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-   Time Force Officers wore white, leather-like material, two-pieced jumpsuits, with pure black long-sleeved undershirts. Around their wrists and ankles, and in sections of both sides of their ribs, were dark grey ridged material.
-   On their right arms, just below the right, were sewn-on patches with "Time Force" written across the top, and a five pointed starburst below it, which included the Time Force Insignia at its center.
-   The beam-points of the star have the colors (clockwise from upper right): Pink, yellow, red, blue, and green. The bottom beam, the red one, was substantially longer than all others.
-   A similar starburst appears much larger, tilted, and colorless on the back of their uniforms, with an extra beam-point (two of the points short & fat at top and bottom [the bottom one is especially long], the others thin and long or medium sized and parallel to it with sharp points). The insignia is slightly titled clockwise about 90 degrees within it.
-   On their upper left arms, below the shoulder, are sewn-on patches of the insignia ring by itself.
-   On each of their upper left breasts, was a Time Force Badge.
-   On each of their upper right breasts, was a "status patch" of sorts, long in width with curved endings, on which there seemed to be line-imprinting, not dissimilar to bar coding.
-   Chrono-Blasters were stored in holsters on the right sides of their black-colored belts, which had several small storage compartments, usually located at the center back, and left side. The holsters were secured by a black strap that ran around the person's right upper thigh.
-   Captain Logan's uniform was the same as that of the other Time Force Officers, save for four differences: it was colored a sort of grayish monochrome; his right-breast had two "status patches" instead of the usual one; his left shoulder had a strip of the ridged material veritcally decending toward his upper right breast, with what seemed to be a jagged-edged, round medal of some sort upon it; and instead of it having a lower neckline, his collar zipped right up to his neck, with some markings around the collar itself, no undershirt exposed.
-   Alex's uniform differed from the standard in only two ways: his right-breast had two "status patches", and his undershirt was pea-green.
-   Several of the TF Cops wore black bulletproof vests over their chests and backs, and black gloves on their hands.
-   Some TF Officers had instead of the standard uniform, full black & silver riot gear, which resembled that of the Karovan Rebels. Their bodies padded with armor, their faces with latched mesh-masks, and their eyes in clear goggles. They wielded large black rifle-cannons with golden tipped barrels. They had small square patches on their left upperarms with red, yellow, and black coloring, a golden eagle symbol below that, and no other forms of patches or badges.
-   As the Captain's voice echoed throughout the TF Headquarters, "Security to the launch pad! This is an emergency! All personnel to the launch pad!", a bunch of Japanese people, wearing outfits identical to the material the TF Uniforms were made of (though lacking any ridged material, patches, badges, or IDs of any kind), scrambled about a long corridor.

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