- avian foot soldiers brought by Rito Revolto; also used by Ivan Ooze
First Appearance: 305-NjQ2
Last Appearance: 616-FDrk
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-   Upon arriving on the moon, Rito buried a number of Tenga Warrior eggs in the moon's sands.
-   The Tenga eggs were black with red lines through them; their size seemed to be a bit less than that of a pineapple.

-   Once the eggs had hatched, Rita was thrilled to discover that Rito had brought them Tenga Warriors, and she told Zedd that the Tenga Warriors were absolutely the most ferocious creatures on this side of the universe; Zedd was then impressed with the idea of his own army of Tenga Warriors without the Rangers to stop him, but whether he'd known of Tenga Warriors prior to Rita's description of them is uncertain.
-   The Tengas spoke in cawing voices.
-   On the moon, the Tengas learned how to fly, then circled around the palace.
?   Although it had been Rita's plan for the Tengas to attack the teens once they'd found the temple, the Tengas actually attacked before the teens had discovered any opening in the rock formation they'd found.
?   When the Tengas attacked, Tommy knew that Zedd had sent them, yet, as Tommy would admit moments later, the teens had never seen the Tengas before.
?   When a Tenga flew at the teens, all the teens but Aisha jumped aside; she simply blocked with her arms and then weakly pushed it back, telling it to back off; her defensive move appeared far too weak to stop, let alone counter, the Tenga's attack.
?   When the teens retreated into a thin alcove leading into the nearby mountain, the Tengas were supposedly too big for the opening, even though it was a fairly wide opening and it got wider as it went up (leaving room for the Tengas to fly in).

-   Alpha recognized the Tenga Warriors on sight.
-   After fighting the Ninja Rangers for some time, the Tengas flew away when Rocky told the others to finish the Tengas off now that they'd gotten the hang of their new powers.

-   Unless otherwise stated, the teens always fought the Tengas in the form of Ninja Rangers.

-   The Tengas, having been sent to attack Rocky in the park, attacked Mr. Wilton instead, apparently mistaking the teacher for Rocky because he was wearing a standard Rocky wardrobe of a red shirt with jeans in the area Rocky had just departed.

?   Goldar called the Tengas the "Tengu Warriors." (Source: Submitted by "Hulk D. Skywalker")

-   The Tengas referred to the teens, floating out in the middle of the lake, as "the kids on the water," as if not recognizing them as the Rangers.

-   Ninja Aisha led the Tengas for some dance steps, then had them all, except one, flip back, telling them to "get down."

-   Kat remembered talking to a guy in the park by the lake; Rita had been chuckling nearby, and she had turned the guy into a Tenga (most likely his original form).

-   As Garbage Mouth confronted the five teens and Kat, Tengas teleported to beside Kat, grabbed her, and immediately teleported with her over to Garbage Mouth's side, all before the teens had time to react.

-   When Kat called the Tengas overgrown emus, a Tenga said he'd thought they were sparrows.

-   Master Vile gave Zedd a sack of snakes for the Tengas to eat to make them stronger.
-   To give the Tengas the sack of snakes, Squatt fearfully handed them the sack in a cavern of some sort, with mushrooms growing in the cavern; this cavern may have been a subterranean home for the Tengas on the moon.
-   The super-strong Tengas attacked Bulk and Skull until the Rangers arrived on the scene.
-   The Tengas overpowered the Power Rangers, while before they had been somewhat weaker than the Ninja Rangers.
-   The six Rangers were able to make the Tengas retreat after using their Metallic Armor.

-   The Blue, Black, and Yellow Rangers used their Metallic Armor to fight the Tengas away from attacking the carnival.

-   Zedd sent the Tengas to attack Cestro and Tideus in the car wash were they were rehydrating, but the Tengas got stuck in the car wash; one Tenga, stuck in the dryers, had the feathers on its arms, ribs, and legs removed, revealing bare flesh.

-   Zedd referred to the Tengas as belonging to himself.
-   As the Tengas attacked his weather modulator invention, Billy successfully shoved two Tengas away and grappled another; meanwhile, morphed Cestro had no difficulty fighting them; apparently, the Tengas no longer had super-strength.
-   The Tengas flew away after destroying the weather modulator.

-   Only three Tengas fled from the moon palace with Rita and Zedd.

-   As Serpentera flew away from the moon with the villains inside, the three Tengas rode in Serpentera's cargo area with Squatt, Baboo, and Finster with the boxes and staves.

-   In the forest with Zedd to try to take the Golden powers before the Machine Empire had a chance, Rita summoned a crowd of Tengas.
-   When Rita and Zedd interrupted the Cogs' pursuit of the weakening Gold Ranger in the forest, Rita and Zedd and Mondo sent the Cogs and Tengas to battle each other.
-   The Tengas and Cogs appeared to be evenly matched.
-   After the fight, a partially-plucked Tenga ran away from a pile of mangled Cogs, with perhaps some Tengas in the pile; the fight had no victor.

-   Rita and Zedd attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; they had brought along Goldar, Finster, Zedd's Putties, and Tengas.

-   On a street of the villains' Old West town on Onyx, standing with two Quantrons outside the Onyx Tavern, were two Tengas, one of which held the pike of a Gatekeeper monster from MMPR: The Movie.
-   Elsewhere in the town were more Tengas.

-   Bird Bane was the self-proclaimed "king of all winged demon creatures."


MMPR: The Movie
-   To deal with the Rangers, Ivan horked up a purple loogie which turned into an expanding pool of ooze, then rose up and solidified into what he called "Tengu Warriors," which appeared to be identical to the Tenga Warriors.
?   The Tengu were able to fly through the vacuum of space at the same velocity as the teens had teleported to Phaedos.
-   On Phaedos, a Tengu grabbed Kim by the shoulders using its feet and flew around with her but then dropped her once the cloaked Dulcea had appeared on the scene.
-   The whistling sound from the two halves of Dulcea's staff made the Tengu fly away.
-   Just after she had fought the Tengu Warriors, Dulcea was shocked to hear that Ivan Ooze was free; this indicates either that she was unfamiliar with the Tengu or that Tengu were known to be used by villains other than Ivan.
-   A total of ten Tengu flew down to the construction site on Earth to report back to Ivan.
-   One of the Tengu said it couldn't have gone better on Phaedos; another said in a John Wayne voice that they'd thrown a teen off a mountain and another into a raging river.
-   After learning that the Tengu had failed to kill the teens, Ivan made them explode with purple energy bolts from his fingertips.

MMPR: The Movie (early script revision from 10/31/94)
-   After the Tengu Warriors' initial failure at destroying the teens, Ivan called upon the powers of darkness to make lightning bolts supercharge the Tengu Warriors' evil tenfold, then he used an energy bolt to create a differently-colored Queen Tengu with glowing red eyes.

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