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-   According to narration, peace and justice reign a thousand years in the future. Thanks to the brave legion of the "Time Force Police", the streets had been cleared of every criminal, except for Ransik.
-   The warehouse which Ransik used to attempt time travel was entirely surrounded by dozens of Time Force Police Officers, several parked TF Patrol Cars, the transport convoy truck, TF-brand barricades, and floodlights.
-   Time Force Officers wore white designed two-piece jumpsuits as uniforms.
-   Several of the TF Cops wore black bulletproof vests over their chests and backs.
-   Some TF Officers had instead of the standard uniform, full black & silver riot gear, which resembled that of the Karovan Rebels.
-   There was all sorts of burning debris in front of the warehouse, implying a skirmish prior which called Time Force's attention to the scene.
?   Katie, Trip, Lucas, and several other Time Force Officers already shown to be stationed in front of the warehouse, were then shown amongst troops swarming past the side of the transport truck nearby.
-   Captain Logan was the senior ranking officer.
-   Captain Logan stood behind one of the TF Patrol Cars, and shouted orders for the "A Team" to secure all exits on the right flank and for the "B Team" to assist the "A Team" by containing the perimeter on the left flank.
-   The Captain spoke into a speaker commlink, addressing "air assault", telling them to cover all possible escape routes on the roof. He also asked all teams to check in at final position, before stating "over".
-   Time Force Cops had set up shop behind a barricade, while a few others, those with the riot gear on, were located in front of it.
-   A whole squad of Officers soon charged past one of the parked TF vehicles.
-   The Time Force Police waited patiently around the perimeter of the warehouse. Their Chrono-Blaster on alert, aimed at the building intently.
-   Suddenly, the huge warehouse door exploded massively, sending debris raining throughout the area. The multitude of Time Force Officers positioned just in front of the entrance were knocked aback by the blast. Most shielded their face from the sudden explosion.
-   When the ;Red Ranger exited with the handcuffed Ransik, Captain Logan shouted to his officers, "Get him, and make sure he's secure!"
-   Several Time Force Officers darted towards Ransik, and forcibly grabbed him. He struggled, but was overpowered by the first three, as they drug him off into the crowd of cops.
-   Captain Logan ordered all units of the attack teams to get inside the warehouse and secure the interior, likely to deal with any remaining Cyclobots.
-   Possibly the next day, many jumpsuited people attended the trial of Ransik in the TF courtroom. We can safely assume those in the reddish colored ones were either civilians or lower ranking rookies.
-   That night, Ransik was drug along by a squad of Time Force Officers into the trailer of a large cargo truck.
-   Inside the Cryogenic Detainment Tower at Funaro Maximum Security Prison, several TF guards (the black & silver riot gear wearing kind), were stationed about.
-   Soon, two guards entered with a prisoner, a Mohawked Mutant in handcuffs, leading him into the room at gunpoint.
-   An announcement echoed through the room, "Send in next prisoner for cryogenic detainment!"
-   One guard operated the Reanimator chamber.
-   The main guard who was shoving the mutant around before, crouched down, and between the discarded chain buckle the monster was wearing a moment ago, he retrieved the stiff, action-figure sized creature.
-   Nadira used a guard's Chrono-Blaster against several others, taking them by surprise and rescuing Gluto from the Reanimator.
-   One of the guards she took down managed to reach for the center console, and hit the alarm alert button, before Nadira she shot him in the back.
-   A Time Force Officer on duty at the Time Force Headquarters recieved the signal, and exclaimed that an alarm was activated at the prison.
-   A dispatcher relayed this information to the rest of the forces over a radio wavelength , telling all units of a "Code Red" at the prison.
-   Several paramedics and bulletproof vested-Time Force officers raced up the stairs and onto the landing pad outside of the prison, and attempted to aid the mortally-wounded Alex. It's possible the paramedics had been summoned to tend to the guards shot by Nadira earlier.
-   Within Time Force HQ, an officer saluted Captain Logan, and urgently informed him that someone was taking the Time Ship, to which the Captain exclaimed "What?!, in disbelief, and rushed over to the Holoscreen transmission console, where he pressed a few buttons.
-   As the Captain's voice commanded "Security to the launch pad! This is an emergency! All personnel to the launch pad!", a bunch of white leather suited Japanese people scrambled around a long corridor. There wasn't a single patch, badge or bit of ID on them.

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