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-   Once the four teens and Alpha had created the Turbozords, Zordon said that the Blue Ranger's Zord, Mountain Blaster, would stay behind for now, yet he knew that only the combined power of the five Turbo Morpher keys could allow the teens to pass through the Nemesis Triangle.
-   The unmorphed teens drove the car-sized Turbozords through the desert; this was the only time unmorphed Rangers would pilot Zords.
-   Zordon sent Justin as the new Blue Ranger soon enough after the others' departure for Justin to arrive at the Ghost Galleon's dock just minutes after the others had arrived.
-   Although four of the teens (and probably Justin as well) had started on their journey during the day, it was nighttime before the five teens drove up to the Ghost Galleon's dock.
?   Tommy spotted the galleon, but how the other teens had failed to see the enormous, conspicuously backlit galleon is unknown.
-   When Mountain Blaster drove up to the dock, Adam initially thought that its pilot was Rocky, but the teens were then stupefied to learn that Justin had been sent in Rocky's place.
-   Justin's revelation to the teens that he was the new Blue Ranger was verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
-   The teens spent two nights and two days aboard the Ghost Galleon on their journey to Muiranthias.
-   On the second night, the four teens were downstairs, seemingly in the cargo area, studying a map while Justin was on the upper deck, too excited to sleep.
-   Tommy was planning for the teens to head to the middle of the island once they got to Muiranthias.
-   The unmorphed teens (with Justin now included by default in the term "teens") fought and threw overboard four Putrapod monsters sent by Divatox one night.
-   Kat and Tanya kicked a Putrapod overboard, Tommy kicked another overboard, and Adam seemed to punch a third overboard; Tommy then showed off his martial arts moves to the final Putrapod, then said "Boo!", scaring it near the edge, then finally shoved the monster overboard.
-   The next day, as the Ghost Galleon approached the Nemesis Triangle, Kat had the teens go down below while she retrieved the keys from the galleon's controls.
-   After watching their approach of Muiranthias from the galleon's upper deck, the teens went back downstairs and came up strapping their Power Boxes on; apparently, they'd brought the Power Boxes with them in the Turbozords.
-   Once the galleon was closer, Adam volunteered to drive up to a nearby cliff to look for the temple, since Desert Thunder was up first.
-   When Tommy's short-range locator detected two torpedoes approaching, the four teens quickly got into the Turbozords for protection and for shelter from Divatox's sensors.
-   Once the teens had parked the Turbozords in the jungle of Muiranthias and Adam told them that Lerigot was dying and that they might already be too late (apparently referring to Lerigot's health rather than Divatox's imminent release of Maligore), Tommy had them morph and leave the Turbozords behind so they could take the silent approach.
-   When the teens assumed their pre-morph stances, the four older teens faced toward their right, with their left arm flexed (as though in preparation to summon their Turbo Morphers onto their wrists); Justin, however, goofed by facing toward his left, with his right arm flexed (holding his key in the foreground, as would become the new pre-morph stance in 516-Shr1); Tommy glared at Justin with a look of disapproval and annoyance until Justin turned around to match the other teens' stances.
-   At the national championship, Tanya, Justin, Ernie, Kat, and Kim cheered for Tommy, Adam, and Rocky's replacement Jason; Rocky watched from beside the ring with Coach Daniels.
-   In what seemed to be the evening after the national championship, the teens, Jason, Rocky, and perhaps Kim as well seemed to be saying goodbye to Lerigot, Yara, and Bethel in the Power Chamber after they had appeared to emerge from the northwestern hallway, the door of which slid shut behind them.

-   Adam, Tanya, Kat, and Rocky had been seniors and were now, as the graduating class of 1997, helping set up for their graduation at the Angel Grove Botanical Gardens; Tommy had already picked up his diploma and was spending his time racing.
-   Rocky asked the teens if they were going to finish telling him the story, but Adam had them wait for Justin to tell him.
-   The teens now knew the names of the Putrapods, though the names hadn't been mentioned previously.
-   The teens hadn't yet told Rocky about the Putrapods or Divatox.
-   Planning to ruin the teens' graduation, Divatox wickedly remarked that the teens shouldn't bother with college applications.
-   When Rocky asked what had happened to Divatox, Adam guessed she'd gone back to wherever she came from.

-   When the graduating three teens noticed that Justin was late, Adam left the ceremony to call Zordon; after learning that Justin was supposed to call if there had been trouble, Adam soon called Kat and Tanya away as well, and they rushed off to take care of an emergency, as they told Mr. Caplan.
-   A girl, not one of the teens, was the class president.
-   When the three teens were delayed by Divatox and Piranhatrons, Adam had the girls go ahead while he took care of the Piranhatron.
-   The teens had had a theory that Divatox had gone back to her own dimension, but they now realized this was not the case.
?   When the Rangers needed to search the power plant for a detonator, Tommy had them split up only into two groups, but individually, they would have been able to cover more ground.

-   When they found Lerigot in the Power Chamber, the teens assumed he'd come all this way just for their graduation.
-   The four teens were shocked to learn that Zordon, and Alpha too, were leaving; when they wondered who would cover their backs, as Tanya said, he replied that he'd made arrangements so that they wouldn't be alone.
-   The teens were quite uncomfortable with being alone once Zordon and Alpha Five had left, but Alpha Six and Dimitria soon arrived.
-   When Kat asked Dimitria if she knew who they were, she asked them if they knew who were they were; when Tommy replied that they were the Power Rangers, she asked if they weren't much more than the Power Rangers.
-   Dimitria asked the Rangers if they would be surprised to learn that there were many unexpected events in their future.

-   Tanya, Adam, and Kat were on a walk near the Angel Grove Construction Company when they were attacked by the Chromite while unmorphed and then demorphed and captured by the Shadow Rangers.
-   Tommy and Justin scanned the construction site with a Turbo Navigator after learning there was trouble there; Justin was soon captured as well.
-   The four teens were held prisoner in the Chromite Cave until Tommy freed them after destroying the Shadow Rangers.
?   After they had been freed from the Chromite Cave Justin noted that they had to figure out how to get the Chromite into the darkness, but at that point, the Rangers knew only that the Shadow Rangers had a vulnerability to darkness.
-   With Kat joining them, Tommy and Justin later followed the homing device to the Youth Center, where they discovered that Lt. Stone was the new owner and that his chimps had stolen all of their missing items.

-   In this episode, Tommy and Justin were either together or both alone, as they weren't with the others except during Ranger business and in the Power Chamber immediately afetrward.
?   The Rangers split up to look for the detonator that had been detected in the area, but at the time they split up, they were standing directly beside the tower on which the detonator had been planted.
-   The Rangers felt guilty after Visceron had been blown up by the detonator he'd taken from them, but Dimitria was able to heal Visceron.
-   As the teens realized how evil Divatox was, Tommy didn't think they had ever been up against this much power before.
-   When the teens noted how evil and powerful Divatox was, Dimitria asked them if, after all they'd been through together, they hadn't yet learned the power of love and friendship; she showed the teens what this meant by holding out her hands, causing blue wisps of energy to heal and revive Visceron.

-   Kat and Adam were in the crowd during Justin's trial race the day before the Angel Grove Derby.
-   The next morning, the five teens were together at the Racing Technologies building when Justin woke up after spending the night working on his racer.
-   That day, the four teens were in the crowd together as Justin raced in the derby.

-   Tanya and Adam were together during and after the rehearsal for the fifties stunt show; meanwhile, Tommy and Justin were together in the Power Chamber charging the Turbo Navigators.
-   The teens split up, each with a Turbo Navigator, to search for the detonator.

-   The four teens set up a surprise birthday party for Justin in the Racing Technologies garage, and when Justin returned early from "practice," Tommy wouldn't let him in yet.
-   The chimps were in the garage for the party preparations.
-   After helping take something to Lt. Stone's car before Lt. Stone went to the Youth Center to get the balloons he'd left there, the teens were called to the Power Chamber, and they left the chimps unsupervised in the garage.

-   While Tommy was at racing practice, the other teens helped out at a volunteer car wash Lt. Stone had organized for the Angel Grove baseball team.
-   While the girls took Justin to the Power Chamber, Adam stayed behind in case there was any more trouble.
-   Eventually, all of the Rangers were shot by Mouthpiece's deception blaster, causing them to lie uncontrollably, and with every lie they said, a Piranhatron appeared.
?   When Justin asked the four other Rangers if they would tell him the truth if he asked them a question, they replied, "Never!", breaking the spell, but since this was the truth at the time they said it, the spell should have prevented them from saying it.
?   The Rangers searched the car wash for a detonator without using a Turbo Navigator.
-   Later, in the Juice Bar, the chimps were making drinks; Lt. Stone had Tanya, Justin, and Kat taste disgusting-tasting smoothies to make sure he wasn't going crazy in suspecting the chimps had added a few ingredients of their own when he wasn't looking.

-   After his performance in the "Land of the Pharaohs" stunt show, Adam met Kat and Justin in the resource center at Angel Grove High, where the two were studying ancient Egypt; the three teens were planning to go to a movie soon, at six.
-   Tanya and Tommy were in the Youth Center shortly afterward, perhaps waiting for the others.
?   The five teens together searched backstage at the stunt show for a detonator, without using a Turbo Navigator.
-   Mr. Peabody knew each and every prop in the show, and the teens helped him take inventory by presenting props, and he would tell them what its number was, as they were looking for an object that didn't belong in their secret search for a detonator.
?   When Pharaoh arrived to fight them, the Rangers all fought him for at least several minutes until he was ultimately destroyed by the Turbo Megazord; none of them went for the detonator which could have exploded and killed Mr. Peabody.
-   Another day, apparently in the morning, Emily took the teens out back behind the Youth Center to show them the painting the chimps had made on the wall.

-   Tanya went with Kat to her Angel Grove Ballet Company audition while Adam and Justin measured tides at the beach; Tommy was later in the Juice Bar with Tanya and Kat.
-   After Kat had been made weightless by Numbor, the monster also changed the weights of the other four Rangers as well, making Adam, Tommy, and Tanya extremely heavy (pinning them to the ground) and levitating Justin; Kat conquered the spell by realizing it was what was in her heart that mattered, after which the others were apparently freed from the spell as well.
-   Tommy and Tanya sat with Lt. Stone in the audience of the Nutcracker ballet in which Kat had the lead role of Clara.

-   With his hair pulled back, Adam was doing katas with Tanya in the Youth Center while Tommy was nearby working on his punches; meanwhile, Kat and Justin were at school.
-   As the chimps served the teens drinks, Adam noted it was sometimes eerie how human the chimps were; Tommy said it was almost like they were trying to tell the teens something, and Tanya, thinking she knew what it was, gave the chimps a dollar or two, saying Lt. Stone had taught them well.
-   The repeated false fire alarms made Tommy suspect Divatox, and he had the three teens go to the Power Chamber, where Justin and Kat would soon join them.
-   Prompted by Dimitria's questions, the teens figured out that Divatox was setting off alarms to distract them from her detonator, and they split up to search for it.

-   Tommy and Tanya were hitting a punching bag when the other three teens came into the Youth Center.
-   The teens split up to search Angel Grove for the occupant of the ship (Blue Senturion's) which had arrived in Earth's atmosphere and then exploded.
-   Zordon had told Adam, but apparently not the other teens, about Blue Senturion and the Intergalactic Police.
?   When the Rangers split up to look for Blue Senturion after Justin suspected from Turbo Navigator readings that a detonator might be on Blue Senturion, Tommy and Kat searched an industrial site without a Turbo Navigator.

-   While Adam coached the Angel Grove High soccer team, Kat and Tanya were taking turns practicing flipping Tommy in the Youth Center.
-   The teens were confused when the Piranhatrons primarily attacked Carlos and Ashley at the soccer field, since the two appeared to be innocent strangers who weren't a threat to Divatox's plans.
-   At the game the next day, Justin had brought a Turbo Navigator in his backpack just in case.

-   Tanya and Kat sat at Tommy and Adam's table in the Juice Bar after Kat's first audition with the Royal Academy.
-   Justin was already in the Power Chamber when Tommy had the other teens go there to get the Turbo Navigators to search for a detonator after hearing of the Piranhatron attack outside the audition hall.

-   The teens participated in Angel Grove Cleanup Week; Tommy, Kat, and Tanya appeared to be in one group, with Adam and Justin in another.
-   Adam and Tommy planned to meet back at the Youth Center in a few hours.
-   After stopping by the Youth Center, which was used as the recycling center for the cleanup week, the teens left to finish cleaning up the park, first saying goodbye to Carlos and Ashley.
-   After being alerted to Blue Senturion's self-destruct sequence, the teens rushed to the park and struggled to restrain the officer.
?   While the five teens hadn't been able to restrain Blue Senturion, the teens were successful after Justin had left to stop the chimps in Lt. Stone's car.
-   Shrinkasect shrank all of the Rangers but Justin.
-   Elgar soon entered the subcraft from the lift, carrying a box with the shrunken Rangers in it; they now had insect wings on their backs which in 517-Shr2 wouldn't be used even in situations which would have made flight quite helpful.

-   As they walked through a tunnel in the subcraft some time later after escaping from the box and traveling through a pipe, the shrunken Rangers had antennae coming from their helmets.
-   Later walking down the same tunnel, the Rangers had now developed bug claw hands.
-   When Divatox dropped a contact lens in her closet, the shrunken Rangers hid it from her, then drove off in Elgar's remote-controlled toy car; the car, with Tommy seeming to be driving, crashed into a girder, ejecting the Rangers in the sub's torpedo room.
-   Following Tommy's idea, the Rangers rode the torpedoes out of the subcraft to make themselves normal.

-   In a black pickup truck, Tommy drove Kat to join the other teens on their group camping trip.
-   Tanya was setting up a tent in the woods when Adam and Justin came carrying wood.
-   Kat looked pleased as she took a moment to watch T.J. and Cassie fight the Piranhatron for her, perhaps suggesting that the teens knew about their upcoming retirement before going on their camping trip.

-   Before the four teens left the Power Chamber to fight giant Flamite after being unable to find Tommy, Dimitria reminded them of another matter that had to be dealt with as well; the northwest door slid up, revealing in the small alcove a fairly large hourglass on a pedestal, apparently counting down to their upcoming power transfer ceremony.
-   Dimitria told the teens it would be their ultimate (presumably as in "final") mission; time was fleeting, but it was of the utmost importance; Kat replied that they wouldn't let her down, and the teens then morphed to the city to help evacuate people.
-   After the Rangers destroyed Flamite, Alpha didn't think they (presumably the Rangers) were going to make it in time, but Dimitria said they must.
-   After selecting their replacements, the teens smiled in the Power Chamber as the hourglass was empty; Dimitria told them they'd cut it very close.
-   Tommy told Dimitria they wouldn't let her down, as they all knew how important this was.
-   The teens appeared to be somewhat excited as they headed toward the ceremony chamber to begin the ceremony.
-   Looking around the ceremony chamber, which resembled the ruins of the Command Center, the teens didn't seem to be familiar with the place.
-   Dimitria told the teens, "We have gathered here to honor each of you for your dedicated service as a Power Ranger. Your courage and loyalty has known no bounds. However, as each Ranger reaches your stage of life, it becomes our duty to set them free to discover all that the world has to offer them. To that end, you have been asked to select an outstanding individual who will take over as your successor. We welcome them now into the Power Ranger family."
-   After the four retiring teens had explained their selections, blue energy moved up Justin's body, then teleported him in the energy spark effect, and he materialized beside the new teens, morphed but short and holding his helmet.

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