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?   Just before the teens were teleported to the Command Center for the first time, Kim said, "Oh my gosh, what's happening??", Trini said "This is too weird," and Jason said, "Hold on!", all before the teens had begun to teleport.
?   The teens teleported in their future Ranger colors before they'd been given their powers.
-   At times when the teens teleported between Angel Grove and the Command Center, the teleportation streaks would be shown flying over a considerable amount of mountainous terrain, with everything but the teleportation streaks tinted red.
-   The teens' teleportation streaks flew into the Command Center exterior through the main tube structure, then materialized inside with the help of energy from the two neon columns near the Viewing Globe.
-   The teens fell to the floor upon materializing in the Command Center.

-   The communicators Billy had designed accidentally tapped into the Command Center's teleportation unit.
-   The teens materialized in a large heap in the Command Center; from this point on, the teens' materializing was never again aided by energy from the neon columns as in 101-DOTD.
-   Upon materializing after Alpha had teleported them to the edge of town, the teens landed on the ground as if they'd dropped from a height of a few inches.
-   The teens could apparently morph and teleport simultaneously.

?   When Jason and Billy teleported into the Command Center, they didn't seem to have been using their communicators to teleport.
-   When the Rangers teleported from the Megazord cockpit, they did so with Ranger-colored cloud effects; near the end of the teleport shot, the teleporting Rangers were holding their Morphers in their right hands.
?   Although Zack's cloud-effect teleport from the Megazord had been purple, his standard black teleport streak flew into the Command Center.
-   The Rangers' teleportation streaks flew into the Command Center through the main tube, and the Rangers didn't experience a jolt upon materializing inside.

-   From this point on, when the teens used their communicators to teleport, they would touch their communicator buttons.
-   When Zack, Kim, Billy, and Trini used their communicators to teleport, they introduced the new teleport sound which would be used from this point on unless otherwise stated.

-   Before the teens teleported from the Youth Center locker hall to the Command Center, Jason spent a few seconds causing his communicator to make brief blip sounds, as if he were programming in their destination.
-   The original, lighter teleport sound was used this time as the teens teleported from the Youth Center.
-   Yellow Ranger pulled the spicy food for Pudgy Pig out from behind her back; Rangers would often summon items in this manner, whether having held the item before morphing, having the item teleported to them, or otherwise.
-   Alpha teleported food trays to the teens, seemingly by force of will, with white energy and the original, softer teleport sound.

-   The teens' teleportation had the original, softer teleport sound.

-   While sitting at the Juice Bar, Jason discovered that teleportation was down, possibly by attempting to teleport from that location.

-   The Green Ranger's teleportation originally used a green cloud teleport effect.
-   Green Ranger teleported with his cloud effect by touching his Morpher.
-   Although the communicators' teleportation ability had been offline, the Rangers were still able to teleport as they morphed.

-   Tommy teleported Jason from behind Jason's back with a green cloud beam from the green Power Coin; Jason teleported to the Dark Dimension with a combined green cloud effect and thin white streaks.

-   Green Ranger appeared on a building in downtown Angel Grove with a flash of green light.

-   Green Ranger appeared in the park from a green energy whirlwind.

-   The map to the special weapons appeared in Jason's and Tommy's hands with white energy.

-   The Rangers teleported from the Island of Illusion as thin beams of Ranger-colored light.
-   The Rangers teleported into their fallen Zords as a single streak of mutlicolored sparkles; the toxic foam sprayed on the Zords by giant Mutitis (in demon form) then vanished with multicolored energy.
-   The six Rangers faded into view inside the Megazord cockpit.

-   Samurai Fan Man summoned a large fan which blew the Rangers away, and they would've gone to a distant dimension, had Alpha not reversed their teleportation direction on Zordon's command; upon materializing in the Command Center, the Rangers were in odd positions, with Billy on his head.

-   The Rangers teleported over the city as Ranger-colored lines of energy.

-   Goldar stabbed his sword into the ground, teleporting the Putties and Tommy to the Dark Dimension with yellow energy squiggles, followed by yellow shimmers for the Putties and a green shimmer for Tommy.
-   Tommy eventually got Goldar's sword and then stabbed it into the ground, teleporting both himself and Goldar, who was touching the sword, back to the pond in flame and green clouds, inside yellow squiggles.
-   Alpha used a handheld scanner to scan Tommy for internal damage due to crossing dimensions (from Earth to the Dark Dimension and back).

-   Once the Megazord had formed after Jason had been shown in the Tyrannosaurus cockpit, the five Rangers teleported into the Megazord cockpit with Ranger-colored cloud effects, holding their Morphers in their right hands as they materialized.
-   The Rangers were holding their belts as they teleported into the Command Center.

-   To take the Zords back into battle at half power, the Rangers appeared in the Megazord cockpit with a Ranger-colored cloud effect, holding their Morphers as they materialized, after the Zords had assembled themselves into the Megazord.
-   After the Rangers had ejected from their vanishing Zords upon being defeated by Lokar, Cyclopsis, and Rita, the teens, now unmorphed, materialized in the park in a large fire cloud.

-   Their self-confidence drained, the teens had two teleport flickers before actually teleporting to destroy the Crystal of Nightmares.

-   The sound of the teens teleporting into the Command Center was a delayed sputter.

-   The Rangers teleported by placing their hands on their Morphers; this method of teleportation would be used by the Rangers again in 153-FwlP.
-   The Rangers' teleport sound was simultaneously the normal sound and the original, lighter sound.

-   Under Rita's control as a result of Dramole's gas, Billy teleported to the Command Center in a flash of yellow light.
-   The four Rangers teleported straight into the Dark Dimension with no apparent assistance after Billy had taken the Dragon Dagger there.

-   When Alpha teleported Tommy into the Command Center, his teleport energy was still green. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")

-   Goldar's magic rope prevented Jason, Kim, and Zack, trapped in its forcefield, from teleporting.
-   The blue device Alpha had designed teleported to Billy in blue energy.

-   After locating Kelly, Alpha transmitted the Rangers the coordinates, and they then teleported to the cave, with their hands on their Morphers upon materializing.

-   For Trini, Kim, and Billy to help Jason and Zack fight Putties, Alpha teleported the three teens to a spot near Roger, Jason, and Zack, but hidden from view.

-   The Rangers were unable to teleport out of Rhinoblaster's dimension.

-   Red Ranger called Zordon to have him teleport the six Rangers back to the Command Center to flee from the Mutant Rangers; before they were teleported, they performed the same arm gestures as they would use to teleport in 204-WBeR. (Source: Arm gesture entry submitted by "Josh G.")

-   The Rangers placed their hands on their Morphers (or belt buckle, in White Ranger's case) to teleport; they would do this again quite frequently.
-   The Rangers could put on or remove their helmets in mid-teleport.

-   The six Rangers teleported to the Command Center by crossing their arms.
?   Though the Rangers all teleported from the Command Center together, Billy, Jason, and Trini ended up in a different area of the harbor from the others and didn't know where the others had gone; Kim, Zack, and Tommy were actually on the other side of Primator, so perhaps they had been attempting to surround the monster.

-   Tommy defeated some of the Putties sent to capture him, but then a group simply appeared around him, grabbed him, and teleported with him, with Tommy's teleport being a fire cloud.
-   The holder of the Sword of Power would teleport as a small sphere of light.
-   Morphed Jason knocked the Sword of Power from Robogoat's hand, and Zordon teleported it back to the Command Center, replacing it with the crooked stick which Robogoat had previously disguised as the Sword of Power to trick Tommy.

-   When Green Ranger was immensely weakened from Zedd's power drain, morphed Billy told Tommy he was no good to them this way and forced Green Ranger to teleport back to the Command Center by touching the Morpher and/or Power Coin on Green Ranger's belt.

-   While leaning weakly against a tree after the battle of the Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord against giant Turbanshell, Green Ranger was teleported with white energy bolts into a field in the Otherworld, where Turbanshell was waiting.
-   Zedd soon simultaneously demorphed the other five Rangers and teleported them into a forcefield in the Otherworld.

-   When the powerless Tommy returned to the Otherworld to destroy the Green Crystal, Alpha telepoerted him there and probably teleported him back as well.

-   Goldar teleported the four Rangers to the Dimension of Doom with flame energy from his sword.
-   Red Ranger was able to teleport into the Dimension of Doom after destroying Pipebrain.
-   The five Rangers left the Dimension of Doom by leaping through an invisible portal which rippled as each Ranger leapt through.

-   Tommy had been swimming in a lake in orange trunks, and as he dried off, he flashed with, among other colors, green and white; he reacted with apparent pain and surprise, then teleported away as a ball of white light; immediately afterward, Zedd said that everything was going according to plan but then only mentioned Nimrod being ready soon; Tommy would later be revealed to be the White Ranger.

-   While the unmorphed Billy, Tommy, Zack, and Jason held up Rita's space dumpster, Alpha used an energy beam from the Command Center to beam the canister into space with gold energy, formed from tiny amounts of Ranger-colored energy from the four teens.

-   Morphed Zack referred to teleporting as "morphing out."

-   Goldar teleported Tommy with fiery energy from his sword into the haunted forest dimension.
-   Without trying his communicator, Tommy attempted to morph to escape the haunted forest dimension; the tombstone monster, however, took his Morpher before he was able to do so.
-   Morphed Kim and Billy, and later Jason, Trini, and Zack as well, appeared to be able to simply teleport into the haunted forest dimension unassisted.
-   Alpha transmitted to Jason the coordinates of the haunted forest dimension so that he, Trini, and Zack could teleport there as soon as Alpha had arrived to watch the kids they were chaperoning.
?   The Rangers seemed to be out of the haunted forest dimension once Pumpkin Rapper had grown.

-   When Zedd jammed the Command Center's scanner frequency, they were unable to find coordinates for Terror Blossom's location, and thus the Rangers' standard method of teleporting wouldn't be possible, so they used the new transport mode of "jetting"; Alpha would soon restore the scanners.
-   While morphed Jason, Trini, and Zack were frozen by Terror Blossom, Alpha wasn't able to teleport them to the Command Center without the other three Rangers being next to them.

-   Morphed Trini teleported both herself and Mr. Anderson together in a large yellow teleport field.

-   When teleported before becoming Rangers, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha would teleport with white energy; this occured in this episode, 227-PTr1, and 228-PTr2.

-   After filling in Jason, Trini, and Zack on the situation involving the captured World Teen Summit members, he transmitted to them the coordinates of the entrance to the Cave of Despair so that they could teleport there upon morphing.

-   The map and ring, crucial to finding the Sword of Light, appeared in Tommy's hand in white energy as Zordon spoke of the items.
-   As the Rangers were teleporting to the Deserted Planet in the "Farthest Galaxy," they were shown flying through space with their arms outstretched like jetting, but their legs were replaced with energy streaks.
?   Goldar's "sources" confirmed that the Rangers had left Earth and were apparently heading toward the "Farthest Galaxy" at lightspeed, but at that velocity, it would have taken the Rangers approximately eighty thousand years to reach the nearest known galaxy, the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy, let alone the supposed "Farthest Galaxy." (Source: Nearest galaxy information from NASA website)
-   The Rangers materialized on the Deserted Planet outside of the Deserted City, where the Sword of Light was hidden; they had to walk into the city on foot for some reason.
-   Before teleporting Rocky, Adam, and Aisha to the Command Center to save them from the sleep cloud, Alpha said the sleep cloud was causing interference, but he locked on to them anyway.

-   Just as everything around the Rangers grew red and began to explode from Serpentera's destruction of the Deserted City, morphed Jason shouted into his communicator for Alpha to teleport them off the Deserted Planet back to Earth.
-   Trying to teleport the Rangers from amidst the wave of destruction, Alpha was initially only able to bring back the Yellow and Black Rangers, who appeared weakened; Zordon told Alpha to try isolating the Rangers' wavelengths, after which Pink and Red Rangers materialized, followed by Blue Ranger; Billy then recalibrated the teleporter, amplifying wavelengths in the process (at which point Alpha warned him he was overloading the system), finally causing White Ranger to materialize holding the Sword of Light.
-   After Tommy had told Jason, Trini, and Zack, "Power up!" following the power transfer, the three, still wearing their Ranger suits, simultaneously replied with the same phrase and then teleported away as shining spheres of Ranger-colored energy.

?   When the five teens appeared in the Command Center after supposedly being at the basketball court together, they were scattered in various locations around the Command Center, not in a group.

-   In the group teleport in which the amnesic Tommy, Kim, and Billy most likely didn't have a part, the three amnesic teens teleported with their proper colors, as normal, to the Command Center.
-   For Rocky, Adam, and Aisha to teleport out of the Command Center with the three amnesic teens, the six teens stood together; the three non-amnesic teens touched their communicators, and when Rocky said, "Now," all six teleported.
?   When the teens had left the Command Center, Billy wasn't touching his communicator, but when he and Adam appeared in his garage, he was.
-   Adam told Billy to stay close, then while they stood near each other, Adam's touching of his communicator teleported them both.

-   For Billy, Aisha, and Adam to teleport while Adam was holding the Bookala's ship with both hands, Billy announced, "Teleport, now!" after which he and Aisha touched their communicators, and Adam, not touching his, teleported along with the other two.
-   The Bookala was teleported to the Command Center in pale pink energy.

-   Yellow energy from Goldar's sword teleported Kim and Shawna to the Cave of Despair.
?   After Bulk and Skull had earlier mentioned hearing about the Rangers' new power of jetting, the Rangers traveled by jetting, but there was no need for the jetting rather than teleporting: Tommy was heading to the Cave of Despair to rescue Kim and Shawna, while the other four were traveling to fight the Jaws of Destruction.
-   Shawna was teleported home by Alpha in white energy.

-   Alpha teleported with white energy.
-   Back in the Command Center, Alpha transmitted to the Rangers the coordinates of the Rock of Time to enable to teleport there.
?   The six Rangers teleported away from their current location, then were shown jetting before materializing at the base of the Rock of Time's mountainous hill with their normal teleportation materialization effects; upon landing, Tommy knew that the Rock of Time was at the top, and as they neared it, he said they were almost to the location Alpha had given them.

-   Before the Rangers simultaneously morphed and teleported as was a standard practice, Tommy described it as "morphing on the way."
-   To retreat from the Spectre Theater, a power vortex, the Rangers touched their belts to teleport, and buckles crackled briefly with Ranger-colored teleport energy, but nothing happened.

-   Evil Alpha teleported Bulk and Skull into the Outback with white energy.
-   When the Rangers reappeared in the Spectre Theater after having been ejected from their defeated Zords and then teleported by evil Alpha back to the theater, Billy said it felt as though they had been teleported.

-   When the teens teleported back to Australia after their adventure, a very wide shot of the area showed that the teens' incoming teleportation streaks would have been quite visible from a distance.

-   Tommy's clone, as the Green Ranger, teleported into the Command Center with the green cloud effect.

-   As Zordon spoke of roses, symbolic of love and friendship, being the cure to the powerful competition spell over Tommy and Kim, a bouquet of roses appeared on the console with red energy.

-   Trapped in a storybook dimension with Rocky and Kim, Tommy turned down Rocky's suggestion of trying to morph after they'd learned the communicators wouldn't work, saying that morphing would do them no good, since they would still be stuck there.

-   A particular frequency was needed for the three teens to teleport out of the storybook, but Zordon was unable to locate this frequency.

-   When the six teens attempted to teleport from the locker hall of the Youth Center, all of them but Kim succeeded; after failing to teleport, Kim was confused, and eventually a multicolored energy tunnel, a time hole, opened up in the lockers behind her and sucked her in; Alpha would soon explain to the others that Kim's "teleport signal" had been accidentally sucked into a time hole.

-   Billy figured out a way to bring Kim back, a plan which required the use of three communicators; he adapted the blue, yellow, and black communicators in conjunction with a device, to advance and accelerate the teleporting mechanism to create a time hole; the one-time attempt was successful in bringing Kimberly home.

-   To travel to Edenoi, the Rangers teleported first from the Command Center to a field somewhere, then Alpha entered the coordinates in the computer and initiated the teleportation sequence.

-   Alpha used some sort of rod with a clear orb on top to tap the residual power of the Command Center to teleport the teens to the Desert of Despair.
-   The teens stood in a circle around Alpha, arms up and fingertips touching, for him to teleport them; as Alpha held his hand against the orb, a Ranger-colored energy bolt shot into each teen's chest and made him or her teleport with his or her normal teleportation effect.
-   In the Desert of Despair, the teens' energy streaks converged from spread-out points in the sky to their destination spot in the desert.

-   After Kim had answered Alpha's call, she then, without making any change to the way she was pressing her fingers against the communicator, teleported.

-   To teleport, Red Ranger touched his wrist and then held his right arm up.

-   With white energy, Alpha teleported Bulk, Skull, Alan, and Joe Haley back to the football field from the mountains outside Angel Grove, where Red Ranger and Ninjor were fighting Centiback.

-   Carrying the zombified Yellow and Black Rangers, the other four Rangers touched their Morphers and then held their hands up, and all six Rangers then teleported together.

-   After the five teens, under a hate spell, had tossed down their communicators in the Command Center, Billy pressed a single button on the control panel, teleporting the five teens away but leaving Aisha in the Command Center.

-   Alpha said it would take a minimal amount of power to teleport Aisha out of the Command Center.
-   Once a hookup was established between Alpha and the Command Center computer, Alpha didn't have enough power to get Aisha all the way to the Juice Bar, but he did have the power to teleport her to the park.

-   Rita and Zedd were generating a powerful shield, through which the captured Tommy couldn't be teleported without more power than was available.
-   Thanks to Billy and Adam's device, the sensors established Tommy's coordinates, but Zordon warned that without enough power, Tommy and his companion could be lost forever in the Morphing Grid.
-   Just as Billy was starting the teleportation attempt, Aisha had the teens stand in a circle holding hands, and Ranger-colored energy crackled between their hands; White Ranger was soon teleported into the Command Center, materializing unmorphed.

-   Possessing the pink Power Coin, Kat teleported into the Falconzord cockpit behind White Ranger and sent a pink energy bolt from her index finger into morphed Tommy, knocking him out with pink energy claw marks running all over his body, then used the same pink energy bolt to teleport him out with a pink clawed teleport, sending him falling to the ground.

-   Kim had Alpha teleport her into action after ninja-morphing, so that she could conserve energy.
-   Zedd had the teens teleport him into the Command Center to issue his demands in person; Alpha teleported Zedd and his throne into the Command Center, after quite a bit of suspenseful shaking and a bright flash of light and smoke.

-   Once Tommy had rescued Kim from Zedd's dimension, Zordon simultaneously teleported Kim to the Command Center in pink energy and the PortalCom devices with white energy.

-   The Rangers teleported from the Command Center as their Shark Cycles teleported with them; they were then shown speeding down the road on the cycles.

-   After Kat, now good, had obtained the pink Power Coin from the moon palace's dungeon and allowed the Command Center to get a fix on the coin, Billy realigned the teleportation system and teleported both Kat and the coin to the Command Center in pink sparkles; he then couldn't believe it had worked.
-   Another day when Kim chose Kat to be the new Pink Ranger, Alpha teleported Kat to the Command Center in white energy.

?   In this episode, seemingly before Kim had given her powers to Kat (see "When" section), the teleportation sound was different.
-   Alpha teleported the tied-up Goldar, Rito, and Tengas back to the moon in white energy.

-   When Billy and Kat, both morphed, teleported into the Command Center, their helmets, now off, simultaneously teleported onto the edge of one of the consoles.

-   Master Vile's arrival on the moon temporarily disabled the Command Center's power, but teleportation still worked.

-   As he and morphed Kat prepared to teleport out of the chamber of command with the Zeo Crystal, morphed Tommy placed his hand on the Falconzord's cage and had it teleport out in white energy with them.

-   Although the Rangers were still somewhat weak from Globbor's energy drain, Billy said they had enough energy for a long-range group teleportation to the M51 planet to which the Zords had been sent.
-   Zordon told the Rangers to use their Power Coins to activate the Zeo Crystal to free it from Master Vile's control, but that if they drained their powers too much, they wouldn't have enough energy to return home.
-   The Rangers' teleportation to the M51 galaxy seemed quite quick.
-   On the M51 planet after the Rangers had regained control of the Zords and Zeo Crystal, the Ninja Megazord, Falconzord, and Shogun Megazord's eyes glowed red again (as though to blast the Earth another time), but this time they teleported back to Earth in the same green energy with which Master Vile had originally teleported them to the planet.

?   When morphed Kat and Aisha needed help against Dischordia, Zordon had Alpha contact the others and teleport them there, rather than having them teleport themselves to the location.

-   The six Rangers teleported near the placement location for the Orb of Doom even though Billy had been the only one of them to look at the printout displaying the location's coordinates.

?   In the past (see "Orb of Doom"), the six kids' powers supposedly didn't exist anymore, as they were before the time when Zordon had given them powers, but they continued to teleport with their old Ranger colors.

-   The Aquitian Rangers teleportation effects took the form of giant (man-sized) Ranger-colored water molecules.
-   As the Aquitian Rangers teleported by the moon palace, their passing by shook the palace, and Master Vile noted that it had been something inherently good and pure.
-   Alpha and young Billy locked on to the other kids' signal and teleported them from an unknown location to the Command Center.

-   Alpha teleported the Aquitians to Angel Grove, but they retained their Aquitian teleport effects.
?   The colors of the aforementioned teleportation were all mixed up as the Aquitians left the Command Center. (Source: Submitted by "Josh G.")
-   The kids and Billy still had their old teleport colors even after the Power Coins were destroyed.
-   The kids and Billy were unable to teleport themselves with their communicators.

-   The Aquitian Rangers appeared to teleport from Aquitar to Earth in a matter of seconds.
-   The dehydrated Aquitian Rangers had Zordon teleport them back to Aquitar.
-   Billy had Alpha teleport himself, the kids, and young Bulk back to the water park, and Alpha did so without being sure he could muster up enough power.
-   Young Bulk teleported in white energy.

-   When Alpha teleported the morphed, dehydrated, and collapsed Aquitian Rangers to a pool (which had already been dried up), they materialized standing up and unmorphed; they immediately collapsed; Delphine said they had lost all power.

?   Back in the present, the teens (Tanya not included) and Billy were able to use their communicators to teleport with their old Ranger colors, even though the Power Coins had been destroyed in the past in 336-CEvF.
?   When Alpha teleported the six teens out of the Command Center as it was exploding, they teleported with their old Ranger colors, with Tanya's color being yellow even though she was never the Yellow Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger.

-   To enter their Zords, the Rangers would leap into the air and, mid-leap, turn into thin streaks of Ranger-colored energy which flew into the Zords.

-   Billy appeared to teleport himself with his communicator, but Tommy, standing beside him, was teleporting at the same time.
-   Billy's teleportation color would remain white throughout all of his further appearances.
-   To materialize near the other teens after teleporting from the Power Chamber, Tommy glided out of the air with a red teleportation streak, materializing at least a story above the ground and gliding down the rest of the way.
-   Boohoo's energy blast (perhaps inadvertantly) sent Joey's stroller falling off its high ledge, but mid-fall, as morphed Tommy was diving down to catch the stroller, Billy safely teleported Joey to the Power Chamber.

-   Like the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers had been able to teleport by placing one or both hands on their Morphers on their belts, the Zeo Rangers could teleport by placing one or both hands on their belt buckles.

-   Billy was able to use his communicator to teleport alone back to the Power Chamber.

-   Being teleported from the Power Chamber to Angel Grove Lake with Billy, Cestro still had his Aquitian water molecule teleportation effect, even though Aquitar's teleportation systems had been disabled.
-   Billy had Alpha teleport him and Cestro back to the Power Chamber.
?   Right after the Rangers had still been using their Zeo Power Weapons, the Zeo Blaster was in its "teleportation case," the same thin case which had contained the weapon parts from Aquitar, and Alpha teleported the entire case in purple energy sparkles; Tommy was then shown holding the Zeo Blaster.

-   After being sprayed with pollen from Pollenator, morphed Rocky cried out for Zordon to teleport him back to the Power Chamber rather than doing it himself.

-   After Tommy had used the Defender Wheel to free Adam from the grasp of giant Fortissimodo, Tommy and Adam teleported away from the fallen monster as red and green streaks of light, appearing nearby in the park below.

-   After reconfiguring the Defender Wheel to make it immune to Mean Screen's virus, Alpha teleported it to the Rangers (though its actual teleportation was not shown).

?   Tommy appeared unable to teleport himself both to and from the rocky peak on which the Power Chamber's tractor beam dish was located; he had to have someone activate the controls to teleport him, even though he was touching his communicator as he teleported both times.

-   To teleport into the Red Battlezord, Tommy would perform the same thin-streak teleportation the Rangers used to teleport to the Zeozords.

?   Helmetless Tommy had Alpha teleport him to the reservation so he could look for David.

-   When morphed Tommy teleported while holding onto David, David teleported along with him, but in white energy.

-   Zeo Ranger Three, rather than Zeo Ranger Five, used the Defender Wheel this one time; after the explosion caused by the wheel, morphed Rocky teleported from the explosion a bit more slowly than Tommy would have, in a thin blue streak, and clumsily fell to the ground after appearing in an awkard position in midair.

-   Billy had Alpha teleport him to the Power Chamber.

-   Gold Ranger was able to streak from location to location as a black, gold-edged energy streak (an irregular streak rather than the standard column of energy), able to bounce off enemies, knocking them down in the process.
-   After summoning Pyramidas, Gold Ranger teleported to the giant Zord in the form of a thin gold streak of light identical to the teleportation used by the five Zeo Rangers to teleport to the Zeozords and Red Battlezord.

-   To form the Zeo Ultrazord, the Zeo Megazord beamed toward the Zeo Ultrazord's back with orange energy, then its component Zords were shown sliding into their compartments in the cavity in the Zeo Ultrazord's back; on bottom were Zeozords Two and One, then on the platform above them was Zeozord Four, with Zeozord Three on the platform above that and Zeozord Five suspended above that.
-   As the Zeozords beamed into their compartments in the back of the Zeo Ultrazord, the Red Battlezord beamed toward the Ultrazord with red energy, then was shown lowering onto a platform behind the Ultrazord such that its arms served as the Ultrazord's shoulder cannons.

-   Kat had Alpha teleport Gold Ranger to the Power Chamber, and the unconscious Gold Ranger teleported with his gold-edged black streak teleport.

-   Trey, and the cylinder he was in, teleported from Aquitar for Earth with gold energy.
-   To prevent Trey from smashing into the forcefield Mondo had put around the Power Chamber's exterior, Billy rerouted Trey's teleportation to Angel Cove at the beach.
-   The Treys were teleported from the beach to the Power Chamber in sparkling pink flashes of light.

-   Teleportation was disabled beyond a certain radius around the Power Chamber while the Zeo Crystals were being used to energize the Golden Power Staff.
-   Before becoming the Gold Ranger, Jason's teleportation color was white.
-   After the Golden powers had been given to Jason, Gold Ranger's teleportation streak became a black version of the standard energy column teleportation effect, but with gold, rather than white, energy highlights.

-   Billy teleported Jason's communicator to the Power Chamber with gold energy.
?   Jason's black teleportation effect had white highlights rather than gold this time.
-   Once Jason had discovered its location, Billy teleported the power booster to the Power Chamber with blue energy.

-   Before Louie Kaboom could reach it, Billy teleported Auric's key to the Power Chamber as gold energy.

-   Having been turned into an inanimate gold statue, Jason teleported along with the other three Rangers when they teleported to the Power Chamber.

-   Finster's transporter invention appeared to teleport the four Rangers to the Machine Arena in pieces, with blue energy bolts.

-   The captured teens were unable to teleport from Archerina's dungeon until they adjusted their communicators to an alternate frequency, allowing Zordon to teleport them to the Power Chamber.

-   In the Power Chamber, Cestro's regenerator cannon sparked and malfunctioned as Cestro tried to operate it, and then moments later, a Power Chamber console exploded with sparks, destroying the teleportation unit.
-   Once Pyramidas had transformed to form the Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode, the Red Battlezord teleported onto its position with red energy, then Zeozord Five with red energy, then Zeozords Two and One with yellow and pink energy respectively, then Zeozords Four and Three with green and blue energy respectively.

-   Tommy tried to fix the Power Chamber's broken teleportation unit beneath a panel on the console, but the locator chips still weren't online, preventing Alpha from getting a lock on Billy.
-   Cestro's final touch to repair the broken teleportation system of the Power Chamber was to smash the control panel with his fist, causing it to work.
-   When Cestria and Billy teleported away to Aquitar for Billy to receive more doses from the Eternal Falls, their teleportation effects were pink and black versions of the Aquitian Rangers' teleportation, respectively.
?   Gold Ranger's teleportation energy appeared to be gold rather than black and gold as he arrived to help the Zeo Rangers and Aquitian Rangers.
-   An unknown number of days later, the Power Chamber received a transmission from Billy on Aquitar, but the strength of the transmission had been compromised by the recent overuse of the Aquitians' teleportation systems.

-   The Treys teleported into the Power Chamber with rumbling and bright flashes of light; the energy from which they materialized matched their respective three colors.
-   The Treys teleported into the desert with the teens with white standard teleportation energy.

-   As the four teens teleported from Rocky's hospital room, there were first several intense flashes of light, and then the teens dissolved into tiny particle-like streaks of Ranger-colored energy; this new teleportation effect would be used as the default teleportation effect from this point on unless otherwise stated.
-   The teens used the new teleportation effect several times even before the switch to the Turbo powers.
-   Tommy and Kat's teleportation from the Power Chamber was accompanied by flashes of light.
-   Later, Tommy and Kat's teleportation from Africa was out in the open, so any possible flashes of light weren't seen; the same applied for the teens' and arrival on a beach with Lerigot the next morning.

-   The teleportation effect, unless otherwise noted, now no longer had the bright flashes of light accompanying it; occasionally, however, there were faint flickers of light.

-   Whenever morphed Justin had his helmet off, he would be his normal size, but when he returned to battle, he would be adult size again; this change in size would occur during teleportation.

-   When the fully-morphed Rangers would teleport, each Ranger's teleportation effect would consist of a single moving ball of Ranger-colored light rather than the standard particle effect introduced in 500-TPRM; this ball-of-light teleportation was not used for helmetless Rangers.

?   When the teens teleported from the Power Chamber with minor flashes of light, the flashes had begun before the teens had even reached for their communicators.
?   When Green Ranger teleported in a ball of light from the Turbo Megazord's shoulder into Rob's car below, he rose up from the seat of Rob's car as a ball of light, but he would have been teleporting into the car from above.
-   When Green Ranger teleported from the car, his ball-of-light teleportation was accompanied by his image being broken up into sections as he dematerialized.

-   Morphed Tommy zipped out from a flash of red light in the park, skidding to a stop after several yards of sliding.

-   The morphed Rangers' teleportation effects now had the Rangers appearing from bursts of Ranger-colored light, or in other words, stationary versions of the ball-of-light teleportation.

-   Justin teleported while falling out of a tree; he materialized in the Power Chamber, where he landed with a crash on the floor.

-   The morphed Rangers now began using the standard particle effect for their teleportation rather than balls of light or flashes of light.

-   When they were startled to find the Power Chamber missing from the mountains, Carlos suggested that they might have teleported to the wrong place, but Justin insisted that Rangers could teleport almost anywhere.

-   Immune to the time freeze which had befallen Carlos and Justin, Phantom Ranger touched the Green and Blue Rangers' hands, making them teleport to the Power Chamber as he said, "Teleporting."

-   After tracking down Havoc's location, in the Cirrus Dimension, the Rangers were able to teleport straight into the dimension, and straight out as well.
-   After teleporting from the Cirrus Dimension, unmorphed Cassie teleported into the park at an angle and rolled a bit upon solidifying; the park was Cassie's previous location, as though the communicator had a teleportation memory.
-   Once they'd found a signal for Cassie from the Power Chamber, the teens had Alpha teleport them to her location, not knowing where it was until they arrived.

-   After using a Turbo Navigator to locate a spot directly above Phantom's access tunnel (a spot near a parking lot by the woods somewhere), T.J. and Cassie had Alpha teleport them down into the tunnel.

-   After they'd been demorphed by Voltmeister and robot Justin had learned that all of the others were robots, robot T.J. had Alpha teleport them from the park to the Power Chamber.

-   When T.J. and Ashley ambushed vampire Carlos and teleported him to the Power Chamber with them, Carlos had no teleportation effect.

-   When the Rangers teleported into the Juice Bar to verify Bulk and Skull's story to their boss and two police officers, their arrival was heralded by bright flashes, thunder, and wind; they teleported away afterward with the same effects.

-   Walking through the desert, Elgar, Rygog, and Piranhatrons saw the Rangers streak overhead through the sky on their way to the Power Chamber and followed them over the horizon, finding the Power Chamber over a set of mountains.

-   Upon destroying two Velocifighters pursuing him through space, Andros streaked away on his Galaxy Glider as red energy; as a red streak, he then flew into what would be the standard teleportation port in the front of the Megaship, an area located in the left silver curved portion in the front of the Megaship, closer to the side than the front.

-   After they'd leapt down the Megaship's jump tubes, the five teens were then morphed on their Galaxy Gliders as they flew from the Megaship's standard teleportation port as glowing streaks.
?   Flying to Earth on this occasion, the Rangers were shown flying in a strange warp tunnel which looked digital in appearance, perhaps best described with the term cyber-tunnel.
-   The Rangers were then flying through downtown, approaching the power plant.
?   Finally, at the power plant, the Rangers materialized from teleportation streaks from the sky without their Galaxy Gliders.
-   The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flew to the scene as green energy streaks just in time to deflect one of Electrotramp's energy spheres, then materialized in front of the Rangers.
-   To take the Ninja Turtles to the Megaship, the four Rangers teleported with them in four Ranger-colored teleportation streaks, featuring faint energy clouds near the ground similar to the liftoff of a rocket; the Turtles themselves had no teleportation effects.
-   Later, Mike said there was something he wanted to just once before he left, and the Turtles then flew from the Megaship as green streaks; they were riding the Rangers' Galaxy Gliders.

?   After taking his jump tube down to KO-35, morphed Andros faded into existence and landed with a thud on the ground in a deserted city of KO-35.
-   The next morning, Carlos noticed the red Galaxy Glider was gone and gathered that Andros had left the ship.

?   The teens took the jump tubes and flew their Galaxy Gliders morphed toward Kalderon through the cyber-tunnel, but they were unmorphed as they walked across the planet's surface.

-   The Megaship's teleportation port was shown more closely as Carlos and Cassie teleported to the Megaship, and the area appeared to be in the underside of the blue corner just at the rear of the front side silver portion; the two teens then entered the bridge from the Megalift.
?   Later, between streaking away from the Megaship and flying over the city, the Rangers were shown flying through the cyber-tunnel; after reaching the center of the city, the five unmorphed teens were then walking together downtown.

-   When Cassie called for the Galaxy Gliders from Earth, five Ranger-colored streaks flew out of the Megaship, and the unmanned Galaxy Gliders flew through a reddish version of the cyber-tunnel before flying down to the Rangers; they would do this again in 611-Ddsc.

?   Often when the Megaship was shown from behind during the Rangers' departure, their streaks would fly from somewhere on the front right side of the ship rather than the standard left area.
-   After coming upon the Delta Megaship in space, Andros then streaked into the ship as red energy.

-   After being blasted at from above, the Rangers leapt up, turned into Ranger-colored energy, and streaked up to the nearby rooftop, where they materialized; such short-range teleportation, used for convenience, was quite rare.

-   To go down to Brokaya after morphing on the bridge in front of the amnesic T.J., morphed Andros merely teleported from the bridge rather than using the jump tubes.
-   Soon flipping open his Morpher, T.J. touched the 0 key, making a beep, and it teleported him down to Brokaya some distance away from the fight between Andros and Darkliptor; this function could have been a recall of his most recent location.

-   To go down to Earth as Andros took the keycards Darkonda wanted, the five teens took the Megalift from the bridge, rather than using the jump tubes in the next room, and their teleportation streaks flew from the left side of the docking station rather than the Megaship, which was docked on top; when the morphed Rangers appeared downtown, the keycards weren't with them.

?   Although there was no silver jump tube, Zhane was with the five teens in the workbay before the six Rangers were shown streaking to Earth from the Megaship as Ranger-colored energy, with Zhane in white.
?   When the five Rangers later flew from the Megaship to the planet Dekata 5, their teleportation streaks flew down toward an Earth-like planet which was presumably Dekata 5, but no travel time for the Megaship to go from Earth to Dekata 5 was shown; the Rangers were then shown in the cyber-tunnel before flying into Darkonda's lab on Dekata 5 riding their Galaxy Gliders.

-   Zhane went to the workbay before he would drive up to the others' location on his Silver Cycle.

-   After turning in his Morpher and communicator, Carlos took the Megalift to leave the ship.

-   After fighting Darkonda in the forest, morphed Andros teleported back to the ship in the liftoff teleportation effect.

?   To go to Earth with the other teens, Zhane ran with them to the workbay.

-   The five teens and Seymour appeared on the planet Tirna with liftoff teleports, with Seymour materializing from pink streaks.

-   Communication and teleportation weren't possible through Secret City's forcefield dome; furthermore, the teens' Morphers wouldn't work within the forcefield.

-   Moved to the bottom of the ocean, Secret City had another dome after the first had been destroyed, but communication and teleportation were now possible.
-   As Alpha teleported a group of people from Secret City to Angel Grove, they were teleported in bluish-white glows with sparkles in them.

-   This time when the Rangers teleported from the Megaship, their energy streaks came from the underside of the center of the normal left curved section.
-   As the Rangers streaked away from the Megaship toward Earth, a Velocifighter tried to shoot their passing energy streaks.

?   To go from the Megaship to a planet below, unmorphed Leo, Damon, and Maya headed for the workbay, but its status was unknown, and the Jet Jammers had not yet been invented.
-   Morphed Kendrix and Kai soon arrived on the planet to help; presumably they had teleported to the others' location.
-   Later, while the Megaship was presumably still in flight toward Terra Venture, the Rangers teleported into the city dome to fight Radster; they traveled as Ranger-colored energy streaks consisting of numerous scribble- or claw-like lines.

-   As Furio stole the Transdaggers from Horn's coat, the Rangers' teleportation streaks swooped down around the villains, making spark explosions several times, and the Rangers then materialized nearby holding the Transdaggers.


-   As Furio and Stingwingers were stuck in the elevator leading up to Command Headquarters, Alpha called the Rangers to tell them of Furio's attack but told them he had something to help them against Furio.
?   Introducing the Jet Jammers, Alpha said they were the only other way to get to the command tower, since Furio was stuck in the elevator, but why teleportation had been ruled out is unknown.

-   To get inside the cockpit of the Lion Galactazord, Leo was shown materializing inside the cockpit with vertical red energy lines.

-   Defender Torozord split apart into Torozord and Magna Defender with black teleportation streaks.

-   As Treacheron and Orion-armored Leo faced off, the two ran over near a cliff, then crisscrossed as bouncing teleportation streaks, Leo red and Treacheron blue, down to the ground below the small cliff.

-   During a fight, Orion-armored Leo teleported over to a Stingwinger to punch it with a red impact gleam.

-   After calling for the Lights of Orion on this occasion, the five armorless Rangers teleported several yards, materializing in the Orion armor.

-   One of Yellow Ranger's attacks (later imitated by Chameliac and Kai) was to instantaneously slide-teleport, without any sort of effect, across a long distance to pounce on her foe.

-   Mutantrum shot an explosive red energy sphere from his staff at morphed Leo and Maya, but they teleported out of the explosion into a dual jump-kick.

-   Crackling with green energy as they teleported down from the Galaxy Megazord's defeat after an explosion from monster-Trakeena, the defeated Orion Galaxy Rangers fell to the city below and lay sprawled and motionless.

-   The Lightspeed Rangers would not appear to possess standard teleportation to any given point and would instead drive via Rescue Rover or other vehicle to the location of a crisis.
-   When summoned, the Rescue Bird would fly from the large sigil in the top part of the Train Bay with a blue flash, flying through an orange/black tunnel of light to its destination.

-   The robotic Cyborg Rangers, not designed by Miss Fairweather, were able to teleport from the Aquabase to emergency situations, appearing downtown from green gridlines in mid-jump kick to fight Strikning.

-   The Rangers were often able to instantly summon weapons from behind their backs (as was a common practice among Rangers in general), indicating a form of teleportation.

-   As Vypra confronted the Rangers, a thundering blue energy cloud opened above, and it coalesced into morphed Ryan in blue light.
-   Morphed Ryan could instantly draw his Titanium Laser.
-   Later, morphed Ryan flew over the city as a blue energy sphere.
-   With a quake, Ryan's landing crushed a flaming crater into the pavement beneath him.
-   As the new V-Lancers rested in a stand in the lab, Miss Fairweather typed at a terminal and told Carter to "activate 'V-Lancers'"; the Rangers first summoned the V-Lancer boomerangs with Ranger-colored energy, and they then caused the V-Lancers themselves to teleport from the lab into their hands downtown in the same energy; this was the best-shown instance of weapons being teleported from the Aquabase to the Rangers upon summoning.

-   After speeding down a long dark tunnel of lights, apparently located somewhere below the Transport dome, the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle emerged with a blue flash from the top section of the Train Bay, apparently having teleported from the launch tunnel, as there was no room behind the Train Bay for such a tunnel.

-   The Thermo Blaster was able to teleport into Carter's hands with red energy whenever summoned, from both its case nearby or some other location such as discarded on the ground.
-   To switch from their Rescuezord cockpits in the Lightspeed Megazord on Earth to the Omegazord cockpits in space, the Rangers teleported from one cockpit to the other in Ranger-colored energy.

-   The Mega Battle armor, when summoned, flew onto Chad and Joel in pieces, initially green gridlines which then faded into reality.
-   The Rangers again switched from the Rescuezords into the Omegazords in space; this time, the teleportation was shown as a first-person voyage through a black-ended tunnel of streaks.

-   Trapped in the Shadow World, the Rangers were able to summon their V-Lancers, although they had been wielding them just before their banishment; they were also able to summon the Thermo Blasters and Battle Boosters.
-   On their magical teleportation both in and out of the Shadow World (neither under their own power), the Rangers traveled as Ranger-colored balls of light.

-   As Carter defeated Queen Bansheera with Diabolico's help, the four Rangers were teleported to Mariner Bay from their fiery prison in the Skull Cavern with Ranger-colored streaks similar to the Galaxy Rangers' teleportation.


Pilot Episode
-   The teens were successively teleported out of the bowling alley with vertical stretch effects, then flew over the mountains as Ranger-colored streaks.
-   The teens materialized in the Command Center with the aid of the side cylinders.
-   The Rangers teleported from the desert with the stretch effects, and then, in the only stretch effect shown in a real Power Rangers episode, Red Ranger compressed back to normal form, a shot which was shown in 101-DOTD.

MMPR fan club video
-   On the topic of being teleported to the Command Center for the first time, Trini described it as, "a whole rush of energy going through your body, and you can feel it as something different but you really don't know what it is, and you can't really explain it."

MMPR: The Movie
-   When the teens touched their communicators to teleport, they dissolved with a beaming effect similar to TV static, then flew away as streaks of Ranger-colored light.
?   The teens teleported wearing rollerblading gear but arrived in the Command Center without it. (Source: Submitted by Elanders Frazier)
-   Inside the Command Center, the teens materialized with the static effects once the energy streaks had landed.
-   To send the teens from the ravaged Command Center to Phaedos, Alpha downloaded the last plasmatic morphing gem into the Command Center's transport core, supplying just enough power to teleport the teens to Phaedos, but none was left to bring them home.
-   As they began to teleport from the Command Center, the teens turned to static, then reappeared confused, then turned to static again and teleported away as Ranger-colored streaks.
-   After the teens had streaked away, most of the remaining lights in the Command Center shut off.
?   Teleporting back to Earth after obtaining the Great Power (see "Monolith"), the Rangers materialized in the trashed downtown Angel Grove, at which time Adam suggested they go to the Command Center; why they teleported downtown first is unknown.

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