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Last Appearance: (whole) 743-End1, (city dome) 745-End3
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?   Bulk and Skull planned to hook up an invention to the "giant satellite in the sky" and send out a message to find the Power Rangers; the nature of this giant satellite was unknown, although Terra Venture may have been begun by this time (see "Other Sources" at bottom of page).

-   Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, Terra Venture, a massive space station, was in Earth orbit as the last of its Earthen crew arrived to begin their search for a New World.
-   The origin of Terra Venture is unknown, as the technology required to construct such an advanced station lay centuries beyond Earthen technological levels (although see "Other Sources" at bottom of page).
-   Terra Venture was a vast cylindrical space station connected to the bottom of a main saucer-like dome known as the city dome, inside which was a city with many skyscrapers.
-   The main dome was transparent, with six dividers from the top cutting the dome into six sections; beyond each divider was a subdome, nearly identical in shape to the city dome but smaller: three of the six were 30% of the city dome's diameter, and three slightly smaller domes, spaced between the larger three, were 22%.
-   Atop the main dome was a tiny saucer-shaped station on a slender support; contained within this small exterior module were GSA's Command Headquarters and Science Division.
-   The six subdomes were connected to each other by mostly transparent transport tunnels, with identical tunnels also connecting each subdome to the city dome.
-   Certain domes were positioned at different relative elevations: one of the three slightly smaller subdomes (the Forest Dome) was positioned on a thin vertical stalk to a junction of the tunnels connected to the city dome and the two adjacent subdomes; furthermore, one of the other two smaller subdomes, located two domes over from the Forest Dome, moving clockwise, was positioned at a lower elevation, its two side tunnels connecting to small junctions below the two adjacent subdomes rather than directly into the sides of the subdomes; its tunnel leading to the city dome (not shown on Terra Venture computer schematics) actually connected to a place within the underside of the city dome.
-   Following is the arrangement of the six subdomes, ascertained from numerous shots within the series, from schematics' point of view above Terra Venture: on the "west" was the smaller, stalked Forest Dome (first shown clearly in 704-Rook); northwest was a larger dome (shown briefly from space in 724-GrCr) containing flat land, a forest, and a cluster of buildings; northeast was the smaller subdome positioned lower than the others (also shown briefly in 724-GrCr), and it appeared to contain a small city structure; east was the larger Industrial Dome (explicitly pointed out on schematics in 730-TenP); southeast was a smaller dome containing silver structures which made it look like a smaller Industrial Dome (shown in 728-RRom); finally, southwest was the Mountain Dome (often depicted incorrectly by other domes but shown correctly in 727-LxLB).
?   Often, shots of Terra Venture would show the six subdomes backwards from their correct orientation; although the incorrect version appeared roughly as often as the correct version, the "correct" one is verified by computer schematics (shown in 715-RDay).
-   Along Terra Venture's cylinder extending from the bottom of the city dome were three thicker portions; the top portion, immediately below the city dome, had a Y-shaped arrangement of three support beams, thicker than the dome-to-dome tunnels and each lit by what appeared to be five light strips in a line; the middle section, a bit shorter than the top section, also had an identical Y junction; the long bottom portion was the cluster of engine cylinders.
-   A vertical support rod ran up from each lower Y junction leg to the identical leg above, and beyond to one of the larger-sized three subdomes on the upper plane.
-   Connected to each leg node - that is, the intersection of the Y junction's leg and the vertical support rod - were clusters of miniature subdomes connected to the node by tiny support rods; each node appeared to have ten mini-domes (shown in 727-LxLB), five slightly larger and five slightly smaller; ten mini-domes at each node, both upper and lower nodes, would have totalled sixty mini-domes on Terra Venture, in addition to the city dome and the six main subdomes.
-   Terra Venture slowly rotated clockwise.
-   The Terra Venture logo, shown all over Terra Venture's interior, featured a black drawing of a side view of Terra Venture beside the text, "Terra Venture."
-   A column in the shuttleport facility had waterstains on it, the first of many indications that the buildings and structures in Terra Venture weren't brand-new.

-   According to Kai, the Megaship had flown into Terra Venture, but it had apparently not flown for years, indicating that Terra Venture was apparently several years old prior to departure.
-   Some time later, the Megaship returned minutes before Terra Venture's departure; the docking bay doors opened, and the Megaship landed inside, secretly carrying Kendrix, Damon, Kai, stowaway Leo, and Mirinoite Maya, with Mike missing.
-   On Commander Stanton's orders, Terra Venture's thrusters all ignited, and the massive space colony slowly flew away from Earth.

?   When it was approached by the Scorpion Stinger, Terra Venture was rotating the wrong way.
-   In one part of the city in which Leo fought Radster, the sidewalk was cracked severely, making it appear quite old, though this may have been damage from recent explosions.

-   Terra Venture possessed a power plant in either the city dome, the Industrial Dome, or another similar dome.
-   The Lion Galactabeast would regularly emerge from a glowing red pit in the rocky ground following an explosion in a rock cliff somewhere.

-   In referring to Terra Venture when the engines suddenly stopped, Stanton said, "Find out who stopped my ship," calling it his own.
-   When the mother of stowaway Matthew called Terra Venture from a GSA outpost on Earth, the frequency could only stay open for a few seconds; there was no time delay during the transmission.
-   Stanton explained that Terra Venture was on a vital mission in search of a New World; the ship, he said, only had so much fuel and food.
-   Terra Venture was home to thousands of people.

-   In the Forest Dome, Furio walked up to a mountain wall with some vines on it; in the wall was a diamond-shaped reddish metallic panel, with red curly designs, and inside was a cavern in which the Lights of Orion had supposedly been sealed for eons.
-   Mutantrum, impersonating Mike, told Leo about the cave in which the Lights had supposedly been sealed for eons; for Leo not to have found this ridiculous, it had to have been common knowledge that the land used aboard Terra Venture was quite old.

-   Located at various places across Terra Venture were sunflower statues, similar in design, but apparently made of different metals; during his attacks, despite Magna Defender's efforts to stop him, Fishface would blow each one up, eventually coming to a gold one, with the last one being silver.

-   Terra Venture had traveled 5.6 light-years in a few months, indicating that the colony used some form of faster-than-light propulsion.

?   The seemingly recent detection of an approaching meteoroid field was dated on a GSA status report as, "Stardate 9905.24 at 1500 hours Terra Venture standard time," but the stardate seems to indicate that it was May 24, 1999, an impossibility.

-   As Terra Venture came within 6.4 gigameters of a red giant star, GSA procedures called for a course change within 6 hours and 24 minutes, but Stanton agreed with Kai's instincts to change course early.
?   6.4 gigameters, or 6.4 million kilometers, is only one ninth of the distance from Mercury to our Sun, a ridiculously close distance to any star, let alone a red giant.
-   Later, Terra Venture was dangerously close to drifting into the sun; Command Headquarters was red and uncomfortably hot.
-   Entering, Stanton had Kai and Mike, at the center controls, change course at maximum thrust, and they quickly flew out of danger, dropping temperatures below critical.

?   The building on which the Rangers fought Decibat was marked, "Department of Water and Power, City of Los Angeles."

-   Shortly after Terra Venture had been cast into the Lost Galaxy, Kai reported that all systems were scrambled, even the clocks; nearby, an analog clock was going backwards rapidly, and in the Science Division, scientists were alarmed to see plants in a pot of sand regressing into nothingness.

-   Late at night after the resurrected monster invasion and Hexuba's destruction, Stanton privately met with Renier, having brought Mike and Kai.
-   Asked by Renier for any news, Stanton said they had just discovered their fuel reserves had been tainted, with only one or two days left; how the fuel had been tainted is unknown, although one monster had apparently gone unchecked in the Industrial Dome during the resurrected monster invasion.
-   Once they lost engine power, they would lose their systems one by one until there was nothing left; when the environmental controls shut down, the colony would freeze, and nothing would survive.

-   In Leo, Damon, and Kai's quarters was a multi-tiered chess set like the one Alpha had used with DECA aboard the Megaship in 640-IWeb, as well as a plastic extenda-sphere just like the one young Karone and Andros had played with as kids on KO-35.

-   On the morning of the second day after its fuel had been tainted, Terra Venture had escaped the Lost Galaxy.
-   To begin landing procedure to approach Mirinoi, Mike announced he was sealing all domes, with all passengers presumably in the city dome, and Kai changed thrust angle to 109.4.
-   The Scorpion Stinger approached the Industrial Dome and fired its tail beam, making an explosion, and then a larger one erupted inside the dome as one of the metal dome structures within the Industrial Dome exploded; the city dome rumbled from the blast.
-   The Scorpion Stinger moved, blasting more, as more explosions erupted in the Industrial Dome.
-   Apparently at the edge of the city dome nearest the Industrial Dome, soldiers helped screaming citizens evacuate from a plaza.
-   Soon, the Industrial Dome was completely gone, leaving behind partial connector tunnels; the junction below the dome's former location was blown off as well, with some clustered mini-domes still remaining.
-   At the engines below, the Scorpion Stinger blasted the one remaining engine cluster, making an explosion; in the engine room, explosions erupted around the large cone structures, flinging workers about.
-   Its engines skidding along the surface of the moon, Terra Venture slammed into a mountainous cliff which ended just below the city dome, and the entire dome was wripped from the rest of Terra Venture with explosions, the bottom portion erupting with more explosions; in the city, people were flung violently from the impact.
-   The saucer-like city dome flew from the mountain as a huge explosion came from behind the mountain.
-   This was the last seen of the lower portions of the colony, although the lone city dome would continue to be referred to as "Terra Venture"; further entries are listed under "City Dome."
?   In the city dome, a white habitation building with doors resembling one side of the Youth Center had street numbers 26030, the same as the Youth Center's address but without a "B" at the end.

-   Looking out at the ravaged, evacuated cityscape below the command tower, Stanton spoke, "This city was going to be the shining capital of the New World. Instead, it's a shipwreck."

?   In the mountains near Mariner Bay was a cave which looked identical to the cave of the Lights of Orion on Terra Venture.

+   Describing his childhood, Leo recalled, "I remember when they first started building Terra Venture, and how I always wanted to be onboard when it left to explore the galaxy." (Source: Fox Kids Magazine, Spring 1999)

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