- legendary home to Ninjor; source of Ninja powers
First Appearance: 306-NjQ3
Last Appearance: 306-NjQ3
See Also: Desert of Despair, Ninjetti temple
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-   Zordon told the teens of a legendary (perhaps merely mythical) lost temple hidden beneath the Desert of Despair, and that the keeper of the temple, Ninjor, was thought to have forged the original Power Coins to be used by those battling the evil forces of the universe.
-   Once the teens had departed for the Desert of Despair with the map Zordon and Alpha had found with the Power Coins long ago, Zordon told Alpha that if the temple did exist, the "Rangers" were the only ones who could find it.

-   After the teens had passed through a hidden portal at the end of a dark tunnel in a rock formation in the Desert of Despair, they found themselves in a large and beautiful garden; up a set of stone steps nearby were large double doors with a golden seal resembling the seal on Ivan Ooze's hyperlock chamber in MMPR:TM.
-   Through the large double doors was a misty room, one end of which was fenced off from the other; Tommy, who'd gone in before the others, was inside the double doors even though the doors were closed when the five teens approached; they opened themselves on the teens' approach.
-   Tommy said the place was all locked up, but the moment the six teens stood in front of the gate together, a bluish-white light shined down on the area, and the gate doors opened; once the teens were through, the light shut off, and the gate doors closed.
-   After the teens had been given new ninja powers and Zords, Ninjor knew that even as they spoke, Zedd had begun to attack Angel Grove and that the Tenga Warriors were trying to gain access to the temple; he said that the Tengas were creatures of evil and that their vile spirits must not be allowed to disturb the inner purity of the Temple of Power.

-   Rita seemed to refer to the Temple of Power as the source of the Rangers' new powers.
-   Vampirus called the temple "the temple of Ninja power."
?   Zordon told the teens that both Ninjor and the Temple of Power were key elements to maintaining their powers and that if either one fell into Zedd's hands all would be lost, yet this would later be disproved during Ninjor's captivity from 318-ChZ1 through 329-MVA1 and again from 329-MVA1 through 331-MVA3.
-   Once the teens were back in the Command Center, Zordon patched Ninjor through to the teens, with whom Ninjor had been wanting to speak; from the temple, he told them that now that they had mastered the art of ninja powers, they could join forces to protect the Temple of Power from the evil which inhabited the universe.

-   As the Shogun Megazord performed its Fire Saber finishing move this time, there was a temple behind it which looked very much like the Shogun Megazord without a head or legs; it may have been the Temple of Power.

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