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-   There were apparently news cameras following the time device as it rolled down the streets of Angel Grove.

-   Jason told Ernie he thought he'd seen the Power Rangers on TV.

-   The news reported that Angel Grove's (as yet unnamed) mayor had presented the Angel Award to a group of kids who had set up a recycling drive and kept tons of trash out of the landfills.
-   The standard reporter interrupted the news to announce the Rangers' most recent victory.
-   The standard reporter's report, of which an identical version would be in 127-WOMF, was as follows: "We've just gotten word that once again the amazing Power Rangers have saved our fair city and the world from one of Rita Repulsa's lethal monsters."
-   The reporter said that eyewitnesses had reported a lengthy battle between the Rangers and Chunky Chicken.
-   The reporter handed off the report to Wendy Walters, a field reporter with "the latest Power Rangers update."
-   Wendy Walters spoke with Maria, the girl whom the Rangers had saved in their battle.
-   The reporter said that "as always, [they would] continue to bring [the viewers] the latest Power Rangers news as it happen[ed]."

-   The news showed a shot of Rita on her observatory and also of giant Goldar downtown.

-   After the standard reporter's generic report, a female reporter gave a report live from Angel Grove Park where the Rangers had just saved the day; she handed the report off to Paul Rosenthall.

-   After the Rangers' battle with Goldar and Samurai Fan Man, the standard reporter's story was as follows: "Who are the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers? And how do they get their incredible powers? <unclear> These remarkable superheroes defeated another one of Rita Repulsa's most lethal monsters. How long <will/are> Rita <unknown...> last? No one knows. But we can be sure, whoever they are, that the Power Rangers are there to protect us."
-   The reporter mentioned only one monster, while the Rangers had fought two: Goldar and Samurai Fan Man, both giant.

-   The day after the Rangers' battles with Babe Ruthless, Goldar, Scorpina, and the worm monster, the standard reporter's story was as follows: "And on the local front, those amazing heroes the Power Rangers have once again succesfully defeated another attack on the city of Angel Grove by Rita Repulsa and her seemingly endless hordes of monstrous thugs. While the city sustained some property damage, no harm befell any of the citizens, thanks to the incredible Power Rangers."; the first sentence would be used again in 148-POTM.

-   After the Rangers' battle with Polluticorn, the standard reporter gave the full version of his report: "We've just gotten word that once again the amazing Power Rangers have saved our town from and the world from one of Rita Repulsa's lethal monsters. Eyewitnesses report that after a lengthy battle, the Power Rangers and their Zords were able to defeat the beast just before it attacked downtown Angel Grove. No people were reported injured. How long will we be safe from Rita Repulsa and her notorious monsters? No one knows for sure, but thank you Power Rangers, whoever you are."

-   A different reporter's story on the apparently evil Rangers was as follows: "We interrupt this program for a special report. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, who once fought on the side of justice as the defenders of our planet, have now joined with the forces of evil. Our camera caught the beginning of this tragic turn of events as the Power Rangers staged a terrifying attack on downtown Angel Grove just moments ago. This attack was totally unprovoked and took the city by surprise. Today, the Rangers are behaving like the hoodlums they once put out of business. It is indeed a dark day for Angel Grove and the entire world."
-   A follow-up report was as follows: "We're back with live coverage of the current crisis in downtown Angel Grove. The magnitude of this crisis is increasing, as is the amount of destruction, which at this point is impossible to estimate. All efforts to stop the Power Rangers have failed, and the city, perhaps the world, is at their mercy."
-   After the real Rangers had destroyed Twin Man's evil Rangers, a female reporter for channel 3 news reported live on the scene, "And so the Power Rangers are cleared of all wrongdoing and once again have made the world a safer place."

-   The standard reporter's report on Peckster's attack was as follows: "We interrupt this program to bring you a special report. Thousands of citizens from downtown Angel Grove [unknown] as this wretched and wicked woodpecker wreaks havoc upon our fair city. Skyscrapers fall with just a few pecks from its horrendous beak into huge piles of rubble. The authorities are on the scene now, but they appear to have no idea how to stop this hideous beast. Stay tuned to this station for more information as it becomes available."
-   The reporter later reported: "We interrupt this program to bring you the following updated special report. We now know that the Power Rangers are battling with a beastly bird as it attempts to peck away at the very core of Angel Grove City. It appears that they are not, as of yet, getting the upper hand in their fight."
-   In the background, the reporter continued: "In a related story, the chickens have once again flown the coop, forcing the price of down pillows up."
-   After the Rangers had destroyed giant Peckster, the reporter announced, "...and with one final, mighty swing from their Power Sword, the Peckster was defeated by the Power Rangers. Although..."
-   It seemed that the media knew Peckster's name only after the battle was over.

-   Trick or Treat was the most popular game show in America, according to Tommy.
-   Immediately after Bulk and Skull had driven up to the Youth Center in the new red convertible Skull had won on Trick or Treat (Bulk driving), a representative from network standards and practices took Bulk and Skull's car back because they'd cheated at the game show.

-   A reporter's story was as follows: "We interrupt this program for a special live report. Local government sources have confirmed that the creature known as Turbanshell has begun another assault on Angel Grove. The attack, for the moment confined to the business district downtown, comes less than twenty-four hours after its first attack was repulsed by the Power Rangers. The origins of this monster are a mystery, but the main question at the moment is, where are the Power Rangers when we need them?"
?   In one shot of giant Turbanshell, the monster had a white face instead of gray; this shot was taken from the later battle in which Black Ranger would freeze the monster with a hose.
-   The reporter continued later, "We continue our coverage of the <?> downtown Angel Grove. At this time, the monster known as Turbanshell continues to rampage unchecked."

-   A female reporter for channel 6 was covering the live broadcast of the first leg of the Stone Canyon Triathalon.

-   A reporter, with the original reporter's star background behind his left shoulder, read the following story, being very similar in phrasing to an article in the Angel Grove Gazette: "Out of thousands of entrants, three names were announced today as the lucky students invited to attend the World Peace Summit in Switzerland. The three youths will meet and then travel with teens from all over the world to discuss global problems that affect all of us, young and old. Hunger, pollution, poverty, cultural barriers, and education are among the topics on a very busy agenda for these young people. They'll be visited by scientists, politicians, and academians as they attempt to understand these issues and offer their perspective on solutions for world peace."
?   After reporting, "The three teens from Angel Grove are Jason Lee, Zack Taylor, and Trini Kwan," the reporter proceeded to repeat an earlier part of his report.

-   The Rangers' appearance on the Harvey Garvey Show was their first appearance on national television.
-   The montage of clips introducing the Rangers on the Harvey Garvey Show included shots of the six Rangers and the Thunder Megazord in combat; there were no shots of the Green Ranger or any Zords other than the Thunder Megazord.
?   Nearly all of the montage's clips of the Rangers in action would have required Rangers to have flipped over or near news cameras in the middle of their battles.

-   A reporter on TV reported, "And now, a special Angel Grove news bulletin. We take you to Angel Grove Park," after which an on-site reporter said, "Mysterious fires have broken out all over Angel Grove. The fire department is baffled and just about reached its limits. We'll keep you updated with any new developments. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program."

-   The woman who had been in charge of auditions for an Angel Grove Karate Center commercial in 132-ASIB was now a television reporter.
-   The aforementioned female reporter reported: "...and White House sources say that international spy Johann Gauss was last seen on the southern coast of the United States. He is approximately five-eleven, tall, gray-haired with blue eyes, and speaks with a thick accent. He should be considered extremely dangerous."

-   In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), a female reporter reported: "The citizens of Angel Grove are once again safe. Thanks to some unknown superheroes, the mandatory curfew has been lifted. This is channel six reporting."
-   The reporter believed young Bulk when he said they'd seen the superheroes, but she didn't believe young Skull when he said the superheroes were aliens that had come from the sky.
-   The reporter continued, "To those unknown heroes, all of Angel Grove thanks you."

-   The channel 6 "Angel Grove News Camera" van attended the filming of the mayor's ceremony in celebration of the Aquitian Rangers.

-   A reporter named Wolfgang Blizzard gave a report from outside a house in daytime, holding a channel 8 microphone: "Here in downtown Angel Grove, it's been quiet for the past several weeks. In fact, it's been unusually quiet, which is good news, since our local heroes the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers have not been seen or heard from in quite some time. There's varied speculation as to the whereabouts of the multicolored keepers of the peace. This reporter has received several anonymous phone calls from sources that believe the Power Rangers may have returned to their faraway distant planet. We will, of course, keep you informed and up-to-date on any further developments. That's our report for this evening. Remember, if you've got a hot news tip, call me at 555-0172."
-   Joseph Saunders, a custodian at the Angel Grove University observatory who'd seen a Quadrafighter in the telescope, called Wolfgang Blizzard, and he soon arrived to interview Mr. Saunders.
-   Mr. Saunders described the ship as shiny, moving rapidly, and apparently coming their way.
-   Some time later, the two scientists emerged from a door and, once they saw the custodian referring a news crew in their direction, they appeared to attempt to sneak away, but they were soon talking with the reporter.
-   The reporter claimed that the scientists had been the first to spot the alien spaceship of which the custodian had spoken; Dr. Kender corrected him that they hadn't said that, and Dr. Jewel told him that its true nature was classified.
-   Some time later, the reporter asked whether the aliens were peaceful, and Dr. Kender replied that it was too soon to tell, and Dr. Jewel nodded slightly; the reporter then told his viewers, "So, you heard it here first. The Power Rangers missing and alien forces headed toward Earth. Stay tuned to this station for emergency information."; he then signed off.
-   The next morning, after the media had revealed the presence of an approaching alien armada (the Machine Empire), the governor of California came on TV to say he was officially declaring a state of emergency and that NASA, with whom he'd been in contact for the past several days, had confirmed the existence of an armada of hostile alien ships heading toward the Earth; he unfortunately reported as well that their efforts to contact the Power Rangers had proven unsuccessful.
-   The governor assured the public that they would call forth every kind of defensive power they had, and told them they had to be strong in the face of this crisis; finally, he issued a plea to the Power Rangers, wherever they were, saying, "If ever there was a time we needed you, now is it. The safety of the people of the Earth may depend on it."

-   A reporter was at Angel Grove Pines with a Channel 3 (what looked like KNFC News) microphone, reporting that snowboarders from all over were practicing there for the upcoming championship finals.
-   The reporter assumed that the three silver Cogs with odd snowboarding hats and carrying snowboards were the team from northern Nepasa (spelling uncertain), whom he had heard had some odd-looking outfits.
-   Kat was in the foreground of the camera as she watched the Cogs in concern and then followed them.

-   On TV one night at 9:00 was The Bride of Hackensack, in which a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy, and a witch teamed up to stop a mad doctor and his evil bride.

-   A TV news report advised people of a problem at the Angel Grove water treatment plant (actually, the water all over Angel Grove had been turned into Cog oil by Leaky Faucet) and that people should drink only bottled water.

-   To remove the perfume smell from the model he was with, Skull used a huge barrel of tomato juice, a trick he'd seen on an old rerun of The Partridge Family.

-   Immediately following an earthquake which was actually caused by Blue Senturion's arrival in space, a channel 5 anchorwoman reported, "Seismologists report that the Angel Grove region is stable. At this time we have no explanation for this mysterious phenomenon. We will keep you keep you posted <???> further developments. This is Sara Nicole, K-Grove News."

-   A reporter on the street during giant Flamite's attack reported, "We interrupt your regular programming to bring you this special report. Because of the monster that's burning parts of the city, officials are urging residents of Angel Grove to stay out of the area. We're evacuating the north side ourselves right now. We will bring you continuous coverage as soon as we can."

-   On the news was live coverage of the landing of a NASADA shuttle; an anchorman off-screen said, "There you have it - the mission of the specially-equipped space shuttle seems to have come to a successful end. And now let's go live to Mission Control."; a female reporter at NASADA interviewed General Norquist, who said, "The mission was a complete success. Our next goal is longer-range exploration of space. [...] But first, the astronauts will need..."

-   Downtown in front of a large glass skyscraper, standing with a microphone near his RV, Professor Phenomenus told a growing crowd of reporters and onlookers: "I have developed the most powerful plutonium fuel ever made!"
-   The Professor unveiled a rodlike canister with clear blue liquid inside its transparent rod.
-   The Professor said that with the fuel, he would send his two assistants up into the universe to find aliens.
-   Bulk and Skull emerged from behind the RV in silver spacesuits with white helmets, with their nicknames in large print.
-   When asked by a reporter whether it was true that the canister could destroy the entire city if it broke open, the Professor said yes, but that it would be safe in his laboratory at the top of the skyscraper behind them.
-   Gesturing, the Professor accidentally knocked the canister off its podium, making everyone scream in terror, but Bulk fumbled and eventually caught it.
-   A reporter asked how he would protect the fuel from those who would use it for evil purposes, and another asked again if the fuel was safe; the Professor, only answering the latter question, replied, "Completely."

-   Following General Norquist's announcement to the world that an asteroid capable of wiping out life on the planet was headed for Earth, a channel 6 reporter asked Professor Phenomenus, incorrectly pronouncing his name "Phenonemus," what their viewers should be doing if the world was on the brink of destruction; his reply was to panic, and Bulk and Skull did so.

-   On TV another day was a news report in progress by a female reporter for Action 5 News: "Once again, we have reports of a catastrophic disturbance in downtown Angel Grove. The perpetrator is unknown, but whoever it was or whatever it was that destroyed these buildings is incredibly powerful."; the reporter was outside a damaged warehouse with a damaged "Angel Grove Warehouse District" sign on it.
-   The reporter continued, "The culprit struck like a tornado, tearing everything to shreds. We have a witness," but she then spotted the Power Rangers walking up and hoped they could explain the attack.
-   The five Rangers had dark purple squares on their chests rather than the normal five Ranger-colored squares.
-   After fluffing her hair, the reporter asked the Rangers if they could tell them what had happened; Red Ranger silently looked her up and down once, and as he slowly reached for his Astro Blaster, the reporter realized something wasn't right.
-   The Rangers drew their Astro Blasters with metallic-sounding haiyahs, then Red ordered, "Fire!"; blue lasers struck all around the reporter, crew, and witness as they fled in terror.
-   The real Rangers rushed out from behind the news van near the warehouse just after the people had run by.

-   An indeterminate amount of time after the Terra Venture-based filming of Star Crossed Lovers in which Kendrix Morgan had taken the place of Carolyn Pickets, Carolyn was on Terra Venture television accepting what looked identical to an Oscar, which she dedicated to her friend Kendrix, who had taught her the value of keeping a promise and working hard. (Note: This episode, with its apparent Academy Awards reference, was originally aired the day before the 1999 Academy Awards.)

-   A reporter on Mariner Bay's Channel 5 Action News spoke, "In the news today, Mariner Bay's space devlopment program is launching its new shuttle."
-   The report showed the shuttle in its bay sliding into position.
-   The woman continued, "As final preparations are underway, a spokesman for the space program has announced that this shuttle flight will launch a low-flying satellite. This mission will be flown by first time pilot Nancy Cooper. (footage of Nancy jogging earlier) Miss Cooper is a graduate of Mariner Bay's own flight academy and graduated first in her class. All <...?...> and wish her the best of luck."
-   Soon, the reporter continued, "I understand that they are ready for liftoff and are going to start the countdown."
-   During the countdown, Nancy was shown making some final checks in the cockpit, and the shuttle lifted off, the reporter turning to watch the greenscreen behind her as the shuttle lifted off.
-   The report continued, "This mission will spend only a quick four hours in space, where it will run several ship maneuvers and vacuum tests which have been strategically mapped out, as well as launching the satellite."
-   Soon, the reporter remarked, "What a spectacular liftoff, ladies and gentlemen. The first stage has separated from the craft..."

-   Around 6 PM, an older male reporter came on TV, the inserted graphic showing a long white feather landing, one of many which were by this point scattered around the city.
-   The reporter spoke, "We interrupt this program to bring you this breaking story. Feathers have been scattered throughout Mariner Bay by Diabolico. Lightspeed has declared a city-wide emergency. These feathers are said to be explosive and should be avoided at all costs. Rescue teams around Mariner Bay have been mobilized in an attempt to avoid..."


Pilot Episode
-   A news broadcast, live from the moon, first showed a shot of Earth, then the planetoid astronauts walking through the alien desert of Rita's planetoid.
-   The anchorman's report was as follows: "We interrupt this program with a special report. We take you live to the moon, where astronauts are about to uncover what may be the first alien object ever found."
?   The broadcast was supposedly live from the moon, but Rita was actually released from a planetoid that was shown to be a separate body from the moon.

MMPR: The Movie
-   A female reporter holding a microphone which read either KTB or KT13 reported: "...strange events, Angel Grove police have been fielding hundreds of calls from concerned citizens as the number of missing parents continues to grow."
-   Ivan Ooze, disguised as a wizard of the same name, went on TV with a commercial telling people bored with work and their lives to come to "Ooze City" to get sticky.
-   A female reporter, seemingly the same person as before, reported: "The mayor has declared a state of emergency. He's asked that the city be immediately evacuated. Angel Grove has never before known such a crisis. [...] Where are the Power Rangers?"

- highly popular game show
First Appearance: (Monty) 155-TOrT
Last Appearance: (Monty) 155-TOrT
You are here:   - Where / Universe / Space / Planets / Sol system / Earth / Media / TV # Trick or Treat

-   Trick or Treat was the most popular game show in America, according to Tommy.
-   Everyone in the audience during the taping of Trick or Treat wore a costume; there were Halloween decorations all over the set.
-   The host of Trick or Treat was a man named Monty, dressed as a vampire.
-   Monty looked like the disguised Putty who had sold Zack the Pearls of Stillness and also like Mr. Anderson from Stone Canyon.
-   The point of Trick or Treat was to ask Monty trick questions.
-   In an attempt to stump Monty, Kim asked him the identity of the Power Rangers.
-   As a bonus game, Kim played the wicked "Wheel of Misfortune" game by being strapped to a wheel with a horizontal axis and spun around.
-   When Skull stumped Monty by asking his best friend's name, he got to play the wicked "Web of Disaster" game, where he had to collect three bugs in ten seconds, but the spider sprayed him with gray goo before he could do so.
-   Kim had to forfeit her game for Ranger duties; she pretended to pass out, and the teens took her away, making Skull the winner by default.

- news show
You are here:   - Where / Universe / Space / Planets / Sol system / Earth / Media / television # Angel Grove Weekend

-   A news show called Angel Grove Weekend on News 3 filmed the Clean Up Drive that the teens were in to clean up graffiti and trash in Angel Grove Park.
-   The reporter had heard a rumor that the Power Rangers might show up and help out with the Clean Up Drive.
-   When asked by the reporter about the rumor that the Rangers might show up to help out with the Clean Up Drive, Billy, Trini, and Zack explained with nervous laughter that they didn't know the Power Rangers; although the raw footage tape for Angel Grove Weekend would later be erased by Billy, the reporter and her cameraman did witness the teens' nervous replies.
-   Ernie kept an eye on the equipment left behind in the Youth Center by the Angel Grove Weekend crew as they went to the park to interview people there.
-   Jason and Zack secretly stole the raw footage tape from Bulk and Skull, and Billy planned to run it through his tape eraser at home.

- talk show; Power Rangers' first national television appearance
First Appearance: (Harvey) 233-LiCA
Last Appearance: (Harvey) 233-LiCA
You are here:   - Where / Universe / Space / Planets / Sol system / Earth / Media / television # Harvey Garvey Show

-   The Power Rangers appeared on the Harvey Garvey Show one night to spread their message about the power of education.
-   The Harvey Garvey Show was the Power Rangers' first national television appearance.
-   The Rangers' appearance on the show was filmed during the daytime but aired that night.
?   Harvey Garvey's cuecards were completely mixed up, with few matching their proper segments.
-   Harvey Garvey's voice-over for a montage of clips to introduce the Rangers was as follows: "You've come to know them and love them as superheroes, battling against unbeatable odds, fighting monsters of all shapes and sizes, protecting us from the forces of evil. They are proponents of goodwill and brotherly love, and here they are on their first national television appearance as the worldwide ambassadors of the International Education Council. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the one and only Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!"
-   The montage of clips introducing the Rangers included shots, some particularly close to the action, of the six Rangers and the Thunder Megazord in combat; there were no shots of the Green Ranger or any Zords other than the Thunder Megazord.
?   Nearly all of the montage's clips of the Rangers in action would have required Rangers to have flipped over or near news cameras in the middle of their battles.
?   The montage included shots of White Ranger fighting Goldar (Goldar not shown) and the Thunder Megazord fighting the giant Jaws of Destruction, both from 237-FoFr, four episodes later.
-   After their intro montage, the Rangers did brief martial arts moves accompanied by pyrotechnic spark jets upon entering from backstage.
-   Harvey asked the Rangers whether staying in school had helped them become Power Rangers; Blue Ranger replied that developing one's mind was crucial to becoming a Ranger; Black Ranger said their education had helped them outsmart Zedd's monsters, and Pink Ranger described their difficulty with, but ultimate defeat of, Pudgy Pig.
-   Harvey tried to do the jumping front-kick which the Yellow and Red Rangers showed him, but he fell down.
-   When Harvey asked White Ranger what had ever happened to the Green Ranger, White Ranger replied that it was a long story and that he preferred to focus on the present instead.
-   On the show, the following conversation transpired:

Alpha (over White Ranger's communicator): "Come in, Rangers. Do you read me? It's another of Zedd's monsters!"
White Ranger (into wrist): "What does Zordon want us to do?"
Alpha: "Teleport here at once!"
White Ranger: "Gotcha. We're outta here!"
- Rangers stand
Harvey: "Wait a minute, who was that? Where are you guys going?"
White Ranger: "Sorry, Harvey, duty calls."
- Rangers teleport away after telling the kids in the audience to stay in school

-   Trying to unmask the Rangers on national television, Bulk and Skull collided with Harvey just after the Rangers had left the show.

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