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-   In the ceremony chamber, Dimitria told the old teens, "We have gathered here to honor each of you for your dedicated service as a Power Ranger. Your courage and loyalty has known no bounds. However, as each Ranger reaches your stage of life, it becomes our duty to set them free to discover all that the world has to offer them. To that end, you have been asked to select an outstanding individual who will take over as your successor. We welcome them now into the Power Ranger family."
-   The new teens rose up from the large pile of boulders in the ceremony chamber, wearing their Turbo suits and holding their helmets.
-   After the four retiring teens had explained their selections, blue energy moved up Justin's body, then teleported him in the energy spark effect, and he materialized beside the new teens, morphed but short and holding his helmet.

-   T.J., Justin, Cassie, and Carlos went to an outdoor merchant area near the beach where people were fighting over Ashley's jackets at the Delisha Ennivel display.
-   The four teens were put under an anger spell when they put on the jackets.
-   The teens hadn't been answering their communicators while under the spell, angering Ashley for making her have to fight Elgar and Rygog alone, something she apparently wasn't used to.
-   The teens all knew Blue Senturion.
-   The four teens had paid for Ashley's jackets.
-   Ashley told the teens they'd been overcharged, that Cassie had been sold the wrong size, that Justin was wearing a girl's jacket, and all four removed the jackets, removing the spell.
-   Ashley eagerly hugged T.J. after the spell was removed, suggesting that the team had been together for some time.
-   After Delisha was destroyed, all of the teens but Carlos ate together at the Juice Bar.

-   Justin and T.J. were walking out of school together when they spotted two streaks of light, one red and one blue, falling to Earth nearby.
?   When Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster sped straight for them as they were crossing a road, T.J. and Justin ran straight away from the cars rather than getting off the road.
-   Elgar called T.J. a new guy.
-   To protect the space cars, T.J. and Justin fought Piranhatron, Elgar, and Dreadfeather, all without morphing, but Justin and Storm Blaster were soon captured by Dreadfeather's net.

-   After the Turbine Laser had failed to destroy Mad Mike, the Rangers and Blue Senturion expressed their distress with the following sequence:

T.J.: "Nuts!"
Justin: "Rats!"
Carlos: "Drat!"
Ashley: "Curses!"
Cassie: "Phooey!"
Blue Senturion: "Uh, fiddlesticks!"

-   Some time after they'd been studying the Phantom Ranger in the Power Chamber with Justin, the four teens were worried about Justin after Carlos had used the payphone outside the Youth Center to call Nico's mom; she'd told him that Nico had gone to play soccer, prompting T.J. to have the teens check on Justin with their communicators.

-   T.J., Carlos, Justin, and Nico played basketball with some other guys when everyone but the Ranger teens vanished, thanks to Translucitor.
-   Ashley and Cassie were in the Juice Bar talking about guys when everyone in the Juice Bar, and then the Juice Bar itself, vanished.
-   The morphed guys were captured by Translucitor and tied to a rocket, but the girls saved them after being helped by the Phantom Ranger.
-   After the fight with Translucitor, the guys went to the Power Chamber, where Carlos talked about the Phantom; meanwhile, the girls were back at the Youth Center.
-   Ashley referred to Bulk and Skull as two mysteries.
-   On their first day on the job as costumed birthday singers, Bulk and Skull begged Cassie and Ashley to let them sing the girls a birthday song, as they'd lost their cards on their clients, and their boss was watching them; the girls agreed, but when Skull tried to pull a thread off Bulk's superhero costume, it caused his entire costume to fall off, revealing his undershirt and boxer shorts; as the girls looked aside in embarrassment and amusement, Bulk pulled Skull's costume off in retaliation, and Bulk and Skull then ran off.

-   In the forest, T.J. used a set of digital binoculars to spy on Elgar, Rygog, and the Piranhatron as they set up a rocket; the other teens watched in the Power Chamber after T.J. had had Alpha call them in.
-   The other Rangers came to the scene as Phantom was protecting T.J. from Piranhatron.
-   After the Rangers had destroyed the rocket and the freeze key in mid-flight with the Turbine Laser, T.J., Cassie, and Ashley were sparring in the Youth Center, but Clockster would end up reversing time to just before the Rangers had rushed in on Elgar's launch attempt, undoing all events after this point.
-   When Justin and Carlos, in the Power Chamber some time after Divatox had had the freeze key taken away, observed that the planet's temperature was dropping, the others, morphed, were driving around in their Turbozords looking for the energy readings of cold objects.
-   All of the Rangers were eventually frozen in time, along with the rest of the Earth, but Phantom Ranger, immune to the time freeze, teleported Carlos and Justin back to the Power Chamber and then deactivated the time freeze by making the freeze key vanish.
-   After time resumed, the three frozen Rangers in the Turbozords were apparently aware of the time freeze, as T.J. exclaimed, "Hey, all right!" and Cassie noted they were back.
-   In the Juice Bar, T.J., Cassie, and Ashley wanted the freeze key destroyed, but Carlos wasn't worried, as Justin had rewired it into a snowman freeze machine for the Juice Bar that was the fastest freezer Lt. Stone had seen.
-   The teens, eating popsicles, were all amused when Bulk and Skull accidentally sucked off Lt. Stone's shirt with the vacuum cleaner they were trying to sell; the teens were all apparently familiar with Bulk and Skull.

-   Cassie and T.J. were hiking in the mountains, following Cassie's idea since it was such a beautiful day.
-   Being ambushed by a rockslide caused by Elgar and Piranhatrons, Cassie and T.J. summoned the space cars and drove Storm Blaster up to the villains' location to fight them without morphing.
-   In the Juice Bar, Ashley gave Justin and Carlos tickets for the Angel Grove Monster Tour, which took people all around town to where Rangers had fought monsters; although T.J. and Cassie were at the table with them, only Carlos, Ashley, and Justin went on the tour.
-   Carlos wasn't enthusiatic at the monster tour, but Ashley and Justin were.
-   The next morning or day, Alpha told T.J. and Carlos about having tracked the subcraft leaving the Earth.
-   When General Havoc beamed a transmission to the Power Chamber telling the Rangers to meet him at the Angel Grove Pier to discuss their terms of surrender, or else he would destroy the Earth, T.J. had the others meet them at the pier to avoid taking any chances.
-   At sunset after Havoc had stolen the Turbo Megazord with Metallasaurus, the teens sat around a tree in the park, depressed about their defeat.
-   Phantom Ranger appeared to tell the teens not to despair, mentioning one last hope, but then walked away, saying they must wait and that all would be revealed in time.

-   The next day, the teens were in the Power Chamber wondering about Phantom's cryptic message as Alpha scanned the city.
-   When Alpha apparently picked up Metallasaurus's presence in Angel Grove, the teens morphed and tried to confront the evil Zord with the space cars, fighting with whatever they had.

-   Because of their recent Ranger activities, the teens (or at least Cassie, Ashley, and T.J.) hadn't had time to study for an upcoming major test Miss Appleby was giving, and they were eventually forced to take the test while quite unprepared.
-   In the Juice Bar, Bulk and Skull tried to convince T.J., Carlos, and Ashley to wear Turbo Ranger costumes for their monster tour, but the teens were too busy studying for their upcoming test.
-   The teens went to the Power Chamber to check on Cassie when she hadn't shown up at the Juice Bar to study with them as planned; she'd actually gone to the park with the intention of meeting the Phantom Ranger but had actually been ambushed by General Havoc.
-   Sending a transmission to the Power Chamber, Havoc conversed with the unmorphed teens, showing them Cassie lying unconscious on a table in the Cirrus Dimension with him, saying a pinch of Narvanian dust would turn Cassie (always calling her Pink Ranger) to stone forever.
-   Havoc told the teens to exchange Phantom Ranger for Cassie, replying to their protest that they didn't know where Phantom was (or even if he was still on Earth) by saying he was sure the Phantom was hearing the transmission, wherever he was.
-   To teleport to the Cirrus Dimension, the teens morphed while Alpha was trying to tell them something cautionary.
-   Later, after Cassie had been saved and Metallasaurus destroyed, Ashley, T.J., and Cassie walked through the park after having taken their tough test and being unsure of most of the answers; meanwhile, Alpha was still searching for the Phantom, and he kept the teens up-to-date on his progress (or lack thereof).

-   A different day, Carlos, Ashley, and Justin were in the Power Chamber trying to locate Divatox's Space Base.
-   Meanwhile, T.J. and Cassie, with Cassie holding a Turbo Navigator and both holding large flashlights, stood beside a parking lot by the woods, saying they were directly above Phantom's access tunnel, and they had Alpha teleport them down into the tunnel.
-   When the Rescue Megazord dodged the evil Turbo Megazord's chest ray, the ray struck a building, destroying it.
-   After his life was restored, Phantom told the teens that he felt certain the Earth was in good hands with them as its protectors.

-   The teens tested robot versions of themselves that had been built on Eltar by Zordon and Alpha Five; for a control subject, they made it so that robot Justin didn't know he was a robot, in order for the teens to study how real the robots were.
-   The robot teens acted exactly like their teen counterparts, with the same emotions, consciousness, and general brain functions.
-   The robot teens secretly took the teens' places for at least two days.
-   A different day after the teens had explained everything to robot Justin, the real T.J. and Justin were in the Power Chamber for the robots' departure to Eltar.

-   At a fountain in the park, the teens tossed coins into the fountain and made wishes.
-   When the Rescue Megazord aimed the artillery cannons at giant Wicked Wisher, he told them to hold on and that maybe he'd been a bit hasty, but the Rangers fired anyway, destroying him.
-   After learning of Divatox's search for her lost wishing coin, the teens split up with Turbo Navigators set to search for the coin.

-   T.J. and Cassie now walked for blocks with their Turbo Navigators searching for the coin while the others were in the Power Chamber.
-   After the Rangers had briefly fought Blue Senturion, Carlos and Justin searched as far as the Youth Center with their Turbo Navigators and found nothing.

-   Morphed T.J. flew Lightning Cruiser as a test of new booster fuel formulas designed by Alpha; meanwhile, Carlos and Justin monitored the tests from the Power Chamber, and unmorphed Cassie and Ashley were in the woods with the various fuel formulas at a table.

-   In the Juice Bar, T.J. and the other teens gave Ashley a "lucky wrench" as a present for her bravery to take auto shop.
-   After hearing that Elgar had demolished Ashley's car by stealing parts from it, the teens told her they'd help her get the car back in shape.
-   Two or more days later, Ashley drove Carlos and Justin in her repaired car, explaining to them technical details about Storm Blaster's engine, which she'd repaired in the battle with Maniac Mechanic.

-   After T.J. had gone jogging early one morning and encountered Erutan and Lord Litter, the other teens, dressed and perfectly groomed, arrived to help after the boy and monster had already left.
-   Later that day, the teens attended school.
-   The next morning when T.J. was attacked on his early morning jog, Alpha had the other Rangers come to his aid.

-   The teens attended "Cassie with Crash and the Creeps"' first performance in the Youth Center.
-   When the teens congratulated Cassie on having a hit, T.J. hugged her.
-   Carlos and Justin, taking microphones outside to help out, went outside and found Piranhatron loading the equipment into a white van with a "Creeps" license plate.
-   During the fight with the Piranhatron, Carlos sang "Confusion," making Justin and even the Piranhatron tap their feet, and some dance, along with it.
-   Another day, T.J., sitting with Justin, got scolded by a teacher for singing "Confusion" to himself in the resource center.
-   "Confusion" was driving the teens crazy, but Cassie just thought it was a big hit.
-   Another day after Crash and apparently the other Creeps had been destroyed by the Rangers, no one could remember how "Confusion" went.

-   When Carlos was feeling guilty about seeming to have injured Owen's ankle at soccer practice, Divatox sent down three Piranhatron disguised as Owen and two fellow players, but the other four Rangers soon arrived to warn Carlos that they were fakes sent by Divatox.

-   Cassie played with her golden lab Jetson at the lake while the other teens were on a picnic with her.
-   When she told the teens in the Juice Bar about Jetson's disappearance, Cassie left out the parts about Mr. Goorific, as she didn't want Lt. Stone, nearby, to hear that she'd been attacked by the monster.
-   The teens got up to help, and T.J. told Bulk and Skull to come along after they'd mentioned their experience as detectives.
-   When Terrorzord arrived while the Rangers were fighting Goo, the Rangers appeared to forget about Goo as they summoned the Rescuezords to fight Terrorzord.
-   As the Rescue Megazord fought giant Goo and Robo Racer fought Terrorzord, the Megazord grabbed Goo's goo tube and squirted it at Terrorzord, transforming it into a camel.

-   When T.J. and Carlos arrived on the scene to help the others, they found morphed Justin, Cassie, and Ashley defending Storm Blaster from Rygog and Piranhatrons.
-   Later, T.J. came into the Juice Bar reading a Batting Techniques book to tell Carlos, Ashley, and Justin he couldn't make it to the movies because he was spending some time in the batting cages.
-   When Strikeout confronted the Rangers, Justin failed to hit the monster's pitch with his Turbo Blade; Carlos wanted a chance at bat next, but T.J. wouldn't let him, yet all four remaining Rangers then attempted to bat the pitch simultaneously.

-   After school, T.J. and Cassie met Justin in the resource center, where Justin was researching vampires while Carlos watched from a table nearby; the three teens then left to walk to the Youth Center, leaving Carlos in the resource center, where Ashley soon arrived.
?   T.J., Cassie, and Justin didn't morph when confronted in the park by Piranhatrons and Count Nocturn.
-   After Justin realized that Count Nocturn could have bitten Carlos and that Carlos was with Ashley, the three teens ran back to Angel Grove High and arrived just as Carlos was preparing to bite Ashley's neck.
-   After flying away as a bat, Carlos went to the blood drive, but when Bulk and Skull spotted him, he slipped out the southeast exit, where T.J. and Ashley grabbed him, teleported him to the Power Chamber, and restrained him on the medical table to receive an antidote.
-   While Carlos received treatment in the Power Chamber, Cassie and Justin were again attacked in the park by Count Nocturn.

-   Cassie and Carlos followed Justin to his track tryouts to witness his demonstration of the super strength he'd gained.
-   After Carlos had gone with Justin to the Power Chamber, he met up with the other teens at a table in the Juice Bar while Justin showed off his strength in an armwrestling match nearby and then left with fellow members of the track team; meanwhile, Alpha was checking the scan of Justin for any possible side-effects.

-   While T.J., Cassie, and Ashley were in the park with Bobby after school, morphed Carlos and Justin were fighting Elgar and Rygog in a lumber yard and needed help.
-   When Sharkzord attacked the next day, T.J. and Carlos were already in the Power Chamber when Ashley teleported in near the gallery wall, and Cassie and Justin then ran in from the western doors.

-   T.J. and Cassie were in the Juice Bar together.
-   On a stakeout with Bulk and Skull, T.J. had Ashley and Carlos meet him downtown, where Alpha had told him Piranhatrons had been detected.
-   Another day, Ashley and Cassie dressed Skull up as a woman, and the guys and Lt. Stone prepared packages in the Juice Bar for a major stakeout.
-   Skull, as an old lady, clipped the hedges of a front lawn while T.J. watched from the bushes; nearby in Ashley's car were the other teens, with whom T.J. communicated with his communicator, but their presence on the stakeout was kept secret from Bulk and Skull for some reason.
-   The four teens rushed out and stopped the Piranhatron from pursuing T.J., Bulk, and Skull, fighting the creatures in the middle of the street.
-   In the Power Chamber, the teens analyzed the items that had been stolen by Piranhatron, and the computer indicated that Divatox was building a remote control system for her Zords.

-   In the Juice Bar, the teens watched live news coverage of the landing of a NASADA shuttle.
-   In an urgent message from Eltar, Zordon told the teens that it was good to see them but that he wished it were under better circumstances.
-   In the hopeless fight against Goldgoyle, T.J. said the Rescue Megazord was too badly damaged and that Goldgoyle wouldn't wait for them to repair it; they had to stop him there and then, so he planned for them to move in close and self-destruct the Megazord; the others supported the plan.
-   After returning to the Power Chamber following Goldgoyle's destruction and hearing that Eltar had fallen to evil forces, T.J. urgently asked about Zordon, and Carlos said they had to go help him; after Dimitria told them they had to stay to protect the Earth from Divatox, Cassie asked who would go to help Zordon if they didn't.
-   Learning that Divatox's army of Piranhatron was closing in on the Power Chamber after Dimitria and Blue Senturion had left for Eltar, T.J. had the Rangers go outside to try to stop the invasion, despite Alpha's warnings.

-   Overwhelmed by the army of Piranhatron, the Rangers retreated into the Power Chamber and sealed the outer doors before the Piranhatron could get inside.
-   T.J. wouldn't let Alpha teleport the Rangers to safety as the Piranhatron were about to break in.
-   After the Power Chamber had been destroyed by a massive explosion, T.J. was shown helmetless, battered, and dirty with a thin ripped power suit, exposing his flesh underneath; he was hiding in the rubble from the Piranhatron, as were the others, listening as a messenger from Dark Specter had Divatox leave immediately for the Cimmerian planet, as Zordon had been captured.
-   As the helmetless Rangers stood together in the rubble of the recently-demolished Power Chamber, their torn and dirty suits vanished with bright light, leaving the teens unmorphed and dirty, with their clothes having slices in the same places as the power suits had been damaged; Cassie observed that their powers were gone.
-   Carlos said they had to go to the Cimmerian planet, and when Cassie replied that they'd promised Dimitria to stay and protect the Earth, Carlos pointed out that Divatox was gone now, leaving the Earth safe; if the teens knew about Rita and Zedd and the Machine Empire at the time, they didn't consider the villains a threat to the planet.
-   Ashley warned that they'd be sitting ducks when Divatox returned, so T.J. decided they had to stop Divatox before she returned; without the Power Chamber and their powers, they needed a way to go after Divatox, and Justin apparently thought of NASADA.
-   While the other teens and Alpha hid in the bushes nearby, Justin sneaked past security guards into NASADA after they wouldn't let him in to speak to the commander.
?   Soon afterward, Norquist told Justin that the shuttle was set to take the Rangers to Eltar, as Justin had requested, but the teens had earlier intended to go to the Cimmerian planet.
-   Speaking in third-person (prompted by T.J.'s use of the third person) after the four teens and Alpha had entered the shuttle, Justin told the teens from mission control that the missing person couldn't go with them; Cassie realized Justin wanted to stay with his dad.
?   The teens, with Alpha, launched without any supplies with them, still wearing their tattered clothes.

-   See the "Teens, group 9" page for the continued exploits of the four Earthen teens.

-   Among the pictures inserted in Cassie's diary was a group photo of T.J. (in red), Carlos (in black or green), and a girl (probably Ashley) with them; Justin was not shown.

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