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-   The Time Force insignia was found on virtually all Time Force uniforms and technology, with rare, if any, exceptions; their appearances are far too numerous to count.
-   The basic insignia was a numberless clockface circle with repeating shapes within the ring: triangles at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock; pentagons at 1 and 7 o'clock; teardrops at 2 and 8 o'clock; diamonds at 4 and 10 o'clock; and hearts at 5 and 11 o'clock.
-   On the uniforms of Time Force Officers had, below the right shoulder, sewn-on patches with "Time Force" written across the top, and a five pointed starburst below it, which included the Time Force Insignia at its center.
-   A similar starburst appeared much larger, tilted, and colorless on the back of their uniforms, with an extra beam-point (two of the points short & fat at top and bottom [the bottom one was especially long], the others thin and long or medium sized and parallel to it with sharp points). The insignia was slightly titled clockwise about 90 degrees within it.
-   On the uniforms' upper left arms, below the shoulder, were sewn-on patches of the insignia ring by itself.
-   The center of the Time Force Badge was a blue gem, around which was a silver & black TF insignia.
-   The Red Time Force Ranger had a triangle-backed TF Insignia on his belt buckle.
-   White barricades, with a pair of triangle-backed TF insignias on opposite sides of the words "TIME FORCE", were set up randomly in front of the warehouse Ransik had taken seige within.
-   The transport truck (later used in the failed attempt to bring Ransik to prison) was colored black and white, with the triangle-backed TF Insignia located in several spots along the sides, notably the back door (which included the words "Time Force") and on the inner door.
-   The white helmets which went with the Time Force Patrol Cycles had a small golden triangle-backed TF insignia on the forehead.
-   Within the circular courtroom, the main wall, behind which the judges sat, was a very large triangle-backed TF insignia, the center of which was shimmering an active bluish purple.
?   Elsewhere in the courtroom, was at least one other large wall-based triangle-backed TF insignia, though its center alternated between lit-up and dark between shots.
-   Outside in a courtyard at night, a sign against a pillar read "Time Force Security Zone", with the golden triangle-backed TF insignia above it, in the area where Ransik was lead into the transport truck.
-   An activated Holoscreen would have a partially transparent underlay behind the contacting party's image, identical to the three inward pointing, v-centered triangles seen on the TF Badge, with an odd oval in place of the TF insignia.
-   Aside from lacking sharp pointed ends, the overhead view of the Time Gate Gate runway matched the basic design of the Time Force insignia starburst patch.
-   In Time Force Headquarters, in front of the window but behind and above the holographic transmission console used by Captain Logan, a huge gold triangle-backed TF insignia hung from the ceiling, a multi-sectioned blue gem shape in the center, and with the triangles upon the dial gold, instead of silver like the other symbols within it.
-   Nearly each wall inside the Time Ship's left capsule had large silver triangle-backed, blue-centered TF insignias.

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