- evil warrior Zord piloted by Elgar
First Appearance: 537-Accd
Last Appearance: 538-CBFr
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-   Porto told Divatox the Zord project was nearly finished, but there were just a few minor glitches.
-   Divatox had ordered Porto to build her an evil Zord.
-   Porto said the Zord needed a test run, so Divatox had Elgar test it.
-   Porto thought the Terrorzord was beautiful, his masterpiece.
-   Terrorzord, a humanoid robot with bull horns on its head, had "12" on its chest and red symbols on its shoulders resembling the helmets of the Piranhatron-like warriors in 500-TPRM; these symbols would reappear on various items used by the villains after this point.
-   The symbol was also in the back of Terrorzord's cockpit.
-   Elgar flew off in Terrorzord before Porto could make a few adjustments, such as inserting the cotter pin.
-   Terrorzord landed on a residential street in Angel Grove where Blue Senturion was on parking duty.
-   Terrorzord's cockpit appeared to be in its head.
-   Terrorzord could headbutt with its horns.
-   Terrorzord could quickly "slide" from one place to another with blue energy, and it could also run very quickly.
-   Terrorzord summoned a red axe from blue energy bolts, then rushed forward like the Turbo Megazord's jets for the Spinout finisher.
-   Terrorzord raced by the Rescue Megazord and slashed it multiple times in one pass with its axe; when the Megazord dropped its artillery cannons, its turret cannon broke into two pieces upon hitting the ground.
-   Terrorzord's chest panels flipped open, revealing many tiny holes which shot a hail of red energy blasts, knocking the Rescue Megazord down and taking its power grid offline.
-   Terrorzords's arm locked up while in the process of striking the final blow to the Megazord; Elgar forced the lever, causing the axe arm to fall off.
-   Terrorzord picked up its arm and flew away, leaving its axe behind.

-   Elgar was apparently using a blowtorch to fix Terrorzord in the Space Base's holding bay.
-   Some time later, Elgar stood with Rygog and Porto in the holding bay as Terrorzord's arm was being moved into position.
-   Rygog said that thanks to him, the arm wouldn't fall off this time, but Porto protested that he'd designed Terrorzord and that the Zord had been his idea.
-   Fighting the Rescue Megazord again, Terrorzord shot red energy bolts from its horns.
-   As the Rescue Megazord fought giant Goo and Robo Racer fought Terrorzord, the Megazord grabbed Goo's goo tube and squirted it at Terrorzord, transforming it into a camel on which Elgar sat.

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