- central station house of Time Force Law Enforcement Agency in downtown Millennium City, during the late 30th and early 31st centuries
First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2
Subcategories: Courthouse, Time Gate
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-   At the center of Millennium City, was a long metal runway launching strip, connected to Time Force Headquarters.
-   The Headquarters of Time Force was a tall white building with blue windows and a shorter, circular white & blue structure to the side.
-   TF HQ was located at the upper end of the runway, around a set of five sections which split off from the main track. Just in front of the HQ building, was a circular docking pad.
-   Aside from lacking sharp pointed ends, the overhead view of the runway matched the design of the Time Force Insignia.
-   The Time Force Courthouse was identical to the TF HQ, but located a few blocks away, within visible distance.
-   A sign against a pillar read "Time Force Security Zone", with the golden triangle-backed TF insignia above it, in the area where Ransik was lead into the transport truck.
-   Following the convoy's ambush, Jen contacted Captain Logan at TF HQ via a Holoscreen.
-   Though shot a few times by Nadira, a guard in the Cryogenic Detainment Tower was able to press an alert button on the control console, causing sirens to loudly blare for a short period.
-   At TF HQ, Time Force Officer was on duty at an unseen side console, and announced the information of the alarm being activated at the prison.
-   A dispatcher relayed this information to the rest of the forces over a radio wavelength , telling all units of a "Code Red" at the prison.
-   Lucas referred to the TF HQ as "the station."
-   The day following the convoy ambush, the circular revolving docking pad just in front of the TF HQ building opened up, and a yellow lightbulb-shaped craft known as the Time Ship rose onto the runway.
-   A female computer voice announced throughout the area through an unseen speaker system, "Launch sequence initiated!"
?   The ship faced the end of the runway, where a moment ago there had been nothing, there is now a tall metal arch located over the very end of the road. In later episodes, the Time Gate would be created from an attachment to the Trans-Warp Megazord.
-   Within Time Force HQ, a TF Officer saluted Captain Logan and urgently informed him that someone was taking the Time Ship. The Captain exclaimed "What?!", in disbelief, and rushed over to the central hologram transmission console, where he pressed a few buttons.
-   There was a large window against the wall behind him, showing a clear view of Millennium City outside. A large TF Insignia sign hung in front and over it.
-   As the Captain's voice commanded "Security to the launch pad! This is an emergency! All personnel to the launch pad!", a bunch of white leather suited Japanese people scrambled around a long corridor.

- courthouse used primiarily for the conviction of criminals caught by Time Force
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-   The Time Force Courthouse building was identical to the blue and white Time Force Headquarters, though located a block or two away, within visual distance, and lacked a runway.
-   The trial of Ransik took place at the Time Force courthouse, possibly the day following his capture.
-   Ransik stood in the center of the courtroom (basking in an ominous glow from the ceiling), which was filled with circular seating for the court audience to watch the proceedings.
-   Three rows were in this ampitheater of sorts, each filled with people of various races, planetary, and genetic origins. Several Time Force Officers of varying statuses sat scattered about.
-   Several poles with purple electrical energy crackling within, were against a few areas along the walls.
-   An announcement echoed through the room, "In the matter of The People Vs. Ransik, the judges council is still in chambers!"
-   Just outside of the courtroom, on a small balcony overlooking the futuristic landscape, Jen & Alex briefly enjoyed the view alone.
-   A man came over a loudspeaker, announcing, "The judges have reached a verdict! The court will now reconvene!"
-   Against the main wall of the courtroom, was a very large, triangle-backed Time Force Insignia. The center circle between the silver symbol ring glowed a shimmering shade of bluish purple.
?   Elsewhere in the courtroom, was at least one other large wall-based triangle-backed TF insignia, though its center alternated between lit-up and dark between shots.
-   Below that, a set of three holographic judges suddenly appeared, each wearing pinkish robes, with their transmissions from an unknown location as staticy as any from a Holoscreen.

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