens met unmorphed in the woods where Smokey was; there, Zordon told them of the sealing of the lava flow.

-   Kat, Tommy, and Rocky were in the audience of kids and a few parents for Captain Pete's and Puppetman's show in the Youth Center.
-   Billy and the teens were later all together at Captain Pete's and Puppetman's show after the Rangers had destroyed evil Puppetman and Alpha had reassembled him.

-   Rocky, Tanya, and Kat were extras in the Biff Starr movie Invasion of Blueface.
-   Billy had put Adam's and Tommy's biorhythms into his computer and designed a workout program for them; now, he used a handheld scanner to monitor their energy outputs during their workout in the Youth Center.
-   When Cogs stole three monster costumes from the movie set, Rocky, Tanya, and Kat chased after them, morphing as they ran.
-   When the Rangers found themselves trapped in the waiting room of Sprocket's movie dimension, Adam and Tommy tried walking beyond the invisible wall of the room, but they ran into a blue force field grid.
-   Adam punched the force field three times, then Tommy punched it once and made the dimension start warping slowly, with a noise, and Klank said he had caused a disruption in the production audio track; Kat suggested hitting the force field again, and Adam stopped the warping by punching it again.
-   Adam had Tommy try shooting the forcefield with his Zeo Laser Pistol, but it had no effect.
-   When Klank called Tommy and Tanya to the set, Rocky wanted the others to go as well, but Tommy said it was safer at that point to play by Sprocket's rules.
-   After leaping into a square passageway which took them into another part of the movie dimension from the set, the Rangers were all riding horses to catch up to the bus which was speeding out of control there.
-   The Rangers apparently returned to reality after changing the course of Sprocket's movie by rescuing (nonexistent) people from the (nonexistent) bus before it went over a cliff.
-   After the Rangers had won, Tommy and Adam couldn't come to the set of Invasion of Blueface because Billy had them on a tight schedule.

-   Billy graduated early even though he still had another year; presumably, the other teens also had another year.
-   The same day as Billy's early graduation, the teens had organized a party for him in the Youth Center, a quick organization by Billy's standards.
-   When Billy and Cestro lifted off from the lake for Aquitar, the teens ran up to the launch site; apparently, Billy had left without telling them goodbye.

-   The teens were able to work the Power Chamber's consoles without Billy.

?   After Fortissimodo had grown and was threatening Adam, the Rangers continued fighting Cogs on the ground rather than summoning their Zords.
-   That night, the five teens attended the music recital at the Youth Center where Skull was playing after Adam had convinced him to be proud of his talent.

-   Adam and Tanya were getting lessons on the Internet from Raymond in the resource center; when Tanya left to learn a new kata from Tommy, Rocky and Kat came in, and Adam showed Rocky the martial arts chatroom he'd found.
-   After Raymond's antivirus had cured the Power Chamber's computers and the Rangers had destroyed Mean Screen, the teens all returned to the Power Chamber to do some work, perhaps running tests on the computers.

-   While Rocky and Tanya were at Angel Grove High while it was fairly busy, the other teens were in the Power Chamber, pacing nervously as they waited to hear from Billy on his return from Aquitar.

-   The teens and Billy were together at the Youth Center; while Tommy benchpressed, Rocky and Adam stood beside him, and Tanya, Kat, and Billy watched Heather Thompson's video or commercial on the Juice Bar TV with Ernie.
-   The teens were worried about Tommy when he left after reading Kim's breakup letter; Billy and Kat followed him to the lake.
-   Billy had himself and Kat take Tommy for a vacation in the mountains; they went skiing at Angel Grove Pines.
-   Rocky, Adam, and Tanya were in an upcoming martial arts competition.

-   After learning of Robocupid, Adam had Alpha call Tommy, Kat, and Billy away from their ski vacation; they returned to the vacation after Robocupid was destroyed.
-   That same day, Adam and Rocky sparred in the Youth Center while Tanya watched from the stands.
?   The three teens in the Youth Center were wearing warm clothes despite Defoliator's heat wave in the middle of winter.

-   Later the next day, after Kat, Tommy, and Billy had returned early from their vacation, Billy and Kat came into the Youth Center together, where Rocky, Adam, and Tanya were; Tommy was by himself exercising.

-   Rocky, Adam, and Tanya each bought a raffle ticket for the silver and turquoise arrowhead from Delmar.
?   After the Zeo Megazord had been crippled and Tommy had been given the Red Battlezord, the other four Rangers lured giant Main Drain into the city so Tommy could finish him off; why they had to lure the monster into the city for Tommy to finish him off is unknown.

-   While Tommy was on his vision quest in the desert, the other four teens were in the Juice Bar, apparently doing schoolwork.
-   Ernie walked into the Juice Bar just as Tanya, Kat, and Rocky were heading toward the western entrance (to answer their communicator call), after which they suddenly froze and tried to act nonchalant.

-   In the Youth Center, Rocky and Adam were sparring while Kat and Tanya watched, when Tommy brought David in.
-   The four teens used the Zeo Megazord to occupy giant Mace Face while Tommy searched for the kidnapped David.

?   Having freed David from the Cogs, Tommy told the other Rangers he'd meet them back at the Power Chamber, and they teleported away, even though King Mondo, Autochthon, and more Cogs still remained to contend with.
-   While Tommy and David talked at the Juice Bar, the other teens and Billy sat at a table nearby, happily watching the brothers.

-   Rocky, Tanya, and Billy went to the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo at the Youth Center together.
-   Confronted by the Rangers on a rooftop in Angel Grove, Defector insisted that he'd escaped from Mondo and that he didn't want to fight, then ran away when the Rangers were skeptical.
-   Kat wondered whether Defector could have been telling the truth; Adam doubted that one of King Mondo's robots could be good, but Rocky pointed out that the monster hadn't wanted to fight.
-   The Rangers were still skeptical of Defector even after he'd saved a little girl's dog from the path of an oncoming car.
-   In the Power Chamber with the others, Kat noted that if they could trust Defector, then he could give them detailed information on the Machine Empire.
-   When Billy later asked Rocky and Penny about their meeting the Power Rangers, Tanya remarked that she'd heard Yellow (Zeo Ranger Two) was coolest; Kat said pink was such a great color, and Adam asked, "Pink? What about green?"; Tommy chuckled from nearby.

-   The other four teens woke Adam up in the resource center, where he'd accidentally slept the night.
-   The teens sat down to watch the encore morning performance of The Bride of Hackensack.
-   Tanya invited the teens over to "our" house after school, saying she would provide the popcorn.

-   While Adam and Tanya played basketball at a basketball court, the other three teens distributed flyers for the upcoming Toy-A-Thon dance.

-   The five teens and Billy watched Tanya's music video for her song "Stick Together" on the Juice Bar TV set.
-   A different day, Ernie was going to start opening the Juice Bar on Saturday nights, and the six teens were helping to set up.
-   That night and the next day, the teens and Billy listened to two different performances of Tanya's at the Youth Center.
-   Although she'd heard her communicator go off while singing, Tommy motioned for Tanya to stay, that they'd handle it, and she smiled and nodded faintly as she sang.

-   In the Youth Center around Christmastime, the five teens and Raymond had come together to learn about different holidays; a sign read "International Holidays."
-   The Bias Blaster's ray made the teens and Raymond only care about their own viewpoints, but the spell was broken when a little girl sang a song her mom had sung to her, about people and the differences between them.
-   After the spell had vanished, the teens and Raymond went out to get new decorations for the banquet; Tommy gave Ernie a menorah, and Kat asked Raymond to show them how to light the candles properly; Adam and Rocky came in, having gone to the library for research on building a Kwanzaa candle display.

-   To help Adam prepare for an upcoming kung fu tournament, the four teens dressed as ninjas and sparred with him in the forest.
-   The teens and Billy were in the audience during Adam's final round against Shawn in the kung fu tournament.

-   To handle two simultaneous distress signals (both Machine Empire traps), the Rangers split up into two teams: Tommy and Adam went to the industrial plant, and the other three went to the forest.
-   After the arrival and disappearance of Pyramidas, the teens and Billy split into two groups (the same groups as before, with Billy joining Tommy and Adam) to attempt to triangulate a lock on the pyramid.

-   Tommy, Kat, and Raymond went into the desert to collect creatures and plants for their desert terrarium for an ecosystem project; meanwhile, Tanya painted the background for the terrarium.
-   Tommy drove Kat and Raymond in a black Jeep which Adam would later call Tommy's truck.
-   Raymond had Kat collect plants and Tommy try to collect some lizards or a spider, and he would go try to dig up some cool stuff by the old mine they'd seen.

-   The teens (at least, Rocky and Tommy) knew that David knew their identities.
?   Tanya knew the name of Leaky Faucet, whom the Rangers had defeated once before in 409-IORS, but back then, the monster's name hadn't been mentioned.

-   The teens were exhausted and near falling asleep, as, for two weeks, the Cogs had been starting fights and then disappearing, to wear the Rangers out.
-   The teens were all frustrated when their communicators went off to alert them to Mondo's latest attack.
-   Despite Alpha's and Billy's frequency shield adjustment, the six Rangers were significantly weakened by Somnibot's sleep spell until Alpha's power surge shorted out the spell.
-   After getting a good night's sleep, the teens were all in the Power Chamber with Billy the next day; Tommy handed Billy parts while Billy worked under one of the consoles.
-   Now that everyone was rested, Tommy suggested to Billy that it might be a good time he let everyone know what had been going on with him lately; he paused silently in his work.
-   Rocky said he'd already figured it out, but Billy amusedly told the teens there was nothing to figure out, just that he'd been working on something in his spare time and would tell them about it when the time was right.
-   Rocky continued, saying Billy was always exhausted but didn't fight with them anymore, and that he wasn't in the Power Chamber when the Gold Ranger showed up; he then told Billy to admit to being the Gold Ranger.
-   In response to Rocky's accusation, Billy silently chuckled and looked down, then looked back up at them and seemed surprised Rocky was serious; he asked, "Oh, come on, you don't really think I'd keep something like that from you, do you?"
-   Tommy believed Billy, but Tanya continued to look suspiciously at Billy; Rocky, meanwhile, looked outraged; Billy shot a coy smile in Rocky's direction as he went back under the console to continue working.

-   As Tommy and Adam mountain biked, the exhausted Adam considered that he should go back and help out Zordon, but Tommy joked that he wasn't getting out of their biking that easily.
-   In the Power Chamber, Alpha and the other three teens investigated possible candidates for the Gold Ranger's identity; Kat worked on a chart with a list of names which included the names Jackie, Hank, Lee, and Steve.
-   Tommy and Adam reported in to the Power Chamber upon spotting some Cogs searching through the wilderness, and they planned to call in if the Cogs found the pyramid, but they were then forced to morph when the Cogs found them.

-   When Tommy brought Jason into the Power Chamber, the four other teens were excited; Billy appeared tense but then smiled mildly.

?   When Billy had teleported Jason's communicator to the Power Chamber after they'd been unable to contact Jason, the teens were all dumbfounded as to where he'd gone, but none of them seemed to remember that Rocky had mentioned that Bulk and Skull had stopped him in the Youth Center; Tommy, taking the communicator, had the teens and Billy split up, and Rocky went out into the countryside to look for him.
-   Billy and the other four teens eventually returned to the Power Chamber with Jason; Jason again had his communicator on his wrist.

-   Giant Mechaterpillar shot the five Rangers with his green energy waves which had been used previously to make the Zords move and dance uncontrollably, but the effects of this blast on the Rangers weren't shown; in fact, the next time the Rangers appeared was as teens a different day after Gold Ranger had won the battle.

?   After monsters had taken over the Zeozords and Super Zeozords, the Rangers appeared to be hiding in the city below rather than returning to the Power Chamber or summoning the Red Battlezord.

-   Tommy, Rocky, and Adam trained with Coach Daniels for the upcoming national championship, a martial arts competition which they had to win for their charity, the Little Angel's Haven, to receive the prize money to avoid closing down.
-   Coach Daniels was yelling at Rocky to focus, and Tommy and Rocky both seemed stressed out.
-   A Little Angel's Haven bus was taking kids to the martial arts arena, where Tommy, Adam, and Rocky were practicing for the upcoming national championship; on the bus, Kat and Tanya had the kids sing songs.
-   As Adam and Tommy later leaned up against the ropes, exhausted, Adam suggested to Rocky that maybe they really were trying to hard; Rocky replied that maybe they weren't trying hard enough, at which point he tried to kick a target in the coach's hand but ended up flying out of the ring and crashing onto his back on the ground below, injuring his back.
-   Kat and Tanya entered with the kids just as Rocky was being wheeled away on a stretcher.
-   Visiting Rocky at the hospital, the four teens brought Rocky flowers, a giant card, and some balloons.
?   After Zordon had called the teens to the Power Chamber and Rocky had told the four to get going, Adam told Rocky that they'd let him know what was up, but it wasn't until 501-SIT1, perhaps weeks later, that the teens would tell Rocky about their adventure.
-   The four teens' teleportation over the city at night would be confirmed by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
?   After Zordon had told them about Lerigot, Adam and Tanya remained in the Power Chamber to keep an eye out for Lerigot's pursuer while Tommy and Kat went to Africa to find Lerigot; it's unknown why Tanya, who had experience with Africa, wasn't among the people to go.
-   The teens, or at least Tommy and Kat, seemed to be familiar with the Power Boxes, though they hadn't been shown before.
-   When Adam and Tanya tracked an object (secretly Divatox's subcraft) entering the atmosphere, Adam hoped Tommy and Kat returned soon.
?   When Lerigot, in the Power Chamber with the four teens, prepared to surrender in response to Divatox's ultimatum, the teens didn't seem clear on what their plan was: Kat said they couldn't let Lerigot surrender, but then Adam defended Lerigot's choice, since it was his family and they'd do the same for each other; Tommy planned for them to get Jason and Kim out first and then go after Lerigot's family (presumably by surrendering Lerigot), but Adam then reassured the others that if anyone could get through this ordeal, it was Jason and Kimberly.
-   The four teens met Elgar and his warriors at a beach in the morning and tried to have Elgar release the hostages first, but he refused; the teens wanted to stall for more time, but Lerigot surrendered himself anyway; the teens, particularly Tommy, were then shocked to discover that what Elgar had dumped into the ocean were actually dummies dressed in Jason and Kim's wetsuits.
?   In the flashback in 501-SIT1, the teens' arrival took place in daylight rather than dawn; the warriors on waverunners, however, were darkened as they should have been.
-   Back in the Power Chamber, the teens were later dressed in different clothes as they created the Turbozords; they may have gone home to change clothes, but they had still apparently been away from home the entire night, from the time they visited Rocky in the hospital at night until the next morning.
-   Adam referred to the blue Turbozord, Mountain Blaster, as being Rocky's; Zordon said it would stay behind for now, yet he knew that the teens would need the combined power of all five Turbo Morpher keys to pass through the Nemesis Triangle.

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