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-   Jason sparred with Adam and then Tommy as Kat and Tanya watched; Rocky, meanwhile, felt left out.
-   After Mondo had been destroyed, Billy and the six teens believed that they had won for good and that no more villains threatened the planet.

-   Billy and the six teens helped Ernie set up the beach club at the lake.

-   Kat and Tanya worked at Mr. Stenchy's charity fashion show, and Rocky and Jason modeled in it.
-   Tommy and Adam were in the Power Chamber with Billy as they analyzed an object (actually Warrior Wheel) approaching the Earth.
-   Stenchy's rank ray made all six Rangers smell awful beneath their suits.
?   Morphed Tanya seemed revolted when she smelled herself, but morphed Jason said he couldn't smell anything.

-   Jason and Adam had agreed to dance in Kat and Tanya's ballet of King Midas in the Youth Center; Kat gave ballet lessons to the dancers for the play, which included a number of little girls, as well as the unenthusiastic Jason and Adam; meanwhile, Tanya tried to locate props and outfits.
-   The ballet was inspired by Kat and Tanya's (and perhaps Adam's and Jason's as well) studying Greek mythology.
-   Rocky, Tommy, Tanya, and Jason unloaded containers of clothes from the back of a red 4x4 into the Youth Center parking lot; they were presumably costumes for the King Midas ballet.
-   Having lost a bet with Kat and Tanya, Bulk and Skull took Jason and Adam's places in the ballet.
-   Tommy and Rocky worked the lights and props during the ballet.

-   Tanya and Adam showed the new kid, Robert, around school; in the resource center, Rocky, Jason, and Kat were doing schoolwork; Kat later showed Robert around some more.

-   Jason informally took over as leader in Tommy's absence; Cruel Chrome acknowledged Gold Ranger as the substitute team leader.
-   Cruel Chrome's water spray made the Rangers (Tommy absent) temporarily weak and light-headed through their suits.
-   In the Power Chamber, the helmetless Rangers each took deep breaths from a vaporizer Alpha had designed with special chemicals to protect their lungs from Cruel Chrome's knockout vapors.

-   A different day, Jason, Kat, and Rocky went into the Youth Center, having been told by Zordon to take a break, despite their concern for the missing Tommy.

-   When morphed Tommy continued fighting the Rangers in the Machine Arena, thinking they were evil, Kat thought to demorph to try to show Tommy that they were truly his friends.
-   Tommy began to falter while hugged by Kat, but he then regained his will and tried to pull free, at which point Jason and then the other Rangers demorphed as well.
-   After the forcefield had been dissolved from the Machine Arena, the teens teleported back to Earth even though they knew Bulk and Skull had also been trapped somewhere in the dimension; fortunately, the alien known as Trider took Bulk and Skull home.
-   Kat, Tommy, and Jason sat at a table at the beach club; Tommy was anxious for the others to show up so they could play some volleyball.
-   The teens still didn't know that it was actually Rita and Zedd who had transported the four into the Machine Arena to help Jason and Tommy.
-   When Bulk and Skull sat at the teens' table to tell them about saving the Rangers by breaking the forcefield, Kat said she was sure the Rangers were grateful for their help; Tommy added that he bet the Rangers would really want to thank Bulk and Skull; even though the three teens insisted that they believed the two, Bulk and Skull left in a huff, thinking the teens were being sarcastic.

-   Jason had told Tanya and Adam that they'd meet them after school at the Juice Bar.
-   Jason, Tommy, Kat, and Rocky had a big two-hour exam in Miss Appleby's class; Tanya and Adam, who were waiting for the others in the Juice Bar when they came in, had taken the exam the previous week.

-   The six teens went to Detective Stone's whodunit party; all of them but Jason and Kat became trapped in a dungeon by walking through a gateway presumably generated by Gasket and Archerina.

-   As Zordon and the teens had feared, Gasket unleashed a full-scale assault on Angel Grove.

-   Jason, anxious and out of breath, got the teens and brought them to the Power Chamber, where they found Tommy with an aged Billy.
?   While Kat and Billy went to the Youth Center as Billy looked for a lost invention, the other teens worked with various chemicals in the Power Chamber; for no apparent reason, Alpha then rolled through the room a skeleton display bearing a sign which read, "Very old."
?   While Billy and Kat were gone, the teens had apparently contacted Delphine and Cestro to have Cestro reconstruct Billy's regenerator; with Delphine accompanying him, Cestro brought the regenerator, redesigned as a bazooka-shaped device, just after Billy and Kat had returned to the Power Chamber, but he'd only had a very short amount of time to construct the device.
?   The teens didn't seem to have any reaction to the news that Rita and Zedd were back.

-   When Billy told the teens that he was staying on Aquitar, most of them were stunned, but Adam smiled faintly, and Jason chuckled while looking away; after learning that Billy was staying to be with Cestria, Kat told Billy and Cestria they were really happy for them, and the teens said their goodbyes.
-   As the teens and Billy said their goodbyes, Billy told them to stay in touch.

-   At the beach club's Hawaiian luau, Tommy and Kat's first date, Tanya pulled the other guys back to prevent them from sitting at Tommy and Kat's table, so that the couple could be alone.
-   Emily sat at the teens' table to watch the Hawaiian dancers at the luau, and Tanya had herself, Rocky, Jason, Adam, and Emily dance with the Hawaiian dancers.
-   All the teens directed people away from the beach club when Cogs attacked and trashed the place.
-   The next day, Ernie said that someone had come the previous night and cleaned the whole place up; Tanya, Rocky, and Jason looked amused.
-   The four teens hadn't seen Tommy and Kat all day until they came into the Juice Bar together, laughing.

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