Time Force badges
- form of identification used by Time Force Officers; also used to create Chrono-Capsules around chrono-frozen mutant criminals
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2


  • On the upper left breast of every Time Force uniform was a Time Force badge.
  • The Time Force badge was a metal, golden-rimmed, curved-sided triangle, about the size of a palm; in the center was a blue gem, around which was a silver and black Time Force insignia.
  • The badge wielded in battle by the Time Force Rangers was always thicker in girth than the ones worn by unmorphed Time Force officers.
  • During the warehouse siege, Red Ranger Alex held out his badge and proclaimed that Ransik was under arrest "in the name of Time Force"; similar proclamations would be made before apprehending other mutant criminals.
  • When the badge was extended during an arrest, tiny red lights at the top, left, and right edges blinked, and the blue gem center lit up as well.

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